A Not So Normal Life.

Ch. 1
A New Beginning...

Justin walked through the alleyways that his town left him. His shaggy hair covered his left eye and his hoodie hung loosely on him, unzipped revealing the dark red shirt he wore. The day was beautiful, the sun shined purely without a cloud in the sky and the weather was perfect for a walk to his job. His job was nothing amazing, He worked as a waiter for a cafe yet he enjoyed conversations he had with the customers. Justin had recently moved here a couple of months ago seeking a affordable life and coded as a game designer late at night at his apartment complex. As he exited the Long Alleyway he walked across the street towards the cafe, pulling on the doorknob he opened the door and walked in. As he greeted some customers he headed towards the back pulling on his uniform, walking back out he waited for a customer to take a table in his section. Seeing a girl with brown hair sit in his section he smiled and walked towards here."Hello my name is Justin how may i serve you?"He asked smiling brightly as he waited for her response. The girl looked at him and asked for a plate of fries and a coke, nodding his head he walked away and went to the chef with the orders. As he waited he went and took others orders and brought them to the chef, finally getting the girls order he brought it on a tray to her and then sat the small plate of fries and drink down in front of her. Smiling he made a light bow causing the girl to blush slightly."Enjoy the food ma'm."He said hearing a giggle as a reply from the girl. Smiling he went off and delivered the other orders, coming back to the girl he stopped holding the bill."Would you like me hand you your bill or wait until you are ready to leave?"He asked giving a bright smile once again. The girl once again gave a giggle and smiled at Justin, She shook her head and told him that she would like to wait until she left but pulled out five dollars and set it on the table in front of him. Smiling Justin turned and walked back continuing his job. As time went by and the day he served countless customers yet the girl stayed at the table. As his shift came to an end another waiter took his place and he walked to the table that the girl had left and picked up the tip and smiled pocketing it. Walking outside he was surprised to see the girl there, waiting for him to meet her. As he tilted his head he started to walked towards her but she once again giggled and then turned running and disappearing into the city. To his confusion he decided to go home, to get caught up with his second job. "Who was that girl.....?"He thought to himself repeatedly as he walked home,upon reaching his house he thought he had heard the familiar giggle from earlier and quickly turned around to find that it was possibly only in his head, sighing he unlocked his door and walked inside his house. Slowly he walked to his computer and got to work coding for the game his team was designing. As time seemed to slow down it only made him feel like he was working for ever, when he finally looked at the clock he noticed it was midnight and sighed standing up to stretch as he walked to bed, slowly pulling off his shirt and jumping into bed letting exhaustion take over and falling asleep quickly.


Publication Date: 11-16-2012

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