“Bad dog! Get! Scram!”I looked up at him,dropped my tail between my legs,flattened my ears,and tried to look submissive.Which is extremely hard saying my tail is the size of a thumb,my ears are already flat and it’s hard to look submissive when you’re a pitbull.But I knew I shouldn’t have done it I shouldn’t have eaten that bacon but it was calling my name.
The man pulled his foot back as if to kick me,and he did.The man who’s fed me,cuddled me,took me off the streets for the last 2 months kicked me.I yelped in pain as his foot connected with my ribs.He drew his foot back again and I scampered to the shadows where my black fur blended immediately.
I turned; pain soaking my heart,all I wanted was an owner, a family, a home, a sense of belonging. So I walked quietly going from garbage can to garbage can searching for food. I searched for weeks and eventually I found a house with a metal dish containing steak. I cautiously nibbled the steak only to be attacked from the side making me fall on my back. I struggled to stand. But finally stood, but when I placed my left hind leg on the ground I yelped and gingerly lifted it. I felt blood ooze down my leg and drip on the ground.
I whimpered to draw attention and the other dog turned snarling savagely. Right then the door opened and a young woman stepped out. The other dog turned and ran but I shrank back unable to run. She studied me and coaxed me inside. Only to lead me to a my heart I knew I was home and I warmly with my heart wide open and trust in my eyes let the women take care of me.


Publication Date: 04-12-2011

All Rights Reserved

Thanks to my Chow Naketa who sadly was just put down but i thank him and love him for the inspirational story he provided me. I love you Naketa!!!!! <3

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