Eli the Over Protective

you wake to your alarm going off and get up you go to your closet and pick out your outfit you decide to wear your awesome avenged sevenfold shirt and your black skinnys with your converse. You go to your bathroom and fix your hair then put in your black ribbon go to your room and get your hoodie phone and ipod. Has your walking down the stairs you get a text and it from eli

*text mode*
eli:hey I gotta tell you something
you:tell away
eli:i think im in love with you
*normal mode *
you stop and become shocked you walk slower and miss a step and fall down the steps your brother jason comes running down the stairs and sees you and takes you start to the hospital. Your brother also calls eli on the way there. When you reaceh the hospital you figure out you sprained your wrist and ankle. When your in your room you hear a knock on the door jason opens it and eli walks in.
you:hey eli
eli:hey ___
you:hey jason can you go get me some food
jason:sure thing
jason walks out of the room
eli:so how did you fall down the steps
you:oh I was reading the message you sent me and missed a step and fell
eli:so it was my fault
you:no I missed a step
eli:no it was my stupid message the made you miss a step and fall down the steps*i tear starts going down his face *
you:eli dont cry
you try to reach over and wipe the tear but he backs up and wipes it himself he also stands up and walks back and worth curses under his breath at himself
you:eli can you please calm down
you:eli you didnt hurt me
eli:yes I did!
eli:AAAH I just cant help thinking that I hurt you!
You:eli but you-
eli:I DID I seriously did it if it wasnt for my stupid message you wouldnt be laying there in that HOSPITAL bed
you:eli I get to go home today but I just stay away from school for a few days
eli:wht! You have to stay home im gonna be so lonely im probuly gonna kill myself!
Eli:eli no dont kill yourself! Your welcome to come over straight after school stay the night and leave the next day
and after that he teared up really bad and ran out just like that
its been a few days since you got hurt and eli would never reply to your text or phone calls. your getting ready for school you picked your panda power shirt black skinnys and converse you went to the bathroom fixed your did your makeup and then went to your room again and got your phone ipod and red jacket and left to go to school.

you get to school and walk in the doors and these jocks named donnie and james come up to you
james:hey baby
you:get away from me
donnie:oh why babe
you:get away now!
james:we rather not
you:seriously get away
donnie:oh look james she is hurt
james:awh let us help you
you:no just get away
donnie:now james dont yell.........push her!
and with that they pushed you and you fell to the ground all of sudden someone comes up and punches and kicks donnie and james and they ran away and the person turns toward you and helps you when you were up you figured out it was eli who helped right then you hugged eli and held him close for a few seconds he didnt hug back but then he did and that put a smile on his face you let go and backed up
you:eli im so glad to see you
eli:im glad to see you to
you:how come you havent returned my text or calls
eli:i dont know i guess i was just to depressed to talk to anybody.....
you:well no need for it now eli/johnny
eli:i know
you guys walk to class and after a few you guys go to lunch and as yyour walking to your guys table another jock named johnny comes up and smacks your butt you turn around and slap his face but you end up smacking him with your hurt wrist and you bend over holding your wrist tearing up and eli gets seriously mad and punches johnny in the face and they start getting in a fist fight and get sent to the office you had to go since you were part of it
princeipal:so what is this all about
eli:he smacked her in the butt and she slapped him and he made her hurt her wrist it is already sprained!
princeipal:is this true ___
johnny:there is more after she slapped me eli here punches me
eli:but he punches back so i punched back
princepal:so you guys then got in a fist fight
princeapal:johnny suspension eli __ go to lunch
you and eli then leave has they started arguing and plus the princeipal opened the door for you guys you guys went to lunch you guys go through the day and you guys are walking to your house
you:hey thanks for helping me today
eli:no prob
you:you know you dont have to fight for me
eli:yes i do
you:no its ok
eli:i like to do it it makes feel better about myself like im better i feel like i can do anything and i love protecting you
eli:look ___ im in lo-
right then you were tired of hearing him going on about it so you kissed him back it took him a few seconds but he finally started kissing back and then you guys stopped and started walking again you guys were holding hands this time. you guys which your house and you drop your bag and run to the kitchen and start looking for something to eat but you see a note on the counter from your parents
hey sweetie me and your father are gonna be gone for the weekend we will be back monday your brother is staying at devins till sunday i left some money in the cookie jar use it wisely please
you get done reading it and then you feel arms wrap around your waist and a head on your shoulder you turn your head and kiss eli he smiles and lets you walk around
you:im gonna fix some french toast
eli:i like french toast
you:oh and my parents are gone till monday and jason is gone till sunday
you get everything down and fix it up and start mixing you feel arms around you again you turn around and you guys start kissing then make out roughly he picks you up and sits you on the counter and he licks your bottom lip asking for entrance and you gladly let him in you guys keep going on and on and he kisses you all the way down your neck and bites it making you moan and he leave a nice hickee for you and you guys go on like that for a while you guys ended after a while and go to sleep. You guys are happy together and a few months later you guys have sex and have a baby boy named spinner then a year later have a girl named makayla. You guys get married and live happily has a family. :D

the end


Text: Lacy Lyn Fain
Images: Lacy Lyn Fain
Editing/Proofreading: Lacy Lyn Fain
Translation: Lacy Lyn Fain
Publication Date: 03-24-2012

All Rights Reserved

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