Do you want to rule the world? Don’t only become a great leader become a good one. Understand the true meaning of leadership and the indispensable qualities that a good leader must imbed. And let the power of leadership transform you forever.


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I dedicate this book to the Almighty God for his wisdom and knowledge.


Leaders have always been the first people to be pinpointed whenever tough situations occur. Although there are many leaders in the world, we notice that the decline of problems that the world is facing is not proportionally related to the growing number of the so-called existing leaders. Who is a leader and who isn’t? What is the real meaning of leadership? Are there some unmistakable qualities a leader should have? Can we become a leader just in one day? What are the pitfalls that the professing good leaders should avoid? Can all the problems of this world be solved by good leaders? If the answer of the last question is true it means that we should undoubtedly look for these qualities and by all means train people to leadership around


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Here you will learn to expand the sight of your life in order to become eagle-eyed. You will spread your wings like that of an eagle and fly above all your problems, you will eat your difficulties, you will be challenged to challenge in return, encouraged to encourage in return, you will grow in knowledge and wisdom and then enhance the trust in your capacity to believe in your ideas and do what others can do, what they have done and how you can go beyond their limit. Come out from your comfort zone of defeated path, sit down and learn, add the unknown to the known to increase the scope of your knowledge to the infinite. Welcome to leadership, welcome to greatness.

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