First Kiss and Happinesss

“Do you love me, Yuki?” he asked me, and my eyes widened in surprise.
“Of course, what kind of question is that?” I asked him, not understanding him at all.
“Then allow me to kiss you,” he said and I shook my head violently. No kissing, and that’s that.
He sighed and looked at me coldly and I stepped back, “Then I’m breaking up with you and that’s final. In which relationship would a couple not even share a kiss within five months of dating? You are too reserved and until you change yourself or no guy would ever date you!”
Those words hurt. I hung my head low as I watched him walk away. Even patient Ryou gave up on me, I feel terrible. Why can’t I just be a normal girl? Why is it that I can’t bring myself to allow a guy to kiss me? This is frustrating!
Tears started to fall as I walked back home and it even started raining. I just got soaked to the skin, who cares? Every guy I dated said the same thing before they left. Why could they not understand, it’s embarrassing to be kissed. What if I have body odour or a bad smell in my mouth? That would be horrible!
A hand suddenly gripped my shoulder. A handsome guy with azure blue eyes and a smile that I could melt into pulled my in, tipped my face such that I was looking into his eyes and brushed his lips against mine. I stood rooted to the ground, surprised and shocked. He is kissing me!
My body moved on its own. My hands moved upwards and gripped his shoulders and I pressed against him to deepen the kiss. I opened my mouth and accepted his insistent tongue. I was taken aback at my own actions but could not pull away from him. I slowly closed my eyes and kissed him back. He tasted of mangoes, my favourite fruit.
We untangled ourselves and I stared at him in amazement. He grinned at me and said, “You tasted of vanilla ice-cream, you’re so tasty that I want to eat you up right now!” he growled at the end. Then he walked away, with me standing in that same spot wondering if it was a dream in the rain.
I got home somehow and went to bed and luckily no one noticed that I was wet! I was troubled by him in my dreams and I could not believe I got kissed by a guy when I don't even know his name! Maybe I hallucinated due to my lack of romance. The next day in school proved that that handsome guy was no hallucination after all.
A letter was in my locker. I opened it and here is what it said:
Dear Yuki,
My love, let’s meet at the school gate after school. I missed you every moment. I hope time speeds up so we can be together again!
With lots of love,
So his name is Kaito. I felt a weird tingling sensation in my inner thighs and I blushed. But astonishingly, I was eager to meet Kaito again and strangely I wanted him to kiss me again.
School was over and I walked to the school gate. No one was there. I waited for a whole hour but no one came. Disappointed, I walked home. As I crossed a dark alley, someone blindfolded me from behind!
“Walk quietly and no screaming!” was the order. I obliged and felt myself being forced to walk. After a while, the blindfold was removed and I saw the most beautiful lake in the world.
I turned around to see Kaito smiling. He took my hand and placed it over his heart and asked me earnestly, “ Will you be my girlfriend?”
I smiled and replied, “ Yes, I will.”
Then I softly kissed him on his lips and embraced my everlasting happiness.
Then he gave me a naughty smile ad gave me ticklish kisses along my aw and neck.
"I am going to have so much fun with you!" he growled mischieviously. What have I gotten myself into?


Publication Date: 11-15-2011

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