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Misconceptions about Peace Making

Why Peace Making Matters


Keys to Resolve Conflict & Restore a Broken Relationship


Key#1 – Go, Make the First Move!


Key#2 – Ask God for wisdom


Key#3 – Begin with “What’s my fault?”


Key#4 – Listen for their hurts and perspectives 


Key#5 – Speak the truth in love


Key#6 – Fix the problem, not the blame


Key#7 – Focus on reconciliation rather than resolution


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It is our earnest prayer that readers will seriously take to heart the importance of conflict resolution and relationship restoration. Let us embrace that peace making is possible only by Scripture alone, in Jesus Christ alone, by faith alone, by grace alone, and for the glory of God alone.




                                                                   Team Bersales




  One of the most important skills that you have to learn in life is conflict resolution – how to resolve conflict and how to restore or reconcile a broken relationship.


We are imperfect people and we’re all different so we have conflicts almost every day of our lives. If you run from conflict, you’re going to be miserable. This is an important skill because you have to know how to resolve conflict at work, in your marriage, with your children, with friends or in your community. But here’s the problem, nobody taught you how to do it. You certainly didn’t learn it from your parents. You never have a class in school that taught you how to resolve conflicts. And yet this is one of the most important skills to your happiness in life.


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God”.

Matthew 5:9 (NKJV)                                                                      


Misconceptions about Peace-making

People have different reasons and misconceptions about peace-making.


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