Tonight I Sail

Tonight I Sail




Darkness surrounds me without let up,


biting chunks off my soul.


Daylight fights to enter and save me from myself.


Enemies...more enemies are breaching the gates


of my consciousness.


“Too late, too late,” I scream silently into the howling storm.


“You - are - too - late!”


My very existence, teetering on the brink of insanity,


is saved, but only for a brief moment


by the vision of your sweet, yet sad face...


a face of someone I once had loved way too dearly.


Now there is only emptiness...


a void so foul it reeks of diseased flesh,


wafting into my most inner senses,


casting no doubts as to my fate.


“Help me my dear Ophelia, for I am drowning in the


shadows of your loving memories.”


Memories which are fading as quickly as the daylight;


daylight which had promised to be my hero.


Tonight I sail away, never to return.


The chasm much too wide to cross back over.


I see your slender hand reaching out to me,


but it is too late...too late.


The boatman is here to ferry me over The River.


Life ebbs from my being like warm spiced wine,


dripping...running scarlet down my graying beard.


“Light, sweet light, where have you gone?”


 Silence, she embraces me like one of yesterday's forgotten


courtesans,  beckoning me with long black velvet gloved fingers...


             “Come to me, my lover,


             and I shall set you free.”




             I now am totally free..



Publication Date: 01-16-2014

All Rights Reserved

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