I am a wind shifter.

Its what I do, shift the winds sure and true.

Love the air and water too, cause without it I would be nothing new.

Try to tell people the worlds alive, all I get is a high five.

One for crazy town, for all those who are and are not.

I am a wind shifter.

I feel the wind,

Its strengths and weaknesses,

Its pushes and pulls,

Its calls,

Of help,



I feel the energy of the world,

with every pull and push of the wind,

it calls to me,

calls for me,

to help it in its time of need.

I can't do it alone.

For the wind is just a messenger for the world,

and the world is speaking to us,

all of us.

We have to chose to either ignore it or not.

Either way,

How are you going to live?

The world is waiting.

The wind is calling.

And I am just a messenger.


Publication Date: 08-23-2010

All Rights Reserved

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