Chapter 1
Day 1

Hi, my name is Amanda and my best friend Layla, are going to tell you what it is like to go to the school, Hollywood.Hollywood is a school ran by Chloe's dad.Do you know who Chloe is? Lucky, theirs these people who think their poplar(but their not)and their called Hollywood.Their names are Chloe(of course),Sasha and Emma.There is this other person that we call a Wannabee and her name is Daphne.So me and Layla are going to switch off and off from different points of views.The school is called Hollywood because Chloe made her dad name it that.
Hi!I'm Layla.Today Chloe and her "friends" (Emma and Sasha)tried to steal Amanda away from me, but she was smart enough not to fall into their trap. They already stool Daphne away from us.Justin was hanging out with Chloe again today. I don't get why we date it is just like having a boy that is a friend.

Well I'm giving the book Back to Amanda Bye

Chapter 2
On the Bus

Hi, Amanda here,Layla isn't riding the bus today because her mom picked her up.So when i got on the bus Daphne sat with Sasha and Emma right next to them.Justin told Jack not to talk to Daphne.Do you want to now why?Because they were making fun of Daphne's parents,I don't believe them.Sorry i wasn't close to Daphne and Sasha so i didn't hear them,but i will get details on it later.After Daphne and Emma left,Sasha was making fun of Emma,I thought that was funny.I had to leave after that,But i will tell you what happens tomorrow.

Now I'm giving the book back to Lay(Layla) BYE:)

Chapter 3,

HAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!It's Layla. So today i over heard Justin asking Daphne to Homecoming,but Jack told him not to show up!HOW RUDE!!!!!!That just makes me mad.Chloe went to homecoming with Jack,an when Daphne showed up she was wearing a silky red dress and she looked awesome.I wore a long red dress.Mandy wore a purple dress and they were both silk.Daphne waited four hours for Justin and she finally figured out that he wasn't coming and left.We left early so I could hang out at Mandy's house for awhile,her older sister is so annoying.Her name is Sovana.Me and Mandy are playing on our NEW laptop's.We were IMINGing each other.I's fun!
Hay Mandy
Amanda LOL(Mandy)
Got 2 go ttyl.:)

Chapter 4,

H!it's Amanda,OK guess what?Justin is going to give Sasha chocolates and teddy bear!I think Jack and Justin are flirting with Sasha.Jack told Sasha a joke and she laughed so hard.Jack asked Sasha out and she said she would think about it.Jack and Justin are telling Sasha jokes,but i don't think their funny.When Sasha left,jack started flirting with Emma,OMG!!!I just heard that Jack asked Emma out.If Sasha says yes it is going to be good!!!!Jack,Justin,Sasha,Emma and Chloe are making fun of Daphne.So me and Lay(Layla)felt bad and forgave her.
Well TTYL;)

Chapter 5
New Girl

Hey!It's Layla.Guess what?We got a new girl in our class and her name is Lexy,but we call her Lex.She has black hair and brown eyes.personally i think shes pretty and she really nice.Mandy,Daphne and Lex are sleeping over at my house tonight,can't wait!!We all plan to get back at Jack.Chloe is being really nice to Daphne,it's really weird,so we just ignored them.OK,so Sasha said yes and so did Emma.They don't know that Jack asked both of them out.
See you later,

Chapter 6

Hola,Amanda here,whats up.Do you remember when Jack asked both Sasha and Emma out?Do you think theirs going to be drama?Well your right.When i got on the bus I sat with Daphne because Layla isn't riding today.I asked "have you heard anything about Jack"?She said didn't hear anything yet,but right after she was done they started fighting.Which we call drama.When we got to school they went silent.But when we had study hall came up there was fighting and guess who he chose?Well if you said that he chose Emma well your right and Sasha went to Justin.
<3 Bye<3

Chapter 7

Layla,hay so today we saw that Emma left her phone in the locker room.So we garbed it and texed Justin and said to him to meet us at Subway at the mall,he said OK meet you there.So we went to the mall to see if it worked and it did!!!O ya i forgot we gave the phone back to Emma.Justin texed Emma a mad face and said"where are you"."I'm at home,why"?"You said you were gonna to meet me at Subway" and she replayed "no I didn't".Well there not talking now,OH YEAH!!!

Chapter 8,

Hi,Amanda here.Do you want to know why this chapter is called bragging?Well,do you remember when i told you that Justin was going to give Sasha chocolates and a teddy bear.When she got it,she was like HA HA especially to Daphne because Daphne likes Justin,so me and Layla hung out with her at lunch.When Sasha was done bragging we went to Justin and said "I bet you regret giving chocolates and that teddy bear" and guess what he said? I hope you said no because he doesn't regret,weirdo.Oh Emma wasn't here today so no bragging for Sasha.
Well this book is going back to Lay

Chapter 9,

OK guess what today is,Feb 14,Valentines day!We all got Valentines from Justin except Daphne.But that night we gave her tons of stuff,Lex gave her carnation,Mandy gave her a box of chocolates and I gave her a giant teddy bear that's holding a heart that says I love you,but she is still is sad.So i called her tens and she still didn't pick up.So I went to pick her up and we went to see Tooth Fairy and it was funny.After that she felt a little better.Do you remember Sovana (Mandy's sister),well after the movie we went to Mandy's house.And she was eating the exact same kind of candy that Justin gave everybody.So Daphne called her mom and she picked her up.
Well got to go see ya later

Chapter 10
Breaking hearts

Hey,Amanda here,remember how bad you felt about Daphne on Valentines day.Well get ready to be happy for her because i heard that Justin broke Sasha's heart,Oh yeah!!!!There's another thing do you remember how Daphne likes Justin and how he didn't give her a Valentines candy and like everyone else got one.Me and Layla convinced Daphne to ask him out and guess what?he said yes!!!!The next day was really bad for Daphne because Justin dumped Daphne and guess what?Well if you said that he went back to Sasha,you're right.

Chapter 11,

It's Layla I can't believe that Tomorrow is the last day of school.I can't wait because were going to a camp!OK so today Chloe put a thumbtack under Emma's chair. So as usual Emma wasn't paying attention so she sat on it and screamed. So she got a detention.Daphne finally got over Valentine thing I mean it has been 3 months. There is Barely anything to tell you because the day went almost perfect!I'm so excited for tomorrow!!!!i just realized that every page is a chapter,weird.The name of the camp were going to is Camp LA,Strange name isn't it?
Got to go see ya later,

Chapter 12
Last day of school

What's up!!Amanda.Do you know what day it is?If you said it was the last day of school,your right.Today like usual math and reading were boring.At lunch me, Layla,Daphne and Lex sat together and talked about camp LA and how fun it will be to go to a place were you can't be push around by the Hollywood Gang.After that we had Science and guess what he gave us?He gave us homework,I hate science.Here comes the last class,but it is still an hour long,boho.Lucky it is my favorite ,whoa,and he didn't give us homework.There is 20 seconds 20,19,18, 17,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1!!!!We all screamed schools out.
Got to go,

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