brody was sitting at the local bar he often went to when he wasnt on a mission or he went so the loud music and alcohol could dround out his problems but he knew that alcohol couldnt get his kind drunk so it was no use nothing could help him suprese the sorrow of his past problems the only thing he knew that could help him get by was the sweet lifes blood from his victims people would call them he personaly thought they were his prey or lifes savor .and tonight he spotted the perfect prey that would handle the job a peite blonde across the bar giving him a saucy grin and eyes saying come get me and he would not wait anylonger from taking the woman in his armes and drinking the nurishment he knew she could give getting up and walking over to the girl in mid stride his cell rang cursing the bluidy person who got in his way and dinner he knew he couldnt ignore it so answering the phone
"this bluidy better be important"
brody said in a hard tentive tone
"trust me it is vampire "
brody noted the power noted in the other males voice and it made him damned curious of who it was
"and this would be "brody answered curiously
"i am laurent rother the master of las vegas i have buisness for you and i need it done i have little pations for dimwitted vampires so move your ass and meet me in the back "
brody was stunned and a little raged at the other vampire so he answered in a sharp tone
"and you would know where i am how "
"I know where all the bloodsuckers in my city is never forget"
then the line wnt dead brody was so enraged he had a quick thought of staying in the bar for hours and making him wait but quickly changed his mind as he walked to the end of the bar to the exit muttering
"the quicker im done the sooner my prey will have my sharp teeth pierced into that long fine neck"
brody grew giddy with that thought and the picture that came to mind but quickly left when the scent of vampire filled his scences and he knew the vampire wasnt lying about knowing where he was


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Publication Date: 03-14-2010

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Lonely lies forever it will always be together with the love you have given me Days are gray nights are dark my eyes are bright my love is large from the claim you have on my heart whole as one we will be your love and caring touches me

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