This story begins in the heart of dragon country. With a family of four. Let’s see what there up to Myrdal! Myrdal! Yelled Janet.
Owe hey Janet what’s wrong.
Well last night rick left for a hunt.
Owe Chris left this morning For a hunt.
oh no Myrdal rick didn’t come back and I saw a dragon this morning.
A dragon are u sure Janet.
Yes Myrdal I’m positive.
Janet help me find my son. He went to shadow woods.
Chris is just about to take aim at the deer of the century when it looks up and runs. Chris looks then listens Chris. Chris where are you? Chris you need to come home the dragons are back. Chris!
Mom is that you what are doing in the shadow woods it’s too dangerous.
Hey Chris Janet said flirting with Chris.
hey Janet. Chris said shyly back it’s no secret they liked each other a lot but what is to happen will change his life forever.
Yall must leave Chris says as he comes back to his since’s. its to dangerous. Then the dragon roared. Owe no run. Get to the village. I’ll fend it off.
No Chris you must come with us yelled Myrdal.
No mom go.
Janet and Myrdal take off wile Chris tried to fend off the beast. It was too late it caught site of Myrdal and Janet and took flight. Chris was helpless but tried to shoot at it with his bow. It was useless they would just bounce off.
Run Chris screamed. Run! It’s coming! It was too late it grabbed Janet and bit her head off as like it was a side dish and dropped the body. Chris ran to Janet’s dead limp body. When he got there he dropped to his knees and screamed noooooo!!!! At this moment he had declared he would slay that dragon.
He came home later that night to tell Janet’s parents what happened. They said they would never forgive Chris for his failure to save their daughter. Being the highest ranking family in the village Chris was banished to the shadow woods. To morn and suffer over what he failed to do. After 2 weeks Chris had returned to the village to tell them his plan to slay the dragon. Chris was told that he had help no matter the banishment. Chris was happy but said he must do this alone he just needed weapons. The blacksmith gave him almost the whole armory and sent him on his way. The next day the dragon appeared and threw everything he had at Chris trying to kill him. Chris was over powering him till he blew a huge fire ball at him. Knocking Chris out.
After being down the dragon had disappeared and a mysterious girl had come from the woods to help. Owe my god are you ok. I saw you trying to fight the dragon. Are you crazy it’s to strong?
Who? Who are you?
I am sierra.
Sierra what are you doing in shadow woods? Don’t you know it’s dangerous here?
I could ask u the same thing said sierra.
Chris paused then said I was banished hereby my village
sierra thought about what to say then said. Anyone that would take on a dragon buy himself should be a hero in his village. She saw that it this comment hurt.
Then Chris said angrily. That dragon killed the head of my village’s daughter and I was powerless against it and for failing to kill it I was banished. It ate her head and left the body like it wanted us to know it was just doing it for fun.
Sierra looked away so Chris cold not see the expression on her face then looked back and said. Well you can com live with my people we live in shadow woods.
Stunned and confused Chris looked back at sierra. No one has lived her for hundreds of years. Not since the dragons have come.
Sierra laughed that’s what you think but we do and just over this ridge to. Chris got up with sierras help and followed her to a small village.
Well I’ll be darned people do live in the shadow woods.
Sierras laughed and mutter yea people I wish. Chris glances and wondered what she meant by that but shrugged it off and went on with it. Then sierras said don’t speak of your quest to kill this dragon in fact leave dragons out when it comes to talking to the village people.
Ok then what shall I talk about to them.
Well anything but dragons it will cause uproar especially when it comes from outsiders.
How is my favorite dragon today say’s Farlof
Hey pops I’m good hey this is Chris.
Ooo looks like you brought in fresh meet ill start the fire.
No dad he is a friend.
Ok sierra but one slip up and it soup time.
What is he talking about Chris asked?
Nothing he likes to joke.
Oh ok well I need to rest.
My tents over here.
Chris stopped and thought what is she inviting me in for she barley knows me? I like her and all but we just met. Sierra cut into his thought don’t worry boy I’m sleeping outside tonight it’s a crescent moon.
Chris laughed wants so special about a crescent moon.
Sierra looked at Chris and said stick around and you might just find out. Now get your rest you have a long day ahead of you.
Chris looked at sierra. what do you mean I have no plans?
Sierra laughed you must face the elders tomorrow if u want a place in the village but u must not lie to them. They will take mercy on your dragon hunting ways.
I don’t understand what do you mean sierra had vanished. Chris looked and then he laid down later that night he had woken up to a strange sound. Sierra was back she was watching him sleep and smiling.
Then she laughed. It’s about time I have to change get out.
Chris looked at sierra and put on a smartass smile. Hey your pretty cute mind if I stay and watch.
Sierra laughed then slapped him. No now get out.
Chris laughed again got up and left. It was still orange outside. Then Chris remembered about the crescent moon. He never heard anything about the crescent moon. full moons yes but crescent no. then sierra popped out of the tent in a small skirt and tank top.
Chris laughed and said I see you have lived in the warmer climates.
sierra laughed you have to. I have seen you before in shorts and a white tee.
Chris ponder a minute thinking how could she had seen me then remembered she lives here she probably seen him hunting. So he let it go with a tease. Hey sierra you should quit stocking me.
She looked and Chris and laughed. Then Chris noticed it she was starting to glow. Different colors like an aura of blue, red, green, and orange. Chris ran to her side. Sierra your glowing she looked up its the crescent moon. What Chris said confused?
Sierra looked over. You shall understand buy tomorrow.
She walked on. As the moon rose her glow started to get brighter. Chris seemed to feel closer and closer to sierra and sierra felt the same of Chris. As the night grew on that closeness turned to passion. Chris why don’t we go back to my tint? Chris looked up and smiled and said sarcastically. What for?
Sierra laughed. so u can help me change.
(Early the next morning)
Chris woke up with a yawn. What a night he exclaimed.
Owe no she’s naked! I have a just had a night of sex boner this can’t be good.
Sierra woke up and said. You know u must tell the elders of this to. They shall laugh and make you family.
Chris looked at her I can’t tell them this. I’ll be killed!
Sierra laughed trust me no you wont now come here lover boy and ravish me like before. Chris chuckled and without hesitation started in on sierra after an hour of passionate sex they got dressed. sierra prepped the elders to speak to Chris. Then Chris came out of the tent only to be hit with a stick by sierras dad.
Farlof yelled you violated my daughter.
Chris looked at Farlof and laughed. No she violated me and in a split second Farlof’s anger changed to laughter. Then Farlof walk down to the elders with Chris. Sierra had just walked out they are ready for you Chris.
Ok baby see you soon.
Farlof glared at Chris don’t push your luck boy. Chris turned and walked into the tent only to see three young girls teens if anything. Chris asked where are the elders.
They laughed and said we are the elders in unison.
Chris laughed this is a joke right. he could tell hey struck a nerve.
THE ELDERS DO NOT LIE they yelled in unison.
Now Chris was stunned but you’re so young.
Then the middle elder said we for take in a potion to keep our bodies young but in spirit we are old.
Chris got on a knee I’m sorry for doubting you beloved.
Elders the elders glared and asked why do you want to come to our village young one.
Chris looked up I have no place to go. I was banished from my old village for failing to save the chiefs daughter from a dragon attack. I’m on a quest to redeem my honor to my village. but I cannot survive in the shadow woods alone.
The elders glared how was she attacked.
Her head was bitten off buy a dragon.
You shall have your revenge young Chris for we are all dragons here. We have seen your past but not your direct past what happened yesterday.
Chris paused thinking whether he should tell them but then sierras voice popped into his head.
Tell them the truth even about last night.
So Chris spoke and said I slept with sierra while she glowed.
The elders looked at each other and chuckled. Then looked at Chris they said go stab Farlof in the heart and you will have your revenge. He will turn back to dragon form and you will have earned your keep among the people but beware if sierra is to know you may lose her love forever.
Chris pondered the thought and walked out. Sierra. They said if I stab your dad in the heart I will have earned my keep among the people and my revenge. But it’s your dad and I don’t want to lose you.
Sierra looked up and handed a knife made from a dragon’s claw. He killed my mother. Do what you must. Then take him to your people but promise me you shall return.
Chris nodded and walked away Farlof he yelled.
Aye in the tavern I am boy.
Chris walked to the tavern knife in his boot. He saw Farlof sitting buy himself drinking ale of massive proportions. Chris pulled the knife out his boot. Hey Farlof. Guess what? Farlof turned around and Chris plunged the knife into his heart. In an instant he changed into a dragon. Chris pulled it out and Farlof fell. Chris turned to here cheering he looked. The whole village was there they were happy the terror of both dragons and humans was dead. He had help carrying the dead Farlof to his people and was knighted by his people he thought it’s finally over and began his journey back. his journey back was a surprise sierra popped up.
Hey sierra. Baby how u been.
Um Chris I don’t know how to say this but I’m pregnant.
Chris paused then laughed I know.
Then sierra looked and said you don’t understand it will be half human half dragon. it is more dangerous than a dragon alone.
Well we must raise it right to be good.
Sierra laughed I guess.
Then Chris laughed. Everything worked out for the best. Then it happened. Chris! Chris! Yelled grady
What Grady.
It’s your mom. Myrdal she has been MURDERED!!!

the trueth comes to life


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