First Love
I’d never believed in love at first sight, at least not till that day. You can call me silly, I probably was. Then again, what does a 15 year old girl know about love?
It was even more of a surprise for me, considering all of my friends were what you would call “boy-crazy.”
That just wasn’t me, until I met him. Until I slipped on that floor and dropped all of my books. His deep blue eyes looked straight into my chocolate brown ones and said that one word.
My entire life changed.

This World

This world was so amazing, it didn’t feel real. While others disdained that, I loved it.
In this world I fit in, in this world I had a place.
I knew how this world worked. I knew who I fell in love with, I knew who I died for.
They just didn’t understand. They never would.
This world was MINE, and no matter what anyone did or said, they would not change it.
I know what true happiness feels like, this world brings me true happiness.
True happiness is not something one can just give up.

Goodbye Letter

I’ve always hated saying goodbye. When I said it, a part of me died. That part of me that belonged to that place and those people died.
So instead of telling you goodbye and why I am leaving, I will write you this letter saying goodbye, since I can’t.
I’m such a coward. I just want you to know, I love you. I might not have acted that way, but I do. You might be creeped out. You might feel the same way. Only now, it doesn’t matter. I guess there’s only one thing left to say.


Publication Date: 08-08-2010

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