I was sitting here in fear wondering who it could be. All I could be was from the knee down I suddenly regconized who it was, I ran to him like my life depending on it. I ran and jumped on him once I got down I hugged him and kissed him passionatly, I felt waves of shocks pass through me it felt like I was in Heaven no one could ever seperate us no matter what he was mine, forever.

Chapter 1 , quiet and shy

My alarm clock buzzed waking me up instantly, I laid there what almost seemed like forever thinking about the dream I just had. everything felt so real like it was actually happened, I couldn't get my mind off of it. I realised the time 8:10, I jumped up relising I was going to be late for school I took a 5min shower put a pair of black skinny jeans with a Foster The People shirt and a grey sweater. I grabbed a my bag and a granola bar and was out the door. I rode my car to school, I liked my car it suited me a black small car, it wasn't the best but I loved it.

I ran straight to my locker as soon as I opened it I saw my name with letters across Scarlet Rose, I designed my locker it was blue all over with different colored dots with my name across, it was simple just like I was. I looked into the mirror I looked like always long black hair with light blue eyes changing green depending on my mood I was pale, I like the way I looked simple and care free.

I had no friends, I guess I never tried to make any I liked being by myself I always felt peaceful and calm. No one paid any attention to me I guess you could say I was the outcast of the school. My first class was History my teacher was Mr, Crane he was a cool teacher but when you get him mad it over for you but I managed to stay on his good side just like I was with all the other teachers.

When I walked in everyone was already paired up there was only one desk left, I walked to it and sat down I guess I had no partner but I was cool with it like always. We were in the middle of class when there was a knock on the door. When Mr. Crane opened it a boy walked in introducing himself a Damon he was the new student. He looked familiar but I couldn't quite put my finger on it, He had dark brown hair with the most amazing hazel eyes I stared into them I never saw anything quite like it, He had big muscles not to big but just right for him like they belonged there he was standing there with a god like compelexon and the way he talked I got lost in his words. All of a sudden Mr. Crane told him to sit by me I instantly snapped out of it I thought to myself you cant feel this way hes way of your league snap it now, I managed to I relised he probably a player thinking he could get girls anytime I hated guys like that they annoyed me to my fullest.

" Hey,My name is Damon." I just said Hi and tried my best to ignore him " And your name is " I froze up not knowing what to say I instantly repiled " uhh scarlet, Scarlet Rose" I instantly regret it I sounded like Cody Banks I smirked laughing to myself " whats so funny," Damon said I repiled " Nothing." He just smiled like he knew what I was thinking.

When class was over I had a hard time getting out since all the girls were already rushing to go meet Damon. I didn't care I should have known this would happen. When I was walking he turned up out of nowhere asking me why I left so fast, I lied and said " My class is on the other side of the bulding " He looked confused and said " Aren't you in Physics next which is right down the wall" I was suprised he knew what class I was in I asked him how he shrugged and said " I guessed " A part of me knew he was lying. I said " bye " real fast and walked away I didn't wanna get involed with him He was just some player.

Why me ?

School was over and I was glad , I went to my car in the parking lot Damon was standing there I thought he was waiting for me , When I realized he was standing by his car, His car was Black and looked brand new, I didn't know much about cars so I couldn't guess what kind it was. I tried to walk really fast to my car but he talked before I could " hey you " I said hi in a whisper he asked me something I didn't want him to mention it at all couldn't he just leave me alone and go talk to her a annoy them " why'd you walk away so fast, I'm just trying to get to know you and figure out why you were lying to me." I froze completely but then all that stress came out " Because why me ? why talk to me go to some other girl. a girl that deserves you and is in your league, don't you get it I am a outcast we don't belong together at all there is soo much girls in that school that are way better so please go talk to them instead of me!" instantly I regreted my words I am so stupid I don't even know if he was hitting on me I just assumed . after a minute which seemed like forever he spoke " No girl is better than you, how could you think that I would rather talk to you . you are the realest girl in that school they are all but nothing to me you are something truly amazing." I was utterly shocked .

not knowing what to do I jumped in my car and drove away I drove to the safest and calmest place I knew . As soon as I got there I felt safe the view was just amazing, I sat on the clift looking out at the sea it was so blue it was never like this, it was around evening and the sun was starting to set, the sky was pink and orange and yellow It was so beautiful it took my breath away. I sat there for an hour think about Damon I decided to ignore obvisiouly this was one of his tricks as a " player " I went home worried about my mom she was probably home already, she worked as a assinstant nurse working hours from 7 in the morning till 7 in the evening sometimes she had night shifts, it paid really well we had enough money to ourselves after she was done paying the bills.

When I got home she was pacing back and fourth She insantly looked at me " And Where were you young lady" I lied and said " I had to finish work at school" she looked at me for a few seconds to see if I was lying I was so nervous but she believed me . I had some dinner and went to my room I went on my laptop and studied , but I don't know what for I guess just to keep me mind off of things at the moment. I went to bed at midnight tired I wasn't able to sleep like my body wasn't letting me I finaly went to bed at 2:00 its going to be a very long day at school tomorrow.

I woke up very early, this was the worst sleep I ever had I woke up around 6:10, but today I wanted to miss school, I knew my mom wouldn't mind she never did as long as my grades were good and she knew where I was it was all good. I went back to sleep. I was standing there not knowing where I was then I saw Damon staring at me with those beautiful eyes of his, all I could do was stare it took my breath away they looked so divine, like something magical I got lost in his eyes fast, but soon they turned of fear he shouted " Scarlet watch out!" I didn't know what he shouted for so I turned around and right away someone was running at me, I froze knowing it was no use to run he was so close his eyes scared me they were red and almost seemed black at the same time, before I knew it Damon jumped in front of me taking the hit from the guy, I stood there shocked not knowing what to do.

I jumped up grasping for air I felt a horrible feeling in my gut like I lost someone important, someone close to me. I couldn't get use to the feeling it was something I never experienced even worse than when Dad left, all I wanted to do was cry but then I realised I had nothing to cry for I had a Dream a bad one but why did I feel so horrible?
I tried to shake the feeling off but I couldn't when I looked at my alarm clock it was 4:00 how Could I sleep so late? I felt like it was only 10 minutes ago I dazed off to sleep, I felt confused but at the same time relieved I missed school able to get away from Damon., for once I felt good again, ever since Damon came I felt like I was hanging from a cliff about to fall into unknown never to be found again.

I took a half hour shower it was long and soothing I put on PJ's I was only planning to stay home anyway to watch some Secret Circle or Vampire Dairies, they were my favorite shows every Thursday a new epidsode would be on, if I had to chose to be one of the girls I'd be Elena she had a hot boyfriend Stefan and his mysterious and kind of hot brother both wanting her at the same time on the other hand Cassie had Jake a blond hot guy who understood her he first came to kill her circle until he fell in love with her, it was the most romantic thing ever, but that was fake if only I could be a vampire or a witch or something magical, I would be alone exploring the world being in dark but very calming place it would be a dream come true.

I watched T.V for hours I felt like it was a waste I only had one life and I was doing this but I had good time it was so relaxing, I looked outside it was getting dark but it looked like a good time to go for a walk my mom and I lived partly out of town away form all the rush and the noises or at least that's what she said the town was quiet and very small barely anything to do, but I liked living out here the nature of this place was so beautiful and calm like something from a book it came second to my calmest place I'd ever been the cliff. I went and grabbed my sweater and my converse and out for a walk, as I walked it was queit I felt so at home while I was walking I heard something in the woods I went to go look what it was I know it sounded stupid to go into the woods in the dark, but I was to curious to care I walk over to the woods trying to get through some branches when I saw someone wearing black walking really fast towards me I tried to run but my hair was caught, I pulled my hair out it hurt like hell but I didn't care going to through pain as long as I got away from this creep, I ran fast like the wind I was always good at running I went race for the city when I was a little girl but came in second place, I ran for what seemed like forever but when I turned around no one was there, I felt like a fool running for so long when nothing was following me. I walked home I could already see my house. Once I got in my mom was finaly home before she could question me I said " I was home all day and went for a walk" before she could reply I ran up the stairs. when I finaly got in the room my stomach growled, I realised I never ate but I didn't care I didn't wanna face my mom after what I just did, she would wanna have a talk about my life and everything going on and I didn't wanna face it at the moment not now anyway.

I went in my room and drew pictures of the cliff the calmest place I knew suddenly I caught myself drawing Damen's warming and stunning eyes NO! stop you don't think of him that way he's nothing he's a player he probably found a new victim today with me gone and all once I go back he'll forget about me and I'll be back to what I was used to being by myself, being able to think straight and once enjoy school I only missed school 2 times through high school and now he comes and I wanna get away so bad I miss school, but it was worth it just for him to find someone else to bug Why me? int eh first place the loner in the corner personaly I blame Mr.Crane he just had to pair up people have he heard of individual work huh? has he ever? I was getting so stressed from one simple but hard day. I should just calm down and not think about because all of a sudden I have anger issues. Tonight I made sure to sleep early but it was hard but I manged to sleep around 11:30ish.

stay strong !

I woke up and was suprised I had no nightmares and I was glad I didn't they would just add stress and give me more anger issues, but as long as my planed worked and he was off with some other girl I was good. I got dressed in my white top with a black tank top under with light blue jeans and my converse writing all over designed by me and I loved them they had my name all over them litterly I straighted my hair which I never did but today I felt good about it confident and free. I grabbed my bag and a apple from a fridge wake me up more I stopped by Starbucks to get coffee, now that will wake me up for sure. When I got to school I couldn't find a parking spot anywhere finaly I parked a block from school such great luck so far. When I got to school I noticed Damon's car parked in the best spot ever in the parking spot usually Carla got it the barbie of the school you don't wanna mess with her if you do your practicaly dead!
When I walked in I went to my locker I was looking for my book I needed to hand into the library today and there I noticed Damon with his hand around Carla I felt like I got punched in the stomach and I couldn't breath he looked at me with those eyes those beautiful eyes. I didn't know why I felt so hurt I wanted this right did I really want this?

Damon looked away from me like he was ashamed of what he did I couldn't stand the look in his eyes like he was hurt to the fullest, but why was he hurting he had no right to he's the one with Carla but then again I pushed him away the one person who would talk to me and actually was interested in me I told to get away how could I? I now was annoyed with myself now I was relieved but hurt at the same time. When I got to my first class it was Pre calculas I found this class easy but when I walked in there was only one seat open next to Cam, I never talked to him once in my life and today was gonna be the day I was gonna. When I sat next to him he said "hello" I uttered "hey" he sat in complete awkward slience until he finaly he asked a question " how long have you been at this school" I felt annoyed at the thought I've been here for almost 5 months and no one, no one noticed me other than Damon until now " almost 5 months" I looked at him for the first time and his eyes could never compare to Damon's but they were green like how mine turned depending on my mood he looked shocked " uhm I'm sorry I just can't believe you been here this long and I never noticed you" I just nodded and looked away. At the end of class he ran up to me with his blond hair and green eyes with oliver skin he was cute in a way he laughed " hey once again " I now responded with courage

" aha hey you , " with a laugh

he smiled instantly it looked cute
" wanna meet after school ."

I froze up all of a sudden he was talking to me and now this I didn't know what to what to say and before I could think of something he said " I'll take that as a yes." and walked away.

The day went by fast and before I knew it it was 3:30 and I took as a long as I could at my locker I put all my books away in a order and grabbed my backpack and walk to the front doors and there he was standing there waiting I walked up to him he was smiling he had dimples and they suited him well I realized I was going to enjoy this.

" wanna go somewhere ?" he asked

"and where is this somewhere?" I said with a laugh.

" surprise you'll see when we get there."

We were walking together through the parking lot when I noticed Damon staring he looked hurt once again but more this time Carla was standing next to him holding his hand which made me feel even worse, filled with so much anger I grabbed Cam's hand he smiled and held it with a steady grip I blushed and finaly I forgot about something

" what about my car ?"

" we'll come get it later." I just looked into Damon's eyes he looked like he was in pain he just stared like a lost puppy and soon I felt regretful when I had no reason to he was with Carla now so why should I care ?

when I looked at Damon he was walking towards us when he came up to us he said " May I have a word with Scarlet for a sec? " Cam said " As long as it's okay with her. " I was shocked but all I could do was nod, I followed Damon where we were alone he said

" What's this all about?" Damon whispered

I felt so bad I said " what are you talking about." I said it so quiet I was suprised he heard me. he took my hand a pulled me towards my car he grabbed my keys and put me in the passenger seat, and went to the driver's seat I was confused to the fullest but I didn't say a word. We drove for what seemed like 30 minutes in awkward silence, but I didn't care because I had nothing to say I was mad at him I could have been with sweet Cam instead of this jerk here . " I'm no jerk!" he said with anger I was astonished I hadn't said a word since the parking lot and I realized where we were going to the clift, so I stayed quiet because this was my scared place a place where I wanted no anger.

When we got there I went sit down enjoying the view the sun looked amazing but not close to the person who shall not be named at the moment. I felt him staring at me which I did not like it was distracting

"Could you please stop! " I said angerily

He stopped the instant I yelled at him, I felt regret right a way.

"I'm sorry I just feel mad for you taking me away when Cam was waiting. " he looked happy with glee until I mentioned the cam part I couldn't help it, it just slipped out.

" Why do you care so much about him when you don't even care one slight but about me, someone finaly gives some attention to you!" he said with a sneer .

How could he say that I didn't need his pity attention I almost had Cam but no he had to ruin my entire life, He pissed me off to the fullest.I went up to him
" I didn't need your attention you jerk I was perfectly happy by myself then you came and ruined everything your so pathetic! " I grabbed my keys out of his pocket and ran to my car he was looking at me with a shocked look . " I not what you think you know I'm not breakable I'm not innocent! " and with that I drove away, I'd like to see him walk he would make a great show, this gave me a great idea I parked where my car cannot be seen and hid behind the bushes with my camrea ready to tape the sweet revenge. I wait and waited for what seemed like forever when I heard a crack behind and when I turned around Damon was standing there he grabbed my face and kissed me gently, I felt shocks go through my whole body giving me goosebumps. What are you doing my mind told me he's a player a jerk but my heart told me different. When he broke free from the kiss he was shocked

" No this wasn't supposed to happen you were supposed to fall in ashes like always"

I looked at him like he was crazy " What no I'm here see." I twirled in a circle he laughed and said, " Well this is different." He then got up and kissed me again " just in case." He smirked we walked to car and he opened the door for me like a perfect gentlemen I jumped in and he got in and started driving.


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