Chapter One

Jesse breathed in the warm summer air as she stepped out of her house to get her newspaper from the porch. Her neighbor across the street in a two storied yellow house waved at her before she went into the house. Jesse went into her kitchen and put on some coffee before sitting at the table and going through the newspaper. She jumped when her house phone on the wall right of her refrigerator began to ring. She stood and answered it, expecting it to be her mother or sister calling to ask for a favor, it was Modeling Corp. Jesse had done an application to work for Modeling Corp when they actually wanted her to come in for an interview.

She hang up and gathered her coffee to head out to the bus station to catch the next 16 to Modeling Corp. Jesse bumped into Michelle Little on her way there, a red head short woman with a fiery attitude. Michelle grinned at her, considering they were both 5'6 and have nothing in common, yet Michelle had been her best friend since middle school. "Hey girlie, where you headed?" Michelle asked her. Jesse threw away what was left of her coffe before answering her friend, "an interview at Modeling Corp." She said.

Michelle's eyes went all huge, apparently she heard of the magazine comapany, they were the best in New York City, big on fashion and passion. "Oh boy, did you know that the man that owns that company was cold-hearted?" Michelle asked shaking her head in horror. Jesse didn't care what she heard about the billionaire that owned the company, all she cared about was getting a job at the firm and build up to becoming a model, starting as an assistant. It had always been her dream to strut down an aisle with the best clothes designed by famous fashion designers.

"I heard a few stories." She admitted quietly, if anything the thought did not scare her from reaching her dreams. Michelle just stared at her, "and yet you still want to model there? Are you insane?" She asked. Jesse shook her head and pouted thoughtfully before answering, " no, just confident." Right when she answered the bus was pulling up and Michell gave her a hug before running across the street to Hayley's Diner. Jesse used her bus pass and took a seat at the front, she was never a back person, she liked being noticed.

It was a long ride to Modeling Corp, when she got there she was two minutes late, but they still accepted her. She walked up to the receptionest seated to the front of the building, The blonde's piercing blue eyes gave her a once over before asking, "may I help you?" She asked. Jesse was not bothered by her scrutiny, as a matter of fact, she challenged the receptionest with a calm gaze. The woman's gaze wavered and Jesse smiled satisfied, "yes I have an interview with the owner of the company." She said.

The woman was typing on the computer, "the job as the assistant, right?" The woman asked not once looking up, "Yes." Jesse answered. The woman pointed to her left at the end of a hall where a set of black doubled doors sat at the end. Above was a sign that said conference room, she took a deep breath and found her self walking towards the doubled doors that held her fate behind them.

Paul sat at the end of the table leaning back in his chair as he watched the gorgeous woman seated before him. For the third time he wondered why she didn't sign up for a modeling career instead of a lowly assistant. She had her hands placed in her lap and she kept his gaze with confidence, answering his questions with a short yet perfect answer. She was exactly what he looked for, it seemed that she matched him in every way, she was headstrong and meaningful on what her dreams was by actually working here at Modeling Corp.

"Well Ms. Road I'm proud to finally say that you are hired." He said leaning forward, he waited for an unexeptable outburst that would ruin her chance, but it never came. She just stood, shook his hand, and walked out, her hips swaying as she walked. Paul was impressed by her preformance and felt a twitch at the side of his mouth when before the doors closed she did a little yelp of happiness.

Paul had seen her records before hiring her, they were clean, although there was a gap in her teenaged life, which he planned to find out why one was there. He stood and left the conference to go to the elevator on the right side of the receptionest. Lillian grinned at him, "she seems great." She said before he got onto the elevator. Which she was right, despite the gap, Jesse Road would be a great assistant, he could just feel it.

As soon as he got into his office a call from his ex-wife came in, "Katie what is it?" He asked softly when he picked up the phone. Kaitlen Monroe is a woman with a warm heart, she was always considerate of others, but they soon realized that there had never been anything but friendship between them, so their marriage ended. Katie ended up marrying his brother Tyler and now they had a little boy named Greg, who happens to be Paul's favorite and only nephew.

"Just wanted to know if you ever found that assistant you needed?" She asked. He smiled, it was always said that he saved his smiles for his loved ones, which just might be true, "yeah, how's little man?" He said. There was a small thud in the background, then laughter, "he just found himself a new toy." She answered. He grinned, Greg was a bit like his mother and was always taking in strays, and he was only six. "So who's your new assistant?" She asked. Paul sat at his desk and began to come up with ideas on sexiest woman alive, he pulled out a picture of Jesse which was among other women and sat it in a pile of sexy women. "Jesse Road," He said, "she might be my assistant, but let me tell you that she would not be doing this job for long the way she looks."

There was a pause, "you hired that girl from our high scool?" Katie asked in surprise. Paul paused a little confused, "Jesse went to our high school?" He asked right back. Katie started laughing, "yeah, as a matter of fact she was three grades lower than us, a twig with braces the last time I seen her." Kattie said.

Paul stared at Jesse's photo and had a hard time actually seeing her being skinny with braces, "well, whatever she did to look like a goddess now, I really would like to know." He said. Katie was quiet again, "I'm not so sure you and I are talking about the same person, Jesse Road was an ugly duckling in high school I highly doubt there's anything that could change that." She said. No matter how many different ways he tried to make that sound nice, it just came up harsh at the end, Katie knew this girl personally the way she put it.

"What was she to you?" He asked softly, he could just picture the look of shock on his sister's face, "Jesse is Michael's sister also my best friend." Katie answered. Paul nodded, it was just as he expected, they were talking about the same Jesse Road, who happens to have a brother named Michael Road, now a star fotball player. Michael had been his friend in high school, while Michael had been the first string quarter back on the football team, Paul had been second string, the next best.

He vaguely remembered Michael's freshman sister that came to every one of their games, if he thought back he never really noticed her, so he hadn't really seen her or how she looked. He do remember braces and glasses, though, so how was it that she didn't have glasses now? The world sure was small, funny that ugly duckling, so Katie says, became this super hot and curvey woman with long dark brown hair.

He got off the phone with Katie and went back to his work, he frowned down at the ideas jotted down from one of the magazine writers, Dan Hansel. The man had an overactive imagination and right now this trait wasn't doing so good on "Female with the best eyes." He thought back to Jesse, she had some amazing earthy green eyes. Then again she had an amazing everything, if only he could give up his rule of allowing an ametur to model he would.

He picked up his phone again, "your assistant is on her way up." Lily said and hang up, he leaned back in his chair, and in came Jesse. She had gone home to change in something that was suppose to look professional but ended up taking a provacative turn. He gulped at the sight of her in the blue suit that hugged all her curves in the right places, her cleavage showed enough to notice and her ass was plump and luciously round. His gaze did a dramatic once over, down to legs that ran on forever and bared shapely calves that was impressive on this woman alone. She had decided to sit her hair in a loose and sexy bun on top of her head, letting a few loose strands of her hair curl in her face and caress her cheeks. She finished in some blue fashionable heels that showed off what looks like small delicate feet with blood red nail polish on her toe nails.

"Good evening, Mr. Keller, I'm ready to start." She said, Paul cleared his throat to regain his cool, "yes, I need you to take this down to Hansel, you do know where the editor building is right?" he asked. She nodded, if anything Grechen had done her job and already showed Jesse around, the woman was always good at what she does. Jesse took the folder of all the sexy women canidates and left his office, what she didn't know was that she was among these canidates, he just couldn't resist.

Chapter Two


It had been a long day at work, Paul was locking up right after Jesse had come out. His cell rang on his way to his Bugatti Veyron, he answered it, taking a notice when he spotted Jesse walking up to the smallest car he ever seen. "Hello?" He answered, The voice on the other end was his father calling about Katie. The man had been bugging him since the divorce on getting a new wife, since he ruined his chance with Katie.

At least to his father he ruined a chance that Paul never had, he married her, he divorced her, what was done was done. They had agreed that there was just no point in furthering their six month marriage and after that they agreed they were better off as friends. He almost got into the car when he heard the ugliest sound of a beetle trying to turn over. He backed away from his car and without saying anything he hang up on his father. Jesse was trying to start that ugly Volks Wagon of hers but it wass refusing to start. He loosened his tie before walking up to her car and knocking on her window, she jumped and then rolled down her window glaring at him.
      "What were you trying to do, give me a heart attack?" She asked in a high voice, he raised an eyebrow at her, she kept her glare though, she was not backing down, he was impressed how she was the only one he knew of, except Katie, that dared talk to him like that. Maybe because she didn't understood how he worked, keeping his cold-hearted persona was a must, he had to so he could keep women from falling in love with him. "Not in the least, but if you want my help, I would try talking to me with little less voice." he said.
        Jesse only frowned at him and tried to make her car turnover again, "well excuse me for not being like every other person who probably bow down to your every wish, but I don't need your help, you could try a different tatic though." She pointed out. She had to be at least twenty-three or four, and the fact that she got snappy with him more amused him than pissed him off. "And what tatic would that be?" He asked. Jesse smiled sweetly, "act like my boss only when we are at the company, not right now." She said.
        Paul never heard anyone talk to him like this in a long time, he leaned closer to her and calmly spoke, "you are absolutely right, to start over, let me give you a ride home." He said. Why was he being nice, he couldn't answer that himself if he had wanted to, he shook his head trying to forget about it. Jesse seemed to be pondering that question, "what about my car?" She asked frowning, Paul stared at her little ugly beetle and shook his head, "I'll get you a new car." He said.
    Her eyes went all huge, and he had a feeling that she did not like that idea, most women would be exstatic with such an idea. Not Jesse, his new assisstant was way different than the women he was used to, as beautiful as Jesse was, there was no way Paul was not going to try and seduce her. His mind already made up, Paul helped Jesse out the car and they got into his, "where do you live?" He asked her.
    Her mouth thinned before answering, "Park Veiw, in the small blue house at the bottom of that hill." She answered. He frowned knowing the exact house she spoke of, it was more like a cottage than a regular sized house. His assisstant was not going to be living in such a dire situation, he refused to have her being talked about for her living situation.
      He kept his mouth shut but not forever, soon, that hot temper of hers will pay its depts. Paul pulled in front of her house/cottage and before she stepped out he grabbed her arm, "I'm coming to pick you up for work at eight, be ready." He ordered. She opened her mouth to protest, he cut her off easily by raising his other hand to silence her. "Just do it, you have no other way to get to work but the bus and I'm not having it."
     Paul let her go and she climbed out of his car and slammed his door closed before stomping up to her house and going inside slamming her door closed. He would have to remind her to lock her door when she's not there, he had a feeling that it's never locked. He pulled off and went home himself entering his penthouse and feeding his dog, Hanna, a golden retriever before going into his room to the balcony.
     He glanced out to the ocean and was humbled when he felt arms suddenly wrap around him, "had a rough day today?" His sister asked him. He turned and hugged her close and kissing her cheek, "nah, it was pretty okay, got myself a new assistant, so tell me how long you been in my house, and how'd you get in?" He asked her. Nicole turned from him and padded to his bed and sat down, "I'm not telling not one of my secrets, just be happy that I'm here."

Chapter Three


   First day at her job and she already knew one thing about her boss; he was absolutely insane, and infuriating.  How dare he think that he had any type of control over her outside the office? No way was she letting him take over her life already, she just met the cold-hearted bastard. She took deep breaths, she wanted this job more than anything, there was no way she was letting her boss get to her.

It was time to suck it up and do her job as Paul Keller's assistant, no matter how much she didn't want him trying to take over her life, she didn't want to lose her job. Jesse sighed as she plopped down on her couch and flipped on the television set to the news. Her phone rung and she debated on rather or not she should answer it, she finally picked it up, "hello?" She answered.

"Hey is this Jesse?" The woman's voice asked, Jesse sat up a bit, "yes who is this?"

"Katie Monroe, we've been best friends in high school."

"Oh yes, hi Katie, what's with the sudden call after five years." Jesse asked not tying to be rude, but it was a bit weird for an old friend from highschool to actually call. Katie had been vey nice to her even though her popular friends were really mean, she stood up for her, then they realized how much they had in common. 

"I know it's been so long Jesse, I was hoping if we can get together and catch up on old times, when Paul mentioned you I was shocked to hear your name, I got to see this new you he brags about." Katie said. Jesse sighed, she have no clue how Paul knew Katie but it was nice to be invited someplace, "okay, I guess." She agreed.

"How about now, I'm already waiting for you outside your door, Jesse hung up and went to answer her door, it was nine at night, and how did Katie know where she lived? Katie stood there right outside her door and her whole face lit up when she see her. "OMG, I didn't believe it possible but Paul was telling the truth! I'm so jealous, I gain baby weight, and you well, you grow tits, ass, and lucious curves, you have to tell me your secret."

Jesse rolled her eyes and let Katie in, 'there isn't one, I just grew up, once i hit twenty I started filling in," Jesse said. Katie shook her head and plopped down on her couch, "talk about late bloomer, just think how many boys would have been crawling all over you when you were sixteen if you sprouted then." 

Katie jumped up suddenly, "I just had a great idea, we should totatlly go see Darren and Grace, they married you know, and have three kids. Can you see Grace having kids, you could have sworn she was allergic." Jesse couldn't help but snicker at this. Grace had been one of the popular girls that Katie had once hang out with, she'd been the top bitch of the three, she could only imagine how she looked and acted now. 

"I will have to warn you she's still a mayjor bitch, and still looks great, can't say the same about Raven, though." Katie added. Jesse an Katie headed out to Katie's car and drove to Grace's house, both going up in time for Darren to step out. "Holy crap Katie, is that you, haven't seen you for two weeks., who's the babe?" He asked eyeing her s if she was a large chocolate bar. Katie rolled her eyes, "still a cheating pig, I see, nothings changed."

"Don't tell my wife, you have to understand, she drives me nuts, so who is she?"

 "This is Jesse Road, Darren. She went to highschool with us."

"You mean Twig Braces?! All be damned girl you are fucking hot."

"What's the meaning of this? Who's at the door Darren?" Grace asked coming to the door with a frown, then her face sprouted to a grin. "Katie darling,  you came and visited and you brought a friend, omg!  Is that you Jesse?" She asked. "Yes, hello Grace." 

"If I knew you would look like a goddess later I would have made you a very close friend." She said grinning.

"You don't seem that bitchy to me." Jesse said, Grace raised an eyebrow, "I can be, just not as bad as Raven, she's rich now, you know, famous pop singer. She forgotten all about her friends."

"Well it was nice meeting you guys but I have to get home, thanks Katie, can you take me home now." Jesse asked. Katie nodded and took her home dropping her off, Jesse waved and watched Katie pull off, then she went inside and closed the door.

Chapter Four


   Paul woke with a sense of determination, he would make Jesse a model if it was the last thing he'd do that was for sure. He took a shower and headed out to pick Jesse up, she had no clue he was coming. Paul pulled in front of her house right when she was going to climb in that awful car of hers. The look of shock on her face when she watched him step out from the limo made him want to grin.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She asked the shock turning to a look of annoyance, "came to save you the embarrasement of driving that ugly beast of yours." he answered. She crossed her arms obviously he struck a nerve, she had no clue how cute she looked. "Really, funny because I rather save the embarrasement of driving around in that thing." He couldn't help but laugh, she was different, he liked it, not like the blonde and bimbo chicks he was used to.

Besides not being used to women speaking back at him the way she did, he loved how she could make anything about her look damn right sexy. "Just get in woman we don't have time I have a meeting arranged to make my next best thing." He told her. Her look of disdain only made him smile as she unwillingly climed into his limo, "I didn't say I had to like it." She mummered. "No, I guess you didn't."

They pulled in front of Kellers & Sellers where a bunch of photographers waited, they went completely wild the minute Paul stepped out the limo. He threw smiles and all he could before taking his secretary through the crowd inside the model agency. "Is that normal?" She ased apparently not used to being surrounded by people taking pictures of her.

Paul didn't undertand why she didn't have a long line of suitors waiting to get hitched, the minute he turned the corner he realized he thought too soon. A long line of males with flowers of different kinds stood at the receptionist desk and he was sure they were all for Jesse by the look on her face.

 "Jesse, be my wife!" males were yelling, "what is this Rachel?" He asked.

"Jesse's photograph that you ordered to be put in a magazine leaked out and since then she had suitors all day."

"I never submitted a photograph." Jesse snapped, Paul smiled innocently.

 "No but I might have."

Jesse groaned and walked away from the crowd of suitors who looked dissappointed to see her walk away, He followed knowing she was upset. Once they got behind doorsbshe turned to him a frown on her face, "what the hell is going on around here?" She asked." Paul sighed, he wasn't going to tell her yet but with all that went on he had no choice. "I kind of made you a model without your permission."

Her mouth dropped instantly, "you did what?!" She seethed, what gave him the right, because he was her boss doesn't mean he had control over her even if that's exactly what she had wanted to do. It didn't faze this man that she was furious, as a matter of fact he wore a huge grin apparently proud of his idea. Jesse rubbed her temples and turned her back and took deep breaths.

The long line of men didn't surprise her, not even a little bit, no what surprised her was that her boss who she had just met was doing something so nice. Cold-hearted her ass, the man was a damned saint, fine she'll let herself enjoy the opportunity, what kind of person will she be iff she didn't?

"I see what you're thinking, I'm glad you calmed down. Now your first shoot is here in our studios, be ready by four." He said before walking off. She glanced at her suitors and shook her head, none of these men is what she was looking for, as a matter of fact a man like Paul was exactly her type. This was nice of him but that didn't mean he wasn't hard to work for, she could do this, one thing she has was confidence.

 Paul knew that she wasn't going to say no, he read her resume, her dream had always been to become a model and she would start at the bottom if she had to. Only problem was that Paul found her extremely attractive and way to sexy to start at the bottom. He had a plan, make her famous then woo her panties off, he had a feeling that it's going to be the best sex he's ever had in is thirty years.

Then as usual he'll break things off when the attraction burns out, she can keep her job and nothing has to be awkwad, they stay friends.

Chapter Five

Next day was Jesse's first real photo shoot in a dress that hugged every curve that kept him awake all night, he woke with his shaft hard as a rock and had to take a cold shower to bring it down. When she showed it off last night he was sure he was going to do something he would regret, thanks for years of training to stay in control, he managed. Maybe this was a mistake, that's when his mother swept gracefully into the room, her face was etched with determination, she was on a mission. "I have to have her, she's a sensation, let me borrow her to wear my lines?" One thing was for sure she has never been this impressed by any of her models, that means he had a great eye.

 "Not a chance, she's not a handbag. Here's the deal once she's finished these shoots, you can ask her yourself." he grinned at her pouting face and gave her a kiss on the cheek. His mom was okay with this, which made her so awesome. "So what is your plans this evening?" she asked him. He shrugged meaning he had none at the moment. "Well Katie and I are going to dinner with a couple of your highschool buddies, maybe you can invite that gorgeous model of yours."

"Maybe." he agreed.

His mom left him alone to think about what she just said, he haven't seen Katie for a while, sure they had talked over the phone, but she had moved to Pennsylvania and had her baby; his nephew. Paul's cell rung, he was surprised at who was on the other end, "hey Paul, it's me Michael. God if I knew how successful you have gotten I would have congradulated you years ago." He said. Micheal had been the last person he expected to call him, how he got his number was the real mystery, "what is it you want?" Paul asked suspiciously.

"What, I can't check up on my bestfriend from highschool?" Micheal asked smugly. Paul frowned, not if they hadn't spoken to each other for decades. This couldn't just be a social call, "is this about your sister?" He asked. There was a pause, bingo. Micheal must have seen Jesse's photos in the papers and probably all over talk shows, she'd become a famous model in mere weeks. "Okay you got me. Seeing my sister look that great had me call you. The thing is Paul my sister is very vulnerable and well if you hurt her in any way I'll have to track you down." Micheal warned.

 "I will expect it." Paul muttered, because he was starting to want Jesse in a way that had nothing to do with business. Which is why he was trying to make all her dreams come true, despite what everyone says he was no cold-hearted bastard, he just never found the right woman that he felt deserved his attention, until now.  Micheal changed the subject and tried to catch up before they ended the call, it had been a long day. Jesse finished her shot and headed over in his direction, "so how I do?" She asked.

 "You were great, that dress fits you perfectly." She smiled that amazing smile of hers, which lit up her whole face. It seems she was happy by his compliment alone, was she doing this for him? He truely hoped so, because he felt it was time to think of pleasure for his next step of getting close to Jesse. She had been apart of his dreams and thoughts every waking and sleeping moment.

He lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed it, it caused a need low in his groin, and he didn't miss the way her eyes darkened with desire from his touch. He smiled devishly into her gaze until she shuddered visibly, she felt the same way about him, now that was something. "How about a nice dinner, just you and I?" He asked softly. Jesse's dark red painted lips parted and then she gave him a cheeky grin, "okay." She agreed.

A date with a woman he had on his mind for weeks now, he wanted her, and he knew she wanted him, Paul was ready to seduce her into his bed. But before he did that he had to woo her, wine and dine her. Paul went home to get ready, taking her somewhere fancy was the start of it all, Cre du lai, was the perfect place to take her. New York City's only best French resturant, that he knew of. Paul is a rich man, and he only went for the best of the best.


Jesse felt like she was walking on a cloud even after Michelle's warning not to go on the date with Paul, and of course she hadn't listened. Paul had been nothing but nice to her despite that one day where he tried to be the boss of her outside the agency. He had praised her work and she knew that he wanted her, hell they were two adults, there was nothing wrong with that. Michelle act like they were getting married, with the way she spoke, it was just dinner, that was it. 

"Dinner? Then it becomes sex, you falling in love, and then him breaking your heart. Seriously Jesse, I'm worried about this." Michelle said following her around as she got ready. Jesse immediately regretted inviting her in, talking her out of this was the last thing she expected from her friend who's been trying to get her a date for a while. 

"Seriosly Chel, I'm just doing exactly what you told me to do." Jesse pointed out putting in her silver heart earrings. She wagged her finger, "oh please, like I would ever agree to this date, Paul is a bachelor made to break a woman's heart, he's Touble with a capital "T."" Michelle said shaking her head. Jesse sighed and finally tuned her out, when the door bell rang she was glad to get away from her very judgmental friend.

Paul stood before her, all six feet of him, dressed in a dark gray tailor suit that fits snuggly to his muscular frame. She especially loved the spikey look he gave his hair, and the sparkling of his dark blue eys that stared at her as if she was the only one he saw, which she is. "Wow, you look amazing." He told her. Then she felt amazing, though she was very aware that she was indeed beautiful, confidence was key in the modeling career. "You look just as great." She told him.

 He led her out to his blue sports car and helped her in, then he got in, started the engine and began to drive, an hour later they arrived at their destianation. "Wow, I always wanted to go here." She said in awe, and as they entered, she realized they were the only two there. "Are you impressed yet?" Paul asked pulling out a chair for her. She waited as the waiter served their wine, a fancy red wine, "I'm getting there," She teased feeling a bit giddy and pleased that Paul would go through all this trouble for her.

Then she remembered what Michelle said, maybe he did this for all the women he dated, the thought almost brought her spirits down, almost. Paul had her order her meal first, instead of choosing for her, something she did not allow, and then he ordered for himself. The day went smoothly, they laughed at each others jokes, and told life stories. Neither had anything terrible happen to them growing up, but Paul did mention his mother who wanted to take Jesse as her own model. 

The day was over and Paul was driving her back home, "I had fun." She admitted quietly as they sat there in front of her house, "we need to buy you a new house, I mean you do make money now." He said. Jesse did agree with this, it was the matter of moving away from family and friends. The mood turned sizzling hot once she realized how close they were. Paul leaned in his mouth so close to hers that she could practically feel them touching her already.

Her heart was pounding, her adreniline a whole new level, and she could feel the desire building in the pit of her stomach. Once their lips met, it was magical, a blast of color, like fireworks in her head. She sighed and literally melted in his arms,her body reacting immediately to the way he licked her bottom lip then pulled lightly with his teeth. He deepened the kiss until her lips swelled from the intensity of it, he pulled her as close as possible, until she was damn near climbing into his lap to get close.

Paul groaned deep in his throat, brushing her arm where it now tingled from the warmth of his touch, oh boy, it was some kiss. A kiss she couldn't let lead to hot sweaty sex in his  car in front of her neighbors. So with little control she did have, she managed to pull away and scramble out of the car. She was blushing, she knew it, not that she was shy or anything, just embarrased to lose such control in mere seconds.

"See you tomorrow." She blurted.

"Wait, Jesse, shit." Was all she heard before she closed the door.

Chapter Six



Jesse was afraid to show up for work, not because she was embarrassed, it was in fear, she was afraid that she would strip Paul naked and do him right there in front of everyone. Dammit she never felt this way about any man before, not until Paul came into her life, she must be going nuts. Not being laid was clouding her senses and drawing herself to him, that had to be the reason.

She hit her forehead on the table several times until Kate called to come over, since that one night, they'd been catching up on missed times together as friends. Once Kate got there she was finally glad to let everything off her chest about Paul, "go for it." Kate said suddenly, her face as straight as could be, she meant every word. "You're not going to try and talk me out of it?" She asked. Kate laughed, "why would I do that?" She asked with a wink.

That was a good question Kate was happily married now and no longer had feelings for Paul, as far as Jesse knew, Kate never had feelings for Paul. "I don't know, Chel has been telling me not to, you know and dammit I want to so fucking bad." She admitted. Kate choked on the coffee she made herself trying not to laugh, "then what's the problem, hun, if you want to fuck his brains out, then what's keeping you?" She asked.

It was a question she didn't have an answer to, Paul has been proving that he wanted her, hell it could be fear of letting herself fall in love with him. Paul was a heartbreaker, all the gossip magazine's proved it, did she really want to fall in bed with a man with his background? Fuck yeah. No strings attached sex was exactly what she needed, and she wanted Paul to be the one to take her to heights unknown. 

"I see that brain of yours over there working, you're thinking about it aren't you?"

"Maybe." She said smiling slowly.

"I want you to tell me how it goes, if he's any good in bed." Kate said wiggling her eyebrows. Jesse rolled her eyes, "don't you already know?" She asked. Kate shook her head, her face etched in false disappointment, "unfortunately, I didn't get the pleasure of finding out." She said. That was too bad, becuase Jesse wasn't in the habit of telling anyone how good it is after having sex with him.

 The next couple days at the agency went by quickly, Paul took her out each of these days but hadn't tried to jump her bones yet, and she was starting to get real hot under the collar. It was like the desire was building up on the inside and if he didn't try anything anytime soon she was going to go sex crazed. Hell and she haven't even had sex with him yet. The third day she wore something that ought to get his attention.

Paul's libido was in danger, he knew the moment Jesse walked in his office wearing a tiny fabric of a dress that hardly covered her. Who knew she could be such a dangerous tease, and dammit he was loving it, on most women the desparate way to get his attention would turn him completely off. With Jesse she was turning him all the on, that skimpy look she had going on was driving him completely insane.

 "Ah man, did you see that dress Jesse was wearing, I want to screw her so bad." One of the male models said as they walked passed his office, it took all his will not to pummelthe guy to death. Hell admittedly it wasn't the guys fault for appreiciating a woman's body, especially one that was itching for a good fuck. Paul done had enough, after Jesse's last shoot and he caught her going to her dressing room he managed to pull her into his office and kiss her senseless. 

Her lips was one of her many great body parts, as he lifted her and sat her on the edge of his desk. He wanted to rip everything off of her and just take her right there and now, and he couldn't do that with so many clothes on between the two of them. "About time." She whispered her lips swollen from their kiss. Paul's brain was fuzzy, but he remembered to turn and lock his office door and shut all the blinds, he was not going to wait any longer to take her.

She gasped as he rubbed his thumb across the front where her nipples peaked through the cloth of her dress, they were hard and begging to be suckled. "What do you want?" He asked his voice raspy with desire. She wriggled between his legs, where his shaft was pressed hard against his jeans ready to feel the deep wetness of her womanhood. He groaned from the movement looking deep into her eyes, they were completely dark with the same desire he was feeling.

Paul then removed her dress, already knowing she wore nothing underneath, she was one beautiful woman, curves in all the right places. He took her in, every inch of her he remembered in his head, she was a master piece. Her small delicate breast sat high and perky, the dark pink of her nipples peaked with desire. His eyes traveled lower down the flat of her stomach to the tiny patch of hair that covered her womanhood. Down long shapely legs that went on forever, he wrapped them around his as soon as she took his clothes off. 

Paul handled one of her breast, loving the feel of them and how they fit perfectly into the palm of his hand, he suckled lightly, drawing the nipple between his teeth and lightly taking a nip, she arched her back from the pleasure of it and whimpered with need. He continue this with the other breast until they too was swollen, he then laid her back until her back was touching the desk and her legs were over his shoulders.

He then dipped his head low until he was devouring her insides with his tongue, she cried out his name and dug her fingers into his hair, then started to buckle until she orgasmed. Completely satisfied with her pleasure, he was ready to take her. "I want you, please take me." She begged  rubbing her lower half on the tip of his shaft which got even harder, if that was even possible. He gritted his teeth as she wrapped long fingers around his cock, the friction causing him to damn near cum right there in her hands. She pumped several times, and Paul groaned, burrowing his face into her neck to block the sound from escaping.

He grabbed her wrist, "are you trying to make me crazy?" He asked with a groan, he couldn't take it any more as he finally slipped deep into her warmth. Taking them both to heights he had no clue existed. The pleasure coursing throughout his whole body that he had to shudder. Paul whispered her name several times with each thrust he made he could feel himself about to release. Her moaning was a turn on, iher release told him that he could finally let go. "Oh my God that was amazing." She said smiling sleepily up at him.

"It was, next time we'll do this at my place."

 "There's a next time?" She asked, Paul was stunned she had to ask, "are you kidding me of course there is."

Chapter Seven





         It was cold and stormy, the night sky was a dark blue with storm clouds, and Paul was a bit worried that Jesse would get caught in the rain. He had checked outside his penthouse window constantly wishing he had picked her up himself. What kind of man lets a woman ride herself to a date? Paul shook his head disappointed in himself, it was clear he was not wise on that part.

 He breathed in relief when he finally saw that beat up beatle she loved so much pull into his driveway, hell he had thought they towed it weeks ago. Jesse could have all the money in the world, he realized that she will always be the same. He met her at his door, "I'm glad you made it." He said pulling her in so she could dry off. She was completely soaked to the brim, "well almost, what happened?" 

"Umbrella malfunction." She explained with a smile, Jesse wasn't the least bit bothered that her make-up was going to be ruined or her outfit, it was amazing how different she was from all the other women he was used to. Now he wished he paid better attention to her back in high school, though then he was into Kate. "Let's warm you up some tea, can't let you get a cold, can we?" He asked. 
   Jesse placed a perfectly manicured hand on his chest and her eyes turned dark with desire, "I know better ways to warm up," her voice soft and seductive, and he was already turned on. Damn the woman had that ability to flip a switch inside him, he wanted her. Paul groaned and stepped back, grabbing that hand and kissing it lightly, he knew by the way she shivered that she found that alluring. 

"I don't want you catching pneumonia or anything, we have to dry you up the non sex way." He sad pulling her towards the bathroom and cutting on the hot shower, adjusting it to a warm tempature. Jesse pouted, but played nice, He left her in the bathroom to let her take a shower. As she showered he cooked lunch, a nice steak with potatoes, thankfuly she ate big, unlike most models he work with.

She came in, smelling fresh and wearing one of his teeshirts that looked hot as hell on her, he could see her cheeks when she bends over, just a peek, but enough to make him hard. Paul was completely horny, and almost didn't finish lunch, he made it through and made love to her afterwards. They went on all day and night until his cock was sore and she could barely stand.

The rest of the night they stayed up and watched movies after taking a shower together, with her was so easy, he didn't have to worry about any complications in their sex relationship. Which is why he didn't mind her spending the night, not something he usually allowed. She was special, he had this feeling that sleeping together would be refreshing, he never cuddled before, not even with Kate.

 The next morning Paul and Jesse was ready to go back in to work, an important shoot was today where they was theming a wedding for a famous actress. They wanted Jesse to model because she looked great in the wedding dress they had on file. "Remember this is a wedding shot." Paul said as he photographed her himself, he didn't want anyone else looking at her, the thought of it made him jealous, admittedly. Whoa. Jealous, he did not get jealous. 

Paul knew then that he must, because when it came to Jesse he sees red when another man tries to talk to her or sees her having a conversation with another guy. it was sad really, he did not have any rights to her, if she wanted to date or have sex with other man he couldn't stop her, but he would. She was his, no matter what anyone else says, no man but him should touch her.

It may be possessive, but he was feeling very possessive, Paul finished the shot that she had with the very excited male model. The man was happy to do a shoot with Jesse, though she had eyes for Paul only, which the guy learned eventually when she turned him down for a date. Paul had been pleased. After the shot, the two of them snuck a quicke in his office again before going their separate ways to take  a shower in the public shower rooms at the modeling agency.

 Jesse was in love with her boss, God how could she let herself fall for him? She told Michelle who had warned her that Paul was the wrong guy to be in love with. But it wasn't like she could help it, love was a feeling no one could help. She had to let things go on as is, because she couldn't lose him, Paul was the kind of man who ran at the first signs of the "L" word. She found him in her kitchen, they had made love at her house last night, cooking breakfast, he smelled delicious, like waffles on a Sunday morning.

"That smells wonderful." She declared wrapping her arms about his waist as he cooked, "for you." He said turning to kiss her on the forehead. She beamed at how sweet he could be, too bad a man like him couldn't believe in love, he was so romantic. "I'm honored."

"Did you sleep well?"

"Perfectly." She said sitting down to eat the food he sat on the table, her mouth watered at the sight, she was completely starved. "Dig in." He said sitting down across from her, he had no food of his own. "Aren't you eating?" She asked. He smiled, "nope. I'm much more interested in watching you enjoy this meal." He said. Oh man she just fell deeper, he was willing to watch her eat instead of eating himself, what a man. "Better stop before I fall in love with you." She whispered.

Paul's eyes glinted, "that wouldn't be too bad, would it?" He asked, she paused wondering if that was some kind of hint, but his eyes were teasing. No, he couldn't be confessing, it wasn't in Paul to love her. "No I guess not." She wolfed down her omlett then they left for the park where they had a small picnic, just the two of them. The day went great, they ended it with more love making, and cuddling into a deep sleep.

Chapter Eight




    Paul wasn't sure what made him say that, he didn't love her, he couldn't. She may be different from all the other women he'd had sex with, because he can't seem to get enough of her. She is constantly on his every thought, the way she bit her lip nervously, or smiled that amazing smile of hers, and smelled exactly like lilacs. Damn he was something, but it sure wasn't in love. Paul stood outside leaning on his penthouse balcony staring up at the stars, or was it?
    Would he know? Hell he'd never known what true love was, he grew up with a mother who loved her son but not unconditionally. He never once been with a woman he could love, well except Kate, but that was a love of friendship. He sighed, if he thought too long he was going to give himself a headache. "Are you okay, Paul?" Jesse came out onto the balcony wearing nothing but his shirt, God could that be any more hot than it already is? He smiled in reassurance, "everything's fine, just watching the stars."

Her smile bloomed, "really, how romantic."

Paul wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer, his body reacting immediately as usual, he kissed her deeply, a groan escaping his throat as he lifted her until her long shapely legs wrapped about him. She was like a a breath of fresh air, he could kiss these lips all day. She rubbed her womanhood against the peek of his cock causing a friction, "I advise you to not do that." He growled with uncontrolled desire. She splattered kisses up his neck to his chin and again rubbed herself against him. 

He gripped her buttocks and pushed her up against the wall, entering her warmth, the sensation of her washing over him, each thrust driving him insane with pleasure. Her moans brushing his neck as she buried her face in it and her fingers tangled in his hair. He gritted his teeth as he finally realeased inside her, he kept going until he heard her cry of pleasure, and once again he came. Kissing her gently, he carried her to the bed and lowered down until both of them was entangled and falling asleep.


   Next few days Paul was avoiding Jesse like the plague, he couldn't let this go on anymore, he was in trouble, he knew it. She was becoming much more than an affair, he cared about her, but he knew that if he didn't end it now, he would hurt her. Paul sat watching as she posed in front of the camera man, she was gorgeous. She wore a long glittering blue dress that hugged her figure lovingly. The more he thought of ending it with her the more he felt with dread.

No not dread, he couldn't feel, he felt numb. Paul turned away when he noticed her look of questioning written across her beautiful features. He stood and walked over to the coffee stand trying to avoid confirtation. "Why are you avoiding me?" Jesse asked as she came up behind him. He bristled, he couldn't make eye contact, if he did, he wouldn't be able to keep his original plan of ending the relationship.

"Isn't it pretty clear?"He asked, the words coming out of his mouth just flew out, he still refused to make any eye contact. "Paul, what is this about? Did I do anything wrong?" She asked. No she didn't, "come on Jesse, you know it's not you, this thing between us has ran its course." He flinched at the lie. Her gasp of hurt made him look deep into her eyes, "but...I thought." She bit her bottom lip as he watched the single tear slide down her cheek. "Ah sweetie, don't tell me you fell for me?" He asked the guilt suddenly racking his heart, he never wanted to hurt her, or break her heart, hell he was too late.

Jesse crossed her arms and lifted her chin, the tears falling slowly, "what if I did? Is that so terrible for you?" She asked. Shit, Paul frowned, was it? "Please don't make yourself hurt more, Jesse, it was going to end eventually." He whispered. "Jerk, how do you know, what we have, that's a lifetime kind of feeling, you just refuse to see it!" She snapped. She was pissed now, her cheeks flushed with anger, the look was adorable. Paul shook his head, he couldn't think about that while trying to end their affair. 

"Jesse I'm not any good for you, I'm incapable in loving you." He said softly, Jesse turned from him, "you don't know that, just because your mother didn't show you the love that kids need, don't mean that is your same problem." She said. Paul hated to see her like this, he hoped they would part as friends, but as he stood  here with her now, he knew that it wouldn't have worked. Jesse was the type of woman a man kept forever, she deserved much better, if only she knew.

"Jesse." He said, she whipped around to glare at him, "do not, please, excuse me."

Jesse was gone, she walked away, her hips even swayed while angry, she was a born model, but had a heart of pure gold. She didn't let money overrule her, she stayed the same, was an amazing sex kitten and made him laugh. She was different and he knew she could do better than him. The man who snatches her up will be one lucky son of a bitch that is for sure.




Chapter Nine





    Jesse could feel them watching her as she walked through the parking lot of Abble's Grocery Store, she felt used and embarrassed, and hurt. Michelle had been right about Paul, though she had refused to rub it in her face, what a great friend. After getting a few groceries she went to Kate's house, she's been hanging with her for the last couple of weeks. Kate was different from their school days, when they were friends, more girlie for one.

  "I'm really sorry about what happened with you and Paul, I thought you guys were so cute together." Kate said for the third time that week. Jesse hated the mention of that name, but Kate believes mentioning it is a good way to recover. Not for Jesse, her heart rolls in pain every time Paul is mentioned even once. Jesse sighed as she and sat in the kitchen having a couple of glasses of wine. "Yeah well, no relationship ends on good terms, it was just time for Paul and I." Jesse lied.

"That's bullshit and you know it." Kate snapped, maybe so but it made her feel a little better thinking like this, liar, she thought. Jesse couldn't help the flow of tears that suddenly fell down her cheeks, "maybe so, but it has to be good for now." She said tearfully. Kate shook her head, "it never gets better, not if you truely love him." She said. Jesse was afraid of that, she knew deep down that no other man would be able to replace Paul, he was the man for her, only he didn't feel the same way. 

She blew out a breath, or maybe she wasn't trying hard enough, Paul only thinks he isn't the right man for her, if she fought hard enough, she could prove to him that he was the ideal guy for her. Kate grinned slowly, "what are you thinking of?" She asked. She had a plan to get Paul to see they definitely belonged together, so she told Kate to get all their friends together, because she was going to need the support.

An hour later, she sat with Kate, her brother Micheal, and two others in the kitchen, each of them willling to help her get Paul back. "I think it's a great idea." Micheal said wiggling his eyebrows, Diane high fived Michelle and giggled, "he'll never know what hit him." She said.

"Of course he would, Jesse, she's going to give him a reason to be with her." Kate pointed out. All for the sake of love, Jesse thought glad she had good friends. "Lets do this!" Micheal said excitedly.


Paul was burrowing himself in his sorrows, damn how on earth did it get this bad? Now he could do nothing but think of Jesse, it took him three whole days to realize that he loved her. Three, what the hell was the matter with him? Now he lost the best woman that ever happened to him, because he knew he didn't deserve her. Paul sat at the bar still holding that one half empty glass of whiskey. He never drunk, but knowing he'll never get the chance to be with Jesse again made things unbearable.

"Hey, Paul." Micheal was here? He stared at his old friend in shock, "what are you doing here?" He asked suspiciously. He wasn't here to try and kick his ass for breaking his sister's heart, was he? Paul straightened and glared at Micheal, "just dropping by to say hi, don't worry, you're safe from me, though I have to tell you, I saw it coming." He said. He did?

Paul went back to his drink, "I don't know what you mean." He lied, dammit but he did, Paul didn't settle down, she got to close and he panicked, Micheal knew. Micheal laid a hand on his shoulder, "you have feelings for her don't you?" He asked. His shoulders slumped, hell there was no point in denying it, "I'm head over heels." He admited.

"Well then this was easier than I thought, I don't have to go into a long lecture to why you should love her. Let's skip all that and get you home, big guy." He said. What was Micheal up to, he thought. He paid the bartender and followed Micheal outside the bar. They both took the car to his penthouse and pulled up in the garage.

Paul climbed out wishing he had more to drink, because there she was, the woman that never once escaped his every thought. She stood there, her eyes shining with determination and love, it poured out of her in spades. Why was she here? "Hello Paul." She said softly.

Chapter Ten



  Paul wasn't sure what to say as he stood there wishing he could just take everything he said that day he left her back. Micheal nudged him, "Jesse, what..."

"Don't. Let me say what I need to first." She said stepping forward until she stood three feet from him. Paul swallowed, he was afraid that this was her final say, that she was going to tell him off. He was going to lose her for good, but didn't he want that? God he was a mess.

"Paul no matter what you said to me, I still love you." She began, Paul loved her too, he just had to say the words, Micheal nudged him foreward. He turned to scowl at him, he knew what to do he just needed the right moment. "Excuse me, but I feel like you're taking to long." Micheal whispered glaring at him. Paul turned towards Jesse, her eyes shined with tears, man he hurt her, and he was still doing so.

"Jesse look, I'm terrible at this..." He began again and again he was cut off, "I understand what you have to say, Paul, I'm sorry for bothering you." She said turning away. Paul panicked and instantly grabbed her forearm, "damn woman, if you don't let me finish my sentence." He warned turning her to face him.

She was shocked, he could tell, "Jesse, I was an idiot, it's obvious. At the time that when I broke up with you it was because I felt I didn't deserve someone so great. Honey, I'm done being alone and I'm done running scared, because you made me realize that I only love for real once." He started pulling her closer as her tears flowed. 

"Paul." He placed a finger over her lips, "I'm not finished, darling, I find you to be the sole reason that I feel such happiness, I want a family, a wife who cares, a life that has nothing but joy in it, and Jesse you give me all that, I love you sweetheart, and I'm so sorry for being such an idiot."

Jesse flung her arms about his neck planting sweet kisses all over his face, she was happy, it was all he wanted her to be. "I'm so glad, I'm so very glad." She whispered before he pulled her into a deep passionate kiss. He couldn't care less who was watching, because at the moment he only saw the woman he loved, and she was now his forever. 


A year later....


Jesse stared out at a beautiful sunset, things were just as she imagined it would be, life is great, "Hey sweetheart, J.P. needs a diaper change!" Paul came rushing out carrying their son outwards for her to change. She chuckled, "Oh no you don't, it's your turn to change his diaper. She said leading him to the changing area, "Da da," J.P. started welling up with tears as Paul turned his face up at having to change the stinky diaper. After she managed to walk him through it, the three of them went down to join the rest of their guest, they were having a small get together. 

  "It's about time, it's rude to have guest and run off somewhere." Katie said as she instantly took J.P. and started cuddling him, being with Paul was never boring. Suddenly he was tapping his glass and making a toast, "to my love and son for changing my life,honey," He was suddenly falling to one knee before her.Her whole heart felt like like it would fall out her chest. "Would you make me the happiest man on Earth, by agreeing to be my wife?" He asked as he showed her the most beautiful ring with a small green diamond in the middle. "Yes, yes, yes..." She said as he lifted her and kissed her, neither hearing the congradulations in the background...


Yeah life sure is great.












                                                           The End


Release Date: 04-16-2012

All Rights Reserved

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