Amy paced back and forth across her hotel room, "Damn it Shane how did you manage to lose your job?", "I quit, besides you make she enough money for the both of us.", A drunken Shane slurred. "When are you coming home anyways?", he asked angrily. "I don't know.", she answered. Amy hated the day her friend Daisy found her stories and talked her into getting one of them published, not really she just hated the irritating phone calls from Shane. And the fact that two days after she had left to promote her book Shane had started bringing bimbos back to their home, her home. "You should come home now.", Shane ordered. "I can't.", Amy said simply trying to stay calm. After an hour of arguing about that with him she finally hung up on him.
Amy grabbed her cigarettes and walked out on the balcony. She sat down only to have to stand right back up to dig her lighter out of her pocket, only to watch it go flying off the balcony,"Damn it.", she huffed plopping back down in the chair. "Need a light?", she heard only to turn and see a handsome, well dressed man holding a flame. "Thank you.", Amy said as she leaned over to light her cigarette. "I'm Nathan and you are?", he spoke so sweetly. "Amy.", she answered reaching out to shake his hand only to watch him take her hand and kiss it lightly. Amy was speechless men just didn't do things like that where she came from all she could do was look at him in astonishment. "So what brings you here?", Nathan asked bringing Amy back to reality. "A book.", she answered simply. Nathan engaged Amy in small talk for awhile, then they bid each other a goodnight then retired to their rooms.
Amy got up the next morning and went on with her busy schedule as usual with Shane calling her what seemed like every five minutes with every little problem he had. It seemed to take forever but eventually her day ended and she found herself back in her room. She changed into some more comfortable clothes and grabbed her cigarettes and chips and made her way out on the balcony. "Need a light?", she heard Nathan's sweet voice and couldn't help herself she smiled at him. "Thanks but I'm good.", she was still smiling as she held up her lighter for him to see. "Dinner then?", he asked catching her by surprise. "Um Thanks but i got dinner right here.", she answered shaking her bag of chips. "That's not dinner.",Nathan laughed,"Let me take you out.". " I really shouldn't, it wouldn't be right.", Amy hesitated. "Why would it be wrong?", " It's just two people sharing a meal.", " besides I get tired of eating alone", Nathan countered giving her a warm smile. "I'm not sure.", Amy was still hesitant. "Come on just dinner.", Nathan pushed still giving her that heart melting smile. Amy finally agreed and went inside to dress. Twenty minutes later she met Nathan downstairs in the lobby. He offered his arm and she took it then he led her down the way to a quiet little resturaunt. Amy shared a nice evening with Nathan he was a perfect gentlemen, she had no regrets. Not even when he caught her looking through the jewelry store window at a dainty diamond cross necklace, after he paid the check. Amy tried to pay for her share of the bill but Nathan wouldn't hear of it. Nathan walked her to her room and bid her goodnight before going inside his own room. Amy went to bed with a smile on her face for the first time in years.
Amy woke the next morning with that smile still on her face. And somehow it seemed to remain in place as her hectic day went on. When her day came to an end she grabbed some take-out on her way back to the hotel hoping to repay Nathan for the wonderful evening he had shared with her, that is if he hadn't left, but that was a chance she was willing to take. Amy walked in her room sat the food on the table, grabbed her cigarettes, and made her way out on the balcony. She looked over to his balcony to see it was empty, figuring he was gone she lit her cigarette and sat down. At that moment her phone started ringing,"Hello" she answered it. " Hey girl how have you been?", Her friend daisy asked. "Good and you?",Amy was happy to hear from her friend."Good.....",Daisy started as Amy's call waiting interupted. "Damn i'm getting another call." ,Amy explained before telling her friend bye and switching over. "Hello", Amy answered the other call. "Bitch you need to come home and clean the damn house now.", Shane's voice boomed over the line. "I can't.", Amy said calmly. "Look you whore you come home right now or don't come back.", Shane said hatefully. "I'll get there when I get there.", Amy said a little louder. "Fine then I'm moving Candy in since you're not coming home you cunt.", Shane's voice came through the phone so loud that Amy had to hold the phone out. "Shane I can't deal with this now.", she yelled into the phone then hung up and turned it off.
"He sounded pretty mad." Amy turned to see Nathan, "Is he your husband?". "No, I don't know what you would call him.","We've just lived together for the past fifteen years.", Amy answered. "Here you look as if you could use a drink.", Nathan smiled as he offered her his glass. Amy took the glass from him and asked if he'd like to come over so she could repay him for last night by buying him dinner tonight.Nathan gave her a warm smile and accepted her invitation. Amy walked in and opened the door for him, she was removing the food from the bag when he walked in and said,"I brought the bottle, i thought you might want another.".
Again they made small talk over dinner.Nathan had asked a dew questions about Shane but Amy kept her answers simple and avoided telling him all the horrors of it. Before she knew it they had finished off the bottle. Amy could hardly believe it she didn't even feel drunk. That was until she stood up. Amy tried to walk outside, but fell straight into Nathan's lap instead. "I sorry" she started apologizing trying to right herself only to fall back into his arms. To her surprise Nathan didn't push her into the floor instead he pulled her up into his lap and held her and laughed. "You're fine.", he assured her. "Shane would have thrown me to the floor.' , Amy blurted out before she realized it. As soon as the words left her lips she covered her mouth and peeked up at Nathan knowing that she had said too much. Thankfully Nathan gave her that breath taking smile and said, " Seems to me that Shane doesn't know how to treat a lady.". Then he stood with her and pulled her close. "I haven't danced in forever.", Amy smiled as he started to sway with to the music that was playing somewhere in the distance. "That's a shame, you're quite good.", Nathan whispered in her ear as he pulled her closer. "You're just being nice.", Amy said softly as she tried to turn and walk away from him. She knew she had to distance herself from him. After years with Shane his sweetness was playing havoc on her heart. All Nathan would have to do was ask and she'd be his for the night then spend the rest of her life treasuring the few short hours she had spent with him. Worse of all she felt like a really horrible person for wanting him to ask. Her mind and her heart were in total conflict. "No, I am not.", Nathan grabbed her and pulled her back into his arms and even though her mind was telling her no her heart won the argument and she melted in is arms. Truth was she finally felt what she had been missing for so long. After a few more minutes of swaying Nathan's lips brushed her ear and he whispered, "I should get going.". "I know, but don't.", Amy said softly as she snuggled closer to him. Nathan knew he should leave, but there was just something about her that kept pulling him in. She was unlike anyone he had ever met. There wasn't a single thing fake about this woman, she said exactly what she thought. He just wished that she wasn't involved with someone else, because he'd sweep her off her feet and make her his.

ch 2 A Moment of happiness

Amy was drunker than either of them thought, she suddenly blurted out," I'm hot.", then stripped down to her bra and panties.
"I really should go." Nathan said but he couldn't take his eyes off of her. "Don't go I've felt alone for so long.",She said as she grabbed his hand never letting her eyes reach his afraid that if she did all she would see was rejection. "What about your boyfriend?", Nathan could barely say the words. "Shane, when he's not out whore hopping he's smacking me around.", Amy looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "In that case.", were the only word that were able to escape his lips before they met hers. Nathan kissed her so passionately that she fell limp in his arms.Amy wanted to stay in that kiss forever, but when it finally ended all she could do was ask,"Where have you been all my life?". Nathan smiled at her question," Looking for you.", he whispered against her neck making her smile to. Amy wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in for another kiss. Amy was so lost in the moment she started unbuttoning his shirt then pushed it off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. When she popped the button on his pants Nathan broke the kiss and sat down in the chair,"You sure you want to do this?". "I'm sure I don't want you to leave.",she said as she walked over and stood in front of him. "You don't have to do this for me to stay.",Nathan look up at her and smiled as he placed his hands on her hips. "I really want to.",Amy smiled as she undid the clasp on her bra and let it hit the floor. "Well i don't want to make you unhappy.", Nathan smiled as he pulled her closer taking one of her nipples into his mouth. Nathan watched as the passion flared in her eyes leting his hands slide slowly under the waistband of her panties and down her legs until they hit the floor. Then he moved her back to have a look at her. "What?", Amy asked feeling really self conscious, thinking she had done something wrong. "Nothing.", Nathan spoke softly in her ear as he picked her up and placed her gently on the bed.Amy watched as he let his pants hit the floor and joined her on the bed. She was completely out of her element with him no one had ever treated her like he did. "Relax I won't hurt you.", Nathan gave her a warm, reassuring smile as he positioned himself on top of her. Amy let her hands roam freely over his body as he kissed her. Amy gasped as he slid inside of her. Nathan stopped and looked down at her, " I didn't hurt you did I?". "I'm fine, really.", Amy raised up and kissed him."Don't let me hurt you.", Nathan whispered as he started to move. "You're not, its just.....", Amy covered her face with her hands. "What?", Nathan asked as he continued to move slowly. "It's to embarassing, I can't say it.", Amy's face turned really red, and she was kicking herself she should have kept her damn mouth shut. "Yes you can.', Nathan smiled down at her as he thrusted with a little more force seeing on her face that she liked what he was doing. "Oh god, don't stop." ,Amy moaned digging her nails into his back. Nathan stopped and laid still inside of her,"Not until you finish your sentence.". " It's just no one has ever made me feel like this before.", Amy wiggled her hips a little,This made Nathan smile,"you're kidding.". "No.", Amy gave him a confused look. "you lived with that Shane for fifteen years and never made love?",Nathan questioned wondering if she was lying to him. "If making love is getting slapped and held down while he did what he wanted for less than ten minutes, then being left alone to cry about it.", Amy knew she had just ruined everything. " No,No that's more like rape.", Nathan got up. "Please don't go Please.", Amy started begging. "I'm not going anywhere.", Nathan assured her as he fixed himself a glass of water. "Why did you stop then?", She asked as she stared at the dimples on his butt.
"Because, I was fixing to just have sex with you.", Nathan turned and looked at her. "I know and it felt good until you stopped.", Amy gave him a funny look. Nathan smiled and walked back over to the bed,"Now I'm going to make love to you.". "I thought you had to love them in order to make love to them,", Amy was mentally kicking herself realizing that she had just stuck her foot in her mouth again. "You don't know that I don't.", Nathan kissed her,"Relax let your body react to my touch.", He started kissing down her body. There wasn't a spot on her body that his lips didn't touch. Just as Amy thought she could take no more Nathan let himself slide back inside of her. She held onto him as he moved, but the tighter she held on the faster and harder he moved. When she couldn't hang on any longer Nathan rolled over pulling her on top of him. Amy was unsure of what she should do and he could see it in her face. He placed his hands on her hips, coaching her gently to show her what to do. Just as she got the hang of it Nathan picked her up placing her up against the wall gently pinning her hands up above her head. As the sun rose they fell back on the bed. Amy laid there waiting and expecting Nathan to jump up and run out the door. It surprised the hell out of her when he pulled her into his arms and held her close to him. "Wow you were amazing.", Amy smiled as she looked up at him and kissed him softly on the lips."You were too.", he whispered in her ear then kissed each of her fingers on the hand he was holding. Amy laid in Nathan's arms and drifted off into a peaceful slumber.
Amy woke a little while later to find that Nathan was gone. She was starting to think that it all had been a dream, but after taking a look around she found a single red rosewith the cross necklace she had admired that first night he had taken her to dinner wrapped around it. Underneath it was a folded piece of paper. She picked up the rose and unwound the necklace from it and place the rose to her nose smelling the sweet fragrance. Then she picked up the paper and unfolded it. It read:


I had a wonderful time with you. Hated that I had to leave so soon. I will never forget you, know that you are very special to me. Hope you like the gift, wanted you to have a momento of our time together. Hope we meet again.

Always thinking of you,

Amy got up and looked at her schedule only to see that she was headed back home today, her heart fell. She hopped in the shower and then looked in the mirror putting the necklace on. As she stood there admiring it she could do nothing but hope that she would be able to convince Shane that it was a fake. Then she grabbed her bags and the rose and headed for the airport. Taking one last look at her heaven before she left.
Amy let out a heavy sigh as the plane landed. The last thing she wanted to do was go home and deal with Shane. She closed her eyes praying that she could go back to last night and be with Nathan, thanking god for the one night with him he had given her. Knowing she had to put Nathan behind her she stuck the rose to her nose one last time, then tossed it into the trash before hailing a cab. As the taxi drove her home she played with the necklace letting her thoughts wonder back to Nathan. A very short while later the taxi came to a stop jerking Amy back to reality, she just sat there for a brif moment not wanting to face what was waiting inside for here.
Taking a deep breath and tucking the necklace beneath her shirt Amy grabbed her things and headed inside.
She opened the door and saw that all was quiet, but then she found Shane and what she guessed to be Candy in her bed. "Get out of my house!", she yelled waking them both. "shut up you bitch.",Shane yelled back flinging a beer bottle at her, barely missing her head. "No, get that whore out of my house.", she continued yelling. "She'll leave when i say.", Shane walked up to Amy grabbing her roughly by the arm. "You leave with her then.", Amy said firmly trying to stand her ground. "Listen here....", Shane started with a finger pointed in her face then his hand suddenly fell to the necklace,"What's this?". "It's nothing, I picked it up at this flea market i came across.",She heard her voice crack over her words as she reached up and clutched the cross in her hand. "Well if you bought it we both know it isn't worth a shit, just like you.", Shane shouted as he stormed off toward her bags. "Get out!", Amy shouted drawing his attention back toward her.Shane spun around and took to long strides back to her folding his arms," Make me.". "Just leave.", Amy pleaded bracing herself for what was to come. "No!", He grinned then swung and popped her up side the head causing her to hit the floor in tears. And to her astonishment stupid, naive Candy just stood there and watch with a smile on her face. From the floor through the tears Amy watched as he made his way to her bags grabbing her purse. She watched as he dumped the contents to the floor and as the note from Nathan floated to floor Amy managed to get to her feet and darted toward the door as Shane picked it up and read it. She was almost there when suddenly she felt his hand in her hair flinging her away from the door into the floor once again. "Who the hell is Nathan?",he asked glaring down at her. "No one.", She managed to get out through the tears as she tried to get back up to her feet. "You lying Bitch, I'll kill you.", He shouted as he shoved her back down with his foot. She watched him walk away and was contemplating whether or not she would be able to make it to the door. Then the next thing she knew he was coming straight for her with a wooden bat in hand, everything went black.

ch 3

Nathan was going down the highway headed home for the first time in weeks. When he saw a girl sitting on the side of the road, something looked oddly familiar about her. Nathan asked his driver to pull over and he got out to check it out. As he walked up to her he could see nothing but blood and bruises completely covered her. It was so bad that he couldn't tell if he knew her or not, but he did know that he had to help her. He carefully walked up to her afraid of scaring her more than she already was and knelt down in front of her. "Miss?", Nathan spoke softly. She didn't make a sound, she just drew her knees up to her chest. "What's your name?", he asked. Still nothing. He noticed that she was holding something in her hand. "Miss can I see what you have there?", ha asked reaching for her hand. But she pulled her hand away and shook her head no, then she finally looked up at him. As soon as her eyes met his he knew who she was, he'd dreamt of her everynight since he had left. He'd never forget those beautiful eyes that were filled with so much happiness the last time he had looked into them. "Amy no, dear god.", he gasped as he scooped her up and hurried toward the car. Once he had her in the car he shouted at the driver, "To the hospital NOW!".
He paced the hallway while the doctor was examining her, when the doctor came out of the room he eyed Nathan warily. Nathan didn't hesitate to to explain how he knew her and how he had found her.Then the Doctor offered him something he held out his hand and watched as the necklace was placed in his hand. "I gave this to her.", He whispered. "It took some coaxing to get her to let go of it.", the doctor gave him a slight smile. After talking a few more moments the doctor explained that it would take some time, but she would heal and eventually remember everything. Then he agreed to release her to Nathan on a promise that Nathan would care for her until she was well. He didn't hesitate to agree and took her straight home and put her in his room. She slept mostly over the next few weeks and she hadn't said a word since he'd found her. He never left her for more than a few minutes at a time, helping her with absolutely everything. And he was happy that he could be there for her, glad that it was him.
One day she finally found the courage to ask, "Do I know you?". Nathan was happy to hear her voice and gave her a warm smile, "Some what.". He saw that she was trying to sit up and walked over to help her, but when he reached toward her she flinched, " I won't hurt you.", he said softly. Then it clicked for her as soon as the words left his lips, "Nathan!", she almost shouted. "I remember you're Nathan from the hotel.", she smiled, but the confusion replaced it. "Yes and you are?", he asked filled with hope. "Amy.", she answered giving him a funny look that made him smile, he couldn't help himself she was so damn cute when she looked at him like that. "Do you remember anything else?", he asked sitting down on the bed beside her. She rubbed her forehead," Not really, just waking up being cold and alone.".
Amy reached up to touch her face and hair, " I must look horrible.". She tried to get up, but Nathan wouldn't let her, " You need to rest.", he sounded so caring. "I'm fine.", she gave him a smile trying to get up again. This time Nathan stood within arms reach and let her try. Amy pulled the covers back and looked up at Nathan, "What happened to me?". "I don't know, but the doctor said that you'll remember.", Nathan gave her a reassuring smile. She shook her head and tried to stand up only to find that her knees were too weak to hold her. As they gave way underneath her Nathan reached out and caught her. "Thank you.", she said softly as she looked up at him. "Not a problem.", he gave her another reassuring smile. " I hate this." Amy muttered, " I just wanted to go take a shower and can't even stand on my own.", she was talking more to herself than to Nathan. "Hang on just a minute.", Nathan said then left the room leaving Amy sitting on the bed looking after him in confusion. It wasn't long before he returned, he went into the bathroom and started the shower. Then he removed his clothes and walked over to Amy and started unbuttoning the shirt she was wearing, " What are you doing?". "You said you wanted to shower.", he said as he slid the shirt off her shoulders. "Nathan, you don't have to do this.", she spoke softly looking up at him with tears in her eyes. "Any excuse I get to hold you.", he said giving her a wink and smile. Then he picked her up and carried her to the shower. He stepped into the shower and wrapped his arms around her letting her lean into him. When she was finished he stepped out of the shower with her and sat her on the counter. Then he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. After wrapping a towel around himself he turned off the shower and picked her up taking her back to his bed. Amy gave Nathan a thankful smile when he helped her put on one of his t-shirts, "I'm so sorry.' "Don't be, you have nothing to be sorry for.", Nathan assured her as he pulled the covers up over her legs. "But I feel like I'm putting you out.","I'm sure you you have better things to do.", Amy explained as she stared at the dimples on his butt as he dropped his towel slipping into a pair of boxer shorts. Nathan walked back to the bed and crawled under the covers with her pulling her to him," I've thought about you constantly since we spent the night together.", "If it took this for me to find you again, then I will do whatever it takes.","And I can assure you that I don't want to be anywhere but here with you.". "I couldn't get you off my mind either.", Amy whispered then snuggled up against him. " I realized that when you wouldn't let go of the necklace I gave you.", Nathan squeezed her lightly.
Nathan never left her side for the few months that it took for her wounds to heal. He continued to help her with every little thing, and Amy was so grateful. Once she had completely healed and was able to do everything for herself she felt like she should leave. She had no clue of where to go, but she didn't want to put Nathan out any longer. No matter what he said she knew that her being there was keeping him from his work and whatever personal life he may have had.
Amy woke up before he did one morning and slipped out of bed carefully so she wouldn't wake him. She tipped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. "Why are you being so quiet?",Nathan asked startling her as he joined her in the shower. "I think I should go.", Amy said as she turned to look at him. "Where?", he asked as he pulled her closer. "I don't know but I've put you out long enough and I can't repay you.", Amy tried to pull away from him. "You being here is payment enough.", he pulled her to him wrapping his arms tighter around her, "You're not going anywhere.". "Why do you want me?", "I'm just some nobody who can't remember anything.", Amy looked down as the tears started to fall. Nathan placed a finger under her chin making her look up at him, " I fell in love with you.", and wiped away a tear from her cheek. "What?", Amy couldn't believe her ears. Without another word Nathan leaned down and kissed her. Amy wrapped her arms around his neck and embraced the kiss. He hadn't kissed her since the night in the hotel. He reached and turned the water off, then scooped her up and carried her back to the bed. They laid there with lips locked and hands freely exploring each others body. Amy pushed him to his back letting her lips move slowly to his neck then down until she took him into her mouth. "My god.", Nathan moaned as her head started to bob up and down on him. When he could take no more he pulled her up rolling over on top of her. Amy gasped as he entered her. "I'm sorry maybe we should stop.", Nathan whispered in her ear as he lay very still fighting hard against the urge to move. "No, I don't want you to stop.", Amy smiled wiggling beneath him. Nathan smiled to and proceeded to move slowly. Amy let her her moans escaped her, she even called out his name. Upon reaching his peak he started to pull away, but she grabbed him and begged him not to stop. Nathan ended up spilling over inside her, then fell to the bed beside her. " i shouldn't have tired you out.", he scolded himself. "You should have and will again if I have any say in it.", Amy smiled then kissed him. Nathan smiled and wrapped his arms around her, "we will see, for now you should rest.", "By the way did I convince you to stay", he nibbled at her ear. "I might need more convincing.", She giggle as she climbed on top of him. "Let's see what I can do.", he gave her a devilish grin flipping her over thrusting in her hard.
They both fell to the bed and Amy thought she would never stop trembling. "Stay with me.",he whispered in her ear. "I can't walk right now.", she giggled. "No, stay with me forever.", he asked as he kissed her neck. Amy never gave him an answer, she held onto him and drifted off into a peaceful slumber. Amy woke the next morning to see Nathan at his desk buried in his work. She figured that he'd been putting it off to care for her. So she laid there quietly watching him, not wanting to disturb him. When he noticed her watching him he pushed his work aside and crawled back into bed with her, "You never gave me an answer last night.". "an answer to what?",she knew what but played dumb. "You know what, stay with me.", He smiled then pressed his lips to hers. She didn't know what to say. Nathan was smart, handsome,and wealthy. Women like her didn't end up with men like him, she just wasn't in his league. Men like him only used women like her for entertainment purposes only, she had seen it many times. "You can't be serious.", she finally spoke. "I'm very serious.", he spatted getting aggervated because she was avoiding giving him an answer. " Men like you aren't suppose to be with women like me.", she argued fighting the whole idea, truth was she she wanted to say yes. She knew that when she remebered what happened to her that she would have to deal with it and didn't want to drag him in the middle of it. It was her problem not his. " I don't care what people think I want you to stay with me.", Nathan was trying hard not to sound as angry as he was getting. "Okay I will stay with you.", she finally agreed. Nathan scooped her up and kissed her she had no idea how happy she had made him. Then his face fell and she wondered if he was already regretting asking her to stay. "I have to leave for a few days for a business meeting.","Will you be alright here alone?", he asked sadly. "It's only a few days I'm sure I can manage.", she gave him a reassuring smile. Nathan went back to his desk and finished his paperwork while she lay across the bed watching him. When he finished he joined her on the bed and the made love the rest of the day until the fell into a deep slumber holding on to one another.


Amy woke the next morning to find that he was already gone, but she did find a single red rose lying upon his pillow. She smiled at his sweet gesture and picked the flower up and placed it to her nose. She spent the next few days watching television and sleeping. She would look at her fading bruises in the mirror and even picked the phone up a few times and stare at it. The day that Nathan was due to return she remembered a phone number. After contemplating on it all day she finally built up the courage to dial the number. She walked over to his desk and picked up the phone pressing the numbers bouncing around in her head. "Hello", a man answered the voice sounded so familiar. "Hello", Shane said again. Amy hung up the phone. Suddenly it all came flooding back causing her to fall to her knees. "Amy, What's wrong?", Nathan rushed to her helping her up from the floor. "I remember.", she cried burying her face in his chest. The phone started ringing just as she got the words out of her mouth. Nathan sat her down on the bed and grabbed the phone, "Hello.". "Who is this?", Shane demanded. "Who is this, you called here.", Nathan spoke in a firm tone. "I'm Shane who the hell called and hung up?", Shane was furious. Nathan managed to keep his cool he wanted to tell the bastard off but his concern was on Amy at the moment, "I don't know.", he said simply and hung up the phone turning the ringer off in the process. He went over and sat down on the bed behind her, wrapping his arms around her. He took a deep breath to calm himself then he asked, "Did Shane do all that to you?". Amy closed her eyes and leaned back against him. She let out a heavy sigh, " I'll tell you what happened, but I can't look at you while I do it.". "Go ahead.", he whispered in her ear as he wrapped his arms tighter around her.
She took a deep breath, "I woke up that morning in the hotel and you had already left .", " I found the rose, necklace, and note you left.", "By the way you really made me feel special."," Anyways I took a shower and put the necklace on, after taking one last look in the mirror I headed home.","when I got there I found that he had moved someone in with him, I told them to get out of my house and we started fighting.", " He spotted the necklace and I made up a story about picking it up at the flea market and he had bought my story until he found your note while looking for money."," Next thing I knew he was coming at me with a wooden bat and everything went black.", "Then you found me on the side of the road.". Amy finally looked up at Nathan she couldn't believe it he had tears in his eyes,"I'll Kill him",she barely heard his words. "No, I don't want you involved.", she reached up and touched his face. "Not involved this is all my fault.", Nathan scolded and grabbed her hands."It's not, I shouldn't have kept the note.", she blamed herself. "If I had left you alone there would have been nothing to hide." Nathan scolded himself again getting up and walking away from her. Amy got up and grabbed him by the arm. She looked him in the eyes,"Don't say that no one has ever made me feel like you do.". "I'm so glad you said that.", Nathan smiled as he picked a box up from the floor and placed it on the bed,"Are you going to open it?". Amy opened the box to find a beautiful red gown with heels to match and a bag full of makeup. "Nathan, Its beautiful.", she hugged and kissed him. "I have a special evening planned.", he smiled giving her a squeeze. "Meet me downstairs in an hour, please.", He said as he left the room. Amy wasted no time she showered and dressed and was ready with a few minutes to spare. after taking one last look in the mirror she headed downstairs.
Nathan's jaw almost hit the floor when he saw her at the top of the stairs. He met here at the bottom of the stairs and offered her his arm. He led her to the dining room and she saw candles were burning everywhere, it was absolutely beautiful. They shared a nice meal and he even danced with her, then he knelt down before her," Amy I know we don't know each other that well ,but I've loved you since I first laid eyes on you."," Will you marry me and spend the rest of our lives getting to know one another?'. Amy just stood there looking at him she couldn't believe her ears. "Are you sure?", she finally got out. "I've never been so sure of anything.", he mustered up a smile knowing he was fixing to get shot down. "I have to deal with this whole Shane thing, are you up for that?", she questioned. "I know baby, but I want to be by your side every step of the way.", he answered growing impatient. "This is crazy, but yes.",she finally answered him. Nathan broke out a huge smile placed the ring on her finger and scooped her up in his arms.
The next morning Amy woke up before Nathan with Daisy on her mind, she bet that she was worried by now. It had been month's since they'd spoken. She sat down at his desk and picked up the phone. "Who are you calling?",he asked. Startled she hung up the phone,"I was going to call my friend Daisy, but I think I should go see her instead.". "We'll go when you want.", He smiled turning her in the chair to face him and his smile grew bigger," Do you know how beautiful you are in nothing but diamonds?". "I think the diamonds look better.", she laughed. "We will have to agree to disagree on that one.",Nathan laughed with her. An hour later they were off to Daisy's house.
Halfway there Amy grabbed his hand and said,"I'm scared.". He squeezed her hand and leaned over to her ear, " Don't be, I won't let anyone hurt you ever again.". She gave him a peck on the cheek and smiled,"I love you so much." "And I love you", he turned and kissed her. When they turned on Daisy's street Amy smiled,"no one will ever think its me.". "Well it's only the best from now on.",Nathan smiled giving her a wink. She saw Daisy in the yard as they got closer. Daisy looked really shocked when the limo came to a stop in front of her house. The driver opened the door allowing Amy to step out,"Amy!", Daisy screamed. "I thought you were dead.", she threw her arms around Amy. "I would have been, if not for him.",Amy grabbed Nathan's hand as he got out of the car. "Where did you find him?", Daisy asked flashing Nathan a smile. "Hands off he's mine.", Amy laughed holding up her hand so Daisy could see the ring. "Nice.", Daisy was happy for her friend. "Let's go inside and you can fill me in.", Daisy headed for the house. "So are you going to introduce us?",Daisy asked as she opened the door. "Oh sorry, Daisy this is Nathan.", Amy took a glass of lemonade from her. "Nice to meet you.", Nathan smiled as he took the glass she offered him. "So what happened, Shane said you had been kidnapped?",Daisy asked as they sat down. "Allow me.", Nathan smiled at Amy. "I found her beaten so badly she didn't know who she was,", Nathan said as her wrapped an arm around her shoulders to comfort her. "No, who would do such a thing?",Daisy was horrified. "Shane.", Amy said softly. "So you two met when you found her?", Daisy asked changing the conversation. "No, we met at the hotel.",Nathan spoke up and smiled at Amy. "On my last trip.", Amy added. "i guess we better go, I got to face Shane sooner or later.",Amy's face fell. They left Daisy's and headed toward Amy's house. "Are you sure you're up for this?", Nathan asked as they stopped in front of her house. "As long as I have you, I'll be fine.", Amy gave him a pat on the leg,but she was worried. "You'll always have me.",Nathan reassured her as he took her hand and kissed it. Amy took a deep breath as they exited the car and walked into the house. "I'll be damned, the bitch survived.", Shane slurred being drunk as usual. "Do not speak to her like that.", Nathan warned. "I'll speak to that whore any way I choose to.", Shane popped off, "Who the hell are you anyways?". "I'm Nathan, and she is no longer yours so you will not speak to her like that again.", Nathan smirked as he held up her hand for Shane to see the diamond. "Well look at you.", Shane directed his attention toward Amy. Amy found her backbone and finally mustered up the word she came to say. "I just came by to tell you to get the hell out of my house and that I'm going to press charges against you.". "Let's go.", Nathan placed a hand on the small of her back coaxing her toward the door. "Don't forget who your fucking with missy.", Shane yelled as they walked out. They went straight to the police station so she could press charges.
Shane was furious at her even though the case was thrown out he swore revenge on her. He spent one night in jail and as soon as he got out he went straight to his buddy Bruce's house to plot his revenge. The plan was to kidnap her and torment her for a while then he'd decide what to do with her from there. He figured that he and his buddys could have some fun with her first. All he needed to do now was get her away from her new boy toy so that he could snatch her up. After some extensive planning everything was set up for her. All he had to do now was scare the hell out of Daisy so that she would get Amy back in town. Which would be an easy task.
Amy was going stir crazy, Nathan had left weeks ago to visit his father but didn't want her to go. He called her every night to check up on her but it wasn't the same. The next day Daisy called and made plans to meet at a cafe, which was an answer for Amy, A day with her friend would take her mind off Nathan, for a while at least. Amy arrived about ten minutes early, but on her way in someone threw a bag over her head and put her in the trunk of a car. When the bag came off she knew exactly where she was, Bruce's house. They dragged her inside, stripped her down, and put her in a small room chaining her to the bed. The chain would allow her to reach the small bathroom, but that was it. Bruce came in a while later and sat a box of condoms on the bedside table, then gave her a crooked grin left and locked the door behind him. A little while later here came Shane through the door, "Hey there sweetheart.", he was grinning from ear to ear. "Let me go you bastard.", Amy yelled. "Not until we have a little fun.",Shane smiled.
She was there for what seemed like days while Shane and all his friends partied. Ever so often one of his friends would come bursting through the door and have their way with her. She had cried all she could cried and her ankle was raw from where the metal band around it. She was only thankful that they had sense enough to use condoms so that there would be no evidence of it at least she didn't have to worry about coming up pregnant. Nathan had been trying to reach her for days he knew something was wrong. After speaking to his father about it he agreed to help Nathan find her. It didn't take his father's men long to locate her and they were on their way in no time. Nathan jumped out of the car ready to rush in when they got there,but his father insisted that he let the men go in and he would wait there. Amy heard a loud banging noise from the otherside of the door, so she went into the bathroom and hid in the tub, it wasn't like she could go very far. She was terrified when she felt a slight tug at the chain, then this huge man came through the door. he never said anything he reached down to the thing on here ankle and popped it off. then wrapped a blanket around her and lead her out. When she saw Nathan she ran straight to his arms and he took her home and she never laid eyes on her past again.


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