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Space flight is not something that every girl dreams about. Christine Joyce did not just dream about going to other worlds, she was about to land on one now. It is really just a small moon of a very large planet, but well worth exploring. Getting here involved building her a space ship, which she has done before. CJ loved space travel and hoped one day she would get paid for all her hard work. And now she was about to land on some flat ground next to a large crater. All this excitement was making her hungry. It was a good thing that she brought extra food along.

According to the ship's computer, which was actually a laptop she borrowed from her mom, there was an atmosphere on this moon. Climbing out of the space craft, CJ grabbed her test equipment. They included a small bucket and shovel, and also a battery powered drill for drilling samples in the moons surface. She put everything in the small moon rover, which was barely big enough to hold it all. Being in space all alone makes time seem to go by very fast when you are busy collecting samples. After several hours Christine Joyce had collected some dirt, sand and a lot of small rocks. There was also one larger rock which she had tried drilling samples from, but the only samples she got were 3 broken drill bits. This did not deter her though. Getting a hammer from the tool kit, CJ smashed the rock in several pieces, which now made excellent samples.

Her moon rover was now running low on fuel so CJ returned to her ship. This was a pretty world but she did not want to stay here. CJ now had to prepare her ship for the space flight home. The engines looked ok but she could not tell how much fuel she had. The fuel gauge was broke and she now had to rely on the computer to find out if she had enough. Christine Joyce put a lot of data into the computer, including formulas she never heard of. After a lot of hard work she decided she need to leave some weight off, so she pushed the moon rover out. CJ now thought she could make it so she pushed the home key on the computer and the ship lifted off for home.

On the space flight home, CJ saw many beautiful things. She knew there were many unexplored worlds out there just waiting for a visit. Making a better space ship that will go a lot further will have to be her next project. CJ knew she had to stay in school and keep learning. By studying gravity, magnets, electricity, and other things, she might find a short cut to these other worlds. For now, she would continue to explore and have as many adventures as she can.


Publication Date: 08-21-2011

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