Everyone knows Romeo, everyone knows Juliet. But do you know that their real names were Kaname and Yuki? Do you know they really existed and it is not a figment of imagination of a copying vampire? Do you know that vampires existed and Shakespeare was one? Go on and read some more if you're daring enough to let your mind receive this groundbreaking discovery.

Chapter 1: Kaname as my Mate???

Feeling dejected, I walked home slowly. Why am I such a cursed girl? My name is Yuki. I have long silvery blonde hair and my skin is as pale as snow. I am considered the most popular girl in school and the boys flock over me like dogs. I wish they’d leave me alone but I don’t want to hurt their feelings.
Due to my misery, I took a wrong turn and now I’m lost in the woods, much like Little Red Riding Hood. Then it started raining cats and dogs. Perfect. Just freaking perfect. I sat on a log and thought about how pathetic I am. Most people want people to admire them, want to have their own fan club and have a bunch of friends. But I’m not like that.
The last time as well, everyone was my friend. But when they found out about the truth, they called me “Monster” and said “Stay away from me!” and all sorts of thing. Never again do I want to go through that.
A rustling sound was heard. A faint one. I growled harshly, “Come out, whoever you are.”
That was when he appeared. Kaname Kuran from my class. The Kaname that never cares about me.
“Kaname?” my voice registered surprise and he smirked.
“I knew it, you are a vampire even though you veiled your scent well. Not flinching when a hailstone hits you is so not human.”
I looked up and realised it was raining hailstones and not water, how stupid of me.
“You as well. You’re not flinching as well.” I said in a bored tone.
“Of course, I have no reason to be human when only vampires surround me,” he said, as though it was plain obvious, well, it was.
We submerged in silence for a while. Then he asked, “Yuki, are your family vampires as well?”
I said monotonously, “No, they died 500 years ago. A mad teacher said that I was too beautiful to grow old so he bit me when I was giving him some worksheets in private and I killed him immediately after realising what he’d turned me into.”
He smiled to himself for a few minutes after hearing what I had said and then said, “I’ve decided. I want you to be my mate.”
I jumped in surprise and spluttered out, “What the hell! No chance Kaname, no damn chance!” my voice was higher by an octave and I was blushing beetroot red.
Without giving me a chance to recover, he dashed over suddenly with inhuman speed, grabbed my shoulders tightly, and plunged his fangs into my neck. The pain was masked with pure pleasure. I could not help but moan as Kaname took blood from me. I felt like I was on cloud nine.
Then, my bloodlust started. I clutched his shoulders and gently placed my lips on the skin protecting the veins in his neck. I kissed that spot softly and nipped it gently. His blood tasted of lavender and vanilla ice-cream. I could not help but suck it greedily. We fell to the floor, Kaname under me, without our mouths stop drawing blood from the other. The bloodlust subsided and I removed my fangs from his neck as he did mine. We were gasping continuously and I was shaken. What have I done?
Then he kissed me. I was lying on top of him and he kissed me. His lips were stained with my blood but I did not care. I opened my mouth and accepted him. I accepted his courting, so we are bound to each other, as mates, for all eternity to come.
My fate has been sealed with one bloody kiss.We pulled our lips apart and stared into each other’s eyes. He grinned cheekily. He was probably happy. He has achieved his goal.
What have I gotten myself into? I have committed the two worst mistakes of my life!
Mistake number one: Mating with Kaname.
Mistake number two: Mating in the first place!
How is my life going to continue from now on. I am stuck with a vampire called Kaname who is currently grinning like an idiot as my mate. That darn idiot of a Kaname!

Chapter 2: Setting the Distance

I am so frustrated and annoyed! I happened to meet another vampire who said he wanted to be my mate and forced me into it. That’s not completely true cause I wanted to mate with him after he proved to me he had true passion but who knew that he was a complete idiot? I lived alone, lucky for him, so he moved in with me cause an old myth says that if mates stay away from each other for too long, they’ll become ashes, so mates tend to live together.
That was when he started his idiocy. Should we share a bed or not, he asked. I banged him on him head real hard until he was begging for mercy. He muttered something like, “I must have mated the devil or something.”
I hit him even harder twice. And the answer to that question was no, of course, as if I’d let him. I already hate the fact that we’d have to share a room.
Then I set the ground rules. I said, “I am setting the rules for you to live under this roof. If you disobey any of the rules, you will be kicked out. Sit on this chair now.”
I walked up and down, as though I was lecturing a fellow student while saying, “
1. No touching me in any affectionate way besides kissing, holding hands and hugging.
2. No peeking on me while I’m bathing.
3. No doing anything offensive to me.
4. No touching or taking of any of the things that belong to me.
5. No revealing yourself to me.
That’s it. If you break any of the rules, you’re out.”
With his sudden speed, he came close to me, so close as though we were touching but were actually not. He said, “So many rules, how annoying. Fine, then today onwards, I will no longer touch you unless you say please touch me, Kaname.”
He smirked and said, “I’m going for a walk, wonder how long it’s going to take until you’re going to beg for my touch.”
He walked off, leaving a very surprised and blushing me behind.

Chapter 3: My Longing Desires

It’s been two weeks since he last touched me and I feel dreary everyday, and it only gets worst. He should feel the same way but he is hiding it well. My needs are obvious though I’ve tried to mask them. I sweat a lot everyday now because of my needs. I feel weak and faint and he knows. He even taunts me by coming close to me nut pulling away when I’m about to touch him. I know he is angry because of the rules but seriously, I have no intention of breaking the laws as long as I live in the human society.
Today was one of those days. Today was even worse. I don’t think I can walk a single step. I somehow managed to get ready and trudge my way to school. I was pale as a ghost and gasping hard by the time I reached school. And he was walking coolly behind me and I could feel him grinning and saying, “Give up yet?” as he walked past me.
I grinded my teeth together and went to class. No one noticed anything wrong, thank goodness. Soon, Ms Yandora started her lessons. The more I heard, the more faint I felt.
Then I blacked out. The last thing I heard was Kaname’s panicked cry, “Yuki!”

I blinked my eyes a few times to get my eyes accustomed to the bright light while groaning softly. Kaname’s worried face came to view as he leaned over me and asked me gently, “Are you alright?”
I nodded my head and said, “Please… take me…take me home.”
He nodded his head, carried me bridal-style and brought me home. The moment he locked the door, his lips were on mine. I opened my mouth and accepted him. Even though he was a complete fool and everything, he was the only one who could make me feel happy with just a kiss. I clung onto him desperately as he did on me. We needed each other with matching intensity, love and desperation. Just from that kiss, I could feel his apology which was unnecessary for I had forgiven him the moment those lips of his touched mine.
He lay me on the bed and hugged me close, obeying my rules but touching me. God, he is a one of a king jerk! A jerk that belongs to me and me alone. Then we bit each other and took blood from each other in perfect synchronisation.
Oh I love him, I love him more than anything in this world! Thank you lord, for giving me the best mate in the world.

Chapter 4: Brother??? Kaname...Prince???

The next few days passed uneventfully and soon, it was summer break. We were at home most of the time and the touches became more intimate, not that I’m going to list them down. One day, while we were kissing, the doorbell rang. The ringer had an unmasked smell of a vampire. Then Kaname gasped. He opened the door and said, “Yuki, meet my twin brother, Zero.”
Zero looked exactly like Kaname except for the scar on his face. He smiled at me and I smiled politely back at him.
Then his face became serious and he said, “Brother, there is something important that we must discuss, may I come in?”
I welcomed him in graciously and offered him a seat at the sofa. While I walked off to prepare some tea, Zero said, “Take a seat, Yuki. The topic of the discussion concerns you as well.”
I was surprised and took my seat. Kaname looked tense and put a hand over me in a protective way as though he would carry me away in a second.
If Zero noticed this, he chose to ignore it. Instead he said, “Kaname, as the first prince of the vampire society---”
“First prince of the vampire society?” I gasped and Zero smiled, “Brother, it appears your mate does not know of your position.”
Then he reintroduced Kaname to me, “Prince Kaname, Royal Prince of the Vampire Society, is your mate, Miss Yuki of the Keiichi. My Father, the King of Vampire Society feels that it is inappropriate for the Prince to have a low-class as a mate and asked me to eradicate this mating immediately.”
I looked in surprise and a sense of knowing overwhelmed me. I hung my head low, afraid to meet anyone’s eyes.
Kaname said his voice as cold as ice, “I won’t allow it. Yuki is the only mate for me!”
Zero simply said, “Okay, I’ll be back after conveying your message.”
I saw him to the door. I smiled and said, “Come by for some tea next time, your highness.”
He sneered and said, “Pity you won’t be here to serve if I come around the next time,” and plunged a silver stake into my stomach.

Chapter 5: Synchronised Death

There was so much shock that my mind registered the pain only when I fell down. The brothers were fighting now. One is of happiness of victory while the other is of anguish over the losing of a mate. I would die for sure, after all, a silver stake was used.
I never thought that I’d die like this. What a terrible fate I have. Kaname somehow snatched away Zero’s stake and plunged it into him in fury. He fell to the ground, at my feet. Kaname hugged me tightly in his chest and wept bitterly. He lost his new found mate. How cruel the fate is, tearing us apart like this.
He whispered in my ear, “Yuki, I vow this now. You are and will be my only mate. My heart will belong to you and no one else. We shall always be together and even after death.”
I understood what he was going to do and tried to scream no, but he had already plunged the silver stake in his heart. He fell on top of me, his hands holding mine tightly. He kissed me, our final kiss. Who’d knew we’d have it so soon and under these circumstances? I should not have lain all those rules. I would not have if I had known our doors of death have already welcomed us in.
Even though we’re dying, he grinned at me and tears welled up in my eyes, I pressed my lips against his again, just one last time, cause I will never feel them again.
We closed our eyes at the same time, what a perfectly synchronised death.


After the death of both the princes', the vampire world went into chaos and they went into a rampage. They were killed by hunters. Only one survived and he wrote down Kaname's and Yuki's story, wanting their love to live forever. And it did indeed, for hundreds of years later, we still know their love in the terms of Romeo and Juliet.
The greatest tragic love story ever.


Publication Date: 11-16-2011

All Rights Reserved

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