Aria's (Dead) Mom

(She's a were)

Aria's (Dead) Father:

I cried from my spot in the den. How could it be possible? I didn't know of any other pack that could over run my home. Plus, I knew I couldn't go back. Stupid. I had forgotten the map. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. Just plain stupid. How could I have forgotten something that had been nailed into my head since I could open my eyes? "Ugh!" I yelled, looking up, realizing I had had my head in my paws like a frightened child. Great. I'll never hear the end of it, I thought. Slowly, I trudged to the tunnel of ice and lay down on the small platform, closed my eyes, and slept on the hour long ride.

When I woke up, I got off & and dragged my paws to the den, went to a pillow which was near the many carcasses, and ate. Oh, delightful food,- "Hey." My thoughts were interrupted by an unknown voice. I whipped around and growled, expecting an attack. When I saw that it was a very tall, silver wolf like me, I blushed, seeing he was... Attractive. Husky like, that is. He had flippy hair, silver eyes, and a steady, thin figure. I blushed a bit, knowing it wouldn't show, and walked over to my bed. The wolf looked around.
"Nice place." He said, blushing so much I could see. He blushed more when I patted the cushion next to me, but he just sat at the rim, saying, "I'm Blim. I come from the pack that this pup comes from, he pushed the pup I gave food at the feast a hour ago, "and I would like to thank you. I am the male leader, no... uh... you know... but, I would like to join packs, even if it meant I would have to share this den. I swear I will not try you and your bond with Blaize." I could tell he could barely pronounce it. He was probably afraid the rumors were true, yet I said quietly, "OK." Blimp smiled and left, unsure what else to do, but then saw something and ran back in and went to the darkest spot in the den, and hid. I saw Blaize come in, lick me, then go to the corner. He dragged the wolf out for five minutes, then Blim spazzed out. Growling, Blim, twisting in Blaize's grasp, bit his muzzle, and when Blaize was growling to wind him off, leapt over him. It was odd, as if the wolf had the spirit of wind guide him over the air. I noted this, and then found Blaize and Blim rolling around the room like two stuck-together rolly-pollies. Out of motherly instinct, I leaped on Blaize and pulled him down, growled, rolled him to his stomach, and bit his muzzle. "Never, I repeat, never attack unless I say so. Either way, you are not supposed to pull a pack high member by the scruff." I whipped his nose, again, with my snout. I heard him whimper. Satisfied, I turned to Blim. "And you, you OK?" I heard him say yes, and then I turned, ran out, spread my cat-like claws, and chopped my way down the tunnel.

Once there, I decided to make the daily announcements.
"Attention, everyone!" I shouted. I heard the millions of conversations, actions, games, etc. all stop, and turn to me. I cleared my throat, and continued, "We have made an alliance with another pack, as you already know, and, I may soon be having pups." I declared, then leapt down, and heard many whistles from guys. I rolled my eyes, smiled at a pup. I laughed as its whole body wiggle and brightened, and as it trotted away, its head held high. Smiling, I trotted away and then turned to go to a shadowy-looking black wolf. The conversation ceased with other wolves like him as I drew nearer.
"What's the matter, boys? Anything you got to say?"
"No." The group chorused in gruff voices.
"Oh, I'm sure you do."
The group just turned around. When I started walking away, I began to hear whispers like, 'Riki, you need to keep it down. Don't you know that this pack has the best ears ever?' and 'I hate this. It's so confusing! We aren't even talking about them.' I sorted it out in my head. Hmm...So they aren't talking about me, not this pack, and yet are still nervous or on edge with something... what could it be?

I saw Blim watching me, a twinkling awe in his eyes. When he noticed I was looking at him, he stammered, turned back to his group, and tried to look like he knew what he was talking about. I sighed, shook my head, and rolled my eyes, letting my feet lead me to the soft plains beyond the mountains. When I realized this, I smiled, and dug my claws into the dirt, then started digging. After a while, I paused to scratch my ear, then dug again. When my hole was fifty meters deep and had mud-stairs, I went to a river, following my ears and nose, and found large, flat stones, made a net, and dragged the stones back with my mouth. Once back, I plopped the stones down on the floor for the flooring, and then found soft, purple moss that shimmered in the light. I picked up the first one in the pile and pushed it against the muddy walls. I felt a pulse, as if the dirt could breathe, yet then shook my head, and continued for the rest until I had a wolf-furnished hide out. It was actually nicer than my den. hmph,

I thought, smiling, and then circled once, twice, thrice, four square, etc. until I was sure that I could fit in the huge bed that took up half of the hide out. I gazed at the prayer stone. Oh, Jesus & God, please help me be a good leader to this pack, and let me know if Momma and Daddy are up there.

I prayed, and then I put my head down, fell asleep.

I woke up by yet another nudge. When I looked gloomily towards the movement, I sighed and said, "just let me get one more glimpse of sleep, Blim."
"How'd you find this?" Blim asked, a suspicious spark in his eyes.
"Made it." I yawned, sitting up. "You gonna force me to stay awake?"
"Maybe." He smiled, yet again, with that same old mischevious glimpse. What? I didn't know him before. Yet, it seems as if I've known him all my life... Could he have been a play mate? Could we have been Bonded Pups? Why does he look exactly like me?

I shook my head, clearing these thoughts, and got up. "You a Jesus-Wolf?" I asked, and he nodded, looking at the prayer stone. "You mind if I do?" I shook my head. "Nope." I watched as Blim averted his eyes as soon as he got close enough to smell that one of the two, God or Jesus, had touched this land. Blim had a peaceful look on his face, like that of some one who knows they are going to heaven for they are in the middle of heaven and earth. (Honestly, if you aren't a Christian, I recommend you put this book down. It's about wolves leaning to Jesus and God and not some crazy mud or something.) I furrowed my eyebrows, watching carefully as he bowed, closed his eyes, buried his head in his paws, and put his paws on the rock. I smiled, knowing this wolf was very close to the one and only person who made the Earth, (if wishes to argue, go to Hell. Yup. I just said that and I'm purely NINE. Cuz I know it isn't a curse word if it's the place. Ha ha ha ha ha!) And knew that humans, us, and all other things would one day sin. He did wipe out the world, but then made a promise, the rainbow, that he would never ever do so again. I probably had a dreamy look on my face, for when he looked back at me, he said, "oh, eh, just the way I pray. Total respect for the onlys." I smiled.
"That's all I need to know if some one is good." I smiled, then turned, only to find a bone rolling down the steps. It had on it this: This is the bone of Aria's mom.


Publication Date: 08-31-2011

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