Crystal clouds float in the blue lake
Above the verdant stretch of grass.
A gentle breeze embraces her,
Lightly stroking her body to
Soothe her frayed-nerve anxiety;
Release her burden of worries,
Vacate the fetters of her mind,
And savor the taste of freedom.

Ferris Wheel ( Terza Rima)
Light and darkness together dwell in life.
While some make us laugh others make us cry,
Happy when life runs smooth, sad when in strife.

The course of life can be low or be high.
Like a Ferris wheel joy and sorrow spin.
A glimpse of delight can make our tears dry.

Even in your heyday gloom might begin.
All we need to do is keep our calm then.
For happiness and peace comes from within.

Contentment and mirth will come only when
Anguish is boldly accepted by men.

You lavished me with care when I was in your womb,
You only made me see the light of this wonderful world;
You taught me how to utter words,
You taught me how to place my footsteps;
You share my pain and happiness in each day of my life,
You soak my tears like a sponge and make them dry;
With your indomitable courage I forget my fears,
I miss your presence when you are away;
Without you my world is dreary and bleak.
Even when we are not near we keep thinking about each other,
Just because your love for me is too strong,
And I feel that your soul is embedded in mine.

Jewelry( Couplet)
Jewels are women's best friends,
Without them a heart of a woman rends.
A woman decked in costly jewelry,
Is inundated with heart's revelry;
Which sets amongst them a bitter rivalry,
They are coveted by women of penury.
Women adorned by tawdry jewels vainly boast,
With intense pride they are stuffed like a chicken roast.
Avarice and lust devour their soul almost,
At last putting them at the money-trap's coast.


Publication Date: 11-14-2010

All Rights Reserved

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