A Bite of A Lifeless Snake

The lessons of life are what everybody needs in order to properly guard themselves. So was the case of   little Mary whose life was guarded by the things she had passed through in her lifetime.


Mary was a daughter of a Priest. No, not a Catholic Priest, as their priesthood forbids having children. But a daughter of a Methodist Priest. She made it through her elementary years without many obstacles as she was directly controlled by the parent who were God fearing.


Priest Aniefiok was a strict disciplinarian, and had given all of his children the childhood injection of fearing God and doing the right. He was a pride of his Church. Though envied by enemies, Aniefiok was loved for his sense of humor.


He was a Priest who was able to bridle his desire for the things of this life. Aniefiok did not sell his soul for the material things of this life: money inclusive. He totally guarded his children with the content of the Holy Scripture.                        




The school year had brought Mary face to face with the reality of self-governing. Though this was going to sound a temporary self-governing where she would be staying apart from her parents, it was just another level of her life.


Everything was put in place for Mary to depart the mission house to a boarding school life. It was not a tear of joy that was seen dripping down her cheeks.


“You are going to be fine baby, stop crying.” Her mother whispered as she helped her to feel a growing up.


Mary was absolutely growing. She would not be best termed a grown up girl rather; a growing up girl, after all she was just going into her thirteen years on earth. She was yet a teenager, but her belief and senses were that of a forty-year old woman. Upon all the growing up verification - signs, she was a girl in earnest.


“You are going to feel alright. It would take just the first week or so, and the lifestyle of boarding room shall soon bloom your heart to a healthy living.” Mrs. Aniefiok said to her daughter who was still shedding the tears of loneliness. She immediately wiped off the tear when she sighted her dad coming towards their direction.


“Good girl…I know you are not going to cry.” Her father cheered her up.


He did not know what was happening in between Mary and the mother. Anene was herself crying right inside of her. She was going to miss her daughter awhile. Anyhow; she needed to console her.


“It is just for some time baby.” she sighed while escorting her to the vehicle that was waiting by.


“I miss you mum, mum!!!”She screamed as if a lion was trying to drag her soul away from her beloved mother. “It shall be okay baby


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This book is highly dedicated to the Almighty God in particular and humanity in general. May I also dedicate it to Bishop Aniefiok Andrew Essiet for his conduct as a pioneer Bishop of the Methodist Diocese of Ikot Abasi who was my humble father.

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