The Nightmare:


I got to the kitchen early in the morning, I was very thirsty and a glass of water could do miracles, then I turned my head up, I saw him standing there in the kitchen, wearing a cooking apron that it looks small relatively to his giant body, carrying that huge knife of mine, as if it coalesced with his full-size hand, looking at me cheerfully. “Darlin’” he said. “Good morning I made you a salad sunshine sit and enjoy your obedient chef” he smiled. That face was as familiar as my feelings towards him. I know it! I love this guy who ever he is I just enjoy that smile on that pretty face and I find it irresistible to stare at his blue navy eyes behind his glasses. He relates to me somehow, I can feel it. He sat me at the crossing chair then sat in front of me looking at me continuously. “What do you prefer lemon or vinegar?” he asked and picked a lemon and cut it without even look at it. I realized that he has already knew what I like and what I don’t, I have always loved lemon rather than vinegar, I would refer his question as to make a drama of spoiling me early in the morning. I felt sourness in my throught . “I want chocolate” I said gazing at him, smiling, watching his every appealing detail. He nodded as if he would never care. I stood up and went to the fridge in the corner of the kitchen. I opened the fridge, it was full of things I like, all kinds of chocolate I dreamed of having in my fridge every time I want to sugar up. I picked the snickers and turned around to share it with him. He is just right in front of me, very close that I could hear every gasp he takes. “I love you” he said, made me stuck to the wall. It is like a dream come true hearing him saying it .The snickers fell down and I got freezer and freezer , he smiled, Oh God this is a smirk not like the one innocent smile printed in my head, the more his eyes glowed the more I got paralyzed. His face was sharper; his black hair looks evilly attractive. I am cold and very heavy now. My heart beat is getting slower, I can’t even move my tongue. What happened?!!! I looked down; I found that old knife penetrating me, getting deeper as much as he pushes it through me, making a way in to every layer of my stomach, like a scalpel fixed to his large hand. OH! He has a ring, a wedding ring!!!! It can’t be!!! He is my husband!!! I’m married to that guy who supposed to love me not to kill me but I wanted to tell him how much he means to me!!!!, I wanted to ask him why in hell he would grasp a knife and murder me, stab me!! I just couldn’t.Now; I can see blood getting out of my mouth by the red reflection in his glasses. I’m capable feeling my hands or my legs. As he pulled out the knife I got more helpless, disabled and week. I’m just listening to the only voice I can recognize, the very sluggish beating of my heart. I wished to cry, just one single tear would heal my wounds down there, and I just couldn’t!!.He used to be taller than me like 20 cm but now he is getting taller since I’m getting down, actually I’m technically dying. He went off, Panting, what is he looking for now?! Yes!! I see!! He wanted his lighter; he can’t even remember where he had put it! He managed to find it then; eventually he lighted his cigarette of glory, the cigarette of victory of something he had in mind for reasons I am not aware of, giving me a pitiful glimpse while I ‘m bleeding on my own next to the fridge, holding my last breath. He is blurring! No details. It is only signs couldn’t make me any worse than I would be. He just vanished so simply offering me a silly ending; stabbed by the man I loved. I was crawling for no reason but to resist death or maybe a night mare within a dream………. then……….. ……………. I fainted









chapter 1: Mila

Chapter one:

“Marliee ee , my Marlino!! Wake up!!” said my little sister Mila teasing in my head. “yeah ..yeah” I said putting the pillow over my head. I guess I had a bad nightmare, I’m really tired. “you really wanna’ wake up! Today is the day. You have arrived yesterday sis. I really want to go shopping with you. I don’t have the right dress for tonight, it’s urgent!” said Mila pulling off the pillow.

“What tonight?” I murmured.

“I guess it’s about you going with me to the party which is thrown tonight in Ethan’s house!! Are you on drugs? You don’t remember!! The very reason you came here besides the muse for your book!  Ethan is my boyfriend! It’s Ohio! It’s Mila’s place. Mila is your sister!! You are Marline!!” she said laughing at me.

“OH! God! It feels like I slept for eternity! I had a bad night mare! And,,,,err”

“Stop!! Please get up! Everyone has nightmares. Don’t bore me with your dreams. It’s real world here! I need your taste in clothes. We need to dress up elegantly,,,”

“What time is it? Where the hell is my watch?” I said when I was getting up from the bed. The first night for me in this bed and I had the worst night mare ever. I hated it already. I don’t know if I can fit in here!

“It’s 9:30 Saturday morning, now go gussy up. We are going to have a blast like the old days. By the way breakfast is ready. You are my sis and I love you” she said kissing me on my cheek then she left room running and singing. “Give me everything tonight! For all we know, we might not get tomorrow! Let’s do it tonight” She is so happy, singing Pitball in the morning!! How typical for me now!

As I got up, I checked myself in the mirror. I’m so pale, weak and miserable. Why is that? Why I had a nightmare of a man killing me. Do I have a self-respect problem??

Mila is my younger sister. We are the only girls of Mr. and Mrs. Underwood. My mom died from cancer since I was 13,I cried a river for her but then I knew deep inside that she wanted me to be stronger in order to keep her family together. Mila was so young, about 7 years old and I had to take care of her because dad wasn’t there for us. He didn’t get married again and he couldn’t get over my mom. So messed up and drunk! He stopped drinking after a car accident he had. He went to a rehab institution.  Then he came back healthy, focus or that’s what I thought he would be. Mila adores him. She doesn’t really remember mom. I and dad mean the world to her until the day when I moved out to New York. It was catastrophic, I wanted law studies so badly but I made up my mind and turned to English literature department in the NYU. I thought if I stayed in suburbs looking after my family I would never accomplished anything, maybe I acted selfish but being there wasn’t going to make it any better. Writing my diaries opened up a whole new world, letting me discover my talent. New York City was the experience that I would never forget. A sad love story and a bad job! That was my muse! I’m writing my very first book after graduation. I had just started writing when my sister Mila called from Ohio where she lives with her roommate Jenna; telling me that Jenna has moved on to LA and she needed me so badly, later on! I found out that she was in love. Mila makes me look like a loner in comparison! She is too outgoing and loves hanging out, partying, having weird relationships with the wrong guys. She simply can’t hook up for a long time! She moved out here after dad marriage, she was frustrated and so disappointed. Our aunt Nina lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Mila found Nina’s place the best way to run away. When she turned 18, she got a scholarship to study in Ohio University, business department. She is ok now, looks so pretty and fresh. On the phone, she told me about the super guy she is in love with now, Ethan. I can’t recall his last name but it sounded good to me that it’s been 7 months since she met him. It’s a pretty long time considering her commitment issues.

We went shopping; eventually she bought a perfect dress and had her hair cut. Mila is a medium high, brunette, green- eyed girl with a lovely perfect body. We are not a like. People say that we have the same eyes. But all that I know is she can charm guys with her glowing details somehow that I can’t. They usually like me talking; my hair would do some tricks. But I really don’t care. Love at first sight means nothing; eyes and chemistry attraction are not enough for me. I guess a man’s way of thinking is just what would catch my attention.

“Hey!! What’s wrong with you today?? Are you going to stare at me all day long?!?” said Mila and pushed me.

“ heheh I missed you so much Mila! I really wanna go with you tonight but I’m sorry I can’t make it! I don’t have a date and you know,,,” I giggled with a very silly expression on my face.

“Shut up! Marline! You are my sis!! This guy is driving me mad! By the way he has a really handsome friend. It’s a formal party. No dates recommended anyway!” she said and entered her infinitive dream day of that man! Oh my God! Does she go through all this with every guy?? She even passed on the main subject of the conversation that I’m her sister.

I’m gonna choose any dress I can find in her closet, we have the same size thank God but first things first, I gotta take shower!.

 Abruptly, I felt something in my head. It was that guy! The man in my dream or my nightmare; I can’t decide, was obviously beautiful and I can’t keep myself from thinking about him. He was killing me! Oh God! Am I going out of my mind!!?


chapter 2: The proposal

Chapter two:

Its 8:30 pm .We left her building heading down the stairs; she was wearing a red mini dress with a black ribbon on her neck.  Suddenly Mila stopped me:

 “ I have a surprise for you! Marlino!” said Mila standing on my way!

 “Yeah!” I said when I got across her!

“There will be a ride for us today! You are gonna feel like a princess Marli!” said Mila as she opened the building Steel door and bowed.

“What that supposed to mean??” I said when I found an old man standing out of the building. He smiled the moment he saw Mila coming out!

“This is Taylor!” said Mila

“And who is he!?” I asked in surprise! On the Phone she told me that she is in love with a young man called Ethan! Not a Taylor!!!!!

“This is our Chauffeur to the Party tonight!!!” said Mila in a silly French-English accent.

“Bonsoir Mademoiselles!!” said the driver! Then he opened the car door! I guess it’s not just an ordinary car!! it’s Mercedes!! This girl is totally spoiled! Now I know that the rich Boyfriend is a privilege.


“So what!!” I said looking at the road through the window! “I don’t feel boring but I feel like nothing feels the same.”

“mmmm three “feel” in one sentence !! You really need to put on a smile because tonight you are gonna meet some man. It’s Jay!” she giggled.

“Jay?? You fixed me a date?!”

“It’s ok! He is my friend! Jay Kruk! He is Jenna’s bother, good-looking surgeon with a great future. He is single for now!!”

“Kruk!? Is he German!?” I asked “Wait!!! Are you insane!!? Did you tell him about me?!?!  When did you start working as a match maker!? Believe me! After last night!! errrW<w<” i="" flushed!<="" p="">

“No! Last night?!?!” her eyes narrowed

“yeah! I had a nightmare or I don’t know! What was it?!!? About a guy killing me!!! But the weird thing about it was that I felt something as If I have fallen for him somehow that I didn’t resist him killing me!!”

“Do you know him??? I know that we don’t see strangers in our dreams! We have probably met them at some point of our lives! But the part that you have feelings for him!!!! That what concerns me!! Marline you really need to meet someone!!! That’s not fair!” she said tapping on my shoulder as if she was the elder sister giving advices!! Why in hell I would bother myself telling her anyway!!

“Here we are Mademoiselles, arrived safe and soundly!!” said the driver

“Oh my God!  He was here the whole conversation! Listening!!?” I asked shyly

“heheheh it’s ok! He is nice!” she fell down laughing when Taylor opened the door for her to get off!!!

As soon as I opened the door, He scuttled to reach my side but the funny part was he held my hand and said: “Don’t give up!! You are such a beautiful lady. Just wait for what you deserve! Please excuse my intervention!”

“Thank you! That’s so kind of you” I beamed timidly.

We entered the villa! It was a huge one of a kind, a place full of guards, cars and people, a great amount of guests just arriving at the same time. The moment we got in, one of the maids recognized Mila and ran in to us!

“Miss. Underwood! Oh come on in! Boss has asked for you like a million times!!  Follow me please” said the red head maid. The other blond maid who was as a pretty as the last one asked me for my jacket! I was totally taking by surprise!

Mila was fitted in, she was in her own place actually almost everyone recognizes her. We kept following the maid or Mila who was very familiar with the manor. Then we reached out a big entrance gate to the reception where the party is on. The red head maid looked at me and gave me a surprising suppressed smile while she was opening the gate! As she opened it! I felt something weird!! Getting in to a new dimension! A new whole world full of sophisticated people where it’s hard to maintain sanity!

“Ethaaaaan!” Mila called out the two guys in tuxedo, laughing next to the buffet! That moment!!  The moment when the tall black-haired guy turned to answer Mila! The same exact time my heart rate started to accelerate and decided on a retirement. Those blue big eyes of last night! The pretty face of a man hacked my dream yesterday. Is it real world! Or the hallucination just took over my head!! Ethan!! It is him!!! What about Jay! Why she called you Ethan!?!? His smile was covered swiftly with surprise!! What is that? He is looking at me constantly Oh my God!. She came closer to him while his mouth was dropped open, gazing at me ever more. The other handsome guy turned to meet my overwhelmed look!  Tracking my moves as Mila kissed Ethan on his cheek!

“Guys I want you to meet someone special! This is my sister Marline!!” said Mila and let me get closer to introduce myself. Why this guy is off! He is so surprised!! Do I look that bad!!!!

“Hi Marl,ine,,” said Ethan when he raised his hand to shake mine! He was confused, penetrating my face with his blue eyes. Our hands meet! Oh my God! I’m going mad!!!

“Hi” I said with my eyes wide open. Why do I have to flush!! Please don’t get rosy Marline!!!!

“Do you guys know each other?!?! Am I missing something here!!?” asked Mila. When I rushed to say “ yes,,,No!”

The same moment he said: “ No! yes!!”

“no” “ no” we both met each other’s gaze. Our hands still stuck together.

Mila laughed out loud hysterically and grabbed Jay’s wrist introducing him to me as prince charming! I assumed that She was sending a hidden msg!( stay away from my man this is yours!!) hehehe I smiled to the idea!

“ Jay” “Marline” “Marline” “ Jay”

Wow! How fast can be!!! She took Ethan who finally loosed my hand and let he go with her to pick a drink or something. she winked me!!! Ethan is far. Now calm down!!! What the hell is this!!!? Why did I see him last night!!?? Why was he too surprised and shocked!? He couldn’t stop it!!! That what actually got me paralyzed.

“So hey!!” said Jay, the man who I forgot standing in front of me while I was lost in my infinite conversation with myself.

“Hey!! Jus,, jay!!”

“Yes!! Puzzled lady!! Nice to meet you Marline”

“ Nice to meet you!


“ So what do you do in life?” I said looking around searching for Mila.

“I’m a surgeon! You?”

“I’m a writer! Actually I’m working on a new book! And I used to be a journalist for the Time magazine after graduation”

“NYU? Interesting!!” he said and a naughty smirk just drawn on his face.

“How did you know?!?!” I asked piercing my purse.

 “A Lucky guess! By the way if you are looking for Mila she is right there!!” he said awkwardly while he was pointing at Ethan and Mila who were looking back at us. Mila smiled but Ethan was wearing a dead expression.

“Me! No!! You know what? I really need to use the bathroom! Can you show me where I can find it!??” I murmured.

“heheh!! You know what? I haven’t thought in a million that you would be Mila’s elder sister?!?” he laughed

“What do you mean by this doc? I’m asking where I can find the ladies restroom. It’s a simple question. What’s wrong about it?!”

“Ok ok! I didn’t mean anything! Don’t bite me Marline!! Go straight to the lobby on your left hand!! The ladies restroom is on the right!! If you got lost ask the maids. They will show you the way!” I was looking at him when he was talking then suddenly he caught my look and smiled interrupting my thoughts “Don’t get confused with the kitchen!”

“hehehhe this is how you talk to someone has just met you!??!” I giggled

“Yeah! If this “someone” has your smile and talks quite like you. Why not!?” said Jay

I gave him a dead smile and left him looking at me getting lost in this one big house!! I looked around while I was heading to the lobby; there were no trace for Ethan! Ok going to left now what?!?!

Suddenly I heard a voice!! A familiar voice actually! Coming out of a room somewhere, I tried to follow the echo then I found out that’s Ethan’s, but why is he angry!? I got closer! Now it’s clearer! He was scolding some maids:

“You are telling me now!! That you don’t know where the rings are!! So what!?!? I put them yesterday in the Mrs.Christensen’s room! They vanished!! Just like that!! You are all suspended for the week!” said super furious Ethan and they are all gone through the front door of the kitchen.

Rings!! What rings?? Oh my God!! What is the theme of the party!?!? He is going to propose to my sister!!!! Mila!! That bad feeling has crossed my chest, made my heart stop!

 I Got in hesitatingly and I really don’t  know what I’m doing but I’m gonna follow some common sense I feel. Nothing seems impossible for me anymore since I see strangers in my dreams lately. It was some kind of maid’s kitchen!! Holy God!! That’s the place!!! It’s here where he killed me!!! Or he seemed killing me. I guess it’s where they have their meals!. I’m just thrilled! I‘ve never been in here my whole life and I can recall the tiny details! There were a table in the middle and 4 chairs around; the fridge was at the same place!! Nothing changed since yesterday!!!

On the spur of the moment! Here! In a situation I have never thought I would experience! I sensed a hand on my shoulder just right behind me!!!!!

 “So!!!! ??”  Ethan whispered so soft in my ears!.

 I turned around, but in a fast move, He grasped me so tightly and pulled me to his giant body! What is he doing for God sake!! Now! My heart is gonna explode in a minute or another!!

 “What?” I murmured

“You have a face that is hard to forget!!” said Ethan

“Loose me please!!” I said in my head I just couldn’t resist his odor near me.

“There are two odds:  you and your sister ridiculously look alike, and I seriously hate this, or I’m on the verge of madness!!”

“Ok!!! Can you just loose me!!! I can’t breathe! Are you out of your mind!?! You are looking for some rings for your proposal tonight!! And you are hitting on me like that?!?!”  I don’t know why I said that but I wanted anything could take his attention off. It’s so awkward to be seen like that!!

“I’m not hitting on you!!” he pushed me away.


“ no!!!”

“ Yes!!!” God!! Why am I arguing for non- sense??? The man that I was thinking about the whole day was just holding me in his kitchen! And I’m having a fight with him!!

“NO!!!” he came closer!! No!! Keep distance! Then I ran away to the lobby!! “Please go away!”

I left him there looking at me! I can’t believe what has just happened! I managed to find my way to the bathroom! I re did my makeup and fixed my hair after that sudden attack! He overwhelmed my world since yesterday I can’t remove that figure out of mind! I can see him in every corner!!

I noticed jay coming towards me! Smiling! He is so cute! But I was so confused to appreciate his attention! 

“What took you so long??? The lips stick!?!?” said Jay when he showed me the way to the big reception.

“I thought you were lost!! By the way! Today is the day!!” said Jay. He is so elegant unlike Ethan. I don’t know why I feel him in every step! Every gasp I take. I feel his both arms around my hip!!

“Ethan is proposing to Mila! Can you imagine?!!??” said jay and looked at me waiting for my surprise!

“ I know” I whispered in low shy tone!

“What?” he froze.

“ I know” I raised my tone because I guess he would never hear me. The music was too loud now, so much noise due to people shout and dance! How is he gonna propose in this crazy climate????

“I heard you! But how did you know? Did Mila know about it??” he asked.

“Get over!! I just know!!” I said and grasped his hand spontaneously to the dance floor! He smiled as if he never expected that! I gotta stop analyzing and enjoy life! What surprised most that it’s pitball! Why do I find this man around me all day! Give me everything tonight for all we know we might not get tomorrow lets do it tonight. I bet Mila is dancing somewhere. she likes this song!  I do want this night to end in peace! Jay is cool! No formality needed for him to express himself as a doctor. He is so simple, every girl would wish to meet someone like him, no complications, no boundaries; he can make a friend in a fraction of a moment!

Mila came and danced between us! They are friends from such a long time! I don’t have a place here among them even if he is my date! I have never been as a defender. I don’t fight for myself! I just surrender easily! But tonight I have this feeling that I should live and move on! Life is made to be enjoyable! I should search for a cure of happiness somewhere in this party!

Suddenly the music went off! And a light was focused on Mila! Oh my God! That‘s it! I know this song! Imagine me and you! I do! I think about you day and night its only right, to think about the girl you love and hold her tight so happy together>>>>> Ethan was holding the microphone singing her the song that she liked, our dad liked. He bowed before her, for a second he gave me a smirk, and looked at her in the eyes, bringing the golden ring.

“ I love you Mila! Will you marry me Cherry! Please!!?” said Ethan. Everyone was catching their breath looking surprisingly at the two couple in front of them! Is he serious!?!? He is going to marry her! Will she accept?? Oh Mila! This guy is not err<<<< 

“ yes yes yes yes yes yes” said Mila interrupting my conversation I was having in my mind. I left the dance floor heading to the buffet! I can’t simplify it! Why do I feel offended!?? Is my nightmare a sign I should count on!?? Or it is just some psychological issue!!?? Sure! She will accept him!

“What’s wrong?!?!” asked jay after he followed me! Why is he stalking me like this??

“Nothing. I feel dizzy after dancing! It’s been a long time!”

“Can I get you a drink or something? Please let me help!”

“It’s romantic!!” I said looking at Mila doing a slow dancing with Ethan.

“Romantic?? Me! Helping you!?!?” he giggled then he stood up next to me looking at them too “ok I know! I’m not funny!”

“ No! I meant them! Is he good for her??!”

“Well! He is a good man!! Sometimes confused! But he is all good! By the way I still wanna know how you knew about this entire proposal thing!!”

“He was yelling at the servants when I was looking for the bath room. I heard him!”

“Yes he is!! He told me that he woke up today and couldn’t find the ring! It’s Mrs.christ’s. He called me up early in the morning to tell me that he should postpone it. When I came here to know what’s going on! He told me that he had a bad nightmare of a girl killing him! That’s what freaked him out. I thought it was Mila but he didn’t tell me. Crazy people are among us! You should be careful!” he smiled in sarcasm.

“We all have bad nightmares!” Oh my God! Is this for real!! What is going on!!?!?

The beat rhythm is on again! I can’t handle any noise I’m enough with the one I have in my head! I saw both Ethan and Mila coming towards us, Holding hands. Mila was flying! She looked like a butterfly. Does she love him?? Yes she is! She is in her very high spirit.

“ I wanna borrow her doc. A girl talk!” said Mila looking at me then she winked Jay.

“She is all yours” said Jay. Ethan was peeking when punch of guys came and passed on good wishes to him! But he never stopped giving me that look!

“Well ! Well!Well!!” I said checking her ring closely.

“Yes yes yes!! I’m getting married”

“Are you sure?”

“Don’t panic! It’s ok! I love him!” she shrugged. My heart rate is on high levels!

“I wanna go! For real! I’m tired!”

“Oh come on! Please! Don’t you like Jay!! Can’t you see him looking at you!??!

Can’t you see your boyfriend sneaking upon your sister?!?! I asked her my imaginary question! Haha I smiled to this madness. I’m going crazy! That’s it! Ethan disturbed me!

“I just wanna go! I have some work to do you know!”

“Are you kidding?”

“No I’m not! Congratulations!” I said my words hesitatingly and head to Ethan. What the hell!!!

“Ethan!! Congratulations! excuse me! I really need to go!! You got to look after my little sister or I have to deal with you myself” I said it without even thinking. My head was blank. Nothing was up there. I threatened him in public! In front of people, in front of Jay! I’m suicidal. His blue eyes glowed! His lips twitched with a suppressed smile. My breath hitched.

“I better watch out then!” Everyone was laughing. Mila was shocked!. He didn’t ask me to stay! He didn’t want me there as much as I didn’t

“I’ll give you a ride!” said Jay.

“Oh No! You don’t have to! Please! Enjoy the party”

“Really! No fun in this without you” he grinned.

“Ok if you insist!”

“I insist! And if you are interested in doing something else! I’m in “

“No thank you! I guess I’m tired” I said it when I looked at the manor as an outside look! It seemed my prison! The valet boy arrived in jay’s Borch! What a Borch! It was a black one! He looked at me to see my expression but I was recalling memories of the night. I’m not with you pal!!

“After you my lady!” he smiled and opened the car door for me.

“Thank you!”

On the road he was silent; he didn’t even put some music on the radio. No single word!!

“Do you know Ethan?” he asked.

“No! Why asking? I guess we haven’t had the great first impression”

“Oh! I guess it’s mutual!!” he murmured

“What is it?”

“He told me to watch out! He doesn’t like you at all.”

“Aha! Great! Yeah it is mutual” I opened the window.

“He is good! Don’t judge him. I saw the look on your face when he proposed to Mila”

“She has known him for like 6 months! It’s not enough!”

“There is really something big about all this! Do you know that Ethan took the risk to propose with his mother’s wedding ring! Mrs.christensen doesn’t know anything about all this. She is out of town. He will face her when she comes back. She really has to accept then”

“Holy God!!! What??? A childish game like this gonna cost him! Are they out of their minds!?? She has to approve! She is his mother! Poor Mila. She is gonna go through hell!”

“Chill out angry lady! Hahaha they will survive! Oh! We arrived. I’m sorry we discussed this on our first date. We really need to get together sometimes!”

“I guess it’s my fault! I get irritated easily these days. You know new city, destiny and new faces. All together were so hard on me! I had a great time thank you doc! Wish me luck” I smiled shyly and opened the door.

“I did too! See ya!”

“See ya”



“Wow! Where am I?” I said quietly. I checked out the place around. I’m in the middle of nowhere! Talking to myself I guess! I’m shaking! It’s cold up here! First I have to analyze the elements then I will decide. Marline! Be strong!. I’m casual and wearing a hiking boots. Oh it’s Ohio! I’m here with my sister Mila, we talked about it yesterday; she said that Cleveland, Ohio is the best place to promenade.  Now I remember this. Where is Mila for God sake!?? There was a stunning silver Mercedes-Benz sprinter van just right behind me. This doesn’t belong to me!! Mila couldn’t afford this neither do I!! So What Now! “Milaaaaaaaaaaaaa” I shouted. I can just hear my echo spreading through the valley! No Body is here and I feel sore in my stomach! Oh My God! The guy from the kitchen has killed me! Am I in Heaven??  Everything quite real around here, it can’t be heaven. I have seen this view in a magazine before. This place is for wealthy people who are looking for a luxurious place to spend their money on! Heaven is no place to be recognized.  Then the scene of that lovely pretty man popped out in my head and forced me to think more. Yes! He meant something to me! I can remember the ring in his hand so clearly! I looked down hesitatingly! Praying not find one! But I found a gorgeous golden wedding ring is telling me that all was true. He was officially my husband! And he killed me with cold blood. I loved him. I fell for him. Maybe I can’t remember further details but I trust my instinct. He was an important figure in my life.. My tears fell off. I wanna come back!!!God!!!

Suddenly I felt someone tapping on my shoulder, I turned around! Oh! I’m totally shocked. It’s him! “You want chocolate!” he said and there were a protected smile on his face that didn’t reach his eyes. Are you mocking me handsome?!? He didn’t change!  He looks truthfully fabulous, wearing his Ray ban, pilot sun glasses. The lenses color matches his hair. He dressed in casual as well, lovely navy polo T-shirt on his fulfill muscles chest under an Adidas sportive black jacket, a dark jeans with a hiking boots and a gun belt!!!. A gun Belt!! Why?!!

 He is so perfect in every way. I took the chocolate from him. Yes! I’m hungry! No hard feeling for you now! I want my snickers back! I smiled to the idea. “Do I look funny to you dar… sorry I mean babe??”He said smiling at me shyly. Dar… Darling! He calls me darling; it’s easy on my ear! I remember! It’s Ethan! You killed me!!!!!!!! “Why?!” I said and our eyes couldn’t leave their position on each other.. He turned his face to the other side where he can stare at the view. I managed to check him out; He was putting his shooting gun in the belt! Is he a police man??? No! I guess it’s for hunting! He is not a police man he is filthy wealthy rich. I can recall a memory of me and him in that Mercedes just right now! It can’t be! Even if he was a police man he shouldn’t be wearing his belt in some promenade field where we are now. I assume that we are having a good time.

His face is impassive. All of a sudden, he gave me a familiar smirk, I know it meant something but I can’t remember anything about this guy! He didn’t answer my Why questions!! I’m totally confused. There was no obvious reason for him to murder me in the kitchen!!! I’m not gonna let him get away with his murder of me. He got to pay for it! It’s my unfinished business. 

He reached to the Mercedes and came back with a Nikon digital camera posted on his hand! Are we having fun around here!!?? Answer me you striking beautiful idiot!! I put on a fake smile and adrenaline is spiking through my body with every step he is making towards me. I can’t fathom these feelings. I tried to breathe some of the bracing air around here to cool down but I failed. His electricity is just contaminating the atmosphere; I’m completely drawn to him. All my body is tingling. He was gazing intently at me. What should I do?! I gotta act naturally. He has some big effect on me that I can’t resist. I have this chance and only to chastise him. He deserves it! He stabbed me in the kitchen with his pride smile and his eyes fixed on me! He is a bloody murderer.

He is so intense and absent. It feels like, he is not here! Why is that? “Hey! Where have you been? Hello Are you here?”I said and I smiled at him while I’m chewing the bite of the chocolate he gave me earlier. He is taking photos. I did a thousand of poses and we laughed about it, we touched every time he tried to be captured too in the frame of the photo. Our eyes got locked million times. It’s strange that you can feel comfortable and puzzled at the same time. I’m enchanted by him! I got so involved in this. Somebody has to put an end to it!  He turned to his lifeless face and gazed at me. His adorable smile has disappeared. “What’s going on with you today?” I grabbed him in the arm. “Stop thinking please!!! Let’s enjoy nature! Life! Look at those snow-covered mountains” I said! LIFE?  Do I have to talk about life in this timeless situation???. We stopped near to the edge. Suddenly, I heard an echo in my head. It was him telling me I love you, while his bladed knife in my stomach! I’m not feeling well, I feel so giddy! I want to hug him so much, embrace his cheek and tell him; I love you back!

I put my arms around him so gently; I’m so close to him now that he didn’t feel my hands catching his pistol. My hands are shivering. He faced me. His beautiful sculptured face is just so close to mine. We are gazing! It looks like he wanna’ dig inside my eyes to know more.

 “ Darlin” I said and I was trembling, I blinked rapidly, my eyelids matching my heart rate. I’m in a total chaos.

That’s the moment when I gave you away my love! “I love you back” I said and that strong harsh voice that came from between us has pushed him apart to the cliff where he fell. He didn’t stop looking at me!  He was grapping my hand, he didn’t want to let it go! OH MY GOD! What have I done!??I’m shocked myself! His fingers were catching my finger where the ring was found as if he wanted his ring back. He failed to take it! I watched him go down! I couldn’t do anything! I was only watching!  Maybe I cried, I had my tears back from last night or whenever it was, but unfortunately it didn’t wash my memories or heal my wounds.



chapter 3: OUT of my Head


“ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!! :O “ I shouted myself out! I’m sweating! Oh my Dear God. The phone was ringing I can’t see who is calling!! Then suddenly I heard a voice coming

“Oh my God here is a glass of water!” said a middle-aged woman I have never seen my whole life!! Why should I always be surprised?

“Who are you!??”

“Drink first!!! Miss. Mila told me to take care of you. The breakfast is ready. Its 11:20 am. I came here every Friday to clean up and do some shores; I was scared when I hear you screaming like that! And I’m Mrs.cook”

“Nice to meet you!, but Where is Mila?”

“When I arrived she was about to go jogging. she does this every day with Mr.Christensen, he used to come here to wake her up”

“Did he come today?”  Why did bother asking such a question! I killed him! lol! Not funny I smiled.

“Why are you smiling Miss. Underwood? You were about to kill me 2 mins ago” she winked me and took the empty glass.

“You can call me Marline” I giggled as she was leaving the room, she wouldn’t even care to ask me about my nightmare that I obviously had.

The phone was ringing again!  Thank God now I can see that is Mila.”


“Wake up lazy, you went to your bed before me yesterday and yet you are too sleepy to answer”

“I’m dead”

“The pretty man killed you again!!” she laughed mocking me.

“No I revenged! I killed him back” I said and I was so aware that she would never ever believed that I truly dreamed of killing her fiancée in a valley I ‘ve never been in to.

“hahaha well I’m about to kill my man too” she said in a sarcastic-serious tune.

“What happened?” poor guy!

“We had a great romantic night yesterday! A great dinner and we danced all night then he received a call and decided to drop me in my apartment!”


“Ok I got over this! it’s ok I’m a cool girl! Maybe he has something important. You know he is a business man .Then I woke up early in the morning, and I went to my daily jogging without him because he didn’t answer his phone but two minutes ago I called him again. He turned up to be furious and frustrated then he told me that he wants to step away. For God sake this man  proposed yesterday!” angry voice

“Chill out! He could be tired! When are you gonna stop calling people early in the morning?” I laughed. I guess it’s all about his mother and the proposal! I wonder if she knows about this.

“No Marline! It’s serious!”

“Ok you both will work it out eventually!” I said this and I was so guilty that I envied her last night about that courageous proposal and I’m not quite sad about all this. That’s bad.

“You have major problems to solve! Try to be mature. He will call believe me” 

“Marline honestly! What do you think of Ethan?” she asked

“Believe it or not! I’m not the right person to ask” I giggled but I know deep inside that these complex nightmares with this guy are going to ruin my entire life and maybe hers too.

“Ok am coming home see ya”

“ See ya”

I know one thing that yesterday I woke up wondering about that guy who killed me, who could be and what the murder can tell me about him!? But today I woke up feeling bad about two things: 1- cheating on my sister awkwardly and second is the fact that I killed him hypothetically. Even it’s just a nightmare and everything seems to be insane for the last 24 hours. But the one’s unconscious can tell a lot. All those berried desires and all fears can be shown in your dreams occupy your thoughts. If you get carried it out it would dominate your conscious so you will end up either in a mental health institution or those unconscious feelings will be manifested in actions like being angry, sleepy or hustle. Now I’m fighting for my sanity maybe my self-respect that I should define what is real what’s not. Ethan is the only reality that gonna mess things up. There is something weird about him; there should be a reason why a guy like him would risk harassing his fiancée’s sister the same party he proposed in.

All my thoughts had been shut when the door bell ring, I was going to open it when I remember that It could be Mila. I opened the doomed door when I saw the blue eyes of every night, the sanity I’m searching for but it seems it’s the madness which has nothing to do with  my sanity or self- respect kind of thing.

“Good Morning Crazy lady” said Ethan who was caring a flower’s bokeh. Why should I bear seeing him in my both consciousness and un- consciousness?

“Good morning Self-loved, messed up- minded whoever” I said

“Don’t be harsh on me! Where is Mila?” asked me as soon as he entered before I let him in. This guy should be mannered.

“What do you want?” I asked him without even looking at him.

“Who are you again?” he put on his sneaky smirk.

“She is jogging!” I answered

“Well I used to jog with her but I was tired and errr” he said interrupted by me.

“ I don’t care!” I said. He was looking surprisingly at me as it was the first time in his life ever got offended.

“Nice! That’s nice” he clapped his hands. He continued “Whatever you trying to prove Mean lady! Keep it to yourself! i knew you are a journalist I recommend that you should be more diplomatic”

“You started richy boy” we were looking intensely at each other.

“Well you showed up in my kitchen” he laughed. The same moment Mila opened the door.

He was gripping the bokeh so tightly and came closer to her “Baby Please I miss you” he said

He was just another person; he just put on a different face. He’s not acting himself. Ethan is the guy who was talking to me 1 minute ago. Not this one who is leaning on my sister. She is killing me that she is overwhelmed by him. Maybe so am I but every one of us has own self pattern. I left to my bed room and told the maid to make us coffee or anything could contain caffeine so I can add some piece of mind to my day.

I closed the door then I start writing I need to focus on this conscious matter. There was a knock on the door “yes”

“The coffee Miss.Marline” said Mrs.cook when she opened the door smiling

“Thank you”

“Love birds” she sighed “I like Mr.christensen but I’m quite baffled, there was a battlefield minutes ago. What’s wrong?”

“mmm what do you know about him? You just see him here right?” I asked with my full intension to know more about him.

“You are asking me about him!!!” she giggled. “I‘ve known him since he was a kid I worked for his father in his main disk in NY, he used to hang out in CHRIS’ company when it used to be small. Now he owns by himself the biggest corporation in the US for almost everything. That is a big business”

“His father?”

“He died after 2 years of a diagnosed lung cancer. He used to be a heavy smoker” said mr.cook

“I see and errr…” I was interrupted

“I know you think that he is some spoiled guy who is having a good time with your sister but I think not! Your sister is just a lucky girl. He asked me to come here like 4 months ago. He is so protective of her. That is called LOVE. But maybe you got the wrong bad impression. He deserves a chance. We all do sometimes” she said.

“I expect you to keep this conversation between us. If that’s okay!”

“What conversation?” she laughed

“heheh okey thank you” I said as soon as she closed the door.

Chapter 4 : Jay


It’s Monday! A new day! A new morning! It’s been 2 nights since the last nightmare, I feel like am getting better. Summer in Cleveland seems to be nice! I breathe deeply every time I open this wide window in my new bed room. It has a very good place as it was a painting hanging on the wall. I know that I don’t have a quite good memory with this small bed which was maybe occupied by Mila’s friend but for some reason that I’m not aware of I feel like I belong here! I read in a book Once that the place you have never been in to, but you awkwardly feel belonged that means you are where your soul mate is. I smiled to the idea, and I remember myself just two month ago writing about the failure of relationships. Such idea can’t relate to someone thinking about soul mates. Suddenly Ethan crossed my mind. Every single detail of him catch my mind, I can’t ignore how interesting this man is. I don’t know him. I feel like I’m meeting with one of my main character in a novel I would write some day that destiny put him on my path. I would win a prize by describing him. My cell phone always starts to ring every time I come up with an idea. I always thought that destiny has played against me. But I guess it is not

“Hello” firmly answered to the unknown number.

“Hey! What a nice voice? I couldn’t imagine much more welcoming” a familiar man voice, harsh but sarcastic. I’m sure it’s not Ethan’s

“ Who is it?” I asked and I knew he wouldn’t tell me.

“I’m the guy of your dreams who has a nice Burch and really wanna hang out with you. I’m free for lunch” said Jay. It wasn’t hard to find out! But why? The dream part that is such confusing!

“Hey Dr.Kruek” I intended to say this.

“Dr. Kreuk!? Who is he? I don’t know him!! Do you?!” he giggled

“I’m fine thanks” I laughed

“You are such an interesting lady. But a little mad!”

“Well being mad is on a scale and everyone has a scale for his own so that changes who is crazy who is not” I giggled. I like this.

“ okay! I see! So I will pick you up at 1:30?”

“What,, err” I was interrupted like always

“It’s not a date! Gussy up okay! take care bye” he hanged up on me. Maybe I would start to change my mind about people here in OHIO.

There is always a man has his own role in every fairytale, the man who comes un- conditionally. Gives a flavor for the story line but never wins. The princess will always have her own taste of men that doesn’t include him. Women are always drawn to those guys, who make them wonder; drive them out of their minds. Her heart is always thirsty for a story can change the life as she knows it. Let’s put on some cloths. The night mare shouldn’t occupy my conscious. I will go with the dream man. 

I was ready in like 15 mins. I have always waited for everybody; I’m not the kind of person who let people wait for them to get some attention. I heard the car hound, but still am not sure. The voice has stopped so I assumed that’s not for me! Suddenly someone knocked on the door the same rhythm. I opened it


“Hi!” I smiled and I let him in so I don’t have to bear with rude manners.

“Do you know that my sister used to live here?”


“Her name is Jenna I suppose you know” he sat on the large coach.

“Yes” I smiled.

“You like me right? Hhheh say YES” he laughed. I just smiled so he can feel how stupid the situation is.

“Let’s go!” he said when he took my hand and kissed it! OH my God! This is how it works here! For God sake! It’s a lunch. I didn’t say much word. I followed him and closed the door.

We went to a diner in the downtown, lovely place and kind of intimate. It’s called “The magic Diner”. I guess a man’s taste of choosing a place is so important. You can see almost everything about his personality. Calm or crazy, romantic or just practical and expecting good quality food. I would go for the last one “the food seeker”. He chose a table for two next to the window.

“Here is The Best diner ever for serving burgers” he said interrupting my last thought about his mankind.

“We will see!”

“No trust me! You will remember this for the rest of your life”

“I hope so! I like it here! I feel like moving in”

“Don’t you miss New York? A New Yorker wouldn’t enjoy residency here”

“I miss the routine but this place can help you sort things out while you can’t in New York. The breeze here is able to refresh your life and re create your old thoughts, make it clearer” I guess I overrated.

“mmm you mean it’s the best for a honey moon?” he laughed. I guess I miss used my words.

“You know what? You are right! Maybe it could be the best place for a honey moon but for some people. The place for a honey moon should be the opposite of the couple’s personalities. They should be altering their standard mood to highly entertainment mood”

“Well! You are the woman who makes the un-sense look priceless. How can you do this?”

“Do what?” I asked.

“Being too charming. You are impressive. You give everything such a good amount of analyzing. I guess I’m already analyzed by now!” he giggled.

“Why not?” I smiled.  A blond waitress came and gave us both the menu charts. We both smiled at her as she was standing waiting for an order, gazing most likely at Jay. Well a girl like me would get jealous but I was busy thinking that is how obvious we look to others, Friends who are hanging out and the idea that even if he was my date that wouldn’t stop her from doing that. Why do I bother?

“mmm chicken burger and lemon- garlic sauce with soda please” I said looking at her impassively.

“Beef burger and yogurt barbecue sauce. Don’t forget the soda!!” he said smiling at her out the very respect as he gave her the menu. Hhhh she is so tempted now! And I’m so sure that he knows what he is doing. He looked at me directly.

“Lemon sauce!!” he said putting his hands on his cheeks.

“What do you get from that?” I asked as Ethan picture has invaded my brain remembering his lemon- vinegar conversation in my nightmare.

“hhhh I’m gathering some info about you! Analyzing! Just like you. You know what?”

“What?” I asked.

“A man can read much of you through your eyes, But so hard to get to know although it’s easy to get engaged with you in a conversation” he giggled

“mmm what a lemon sauce can tell about you I’m impressed actually. You should come and help me writing my book ” we both laughed.

We spent 2 hours in this diner talking and laughing. We kept the real talks away far from this table. For example: he didn’t ask me what am I going to do? Am I applying for a job or something? Do I need a ride to get to know this town? We didn’t talk about his job; where did he specialize?  We discussed tourism, home shopping even parenting.. etc. All things that reveal nothing about the real us! What can I say!? I enjoyed my time with him but there were something not right about me towards him and every man I will meet especially after that night and what made it way more complicated that I’m sitting with the best friend of the Nightmare guy. I’m not healed yet from you Ethan.

He paid the check for sure but what concerned me that I felt like we are hanging out! It’s not a date friends getting out, as simple as it is. I wonder whether I can go like this with Ethan since he is gonna be my brother in law!! Everything is possible! I shouldn’t be amplifying this. Stop!

We were standing next to his car; maybe just staring at the ground. I don’t know what to say.

“So what now?” I said shyly. It was so kind of him inviting me here.

“Mmm well I wish we could do something else but you know it’s my break on the first day of the week which is always busy” he said confusing me with his hands movements.

“it’s ok ! It was very kind of you taking me here! I did really enjoyed my time”

“ what about the burgers?!”

“hehe delicious I suppose!” I smiled shyly

“Did it change the life as you know it?” he asked as if he had one of my quotes I was writing down this morning. Someone has hacked my brain and people are just wandering around because he let the door wide open. Heheh I’m a total lunatic.

“Yes it did” I laughed but not in result of his question. I was laughing at myself and how I’m changing just like the climate. I thought it would be much harder moving in here. But I feel happy!

We got into the car, no single word. We were gazing at the streets. No ideas to come up with, even the weather wasn’t our concern. Oh! We arrived so fast! I’m happy for this. Now I will open the door and run!! I guess Mila is home and she could be on the window watching this.

“I repeat I just like your smile” he said

“well thank you!” I smiled respectively

“You are so welcomed” he said it as soon as he left a kiss on my cheek. Well! No need for this. No need to make me go red! I didn’t act anything. He was expecting something maybe a surprise reaction. My mind went blank. I’m on the impassive mood.

“ Bye” I waved as I closed the car’s door.

“ I will catch up with you later, wait for my call” he shouted off the window. Why does he have to make some drama! You could have told me that instead of kissing me in the car.

Suddenly! I came up with a conclusion that what did confuse me for the last couple of days was breaking my rules. The basics and the very tiny principles I ever write or think about was put a side. I remember! I once wrote something about a girl, who printed a hypothetical circle around her; I was referring to myself actually. This circle has a four digits code and nobody has this code even her closest friends. She never let anyone cross this line she drew unless the code was compromised. I was kind of woman who couldn’t let a man get near her until I give him my proximity password. In my night mare I was so close to Ethan that I couldn’t resist him killing me. When I first met him, He brought me just close enough to breathe his perfume. This guy is a total stranger but somehow everything seems different near him. I knew Jay 2 days ago and he just crossed my border! I know that in every body language this can be considered as the first step to make a bond with someone, a simple mean to create a relation just by one single kiss. That called a request of more proximity. He did ask for this! But I’m off at least for now.

I reached  out to the apartment door but I couldn’t find the keys that Mila gave me yesterday. I must have dropped them somewhere! Oh God why now! I rang the bell but no one home. The moment I gave up on finding my keys. A nice young guy came down the stairs. I assume he is a neighbor. A blond, good-looking, medium-high, young man.

“Hey” he said.


“no keys ha!”

“ hah I must have dropped them somewhere”

“Oh! Sorry! I’m Denial”

“Nice to meet you! I’m Marline”

“ A new roommate of Mila?”

“Actually I’m her sister” I put on a fake smile.

“ I knew it! You have the same good features. The eyes thing”

“Ya I see” I said putting on the same fakeness. Be social!

“I used to be with Mila back in college. We worked on the same project for months”

“Nice! What are planning to do?”

“Actually,,, errr” he was interrupted by Mila’s laughing while she was coming up. Oh my God! Here is Ethan. Nothing seems to be peaceful today! I noticed that the guy went reddish as soon as he saw her coming.

“Hey Denial!” she said

“Hey Mila! Nice to meet you again Miss. Marlin.” he said as soon as he went down the stairs. He tried so hard to look at her. He practically avoided looking at her when two seconds ago, he was trying to describe how close they were working on the same project in college. He passed by Ethan who checked him up! I waited for Mila to open the damn door ignoring Ethan’s presence as much as I can. I went towards my room without a blink, no need for Ethan’s moments.

“Marline!!” she said as Ethan closed the door, he was the last to come. I didn’t have to hear the door closing. His perfume has already contaminated the whole apartment. Why can’t he change this odor? Why must I recall myself with him every time I sniff this evilly attractive smell? I read once about the sense of smell and who it is strongly related to memory. It can brisk your memories in a fraction. Yes you did liven up my memory Mr. Devil!!

Mila followed me.

“What the hell is this?” she asked angrily.

“What about it?”

“At least you can say hi”

“ I guess it’s obvious that I really don’t wanna socialize and I’m a bit tired!”

“Well you were socializing with the neighbor!!” she said. She remained angry.

“Who is he? It wasn’t right what happened out there”

“ Don’t switch the subject please” she closed the door.

“Nice move! Speak up young woman!” I’m provoking her to speak.

“Look! I really don’t wanna talk about this. Please let’s focus on you, being mean to my fiancée and that’s just not you.”

“Who is he Mila?” I go on a high level and asked her about Denial in order to piss her off just a little bit more. I want Ethan to know how far he contaminated the house.

“Oh! He is my Ex! Are you satisfied now?” she smiled a little bit.

“I knew it! I knew it” I danced around; the dance of victory.

“ Oh! Congratulation! You made a breakthrough! God bless you!” she started mocking. That runs in our blood. When we are pissed or stressed out, we just start fooling around in order to chill. It is a cooling method.

“Nice” I said smiling. But now I stopped moving. She is gonna explode.

“look! We will talk about it later. I promise, but now I need to make it right please. I intended to bring him here. I want everything solved between you too.” She said holding my right hand. That is one of our family methods. Sympathetic gesture for getting what you want.

“ Nothing to solve!”

“He told me about that day” she said. Oh my God what did he tell her!? How dare him telling her something like this.

“What day?!” I asked but am terrified.

“It is the same exact day when he came here to surprise me with the flowers. He told me that you both had a real argument and he feels that you hate him” she said. Oh Friday freaking morning show. Now I remember.

“What did he say to you?”

“That you are a hustle bitch” she smiled.

“What?!?!?!? The,,,”

“Come on! He is nice! Give him a last chance! For your sister’s sake! Please!! I love you I love you” she came closer and kissed me playing with my hair. This girl knows how to make anyone likes her in a second. I’m really cooled down. What an effect she has on me? I do miss her.

“Ok! One last chance! And I’m out for good” I said and I opened the door. I found him standing on the corner checking the flowers he gave Mila earlier, showing off the appealing tall figure he has. He was wearing a white formal shirt. It was Too simple but too awesome.

“Hey, the Underwood’s has arrived” he said.

“Hey! How are you Ethan?” I said. Yes it’s getting easier. Stay where you are.

“I’m fine thanks. What about you?” he asked.

“Fine” I said putting on a fake smile. Mila was hiding a suppressed smile. She can’t feel what I’m going through.

“Oh take a sit please!” he said putting his traditional smirk.

“Oh yes I will! You too please” I said. He wanna start it. Let’s bring it on! Mila sat next to him.

“So? How is Jay? I couldn’t reach him. His cell is off” he asked with a very sneaky intention.

“Nice source to retrieve news” Mila started biting her lips in order to stop us from putting up a fight. No I’m going to prove how cool I’m. I can do it. “He is fine! We had a blast having lunch” another fake smile on my face.

“Lunch!? Interesting!!” he said looking at Mila and they both start laughing.

“What am I missing here?” I asked

“Ethan told me when we arrived here that Jay doesn’t turn off his cell unless it is super important, he is a doctor you know” she said trying to talk seriously but she can’t help it because of Ethan. Mila always knew that I have restricted areas in my life that no one can come close especially in public. Now it is much worse, it is all said by him. The big jock, he is trying to impress his humor with, has to come to an end.

“Hheheheh Funny” I beamed. The silent killed it. Ethan started to look at his watch on purpose. I know guys like him who always tries to send hidden messages to people around them. For example: I’m not enjoying myself with you. While Jay who was in a hurry and I’m sure he was, avoided looking at his watch the whole time we were together.

“So? I’m gonna make you two some coffee! Try to watch over yourself grown-ups!!” she was laughing herself out to the kitchen. We were gazing at each others; we both knew that this room could not contain us. Somehow I wanted him to open some normal conversation so I can adjust with him. For no reason, I felt that he was going to ask me about the place where I had lunch with Jay. He was aiming to find out what Jay’s intentions. He quite knows him.

“The Magic Burger” I said interrupting his deeply thought or maybe the “W” that he was about to start his question with.

“Well Well Well. “The psychic sister” How did you find out that I was gonna ask you this?” said Ethan who was surprised that his pupils is getting wider.

“A man like you could ask such curious question because of the betrayal of his dearest friend not telling him about going out with a new woman on lunch. A question like this could solve the problem. It can tell you what he had put in mind towards this specific girl. If the choice of this restaurant was considered despite of the lunch issue” I sighed. I’m so over talking. He was looking at me intensely, waiting for me to end up my speech. I was expecting that he would say one of his mocking words, gives one of his new neck names. He just stood up, looking at me while he was heading to the kitchen, telling Mila that he has to go in an emergency and that he will call her later. He left me there hanging. I knew that he would shut the door like this. That was his answer.  I really can’t handle it. Why do I have to go crazy like this around him? I should have kept these talks to myself. I should have stopped analyzing him like this. He is not a book character I’m interested in.

“what happened for God sake?” Mila asked laughing.

“I don’t know he just left as you noticed” I said without looking at her.  I was drowning in my thoughts that I could the only lunatic among them. I have never been like this my whole life! It’s just a twist in my life that will change me forever.


Text: Marwa Kodmany
Publication Date: 08-17-2012

All Rights Reserved

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