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The freeware program „PRIMA Image Racer“ (in the next named with the short description IR or PIR) is a small and fast image viewer which supports the most important image formats and can be used without an installation on an usb stick. Further information to this program you will get on the URL „“ and you can download the file from this address too.

A description of the installation and the first settings together with a table of all icons and short cuts you will find in the QuickStart document, which you will get together with the program or you can download it separately.


To the program „Image Racer“ there you can get this updated eBook (September of 2017, Software-Release 4.0), which is available in German and English language as ePub and Kindle file. This eBook is part of the „edeus“ serial by me - an explanation of this word you can find here. In this eBook all available functions were described, some with an example.


Release 2.1: This program was reworked in the most parts of it: Using the actually release of the graphic component and compiled with a modern release of the programming language it should support now Unicode. A list with all new or improved functions you can find in the link above. Normally I do not update an eBook because of a Minor-Update. But there are a lot of changes in this update and so I decieded to update it.


With Release 3.0 the application got some new display functions - it’s an image viewer and not an image editor! The same for Release 4.0.


Buying this eBook you support the further development of this program or of other freeware programs developed by me and in contrast to a „Donation“-button you will get a real value. If you have bought a formerly edition of this eBook than you can get all updated editions for free. For more informations please click here.


Informations to errors or suggestions for new or better functions are welcome every time! Please use the E-mail-function in the main menu of the program for it.


Short cuts will be shown in the eBook like this:
A single key: <Z> = Press the „z“-Key (low letters).
A short cut: <CTRL> + <A> = Press the „CTRL“-Key and the „a“-Key.


The text „Release 2:“ will show you all changes in the release 2.0. The same for „Release 2.1“. All other functions were available already in release 1.x.


The text „Release 3.0:“ signs all new functions of this newest release.


I translated this eBook by myself into the English language (only by using the help of If you find a sentence which you can’t understand, please send me an e-mail. Or if you have a better translation, than do it also. Thank you.

1. General Program Construction


The main window of the program shows only single images.



Release 2.1: New is the trackbar on the left hand side for an easy change of the image zoom. It replace the function bar.


Left in the title bar you can find the main menu. I placed it there because I don’t use it often on image viewing (mostly I’m working with mouse and short cuts). And so some place is saved (for the menu bar):



Note: On using dark skins it is possible that you can not see the state of a button (down or not down).


Right of the menu you can find the buttons for „Fit image“, „Exif-Orientation“ and „RAW-Files“ from the formerly function bar.

Right in the title bar you can see the icon (interrogation mark) for the QuickStart document (short cut <F1>).


Because of my German OS you see in the following pictures some words which are unknown to you - here the translations for no confusion:



Release 2: New: In the main menu there is a new menu item „Last opened“ - here you will find till 25 of the last opened images. Another new menu item is „Import“ for the import of images from a scanner or a digicam.


Release 3.0: In the main menu there are four new functions:

Open video, Open Upload-Manager, Image review / preview on/off and Transitions on/off.


Release 4.0: In the main menu there are two new functions:

Show/Hide Additional Information, Show/Hide Panorama-View.

In the image-submenu there are also two new functions: Encrypt image, decrypt image.

In the Files-Menu you can find one new function: Collect images for E-Mail.


The short cuts for the image functions are often the same like in IrfanView, what I used mostly before. An exactly overview about all used short cuts and icons you can find in the QuickStart document, Appendix A.


The status bar right down at the bottom has the following areas (beginning from the left):



Licence kind, actual skin, actual page (ONLY on files which contains more than one page, e. g. Tiff - otherwise empty), zoom, actual image in the folder, dimensions of a selected area with the relation of it in brackets, name of the actual image. Beginning with Release 4.0 on the most right placed field I display only the filename instead the complete path because on longer pathes you saw only a part of it. The path you can get from the „Additional Information“ above the „normal“ status bar.


Release 2.1: Changes: A „normal“ icon bar doesn’t exists. The most functions which are available using the menu you can use with the toolbox too. The toolbox replace the function bar. Advantage: You can move the toolbox to a


Publisher: BookRix GmbH & Co. KG

Text: Jens Wahl
Images: Jens Wahl
Cover: Jens Wahl
Translation: Jens Wahl
Publication Date: 11-10-2014
ISBN: 978-3-7368-5488-8

All Rights Reserved

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