Long time the was a boy name paul the son of king john.
so Paul went to war to fight and the gods assert him he said you i working for me, the gods said not now so please let me go the gods said why because i am the next king the gods said no more so they said we will let you go but never return ok so they let him go the went to a old woman the woman i know you are you king john son yes ok you can stay thank ok so the woman said can you fight no ok i will tech you thank so the woman got him a sword make of bones so the woman fit a false man and he was training and training so the boy was the best and there was war so the went to war and he kill one million people so he was a in a army and he went to the sea and he saw his father his father do your best i will and he took his and went to war and he kill and kill so he said were is my home the woman i will take you there thank and he went back to his town and he said i will take my father place so went he arrive to his town and said i am home his mom i know i you the king son Paul yes the woman i am you mom what ok were is that gods there in THE FATHER HOUSE SO HE RAN AND HE REACH AT THE HOUSE AND he said this is not your house is my father house get out now the gods said you just like your father he said yes and i will just like my father did the god said let see so the boy took out his sword and he said i am going to kill you with this so he fight and fight and he got cut so he said i am going to give up and kill one of the gods so other gods went in the ring and kill other and so he became the king of the town and he was happy so got marring and born his son name sameul. next book name will be, how the boy will become the god of the town. thank for reading i hope you enjoy it.


Publication Date: 11-01-2010

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