"Let the War Begin."

"Let the war begin." I kept on hearing it. These words sound familiar. Like I was there before even this place looks familiar. But why??? The cages doors opened slowly making a creak noise. I froze I could already tell something bad is going to happen. I felt the potion in my under belly. I was not going to use it... I was not going to use what the enimey give me. When the cage was fully opened I noticed only one of them was not the fake wolf I went after that one. Sparky went after the fake Greeneyes. I looked to the right or left of me and saw Rose getting in a fight with Duke and another wolf. The other wolf was taken away to get healed. Then I bit Duke and tore some of his fur off. Since he was evil and Rose did the same and drank some of his blood. Then he got up and ran to the other wolf I heard that wolf say,"My friend Scarlett her kiss me and you will be healed." That is what the fake duke said. Then I noticed a flag got knocked down it was the wolf I was fighting. I was about to run when I noticed on the flag was not normal a sign of something I saw. I saw the scent of blood. There is going to be another wolf coming soon. I soon realized that Scarlett was eliminated, and taken to the watch room. The next thing I knew was that Sparky was taken to the healing rooms and Rose gave us elk and the war quited down for me. But something grabed me as in Me, Sparky, and Rose.

My replacement to be and Boardy

The wolf gave us some elk and started to flirt with us. He gave me a look like use the potion. He was on both sides, but mostly on ours. That night when I was about to go to sleep I heard Duke talking the real one. "Zi is not one of those Bloodwolves!! I love her. I do not care Draknight. Even if she is one I will kill her after the pups are born." Then another voice said," So how do you know the pups do not have her blood?" Duke said, "I will give them a potion that will take away her part." The voice said again," Duke you are so clever." Then I heard them run off. I played with my cage locked and opened it. All those years of practicing opening a cage helped me. I ran after Duke. Hearing the crunching leaves under my feet, but stilled smelled them. The could not notice I was there then they ran into a cave. I ran in there and I did not see them or smell them... This was weird. I looked around the cave and saw living supplies. Then I noticed something. The cave was closing. "No do not close the cave!!' I yelled running toward a strange wolf. "Well sorry Zi." said Zada (A wolf form Rose's pack) "What are you doing here?" I said. "Well we are here to join the war of coruse and the plan you made was clever act like a bloodwolf join the enemy's team. Very smart." Zada said "Zada go now!" said a mighty voice. Zada ran off. "Well hello Zi. I am Draknight. And I am sure that you heard me and Duke's talk. Any way when I join the war you would no longer be in control of your body. You will be controled by a ghost wolf. The one that killed Sparky's mom and dad." Draknight said. "What do you mean by ghost wolf?" I said in reply "You will not longer be in control of your body!!! GO NOW GHOST WHILE YOU HAVE A CHANCE!!!" Darknight said I started to run. I could not run very fast but for sure I was going fast then the ghost. Then I felt something touching my tail. The ghost wolf. I ran fast, but then I felt like I was going to... to late I brafed dinner. "Wait! Ghost wolf before we go back running can I get a sip of water?" I said blushing "Yessss, but only five minutes I am tried to." The ghost wolf said I ran to the pond and drank out of it. I started to run agian five minutes was almost up. Then I pasted out. When I woke I was in my cage I was no longer in control. The ghost dog was. "Zi you pasted out after you drank the water rember the potion Duke gave to you spilled into the pond and you dranked it. The mixture made you pass out." The ghost dog said ending my words when Broady came. The ghost wolf had a heart of love for him... "Ghost wolf are you my replacement?" I said in my mine. "Yessssssssssss." The ghost dog said.

If I could glup I would, but I could not. Then I saw Rose running back into her cage. I ran back before she did and acted like I was asleep, but to my suprise Sparky was flirting with Boardy. They did not even know I was gone. I tried to back away; I am so not good with boys, but the Ghost Wolf made me. Ok I am going to call the ghost wolf GW. GW talked to Boardy flirting with him. The Rose walked in; I could see Rose was angry, very angry. We got in a fight over a boy?! Something is going on! The next day we had go agianist 42 other wolves, but that day we were forced to take a break. Also it was a good day for the fake Duke, he propsed to Rodessa. And Rose was jealous, because Duke use to date her and then he marrys someone else that he really does not know. Rose made up a plan to get Duke Jealous. When she did that. Everything went black.

Seeing the Real Duke

When I wase a wake I was on a nice bed. It was soft. I got up and saw light holes of light, flowers, and food. I looked around the room. It was painted my favorite color blue. I heard talking. The voice said, "I am going to check on her." Another voice said, "Fine." I heard footsteps and the door opened slowly. Duke was at the door he was smiling. I did not smile back. "So Zi how are you doing?" I said in repily, "Not fine. How about you???" Duke said, "I am fine."
"What do you want now?"
"Nothing I just love you."
"No you don't. And no way I am going to hang out with you!"
"You really do not get it do you?"
"What do you mean?"
A tv came out from the wall showing me what was going on with my sisters. They are getting toured.
"Do you want to save them?" Duke Said
"Yes, they are my friends." I said
"You are still cursed I see." Duke said with tears coming out of his eyes.
"Naral come" Duke Said
"Naral is she fine?" Duke said
"Naral says yes. What you want me do?"
"Heal her of course, Naral."
Naral started to whisper some words. She smiled. "She has pups." I froze the words stayed in my mind she has pups. Duke smiled. "So am I the dad" "not yet, you may not know." Naral said 'What do you mean?" Duke said "You must mate." Naral said. Duke stopped in his tracks. He was thinking. "You may go." Duke said. "Marry me Zi."

"Say what now ugly wolf." I said
"Marry me or we will kill your friends... Or should I say sisters."
"Why should I marry you, why do you care for me so much. What about Rose she still has a heart for you."
"I just do not think she has that gift." Duke said
"What gift."
"The fur sparkling at night like stars that protect us. Has the heart for all living things and will die for enimes."
"Say what?"
"Marry me or your sisters die"
I looked back at the TV; I did not want to marry Duke. I do not want marry someone I do not love, but if it is for someone's own good I would.
"Ok Duke I will marry you."
"Greeneyes she is going to marry me" Duke said running towards greeneyes.

I walked over to the bed and sat down on it looking up at the TV seeing my sister's pain. And then becoming safe once more. I gluped as they were thrown in the cage hoping they where not dead.

"Who is the wolf that looks like me?" I said
"A prisoner for us. She too is a slave to protect her pups from death, because they are Blood Wolves." Duke said walking toward me
"What happens if she dies?"
"We let her pups live until they are all grownups or lived a life."

I walked away from Duke only wondering why he kills bloodwolves. I will not ask him. But this gave me a plan. I will get Duke back some how.

"Duke. Do not kill pups. It is not their fault if they are bloodwolves." I said
"I know, but I will not kill them. I will spare all bloodwolves for you." Duke Said
I smiled back to him to let him know that it was ok. I cold see him flattering his eyes. Ew, that is very disturbing. You may need to wash your eyes. I walked around the cave wondering what is out there.

"Duke can I go outside?" I said
"Not yet, not until the fake you dies." Duke said
"WHAT!! You are going to kill a wolf!!!???"
"No she is very sick and will die soon. She caught a sickness when you are going to have pups!"
"Still you did not try to treat her?!"
"I TRIED TO GIRL!!" Duke slapped me very hard until I started to bleed.
Duke started to cry "We should get to know each other better."
"yeah" I agreed it will do me some good. "Lets start of with why you kill blood-" "No not yet Zi not yet."

The Sorrow For A Sister

A sister is something you love and hold on to. Sometimes they go and sometimes not, but every time you fought you some how had some fun. A sister is like something that will never be taken; even by death they are still with you till the end they protect you. I love my sister.

I walked around in the cave with horror looking up at the TV seeing my sisters passed out. I wanted to scearm to them "Wake Up or you will die!' I said it out loud. Duke and Greeneyes came running in.

"You need some sleep." Greeneyes said
"I agree." Duke said
"I was talking to you idot!" Greeneyes told Duke
"Oh....." Duke said and started to run off.
"Are you ok Zi?"
"I do not know. I have emotion for everything. I really do not want them to die." I started to cry.
"Do not worry Zi they will not die. We are not going to kill them! Which ever time has the most flags do what ever they want to the other team and who chose make them slaves."
I stared up at greeneyes with horror
"Fine a little joke over here."
"That is a little better Greeneyes."
"I just want to let you know Zi that everything will be alright." With saying that Greeneyes went out a brought some nurses. "They will spend the night with you keep you safe." Greeneyes said
"No thanks Greeneyes I think I can mange."
"Oh. Ok. GO out nurses you heard the girl." The nurses made a sad face a walked away.
Greeneys walked out. I headed to bed. I turned of the TV and went to sleep.

I was running around in a field agian, but then it started to rain. I ran into a cave and saw my sisters (Rose and Sparky) laying there a sleep. Leaving room for. Me I was about to go in my spot, but mom and dad took it. "Mom. Dad are you dead." They turned to me "No. We are alive in heaven." "I brealy remeber you mom and dad." I said with a yelp
"Sorry about your brith sweetie."
"Mom what do you mean?"
"When you where born you where the last. Your father took Rose and Soarky and left a note for other wolves to know their name. But when your father left I was giving birth to you. I could not scearm for help, because they came a taped my mouth. Then you where born. They un taped my outh adn I said Zi. And took my last breath, because they kiled me. I never had a chance to see you. Never. This is my first time ever seeing you and your father's. I am sorry Zi, but let me tell you one thing Zi your name means sunny, night, sunset lover. The lover of the whole world."

I awoke. "Mom and Dad where are you?" Then a faded voices said I love you, Zi. I started to cry, but then crying turned to scearming. The pain I felt hurted so much. Duke came running in. And only stoped to get me an ice pack. The nurse wolf said this will happen it means the pups are not bloodwolves, but some can be. I looked up to see him. He put the ice pack on the bed and put me on it. "It is morining any way." Duke said as he was turning on the TV. Here you can watch your friends.

I looked up and saw the fake Zi (Ze) giving Rose herbs. After 30 mintues Ze gave some to Sparky. Ze told them she studied herbs. Those were fire herbs, but sometimes they can form into differnt herbs; to protect them sleves. Sparky was going to kill Ze, but Ze ran off into the woods. "How could you done that Sparky she is your sister! She was only trying to help you, but all you did was say you were going to kill here! I hate to say it, but I think we should not heal you." Rose ran off.

I was frozen by the haterd. That was not right. I yelled "Rose turn around help Sparky!!" It was as if she heard me. Because Rose came and told Sparky that she should of done something else if it was hurting or not; but after that Rose slapped her and ran off. I froze agian why are they hating each other? Is it over Ze? Maybe. I turned off the TV and yelled for food. Many wolves came running in with food. Like elk, cow, horse, bunny, and best of all elk blood!!! I chowed it all down and kept on eating. After 15 hours I was full. Now to finish it up some water! I yelled for water and drank down five gallons. Duke came in with a smile "How is my princess doing?"
"I am fine Duke. Now go I am in heaven food land."
Duke laughed, "Can I join?"
"Sure I guess.'
Duke came in the cave and said "We need to pick you a weeding dress for wolves."
I looked "Right now. Like right now now?"
"Uhh. Yes Zi not right now, but tommorow of next Friday."
"How about until the pups are born."
"Fine.. Better eat some more food you look very thin."
I began to blush "I already ate 15 hours of food."
"For real. Well just in one more hour."
All the wolves came back with the food I ate about ten mintues ago. I chowed down on it. That night I was lonely everyone was out hunting. I needed a sister. I sorrow for a sister.

Look For Book 3!!!!!!!


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