is the Governor in

A"never do well' A friend of mine comes to my to my house each to dine. He greets me write "how 'do old Gibbs ' And sents it home with a 'dig in my ribs,then says to me,write all the brass i"ve "frist step"d in house of glass,a game of cards,A chat and a laugh with you and your better half with a rat tat tat he comes to the door . Up goes the blind on the second floor. He spies my wife and says with a grin' I say mrs c is the governor in. He takes my children upon his knee the darlings are conversed with glee. He hugs them tightly , like a bear., and pitches them high in the air the eldest me ,a boy of six.He teaches him such awful tricks and as if the joke to clap,the youngest always calls him "sap". My clothes, he says" are not made right" my boots. I always wear to tight. My hat light likewise. is not the thing and neither is my watch or ring. He dumps the stove, he pulls the bell. and orders dinner up as well and when the clothes is being laid. He tries to kiss the servant maid My wife and i took his advice. as one day upon the ice the snow falling fast in flakes, as folks went around upon their skates.when all at once we found a hole and in we went gripes every soul. his demons said with a GRIN' I SAY MRS C IS THE Governor IN


There lived a man who made some funny cracks.He bought a light guitar that cost him six green backs. in learning how to play it he spent a tidy sum. yet all the tunes he could play where not quiet real. He spied a angeliac lady upstairs across the way. which he tried to charm and get a smile from the sound came he never ceased to play for twenty years he played to try and win her he so did he seek for a smile came late one night for out she came and gave him a fright for keep playing my dear for i am here you have won my heart thats so dear for my charms you have got'n so come with if you will for i'm now yours for ever more.


Publication Date: 02-19-2012

All Rights Reserved

to my great great grand father Charles or chas Crayon not the crayon crayons family but the Crayon acting family which is rewritten by me James Madmonk

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