-Part 1-

Andy's POV

Charlie decided we needed a girls night. Easier said than done apparently. I, we have completely different schedules and we barely see each other. To be honest I don't know how were still best friends.

We have been trying to arrange a night out for weeks and still have not come up with a date, so I've decided to go alone. Heck I need a drink, and a few random stranger dances could do me good. Flying solo sometimes had it's advantages.

I pulled my messy hair into a pony that cascaded down my back and put on the necessary mascara and gloss. I threw on a strappy dark purple dress and I walked out the door.

My favourite club was only two blocks from my downtown apartment, and the doorman was a friend of mine so entrance was always free. It was a bonus, though I would gladly pay any day.

Mike, the doorman at Rush, smiled as soon as he saw me.

"Hey Andy, long time no see. You look great!" I smiled and walked to the front of the line of people waiting to get in.

"Hiya there Mike! It has been awhile. Charlie always seems to be busy, but I decided screw it I'll come on my own. So how longs the wait to get in tonight?" He smirked.

"You know you never have to wait!" I could hear constant groans from the never-ending line of people waiting in the chilly air for a night of no commitments. I loved not having to wait.

"That's sweet of you Mike, how much is the cover charge? I can at least pay that." I smiled sweetly at him and watched as his lips curled back into a toothy grin.

"Andy, have I ever honestly let you pay? Now go in and enjoy your night out... Maybe get lucky for once."

"Ha ha. Very funny, you know I'm waiting for the right guy. Stop all your suggesting whenever you see me, when it happens it happens." Mike shrugged and moved aside granting me entrance to the booming club.


The club lights flashed to the beat and I made my way slowly to the bar. Grabbing a bottled water I made my way to the dance floor.

Dance after dance was occupied by random men, all of them dreaming that they'd get farther than just that dance.

Ya right.

Two hours had passed and I had long since finished my water and move onto other drinks, all bought for me. I decided it was time I bought myself something and went over to the bartender. He was a nice looking guy, blonde hair brown eyes, not my type. I got my rum and coke, 90% rum I swear, from him and turn to get back onto the dance floor.

I really don't remember how it happened, I just remember standing there with an empty glass staring into the clearest, greenest, angriest eyes I have ever seen. Than I realised why he was so angry. My glass hadn't just emptied anywhere, it had poured itself all over his pale blue button up. Okay so I must have run into him and splashed him.

"Holy crap Red, watch where your going!" He was glowering at me while mouthing me off.

"I have a name!" That was all I got out before he continued on his little rant.

"Does it really look like I care what your name is? Just piss off okay."

I was so mad that I just walked off and set off towards home as he tried to scrub his shirt clean with a flimsy napkin.

What a moron.


Chris' POV

The drycleaners couldn't get the coke stain out. That was a 150 dollar shirt! Now ruined because some beautiful dits walked into me. She really was beautiful. I couldn't get her strange eyes out of my head and that cute little pout she had while walking out of the clubs door.

I don't have time for beautiful though, I only have had time for one nighters these past few years. Commitment is just too much, and who wants to be committed to a ditz anyways.

Lunch, it was defiantly nearing lunch time. My stomach has been growling for about an hour now. I left the office and started down the street towards my favourite grocery store.

Andy's POV

I hadn't gone out since I was at Rush just over a week ago. I have been in a chick flick and sweat pants mood, but I was hungry to I had gone out grocery shopping- what a mistake that was.

I was standing in the fruit isle. There must have been five different types of apples and I had plopped myself in front of the golden delicious. I've always been the type of person to sort through the apples and pick the best. I hate bruises on fruit. I grabbed a few from the top, all nice. Four down, one to go. There was a juicy looking one near the bottom that I went for.

Just my luck, that juicy looking apple was apparently holding the whole stack in place. I watched as they all flew towards the floor almost making multiple people fall. Everything settled and the apples stopped rolling, no one had fallen, nothing broke.

I bent to start picking up the apples when I heard a man wailing, than I heard a really hard thump followed by a splat! I stood up with about seven apples in my arms and proceeded to drop them all as I looked on at the scene in front of me.

The man from that night at rush was laying on the ground staring at the ceiling. His head had landed on an apple and it had exploded all over him and the floor.


His stunned expression slowly faded as he was pushing himself up, only to be replaced with a pissed off one as he saw me. I felt as if my whole body shrunk into itself, as if it was trying to hide from the scolding that was sure to come.

It didn't come though. He had stood up, glared at me, and he walked away. Not a word said. Nothing. He just left me there stunned with an apology stuck to my lips.

What a jerk.

So now I'm sitting here in my apartment crying over a guy I don't even know and wondering why I'm so ditsy and intolerable. I have been alone for years. It's not that guys don't try, cause believe me they do. It just that as soon as they learn I don't want sex, they try harder till they realise I'm not just playing hard to get. I'm a virgin and I'm waiting. They all give up, and sometimes it just makes me want to change my life choice. I mean I'm so lonely, and anyways who has ever heard of a 22 year old virgin?

I started choking back tears. I'm not giving up now, I have come so far. When I was 13 a man had tried to rape me, thank God Charlie had walked in on time. We have been best friends since and I had vowed from than on I wouldn't take anything for granted.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun, pulled myself into my baggy sweats and an old t-shirt and I flopped into bed. It was only 3pm.

-Part 2-

"Andy come on." Charlie just wouldn't stop whining. I had put the phone on speaker so I could finish my nails while she non stop begged me.

"He is really successful, he's tall, he's sweet, he's single and Oh My God Andy you should get a look at this guys ass! And his hair Oh my god! I've never seen such silky black hair on a guy!" I started laughing hysterically and managed to paint everything but my toenail.

"I'm serious Andy. I know your into the whole celibacy thing! But Gosh, this is getting pathetic, you can have relationship with a guy and not have sex!"


"And I just want you happy you know that."


And it's not like I do this all the time I just..."

"CHARLIE!" Gosh this girl could talk.

"Geez you don't have to yell if you want to talk.."

"Charlie shut up and listen." I paused and listened to her humph on the other end of the phone. I braced myself for the squeal that was soon to come.

"I'll go on the date Char, just tell me his name so I'm prepared and make him wear purple so I'll see him and I'll wear my purple knee length jacket." Here it came the scream. She was known for it.

"Eeeeeeek!!! Oh Andy you have no idea how happy I am!!" I had an idea, I could hear her jumping and clapping. Typical Charlie.


I had my purple coat on, black shirt and purple skirt on. I was looking for a man in a purple shirt with dark hair. Name, Chris.

Once I got to the restaurant, I went straight to the hostess.

"Um, Hi. I am looking for a guy in a purple shirt. Oh and he has dark hair." I shrugged and gave my best 'I don't know' face to her slightly amused one.

"Blind date I take it? Well your in luck. There is a major hunk sitting in the back just off to the right wearing purple, and he just happens to have dark hair. The big bonus is he's alone. So I think that's probably your best bet." She had the absolutely corniest smile on while I mumbled my thank you's. I guess this was amusing or something.

I followed her instructions to the back right. As she said I could see the back of a man in purple. He had raven black hair, and the broadest shoulders I've ever seen. So far, so good.

"Chris?" He turned around and I stared into the most beautiful green eyes, they seemed so familiar and so strange at the same time. I watched his eyes change from smiling to closed and shut down. Than I noticed the rest of his face. I knew that strong square jaw, that stubborn nose and those perfectly set cheek bones. The jerk from Rush, the idiot from the grocery store. I'll kill Charlie.

"Andy, nice to finally actually meet you. Your friend Charlie had told my friend James so many good things about you. Personally I see none, but please, join me for an awkward blind date." Tight lipped he motioned to the seat across from him. I picked my jaw up off the ground and slumped into the seat looking directly into his eyes.

"Yes, let's get this over with. First off I just want you to know that both incidents were and are still your fault. It was never my intention to meet you and personally I can't wait to dismiss this date from my memory. Furthermore, your defiantly not my type!" Gosh was that ever a lie, if it wasn't for his poor attitude I'd be all over him. He is defiantly the most handsome man I've ever seen. It took me a minute to get out of my thoughts to realise he was snickering at me. Snickering?

"What?" I was now completely confused.

"My fault?" He stopped laughing only to become deathly serious.

"It is defiantly your fault Miss Andy. Your ruined one of my favourite and may I add expensive shirt. You almost killed twenty people in the grocery store and now your ruining my dating luck. Your cursed." Yet again I had to pick my jaw up off the ground.


"Yes, I said cursed. You are defiantly cursed and I would be glad if you could stay out of my hair now, it's getting really annoying."

Chris' POV

I watched as her face slowly tint to match her red hair. I've had enough of this. She may be pretty but she's not worth the trouble. Or the drycleaners bill.

"Now Miss, I hope you don't mind if I cut our date short, but I just can't handle the constant feeling that something horrible is going to happen." I was about to get up when she literally blew up. Yelling every word. The whole restaurant watching.

"How dare you say those things!! You know what allow me! I should be going anyways! I wouldn't want to curse someone else now would I?!" She stood up quickly, too quickly. While she stood, her coat caught the corner of our small table and tipped it and my coffee all over my pants. Now I was mad.

"Of course. Of course YOU would!" I stood and tried wiping off my pants. Her demeanour changed to quickly from pissed to shocked than again to worried.

"Im cursed, oh my God he's right." She whispered as she slumped into her chair. I could see the tears brimming her stormy eyes.

"Goodbye Andy." I left money with the waitress that was watching our show and I left her there, crying in her chair.

A few days had passed and I couldn't stop thinking about Andy. I probably shouldn't have been so hard on her. I can say though I was so shocked to see her as my date that I just got pissed over everything that had happened. She made me crazy. I hated it. I still don't know why I went on that date. I hate blind dates. I really must have a bad case of blue balls. God I can get pretty pathetic sometimes.

I was heading out tonight. James had convinced me to go get myself a one nighter. He was right. I needed distraction and one nighter were good for that.

I threw on a green t-shirt and some ripped jeans. Not my usual attire for the day, but I wanted to be comfy tonight and to be honest I didn't care what type of girl I attracted, as long as I attracted someone.

Rush was busy, I had been dancing with a fairly plain girl who seemed sweet enough when someone knocked into me from behind I turned around

"Could you be more bloody careful...... Andy? Of course." I sighed and walked away.


-Part 3-

Andys POV

He just walked away. I dont really blame him too mich but it hurt. I followed him.

I hated that everywhere I go I seem to literally run onto him. I think he's following me or something! Why the heck did he have to come into my life.

I pushed through the hords of people and tried to get to the bar where I assumed he would be.

A hand gripped my arm tightly and pulled me into something rough.

"Wanna dance with me?" I looked up to see a drunken goon stareing at me like he was hungry. Great.

"No thanks, I'm here with my boy friend." I smiled slightly and tried to pull away. No use. He may be drunk, but he was certainly strong. He tightened his arms around me while I continue to try and wriggle free. I yelled, pushed, did everything. He wouldn't let go.

Does no one see that this brute has me in a death grip and won't let go? I looked up at him stopped squirming and smiled sweetly. At the same time I picked up my foot and kneed him as hard as I could in the ballocks.

In an instent his hands were gripping his babies and I was free to walk away. I grined.

"Thank you for the dance, it was lovely." Laughing loudly I continued walking until I remebered what I was searching for. Chris, my stalker. I stood on my tip toes and searched for some black hair. Being short does have it's disadvantages. I couldn't see anyone. I needed a drink.

I made it to the bar and was about to order my drink when I saw him just standing about twenty feet away. Good, now I can get the last word in and tell him to leave me alone. Even if in the end I really didn't want him too?Its just cause he is smoking hot that's why, I don't even know the guy.

Approaching him from behind I reached my fist up to drum lightly on his shoulder, almost as if I was knocking on a door. He might as well as been a door with how tall and broad he is. He must be about 6'3" while I'm a measley 5'4".

While my fist was still raise in the air he whipped his head around causing his jaw to collied with my hand. Holy crap it hurt I think his face broke my hand.

Oh God. I punched him in the face. I could only stand there shocked while he rubbed his jaw. Shit. He glared at me, eyes that were once as clear as a diamond were now clouded with anger.

"YOU! I should have known! What the hell is your problem! You seem to follow me everywhere and cause havok whereever you are!" He continued to glare at me. Mouth slightly open I steped forward to apologise. While doing so I stomped down on his foot by acident. Yah, go Andy. Prove to him he is right. Great.

He started screaming and yelling at me. Telling me I was dammed and to stay away from him.

Dammed!? How dare he. You know I was sorry but now I'm just freaking upset! It's not like I meant to hurt him and now all he is doing is yelling at me!

"It's your fault anyways!" I screamed back. He looked shocked for a split second than angerier than ever.

"My fault?!"

"Yea! It's not like I try to hurt you! You bumped into me and spilled my drink! You tripped over the apples by yourself! And you turned into my fist! I'm not trying to do anything to you! I don't even ever want to have to see you! You make me miserable!" I started to tear up. This guy just makes me feel horrible. Am I really cursed? I give up.

"Your everwhere I turn just leave me alone, please." I was almost whispering now as the tears started to flow freely down my cheeks. While listening to the music pumping and booming on I started to silently sob. I was cursed. I looked up from hooded eye lashes to say sorry before leaving, maybe it was all my fault.

Chris POV

She shocked me, stunned me by making those stormy eyes leak tears on my account. They looked like clouds that were despertly trying to snow. It hurt to see her like that. I didn't care why it hurt me, I just hated that it did. All this girl has done since meeting me is tourchure me in more ways than one. Physically it had taken a huge toll on me and sexually I couldn't get her out my mind. Every time I closed my eyes I would picture her tiny figure with the slight curves, her grey never ending saucer plates that she called eyes, her slightly tinted swollen lips and her long wavy hair. I hated her for tourchuring me everyway possible, but I couldn't let her cry.

I stepped forward and wrapped her petite figure into my arms, moulding her perfectly into me. It was odd how right this felt

"I'm sorry. We meet under the weirdest circumstances and always seem to screw it up," I chuckeled slightly, "you always seem to cause harm to me. Like I said I'm sorry so please don't cry." I regretfully pulled my lips away from her ear and slowly pulled my arms away from her. I turned to walk away before I said something I would regret again. I may not like her but I deffiantly didn't want to see that pretty face cry.

Andy's POV

He let go and turned to leave.

"Wait," he turned back, "dance with me?" He looked unsure so I continued trying to make him smile.

"I promise I won't step on your toes! Again..." That did it, he smiled and nodded slightly. Truthfully though I just wanted to feel his arms around me again. It had felt perfect, so safe.

We walked to the dance floor and ignored the fast tempo of the music and set our own pace. His long arms wrapped around my waist, he felt unsure, maybe worried. I twisted my arms up around his neck and layed my head on his hard chest.

His beating heart set the tempo for my dance. It calmed my soul and for once I felt relaxed. All too soon we slowed to a stop. His bright green eyes shone with a certian intensity that made me want to run, but at the same time cling to him tighter.

"Thank you." He choked out.

"Um ya, no problem. I geuss I should, we should. I um." I couldn't seem to put together a proper sentance.

"I should go," he smiled, "it was nice meeting you properlly Andy. Goodbye."

I let my jaw drop as I watched him walk away, past the bar to the otherside of the room and out the door.

"Bye" I whispered mainly to myself.

-Part 4-

I had been sitting in Rush for what must have been hours. I was so aborbed in my thoughts about the night that I barely noticed Mike getting into the seat beside me.

"Andy, let me walk you home. You look a little out of it." I simply nodded and proceded to let Mike lead me through the club and towards my buildings front door.

"Look there's been something I've been meaning to talk to you about, but with how you are now you look like you need sleep. Can we have coffee tomorrow?" Again I just nodded.

"Good, I'll text you in the morning. Good night." Mike leaned in and kissed my cheek than ushered me through the door.


I don't even remember getting into my aparentment let alone changing and getting into bed, but here I was and I felt deader than a doornail. Not to mention my breath stank! I ran and brushed my teeth and hopped back into the warmth of my bed.

I grabbed my phone. One in the afternoon already. I also had three texts, all from Mike.

Nine in the morning: 'Good morning, Hope you slept well. Mike.'

Eleven thirty in the morning: 'Hey Babe, when is coffee good for you? Mike.'

Twelve thirty in the afternoon: 'Andy, are you sleeping still or do you just not want coffee? Mike.'

Thats weird, Mike never messages me. I sighed and texted him back.

'Mike, slept till 1. Getting ready. Meet at 3:45 at Tina's Diner. Andy.'

I set my alarm for two thirty and than went back to sleep. Tina's was close to me and I only needed ten minutes to get ready. To be honest though I was having dreams replaying last night and I wasn't ready to stop them yet.


I hate my alarm, it always seems to end my dreams right when there getting good. I don't know why I was dreaming about Chris anyways. All" it would ever be was a dream. He didn't like me and he thought I was cursed. I can't let a man that hates me break my heart. So that's it, that dream was the last of Chris for me.


Mike was waiting for me at Tina's. Honestly I think it has been years since I've seen him anywhere but Rush. He looked handsome in his black shirt and snug jeans. When he saw me he smiled and proceeded to stand up and pull out my chair for me.

"I geuss I should get pretty much straight to the point..." he paused and waited for my full attention. After a questioning smile from me he continued.

" Your beautiful, your sweet, your charming. You make my heart swell when I see you. When I see you dancing with other guys I get so jealous!" he slammed his fist onto the table causeing me to jump in fright.

"Oh God, I'm sorry I didn't mean to frighten you. What I geuss I'm trying to get at is I really like you Andy, and I'd really appreciate if you gave me a chance to make you happy." His eyes were burning holes into mine as I tried to change my famous jaw to the floor expression.

Mike wasn't a bad guy. He was always sweet. He was good looking too. Six foot nothing brown eyes and hair, and he was built like a brick wall. Besides I had to get over this sick fantisy I had with Chris. I smiled.

"Ok, but on one condition.."

"Anything, I'll do anything Andy!" He looked so happy it made me melt.

"You can't take me to Rush for our first date." I smirked at him and we both broke out into laughter. Before I could register it though Mike had me out of my chair and in his arms as he spun me around and around in the middle of Tina's Diner.

"Oh I promise you won't regret this!!"


"Andy your being stupid!" Charlie was whineing again and I just sat there watching her pacing my bedroom floor.

"Stupid how? I'm finally going on a date. That's what you've wanted for how long now?"

"Ya! But your going with Mike! Mike!" She threw her hands up into the air and sighed.

"Chris likes you. I know he does. James knows he does. If you coul just stop hurting him and give him a chance I know it would work. James could make him forget about everything you did. I was talking to James last night and he is positive that Chris is pinning over you. He just won't admit it yet."

"Charlie, what exactly is your relationship with James?" She stopped pacing and started blushing.

"Is this why we haven't had any time together lately?!" Her cheeks went redder.

"CHARLIE ANNE AWNSER ME!" She turned towards me and smiled.

"Yes! Oh my God I'm in love!" I started laughing, I laughed so hard that I literally fell off of my bed. Charlie in love. The thought made me laugh harder!

"Im serious Andy, I love him." It was so quiet that I barely heard it. Right away I stopped laughing. I watched Charlie's face for any sign that this was a joke. Nothing.

"You really like this guy? You like James?"

"I don't like him, I love him." Stunned, that seems to be how I've been lately.

"Im really happy for you Char, I'm not waiting for Chris though. Like I've said the only times I've met him I've spilt on him, hit him, and completely embarassed myself. Plus we always fight. Mike, Mike's nice. I think I can be reasonably happy with him."

"Ugh! Andy Mike doesn't set you on fire, he doesn't drive you wild! I can tell you've been thinking of Chris!"

"Drop it! I'm going out with Mike. I don't give a rats ass about Chris!" Charlies face turned from serious to stunned to absolutely embarassed. My face stoftened as I watched her hang her head in what seemed like shame.

"Ok, I'm sorry. I just wish I could give you what I have. I love you Andy. I'm um, I guess I'm going to head out and let you get ready for Mike. He's coming to get you when?"

"Nine. He's out with some buddies for the football game then he's coming here."

"Ok, well have fun I geuss. I'll talk to you latter tonight. Maybe I'll pop in before your date tell you how hot you look?"

"I'd like that."

"I still can't believe you've been dating Mike for Two weeks and haven't told me." My face flushed and I looked away embarassed.

"Im sorry, I really should have. If it makes you feel any better we haven't even kissed..." Charlie smiled weakly.

"Ok, well till latter than. Bye Babe."

"Bye" Wow, I feel like a b!tch.


Chris' POV

"Chris she's going on a date tonight. We can go over before and you can tell her." I was sitting at James' house getting interagated but Charlie.

"And what exactly am I telling her?"

"That you've been a complete puss since you met her." James mumbled. Charlie looked a little shocked, and I instantly got pissed.

"What do you just say?!" my face must have been fuming.

"You hear me! Your being a freaking puss! I don't care if you guys have your differences. Something happened to you after you met her." He paused for I'm geussing was supposed to be dramatics.

"Chris I've known you since I was four. Your like my brother. I've never seen you like this. This girl has you hooked and you know it." He was right. I sighed.

"What do I do? She thinks I'm a idiot." Charlie started jumping up and down squeeling and James got q goofy smile on his face.

"I told her I was going over there tonight. You can come and explain everything!!" Charlie continued jumping around until she happened to land on James. I watched as she paused and looked inti his eyes. Those two were crazy about eachother.

"I still don't know what I'm going to say." I mumbled to myself.


Andy's POV

It was seven thirty and someone started banging over and over on my door. I was only in my bra and panties as I was in the middle of getting dressed. While throwing a house coat around me I walked over and opened my door. A stunned expression crossed my face as I looked at who was there.

"Mike! Your early.. Are you ok?" He was slumped against my door frame looking a little bit pale. His hair was messier than usual and he smelt horrible, almost like a garbage can filled with stale beer. He pushed himself into my apartment and walked a few feet away. I shut the door and walked to him again.

"Mike?" He looked at me and I finally looked into his eyes aswell. They were burning with a drunken desire. He looked hungery and it terrified me. I started to shake.

"Um Mike why don't you go home, we.. We, we can reschedual."

"Were not reschedualing anything Ann Dee. I wan you now." His voice was slurred and he was pronouncing things oddly. Oh God. Mike took a few sloppy steps towards me and I started to slowly back towards my cellphone.

"Mike you need to go. Now." I continued to try and get to my phone when he suddenly grabbed my arm and ripped me back to him. I screamed out in pain and got his free hand clamped over my mouth.

"Play nice and this will be easy, scream and you'll regret it." He sounded so meanicing. My skin instantly moistend with nervousness. Oh please not again. I can't do this again. I started to sob.

"Please. Pppllease! Don't do this." Mike started to drag me towards my bedroom.

"Mike please, I know you. Your not like this. Please Mike please! Your drunk. Mike! Mike?" I was pulling away from him as he pulled me closer and closer.

"Mike! Mike? Mi.." I watched as his hand flew towards my face. The pain as he struck my cheek was unbareable. I started to fall to the floor.

"Shut up and stop saying my name like that or next time it will hurt more!" he growled it at me and dragged my now limp body the rest of the way. When we got to my room he yanked me up and threw me on my bed. I kept my eyes averted from him and scurried as far away from him as I could. I looked for something, anything to protect myself with.

"Andy.." the way he sung my voice sickened me. My whole body shook with fear.

"Andy. Baby girl look at me." I started to whimper and pulled my knees tight to my chest.

"I said Look. At. Me!" He screamed it, his face only centimeters from my own. Slowly I raised my eyes to his and saw that his eyes had only gotten worse. Now instead of hungry, they were crazed. He honestly look as if he were possesed. I'm never drinking again. If I make it through this I'm never ever drinking again.

"Good, now don't look away from me." I could feel the tears streaming down my face.

"Take it off." He nodded his head towards my house coat. Oh God Oh God Oh God....

"Take It Off Andy!" I couldn't move, I was frozen in place. I clenched my fingers tighter to my sides in a feeble attempted to keep my house coat on.

Mike reached over ripped it off of me like it was nothing and left me there in just my underwear.

"Mmmmmm." I tightened my eyes as tight as I could and waited for the inevitable to happen.


Authors Note- I just want to put it out there that I know rape is serious and in no way do I support it. I am not writing it for fun but to hopefully show how seriously it can affect someones life.


-Part 5-

"You are beautiful Andy..." he started humming to himself while he trailed his fingers over my now exposed body.

I couldn't help but to shiver in disgust. This was not going to happen again. I wouldn't let it! With all my strength I let go of my legs and pushed them as hard as I could onto Mike's chest. He didn't move. Not even an inch. He was still hovered menacingly close to me. I looked up into his eyes shocked to see them turn from confused to angry in less than a second.

I could taste my blood pooling in my mouth and dribbling out the corner. My eyes watered and my jaw throbbed in pain. I stared at Mike in horror as he brought his fist in contact with my face again. This time he punched harder and my head rammed into the headboard causing not only my face to bleed more but now the back of my head as well.

"I told you next time would hurt more didn't I?" I just nodded and looked away. His fingers wrapped around my face hard causing my cheeks to pucker.

"I told you to look at me!" He growled. I started to cry again.

"M-mmike please! I don't want this." His eyes danced with laughter.

"Oh but I do." With that he stood up and tore his shirt and pants off leaving him concealed by just his boxer briefs.

"Ready?" He yanked off his briefs and started making his way over to me again. NO!

I squirmed out from beneath him and tried bolting to the door. An armed reached out and grabbed me. I was thrown across the room and into a wall. My whole body now either bruised or bleeding ached. I didn't want this I couldn't do this.

"Please kill me Mike." He looked amused.

"I have better plans." My eyes widened in horror as he marched over to me and pulled me up by my hair. With his other arm mike ripped off my remaining garments of clothing leaving me completely exposed. He let go of my hair and I fell to the floor whimpering again.

"Get on the bed." I sobbed hysterically.

"N-n-nno." I curled myself into the fettle position praying that somehow this would all end. My whole body contorted in pain as Mikes foot came in contact with my back.

"Get. On. The. Bed!" I froze. Seeing my hesitation Mike pulled my up by my hair again and yanked me over to the bed. He forced me onto my stomach and positioned himself at my entrance.

"Mike! Please Don't!" I was sobbing, begging, pleading. He laughed.

"Calm down baby girl, it will just be like the other times you've had sex. You'll enjoy it I promise." I sobbed again, my whole body constricting in pain as Mike rubbed against me.

"There hasn't been any other Mike, please don't." I could feel his lips brush my ear his mouth paused for a minute to nibble on my lobe than he started to whisper to me.

"Well that you'll be perfect and tight for me to explore." Mike stood up off the bed and relief washed through me as I thought he decided to stop. My dreams were quickly crushed though as he grabbed my hips and yanked them back and up towards him.

His manhood was pressing into my core, teasing me. I struggled and I tried to crawl away. Mike just laughed at my feeble attempts.

"Your mine now baby girl." I stopped wiggled and sobbed again, praying this was just a dream. Please let me wake up. He entered me causing me to scream out in pain. My body tried to collapse in on itself, but he held my hips high and continued to plunge into me. Hard. Never stopping. The tears rolled down my face at not only the excruciating pain ripping through my core and but also my soul.

Mike started pumping harder and more franticly. He yanked my hips to him with every thrust. My sobbed continued. It started to get slippery down there and the pain ceased to hurt as much. Mike thrusted a few more time before he tightened his grin on my hips and pulled them closer to his body. I could feel his manhood vibrating and warmth spreading in me. He was finally done.

"Now your really mine." I jumped, shocked at the proximity of his face to mine. My sobs became louder as he dropped my hips and ran his fingers across my forbidden area, he dipped a few members into me causing me to jump in fright. He laughed again.

"Your bleeding, go clean up so I can take you again." That explained the slipperiness. Oh God, again. No, please no. I closed my eyes and pulled my knees to my chest. I can't do this again.


When I opened my eyes I saw Chris straddling Mike and pounding him. Fist after fist hitting his face and his chest. Over and over. Mike had no chance, Chris was a few inches taller and built bigger as well. Blood was pouring out of Mike's spilt lip and gashed eyebrow. His face was twisted with so much pain and his skin was already starting to bruise. I started to cry.

"Chris! Chris please stop! Your going to kill him! Chris you can't kill him, p-pplease!" I started stuttering as the tears poured from my eyes. If he killed him than he would be in more trouble than Mike.

I glanced over to the door as Charlie raced in. She was pretty fast at assessing the situation and ran over to me with a blanket and wrapped it around me.

"Oh my God! Are you ok? He didn't hurt you bad did he?" My eyes welled up again and I let out a broken sob. Charlie looked at me in shock.

"Oh baby girl your face! There's blood, Andy there's blood everywhere." She looked at he seriously, concern etched throughout her face.

"He didn't, he didn't, well you know? Andy did he force you?" I sobbed again and nodded yes. Charlie's eyes grew wide than her lips formed a straight line and she scowled. She look over at Chris who was still beating on Mike.

"Come with me to the kitchen." Charlie walked me out of the bedroom and into the kitchen where James was waiting.

"Baby go into the bedroom and please make sure Chris doesn't kill him. We don't need something like that ruining Chris after he has worked so hard to build up his business." James nodded and walked out leaving me and Charlie by ourselves. As soon as he was out of sight I broke down again. It seemed like forever that Charlie had her arms around me and was soothing me. It was perfect, exactly what I needed at a time like this. In a sense though this situation was all to similar to my past. This time though things didn't end up to great. Why me?

I heard footsteps and looked up to see Chris and James walking into the kitchen. I stood up and ran into Chris' arms tears still flowing down my face.

"Th-th-thank yoou!" I mumbled through tears into his chest.

At first he stayed stiff, but than his arms slinked around my body, his lips placed themselves on my hair and he started whispering some sweet nothings.

"Im so sorry were weren't here, so sorry. God Im sorry. We had to stop for gas. God I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Please. That shouldn't happen to anyone. I'm going to fucking kill him!" He felt so tense like the whole world was on top of him. For a second, it really felt like someone cared, but it only lasted for just a second... He was a man, and men never cared, they just used.


James and Chris had left not long after that and Charlie had stayed the night with me. We had decided to go for a spa break. Just us, relaxing for a week. Massages, facials, pedicures, the works.

So that's where we were driving to now. Charlie was talking on the phone to James, she was discussing that it would be a few days and she would be back soon. I was really worried about Char, she was getting in too deep. How was I supposed to warn her that men just wanted to use you for there benefits?

The spa's hotel was beautiful. There was glass everywhere, glass walls and doors. Beautiful mirrors with water running down them. Bamboo and flowers, just walking in felt like I might relax a bit. Not even the serenity of here though could take Mike contorted face from my head.


"Thank you Char, I really needed this." It was the last day and we were laying face down and getting massaged by two women. I had requested them, I couldn't have another man touch me.

We had done mud baths and massages, facials and pedicures. We went to the hot tub and sun tanned. The whole time though I could not bring my mind out of it's thoughts. Chris was sorry, for buying gas? He was sorry for not being there sooner? The question was though, why was he there in the first place? I turned to look at Charlie, we were back in the hot tub after our massage, just being lazy and sitting around before we had to go.

"Why did you bring him to my house?" I could see Char squirm a bit and stiffen slightly.

"I um. Oh! I was going out with James and James needed to drop Chris off at his place and I needed to see you. First stop was your house and I wanted James to walk me and Chris didn't want to be alone. So we all came up."

"You know, your a horrible liar."

"Well what am I supposed to say! I've said it all before and you just get pissed!" She looked exasperated.

"Fine, whatever. You were right about the whole Mike thing ok. I should have known not to date a guy that drinks as much as he does. Your wrong about Chris though. He doesn't know me. All he knows is the mayhem I cause while around him. I can't be around someone who doesn't actually care. Like I said he doesn't know me." I sighed inwardly, why does everything have to be so complicated? Oh, and why can't Charlie stay out of it? Charlie sighed.

"Chris isn't Mike you know." I stiffened at just the sound of his name.

"Will you ever trust men again?" I shook my head and sighed. No, probably not.


Chris' POV

"For goodness sakes Chris just calm down! It's not like I told you she was the queen or anything!" I stopped my pacing and turn to look James in the eye.

"A virgin! A fucking virgin and you don't think that's a big deal?! He took that from her!" Has he lost his mind? Charlie has really taken her toll on him.

"Well ya, I get it okay, he hurt her. She's got to get over it or she will never live a real life, your a great guy Chris, she would and should defiantly go for you." I could knock him over the head with a bat.

"Go for me! Are you an idiot! She's not going to waste her time on me once she's found out how many women I have been with! She will think Im like all the rest! Shell think i just used and abuse! You know I've never cared about anything!" Not till now that is. I felt like breaking. I honestly was not good enough.

"Chris, she won't care bud. She's not like that. I know she's in a lot of pain, but she's got to see past that." His hand was resting on my shoulder as I stared intently at the ground.

"One hundred and three." I mumbled, it so quietly that I didn't think even I heard it.

"What?!" Ok, so he heard. I suddenly got very angry. Not at James, but at myself and at Andy.

"A Hundred And Three! Okay!? Did you hear this time!? I've been around! I never thought there would be a reason to care. Now she comes along and makes me feel guilty as hell! Like I threw apart of me away each time I did it. I feel like if I tell her that when I'm infront of her all she will see is those other women! How can I have a relationship with someone so pure when I am nothing anymore?! I threw everything away trying to feel and now that I feel something I have nothing to give her!" I turned away from James' shocked face and slumped onto the couch.

"I don't know Chris, I really don't. I just know you can't give up." He was right, all I could do now was try.


-Part 6-

Chris' POV

I paced the floor for what felt like hours with the phone gripped in my hand. My knuckles were white and my fingers were cramped from the constant squeezing.

I scolded myself, stop being a pussy Chris. Inwardly I sighed and dialled the number that was on the now crumpled paper that Charlie gave me.

"Heeello?" Her voice sounded like heaven.

"Andy? It's Chris." There was a long pause.

"Yes?" I gulped.

"Will you meet me for coffee?" Another pause.

"Please?" I could hear her shuffling around and finally she sighed.

"When and where?" My smile consumed my face and made my eyes crinckle. She said yes!

"Um The Bean in about twenty?" I crossed my fingers and held my breath. Please say that's fine, please.

"Uh, Oh Okay-See you in twenty. Goodbye Chris." I grinned again.



I waited at The Bean, not even bothering to go inside. I didn't want coffee I just wanted to see her, to explain...

When I saw her a small smirk played at my lips as I watched her walk up. Black tight jeans, purple knit baggy shirt, pony tail- pure perfection.

What was I going to say, how should I tell her?

She stopped abruptly in front of me. She look nervous, maybe worried?

"Hi Chris, you wanted..." I interrupted her by roughly grabbing the front of her top and yanking her forward. She let out a shrill squeal that was silenced as I crashed my lips into hers.

At first she was hesitant. Her lips still, body shaking.

Andy's POV

I finally conformed to his kiss. His lips sent tingling sensations through my body. My skin was crawling and the heat that was radiating through me was so surreal. My arms forced themselves up and round his neck, my fingers entwined in his hair. I felt his arms pull me closer and his tongue glide itself across my bottom lip begging me to deepen the kiss.

Oh God! Kiss? I can't, I won't. Mike's sadistic face grinned back at me through my eyelids. I picture I had been trying to forget for the past three weeks. I pulled myself as hard as I could from him. His face went from one of pleasure to shock.

"I um, I can't. Chris I can't." My eyes started to well and tears threatened to spill over. He was just like everyone else, he just wanted to use me.

"Andy, I..." He reached out his hand to me and took a step towards me as I step backwards shaking my head no.

"No. No, no, no! I can't, I can't believe I just did that." I flushed with embarrassment and placed a few fingers to my still warm lips. My eyes flashed to Chris, his arm still extended to me, his eyes to hurt. I couldn't though. He has to understand. He has to. I can't trust again. Not after two times. I took another step backwards.

"Andy please don't do this.."

"I said No." And I walked away. My hands where shaking at my sides and my body still quivered. I brought my fingers to my lips again and sighed inwardly as I remember that kiss. It had been my first. My first real kiss that is.

Chris POV

I watched her walk away from me. How could this one girl I barely knew take such a toll on me. I felt things for her that I have never experienced in my life. Not only did my body yearn for hers, but my heart leapt inside of my chest every time I saw her.

She said no though. She decided that I wasn't for her. She didn't want me. I don't blame her though, she's too perfect anyways.

I pulled myself away from where I was planted and started the long trek home in the rain. I really couldn't care about the rain pounding down around me and drenching me. I couldn't care about the wicked cold breeze whipping around me. I couldn't care that the night was so dark I couldn't see anything. I just really couldn't care.

I rounded a corner and started walking down a alley that lead to my street. It was dark and damp. The rain not only blocked out the noises of the random animals in the trash and the cars sloshing threw the puddles in the nearby streets, but it also covered the noise of the footsteps coming up behind me.

"Stop." I felt the cold blade digging into me slightly and stopped.

"Drop your wallet, watch and anything else and walk forward. Don't look back." You have got to be kidding me. He felt my pause and dug the blade a little harder into my back. Fuck my life. I started to dig into my pocket to grab my wallet.

"To late buddy." I felt his knife dive into my back. The pain shot threw me and heat started to spread from the wound. I was about to scream when he plunged the knife into my back again. The pain tore threw me again and I could feel the blood pouring from my now exposed flesh. My knees started to weaken and I tried to turn to look at this fucker before he ran. I didn't even finish turning all the way around when the knife went in again. Three times up my back. I turned fully and stared wide eyed at Mikes bruised face laughing back at me.

"You ruined my fun, but you won't do it again! I will get her! I promise you that I will make sure she enjoys herself again and again and again." He had the knife gripped in his hand and punched it into my stomach. My eyes shot open and I remember collapsing onto the knife, my weight totally supported by Mikes arm.

"Good bye Chris." He pulled the knife out and let me fall to the wet bloody floor. His body walked away from me, leaving me bleeding and broken in a alley away from anyone who would possibly find me.

I'm done, I don't think that I'll make it out of this one. I won't be able to protect her. I won't be able to ever hold her again when she cries. I won't be able to......

-Part -7-

Andy's POV

People keep telling me I'll be okay. That eventually the pain will just go away on it's own. I feel like I'm five years old again and on the old metal monkey bars at my elementary school. I hated those bars, I hated the challenge that they presented to me. I have never been one to give up though. So I'm going to move on, and to move on I must let go, just like on the monkey bars. To move forward and complete your journey you must let go first. I have to say that I am terrified though. My body aches from lack of sleep and my mind always wanders back to how I had saved myself for so long only for it all to be ripped from me. I was ruined. No proper man would want me now, especially not Chris.

I sighed inwardly. Chris. I couldn't stop thinking of him. My fingers still shot to my lips and lingered there when my mind wanders back to that night. My hands entwined in his hair, my body moulded perfectly to mine. Four and a half weeks ago was a long time and I didn't want to admit it, but it had felt so right. I wanted him, I needed him, my body yearned for him.

I couldn't admit that to anyone though, especially him. My mother told me something when she was still around, it was about my father of whom I have never met. It went along the lines of

"It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel."

My mother said she loved my father, but she never told him. She never told him about me either. I felt another sigh coming. I was in the same predicament as her. I looked down to my slightly swollen belly and sighed. Five and a half months left. The only problem was this baby was not from the man I loved, but the man I hated. It wasn't Chris' baby I was hiding from the world, it was Mikes.

Chris' POV

The constant beeping reminded me I was alive, but it was defiantly pissing me off. I so badly wanted to open my eyes, to run from this darkness that was consuming me day and night for God knows how long. I tried to open my mouth, I needed to warn them that Mike was after my Andy. My Andy? Maybe in my head and heart, but I would protect her if it was the last thing I did. However I was pretty useless just laying here.

I tried to move my finger. No luck. Toes? Nope. I groaned. Wait I groaned! I can make noises? I tried to talk but I couldn't open my mouth.

"Chris?" James?! I tried to talk again. Doing everything I could. I tried to forced my body to move. I was groaning so much I thought I would pass out into exhaustion.

"Chris? Chris if you can hear me you got to stop groaning. Your exhausting yourself." If I could of grinned I would have. He took the non-existent words out of my mouth. I groaned again.

"For f*cks sakes Chris. I said stop." He started to mumble to himself. Than directed back at me.

"Buddy if you can hear me you got to wake up. I'm bored here without you. It's been too long going without your stupid antics. Over four weeks Chris. Some random street person found you in the alley." Well at least they found me. James sighed.

"Andy won't talk to Charlie. That last thing she said when Char called her was that you kissed her. It was just before all this happened I guess. Char's tried calling her multiple times a day and her phones always off. She's shut herself out from the world." Mike! My eyes shot open and I whipped my head towards James.

"M-mmike?" What if he got her? What if we didn't know. James eyes went wide.

"Chris? Thank God you woke up! I'll call a nurse to let her know." he stood up and pushed his chair back slightly in the process. My arm flew towards him and lightly gripped his arm.

"Does Mike have her?" James frowned.

"No. He couldn't. Mike was let off easy for sure, he had a good lawyer. Only a restraining order, but he wouldn't break that cause it would send him to jail. He's not that stupid." I shook my head, maybe a little too violently because I got an immediate head ache because of it. I pointed down to my wrapped wounds.

"Mike did this. He said. He said he would get her again and make her enjoy it over and over." I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples slowly. James must have pulled out his phone because a few seconds latter he was explaining it all to Charlie. We had to get this bastard. We had to protect Andy.


Andy's POV

Chris has phone seventeen times in the past twenty minutes. I didn't answer any, she was probably just telling ne Chris finally woke up. That would be the only reason for the non-stop calls. I could just listen to the screaming voice mails latter. I had gone to see Chris once while he was in the intensive care unit. It had been heartbreaking. His face was contorted into a painful expression even though he was unconscious. I had given him a quick kiss than said good bye forever. I couldn't stay around here and let myself be found pregnant. I just couldn't.

I had been packing since the night I got back from the hospital four weeks ago and between morning/all day sickness, dizziness and having a lack of sleep, the last box was being tapped up now. My apartment looked bare excluding all the brown closed boxes. This had been my home for eight years. Leaving here would be hard. I would leave my friends, leave Charlie, and ultimately leave my fear of falling harder in love with Chris. I couldn't let myself be loved, I wasn't only thinking about me now. My baby and myself could get hurt. I am so sick of getting hurt.

My phone was going off again. I looked at the caller ID and notice it was Charlie again. I didn't have the heart to talk to her, I didn't have the courage to say good bye. Char had a spare key and was bound to let herself in latter it tore me up inside that I couldn't say goodbye. I knew she wouldn't let me leave, and well I can't stay any longer because my pregnancy is really starting to show. No longer do I look like I just put on a few pounds, but I have a nice little hard ball on my stomach only. You can defiantly tell there's a little one growing in there.

I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote a note for Char.

'Baby Girl-

I love you and will always miss you, but me leaving was for the best. I am in pain all the time and I have constant reminders of what Mike did to me. I have changed. I can't stick around and get hurt all over again. I can't let myself love anymore. I won't let myself love anymore. I will always miss you and hopefully one day I will see you again.

Yours always,


I looked down at my swollen belly and sighed. My constant reminder of Mikes cruelty was staring back at me. I could have given this baby up though. No matter what the circumstances where, this child will be loved by me. I looked around my home one last time before grabbing my purse to leave. The movers would grab the boxes tomorrow.


Chris' POV

"Well Sir, seeing as you were asleep so long your body has had the chance to heal itself. We will observe you overnight than you can go home in the morning." I looked at the older doctor. The morning? I had to go now!

"You say I'm healed?" He nodded.

"Well than I'm leaving now." I sat up and started to pull off all my connecting wires. A older hand flew out and gripped my wrist.

"Sir, I can't let you go." He had a worried expression on, well I know how he felt. I sighed and leaned back a bit.

"Look, a friend of mine is possibly in trouble. I can't just stay here and do nothing. I'll be careful and if anything feels out of sorts I'll call 911." Now it was his turn to sigh.

"Let me take your IV drip out properly at least. We don't need you hurting yourself." He smiled faintly and set to work unfastening me from the hospital machinery.


James had Charlie on speaker as we drive down the highway, my finger nervously tapping on the glass. Twenty minutes. It's going to take twenty minutes. James must have sensed my urgency as he sped up.

"I've been calling non-stop all week and she won't answer! I must have called her fifty times today alone! James she ALWAYS answers me! Either I did something wrong and she hates me or she's in serious trouble." I could hear Charlie start to sob on the other end of the line and James and I both stiffened at her words and lack of emotional stability.

"Charlie, Baby? Were driving there now. We will be there in fifteen minutes. Everything's okay. I promise." James was tight lipped, I could tell he didn't believe himself, and neither did I.

"I'm here now I'll call you in a few minutes. I love you babe."

"Charlie don't go in there alone!" James sounded terrified, but his calls were useless as Charlie had already hung up. James smacked the steering wheel with both hands and sped up considerably.



Andy's POV

I clutched to my purse as I waited for the elevator doors to open, I swear to God if I wasn't so tired I would have taken the stairs by now. It's been seven excruciatingly long minutes.

First floor, second, third. And it stopped. Back down to first floor. I sighed and slammed my finger repeatedly into the button hoping it would help speed things up.

First floor, second, third. Two more! Fourth floor, and fifth! The doors chimed as they slowly opened to reveal a flustered Charlie pacing the floor. Her eyes widened.

"ANDY! Your safe?!" She started sobbing while wrapping her arms around me tight.

"I th-thought Mmike...." Charlie stiffened and took a step back. Her body started to shake and her eyes widened. A wobbly finger shot out from her hand and pointed at my enlarged belly.


Chris' POV

"James drive faster!" Charlie hadn't called back and we had no idea if anything was wrong. I could feel my head started throbbing and my vision blurring a bit because of the speed. I shook myself a bit to refocus, two more blocks. We could now see Charlie's little green car and beside it was Andy's blue one.

James SUV swung into the empty space beside the other cars and before he had a chance to turn it off I was out and running towards the door. My breath was hitched and I could feel tight stabs in my chest but I pushed towards the stairs with James close on my heel. After the third flight of stairs I started to feel my body collapsing. James slipped himself under my arm without permission and pulled me up the next two flights of stairs only to disentangle himself by the door and let us both burst through and run towards Andy's apartment separately.

Andy's POV

Charlie hadn't moved closer to me and her eyes were wide as she just kept repeating those words over and over again. 'Your pregnant.' Sometimes it was loud and sometimes it was quiet and timid. How could she find out so fast! Why did she have to find out at all. I wanted to keep this away from everyone. I didn't want anyone to see what Mikes filth had done to me. I know this baby had no fault in Mikes mistakes, but I wasn't going to lie and say that this wasn't hard.

We had now been standing in the hall for about ten minutes give or take and Charlie still hadn't looked at me directly or stopped saying those words over and over. The tears pushed and threatened to fall from my eyes as I watched my best friend fall further and further away from me.

A few seconds latter I heard foot stomps down the hall. I turned to see Chris and James burst around the corner. Chris stopped mid-step and almost collapsed as James ran into Charlie and pulled her to his chest.

"Charlie you scared the crap out of me! Why did you call and say everything was ok?" Charlie went ridged, her body pulled away from his and her finger directed itself at my stomach.

"ITS NOT OKAY!" She slumped and started to sob as she explained and I stood there wide eyed.

"Sh-she's preg. She's fu-king pregnant! He did this to her!" As the word exited her mouth I could feel myself collapse and black out. Its over, they know. Im done.

Chris POV

"Why are all these boxes everywhere?" Charlie had let us into Andy's apartment so that we could lay her down on her bed, which was completely stripped and bare. I could see Charlie Crying across the room holding onto a piece of paper.

"She was leaving, she was going to leave and not tell me!" Charlie turned into James' awaiting arms and cried for what seem like hours.

"She must think I hate her! Why else would she want to leave? Is she that ashamed of me that she wouldn't want to share this with me? I could support her! I always have! I would support her if she would only let me!" The sobs started coming again.

"I though you would hate me." Her voice was quiet and strained but it made us all pause and turn around to face Andy who was now standing in her bedroom doorframe. She sighed and came close to Charlie. She looked scared that she would be rejected by her best friend. On the contrary though, Char rushed over to Andy and gripped onto her until both girls were sobbing and sitting on the floor.

After about half an hour of crying the girls sobered up and we all sat on some boxes to talk.

"Andy why would you honestly want to leave? I really would have been here for you?" Charlie was still shaken up over almost loosing her best friend. Andy sighed.

"Well I guess there's a bunch of reasons. Number one of course was Mike. Since I refused to do the rape kit that the police wanted me to do Mike got off so easy. I just couldn't let anyone else touch me after what happened I felt, feel so filthy." She wiped a few stray tears away from her puffy and swollen eyes and took a breath to continue on.

"I was afraid he would come back and hurt me, and I couldn't let him hurt this unborn baby. The baby has nothing to do with what happened. Personally I think this one is a pretty big miracle with me being a virgin and all and than on the first sexual encounter I have I am pregnant. It's a little odd, but I guess its all part of the big plan eh?" She paused again and we all nodded for her to continue. The tears were streaming down the girls faces and James' comforted Charlie as I so badly wanted to comfort Andy, but than she started to talk again.

"Then there Chris." My head shot towards her to see her looking to the floor, avoiding any eye contact with me.

"What about me Andy?" Everything seem paused, like no one was taking a breath. All eyes were directed to Andy, even though she refused to look up. The pause ended with her quiet timid voice.

"You kissed me. I had already thought I liked you, but than you kissed me!" She looked up now, here eyes blazing. Her voice grew louder, angrier.

"I felt safe for a moment, and I knew it wouldn't last, because you're a man!" Everyone was stunned. She sighed and looked to the floor again.

"I have only ever been hurt by men. And you would be no different. If I stay I'll fall for you, I know I will. I also know that it will only lead to more pain on my part, and now I also have this baby to think about, and I couldn't expect you to care about me or the baby." My eyes were wide staring at her tears dropping to the ground from her downcast eyes. I stood up and knelt in front of her. My hand placed itself under her jaw and slowly I lifted her eyes to meet mine.

"Andy, I do not care if you are pregnant. I do not care what happened. Well I do, I would love to kill Mike for what he did, but it will never effect how I see you. You are the only girl who has repeatedly cause me to get so flustered just by spilling on me or punching me in the jaw." She looked into my eyes and smiled a bit.

"Andy I have fallen for you. I have fallen flat on my face. I can not say I'll be perfect, I can not say that I'll be anywhere close to it. I can promise though to love you and this baby with everything I have. I can promise to support you, to care for you, to treasure you. I can promise that whatever hard times come up ill be there for you. I can promise that I will never leave. I can promise to not be a man, but be your man." I took the tears welling up in her eyes as a good sign so I continued.

"I will wake up every morning thinking of you, and fall asleep every night to dream about you. I will love and treasure and raise this child like he or she is my own. I will make sure that if you want you will never have to work another day of your life. I will be yours for anything. If you just want to talk Ill talk. If you want to go for a walk Ill walk. You say jump and Ill jump till I collapse of exhaustion. I promise to never ever pressure you. I promise Andy." I wiped one of the stray tears off her face with my thumb.

"Please don't leave, please give me a chance?"

Andy's POV

I stared at him wide eyed. He couldn't mean anything he just said. He was a man. I wouldn't fall for his bull shit.

"No." He sucked in his breath hard and his eyed formed a pained expression.

"Im not lying, please let me prove it to you?" He was begging. On his knees and his hands still wrapped around my jaw line, our eyes still locked together. He was lying. He was lying. He has to be lying... right? I swear I could see right through his eyes into his soul. Everything seemed right. I could be happy with this man right? I could at least try. Maybe he would treat me right and my baby could have a father. It would save this child from the same awkward talk I had with my mother. A stray tear slipped down my face and a sigh escaped my lips.

"I'm scared Chris. I am so scared that I will let myself love you and you'll hurt me or this child, or worse...leave." My heart was breaking and I so badly wanted him to kiss me and take away the pain. My hands formed into tight fists as I awaited his response, but softened as I saw a lopsided smirk appear on his face.

"Marry me?" What?!

Chris' POV

"Marry me?" I hear the words before I figured out what I was saying, I could heard the gasps of the two women in the room and a quiet 'right on' from James. Andy sat doe eyed in front of me and I must have mirrored her expression. I sobered up my face though. She had to believe me and I had to believe myself. I could help her. I would love her. She stayed silent.

"Please let me prove my love to you? I know I have only know you a short while and most of that time I was unconscious, but you draw me to you. My head is stuck on the Andy channel. If I'm not looking at you I'm picturing you. I seem to have this undying need to be around you. Please let me prove to you my loyalty?" I held my breath.

Andy's POV

I could see Chris holding his breath much like I was mine. Could this man be for real? Was he honestly serious. I finally broke eye contact with him and looked over to Charlie who was staring at me hopefully with a huge grin on her face. She seemed to know what I was asking and looked up and James. He nodded his head to her and she looked back at me with a nod and a smile towards Chris. Was I going to do this? Was I going to entrust my safety to another man when all I have received from them is pain? Was I going to let him own me. Be able to use me however he wanted in return for a safe house and a comfortable living for me and my child? Cause this is how it would be right? He couldn't actually love me? I sighed. And lifted my eyes back up to Chris'. Not trusting my voice I squeaked out the one word that I guessed would changed my life forever.

"Uhh, okay?" Chris' serious look grew into a huge smile and jumped from his chair while pulling me into a hug.

"Oh Andy you wont regret this I promise!" Problem was, I already did.


Time flied and I was getting fatter by the minute. We had been to a few ultrasounds and found out that we were having twins. Chris fainted. I thought for sure he would leave me, but true to his word when he woke up he told me he was excited not worried and that I would be a great mother. This guy had to be a load of it right? Men weren't nice. Not like this. He had put on this act so well though that I have been feeling myself fall further and further into love with him. I would never let him know it and I continuously reminded him that I didn't want to sexual relationship with him.

I would have nightmares every night about Mikes horrid face and I'd wake up to Chris in my bedroom trying to calm me down by rubbing my hair and murmuring to me softly. Every time I woke up he would pull me into his chest and rub the twins that were inside of me and softly sing me back to sleep. When I awoke he was gone to his room again. Not once has he tried to kiss me, or make a more towards me sexually. To be honest, it was killing me. Though I didn't want to trust the man at all, I trusted him with my life and those of my children. I wanted him to love me. I wanted him to be the first that I actually gave myself to. I wanted him to actually be my husband, not just the man who sleeps in a separate room and comforts me. Every time I woke up alone I would draw my knees up around my swollen belly and cry. I needed him like I needed the air, but I would never let him know that, because if he did, he would only use it against me. I knew that for sure. I needed to be safe more than I needed to be loved. So I would never tell him of the need I had for him. I would never tell him of my heart that broke every time he went back to his separate room and I would never tell him of how his hands caressing my body felt like my own personal heaven. I would never ever tell him.


-Part -8-

Chris’ POV

The Days passed by slowly but the nights were even longer. I was afraid to leave her alone because I knew as soon as her eyelids shut the nightmares would begin. I had to leave her to herself though, she had to trust me. So I would lay in bed waiting for the screaming to start. Every time she screamed I could feel my whole body constrict and break out in a light sweat. She needed me more than she thought but she was too stubborn to say anything. Each night was the same ritual over and over. I would go to her and lay down behind her. While whispering to her I would stroke her hair until she woke up. Than I would pull her into me and wrap my arms around her and the twins. I could never feel happier than in the moments that she let me hold her.

They would always end though with her falling asleep and me tip toeing out into my own room. I didn’t want to over step my boundaries. Every night made me more and more sure in my decision not to tell her about Mike. Since the police did nothing I would protect her myself. I knew if she found out she would never look at me again because I am technically lying, but I have to keep her sane. These night mares are making it hard though.


It was two a.m. and I could hear the beginning of her whimpering start. Sighing to myself I got out of bed and crawled into hers. I laid on my back tracing circles on her shoulders and listened to her constant whispers.

“No please.” Than a few moments of silence.

“You cant hurt them, there not yours. Your not their father!” Was she talking about me? I propped myself on my elbow and watched her face contort into different expressions as she went on.

“I said No!” Soft whimpering and thrashing of her head.

“Please Mike, Not again.” I wanted to badly to kiss those lips that were quivering, but I knew it was better to let her wake herself than for me to. Last time I got punched in the gut and it hadn’t felt so nice.

“No. No. NO! I said I wont love you!” The tears started to escape her eyelids again and I wiped away a stray tear with my finger. Her hand went up to her face and caught my hand as she kept babbling. I looked at her with my eyes wide. She was gripping my hand, leaning into it. Did I feel safe to her? Was she finally letting me into her life?

“Mike I will never love you!” Her mumbles were almost screams.

“No. Please don’t hurt Chris!” Chris? Me? I watched her face changed from paint to sheer horror.

“NO! I LOVE HIM!” This time she screamed it and bolted straight up into a sitting position. Shocked beyond belief I slowly sat up beside her. Was she talking to me?

“You alright Andy? This one seemed worse than the others..” She started bawling and crumpled over onto her pregnant belly.

“Usually.. Usually its only memories.” Another sob.

“Th-this one, this one was something more horrible!” She broke down again and I slowly wrapped myself around her body, always scared that she will reject me. To my surprise and delight she pushed her body into me and gripped at my bare shoulders. It felt as if she was clinging to me for dear life.

“What happened baby girl?” She sobbed and shook her head no. Sighing I nodded.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me.” She gripped me tighter, and I just couldn’t handle or control my body anymore.

My lips found the nape of her neck and I slowly started to plant soft yet urgent kisses onto her soft skin. She crying eventually lessened and her body softened into mine. I took this as a good sign and leaned her onto her back with myself leaning over top of her.

Her eyes shone with an intensity that scared the crap out of me and her lips were set into a line with the corners slightly bent up. If I hadn’t been looking for any good signs I would have never seen the tiny smile displayed on her lips.

I slowly brought my lips back to her neck and explored down to her collar bone than back up to her ear lobe again. I could hear her breathing quicken but not once did she try and stop me. Did she love me? Was she talking about me?

Andy’s lips parted slightly and I heard a low moan escape her lips. This only cause me to become aroused even further and I brought my hand to her waist and my kisses became more urgent. Andy’s body stiffened and immediately I stopped and looked into her eyes. All at once they changed from ones of love to filled with hatred.

Andy’s POV

He was kissing me. My body could not control its self and I soon fell into his awaiting arms. Slowly he laid me down and searched my face for anything that would tell him no. I gave none. I wanted his soften tender comfort. All of a sudden though he became urgent and memories of Mike washed through my brain. My body stiffened and anger coursed through my veins. He was just like Mike, another male using me to get what he wants. Maybe I made a mistake when I said yes. Chris was starting to know me too well and my weakness were beginning to become apparent. The wedding was two weeks away. I still had time to back out.

Chris face popped into view His eyes were searching mine frantically and I hardened them,

“Are you happy with yourself?!” I snapped. He looked dejected and hurt. All I wanted to do was say sorry, but I couldn’t. He couldn’t control me.

Chris sighed and I swore I could see his eyes glaze over with pain. I really hate myself sometimes.

Chris’ POV

After a few moments of looking into her hardened face I sighed. I was done for tonight. I couldn’t always do this. It was exhausting. The woman I loved could not trust me. I would try though every single day like the day before. I leaned forward and kisses her on the forehead.

“Good Night Andy, I love you.” I left. When I was just outside the room I paused and heard her whisper something I have been waiting to hear for a long time.

“I love you too, even though I try so hard not to.” I smiled, I hope one day I’d be able to hear that to my face, for now though I knew I was doing the right thing.

Since the night Mike stabbed me, no one had heard from him since. James and I had gone to the police and explained everything without the girls knowing. They couldn’t know. Charlie would be fidgeting all the time so Andy would know something was wrong, and if Andy knew Mike wanted her again I was afraid that it would effect her health and that of our babies.

For now I believe that not telling her is the best. I know if she finds out Im screwed and possibly everything I have done to gain her trust would crash down around my ears, but it was worth it to keep her safe. Not that she wasn’t safe, the police were looking for Mike because of what he did to me,. Once they catch him he should be locked up for a very long time.

I laid myself in my bed and listened to Andy’s soft whimpering. I knew I was doing the right thing, her knowing would ruin her.


I was standing looking at two rings. Andy needed the best. I just didn’t know what to get. I paced around the room waiting for Charlie to come. I needed expertise. It was down to two rings. One was a simple 8 carat ring cut into the shape of a rectangle. The other was my favourite though. It was a padded 6 carat squared cut, with two diamond encrusted bands. I just didn’t know if Andy would like simple or not. Charlie came in and looked at the two rings sitting besides each other on the velvet stand .

“This one!” Her finger was pointed at my favourite.

“You don’t think its too much?” I was a little hesitant, I wanted this to be perfect.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME! It’s beautiful Chris.” That settled it. I was proposing tonight. Officially that is.


Andy’s POV

“Andy this is not a freaking question!” Charlie was marching around my room going through my cloths and telling me what to do. Where was a baseball bat when you needed one.

“Im not going out. I look like a whale and I feel like one too!!” I was whining, but I had my reasons. I did not want to leave this apartment. Essentially I was scared I guess.

“Listen smart ass. I know you hate me at the moment, but I don’t crap a rats bum about it!” I stifled a laugh.

“Char…” Interrupted again.

“No Don’t you play those big eyes on me young lady! You are going out if it’s the last thing I do!” I sighed, When Charlie’s like this there is nothing you can do.

“Okay… What have you picked me out to wear?”


Charlie had finally gone and this was the only chance I would get for a long time. I grabbed my purse and my large overnight bag that was stuffed to its limits. I threw the note on my bed and ran to my car with tears streaming down my cheeks. I had to do this.

Chris’ POV

Char said she had gotten Andy all ready and that she left the apartment to ’get something she forgot at her house and she would be back in an hour or so.’ I was supposed to show up in forty-five minutes. Enough time to let Andy settle from Charlie’s antics. Half an hour latter I couldn’t wait any longer. When I drove up to our apartment with two dozen roses in hand Andy’s car was no where to be seen. I panicked and had to make myself calm down. She probably went to go get groceries or something Ill just surprise her when I got home.

Our apartment seemed so lonely when I walked in, like something wasn’t right. I walked all around the kitchen, living room, bathroom, my room, nothing was out of place. I finally walked into her room. It smelled sweet, like lilies and brown sugar. I inhaled deeply with my eyes closed. When I opened them I noticed an envelope on her bed with my name inscrolled onto it. That was nice of her to leave me a note. I smile to myself giddy that she had become so thoughtful.

My face dropped however when I read the first line.


I have to leave. I Hope you understand. Please say good by to Char for me. Tell her she is the only family I have ever had and that I love her dearly. Tell her to keep James. He is a keeper for sure. I have to go though.

When you think of me and remember, it means I must have made an impression on you. It means that hopefully you will never forget me. If you need me just think of me and Im sure you will see my face. I will miss you dearly Chris. Please remember me. I hope one day maybe we could meet again. If I get up my strength maybe I’ll come home.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Chris you took my breath away every day I was with you, and that’s why Im leaving. I can’t give back to you what you have given me. I want to, but I can’t. I can’t let myself trust again. I’m sorry Chris.

I love you.


Over and over I read her letter. My own tears staining the page along with the ones she had seemingly dropped while she had written it. I gripped the ring in one hand and her letter in the other. She loved me. She loved me and she left.

Why didn’t she try! Why did she have to be such a coward! My tears stopped at I threw the giant crystal vase that contained her roses into the wall. I watched at the tiny shards and rose petals combines as everything mingled in together into a blur. I whipped my eyes from the tears that were forming again. This time how ever they were angry tears. I would find her. I would, and this time I would make her stay!

The letter gripped in my hand caught my attention again and I softened. A sigh escaped my lips. I couldn’t make her. I would find her and show her my love, but I would never make her do anything.

Why Andy, why?


Andy’s POV

The tears kept coming and I could barely see the road ahead of me. The blackened skies screamed at me to turn around, to say sorry. I wished I had told him I loved him once to his face. I wish I could tell him just how hard this was for me.

He needed a life though. I couldn’t control him like I was. He needed to be able to find a girl who would love and care for him. I know he would. He is a great guy and any girl would be lucky to have his love. I was just standing in the way.

The twins started kicking me as if they were in protest too, or maybe they felt my inner turmoil. I pulled my little car over onto the shoulder of the road and placed my hands onto my swollen belly.

“Its okay my love. This is for the best.” The tears streamed down my face.

“I know it is…” I pulled into a motel and crawled into the dirty little bed. My heart ached and screamed for Chris to hold me. I wanted to feel his warmth so badly.

After not sleeping for two hours I got up and dug through my little bag until I found one of his many shirt that I had stolen. Slipping it over my shoulders I hugged my babies tightly and fell asleep to the smell of Chris.

The night mares came, but this time I had to comfort.


Chris’ POV

I sat on her bed for hours staring at the broken shards of crystal mixed with the now wilted rose petals. Her crumpled letter was gripped in one hand and her ring was in my other.

How could she just leave me? I have tried so hard! I paced the room, I screamed, I cried, I sat silently. I would search for her, and I would make her come back to me. I would force her to love me, I would… I cant. I won’t be like all the other men in her life.

I will find her though, I will propose. I will love her and let her learn to love me. I will give her the choice, but I will find her.

I have to find her, I miss her already.


Andy’s POV

Every part of my body aches from the constant nightmares which tossed and turned my body. I don’t want to move but the little peaks of sun rays that are squeezing through my hotel rooms curtains are telling me to move. If I don’t move and go now, Ill go back and I am not a coward, I can do this.

I got into the car slowly. Chris’ shirt still clung to my body. I couldn’t handle this silence. I couldn’t stand letting myself think. The radio was my only companion that seemed to turn against me. The song called to me. Told me to turn around. Told me to trust Chris. I needed him. The song was trying to force me to turn around. I pulled off onto the shoulder of the road and sat there with the tears streaming down my face as I listened to this song.

Well I'll always be there for you
When you need someone well I'll be that one
Well I'll do all my best to protect you
When the tears get me all right
Well I'll be the one that's by your side

“Well I'll be there
when you call me in the middle of the night
I will keep the rain from falling down into your eyes
I promise, I promise
I promise
I promise I will

When you're sick I'll take care of you
Take your darkest night and make it bright for you
Well I'll be there to make you strong
And to lean on
When this world has turned so cold
Well I'll be the one that's there to hold

Well I'll be there
when you call me in the middle of the night
I will keep the rain from falling down into your eyes
I promise, I promise
I promise
I promise I will

Well I'll be there
when you call me in the middle of the night
I will keep the rain from falling down into your eyes
I promise, I promise
I promise
I promise I will

And I'll love you more everyday
And nothing will take that love away
When you need someone
I promise I'll be there for you
There for you

Well I'll be there
when you call me in the middle of the night
I will keep the rain from falling down into your eyes
I promise, I promise
I promise
I promise I will

I promise
I promise
When you call me
I promise
I promise I will’

The painful sobs escaped my lips and my puffy eyes closed for a silent rest. I couldn’t drive on like this. I needed a break. I would get off the island by tomorrow, but for now I’ll sleep and dream hopefully of pleasant things.

“I need you Chris…” I hear myself whisper just before the darkness consumed me.


Chris’ POV

I couldn’t just sit here anymore. The pain was excruciating. I could smell her everywhere in this room and that alone was making me want to cry. I couldn’t cry. Not right now at least.

I grabbed my cell and tried calling her. No one picked up. I hadn’t expected anything more than that. I texted James. I should inform him and Charlie.

‘James. Andy went a-wall. Ran off. Tell you detail latter. -C’

Five minutes latter the calls started coming from Charlie. It rang over and over for half an hour before she stopped calling. I couldn’t handle talking to her right now.

I walk out of our apartment and down to my car. I needed to drive, cool my head off. Let myself just think. I didn’t care where I was going or how long I drove for. I just needed the break.

The sun was risen fully now and I had been driving for hours. It must have been around two but I didn’t care. Charlie had called me over seventy times and the calls were still coming in. I pulled off the small side street I was on and onto the main highway when I saw Andy’s Car off to the shoulder. I have never been so happy in my live. I felt as if my heart was bursting!

I pulled behind Andy’s car and ran to her window quickly, I didn’t want her to drive away before I said anything.

Peering in the window I saw the woman I loved curled tightly in a ball shivering. I broke and the tears silently slipped down my face. She was wearing my shirt.

I noticed the car was open so I slipped into the passengers side. Slowly and quietly I slipped her sleeping body in to a more covetable position and wrapped my arms around her frozen body. I wanted to wake her so badly, tell her I love her. Kiss her, explore her. Anything. I wanted to be with her and my babies. My babies, they would always be mine. I wanted so badly to be their father. So badly to have Andy love me openly.

I sighed and kissed Andy’s temple while stroking her hair. Would she ever love me like I loved her?

Andy’s POV

The warmth that surrounded me so quickly and suddenly felt so safe and reassuring. My babies stopped terrorising my stomach and calmed themselves down and my horrible dreams stopped.

There was no more worrying, no more pain. Everything felt perfect. My mind started questioning this sudden comfort and warmth but stopped. It felt good, so why question it.

I sighed and snuggled closer to me sudden source of warmth and comfort. Moments latter the darkness had consumed me yet again, but this time it was peaceful.

Chris’ POV

I watched her face change from one of pain and horror to a peaceful content one. She snuggled closer to me and sighed softly. She was so beautiful. I let the tears silently fall as I unravelled myself from her.

I slipped off my jacket and covered her beautifully swollen belly with it. There was only a few more months and those babies would be here. Hopefully I would be here for that. I kissed Andy’s forehead and went to leave the car.

On a after thought how ever I took the ring that I had got for her and slid it onto her left hand. The fit was perfect and to see that ring there made me heart swell a million sizes.

I needed her. I could never force her to come back to me. I would never forced her to be with me or love me, but I would let her know how much I love her and how much she means to me. I would do anything and everything in my power to make her safe.

Even if she didn’t come with me I would make her safe. I would make sure Mike never got near her and her babies… Our babies! I would keep her safe even if he didn’t know I was doing it.

I love her and I will continue to protect my family. I unclenched my fist and kissed her softly on her forehead again. I left silently and locked the car behind me.

“I love you Andy.” I whispered as the tears silently slid down my face and I drove home.

“I always will.”

-Part -9-

Chris’ POV

The car ride home was the most excruciating thing I have ever done. I felt as if my heart was being ripped out over and over again with every mile I left between us. I needed Andy so badly and yet I left her to make her own decisions. I didn’t want to, hell I wanted to pick her up and drag her all the way home.

Silent tears dragged down my face. I wanted to go back to her so badly. I had to stay strong I had to let her come to me on her own accord.

My lungs burned as I thought of a life without her. I needed Andy like my body needed air.

It took me only twenty minutes to get home. I apparently I hadn’t gone far in the first place, or maybe I was just driving to dam fast and couldn’t tell through the tears sliding down my cheeks. Whether I was going too fast or I was closer than thought I had no idea, I was just happy to be home where her sweet scent lingered.

By the time I stepped out of my car I noticed Charlie and James standing at my apartment building doorway. Charlie was sending me a death glare across the distance and being the coward that I felt like at the moment I ducked my head and stared at my feet as I approached them.

“WHERE THE HELL IS SHE CHRIS?!!!” Charlie has seemed to lost all control and her faced contorted to a menacing anger while she screamed at me.

“WHY DID YOU NOT AWNSER YOUR FREAKING PHONE EITHER!? DO YOU KNOW HOW DAM WORRIED I WAS?! I AM?!” Her face was only a few inches from mine as she continued to curse and swear and freak out at me. Finally James places his silent hand onto her shoulder and she immediately shut up.

“Are you crying man?” James looked very worried as he inspected my face.

“No!” I sighed and whipped my arm across my face.

“Yes..” James gave me slight smile and nod like he already knew.

“Did you find her?” I glanced at James to see curiosity forming.

“Yes.” I looked back to the ground and watched my tears slowly drip one by one to the hard cold cement.

“WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU DRAG HER SORRY BUTT HOME?!” Apparently Charlie was done with being silent.

I glanced up at her. Tears still silently pouring down my face.

“Because I love her Charlie. I love her.”

Andy’s POV

I woke up to a sudden cold encasing my body. The shiver was long and hard and seemed to hit nowhere but my heart. I pulled the jacket tighter around my body and snuggled in to the reassuring smell.

Jacket? I don’t remember having this jacket. I didn’t think I stole this one of Chris’. I thought he was wearing it when he left?

That’s it, Im officially going crazy. Its time to keep going before I completely loose it. I stretched as good as I could in the car and started driving down the road.

Something bright kept catching my eye. Every now and then It would shine right into my eyes like a little disco ball. It would flash into my eye than gone, than flash again but be gone just a quickly.

I really am going crazy.

Hair fell into my face causing my nose to become itchy. My face fell into complete shock as I slammed on the brakes. Honks from other cars blared in my ears as I stared at the ring.

Oh Gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh! Oh freaking jitter bugs! A freaking ring!

I left my car parked in the middle of the freeway with cars still blaring there horns at me while I took off the ring to inspect it closely. It was large, VERY large. It was cut like a square with two bands of mini diamonds down them, most importantly though it was the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.

I twirled it in my fingers and caught sight of something on the insides.

An inscription lay neatly written on the inside band.

“I will always Love, Adore, and Protect you ~ Chris”

The tears came now, harder than they had ever come before. My heart wrenched in pain, the pain I caused him and was causing myself. I put the ring beside me so I could drive, I needed to drive and clear my head.

Glancing at the ring I had to put it back on. Something o perfect and beautiful could not be sitting on a car chair. The weight of it felt perfect on my finger, but with each mile I drove away from Chris, it just got heavier.

Wiping the tears away I did a U-turn and started rushing home. I had to make this right, I had to say sorry.

Once I got to the apartment all my confidence was gone and I just kept driving around and around trying to get my nerve up to go in and trying o figure out what to say…

Chris’ POV

I sat in her bedroom staring out into the street. I had to get these tears under control. I was Chris, strong confident, manly Chris. I didn’t cry. Right now though it seemed like I couldn’t stop, and on top of that I was having hallucinations.

I kept seeing Andy’s car drive around and around our apartment block. Gone. Here. Gone. Here. It was just going in circles.

I sighed deeply and started to feel the pain slowly subside as I looked closely at the car. Andy’s beautiful looked up at our apartment and went around the clock again.

Andy’s face!! That beautiful wonderful face!! I wanted to run and grab her, kiss her, love her!

I needed her so badly. My whole body was aching just a the sight of her. The tears were fresh but this time they were happy ones. I watched her car drive in circles for what felt like hours. A small smile had appeared on my face as I went to the kitchen to make her dinner.

Andy’s POV

Sick of being a coward I finally parked the car and stormed into the building. My palms were sweating while I stood in the elevator . When I slammed the door open to our apartment and stormed in I could see Chris sitting at our kitchen table with a very elegant dinner in front of him. When I say elegant I mean Cheeseburgers and fries with carrots and dip, my favourite.

I stared at Chris, tears brimming my eyes and threatening to spill. He stared back, that crazy lovable man just stared back at me. Neither of us moved for only God knows how long.

When he slowly got up and started walking towards me I started to shake. What was I going to say? What was those words I had practiced? I forgot, I forgot everything except that handsome man slowly walking over to me.

Chris stopped in front of my swollen body, the tears were now pouring down my face. His hand slowly cam up to cup my cheek. My face pushed slightly into his comforting hand while he swiped away the tears with his thumb. I started whimpering and pushed my faced further into his hand.

His eyes smouldered down on me, his face seemingly getting closer to mine. I felt slightly dizzy as I tipped my face out to his. I wanted this. I needed him.

I felt my lips contact with him. It was soft, careful, caring. Like he was scared to break me, like he was scared I wasn’t really there. He was so gentle. So loving. I would never deserve Chris.

I sighed and smiled slightly into his lips. He did the same than pulled back.

“I love you Andy.”

“I-I Love. I, um I uh,” I sighed and looked up from my lashed that hid my eyes. The tears tumbled down my cheeks and swirled at my jaw.

“Im so sorry Chris! I missed you! Im so stupid! Im so so sorry! I love you so much! I am so sorry! Please forgive me Chris?1 Please?!” He not might not ever love me as much as I did him, but that was okay because I needed him now. One day he would forget about me but until than I had him now.

The sobs wracked through my whole body making my shake almost violently. I looked up at Chris to see him smiling from ear to ear.

“What?” I sniffed quietly

“You Love Me!!!” His face lit up and he wrapped his arms around my body and swung me around the room with him.

“You love me, you love me, you love me!!!” I giggled as he stopped and stared down at me with those stormy eyes.

“Yes, Chris. I love you.”

Andy's POV

(This part is not edited yet-sorry)

Days passed, weeks grew old and left us and eventually even the months were whizzing by. Before I knew any better I was a week before our due date.

I was terrifyed and I think Chris could tell.

I sighed and hopped out of my bed. I was still not letting Chris sleep with me even though I constantly longed for his warm and tender touch.

I peeked in Chris' room to see him sleeping on his bed on top of the blankets with only his bottoms on.
His chest rose and fell according to his breaths and I couldnt help but to stare. He was so handsome, and for now he picked me.

I clenched my fist. I needed to take advantage of having Chris before I had the babies and he decided he didnt want me anymore.

He said he loved me but Ideffiantly knew better. He would love me maybe until some more responsibility would come than he would be gone.

Anyways who would want to take care of babies that werent his. Babies that werent even concieved out of love. Babies that were forced into this world. Babies that I would love unconditionally. Babies he could never love.

I slid back into my room and quickly brushed my hair and my teeth. I slipped off all of my cloths and snuck back into Chris' room. I would love him and let him think he loved me as long as I could. I would always love Chris, even if he didnt really mean it when he said he loved me...

Slowly I slid into his bed and rested my head on his chest. Automatically he rotated and slid his arms around my naked body and pulled me in closer to him. I sighed contently and held my breath as i suddenly felt Chris stiffen.

"Andy. What-What are you doing?" His voice shook with a certian intensity that made me want him more.

"I am surrendering Chris." I smiled up at his face as I watched his eyes slowly rack over my body and as I felt his harden against me.

"W-Why?" His eyes locked to mine and wouldnt move. Why? Why was too complicated to explain. It wasnt worth trying to keep myself pure anymore because I had been used in the worst possible way and now here was a man I felt myself falling for and I didnt have my morals anymore to stop me for what I was now attempting to do. If I told him that though I doubt he would let me continue.

"Because I owe you Chris. You saved my life." His eyes hardened as those words left my mouth and I could tell he was very angry. His body tore away from mine and he jumped out of bed. He paced the floor beside the window and raked his hands through his shaggy dark hair.

"No. No and No again! I refuse. Do you eveen know what your doing to me Andy? Just you laying there is making me go bezerk! I dont want you like this because you 'owe me'. I want you here because you love me, because your my fiance and want to spend the rest of your life with me. I absolutely refuse!" I could feel the pain and anger inside of me. He didnt want me. I was totally wrong about everything. He would never want me. I let a few stray tears slip down my face and fall to his bed sheet.

"Please Chris." I whimpered slightly.

"No." His voice was firm and set and his eyes never strayed from mine.

"Am I really that hideous? Can you really not stand touching me anymore?" His expression changed from anger to shock. Than softened again and he walked slowly to me.

"You know thats not true Andy."

"Than make love to me." His jaw clenched and unclenched multiple times as he stared into my eyes.

"Andy, your touchureing me here." His eyes were pleading with me but I was so close to having him that I refused to stop.

"Please Chris?" I whimpered again that looked up at him through my lashes and whispered,

"I want this." Chris growled and made his way to the bed. I could see the pain in his eyes, but I also saw the lust.

He position his body over mine.

"Are you sure Andy?" I nodded, unsure of what I would say if I opened my mouth.

His eyes began to smolder and he ran them up and down my body. He seemed to be exaiming every inch of me. His lips met me neck and he started to suckle on the nape. My whole body contorted in pleasure and a moan escaped my lips without permission.

His eyes came up and met mine, excitment and pure lust running threw them as he stared intently into mine.

"You positive baby?" I nodded again and smile to back me up.

"Oh God Andy I've wanted to have you for so long, but I dont want to hurt you. Please tell me to stop if you change your mind or your unsure. Anything. Just tell me please baby." Again only a nod.

I bit my lip and looked at his slightly swollen lips. As if on cue they rammed themselves into my own in savage but gentle kiss. I responded quickly opening my mouth to him and letting him explore every inch of mine. I took my tounge and ran in against his teeth.
Chris' hands slowly made there way down my body so softly as if he was waiting for me to stop him. I arched my chest towards him. Begging for more, and that exactly what I got.

His lips moved from mine causing me to whimper. My whimpers changed to moans as his lips slid down my neck and onto my shoulders. Slowly he moved them lower. His lips met my breast and a single tear slid down from my eye. As if on cue he imediantly stopped and pulled far away from me.

"Oh dam. Im so sorry Andy. I went to far. Im so sorry!" His eyes were wide with fear.

"Dont stop." I needed to do this. I needed to be able to have someone I love once in my life. I was going to have him even if every kiss sent my memories back to Mike. I would just concentrate on Chris.

He nodded slowly and slid back close to me.

"Chris, can you. Can you um, take me?" I needed him to hurry before he changed his mind. His eyes widened and danced. he nodded and slowly pulled off his pants.
His skin brushed against mine and I could feel the longing I had for him.

"Now Chris." He nodded.

"Tell me if you want me to stop." I glared at him.

"Chris. Now." His eyes still wide he slid on top of me and I could feel him against me center. I whimpered and his body stiffened.

"NOW!" He pushed himself into me at the comand and my body rocked from the force of him. Tears lid down my face as I recalled Mike and Chris stopped moving.

Anger bulit up inside of me.

"F*CK ME CHRIS! AND DONT STOP!" I could see the pain in his eyes but I didnt care.

He started thrusting. Over and over he left and re-entered me. the pain was unbareable and I couldnt stand for him to stop because the pleasure was even more. I could feel his breaths quicken and I pushed my swollen belly and breast into the air while he did a final thrust and cam into me. He collapsed beside me, his breathing still laboured.

He was done and so was I. I stodd up and wrapped Chris' Bed sheet around me and left him with the tears pouring down my face.

I am such a moron. I should have never done that! I am such a slut. A f*ucking whore!

I slid into my bed and cried. My whole pillow wet. I could hear Chris at my bedroom door. He took a step inside and I blew.

"Piss off Chris! You did this to me!" I whimpered and started to cry harder.



He left and shut the dorr behind him.
I dont know how long I layed there crying and breathing in Chris sent from his blanket.

My phoned buzzed and I assumed Chris had called Charlie. Great.

I opened my phone and read the text. My eyes widden in horror.

'Still a crier eh? Let anyone touch you again and there dead. Your mine - Mike'

Chris' POV

I held in my breath and slowly blew it out while staring into nothing. Shit. I should have just said no to her.

I knew it wouldnt work. Andy is still so damaged. I coulld barely hug her without herbreaking into tears because of what that bastard did to her.

I know she needs the contact though. The way she sneaks looks at me. The way she watches me when she thinks Im sleeping. Dam.

I jumped out of bed and followed the direction she had left towards. Music was blareing in her room and I could tell by the convulsions of her shoulders that she was in hysterics. I wanted to comfort her so badly.

I wanted to tell her how much I love her. How she is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. How she changed me for the better. How I love how clumsy she can be.

I wanted to tell her she was the strongest woman I have ever met. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed making love to her even though I knew it was causeing her pain. I wanted to say sorry.

Dam it! Why wouldnt she just let me stop? I tried, I begged. But she always takes things the wrong way. I want to be with her... not just beside her.

I took a step inside of Andy's room and heard her whisper.

"Piss off Chris! You did this to me!" I sucked in my breath. I didnt want to be the bad guy. I wanted to be her guy. I took another step inside her room.

Andy?..." She blew.

"I SAID PISS OFF!" I stop and slowly turned out of her room shutting it so that she could have some time to come back to reality.

Sometime to think.

I raked my hands through my hair as I paced back and forth through the kitchen. Pacing has become a bit of a habit for me since I met Andy.

So has crying.

I whipped the stray tear away from my face. Couldnt she just see that I love her?

I sat in the kitchen with a coffe for about an hour trying to figure out what to do. Andy's music was still blareing and to tell the truth I was terrifyed to go back in there. I had to though. We had to talk.

I walked down the hall and slipped into her room. Instead of on the bed where I left her Andy's body was spawled across the floor. I took a hesitant step towards her.

"Andy?" Nothing.

"Andy!" Still nothing. I dove over closer to Andy and dropped to my knees. Her breathing was shallow and the sheet that wrapped her naked body was drenched in blood.

"Oh shit, oh shit oh shit. Stay with me baby girl! Please?!" I ripped the sheet off of her and saw it was coming from between her legs. She also had a bruise on her swollen belly due to falling off the bed I geuss.

I grabbed her cell phone from her hand to call and ambulance, and noticed the open text.

'Still a crier eh? Let anyone touch you again and there dead. Your mine -Mike'

Shit. I called the ambulance and waited till they stoemed through our door and into the room I had told the operater to send them.

In seconds Andy was on a strecher with an oxygen mask.

"Are you the father?" Huh? Oh.

"Yes, Yes! And the finace! Is she going to be fine? how about thebabies?" He gave me a worried look and shurgged his shoulders slightly.

"I cant say anything for sure. It will probally be a waiting game." Shit!

"Im coming with you." It wasnt a question. He nodded and I ran to follow where they had brought Andy.

The ambulance ride was horrible. Andy kept drifting in and out of conciousness. Finally though when we were just about at the hospital her eyes shot open and locked with mine.

"C-chris?" I silently thanked God and gripped onto Andy's hand tighter.

"Yeah baby its me." A silent tear escaped my eye.

"Mike. Chris.." I cut her off.

"I know Andy. I saw the text. Dont worry about anything ill be beside you the whole time." She nodded slowly than closed her eyes.

"Are my babies okay?" My voice caught in my throat. I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out.

She opened her eyes and nodded like she already knew. Tears continued to pour down my face as I watched Andy suffer more than she should ever have to. The ablulance atendants started jumping into action as we pulled to a stop. I gripped her hand tightyl one last time as the started to wheel her away from me, leaving to run after them.

"We are going to have to deliver this womans baby now." I listened in to the doctors as everything flew so fast around me. They transfered Andy to a bed and started to wheel her quickly down the hallways. Doctors kept coming out of nowhere to grab her bed and help push while talking to their other associates.

"Shes lost to much blood." I looked at her face to see them stained with leftover tears. Her eyes locked on nothing in a hard glaze. She was trying so hard to be strong and here I was blubbering away while running behind her.

"We dont have time to fool around lets get her into delivery and get the anesthesiologist here so we can start a cesarean." I clench my fist tight and continued to follow.

"Are you the father?" A nurse had appeared and held out some scrubs for me.

"Yes." My voice quivered.

"Slip these on and meet us in room 206. It is just a few doors down the hall and the bathroom is right beside you. Hurry up." I nodded and rushed to the bathroom than to Andy's side.

By the time I got there Andy had already had a spinal and was all sheeted up while the doctors cut into her.

I sat by her head and listened to everything around us.

The clock on the wall seemed to tick slowly as the minutes went by.

The special machinery was on the wall incase the babies were not okay.

The doctors though are what acred me most. The wouldnt say anything loud enough for us to hear.

I held onto Andy's hand and looked into her emotionless eyes.

"Chris, Im so sorry. I didnt mean too." I smiled slightly.

"Shh. Dont worry about it okay?" I didnt want her stressing out right now.

"No. I need to tell you now. I love you, even though I know you'll never love me the way I do and thats okay." I stiffented and opened my mouth to talk but she wouldnt let me.

"PLease let me finish. I am sorry. I want so badlyto be with you to feel your touch but every time I let you nearme Mikes face pops into my head and my body reacts as if anyone that touches me is him. I have a lot of baggage now esspecially with the babies almost here. I want you to know that Im leeting you out of our engagment. You deserve better." The tears poured down her face.

"No Andy, its you that desreve better and i will stay with you for the rest of my life trying to be the best man for you. I love you." SHe smiled slightly but than stopped when the comotion broke out around us.

"HOOK tHEM UP TO THE MONITERS!" I stared at Andy, both are eyes widdened in horror.

"GET THOSE BABIES BREATHING!" I stood up and glanced around the room till I saw the two little ones.There skin was blue and they were hooked up to multiple toobs and wires.

None of the machines had a heartbeat though.

None of the lights where flickering at all, and now none of the doctors of nurses were doing anything.

"DO SOMETHING!" I screamed at them. No one moved to do anything. The lead doctor looked at me than shook his head.

"I'm sorry sir, but there was nothing we could do." I looked at Andy's Face. It was sheet white and the tears would not stop cascading down her cheeks.

"THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! DO SOMETHING! TRY ANYTHING!?" I was begging now. pleading with this doctos while I watched the woman I love break and fall apart peice by piece.

"Please?" I looked once more at the doctor and he shook his head no again.

"I'm sorry sir. We tried."

Andy's POV

I sat in the hospital bed and stared at the ceiling with my hands on my now empty belly. The doctor kept raambling on excuses as Chris yelled at him.

"Sir I couldnt do more than I did. The babies were born with almost no chance." Chris sighed and tears slipped down my face.

"Explain what happened." The doctor looked at me than than back at Chris than back again at me.

"Well. When you fell what looks to have happened what the male child..."

"Jonathan, his name is Jonathan." I whispered, the doctor nodded.

"Well, um, Jonathan looks to have caught his head on your pelvis and bruised his brain.
This caused a lot of trauma and when he was born his body couldnt function properally. So in short hisbody would let him breath. I'm sorry." I nodded and looked over at Chris while he glared at the Doctor.

"And what about Stefanie?" The Doctor looked nervous.

"Well, Stephanie was already deceased before birth." He cringed slightly than continued.

"The ultrasound technition should have caught it at your last visit. It looks like she has been deceased for a long period of time. Her cord was wrapped around her neck leaving her unable to breath and in the long run ending her short life."

Chris snapped.


The Doctor nodded his head no.

Just as Chris was about to blow again Charlie slammed the door open and threw herself onto me.

"OH Andy!! Im so sorry! This should have never happened to you!" I smiled slightly at the Doctor as he excited and looked at Charlie as James and Chris whispered in the corner.

"Th-there was nothing they could do." I lifted the corners of my mouth attempting a smile.

"How the heck did you pass out." I glanced at Chris nervously as he paused in his converstaion to stare at me.

"I was just tired and slipped on somthing on my floor. Thats all I remember." I shrugged and glanced to the empty baby bed that was at the far sideof the room.

Well so much for motherhood.

Chris' POV

She had been sleeping since Charlie and James left. Every few minutes a stray tear woukd slip down her face and her face would contort in pain. I so badly wanted to wake her, or just snuggle into her bed. The fear of hurting her however beat me down and I decided that holding her hand was all I could do for now.

Andy's POV

I woke up to my phone silently buzzing but I couldn't find it anywhere near my hospital bed.
Chris started to stir in the corner and eventually his eyes opened and he reached into his pocket to retrive my phone. I layed down a bit and decided it was fine if he awnsered anything.

After looking at the screen for a minute Chris' eyes hardened and a scowl crossed his face as he looked out our window and than towards the hospital room door.

Quickly he shut the blinds on the window and went to pull the curtian on the door closed.

My phone buzzed again, and again Chris read it an started pacing with an even bigger scowl.
My voice shook.

"Chris? Let me read them." He glanced at me with a pained expression.

"I'd rather you not." I sighed and reached out my hand.

"I know who it is, now let me see what he wants." Chris handed me the phone and I went to read the last two texts, my hands shaking the whole time.

'What did you do to my babies Andy?! You've been a bad girl! You need to be punished. -Mike'

My face went white.

'Oh, Hello Chris. Closing the blinds and curtians won't help you. -Mike'

I shuddered and my phone buzzed again.

'Remember what I said Andy. You wouldn't want me to put Chris in the hospital again. He might not survive this time. -Mike xx'

Tears poured down my face as I watched Chris' face go blank.

"What did he say Andy?" I was so angery.

"YOU KNEW HE WAS AROUND! HE PUT YOU IN THE HOSPITAL! YOU KEPT THIS FROM ME! I CANT BELIEVE I EVER TRUSTED YOU!" I started to sobb and I listened to Chris' breathing to try and calm myself, but with his breathing so jumpy, it didn't help me much.

"Andy? Andy listen to me please?" Chris pleaded. I made no attempt to stop him or to let him continue so of course he went on.

"I know I should have told you but I'm glad I didn't. This pregnancy was hard enough for you already and adding more stress would have hurt the babies long ago. Look what one message from Mike did. If you knew he was following us... Well what do you think you would have been like? Baby, baby I'm sorry. I love you." Tears still streamed down my face, Chris was right.

I lifted the corners of my mouth a bit attempting a smile and Chris rushed over to my bed. With both hands on my cheeks and his thumbs whiping away any tears the fell he leant in and kissed me softly.

"I love you so much Andy." He whispered against my lips. I smiled against his and held him closer to me.

Chris' lips moved in time with mine. The fire burning in the pit of my stomach grew and overtook my heart.

Chris teeth nipped at my bottom lips begging for entrance and I gladly allowed him to have it.

Our tounges danced inside eachothers mouths making sparks take place in every part of my body.

Chris postioned his body ontop of mine more and I pulled his tighter to me on the hospital bed.

Than my phone buzzed. With my hands still wrapped around Chris' neck and his still on my hip and cheek we paused. Both eyes wide.

Ever so slowly Chris moved to grab the phone.

His face changed from the shocked horror to an hysterical laughter. I jutted out my bottom lip and gave him my best pout.

"Can I see it?" He laughed harder and held out the phone for me to take.

'When the hell is the wedding day bitch! I can't stand waiting any longer! -Charlie XOXOXO'

I looked up at Chris a smile playing on my lips.

"Today." He stopped laughing.

"What?" He whispered. I continued to smile.

"I'm released today Chris. Call James and Charlie to meet us at the nearest drive through chaple. Or wherever judges office. Anything. I don't care. I want to marry you today Chris."

Chris' eyes shone with adoration and he pounced onto the bed and kissed me hard.

"Are you sure?" I nodded yes and a huge smile lit up both our faces.

"Now go call Charlie before u changed my mind!" I joked at him. Right away however he was on the phone explaining everything. Before I knew it the nurses had come and gone. They had checked everything and the doctr came in for one final assesment before he too cleared me to go.

In the hospital lobby Charlie was pacing back and forth and James was chuckling beside her. As soon as she saw me all hell broke loose.
Grabbing my hand and running out the door with me she started to squeal.

"We have sooo much to do!!" I glances behind me and gave Chris and James a 'save me' look, but both only chuckled. This would be a long afternoon.


By the time Charlie was done with m I didn't look too bad. I had on a white summer dress and little white gladiador sandels. My hair was in loose ringlets and it was pinned back on one side with a lilly, letting the rest cascade down my back. I had light make-up on and I personally didn't I would want to look any different on my wedding day.


Chris' POV

James had dragged me home so that I could get showered and changed. He told me not to get too fancy but to dress nice.

I slid on dark blue jeans and a pressed white dress shirt which I rolled up to my elbows.
I slid a little gel through my hair and slid out of the bathroom. James was also changed into almost the same as me except instead of a white shirt he wore a dark forest green.

"Ready?" I smiled.


I stood waiting in the judges office for Andy and Charlie to get here. Nothing in my wildest dreams could have brought me to think that this day would come.

When the doors burst open and only Charlie ran in I got a huge lump in my stomach.

"I WENT TO THE BATHROOM AND WHEN I CAME BACK SHE WAS GONE!" Charlies face was so scared. She looked sheet white.

If she hadn't looked so scared she would I've looked pretty in her little light blue summer dress.

As I was about in bolt into action James put a hand on my shoulder and scowled at the panting Charlie.

"Charlie stop being to overly dramatic. Your going to get both the men in a sweat." I sighed a relief while James still glared at a blushing Charlie. Everyone paused as Andy finally walked intothe room fully so we could see her.

I sucked in a breath and held it unsure if she would disapeer or not. She looke absolutely breathtaking.

"Stop undressing me with your mind Christopher!" That shook me out of it and I laughed along side James and Charlie.

There was a clearing of a throat behind us and the judge asked if we were ready, and with that he began the service.

I held onto Andy's hand tightly and could not take my eyes off of her. Tears were caught in my eyes as the words "I do" came out of her mouth followed by the kiss I had been longing to give her. The kiss I was now giving my wife. What shocked me more is when Andy produced a plain platnum band with the words "Only Yours" engraved inside. She blushed constantly as she slipped it onto my finger and leaned up to kiss my lips gently. She was finally mine.

"Are you too getting married aswell?" The judge was looking at James and Charlie.

Charlie looked shocked and James smiled at Charlie.

"Well Charlie. Are we getting married aswell?" Charlies face lit up and she squeeled an ear peircing squeel which lead the judge to laugh and ask James how long he had been making her wait.

Everyone laughed and again I stood there, but this timeni watched with my newly-we'd wife tucked into my side as we watched our best friends get married aswell.



I touched my lips quickly with my head resting against the steamy
window pane. Chris drove the car down the highway slowly. His eyes
kept glancing towards me and the smile that had caressed his lips all
day was still present.

"I love you."

My stomach turned at the knowledge that what he said was true.

"I love.." My head snapped back than forward again as something heavy
impacted the drivers side of the car.

I felt my body lift in the seat and back down again as the car rolled
over and over again. Blood flowed from the gashes on face and arms and
the car came to a crashing stop. The seatbelt was the only thing
keeping me to the seat as the car rested on the roof of it.

I turned my head to look at Chris.

"Baby?" I reached my arm out to Chris and shook him slightly.

"Chris?!" His breathing was shallow, his face was gashed and blood was
flowing freely.

"CHRIS?!" My voice panicked and I shook Chris as much as I could.

"He won't wake up, and he won't see you again."

I stopped shaking Chris and my eyes went wide as I was ripped out of
the car and into Mike's arms.

"NO, HELP! SOMEONE!" A few Cars stopped and I could hear the police
sirens as I was thrown into the back of a car.

I tried the doors screaming hysterically as I realised childlock was
on an even the windows wouldn't go down. I punched and kicked at the
car and Mike as he sped off away from Chris.

"LET ME OUT YOU MONSTER!" My screams stopped suddenly as the car came
to a hault on a old wooded road. Mike flew out of the car and to my
door. My back was pushed to the farthest wall of the car from him and
I scrambled to push myself further into it as Mike's disgusting hand
grabbed my ankel and wrenched me out of the car.

"You need to learn to shut up!" His voice was harsh and disgusting as
he slammed me against the side of the car.

His hand clamped around my jaw causing my cheeks to squish out above
his fingers. He ran his other hand slowly down my body making my eyes
tear and me whimper quietly.

"Awe, don't worry honey! I'll be gentle this time for you." His low
chuckle infuriated me.

Using my free arms I punched Mike as hard as I could in the stomach,
when it didn't even make him flinch I pulled my knee up quickly and
sacked him.

While his face contorted into pain I spat in his face and wiggled away
as his body dropped to his knees.

"You will NEVER have me!" My voice shook as I backed away from him. I
made my way to the front seat quickly only to find no keys.

"Looking for these you little bitch? Your really going to regret doing

My heart picked up when I looked out the drivers window at Mike
standing there.

Adrenaline kicking in I slammed the door open as hard as I could and

I ran and ran. Through the trees, mud and river. I ran up the hill and
away from the screaming voice following me.

My breathing was frantic and my arms and legs were bleeding due to
running through the brush.


Mike's voice followed behind me and I feantically looked around for
somewhere to hide.

My eyes landed on a low branch and without thinking I grabbed it and
pulled myself up as high as I could before Mike's figure was in veiw.

I stopped moving and breathing as he walked below the tree.

"Andy!! Get back her now! I know your close!!" His face was red from
the run and he too had some cuts along his body.

I couldn't help but smile at the bruise that had started to form on
his forehead from the door hitting him.

I let out my breath slowly and started to allow my heart rate to settle.

Mike walked slowly around. He was examing the ground and listening

My heart rate spiked and I gasps when he turned towards the tree. Not only was Mike angry, but right now he had a gun.


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