Hi I'm Catrin Thomas and I'm 19 and I love the film Amalie and the Lost World of Almia.
Well anyway I have twelve sisters and two are older than me . Lauren is 23 and the oldest out of all of us.
Well anyway Amelia is 20 and the second oldest. Amelia always wants to look perfect.
Anyway Jasmarina is 15 and the fourth oldest. Jasmarina is being bullied in school as well as having good grades.
Well any way I also have a younger sis called Winter. Winter is 13 and hates chocolate.

Well my younger sis Cher is 12 and a half and loves swimming.
Hey my next younger sis is a twin . Their names are Anya and Scarlett. Scarlett is older by a minuite. Anya loves red and so does Scarlett.
Anya has blonde hair and Scarlett has brown hair. My best friend Amalie Kruppa has a Indian family so she has long black hair'hazel eyes and milky brown skin. My annoying friend is called Billi Ross.Jasmine Coles loves books just like this one. Lazra loves Pokemon and stuff.
Hey want to know about Amalie and the Lost World Of Almia.
Amalie: Hey Chirp. Do you want to visit Almia?
Chirp: Of course Amalie!
Amalie: Well Chirp. Are you afraid of the ghosts of Almia?
That's the start and I bet you wanna know more about the characters!
Amalie Eleni Islaza is 13 years old and lives in 21st centry Johto. Amalie's got four sisters and no brothers. Amalie hates being called a wimp or Amazala as a nickname. Amalie's oldest sister is called Dawn Olivia Reasell witch is mum's surname. Dawn's 25 yrs old and she's got asthma like mum. Dawn's birthday is the 19th September. Dawn hates her friend Lily being too posh.The next oldest is Amelia Islaza who's 20 yrs old and has eight friends. Amelia's birthday's the 23rd November.
Daizy's 19 yrs old and she loves the new tv series Aliona and the Curse. Aliona and the curse's all about a girl who accedently throws some thng at a Chinese girl who put a curse on her.Anyway...Jessica Eleni Reasell is 12 yrs old and her birthday's the 6th November. The youngest is Amziee Reasell who's 9 yrs old and her birthday's the 15th March. Hey Chirp's a 6 yr old Arceus.

Jessy loves break dancing playing the drums catching Spearows and showing tricks on the trampoline and also Jessy loves gothic trends and cats and her cat Musica. Musica has two kittens and Aash her partner loves kissing Musica.

Hey my actual best friend Amalie Kruppa is semi deluctive.

Hey I love art so here's a artwork of mine.

Hey here's a few more artworks.

Hey Cheryl my other friend wants to be famous so she asked me to put this picture in.

Hey Rebecca my horse wanted her picture in the book as well so here it is.

Hey here's a pic of my boyfriend and me.

Hey here's a fave pic of mine.


Artwork 2!

Cool Pics!


Publication Date: 10-14-2010

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