112 Ponderings of a foolish man Wm McClain Cox


I want these random thoughts to be read on the chance that one person might change their life slightly for the better. If that happens then I have succeeded in my attempt.

Although I am just putting words to it, I can’t take credit for being the inspiration for all these. I have my family, friends, and past experience to thank for that.

I apologize if I accidently glean someone else’s thought but as far as I am aware these thoughts are mine and worded in a way that is my rough writing style.

No offense meant towards anyone reading these. You read this at your own risk.




The word tomorrow does not come with a guarantee


No bad day or experience is truly bad in the sense we are still alive to experience them


The daily counted items ( like money) are usually of little importance while those that truly matter (breathing, days alive, etc…) are generally taken for granted


If we ever request advice we should not get mad at the answer, especially when it is the truth we did not want to hear


Be careful when casually asking how someone’s day went…. They may actually tell you


The most admirable people are that way because they were not always strong but they fought to become so


Don’t worry about dying but the legacy you are leaving behind


It’s better to know too much than not enough. One enables you to help others not be the one needing the help


The strongest person is not always hiding behind the walls of muscles but the one willing to hold their ground no matter the opposition


The ones that truly love you don’t always have to like what you are doing




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Publication Date: 09-16-2013
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Dedicated to my grandmother

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