“Where is the cashier?” Arianna asked looking around the shop. After waiting a few minutes the girls decided to leave the shop.“Yeah, whatever,” Arianna finally said. Mr. Mazzone’s Clothes Shop was the oldest of any building in the town. It didn’t have any modern upgrades installed.    

Once Arianna and Yadhira were outside they walked to the park where they were greeted by their friends. Marluvia and Joselyn have been waiting for the arrival of Arianna and Yadhira for a half hour at the park. Now that all four girls are together, they decided to hang out at the park and discuss their favorite things.

After a while, Marluvia decided to leave the group and she walked home.

It was about twenty minutes after Marluvia left that they started hearing sounds from one of the entrances of the park. A stranger was trying to flee from multiple human-like creatures that were chasing him. The almost looking humans were bloody, and bones could be seen from them because of how parts of their skin were completely ripped and shredded apart. Anyways, the creatures were gaining ground on the poor stranger. Now that the stranger was closer to the girls. They could make out multiple bites on his left arm. Unfortunately, the guy wasn’t able to make it closer to the girls before he tripped on the ground. In a matter of seconds, the creatures were right on top of him. One creature started biting pieces of his neck apart. Another creature went right into his skull, tearing off pieces of hair and flesh. The last creature started going towards the girls. The man’s screaming terrified the girls. Joselyn sprinted away from the creatures towards the neighborhoods and their local school. Arianna and Yadhira followed. They passed the man still screaming. This memory will haunt the girls for the rest of their lives as their first encounter with a creature.



Robert and Jalyn were playing basketball at their local school’s basketball court. They have been tied the entire game. They decided that the last shot will win the game. Robert tried shooting but he was blocked by Jalyn, who in turn dunked the ball winning the game.

“Goodgame,” Robert told Jalyn. Jalyn nodded before grabbing his backpack.

They decided to go to the gas station right before they headed home for snacks.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get very far till they saw a rotting corpse of a human lying in the middle of the street. This terrified both Jalyn and Robert. A dead body with blood spattered everywhere was lying in the middle of the street. It was a gruesome scene with flesh and bones everywhere. This ultimately, made them rethink their destination. They turned and sprinted towards their house. Unfortunately, their house was very far from their current location. They kept sprinting till they could sprint no more.

After running for no more than 5 minutes they saw another group of people sprinting towards them. The entire group was women. They kept sprinting towards the guys.



A total of five people met in the middle of the Stevenson and James Avenue. Together they decided to go to Robert’s house. He had the most supplies of the five at his house.

They started walking to his house. Unfortunately, a hoard of creatures appeared from behind them. At first, they didn’t see them since they were busy with something else. But then all of their attention quickly moved to the five. Soon the five were running for their lives with a numerous amount of creatures behind them. Fortunately, the creatures moved pretty slow but with so many, the group could easily be run down if they got tired too early.

All of a sudden, a psycho looking guy was running down the middle of the road towards the creatures. He had short orange hair, a buff body build and a crazed demented look on his face. Quickly, he takes a pistol out of his pocket and with a country accent screams “Let's kill these thangs!” before shooting multiple bullets into multiple creatures. He had guns everywhere on him and millions of bullets in the pockets around him. The five quickly used the guy as a distraction and made another sprint for the nearest safe haven.

It might have taken the five quite a while but they were able to locate and break into a decent looking house. Once inside, they noticed a horrible aroma was lurking inside the house. They decided to investigate the house for the horrible smell. Jalyn and Yadhira checked the basement for nothing out of the ordinary and no horrible smells. Robert and Arianna checked the Kitchen, Living Room and master bedroom to still not find the horrible smell. Joselyn, on her own, searches the bathroom and finally the second bedroom. What she found made her scream very loudly that attracted all the rest of the group to the second bedroom. There, lying on the floor, were three bodies. One was an older man. Maybe in his forties but it was unclear since there was too much blood surrounding the guy. The second body seemed to be just a little kid. There was also a bullet hole in the right eye and brain of the little kid. The kid seemed about eight years old. The third body was puzzling. There was no clear bullet holes or blood surrounding the body.

Robert rushed to the kitchen to grab a knife and rushed back. Robert inched closer to the third body and poked it with the knife. After a couple of pokes, the body suddenly awoken and quickly stood up. The third body was still an alive human being. The body was a male and it seemed like he wasn’t injured in any way. He seemed surprised to see people in the room.

“Who are you?” He asked. I looked around before noticing a few guns on the floor near him. I raised the knife at him. He noticed the guns near him and assured me that he wasn’t going to hurt us or that he killed the other two. Then he continued with telling the tale of the gruesome deaths of his family. His Mother was taken by the walkers that use to be surrounding the house, his mother was torn apart right in front of his father, brother and himself. Later that night, his father grabbed their two pistols and sat in the kid’s bedroom. His father proposed a simple solution to our problems. He wanted us to each end our lives, right there on the spot. His brother agreed to it and his father shot two bullets into him, ultimately killing him. Next, he declined the offer to die and his father sighed with a bit of anger, shooting a bullet right through his own brain, killing him and leaving him by himself.  “My entire family is gone.” He said. “I’m sorry for your loss but you must remember that your family died in the past and this is the future,” I said. He looked at me with a slight hint of anger in his eyes. “What is your name...?” He asked. I replied with “Robert”. He told us his name was Nick. “Well, Robert…maybe you didn’t have a family before this apocalypse occurred.” He reached down and grabbed both pistols. There was eerie silence as Nick looked around the room at everybody with the pistols in hand. “What do you people need?” He asked. Nobody responded. He raised one pistol at me. “Woah… lower the gun.” I quickly said. He repeated his question. This time, Jalyn responded with safety, freshwater, and food. “A few days ago… my father restocked the house with food and water.” Nick stated. “He also kept two pistols and a shotgun,” Nick added. “Where is the shotgun?” Arianna asked. “ I don’t know,” Nick replied. “You don’t have any idea of where the shotgun is located?” Jalyn said aloud. “No,” Nick answered. “Well, this is a… decently big house,” Yadhira added. “How about we first care about the safety of our location,” I stated. “Yea..that should be our primary concern,” Nick added. Nick still had the pistol raised but not aimed at anybody. “But first, lower the pistol,” Jalyn said. Nick agreed by lowering his pistol. “Do you have training with guns,” I asked. He shook his head. “Then let’s put the guns away,” I added. He then turned over his guns to me. I decided to keep the guns in the basement.



While Robert was finding a place to keep the guns locked up, everybody else decided to secure the house.

It took a total of two hours for the six to finally secure the house. During that time, most of the group learned more about each other. The day went almost normal for the group. Of course, minus the creatures and loved ones most likely dead. The six survived what daylight they had and decided to rest for the night.

During the night, somehow a creature got inside. The creature was looking for prey. It would have left, not for sounds coming from a bedroom. Yadhira, Joselyn, and Arianna were talking about the past and what good has occurred over the years to them. They faintly heard a moan from outside the room but decided it was outside. A few minutes later the moan was now louder, being near the door. The girls were totally startled by this. Joselyn moved closer to the door. Once she was close to the door, the door suddenly opens to reveal a creature. The creature was a corpse of a woman. The woman had gray and rotting skin and almost fang-like teeth. The creature instantly jumped on Joselyn, knocking her down to the floor.  The creature tore parts of Jocelyn's skin apart. The two girls screamed for their lives, waking the boys across the hall. The boys rushed towards the girls.  Joselyn was lying on the floor with puddles of blood surrounding her. The women, or what was left of the women, continued to claw through Joselyn’s stomach. Robert rushed downstairs to grab a gun. Jalyn and Nick, both rushed to grab knifes. Arianna grabbed the alarm clock that was beside the bed and started to bash the woman's head in. After a few good hits, the alarm clock was in pieces and the woman was mad. Now completely done with Joselyn’s dead body, the woman went for Arianna. Yadhira stopped the woman by slamming a picture frame on top of the woman. Arianna and Yadhira used this break to flee from the room into another room. Robert came back from the basement with a pistol in one hand and a hammer in the other.  Robert aimed the pistol at the women then hesitated. He then turned over the pistol to Nick. Then Robert went close to the woman and repeatedly bash the woman's head in with the hammer.  Her head was split apart.  She was finally dead.

Nick’s mother kept a stretcher in the garage. Nick was able to get to the garage and retrieve the stretcher and a few other items. Nick put the stretcher next to the dead women, with some help, Nick and Jalyn took out the body out. They dumped the body in the alley and went back for Joselyn’s body.

They finished digging a hole for the remains of Joselyn before having a small ceremony. Once finished, the remaining five went on with their day. The five secured the house even making sure both doors were completely guarded.

There was a truck outside. A black GMC. Nick said that his father owned a 2007 GMC Denali and he still had the keys. “Let’s leave.” Arianna insisted. “Where will we go?” asked Robert. “ I have relatives in the country in Indiana,” Nick stated. “Corn and beans surround the property and it is a 15-minute drive from Knox,” Nick said. “A decent amount of land.” This is when the split between two groups formed. Some of the group thought that the house was safer while some wanted to go. Other than Nick, Robert and Arianna wanted to go to Knox. Jalyn said he was in contact with his family and that they are still alive. Yadhira doesn’t feel that the country is any safer than the house and the trip may kill them.  It was decided that Nick’s group was to go to Knox and come back if they couldn’t make the trip. Yadhira and Jalyn will stay behind and keep the house safe. Nick grabbed a knife and a wrench. Robert got a hammer and the shotgun since the pistols were for Yadhira and Jalyn. Arianna just got a knife. With a few other supplies, the three were on their way to Knox.

“How do we get there,” asked Robert. “We’ll get there,” Nick said



Dear Journal,         Wednesday 5, XXXX

Today is Wednesday the fifth. The apocalypse has swept over my town. Fortunately, I was able to make it out of the town. I was only able to take a few supplies including a kitchen knife and a few candy bars. I left the state in pursuit of country grounds. On my way to the neighboring state, I met two girls my age who were looking for safety. We decided to join up. We found safety in a
 |large house with three sides of the house surrounded by water.

Friday 7, XXXX

Not much has occurred since Yesterday’s big event. Yesterday was surely an eventful day. Asia was able to survive the attack. Kamea was even able to get a few good hits on him before he retreated. I’m surprised we survived an attack like that.




Dear Journal    Monday 17 XXXX

Supplies are running out. Asia said that we need to start hunting. Woods are everywhere on the one side of land the house is surrounded by. Kamea agrees as well. We decided that Kamea and I go hunt while Asia guards and look over the base. For weapons, we have a few knives. Asia also creates crude traps. She told us that the traps are for squirrels and small critters.  Some zombies were in the forest but none of them seemed to notice. We laid a total of eight traps in hopes of gathering some food for tomorrow.


Tuesday 18, XXXX

I woke up to the news that three of the eight traps have caught a squirrel or other creatures. Today started with good news and continue with good news throughout the day. Since the water surrounding the building is freshwater so we were able to use it for our own consumption. Kamea put a small pot of freshwater upon a crackling fire to boil it. Asia advised Kamea to boil the water in order to get rid of any pollution in the water, which is a good idea,



“How boring… Only two people .” A guy said. “What do you want?” yelled Yadhira. “I want to kill!” the guy yelled. “I want to kill people… I’m insanely crazy… or is it the other way around?” He asked. Jalyn and Yadhira stayed silent. “Well, it’s time.” He announced. “Any volunteers?” He asked. He was awarded even more silence. “Well, you talked… so…. You volunteered. “ He said pointing to Yadhira. “No…, please… don’t.” She begged. “Nope.” The guy said. The guy proceeded to grab Yadhira and stabbed her with a knife he got from the floor, where he forced them to drop their weapons. He continued to stab Yadhira until she was too bloody to recognize. He then looked at Jalyn. “What shall I do with you.” He asked himself.



Nick was able to drive the truck. He said that “We’ll get there” but so far it looks like we're lost. I shouldn’t doubt him but all I have seen is creatures and destroyed buildings.  Nick wants to hit a few gas stations, so we will have enough supplies. Most of the gas stations have very little to nothing supplies hidden inside them.

Nick was going through the main streets pretty easily, but when it was time to get on the expressway, the path towards the country was blocked by cars. “We’ll have to move the cars or find another way through,” Nick stated. “We don’t have enough gas to find another way,” Ariana said. “We’ll have to move the cars,” I said. “Wow… are we on “The Walking Dead .“  Nick said. I chuckled. Arianna rolled her eyes.

Nick got out and walked to the nearest car. He then proceeded to try to open the door. Arianna also got out and went to look at the surrounding cars. It looked like Arianna was checking the perimeter. Nick then signaled me to get in the driver seat. He then walked over to the window. “Okay… the other side of the highway has fewer cars, so we can get out of her faster.” Nick said. “What happens if there is an exit on this side,” I asked. “We’ll find a way,” Nick replied. “Okay… let’s get out.” I said. “Wait, we should check these cars for supplies,” Nick stated. “We shouldn’t stay for too long… it’s going to be dark soon.” I told him. “Arianna, see what you can scavenge from these cars,” Nick shouted. “Ok,” Arianna replied.



It took a few hours until we were able to pass the blockade of cars. We, unfortunately, couldn’t siphon any gas from the cars.

As we were scavenging, Nick was able to find an operational car. It was sky blue with some of the paint peeling off like it had spots. A spotted blue minivan.

Now with two cars, we continued our path to Indiana.

We got lucky since most of the time there was little to no trouble. Of course, from time to time we will see a creature but nothing too big.

Nick was in the truck while Arianna and I were in the minivan. I would have said we were making a good time if Nick didn’t run out of gas.

“Out of gas,” Nick said. “Well, let’s leave it,” I replied. “Can’t, it can hold a lot of supplies while the minivan holds a lot of people,” Nick argued. “Well, we don’t have any siphons,” I replied. “There is some gas… but there isn’t enough to get to where we need to go.” Nick said. “So… what now?” Arianna asked. “We can try to find a place for the night or find a siphon.” I offered. “Well, I can see a few buildings a few blocks away,” Arianna said. “Well, that’s going to be our camp for tonight,” Nick said.

We started the walk towards the nearest building. The building looked dirty from the outside but inside it was cleaner than the outside. The building was a hotel. Hotel Azteca was the name.

With what materials we had, we attempted to secure part of the hotel.


Publication Date: 06-17-2017

All Rights Reserved

I Dedicate this book to my friends and classmates.

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