Chapter1: A terrifying morning

I tried hard not to wink while faking my sleep. I could feel something holding me almost 6 feet from the ground. It was slightly swaying left to right. I really want to see who is this person but I won't dare to take risks and make it even harder for me to escape from whoever or whatever is this thing. I kept breathing the same way as in my sleep or at least I was trying to so do. My ears were on high pitch trying to listen to every movement because familiar voices can be helpful in this freaking situation. But nothing at all, everything was quiet. Later after I don't know how much time, I heard birds singing and other animals running, the air was so fresh as if it is announcing the sun's awakening. After few seconds I felt the warmth of the sun against my naked arms and legs. I was only in my T-shirt and boxers when this crazy thing kidnapped me. I don't know how I ended up like this. All I could remember was my screams and a big wolf standing next to my bed and then nothing but total darkness.
After a while of being held up and moving to God knows where my body started to give up to another slumber. Was his warmth that invaded my whole body from his chest the reason to again feel sleepy or the fact that my life came to a point where all I can think about is my nearby death? I tried to hold back from falling asleep but the idea of dying unconscious is so seductive.

What was that?? I felt as if I jumped from a mountain. What the hell was that?? Did this person just jumped while holding me??? What is this thing?? I felt like my heartbeats picked up in its pace but I still have my eyes shut. Of god! I feel really scared from what's coming. I thought I am going to die while asleep but this thing which is holding me off the ground isn't helping or giving me a peaceful death. For how long were we moving? Does this thing ever get tired? Well it seems like it doesn't which is not normal and I should add this note to my list. Yes I did a list of all weird things that has been happening to me this morning. To start with I called this list: a morning to never forget. In this list I put all the things I've remembered after being kidnapped. First, a wolf in my room. An inexplicable fainting. Waking up in stranger's arms. Feeling great warmth filling my body, though it made me feel peaceful for a second. Now the other thing is that this person never gets tired also able to jump from a high place. OK! Now I need a plan my escape from this thing as soon as possible. If he put me down I will still fake my sleep and when he is nowhere to be seen I will get the hell out of here. Simple plan hope it works!

A moment later, don't know exactly after how much time, I heard another person's footsteps coming to my way. This person addressed to the one holding me by "Alpha". What kind of names is this? Then the new guy carried on talking;" we did a background check on her and she has no guardian she actually kept living with her only servant after the death of her parents. She has no friends even at her school, yet she is one of the excellent students." He hesitated a bit then continued" do you think she is really the one?" I felt my holder's muscles tense to what the guy N°2 said, I could also feel his breath being hold as if he was going to say something but went against it.
They were talking about me for sure because I am the one with no guardian and living with just Mr. Jefferson. And yes I have no friends, actually I never had since my mom and dad. That's why death will be a pleasure to come and take me from this lonely miserable life.
The conversation stopped at that point and both guys started walking once again but this time it was a shorter journey.
Guy N°2 opened a door I could tell from the cracking of a door being pushed. Then all I could sense was total darkness covering the whole place. Where the hell am I now?
Suddenly my plan was going to be put on test since my kidnapper had put me down on a really hard surface. Not a gentleman like at all! Nevertheless, my plan should work and I should run from this place before I get killed. But run to where? They might have killed my only friend Mr. Jefferson and no one will ever want me. Should I really run from these people or stay up here until they kill me. But for how long am I going to fake my fainting?.
After they went outside locking the door behind them I made sure I heard no movement next to me and bustled to check out the place. It was darkness everywhere except for a candle in the corner over a bedside table. I thought it was still morning or maybe it is but this room has no windows. I started to trace the walls trying to find the door because it was all in wood. It's a very small cottage I can tell. It didn't take long to find the door anyway: It was an old wooden door, very very old actually I can feel the cracks that tells the whole story under my touches. Then, I tried to push it very gently so it doesn't look like a breakthrough. I was shaking and scared and my mind was giving up already, all dark ideas started to chase me like a hunting ghost. These ideas were about giving up, yes giving up and surrender to my gloomy fate and die alone. My grip loosened under my mind's command and all my body started to recede. Death won't be a bad idea after all, it will free me from my life's misery once and for all. Abruptly, the door swung open and a black shape of a strong man appeared. The light was coming so strong which unconsciously made me shut my eyes and hold my arm in a protective way to hold the light from blinding me. That's when I thought Death has finally come to take me. So, Let my agony begins.

chapter2: A reason to live for

My kidnapper was standing on the door staring at me I believe. After few second of staying immobile, he thrilled my last minutes of my life as he took two steps towards me. Instinctively, I stepped back like a scary prey, however I clumsily ended up falling on my back and twisting my wrist. I kept massaging where it hurts while keeping an eye on my kidnapper, who was 6 feet tall and very well built actually. This means unfortunately that I will have no chance to fight back with my petite body that is just 5,3 feet filled with weak muscles never been trained. The darkness we were in either, didn't help my browny eyes to see his face only to notice the shape of a tall man.

I tried to keep my nerves on track and don't freak out. Actually, if I am going to die I am not going to give it to him easily. My soul is mine and I think it is up me to decide when to die. Unexpectedly, he bent down on his knees right next to me swaying the door with one of his hands behind him. I kept watching as the light retreats gradually leaving both us in the darkness. The first thing that popped in my head after that was the word rape. Great! Now not only I am dying alone, but raped too. What a death! I never thought I am going to die this ugly way. Why me??? Is it because I am a weak creature who was left alone struggling throughout life by its own? But rape, seriously! ... No! Now I have a reason to fight for, well not a really good reason but it is still a reason; my virginity. When he bent down I made him believe I am giving up. I relaxed my body as if I am ready for whatever he is going to do. He smoothly kept getting closer to me , more and more until his hands were on both sides of my body while I am lying under him. Yes now I am going to do it: I kicked him between his legs, pushed him off and bustled to the door without looking back and kept running nonstop.

My tears kept falling all the way while running for anywhere but here. I headed to the forest and never looked back. I didn't stop and I shouldn't for this kidnapper wouldn't take it easy on me after what I've done to him.
"Keep...ruining...Jenny!" Telling myself repeatedly while breathing heavily. Trees were everywhere revealing no salvation to where I could go. I kept running, notwithstanding.

Maybe I can stop now, I ran for too long even my legs are burning from all efforts I've put on. I took a glance to check if someone was there. Finally I can catch up with my breath and stop before starting again. I put my hands on my knees while inhaling and exhaling, this will calm my body and fill my lungs with the needed oxygen. Relief filled my body as oxygen instantly relaxed my nerves. This helped my mind to start functioning correctly and my tears to stop falling. I need to gather all my strength because I don't know what will happen next.
I leaned on a tree to give my poor legs a break. Then I closed my eyes and tilted my head to the side and brought my hand to my neck to give it a quick massage. Before I could release a sigh something jumped from the same tree and in a fraction of a second he was pressing my body against the tree while holding my both hands above my head. I let out a scream as I felt extremely scared. I screamed and screamed while struggling to release my hands from his grip. Suddenly, my whole body stopped moving and my voice didn't come out when my eyes met his.

A very beautiful man was holding me against the tree. A sculpted face was two inches away from me. He had a strong chin and a long thin nose. His cheeks bones were clear to be seen while his eyebrows hidden under his wet long black hair. His eyes however, were so scary. Their colour was of gold with a cat-like black pupils. I felt lost in them and safe as well as if nothing mattered in that moment than our hooked looks. But that didn't stop me from feeling scared. So, I nervously moved my eyes down to his bare strong chest and to the rest of his muscled body. Back to his neck muscles which were drumhead tight. I tried to look anywhere but in his scary eyes.

I didn't know I was holding my breath all this time, when I tried to talk I couldn't voice out anything. He smirked at my perplexed expressions and said nothing but sniffed my neck. "What the hell are you doing?" I yelled on him at the same time pushing him back, but in vain. "Excuse me! Would you stop sniffing my neck, it's inappropriate. And if you want to rape me and kill me do it quickly please." I tried to look so strong speaking my last words thinking that this is the end.
" who said I'm killing you? And Rape? Well miss Jenny I might do better than raping you." I was shocked to how cold-blooded he was. Great! I ended up with a psychopath who will torture me and hold me as a slave for the rest of my life. " Great! So you are going to make of me a slave to do what you wish or you will punish me?" I asked in a sarcastic tone.
He just chuckled to my reaction and grabbed my hand to take me back not to the small cottage but to a big ancient castle hidden in the woods.

I kept staring at his figure: a long dark black hair covering the back of his neck, a muscled shoulders and arms. A flawless body, so sexy if I might say. He was just in shorts; dark blue jeans actually. He was bare-footed and nothing would disturb him from stepping on whatever in his way, while I was getting so uncomfortable with walking on dirt.
We finally got to the castle that was very big. I loved the big gardens that lied on both sides leaving a classy path for a red carpet I imagined. Where is this place? I wondered as I was being pulled to the direction of a big door decorated with two small identical golden heads of a lion on the two sides in the middle.
" come in now" he said enthusiastically "we have a lot to do Jenny."

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chapter3: reality can be shocking


After been brought into the castle and pushed towards the big marbled stairs, my kidnapper ordered me to go up and check if I need anything else in my new room.
" Hell no! I am not staying with you and I didn't accept yet to become a slave!" I shouted at him stepping grumpily towards the door. 
" Not so fast princess" my kidnapper said stepping in my way." I said you're going upstairs and you will do as I say."
I kept staring at how challenging he was, But no! I am not taking orders from this psychopath.
" No I am staying right here, not taking one step inside. And you can do whatever you want I AM NOT TAKING ORDERS FROM YOU" I yelped crossing my arms against my chest.
" OK ! You asked for it Princess" He mischievously smiled. The next second I was on his shoulder screaming and crying for help.
" put me down I am not going... Please!" I begged him but no use, actually I could feel him smirking at me.
After a moment we were in front of a white door.  And without putting me down, he swung the door open and slid me down. While going down, all his  curved muscles softly caressing my body. An urgent desire to touch his muscles spread through me, yet I shook it away and closed my eyes to control it. I anxiously stepped back  to prevent any reaction from my body and turned to face the other way.
" wow!" I said with my mouth forming a perfect "O". What a lovely princess room! A royalty bed, covered with white sheets and decorated with golden cushions lying on both sides, located in the middle of the room. A small table with two seats  are in the corner. So classy seriously. There is a big glassy door opens on a big balcony to the right side, as well. I believe I can see the garden from there. This room is like in my dreams. I unconsciously walked in, astonished like a baby discovering his room for the first time. I noticed a pinky painted door on the left. So I curiosity went to check  what's behind it. "oh my god!". Yes that's a perfect wardrobe!
Since the death of my mom and dad I went bankrupted. I never had such a room it was all dark nothing but very small light to show me the way to my desk and a small lamp to read my books at night. And the rest of the house was off light for 10 years. 

I stepped inside and slid my fingers over every piece of clothe hanged in there. I would love to live here, but I can't dream of this. It's not right. This guy is just buying my silence. I felt heartbroken and disappointed thinking about it. This is not true and nothing is mine. I closed the door behind at the same time shutting my eyes to the painful thought. I looked at him and felt terribly bad. "Why?" I asked more like begging him. His expressions mirrored mine. He said nothing, he just gestured to sit on the bed. I did as he asked without saying a word. My heart is in pain, my whole body is. I lost my parents, I lived in the shadow, I never had friends and now I am kidnapped and might get killed as well. I don't need this life. PLEASE KILL ME. I shouted inside my head.

" Miss Jenny, I did all of this to bring you here to live with me." He simply answered.
" here? With you? In this castle?" I said stressing each word giving nothing away " Why do you think I would accept your generous offer?" I asked in a firm voice.
He smiled and said " because you are my mate."
I burst in laughing. His eyes at that time shined like crystal.
" you mean like soulmates? ... Ha ha ha very nice joke." Is he kidding me. "Are you serious?" I asked in confusion.
He simply answered " Positive" ...
SOULMATES what the hell is happening now. " OK first answer my three question: who the hell are you? Why did you kidnapped me ? Where is Mr Jefferson, did you kill him?" I gasped nervously.
" my name is Xavier. I kidnapped you because I knew you won't come by your own. And Mr Jefferson is coming to live here. I talked to him and he accepted my apology for the bad entrance." He answered my questions in a soft tone as if to reassure me that everything is going to be fine.

He must be playing with my mind so he can get what he wantd. " I won't trust you, I can't! ... Why should I do?" I mumbled to myself but my voice came louder than expected

" oh please forgive my aggressiveness! I might have made a mistake bringing you this way. But I thought you won't accept me, because you see I am different... I mean really different."
I stared at him trying to grasp the meaning of  being 'really different' and all I could think about is him being mentally ill. " you mean like you are mentally ill?" I said with an innocent look.
He burst in laughing and then brought his hands to my cheeks and said" aren't you the funniest mate ever."
" Hey stop calling me that" I shouted taking his soft warm hands off me. " what do you mean by different then?"
" I mean..." He said after thinking thoroughly..." You know its a bit complicated. Well...!!! I.. I.. Am..." He kept wavered then continued after a while of hesitation. " I am a werewolf." He finally finished his sentence with shaking voice.
" ha ha ha ha..! A werewolf like in twilight? ... So YOU ARE mentally ill."
" unfortunately not. I am a real werewolf and I will show you" he explained while standing up to five steps away from me.
What happened after that was unbelievable.  

A werewolf was standing next to the bed like last night. A 6 ft black wolf is just right next to me. I am now terrified and paralysed  and all I could do is  jump to the bed to get as far as possible and hold my legs  protectively. A very loud scream spread through the room which came from me. I can't believe this, no no no this is impossible. This can't be, werewolves don't exists, they are myths to tell kids when they act naughty. My body started to  shiver and darkness invaded my eyes. Tiredness struck hard through my body and everything started to swing in circles. The last thing I remember were beautiful golden eyes staring at me with great worry.

chapter 4: Werewolves! No way!!!


( Xavier's POV)

" Mom... Dad.." She said in a small voice , falling to the side. I shifted back and ran to take her head in my hands. She is so vulnerable. She looks so small curled up like an abandoned soul. I lied her down on the bed while putting her head on my chest. Her pain and fear came too strong with her scent, she lived a shitty life and all I did was implying more salt to her injuries. " oh soulmate! I am sorry. Please forgive me." I held her closer, kissed her hair and promised to never let her go and try my best to give her all happiness of the world. " just accept my reality Jenny and everything will be fine promise."

Two hours later I heard my mate murmurs some words in her sleep." Mate... Werewolf... Nooo... Xavier... "
I looked down to see her eyes but they are still closed. She must be dreaming.
Ten minutes later, I felt her hand slide to the top of my chest. After realising that it was a body she jumped out off bed and put her both hands on her mouth.
"Chill princess. I was just holding you. You fainted and I had to look after you. You can thank me later." I smirked. So innocent, Wish I could make her life any easier. I will wait until she trusts me then everything will be perfect.
"Wait ... Wait wait wait... Did you shift into a big puffy wolf ???" She asked in a shock.
" Um... Yes" I shrugged looking as innocent as possible
" hold on there" .... " A werewolf!"she shouted in disbelieve while pacing the room.
"Yes a werewolf." I said again
" A werewolf" she repeated in disbelieve.
"A werewolf" ..." Grrr" I chuckled.
"Are you making fun of me now?" She asked very annoyed.
I just let out a small laughter then left the room. And before Iget out, I pointed towards the next door: " the bathroom is on the left, have a shower and join me for lunch."

(Jenny POV)
"A WEREWOLF???" I repeatedly said in total disbelieve. Like in twilight movie which should be only based on myths, yet a werewolf appeared in front of me. I must be losing my mind. This is a nightmare and I should get up by now, but everything seems so real. 
I need a shower that will calm my nerves. I headed to the bathroom that was all in white marble. The bath was big enough for two persons. I loved it so much I can even stay for hours here. I took off my clothes and had a shower instead. I wasn't in mood for a bath, actually I just wanted some warm water to stream over my anxious body. After I had my shower I wrapped a towel around my body and went to the next door to pick some clothes. "I will pay for them, I am not going to take anything in advantage. Who knows what could happen." I said to myself while putting a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt on. After checking myself in the mirror, I headed down to eat something and my stomach rumbled in approval. Yes eating will help me to feel better. I don't care if he will be there I just need something to eat.

The kitchen however, wasn't so big. It was small and cozy. I liked it even more. On the corner next to a large  square window my kidnapper was standing peacefully. I stared at him admiring the view. He isn't physically bad, Actually he is so hot. "Jenny stop it" I gasped at myself.
I walked to the table and sat on one of the 6 chairs and stretched my arm to bring close the first plate. Pasta. Yummy!

After finishing two plates I lied back on my chair and sighed in satisfaction. That was so delicious. Looking up at my kidnapper, I found him staring at me with a big big smile. "What? Never seen someone so hungry? And its your fault you kidnapped me without giving me the chance to have breakfast." I explained myself.

" it was just sweet watching you eating. " he said with love
" yeah right. Now! care to explain why am I here?" I asked
He nodded and took a seat next to me. " Jenny" he called for my attention. I looked at him in the eye and he carried on; " well Jenny we are going to make a deal. And if it doesn't work you can reject me and we will both get back to our previous life." ... " as simple as that" he finally said.
I thought about it for a while : " so you mean I should act like a mate and if it doesn't work I will go back to my previous life...Are you  sure that's everything? I believe there is more." I eyed him doubtfully,  in fact I have no one reason to trust him.
What should I do now, I am so confused.
" hey , don't think about it now and I will tell you everything on time OK?... For now just make yourself home and act as if this is your own house. Mr Jefferson will come soon. So don't worry." He said giving me a reassuring smile holding my hand at the same time. I felt peaceful looking at his beautiful face and genuine smile. Why do I have so mixed feelings twards him : part of is willing  to trust him and the other is shouting against it. God please help me out I don't want to feel more pain.
That's was our conversation at lunch-time,  after that I went straight to my room.

I spent three days locked in my room thinking and sometimes crying. Mr Jefferson was the only person who comes to check on me or to bring me something to eat. From time to time Xavier knocks at the door checking if I am doing fine without coming in. It was sweet of him, I liked how he cares for me. It made me feel softer towards him but my stubborn heart keeps fighting back these alien feelings.

How am I going to deal with my feelings now? They come so strong,  wish I know why I am feeling this way....  Are we seriously mates??

chapter 5: Loss of hope, loss of love


" Miss Jenny do you prefer to have your breakfast here or down stairs." Mr Jefferson asked as usual.
" No. I will get down and have it with Xavier." I told him.
He went downstairs while I head a shower and picked the same outfit. A blue jeans and white T-shirt, there are many of them anyway. I don't know if I can pay for all of these, they look expensive. And these comfy shoes are really nice, they match my white T-shirt and light blue jeans perfectly.

When I am downstairs I found many guys sitting on the table having breakfast. They are about eight people, yet Xavier is nowhere to be seen. I felt so shy facing all these men at once and they all look charming.
"Hi!" I said with a small voice. At that moment all eight handsome men looked at me pausing on what they were doing, which was fighting for a peace of bread. One of them gave me his chair to sit and share breakfast with them.
They were all in shorts, and nothing on top. Very Muscled they were. The one that gave me his seat was the tallest with a dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.
"Thank you ... Um?"
" Call me Nick."
"Thank you Nick" I said.

" You are the mate then?" One of the other guys asked. I nodded without speaking a word.

" Hey, don't be shy sweetheart, take whatever you want, or what's left of it. " a guy with black short hair and a very very big muscled body smirked.

I didn't know how to answer and all I thought about was to disappear and never was born and get the hell out of this castle and hide.

" Hey! Easy on her Jason. She is new here." Xavier said walking to the kitchen.

I felt released to finally see a familiar face. He took the seat next to me pushing his friend off his chair. I chuckled and felt better being around him than other strange handsome boys.
" These are my friends, and I am their Alpha. They come to have breakfast here most of the times. And they didn't know you're here in the castle. So don't mind them." He explained more like apologizing . He tried his best to make me feel more comfortable around them.

I looked at how they eat, they look like they will kill each other fighting for every piece of omelet.
" werewolves!" Xavier whispered to my ear. I felt awkward believing that these boys turn to an animal. How can this be true. I am sure it's not a dream yet I am watching them fighting like puppets.
I turned to face Xavier to ask him for an explanation, suddenly I was face to face with him. We were too close to each other that our breaths mixed together caressing my skin that is few inches away. I felt so strange as if butterflies in my stomach and birds singing in my ears a love melody. I wanted to touch him at that moment and feel his skin against my touches but he just looked away without giving me the chance to do anything.

Thank god no one has seen us since they have been busy fighting for food, or I will get scarlet red. I am already blushing for what has just happened.
"What is happening to me? Why am I so attracted to him? He kidnapped me this shouldn't be happening!" I shouted at myself after excusing myself from breakfast to the bathroom. I kept looking at myself in the big mirror and all I could see is a flashback to him being few inches away from my face. I wanted to touch him but he just looked away.

I stared at myself in disbelieve, unable to understand why am still here playing according to his rules. "Jenny that's it, you're getting your butt out of this weird place and run away never look back." I firmly decided to escape and tell no one not even Mr Jefferson.

At that day after midnight, I put some clothes in a small bag and sneaked outside through my window. I was able to get down in one piece after climbing down on a tree that was exactly next to my balcony. It was hard at first to get on the tree because I was scared but everything went on plan. I was walking carefully checking everywhere to know I am safe. After walking for a mile I felt being stalked. It didn't take much time to know who is it, Mr kidnapper found out. I turned to see him leaning on a tree touching his chin with his Index finger smirking. He looked so attractive wearing just shorts. The moon on the other side shining through the forest giving the place a sweet radiance . He was the ultimate model looking beautiful under the moon. I didn't know I was staring at him with my puppet eyes until he mention it.
" Love these looks Jenny, like a lovely puppet."
" how did you know?" I asked him changing the topic.
" well I can smell your scent pretty well" he said" ... I've seen you from my window." He finally confessed " why are you running away Jenny?"

" I need to. I don't belong here and ... You."
" What about me?" He asked demanding an explanation.
I already ran out of words. What can I say huh, I am already falling for your charm!!!
" I can't do this, I've been through a lot of pain. I've lived in the shadows never had friends never felt love after my parents. I am poor, lonely and shouldn't forget Kidnapped." I surrendered to my pain saying all I have in heart. He is torturing me,I don't even know if he has feelings for me.
I know my pain was obvious maybe that's why his face mirrored mine, but sympathy is not love.
"Stop looking at me that way Xavier, I don't need your compassion." I warned him. But his expressions didn't change.
"I know you don't need it, but I do love you and it has nothing to do with sympathy. Believe me Jenny. You are my mate."
I didn't know if his confession as true as it seems or this is just an illusion. My tears started to stream, I wanted to cry, cry for all misery in my life, cry for being in this situation unable to understand my contradicted feelings. He is a werewolf and I am just human. What kind of love is it to share?
" a werewolf is still a human Jenny. I still have a heart beating inside my chest. I have feelings. Please believe what you see Jenny stop fighting back." As if he read my mind.
"No." I said looking down to my shoes. "I can't do this, I reject you Xavier."
(Xavier POV)
Like a knife stabbing my hearts her words seemed. I felt my heart and mind are giving up.
She can't do this to me! We are mates, I need her.
" please Jenny" I stepped towards her way but she pointed with her hand to stop.
My body immobilized and my heart stopped beating , everything stopped moving even the sweet breeze that was there waving her long black hair. Losing her at this early point traumatized my whole senses. Without looking at me she turned around to leave, for as much I wanted to stop her my body didn't find the strength to take any further step. I fell on my knees as the heavy feelings in my heart weighed a tone pressing hard. Why???
I wanted to ran behind her I even tried hard to stand on my feet. My wolf was getting weaker with every step she takes, I needed to get her back now. So I gathered all my strength to stand and start to run so fast to get her back.

Going inside the forest with my higher speed following her scent. My heart is bounding and my body is following the rhythm.
Suddenly her scent was mixed with another and a scream from her bursted into the dark forest.

"Jennnyyyy" ....

Chapter 6;The Devil Is My Brother


(Xavier's POV)

I run towards the source of the scream praying that she is still alive. I mind linked my pack warriors and ordered them to join me.
We are fifteen now, scanning the whole place. We followed her scent but it was all over the place, as if she kept running from this strange werewolf like a poor prey. I can tell his scent isn't unfamiliar at all, who is this werewolf?
I followed both scents but hers started to fade away. What is happening now???.
"HURRY UP WE ARE LOSING HER. ALL OF YOU FOLLOW HER SCENT AND DON'T DARE TO LOSE HER. I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF SOMETHING." I commanded them and ran to the opposite way following the werewolf's scent that was coming so strong. I think I know who is he.

I was surrounded by hundred of huge trees from all sides, sniffing the air absorbing the familiar scent. A memory of my Mother and Father screaming hunted my thoughts with the scent.
" Brother, so glad to see you again." The guy from the front tree said while flying in the air shifting to his human form.
" Wade" a growliness escaped my mouth calling his name out.
" Little brother , so happy to see you again. Won't give your older brother a hug?" He said devilishly smiling.
" what have you done to her?" .. " where is she?" I demanded clenching my fist ready to start a deadly fight.
" Jenny?" He asked in amusement. " she is safe with me, not for long anyway. I will make her my Omega, what do you think?." He asked and winked in total amusement.
" She is my mate you can't do this to her." I roared holding my wolf back who was ready to tear him apart.
" Oh did you think I chose her for just being beautiful, of course I know she is your mate brother. It is actually fun to see you going crazy for your mate." My brother is emotionless, he become this person after my dad had announced me the Alpha after him.
" Well, let's play a fun game, shall we?" Wade devilishly asked. He is ready to imply pain on everyone, he even enjoyed torturing my father.
"What kind of games Wade?"
" it is very simple; It is called give and take. You will give me your title as alpha and prince and I will give you a chance to live."
" And Jenny?" I asked
" Oh she is going to be my Omega. I will enjoy having her in my castle doing exactly what I say. " he laughed enjoying himself.
I felt my blood boiling and my wolf howling inside my head. I would kill him now but the promise I made to my dead mother prevent me from doing so.
" What about I give you everything and you give me Jenny? " I said negotiating his rules.
" I still want to enjoy seeing her cry and scream for your help. And you will be here watching me torturing her and you won't be able to do anything about it. Because you promised our mother." He sneered.
" Wade, I will be glad to break the promise and cut your head off. I am sure my parents will understand my reasons."
" don't push your luck brother, Or your mate will pay the price." He said giving me a challenging look.
Silence invaded the atmosphere at that point yet our bodies spoke other words. We were both ready to kill each other.

" I won't give you anything Wade. And I will get my mate with one way or another and when it's time you will be six feet under." I finally said and stepped away from his sight praying that she will fight back this monster and stay strong until I get her back .

I mind linked my warriors asked for new information.
"Alpha we can't detect her anymore, but we smelled vampires. I think they are the ones who kidnapped her." Nick answered
"What the hell is happening. I just met my brother who assumes that he has her, now you tell me Vampires." I roared in anger.

I met with the rest of my men in front of the castle. They were all sweating and tired. They kept tracking her for almost 5 hours. It's already morning now. I don't know what to do, I need someone's advice. At that moment, I remember Maarit. Without thinking twice I got in my car and drove to her house that was twenty minutes away. But before I go I commanded my pack to send few men to detect Jenny's scent and locate her. I need to know if I will be able to fight my brother though I promised my mother. I need to know if he is what he is now because of me. He became pure evil and I hope not because of me.

The old lady, Maarit, is the oldest werewolf in my pack. My father, the king, used to ask for her opinion in every single matter. She has this ability to know the future. I want to know what happens if I fight my brother and end up killing him.
When I was finally there, Maarit came out of her small bower calling my name with a shaking voice. I knew she knew exactly why I am here but she never was that worried.
" Marrit, I need your help. "
"Alpha Xavier, you've got to kill him, giving him what he asks will bring our death. Save us my son. Fight him. Your mother will understand, her soul is not in peace because of his unfortunate deeds. Kill him my son kill him." She said that and fell on the ground. I picked her calling her name but she doesn't respond. I noticed blood on her neck and when I checked it, it was a vampire's bite. He knew I will go to ask her for advice and he wanted her dead before I do.

My heart broke to hundred pieces. She is family, my only family. She didn't deserve to die this way. Instantly, I cut my hand and dropped few blood droops in her mouth. After a while her eyes winked few times and she was able to stand. I took her to the car and held her hand so she slides inside. I am in my seat now and all I could think about was
" Wade... " My wolf responded to his name with a howl and instinctively thought about chasing him down and kill him.

chapter 7: Xavier, I do trust you!


(Jenny's POV)

" let me out!!! I need to pee." I called from the small window in the door. It is a small cell, I  think its a prison owned by these super pale guys. They have red scary eyes too. I don't think they are werewolves. Edward in twilight was a vampire with very pale skin. VAMPIRES!!! this is freaking crazy, what world is this  filled with mystical creatures. I wonder what else is there and if one of these creatures will be my slaughter?
It took them ten minutes to hear my screaming and one of the vampires showed up from no where. I didn't even hear her footsteps.
" stop screaming you little shit" she gasped from the small window.

" I need to pee! And its a human thing so take me to the bathroom because I won't do it here."

" What's going on?" A male voice came from the small window.
" she needs to 'pee'." The girl said quite annoyed.
" Take her then, but if she tries to escape, you know what to do."  The other male said.

I will escape and I know I can do it. I just need to figure out some way, And I need to distract this crazy woman.

"Vampires?" I asked innocently. But still no answer
" Cat ate your tongue?" I asked in amusement, but I regretted it instantly when She pushed me against the wall and and held her arm against my throat stopping the air from coming in.
" listen you filthy human, I can kill you now and drink all your blood in no time, So if you want to live you've got to shut that smart mouth."
" I can't ... breathe..." I whispered unable to move nor to breathe.
" you are lucky to be this precious for the boss.",she said releasing me from her grip. I wish I was stronger to defend myself, yet I am a weak human being with very weak muscles. But, what if they turn me to one of them? I will certainly make sure they pay the price for treating this way.
The bathroom was at the end of the foyer that has only three doors in; The door I was behind and another one just two steps away and finally the bathroom's.

When I stepped in the crazy woman came in with me.
" Hey, you can't come in with me. This should be private." I said trying to look as shocked as possible.
" I can and I will. And don't think you will be able to escape because you can't. Now do your shit and let's get back I have a meal to finish." She said that licking her lips.
Now that's nasty. Without paying anymore attention to this Impolite Crazy Vampire I headed to the toilet that was really small. This bathroom is made of two separate parts; a toilet and a shower. Not classy at all in fact. Anyway, I went straight to the toilet door and closed the door behind. I looked all over the small cabin, unfortunately the window that was two feet over is very small to any person my size   to go through. I felt at that moment hopeless and disappointed. However, and before I totally lose my hopes I heard the crazy vampire mumble something as if she is chocked. I felt terrified I thought she is sucking someone's blood and my turn will be soon, but when the door swung open everything changed.

"Common we don't have time, you can stare at me as much as you want later  when we are safe." Xavier said holding his hand to me.
I didn't know if I should trust him or just die here, well I didn't have a choice because he pulled me out of the small toilet and we started running nonstop. On the way out many vampires were on the ground drown in their blood some of them lacked few organs too. I couldn't take it anymore, I needed to stop to breathe.
" Xavier stop please. I don't feel well." I said between my breaths.
Unhesitatingly, he stopped and turned to face me. He was so concerned, I don't know why but this part of me whose willing to trust him is taking over. But, why am I still scared of him?
" Breathe Jenny. We can hide somewhere here." He sweetly said. I wished to know why I feel so attracted to him.
" aren't we going back to the castle?" I asked pushing these thought to the back of my head.
" of course not. I won't risk my pack's safety. We will go somewhere else. We need to prepare for a war."
"WHAT???? A WAR??? .... Against who?"
He looked down with his expressions changing to reveal sadness, he even looked ages older. After a moment of gathering strength to answer my question, Xavier stared into my eyes and with a sad tone he said: " My brother."
"Your brother?... Why???" I felt his pain fly to stab my heart and soul, even my voice came as sad and he's.
" He wants my pack and my life and... You Jenny" I can feel his muscles tense answering mentioning my name .
" Me? Is he the one that kidnapped me? But they were vampires I didn't see a werewolves chasing me. "
" I don't know what is the relation between him and vampires but it is possible he is paying them to fight by his side."

I didn't comment on this because I can feel how heartbroken he is right now. This burden of fighting his brother is killing him.
" Xavier..." I called in hesitation.
"yes, do you need anything?"
"No no! But I... Want to be get strong.  I am tired of being treated as a weak person. Make me strong." I asked with determination.
Suddenly his mood shifted up and all his sad expressions faded away and were replaced by this stupid smile.
" What is with your silly smile?" I asked in amusement.
" My silly smile?" ... " Miss jenny, other girls might kill for such smile."
"Easy on your ego macho."
"But first Jenny, you have to answer this question."
Why so serious suddenly? Maybe it is serious.
"OK!" ...
" Do you trust me ?" He suddenly asked. And from nowhere my heart started to beat so fast, I was scared to be asked this because I don't know if I do or not. I hesitated for a while and I can see that he understood my silence as a big No.
" I understand" that's all he said.

As much as I wanted to tell him that part of me is screaming YES I DO, yet I couldn't.
We were sitting in a cave we found in the big forest away from vampires. We didn't share any other conversation, I even started to feel uncomfortable around him. I wished I was still in my dark room reading my favorite love story and dreaming of my knight who will love me unconditionally, yet I am here sharing a cave with a werewolf hiding from vampires and his crazy brother.

Should I trust him? Can I do that?
I spent most of the time thinking whether I should trust him or not. After thinking about it I find myself more and more convinced. I CAN trust him. I do actually.
"Xavier, I do trust you." I said gazing at the wall facing us. He didn't answer for awhile, and after a bit I heard him softly snoring.
I smiled to myself  and lied down next to him, in no time I was asleep next to my first kidnapper, Xavier.

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Chapter8: I am in love with a werewolf

(Jenny POV)

The next morning we were still in the cave sleeping unconscious of the time. We needed to be moving hours before but being together in the same place made both of us sleep like never did.

I stretched my legs and arms like a lazy sleepy cat but this arms wrapped around prevented me. It took me few seconds to realise whose arm was it. Yes, my kidnapper. I didn't move, instead I enjoyed the warmth that tickles around my waist. I felt my right arm touching Xavier's abs. They are so hard like a professional bodybuilder's. I liked the way my body is under him and how he is curled on me like a baby. Does this mean we are in love?

I started to struggle to move without waking him up, unfortunately it didn't work. His eyes shockingly opened to my movements and his face looked priceless at that second. I held my laugh for few seconds but I couldn't anymore.
"What???" He gasped in confusion trying to check the cave while looking to all directions.
"Your face was priceless, you looked so funny shocked." I said while laughing so hard.
Before I could know it I was under him while his chest is pressing me against the hard surface. I looked paranoid and shocked as well I might be even looking funnier than him. He then burst in laughing and didn't move just kept laughing while looking down at my perplexed expressions.
"Now whose face is funnier cute bunny." He said in amusement.

I didn't move neither breathe, I was captured by the beautiful lips few inches away. I felt the urge to touch him again and this time I grabbed my hand to his cheek and gently touched his skin. Everything was silent at that moment but our breaths and heartbeats. He didn't take my hand off or even make a move. My eyes were locked with his beautiful golden eyes, nothing mattered at that time. He kept bending down his head until our lips crashed together in a great harmony. The kiss deepened taking our breaths away. He suddenly broke out with my lips and moved to my neck giving it the sweet torture with his sweet lips. He teeth then started biting me in a ravishing way though there was pain but the pleasure in that bite was taking over.

Looking at me with his exquisite looks made me blush after our unexpected make out. He smiled and kissed my cheeks then moved to the side to sit next to me. I leaned against the wall behind and look down at my bare feet.

"Jenny, ... Do you love me?"
I was shocked to his totally unexpected question and more to his husky voice as it demanded an honest and quick answer. My heart skipped a beat but the answer was already there. Yes I do.

"Em... if I say yes you will get crazily proud of yourself, and if I say no... I will be lying to myself." I said teasingly.
He looked at me jumping from his sitting pose to kneeling on his knees while facing me. His face has lit up with hopes and joy, everything about his body did actually. I giggled to his unexpected reaction and said nothing but mirrored his sitting pose.

We laughed so hard to how stupid we looked. That was the first time I laughed out of joy. I loved the way he acted like a child and more to how close we become after all the pain we've been through.

Surprisingly the idea popped in my mind. "I love a werewolf, I do". I guess we are soulmates after all. I chuckled to the idea that sounded sweet and crazy at the same time.


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Chapter 9: Me... A werewolf!!!!


It took us two hours of walking to reach this unknowns small village in Oregon. During our exhausting trip we talked about the history of werewolves and how he became The Alpha though he is the youngest. I learned so much about his past and how cruel was his brother. Jealousy can kill seriously.

This village was really small, few houses here and there. People on the other hand are countless. I wondered how they fit here. But what really caught my attention is how well-build men are.

"Are they all werewolves?" I asked Xavier who looked absent-minded in that moment. I repeated the question still no answer. I stared to the direction he is looking and I found out that he is staring at the beautiful girl with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair covering her chest and certainly her back too. She was just in mini shorts and a laced top covering just her chest. She looked so beautiful compared to me. I glanced at Xavier who is still looking at her with his mouth open. Why the hell is he staring at her? Who is this girl?

That's it, he has to stop looking at her that way. I punched him with my elbow on his arm that's when he looked at me touched where I've punched him. He deserved it for sure.
" Who is she?", I asked quite annoyed. When he saw my expressions he smirked and winked.

Without saying anything he walked to her direction and just like that he squeezed her in a hug while whispering something. And then they both looked at me. What is happening and who is she?

"Jenny this is Rebecca. She used to be my sweet hot girlfriend.? He said with a big evil smile showing on his face. Is he trying to make me jealous. "Not even in your dreams" I said to myself while shaking her hand.
"Nice to meet you Rebecca" I stressed her name to show her how nice I felt. Yeah very nice!!

Xavier was looking at me in a way that seemed so weird actually it's like he is going to eat me alive. He better stop that look before I turn to red scarlet.

How come she didn't speak to me yet? Does she even speak? She was just smiling or nodding her head most of the time. I wonder if they shared a moment like we did in that cave! Stupid Jenny of course they did. They might have slept with each other countless times.

I kept walking next to Xavier while he was telling her everything about his brother and me being kidnapped and help by Vampires. Quite a story, but still didn't make her speak a word. Is she disabled?

After walking for twenty minuted we reached a big house well not like Xavier's castle but the biggest of all houses out here.
The girl and Xavier stepped in first while I was behind them thinking about them being together again. I felt heartbroken imagining him with her.

"Oh Xavier look at you Darling. You grew up" a lady in her fifties said squeezing his cheeks. I
Chuckled to how cute he looked. The lady, hearing my voice, turned to face me and suddenly her face dropped as if she saw a ghost.
Xavier and after a moment of total silence pulled me to his side introducing me as his mate.
"Jenny, this is aunt Elly, Rebecca's mother."
"Nice to meet you aunt Elly" I said holding my hand to her direction. But, she took me by surprise and gave me a squeezed warm hug.
"Jenny, I am sorry... You poor child." That's all she said before she cries on my shoulder.
"Aunt Elly, what is it?" Xavier asked in a worry.
"We need to talk Xavier and Jenny. " she said this while holding me in an arm length . then we both followed her to her room.

"Sit my child." She pointed to the sofa behind me. And then she carried on; "jenny it has been now 10 years since the sudden death of both your parents." She paused breathing heavily to the sad memory. "You parents were killed as you must know and their death was intended to be. And dear child I knew your parents forever."

I looked at her face while giving nothing away. I wanted to know more but the fear of hearing terrible news held me back. Nevertheless, she carried on talking.
"They were like my family, but the things they had, or in other words the power they held was menacing to other species."

What the heck is she talking about?... "I don't understand aunt Elly?" I said while wavering in my seat.

"Your parents were werewolves. Well your father was and he transformed your mother to one... Your father was one strong alpha, he was the bravest of all men I've ever known. But the power he was given made his life turn upsidedown. Vampires are greedy creatures and they want power to rule the whole world. Your father was one of their first targets and they wanted all his family dead." She paused drinking some water.

I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up from my seat pacing the room feeling like my mind is going to explode.
"What now! My family ... Werewolves? What will that make me then... ??? I paused to the thought of being a werewolf but aunt Elly disturbed my thinking and answered my question.
"Yes darling, you are half human and half werewolf. You might not be able to transform at this age, but once you turn 18. You will become one."

"Wow... No no no. That's impossible. I am a human being who lived in the shadows for all my 17 years old. This can't happen. No no that's impossible...." I started shivering and ever scared to the idea of transforming to an animal. I felt so scared and more that that literally paranoid.
Xavier on the other side of the room started to freak out as well.
"Aunt Elly you must be wrong, she can't be a werewolf. Why didn't they kill her then.???" He asked raising dozens of questions inside my head.

Chapter10: to be or not to be


"Because my dear child, you are still human. At that time Mr. Jefferson was able to hide you in a small room where they couldn't find you. I believe you don't remember this incident right?"

I nodded my head in confusion. I tried to remember about that day but nothing. My mind was blank, and no memories flashed of that night.
I looked at Xavier. I felt so tired at that moment. I wanted to cry for all the times I've been alone in that room. I wanted my parents back. I wanted to close my eyes and wake up from this nightmare. Tears streamed down my cheeks, my body has given up and my mind is banging as if to explode. I fell on the floor crying for everything unfair happened in my life. Both Xavier and Aunt Elly ran to my side. I could hear her sniffing. I know its not her fault, but that's too much to take. I felt so sleepy sitting my back pressed against the wall. I welcomed the darkness that invaded my soul.
*A dream*
Mom and dad are lying on the floor drown in their blood. Mr Jefferson was holding my head against his chest. He doesn't let me see my parents...

"Mom... Dad ... Please get up... Please don't leave me alone." I pleaded crying my eyes out.

The police are checking our place... I am still in Mr Jefferson's lap crying. He is looking at them showing no emotions.

"Mr Jefferson we would like to ask you some questions. And it will be better if Little Jenny goes to her room. This nice man will take care of her until we're done" the man with the black coat said while lying his hand on a policeman's shoulder.

I took the policeman's hand and went upstairs together. It was dark. I felt so cold and lonely. The nice policeman gave me his coat and held me up to my bed. He smiled like my dad does when he is sad.
"Who killed my dad?" I asked
"Someone really bad did. But we will punish him. Your mom and dad are in heaven now so don't be sad, they will always watch over you. Sleep now and dream about all happy memories you shared so they will live forever in your heart." The policeman said pointing to my heart.

*end of dream*

I woke up feeling tears streaming down. I winked few times before I opened my eyes. I am in a small room. Xavier is sitting on a chair with his head in his hand. I looked at him for a moment before I speak.
"Hey!" I murmured

"You're awake!... You've been unconscious for the whole night." He fluttered.

"Really?" I asked in confusion.

He nodded.

"Can I have some water please?" I asked with a small voice.

After I drunk all of it. I got up of bed and tried to walk but I fell back on the bed. I felt my body as weak as a leaf.

"Stay on bed Jenny. You've been through a lot. You need to rest." He suggested with concern.

He is right, I've been through a lot.

"I will get you something to eat. Stay in bed OK ?"

I gave him a weak smile as an answer. It was the best I could do. I really was so tired.

Aunt Elly, came after few minutes after Xavier has left.

"How are you dear Jenny?" She asked with her gentle voice.

I nodded my head and smiled.

"You've been through a lot. But I need to tell you something in private before Xavier comes back." She said whispering cautiously.
"You must for sure have your father's strength. I don't know if your wolf will claim you at 18 as common. So be careful. Don't trust anyone Jenny. Vampires thought you're dead, but when they kidnapped you it shows that they know who you are. So, Take this" she held me a small bottle, it's coloured like blood. I took it checking it out.
"These are blood drops. Your father gave it to me. He asked me to give it to you. Drink this tonight when the moon is full." She explained still whispering.

"Your wolf will claim you. You need to be ready soon my child, don't show it to Xavier." She lastly said holding my cheek with her hand.

I kept looking at the small bottle shaking it. I thought about what she said, if my wolf will claim me just by drinking this. If I become as strong as Xavier I might be able to revenge my parents death. Yes. I am drinking it tonight.

Before she closes the door she said something weird.
"Being mated to a Prince will for sure make you stronger. Never leave his side. With him you are unstoppable." She said pointing to her neck.

I mirrored her movement and that's when I felt something on my neck.


Chapter 11: Mated and claimed.


I got up of bed and started looking for a mirror to check what's on my neck. That stupid Werewolf left something on my skin. Mated?

The memory of him biting my neck flashed back and I remembered the feeling of pain and pleasure he put me through.

I finally found a small mirror in the room hidden in the bedside table.

"What the hell is this?" I gasped staring at the bite on my neck. Its looks like a kiss but deeper and redder.
At that exact time, Xavier decided to come in with a Chinese box of noodles and sushi plate. I gave him a scathed look while a smile barely showed on his face.

"What is this mark Xavier?" I shrilled.

"Mating mark." He honestly answered.

"Mating Mark?... Who said I want to be mated to you?" I aroused

"Too late little bunny. You are already my mate." He said playfully putting the plates in front of me.

"Why didn't you tell me before you do it Savage?" I asked revolted while sitting legs crossed facing my plates.

"Well bunny, if I did ask for permission you will for sure shout at me like you're doing now." He explained in amusement.

We both sat on bed legs crossed facing each other. And that's how we spent the rest of the day, Either fighting or sleeping. I felt much better being around my mate.

Night has came, And the moon will soon fully rise. Xavier was sleeping on the couch softly snoring. I had to do exactly what Aunt Elly asked. Its time for me to be strong.

I sneaked outside to garden in the back of the big house. I took the bottle with me of course. I looked at the moon hanging on perfectly white and round. It is the full moon tonight and the night for the strong Jenny's awakening.

I took the bottle and drunk all of it. It felt weird, like a thick liquid going down my throat. I wanted to throw up. But, the second I drunk it, my whole body started to hurt. I felt like my body is breaking into pieces. I screamed the hardest I could. My body was reacting aggressively. I felt pain everywhere. Pain undescribable invaded my body.
"Stopppp it pleaseeee..." I cried out loud. "Stop it pleaseee."

I heard Xavier from the back screaming my name. I was on the ground unable to move my body. It was moving by itself, everything in my body was breaking. I could hear my bones breaking to two.
"Please make it stop" I pleaded again.

I heard Aunt Elly stepping towards me. I heard her whispering words I couldn't hear. I looked at her with tears streaming down "make it stop please." I pleaded once again.

"Don't fight my dear. Let your wolf claim you.." She said with her gentle voice. Her words were like a spell, I instantly gave up to the pain and closed my eyes consumed by the darkness.

I saw red eyes staring at me, they didn't scare me at all' they looked so familiar instead. I reached my hand to touch the dark figure with red eyes. A wolf stepped from the darkness with a dark black fur. Suddenly the wolf disappeared inside my chest and light broke through.

I felt I was stronger and taller. I felt paws, and fur covering my body. Everything came so clear; voices, movements and even breaths came as crystal clear.

"Finally we are one" a voice I heard inside my head said,a strong howl escaped my mouth thrilling the tranquility of the night.

The weak Jenny is dead, this is the new me. The new born werewolf.

Mom and Dad, your killers will finally pay for murdering you. Its time to control my world and my fate


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