An ending

She started the car after getting the kids buckled in. It was too early in the morning to be dealing with him yelling and throwing things at her. Thinking it over she almost laughed,after all she should be use to it by now. When she returned from dropping the kids off at school she returned home to their still fuming father. Great she thought more fighting. As soon as she walked in the door he picked back up where he had left off when she left. She spent the rest of the day being yelled at and belittled. Also dodging the things he threw at her. She found herself thankful when she looked at the clock and seen it was time to pick the kids up from school. Without a word to him she grabbed her keys and left.

She laid in bed that night thinking over her options. She could leave but how far could she get with nothing. Finally fed up with the whole situation she finally decided that it was worth the risk maybe she would make it after all. With the decision made she got up and packed a few bags and loaded them into the car. Then she woke the kids up and put them in the car they fell right back asleep and she was grateful not to have to explain things at the moment.

Thankfully she had a full tank of gas. She drove all night and finally decided to stop when the tank was running low. She pulled off the interstate onto the next exit. It led to a small town that she had never heard of. Hoping to have enough money to get a room she counted out what little bit she had managed to get her hands on. Deciding that feeding her kids was more important she pulled into the parking lot of the local motel and decided to take a nap.

She woke up to the sound of her kids stirring. She started the car and drove down the street until she spotted a little diner. She pulled into the parking lot and escorted her kids inside. They sat down in a booth at the back of the diner. A moment later a waitress was at the table handing her a menu and setting a cup of coffee down in front of her and glsses of juice down in front of the kids. She smiled and thanked the waitress for her nice gesture. She looked over the menu and ordered food for the kids it wasn't much but all she could afford at the moment.

When the kids had finished she paid the bill and asked if the diner needed any help. Not getting the answer she wanted she took the kids back to the car as disappointment washed over her. She stopped at every shop in town asking if they needed help only to be turned away. She pulled into the local gas station and counted out what she had left and split it in half. Half for gas to get to the next town and the other half to feed the kids. After fueling the car she went back to the diner and order the cheapest thing on the menu for her kids. "Any luck honey?", the waitress asked as she set the food down in front of the children. "No no luck.", she half smiled at the waitress. "I may know someone who may hire you to clean and give u a room for you and the children to stay in.", the waitress offered. Her head perked up,"Really.". "Yes, but others may think it an unwise decision.",the waitress added as her face fell. "Well I'm kind of desperate here.", she smiled. "Well hangout here for a while and I'll take you there when the my shift is over.", The waitress smiled again. "Ok thank you.",she smiled back at her.

She and her kids sat in the diner for hours waiting. The diner was finally closing and she took the kids to the car and waited for the waitress. After about another hour the waitress tapped on her window. "would you mind giving me a ride home?,we can stop and inquire about the job on the way and you and the kids can stay with me tonite.", the waitress smiled. "That sounds ok.",she smiled back. What other choice did she have. She had to find work and its not like she had any other choice than to trust the strangers in this town. "By the way my name is Evelyn.", the waitress introduced herself as she got in the car."I'm Kathy.", she smiled at the woman then glanced back at her children. Kathy started the car and followed the directions Evelyn was giving her. Kathy drove for an hour or so until Evelyn had her turn off the road down a long dirt drive. She drove down this dirt road for another half an hour before seeing a huge log cabin. It was absolutely beautiful."wow.", Kathy breathed stopping in front of the cabin. "It beatiful isn't, it's a shame that most in this town are afraid of the owner."Evenlyn laughed. "Why is that?",Kathy asked. "Not sure its just his demeanor I guess and could be that he stays out here pretty much to himself.",Evelyn smiled as she patted Kathy's hand. "Let the children sleep they will be fine here and we can go talk to him see if he needs you or not.", Evelyn stated as she opened the car door.

A Fresh Start Maybe

Mark was searching for a paper he had had in the living room the day before. "I can't find anything in this mess.",Mark huffed. He was digging in the sofa for it when he saw headlights flash through the window. "Now who the hell is this.", He cussed. Then he saw Evelyn sitting in the passenger seat. "Bet she brought more food I'm not going to eat.",he mumbled heading to meet her at the door.

Kathy stepped out of the car and slowly followed Evelyn to the front door. She felt like the breath had been knocked out of her when she saw who opened the door. He was at least six foot tall, had dark brown hair, and the most stunning blue eyes she had ever seen. He was also very muscular, but she was lost in his eyes. She felt so small and out of place in his presence. She was five foot four inches, had dull brown hair and eyes, and a little overweight.

"Hello Mark.",Evelyn greeted him. "Hi.",Mark half smiled. "This is Kathy, I told her you may be looking for a housekeeper.", Evelyn smiled. "Hello Kathy,I'm Mark.",Mark extended a hand towards her. Kathy reached out and shook his hand. " I am in need of a housekeeper, if you are interested.",Mark added. "I am interested.", "Evelyn said that you were looking for a live in housekeeper.",Kathy smiled. "Yes that is right.", Mark half smiled. "I have children with me is that a problem?", she asked. "No that is not a problem.", he chuckled almost smiling enough to show his teeth but didn't. "Well I have to take Evelyn home and she said we could stay with her tonite, is it ok if I start first thing in the morning after I enroll the kids in school of course.", Kathy inquired. "I didn't think I had seen you around before.","Yes that will be fine.","I'll see you in the morning.", Mark half smiled at her again. He shook her hand once again and bid them a good evening. Evelyn and Kathy returned to the car and Evelyn started giving her directions as soon as she reached the road. They finally reached Evelyn's house. It wasn't much but Kathy was in no position to complain it beat sleeping in her car again. Evelyn led the way inside and immediately showed them too their room since it was already late. Kathy carried the kids in and put them in the bed, then laid down across the foot of the bed.

Anxious to start her new life Kathy woke early the next morning and gathered her things and kids. She found the school easily and had no trouble enrolling them. They liked the school so much that they wanted to stay so she let them. With hugs and kisses she left them with promises of picking them up when it was over. After leaving the school she headed straight to Mark's. She pulled up in front of the cabin and slowly got out of the car. Why was she so nervous she already had the job. She lightly tapped on the door and it opened immediately as if he was standing there waiting for her to get to it. Just as he had the night before he made her absolutely breathless standing there in his button up shirt, jeans, and boots. "Good morning, come on in.", he smiled holding the door for her. Kathy couldn't believe her eyes when she walked in. She was gonna have to work hard to get this place back in order.

"I'll show you to the rooms, then after you are settled you can get started if you want or you can wait until tomorrow morning to start choice is yours.", Mark said as he led the way upstairs. "Rooms?", Kathy questioned. She had planned to share a room with her kids. "Yes rooms, one for you and one for your children.", " It is alright if they share a room right, or if I could....", Marked started. "No no they can share , I was expecting only one room.", Kathy interrupted. " I am not that inconsiderate no matter what you may have heard.", Mark half smiled," This one is for your children, and that one is for you.", he pointed to the door across the hall,"And mine is at the end of the hall.". Kathy stepped inside the room for her kids it had two single beds in it and a large closet which had a door in it that led to a tiny bathroom. When she turned around she found herself alone, she hadn't heard him leave. Guessing that he was giving her privacy to get settled she went to the car and grabbed the bag she had packed for the kids. Taking it upstairs she unpacked their clothing putting them away and the few toys she had grabbed placing them neatly on the beds. Satisfied that they would be pleased she went back to the car and grabbed her bag. When she opened the door to her room she was blown away. The bed was large with a beautiful canopy, there was an antique dresser with a large mirror, and the bath had a walk in shower and luxurious bathtub with jets. She had never dreamed that it would be so nice. Wanting to impress her new boss she quickly unpacked and made her way downstairs to get started.

Let The Work Begin

Kathy found the kitchen easily from her experience it was always the best place to start. It was equipped with all the latest appliances and everything was covered in dust as if no one ever entered. She opened the fridge it was empty and spotless as if it had never been used. She found a linen closet just inside the laundry room that was located off of the kitchen next to the back door. It was stocked with towels, dish towels, wash cloths, sheets, and comforters. Kathy grabbed a couple of wash cloths and went back into the kitchen. After wetting the wash cloth she proceeded to wipe everything down. It all looked brand new and unused, even the dishes.

Once she was finished in the kitchen she went to the dining room. It had a large antique table with matching chairs and a chandelier that hung above it. She also spotted a large china cabinet in the corner that seemed to match the table and chairs perfectly. It was filled with silverware and plates. "I'll ask that you never open that.", Mark said startling her. " I didn't hear you come in.", Kathy smiled trying to regain herself. "sorry i didn't mean to scare you.","But those belonged to my grandmother.", Mark apologized. "OK I got it.", Kathy smiled wiping down the outside of the cabinet. She turned to wipe the table to find herself alone again. When she finished wiping everything down in the dining room she made her way to the living room where she found Mark. He was sitting in a chair leaned over looking at the papers he had scattered all over the coffee table. " Oh sorry I'll clean here later.", Kathy apologized. "No it's fine you can go ahead and clean here I should be in my office anyways.", Mark excused himself. Kathy tackled the mess that was the living room it didn't take her as long as she had expected it too. She gathered up the stack of papers she had set to the side that looked as if they were important and left the room heading in the direction Mark had went. She wasn't sure which door was his office but with only three door left that she hadn't opened it couldn't be that hard to find. The first door was a small coat closet, the second was a half bath, she smiled as she came to the third door, third times the charm right. She opened the door to find Mark hunched over the papers on his desk. "I found these in the living room thought you may want them.", she almost whispered. He never spoke he only held out his hand for the papers. She slowly approached his desk and handed him the papers. " I want to be in here when you clean this room.", he said firmly as she reached the door. "Yes sir.", was all she said and quietly closed the door behind her.

Noticing the time she went to her room and grabbed her keys. Before going to the school to retrieve her kids she stopped at the local market. She took what money she had left and purchased Ramen noodles and stuff to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After making her purchase Kathy hopped in the car and hurried to the school. It didn't take her long to get the kids, didn't look as if many people or kids lived in this town. Once she had the kids fastened in she headed back to Mark's cabin. The drive seemed shorter this time, but she knew it was only because she was getting use to it. When they got there she took the kids upstairs and showed them their room and explained to them the ground rules she had come up with for them. After that she took the groceries to the kitchen. Since she had cleaned most of the house already she decided to take the kids out to play. She wasn't sure if Mark would make his presence known to her children just yet and she didn't want them disturbing him in any way. Kathy was sitting on the front porch step watching her kids play, not wanting to let them out of her sight just yet this was a new place and strange to all of them. "Nice looking boys you have there.", Mark smiled when she jumped. He seemed to always sneak up on her. "Th-Thank you, would you like to meet them?". She asked. "Yes.", He simply answered. Kathy called to her boys and introduced them to Mark. To her delight they seemed to be pleased with each other. Afterwards Mark disappeared back inside. It seemed like hardly any time had passed at all, but the sun was starting to set. Kathy and her kids went to the kitchen and she made them noodles and fixed herself some toast. She ate quickly and started the dishes while the finished. When they were done she took them upstairs and bathed them and tucked them into bed. She hung out upstairs until she knew they were asleep then made her way back downstairs hoping to find Mark in his office so she could clean it.

She opened the door to his office, but he wasn't in there. She found him in the living room watching the television. Before she even stepped in the room he asked."Looking for me?". "Yes sir, but it can wait.", she answered. She turned to leave but before she could take a step he was right behind her,"Let's drop the sir, it makes me feel old.", he chuckled. She looked at the floor his closeness was making her uncomfortable,"yes sir..... sorry i will try i mean no disrespect its force of habit.". He took her arm and she shook when he touched her,"Come sit with me tell me about yourself.". This was the part she wanted to avoid. She wanted a fresh start without a past like that was an option. She knew questions would eventually come up she just didn't want to answer them. "I'm really tired can this wait?", she lied. Mark saw the fear flash across her face, he wondered what she was hiding, "Sure see you in the morning.". Kathy smiled with relief and said goodnight and made her escape. She went straight to her room and took a relaxing bath and climbed into bed.

The next morning as she reached the end of the drive taking the kids to school the bus stopped. Her children begged to be allowed to ride the bus to and from school. After a brief conversation with the driver she agreed. With not having to make the trip into town she turned around and headed back to the cabin. She went inside and saw Mark's office door was open so she stuck her head in to see if he was in there. To her good luck he was. "May I clean in here now?", she asked. He looked up and gave her a warm smile waving her in. She stacked all the papers from the floor into a neat pile and placed the on the corner of his desk, then proceeded to wipe everything down and vacuum. She lost herself when she reached the back wall reading the titles of the books on the enormous bookshelf that covered the entire back wall. "feel free to read any of them.", he was right behind her again only inches in between them. "Thank you.", she said softly as she took a step to the side putting space in between them. Then she left the room and commenced cleaning the rest of the house again. She didn't hesitate going in his room making the bed and picking up the dirty clothes. After she did the laundry she folded his clothes and put them away


Kathy had been there a few months now and Mark seemed to be pleased with her work. She had plenty of time to spend with her kids and enjoyed every precious moment. He did seem leave more often than he did, she assumed that he went to the diner to eat every evening. He was paying her well enough that she had been able to buy groceries for her and the kids along with saving up money. She wasn't sure how long she would be able to hide here, but was absolutely positive that he was looking for them.

Kathy was putting Mark's clothes away and making his bed. "You smell absolutely divine.", he almost purred. He was right behind her at the closet no way she could move without touching him. She could feel the sexual energy flowing between them and she wanted to give into it , but she was too afraid. She had the worst luck when it came to men and she didn't need to complicate things more than she already had for her and the kids. About the time all that crossed her mind he stepped forward pressing himself against her and closing the closet door. Her body reacted instantly to his touch, her nipples became hard and her panties became wet. Her body wanted his touch it had been such a long time since she had been touched, but her head was screaming at her to get away from him. Mark gently turned her to face him. He could feel her hard nipples through her shirt and bra and wanted nothing more than to release them. He wanted her and was sure that she knew it. She tried to back away from him but there was nowhere to back to, so she looked down to the floor trying to clear her head. Only to have his finger under her chin lifting her head to look at him. Without saying a word he kissed her. She had never been kissed like that before with so much gentleness and passion. Which caused her to get even wetter she was aching for him. After he was satisfied with the kiss Mark opened the door and left her standing their confused and breathless.

Over the course of the next week she debated on whether to leave or not. She couldn't bring herself to leave him. He had shaken her to her very core and had the feeling that he knew it. She ached for him constantly now, and wondered why he hadn't approached her again. She was having an erotic dream about him when a clash of thunder jerked her awake. She looked outside to see that a terrible storm was passing over. Unable to go back to sleep she went and peek in on her kids who were sleeping soundly. She closed the door and slid to the floor. She had just sat down when Mark's door opened and he stepped into the hall. He gave her a warm smile and motioned for her. She slowly rose from the floor and walked up to him at his door unsure of what he wanted. "Scared?", he chuckled. "A little.", she answered shamefully. "Come sit with me until the storm passes.", he offered stepping out of the way. She took a seat in chair that was in the corner of his room and he sat down on the bed facing her. "You are welcome to sit over here.", he patted the bed. "I'm fine here.", she smiled. Just as the last word left here mouth thunder crashed again right behind he and she jumped out of the chair. Before she realized what she had done she found herself in Mark's lap and arms. He took advantage that she was in his arms and kissed her once again. His lips lingered on hers and his hand slid up her thigh until he reached the moistness between them. He start rubbing across her panties and Kathy came back to her sense and fled from his room forgetting about the storm. She ran straight to her room and cowered under the covers til morning.

The next morning she woke from the most erotic dream that had picked up from where she ran off last night. She wanted him but she was set on denying herself from him. She had enough to worry with without adding more to it and her life was too complicated. She couldn't complicate his life too, besides who knew when she would have to run from here too. After she got the kids off to school she went to clean Mark's room to find him just getting up. He was standing there stark naked in all his glory. "Sorry.", was all she managed and closed the door. She fled to the kitchen and started there. "Liked what you seen.", He chuckled. He scared the crap out of her how did he get dressed and downstairs so fast and quiet. "Oh Mother Mary!", she squeaked. He just laughed again and left her there holding her heart.

They only saw eachother in passing the rest of they day saying very little to echother. When they day come to a close Kathy was relieved to finally be able to seek refuge in her room. On her way to her room she heard a knock at the door. Mark answered the door and she heard Evelyn's voice asking for her. "I think she has already went to bed.", she heard Mark say. She was glad too she wsn't up for chit chat."Oh OK tell her I'll come by tomarrow, I wanted to know how she was liking working for you.", she heard Evelyn laugh. "I think she likes working for me just fine, but I'll tell her.", Mark sounded a little put off. Kathy heard the door close and went on in her room and crawled into bed.

She woke up in the middle of the night again to a clashing sound."The weatherman said nothing about more storms.", she groaned to herself. She sat up to look out the window only to see a pale, blonde figure standing at the end of her bed. Terrified Kathy bolted out the door straight to Mark's room flung the door open and jumped onto his bed and was under the covers in a flash."what the....", Mark started. "GGGGHOST!", Kathy muffled from unther the covers. "You're joking.",Mark laughed. "NNNOOO.", Kathy was terrified. "Well I'm not your daddy and I'm not going to look under your bed for the boogie man so you will go to yor room.", Mark chuckled and laid back down. Kathy debated for a moment on going back to her room, but no way in hell not after what she had just seen.So she snuggled up to Mark's back and closed her eyes.

Kathy opened her eyes the next morning to find that she was laying on Mark. Her head was on his chest and one leg sprawled across him, her knee to his hip. It would had been so awkward if she had put on the thinnest gown she had and no panties. "Sorry.", she pulled away from him. He wrapped and arm around her and pulled her back to him,"I was quite content thank you.". "I have to go get dressed and get the kids to the bus stop.", she pulls away again. "Not scared that your ghost may still be in your room.", he chuckles. Kathy squared her shoulders and left him there laughing. Although when she reaches the door to her room she peeks inside to ensure that it is empty.

With the kids off to school she comes back and starts in the kitchen as she always does. She was tossing a load in the washer when Mark cleared his throat behind her. She turned to face him with a warm smile. "I'm going out of town for a couple of days, should be back the day after tomorrow. Will you and the kids be alright here alone?", he raised an eyebrow. "I don't see why not.", she answered. "Alright guess i'm heading out then, unless you want to take a roll in they hay with me first?", he chuckled. "Have a nice trip.",she smiled turning back to the washer.

Mark's Secret

Mark left in a hurry he had a matter to address with his sister. She knew better than to come to the ranch. He drove about an hour then pulled into a field far enough from the road that no one would see his truck. From there he had about a twenty minute run for him, anyone normal it would be at least a three day hike. He darted off across the field into the forest.

Twenty minutes later he was walking up the steps of a huge victorian house that he had built for him and his sister. He like his privacy though and liked to keep things simple. His sister enjoyed the life of luxury.He spent majority of his time at the ranch and only comes back here to play with his pets. He walked in to be greeted by them to, they always seemed to miss him. He just couldn't feel the same about them, he grew bored with them easily. They knew there place at least.

"Hello brother.", his sister greeted,"I thought you didn't keep pets at the ranch, imagine my surprise to find one there.". "She isn't a pet.", he glared. "Oh! So you're telling me that you haven't slept with that one?",she looked astonished. "No, I haven't.",he looked away. "Guess you've come to play with your pets then.", she smiled. "Actually I came to see what you wanted.",he looked back at here raising an eyebrow. "I need a new pet, I got bored with mine and drained him dry.",she pouted. "Okay I go back to the auction in two weeks, take mine til then.", he sighed. "All of them?",she smiled. "All except these two.",he walked up to two brunettes patting them on the head like dogs.

His pets were well trained they stayed on the floor and never stood beside him. If they were next to him they were on their knees at his feet. His sister happily took the others and vanished into the house somewhere. "Follow me.", he stated heading upstairs to his own room.The two brunette girls followed behind him on hands and knees. Mark walked into his room and stepped aside letting the girls in,then closed the door behind them. Then he unfastened his pants and unbuttoned his shirt, then sat down on the bed."Alright darlings you know what to do.", he smiled. Without hesitation the girls went over to him pulling out his long, thick rod. Together they began to lick it from base to tip, taking turns letting it slide over their lips into their mouths. They continued to pleasure him until he climaxed in both of their faces. It was a release that he much needed after spending so much time with Kathy. But Mark had grown bored with his pets as well, plus he wasn't interested in them enough to have anything more to do with them besides letting them pleasure him. Being bored with his pets it was time to rid himself of them, besides it was time to feed anyways. Mark reached toward one of the girls and coaxed her up to her knees. He brushed her hair back away from her neck then showing his fangs he bit down into her neck. When she ran dry he dropped her to the floor and looked at the other wide eyed girl who watched. "Come here dear.", he purred. Slowly she came over to him and pushed her own hair out of the way.

While He Was Away

Kathy finished the house in record time. With some extra time on her hands she went into Mark's office and looked at the many titles lined against the back wall. All of them were titles that she had never heard of, she assumed that they were all very old by the looks of them. She finally selected one that was about some vampire, since they always intrigued her. She took the book in the living room and sat down on the couch. Time flew by while she was lost in the book, before she knew it she was rushing out the door to the bus stop. After the kids arrived she took them back to the house. Instead of going inside they played in the yard until nightfall. She was putting them in the tub when they mentioned seeing their father. At first she thought it was just them missing their father but after a few questions she realized that they were saying that they had seen him today.

With the kids fed,bathed,and in bed panic set in. Had he actually found them, did he know where they were staying, should she leave, if she did would he just find them again? She had to give Mark time to get back and properly quit the job. Sleep didn't come easy that night and when she did sleep it wasn't for long.


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