It speaks no words of love or hate.

It gives no joy or pain.

It feels no remorse or heartbreak.

It has no words.

Its gives nothing.

It does not smile,

or weep,

or scowl,

It does not create or destroy,

only guides.

We make our own feelings,

our own lives,it gives us choices,

paths, forks in the road.

It makes us choose what we believe is best.

Sometimes we are lost in a seemingly never ending circle.

But there is always a break in the path.

Always a flaw in the design.

No plan may be perfect.

Everyone has strength.

But no one being has all the power.

No, it does not have the will to give or take.

In life there are no mistakes.

Only lessons,


But when you overcome these,

Life always has an open door waiting.

The only question is,

which door is the right one for you?



Publication Date: 11-29-2013

All Rights Reserved

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