Amelia's POV


"I Do," he said smiling down at me.

"I Do," I repeated feeling like the happiest woman in the world right now.

"Now you may kiss the bride" I heard the reverend say. Before I knew it I was pulled into the arms of the man I loved, his lips gently brushed against mine filled with love. I responded instantly and our lips began to move in synch. Our family and friends began to applaud and whistle causing me to come back to earth from the heavenly kiss my husband and I just shared. It felt so good being able to finally call him my husband. Lucas and I had been together for 2 years and 3 months before he proposed to me at the spot we first met which was at the top of our apartment building. It was so romantic, I cried and he just held me, we made love that night and God it was amazing. I so love this man....

He held my hands as we walked back down the aisle going to take our wedding photos. “I can't wait till tonight," he whispered in my ear causing me to blush. He just smirked, I playfully hit him on his chest, “Neither can I," I said honestly feeling the lust radiating off his body. We sat at the back of the limo on our way to the reception hall; I then noticed all the windows going up blocking our view from outside and from seeing the driver. He pulled me on top of him crashing his lips onto mine, I responded without hesitation, I fixed myself, causing moans to erupt from him. “Don’t do that," he managed to say before his lips met mine again hungry for what I treasure I had between my legs. The door of the limo swung open and everyone watched us with smiles on their faces, some of them whistling again and other blocking the eyes of their children.

We exited the vehicle and walked into the church, I felt my cheeks heat up as everyone watched us walk to the table. "No need to feel ashamed, Amelia," Lucas reassured me, "We were just living in the moment." I smiled at the way he explained the heated moment we just shared back there.


~~After the Wedding~~

"Put me do-" I wasn't even able to complete my sentence. I was thrown on the bed clothes being flung everywhere. Before I knew it I was naked and my hands were being tied to the bed frame. He panted a soft kiss on my lips, causing a wave of pleasure to run through my body. He continued his trail of kisses down my neck and my stomach all the way to my inner thighs. He finally reached the spot I was aching for him to reach all night long. After pleasuring me all to way to my climax he untied me and we made love to each other all night long, literally all night long when we left the bathroom after cleaning up ourselves and changing the sheets it was 2:34 a.m. we cuddled the rest of the morning just lying in each other’s arms and feeling the happiest I've ever been in the my entire life.





 Lucas POV



I woke up feeling the next morning with the most beautiful woman beside me. I wrapped her tightly in my my arms looking down at her gorgeous face as she slept. “I love her so much, " I thought to myself. She moved slightly in her sleep, saying my name with pleasure escaping her voice. I slipped out of bed making sure to not wake her up. I made my way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for myself and my wife; man did it feel good being able to say that. While making the breakfast 'My Wife' came downstairs dressed in nothing but my shirt and man did she look sexy. Putting a plate of omelet on the island counter for her I decided to take a shower and complete my morning routine. I made my way downstairs, Amelia was still sitting there having her breakfast I quietly waked behind her, and I wrapped my arms around her waist placing a kiss on her cheek, “Good morning, My Gorgeous Wife." She turned towards me smiling her breath-taking smile, the smile that caught my heart from the first moment I saw her on the roof-top. "Good Morning, My Husband,” she smiled. I kissed her on her lips this time; I lifted her up placing her on the counter standing between her legs in the process. She wrapped her legs around me and her hands became entwined in my hair. My arms found the way up my shirt that hung loosely on her body, caressing her full breast that stood firmly under the shirt now. I slid my tongue across her lip asking for access to her mouth which she granted immediately, our tongues danced with each other fighting battles at times. ”Damn, get a room," I heard my childhood friend Jonah say as he walked into my house uninvited as usual. "We are in a room, a room in our house, which no one said you could enter," I retorted. "No need to be so angry dude, I just came by-" he began, but I cut him off, "Uninvited again Jonah." I just received a hit from Amelia causing me to shut up, "No need to be so rude to your best friend, Lucas," she stated, "he just came by to drop off our wedding presents, like he was told, right Jonah?" "Yeah what she said," he answered. Amelia hopped down from the counter walking towards our room to take a shower and put some clothes on. 

I walked out to the car to give Jonah a hand with the things. "When are you guys, going on your honeymoon?" he asked. "Tonight," I answered. "Well look who seems to have bipolar disease," he joked, "One minute you barking at me and the next minute you seem to be the happiest person on the planet." "Having a wife can do that to you," I answered, “she makes me happy." "Man I'm happy for you, I know you love her, but if you hurt her I will beat you ass," he stated. I just laughed it off knowing within myself that I would never do anything to hurt my wife because I love her too much. We carried the items upstairs and placed them in the family room and the bed room. Moments later, Amelia came from the bedroom drying her hair and wearing clothes that actually covered her body. I stood there watching her for a while, watching as the dress she wore hugged her curvaceous body, I noticed Jonah watching her; I walked up to him and slapped him to the back of his head. She turned towards us, "what?” she asked. “OH nothing," we both said at the same time which was pretty weird. I walked towards her kissing her on the cheek. Jonah said his goodbyes and left our house, leaving me and what’s mine (my wife) to enjoy the rest of the day.



 Amelia POV


Lucas and I had decided to have our honeymoon in Bora Bora. We were sitting on the plane talking about all the activities that we are going to do there. I heard the pilots’ voice say we are about to land and we should buckle up. “Oh My God, I can’t wait for us to get settled,” I told him as the plane came to a stop. We hopped out of the plane; I gazed around at the beautiful scenery that stood in front of me. A young man then approached us saying, “Welcome to the beautiful InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort,” he greeted my husband and I. “ Why Thank you, this is a really nice place,” I answered him, he responded by giving me one of his white toothy grins causing to smile along with him.

The boy who I found out name is Brandon, ushered us to the reception, “Hi, welcome to Bora Bora, how may I help you,” she asked us. I noticed that she wasn’t even looking in my direction she kept her eyes locked on Lucas who just smiled at her. “Ummm….. Well I was wondering if my ‘Husband’ and I could get a key to one of the suites in the resort,” I asked, giving her a death glare as to stay as far away from Lucas as she possibly can. “She just coughed and turned her head in my direction handing me the keys, “Why thank you madam,” I smiled at her, noticing that she was flinching under my gaze. I grabbed Lucas’ hand and we made our way to the room. He picked me up in his arms carrying me bridal style into the room. He laid me gently on the bed hovering over me and placing a soft kiss on my lips, he was about to get up but I pulled him to me crashing my lips on his sending us into a full on make out session. Moments later we pulled away from eachother trying to catch a breath, which I was grateful for. He laid down on the bed beside me pulling me into his arms and placing a kiss on my forehead. I fell asleep seconds later as I snuggled into his side. I felt him move his hand from on me and climb from the bed, I opened my eyes instantly wondering where he was headed off to in such a hurry. “Lucas?” I called after him, “where are you going?” “I was just going to get something to eat from the breakfast place downstairs,” he answered. “Hurry back okay, Love you, “I told him before I heard the door close and drifted back into dream land.

I woke up feeling an arm hung loosely on my waist when I opened my eyes I noticed that it was just my husband. I watched him as he slept so peacefully, how his face looked so relaxed and at ease, I found myself tracing my fingers against his jaw line. I rose up slightly just to place a kiss on his lips before turning towards the clock that they had hung on the wall beside the window, it was 12:34 a.m so I snuggled up against him and I felt him pull me in closer hugging me and off I went again to sleep.

I opened my eyes to rays of sun that shun from the windows which curtains were drawn back and I suddenly felt lonely. I sat up thinking about Lucas and where he could have gone to again, then I heard the shower being turned off and he came from the bathroom, drying his hair with his towel and his man hood uncovered so I could have a full view. I sat there gazing at his full figured, toned body thinking of all the naughty things I could to him. “Like what you see?” he smiled and causing me to blush because he caught me practically swooning over him. “Maybe, but I’ve seen bigger and better things before,” I joked, but honestly his is the biggest I’ve ever had out of the two guys I’ve been with before him. “Are you sure about that, because I could recall someone screaming my name on a certain wedding night begging me to stop,” he answered smirking at me. I got up from the bed and walked towards the door trying to get away from the sex god that stood in the room. I didn’t even hear him move but his hand was placed above mine and he was standing right behind me he lifted both his hands caging me between them, his body now pressed against mine with my back now facing the door. He brought his lips down to mine filled kissing me roughly; I could almost feel the want and need radiating off of him. He picked me up wrapping my legs around his torso. My hands found their way in his hair pulling and tugging at it every chance I got. He carried me to the bed laying me down gently the bed, kissing my lips and making a trail down to my neck. His hands found their way up my clothes grabbing and tugging at my breast. Suddenly the door opened and in came some woman with a tray, “Room servi-“ she began. Lucas jumped off of me and sat on the bed pulling me on top of him to cover his parts. “I’m sorry…” the woman began and I saw that it was the receptionist from the front desk. “I’m sorry my ass, have you ever heard of knocking, that’s what they teach you shabby ladies in this place to just barge into people’s room without informing them that you were even coming, and beside no one ordered room service so what are you doing here?” I was pissed I wanted to grab the bitch and beat the hell out of her, but I had to keep my cool I don’t want to be sent thrown out of this place for beating one of the receptionist for eye-raping my husband. “You know what, just get out, now before I cripple you ass and you won’t be able to even walk out of this room,” I snapped at her. She left seconds later and I walked into the bathroom to run a hot bath to let off some steam and to forget about everything for a moment and just relax.

After my bath I brushed my teeth and did my hair and makeup, put on some beach clothes and left the room. “Where are you going?” Lucas tried to stop me but I wasn’t paying attention to him I just wanted to go for a walk by myself to ease the stress. When I reached outside I walked down to the shore, sitting down I placed my feet in the water and gazed into the distance. Lucas came and sat beside me, “why are you ignoring me?” he asked making sure to not sound too harsh. “I’m not ignoring you…”I began taking his hand in mine entwining our fingers together, “it’s just that when I see other women staring and lusting after you I tend to get jealous and kind of possessive over you, and I don’t want to keep you in a cage or anything like that but I don’t want to share you either, because I love you and I don’t want you to hurt me,” tears were running down my face now, because of the thought of him leaving me for another woman. He immediately wiped them away, “Baby I promise you that I’ll never do anything to hurt you, and why would I ever want to leave such a beauty like yourself to go for any other woman, trust me you got it all the looks, the body damn the body,” he said licking his lips as though he was tasting me, “the personality and the smile and did I mention the body.” I was smiling now, “And there it is that million dollar smile of yours,” he said, kissing me on the cheek. “I Love you,” I whispered to him, he smiled back at me showing his pearly white teeth. “I Love you too Amelia, always have and always will,” he stood up offering his hand to me, which I took he led me further down the beach and we walked and talked until we found ourselves at the end of the dock gazing at the sea. “So cute that you actually didn’t want the lady to your, you know parts,” I laughed. “What you can’t say ‘penis’ or would you prefer ‘dick’,” he joked. I covered my ears but could still hear him clearly, “Don’t say those word in public, Lucas.” “What penis or dick?” he asked laughing, but it’s not funny at all he so embarrassing. “Talking about dick how about we head back to our room and finish what we started earlier?” he asked and I could hear the lust in his voice. “Nope,” I said popping the ‘P’. Then I was pick up and thrown over his shoulder and carried back to the resort. He must have speed walked because before I knew it my back had made contact with the bed and my clothes were being removed from body with trails of kisses and hickeys left on my neck and breast.

When You Lay Down With Dogs

 Amelia POV continued...


The next morning, when I got up I could hardly walk, but I got out of bed anyway, I walked down to the reception area after freshening up to get something to eat. “Good Morning, Mrs. Anderson,” I heard a familiar voice say behind me, I turned noticing that it was Brandon the guy we met when we came to the resort. “Good Morning, Brandon, how’ve you been?” I asked him pointing at the seat next to me for him to sit so we could get to know eachother. “Ma’am I can’t, we are not allowed to sit and talk to our guest,” he told me, but I wasn’t listening I took his hand and pulled him into the seat. “Well tell me…” I began, he just sat there looking uncomfortable, “how long have you been working here?” “It’s been one year and seven months since my father gave me the company, he passed it along to me in his will after he died,” his eyes and his voice had a sign of sadness now and I could see that his father was a touchy subject for him. I placed my hand on his comforting him, “I so sorry for your lost,” I told him. He pulled his hand away from me and began playing with his fingers. “I’m sorry, it’s just you looked like you needed someone to talk to, so I thought that I could be that shoulder for you to learn on,” I reassured him. “Thank you,” he whispered before standing up and leaving the table, leaving to bask in my thoughts.  I really was sorry for his lost, I didn’t mean to bring back sad memories for him, but I wanted to get to know him because he seemed like a nice person. Besides, if his father left the company to him why is he working as a usher, greeting people and sitting in an office somewhere. I have to find out, but not now I don’t want to pressure him anymore.

I walked upstairs and was about to open the door when I heard faint moaning sounds, I open the door slightly, peeking inside I say Lucas, my husband kissing and groping all over some blonde haired slut. I ran out slamming the door behind me, tears were running down my face, “Mrs. Anderson,” I heard Brandon call after me, but I didn’t stop running I wanted to get as far away from this place as I possibly could. “Amelia?” I could hear the worry in his voice as he stood a few feet away watching me wipe tears from my eyes; it was just replaced by more tears. I sat on the sand pulling my legs to my chest, allowing all the tears to flow freely. Brandon came and sat down beside me watching as I cried my heart out, “why are you not running the business from your father’s office,” I asked him trying to keep my mind off of the situation I was facing. “What?” he questioned caught off guard. “Why are you not sitting in your office which your father gave you?” He still looked puzzled but answered the question, “my step-mother, when my father died she was happy because she always wanted one of her sons to run this business, when she found out that the company was handed down to me, she hated me for it and forced me to work as an attendant to people who come to spend time in this resort.” “Step-mother’s they are bitches aren’t they,” I laughed, “just like the blonde bitches who work in this hotel who tend to sleep with married men,” tears began to run down my cheek again. Brandon was attempting to wipe them off but everytime he did more would just come down. He placed a hand on my back rubbing it soothingly. I rested my head on his shoulders feeling happy because I didn’t have to be here by myself.

I was walking back to my rom room now ready to pack my things and leave this place, “where were you?” Lucas asked me, I ignored him completely grabbing my bags and placing my clothes in it. “Where do you think you going?” he was standing behind me. I could smell the alcohol on him and it made me worried about what he was going to do if I left. I slipped around him and went to grab more clothes. He grabbed my bag from my hand flinging it to the other side of the room; I was then slammed against the door with his hand wrapped tightly around my throat. I was gasping for breath tears streaming down my face. “Stop the god damn crying bitch,” he barked at me, my face started to burn as his hand came in contact with it. He let go of me, I fell to the floor cradling my face in my hand, crying buckets of tears, his words ringing in my ear. I then received multiple kicks and slaps. I was bumped and bruised all over and my body and I flinched as his hand came in contact with my face again. Seconds later, Brandon and some officers came bursting into the room. I was scared and tired, I didn’t want to be here anymore, I didn’t want to see him anymore, I wanted to go far away where no one know or recognize me. The last thing I remembered seeing was the officers placing handcuffs on Lucas and taking him out of the room, and then I completely blacked out.

I woke up days later in the hospital; I felt someone’s hand holding mine as my eyes fluttered open. I followed the hand to the person’s face, when I noticed that it was Brandon. I sat up on the bed feeling pain run through my body, instantly the memories of Lucas hitting flew back into my mind. My eyes welled up with water but I held it back. Brandon opened his eyes and was looking at me, “you’re awake,” he asked still not moving his hand from mine, “Nurse,” he called and a woman with brown, curly hair and blue eyes with the most elegant skin I’ve ever seen came into the room. “You’re awake,” she asked moving toward me to check my vitals and make sure that I was okay. “How long have I been out?” I asked. “It’s been two weeks and a few days,” I heard Brandon say; I was shocked/sad because I didn’t know I had been gone for so long. “Brandon may I speak to you outside please,” the nurse asked him. He walked behind her outside the door, I watched as they spoke not, but I wasn’t able to hear what they were saying. Brandon came back into the room seconds later taking his seat on the chair beside the bed. “How are you feeling?” he asked, searching my face for any signs of pain. “Like shit,” I told him seriously. He just laughed and pretended to cough when I gave him a death glare. “I’m so sorry,” he told me, taking my hand in his and placing a soft kiss on it he looked me in the eyes, we sat there just looking at eachtother for some time, an awkward silence filled the room until he broke it. “I have some good news and some maybe not so good news for you,” he began, “which would you like to hear first?” I wasn’t prepared for bad news right now but I had to know what he was going to say, “The good news.” “The good news is that you get to go home today,” he stated, I was happy for that but I was worried now that I was going to know what the bad news was, “and the not so good news is that you’re…..” “I’m what?” I asked hoping it’s not what I thought it was. “You’re pregnant,” he finished, I was crying again; I really didn’t want to hear that I didn’t want to be pregnant for someone like that. He sat on the bed beside me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder allowing me to cry on his shoulder.

Living with Brandon Part 1

 Amelia POV


I was release from the hospital, still feeling on edge because of the tragic news I received but I’ve made up my mind that I’m not going to get rid of my baby, I’m going to have this baby and love him/she with all I have within me. Of course it’s going to hurt with the memories of Lucas that will keep coming back every time I look into the babies eyes, but I can’t take an innocent child’s life because of the choices I made and my baby’s father.

Brandon signed for me to leave the hospital and we entered his car a few minutes later, we sat in his car for a long time because the resort was practically on the other side of the town. “Where are we going?” I asked Brandon, after I noticed that we were not headed in the direction of the resort. “Where going to my place,” he answered not taking his eyes off the road. “Why?” I didn’t want to go to his place; I just met him he could be some kind of serial killer or abductor of pregnant women. “I don’t abduct pregnant women and I’m not a serial killer,” he said turning his head to glance at me before looking at the road again. “I said that out loud, I’m so sorry, it’s just that I just met you like a week ago and now you want me to go to your house for what reasons I don’t know” I told him. “It’s because I don’t want you to ever run in to your ex-husband EVER!”  He reassured me. “First of all I’m technically still married to that thing and I’m not going to keep my baby away from her father no matter what he did to me,” I wanted him to understand that he was not going to keep me locked up in his house forever. “I know that he is the baby’s father but I don’t want to see you get hurt anymore, I won’t sit back and watch some guy take advantage of you, you’re the first person who actually cared about my side of the story with my family and the first person to ever give a shit about me,” he was gripping the steering wheel so tightly I could see the blood in his hands leave that area and his entire hands turn white. I placed my hand on his afraid at first at what his reaction would be but when I did I saw his hand return to its normal color and his breathing slowed down to its normal pace, “It’s okay, no need to go all white boy gangster on me,” I said trying the lighten the tension in the air. He turned his hand over holding mine in his and bringing it to his lips he placed a soft kiss on it, “I didn’t mean to scare you if I did, but when I care for someone I care hard.” That brought a smile to my lips knowing that he cared about me, “Thank you.” “No need to thank me,” he told me before we pulled into the parking lot of the most elegant house I’ve ever laid my eyes on. We stopped at the gate, I watched as he punched in the code for his gate, it open a few seconds after allowing him to drive into the driveway of the house. He exited the car coming around to my side to open the door for me, “why thank you kind sir,” I joked. He smiled and led me to the entrance of the house; we walked hand I hand which only brought an awkward feeling to my insides. When I entered the house I was shocked, inside was like a palace it had a statue right at the center of the room as you entered, I loved this. “Wait what about my things?” I asked him he had already gone into the kitchen with was huge; it had like two refrigerators and a dining room the size of my entire house. “Make yourself at home,, what mine is yours, yeah you know the speech, I don’t want to make you feel any more uncomfortable than I already have so I’ll give you a bedroom that’s about five rooms away from mine,” he began. “I was wondering….” I didn’t want to stay that far away from him, “you were wondering?” he asked puzzled. “Well I don’t want to be that far away from you on the first night so I was wondering if I could stay with you, you know, in your room tonight,” It was really awkward asking him this because I just came out of a relationship and it felt as though I’m already being hooked up on some other guy, but that’s not the case with Brandon and I. “If that’s what you want then we could make that happen,” I was really grateful for having this guy in my life right now, I might have been dead by now or maybe in some kind of hospital in a place where I don’t even know.  He walked around the island opening his arms for me to embrace him; I walked into his arms feeling right at home. We stood there for about ten minutes, he placed a kiss on my forehead, I smiled looking up at him, we locked eyes for some seconds, he began to edge in for a kiss but I pulled back, tears coming to my eyes as the memories flooded my mind. “I can’t do this, I’m sorry,” I didn’t mean to get his hopes up, or to lead him on or anything like that, “No, I’m sorry I know you just faced some stuff, and it was just a spur of the moment thing but I have to be honest in this past week that I’ve known you, I can stop thinking about you, you’re the first person I think about when I wake up and the last person I think of before I sleep at night, I can’t explain what this feeling is right now but I know I do care for you.” I had no idea what to say after something like that I wasn’t expecting him to say all of this right now. “Say something,” he pleaded and I could hear the sadness in his voice. “I don’t know what to say, I’m a little shocked right now,” I told him honestly. I walked towards him wrapping my arms around his torso hugging him, just for him to know that I can understand his feelings, he hugged me back tightly and I enjoyed being with him for the rest of the day.

~Later that Night~

I laid in Brandon’s bed beside him making sure to give him his space and he gave me mine which I was grateful for. I wasn’t able to sleep because of the way he poured out his heart to me earlier today and I didn’t have anything to say to him because right now I don’t really know what or how I feel towards him. I felt his arm make its way over to my waist, I flinched at first but when I looked over at him I noticed that he was asleep so I didn’t really make a big deal out of it, it’s not like I kissed him or had sex with him it’s just him holding me making me feel safe and loved and cared for. I watched as he slept wondering what he could be thinking of falling for someone like me, I'm not ugly or anything like that but I don't really understand what some people get from having a relationship with me. I was then pulled into his arms, with him holding me this tight I knew he wasn't asleep as I had thought. I turned now facing him, he opened his eyes looking down at me with a smirk plastered on his face. "What are you doing?" He answered me by lowering his lips to mine, before I knew it I was already responding to the sensation of his soft lips as they meshed with mine. I pulled away from him realising what just happened, "you just took advantage of me," I smiled at him. "Maybe, but it's not considered taking advantage when you enjoyed it," he smiled back, placing another kiss on my lips before wrapping his arms around me again and going back to sleep. 

Living with Brandon Part 2

Brandon's POV


Ever since my father’s death, I have felt nothing for anyone. After being forced out of the lives of his widowed wife I shut down all emotion to protect myself. But now, with Amelia, I’m feeling things that I’ve never felt before, I’m not sure if it’s love because I don’t really know what that feels like, my father left me the company off of sympathy because of what he did to my mother and I when I was younger. I vowed after his death to live my life in the moment at hand, and now with Amelia in my arms I know that I really want her, and everything that comes with the commitment, but at the same time I’m so fucking scared of opening doors that I’ve locked up for so long. A smile found its way onto my lips as I watched her sleep she looked beautiful, she looked relaxed and at ease.

I got up going to take a shower and brush my teeth, I rose from the bed making sure to not wake her, she stirred a little in her sleep but didn’t get up, last night when she slept I could of heard her screaming Lucas’ name in her sleep and I felt hurt because I could have stopped her from going to that room, but even if I did she wouldn’t listen. I walked all the way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, I made bacon and eggs with toast bread, I placed a plate in the microwave for her when she comes down. I sat on my island counter eating my breakfast when I felt someone’s arm snake their way around my torso, I turned around pulling her into my arms on the stool and placing a kiss on her cheek, “good morning, gorgeous,” I told her, she instantly pulled away from me, I was shocked at her reaction, she looked scared and helpless, I wanted at that moment to make her feel comfortable around me,  I didn’t want her be scared  every time I touch, kiss or hold her I wanted her to be happy and cheerful like she used to be when she was around him, “Amelia?” I called, as I read her face for any signs of hurt. “Huh? Yeah what?” she seemed completely out of it for a second and I noticed that tears were beginning to form at her eyes. I knew that I had brought up past memories that she wanted to leave in the past and move on with her life but didn’t know how to, I wanted to be that person to be there for her and looking at her in front of me made weak and helpless I just wanted to officially make her mine, to let her know I wasn’t going anywhere, I would always be by her side no matter what situation comes her way I had to make sure she doesn’t face it alone. I pulled her into me placing my lips on hers; she didn’t respond at first being caught off guard at my sudden action, I wanted her now and badly. I pulled her closer to me allowing her to feel the growing bulge in my pants that she gave me, she smiled against my lips. I pulled away from her, “I want you,” I told her, she responded with a smile pulling my lips back to hers. I lifted her up placing her on the island counter standing between her legs I kissed her roughly, biting her bottom lips causing her to moan giving me access to her mouth, our tongues fought for dominance as the sexual tension filled the air. We made our way to the bedroom pulling and tugging at eachothers clothes throwing anywhere we could, by the time we had made it to the bedroom I was left in my boxers and Amelia was completely naked, I laid her on the bed standing up to have a look at her beautiful body, which was curved in all the right placing, her golden brown skin, her curly hair that reached half way down her back and her hazel brown eyes she is truly a beauty. I climbed on top of her, ready to take my treasure that was between her thighs.

We got up going to clean ourselves, I allowed her to have her bath first, watching the way she walked as though she was having pains down there. She walked out moments later strolling over to me; she kissed me gently on the lips before sitting down on the bed beside me. “What was that for?” I asked her unsure of the reason why she kissed me not that I was complaining. “That was because, no matter how much I want to kick you in the nuts for practically destroying my vagina, I won’t because I enjoyed it, why I enjoyed it I have no idea but I did.” I smirked at her before making my way to the bathroom, I turned towards he,  watching her petite body in nothing but a towel made me want to have my way with her over and over again but I know that she’s in pain so I’ll let her rest, for now that is. I entered the bathroom turning on the shower, thinking to myself whether it was the time to let her in on my personal life, I hadn’t told anyone about my life before, I had met my father but I trusted her and hoped that the feelings she has towards me wouldn’t just fade after she hears my story. I had my shower and left the bathroom ready to open up to her. She still laid on the bed, I leaned against the walling, “I was fifteen years old when I moved in with my father and his second wife after my mother had died,” I began not sure she was even listening, she then sat up on the bed looking at me with eyes that said ‘continue with your story’, “I hated him, I had the memory of him constantly beating and taking advantage of my mother plastered in my head, I was forced to live with him because he wanted to apologize for all the wrong he did to myself and to her, but I wasn’t having his bullshit he pulled on my mother making her believed that he loved her when he knew he didn’t, his wife was the worst she made my brother and I move to boarding school, my brother died a few years after we left from an overdose of drugs, I hated the bitch my for the rest of my life and blame her every day for my brothers’ death, when I turned twenty-three I came back from abroad and was told that my father had died from a heart attack and died two months before I returned, when his will was read I, it said that he had left his resort to me, being the bitch that his wife is she forced me to work as the attendant, she kicked me out of the house, my fucking house, I belonged there more than she did!” I began hitting the wall repeatedly anger taking over my body, even as my fist repeatedly beat the wall, I couldn’t feel the pain as the anger I had towards that woman built the adrenaline up within me until I felt dull. Immune to all feeling, I didn’t stop until my fist was red. Blood was running down my hand and I stopped when I felt the softest and most gentle touch from a shaking hand, I looked towards Amelia and saw that she looked scared and was also concerned about how I had all that anger within me. She took my hand leading me to the bathroom, washing all the traces of blood that had was dripping from me, “I love you,” I had no idea where that came from but I knew that it was true I am really sure that am in love with her. I knew she wasn’t sure about how she felt about me so I pulled her into my me wrapping my arms tightly around her waist kissing her on her eyes first, “I love you,” I told her, after I kissed her two eyes, I kissed her nose, “I love you,” she smiled her pearly whites at me and I proceeded to kiss her both cheeks, “I love you,” before I reached her lips I looked into her eyes and saw that she felt the same way, she also felt safe and protected and I wanted to keep things that way. “I love you more,” she said, those three words that were not much but held the strongest meaning I know of, I smiled overjoyed at her kissing her roughly on the lips.



 Amelia POV


“How could I have fallen for someone this fast am I really in love with this guy or am I just looking for someone to depend on and someone to be by my side when I do have my baby. I’m in a lost place right now and I really need to get as far away from here as possible. I need money and a place to stay I can’t go to my parent’s house because they don’t know what taking place in my life right now, and I don’t plan on telling them anytime soon. I’m not sure if I could trust this guy that I’m staying with right now but I’m happy that he here. To say that I’m in love with him right now I would be lying because I don’t and I don’t really plan on loving anybody but myself and my baby for the rest of my life. I feel so stupid for giving myself up to this guy so easily, maybe I should have just stayed at the hospital, but he would have dragged me to the car anyway, I should have probably ran away from here when I got the chance, I could still run, I can’t stay here, I have to get far away, really far away….” I thought to myself, I was sitting at the pool in the backyard, wondering how my life got so messed up. 

“Hey, what are you doing out here?” I heard him say behind me, “You scared the shit out of me, don’t sneak up on me like that.” He was already holding his stomach, as his laughs erupted; he was watching me as I stood in the pool with my arms crossed flames escaping my ears.

“You should have seen your face,” he laughed. ‘This BITCH!’ I thought, getting ready to kill him. I climbed out of the pool, running towards him to beat that nigger ass. Before I knew it I was on my ass again with him standing above me clutching his stomach. I gave him my most intimidating, death glare, but he just stood there laughing his ass off.


“And you tried to catch me……” Brandon tried to say between laughs, “and then you ended up on your ass.” “Haha very funny dick head, that’s why your ass going to stay lonely for the rest of your life.” 

“How would I be lonely when I got you, ma?” he smiled, but I was still mad at him, so I got up and again with my clumsy ass self, fell right back on the couch. He tried to hold in his laughter this time, but couldn’t. I got up and slowly and carefully, walked upstairs slamming the bedroom door; I flopped down on the bed. After a few minutes he came knocking on the door, “Amelia?” I didn’t want him anywhere near me right now. “Go Away Brandon!” I screamed at him but it probably just came out as muffles because my head was in the pillows on the bed. I heard the click of the door and then he came in and sat on the bed right beside me. “Baby, I’m sorry,” he attempted to apologize, “I didn’t mean to make you upset but it was just so fun…” I nudged him with my elbow in his stomach, “damn, that shit hurt,” he said rubbing his now aching side. “Are you here to make fun of me, because if you are you could do it outside.” “I’m sorry; don’t be mad at me,” he said lying next to me, his arms snaking its way unto me side. “Get off of me, now Brandon!” I was pissed and I didn’t want to even look at him right now.  “Nope,” he said popping the ‘P’, “you know that you can’t stay mad at me you love me too much.” “Very funny because I don’t love you at all now get your heavy ass hand off of me,” I demanded. “You know you don’t mean that,” he remarked. “I do, get away from me,” he seemed hurt but still didn’t move his hand from my waist. “I can’t let you go I because….”he began.  “Because what Brandon?” I wasn’t sure where he was going with this but I do not want to go down this road again we always end up having sex or arguing and I don’t want to do either of those things with him, I need to get away. “Because I just need you here with me okay, I can’t live without you and if you or I leave which I won’t, apart of me will be gone and I can’t let that happen, ma, I love you too much for me to let you go, I know you talking about me permanently leaving but I can’t because I can’t go another day without waking up with you by my side.” I really wasn’t expecting him to say all this but it still didn’t change my feelings towards him; I have to leave and raise my baby away from all this drama. “Amelia say something,” I had no idea what he wanted me to say, “what do you want me to say?” He slowly removed his hand from my waist; I felt a sense of loneliness when it was no longer there. ‘Am I really falling for this guy?’ I thought to myself, I don’t think I’m in love with him but I know I want him around whenever he can be. He was about to get off of the bed, but I grabbed onto his hand telling him that I don’t want him to leave, I needed him. I laid on my back, he laid next to me, resting his head on his hand. I looked him in those gorgeous green eyes of his and was lost in them for a moment. He rose up placing a kiss on my lips before resuming his position next to me, wrapping his arm around my waist. We stayed like that until I drifted off to sleep.

Home For Her

Brandon POV




Sorry for the long wait it just that I got caught up with all my school work and needed to keep focus, but here’s my new chapter hope you wonderful readers enjoy…………………..








I was very sure to myself that I was doing the right thing by making Amelia mine; I know that I am in love with her and that she feels the same way for me. I can’t lose her and I’m not going to lose her not to any of these other men out here, she belongs to me and I intend to keep it that way for as long as I can.

I had all these thoughts running through my mind as I stood in the kitchen making breakfast for Amelia and me.  When I felt two arms wrap around me from the back, I felt her nose pressed against my back and I knew that she was sniffing me. Yeah I know she weird, she sniffs people and I have no idea what for but she does it a lot. Maybe she has this sixth sense that can tell people’s emotions or some shit like that when she sniffs them.

“Earth to Brandon,” I heard her call and I was brought from my trail of odd thoughts. “Huh, what did you say?” I asked her, with a weird look on my face. “I said that I have to be back in Miami tonight otherwise I’m gonna lose my job and I can’t afford to raise a baby without a job,” I looked at her trying to signal with my eyes that she doesn’t need to resume her job, I’m guessing she understood because she said, “I don’t want to be a burden for you and I can’t stay here and let my child and I live off of your money.”

“Come on ma’, you won’t be living off of me I’ll just be doing what I need to do; by taking care of you and the baby,” I reassured her, but she wasn’t having it that way.

“How about you stay here and work at the resort but you could work from home,” I offered in hopes that she would accept.

“Home?” she questioned; caught off guard I’m sure because that’s what the look on her face showed.

“”Yes home, you’re living here with me now aren’t you so I think home is what we call the place where we live,” I told her, she smiled from the stool she was now sitting on at the island counter. I placed a plate of pancakes and a glass of orange juice on the counter for her, she smiled up at me, “have I ever told you how much I love you,” she joked. “So nice to know that you love me, but I can’t tell whether it’s your heart or your stomach talking,” I told her with an amount of sarcasm and enthusiasm; as I watched her devour the pancakes from the plate.



 Amelia POV



“What?” I asked Brandon as he stared at me from across the counter as I ate all the pancakes that he made and man were they good.

“Nothing, you just seem I don’t know hungry, no let me rephrase that you seem starved,” he said, I wanted to slap him across his perfect face but decided against it.

“Well you see, Brandon I’m freaking pregnant and when you got a freaking child inside your stomach, which clearly never going to happen to you, you tend to eat more because you’re eating for two,” I educated him, with attitude. We sat there in silence for the rest of the meal, “Burrrrp, Excuse me!” I laughed. I then got up and placed my dirty dishes in the dishwasher and headed upstairs. I closed the door and headed toward the bed, I took out my phone from my bag and when I saw it I was blown away to see that I had fifty-three miss calls from Jonah, so I decided that I’ll call him to let him know that I’m okay.  He picked up on the second ring:


Phone Convo

“Hey, Jonah!” I screamed into the phone, “What’s up?”

“Damn Amelia, why you got to scream and shit?” he said on the other side of the line, “my ass aint deaf.”

“Well hello Jonah,” I whispered making sure he didn’t hear me.
“What?” he questioned and I could almost see the confused look on his face through the phone.

“See I knew your ass was deaf,” I joked, a smirk now plastered on my face.

“Anyway how’ve you been I aint hear from you or Luky boy since you guys left for your honeymoon, you and him did the nasty didn’t you?” Jonah teased.

“Shut up, I have some important news to drop on you so hush and listen,” I told him, I knew that I could trust Jonah with anything he was also my best friend and I told all my darkest secrets and he didn’t judge me.

“Proceed,” he said.
“Well the thing is Lucas and I aren’t together anymore,” I told him. I heard him gasp on the other side of the line.

“What?” he asked, “so where are you, what happened?”

“I can’t tell you what happened over the phone but as for where I am, I’m at a friend’s house on the outline of Bora Bora.” I told him.
“Oh and I’m pregnant” I continued.

“That’s Lucas’ baby right?” he questioned as though he was my father.

“Of course it is, what do you think I am, a whore,” I joked with him, I chuckled into the phone knowing that I had already moved on with someone I was hoping would love me as much as I love him.

“No I don’t think you’re a whore, but I know that you don’t cry over any man you move on with your life and put the past in the past,” he told me and I knew that he was right.

“It’s funny how you know me more than my husband did,” I said, it pained me to call him that but we didn’t get a divorce yet so he was still legally my husband.

“Well I’m gonna go now, I’ll call you back later, bye don’t miss me too much,” I joked.
“Don’t flatter yourself Lia, bye!” he said then we hung up.

End of Convo


I heard Brandon enter the room so I turned my head looking in his direction. “Who was that?” he asked casually scratching the back of his head. “Was that your ummm, your husband?”

“No that was my best friend Jonah, I called him to let him know that I was in good hands,” I smiled at him, to which he smiled back and made his way to the bed pulling me to my feet, he hugged me. I smiled into his chest as I inhaled his manly scent which smelled like Obsession from Calvin Klein.





Bitter Tears

 Amelia POV



I heard my phone ring from the night stand; I lazily got to answer it, trying to not wake up Brandon in the process. “Hello,” I spoke into the phone awaiting an answer from the person on the other side of the call. “Hi Amelia it’s me, I really miss you and I…” I looked at the caller ID to see if there was a number that I recognized, but it said that it was a private number but I know this voice all too well, “I need you Amelia, I’m sorry if I hurt you I really am, I was foolish and I love you,” he spoke, I hated him, I can’t believe he would call me after what he did. “Look Lucas you had your chance and sadly I have to deal with the consequences of it, I loved you and I believed you when you told me you loved me, I fell in love with you, I married you and you turn around and stab me in the back by sleeping with another woman, on our honeymoon and you had the audacity to lay your hands on me I would have never cheated on you, I loved you Lucas I trusted you with my heart and you crushed it, I HATE YOU!” I yelled into the phone. I was crying now and was being tormented by the memory of seeing Lucas in bed with another woman. “Amelia I’m sorry,” he tried to apologize but I wasn’t going to stand there listening him rant on and on of sorry he was, I didn’t care. “I don’t give a fuck Lucas, I don’t want to hear it, you already did it I don’t want to see you or hear from you ever again, lose my number and don’t try to contact me or try to find me because you won’t I’ll be long gone by the time you figure out where I am, I would be far away from you at all times, with the one person I know I have to fight for,” I told him I was holding my stomach, praying that I would be able to keep my baby far away from Lucas. “You’re pregnant?” he asked sounding as shocked as I was when I found out. “Why do you care? You never cared when you were….” I wasn’t able to finish that sentence without completely breaking down and I needed to stay strong for my baby and I. “Just tell me one thing, is the baby mine?” he asked, I wish at that time that I could kick him straight through the phone. “How dare you ask me that, what do you think I am some kind of cheap whore who sells her body freely for every guy that asks,” I barked into the phone. “I love you,” he answered, I swore I heard him sniffle on the phone, was he crying, “I really am sorry,” he croaked before hanging up.  “Was he really sorry, did he really love me, “I thought to myself. I placed the phone back on the nightstand and headed back to bed, “that was him wasn’t it?” Brandon asked from beside me. I could almost hear the pain in his voice as he spoke of Lucas. “Yeah,” I answered unsure of where he was going with this. “Do you still love him?” he asked, I didn’t know the answer to that question, was I still in love Lucas, why does it hurt so much knowing that he was crying over the fact that he got me pregnant. “I’m not sure,” was all I told him. He didn’t continue or push the conversation which I was grateful for. I moved closer to him, I laid my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat, I didn’t want to lose this man, he means so much to me but right now at a cross road and don’t know which way to turn. He stroked his hands through my hair comforting me as I cried on his chest. “I love you,” I whispered to him, “I love you more,” he replied, I was finally able to crack a smile. The room was filled with a comfortable silence, until my stomach made a loud noise letting me know that my baby and I are hungry. “How about we go get you something to eat?” Brandon exclaimed as he got up from the bed pulling me up with him. We headed straight for the kitchen where we ate some pancakes and drank some orange juice that Brandon had made. After we had finished eating we headed for the sitting room, “I’m going to get my phone,” I told him trying to get up from the couch, he snaked his hand around my waist pulling me back unto it. He placed his head on my lap, looking me in the eyes he smiled, “stay,” he told me, I leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his lips before turning to watch the television.

After walking back to the bedroom I checked my phone to make sure I had no miss calls, but I had fifteen, all from Jonah, “ I would call him back later, I needed to show the man that I love how much I love him, but how?” I thought to myself. For now I needed a shower, I always come up with good ideas in the shower.

I sat in the shower allowing the water to fall on me , I tried really hard to think but came up with nothing, I stood up turning off the shower, I stepped out wrapping a towel around my body, I walked into the bedroom, I stopped when I heard Brandon yelling at someone, I opened the door to the balcony, I stood in the doorway in order to hear his conversation, because he was using my phone, “Look don’t call this phone again, you won’t ever be able to love her the way I do, I won’t ever allow her to go back to you,” he snapped to the person on the phone. “Brandon,” I spoke now trying to calm get his attention, he quickly hung up the phone, turning to me with a worried look on his face, “I didn’t mean to he tried to apologize,” he began. “Who was that on the phone?” I asked, placing my hand out in for my phone, “Lucas,” he spoke softly. “I know you still have feelings for him but I can’t let you go back to him after what he did to you,” I understood that he was trying to help me but he needed to allow me to make the decision on who I want to stay with.  


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