It all started that morning at school, right after first period. I was seeing red and out for blood. Jacen’s blood.
“I can’t believe you! How could you just do that? You conceited little—“I was ranting on and on, pouring all my anger into the words as I yelled at Jacen. He just stood there, a look of amusement coloring his features, making me want to just……Ugh! That conceited, arrogant jerk! I knew, somewhere deep, deep, deep, down that I was way too over-worked about this but he was just so……annoying! I stopped there. Wow. That was the best word I could come up with?
“Hey, hey, Kara!” He grabbed my shoulders and held me still. I kept my fists clenched tight againts my sides, grateful that he was pinning them there. I don’t think I could stop myself from hitting him. I blew my hair out of my face.
“What?” I grinded out. A wistful look came over him then, and I had just enough time to feel my eyes widen before he covered my lips with his.
He was gentle, moving my lips with his, while I just stood there, stock-still in over-whelming disbelief. His touch was electrifying, zapping me awake and into full awareness. A tingly feeling traveled the length of my body, right from my toes to the tips of my fingers.
My first thought was, uhh……..Then it was, mmm.
At some point I realized I probably should be kissing him back, and I did. I was hesitant at first, but soon I was kissing him as hard as he was kissing me. I tangled my fingers in his curly, silky hair. (He would kill me if I said this aloud, but if you were to cut a piece of his hair off and move your hand up and down, it would bounce!) He ran his hands up and down my arms and I shivered, smiling through the slowly heating kiss. But then he pulled away gently, and all soon it ended.
“Kara? You mad anymore?” he asked, his eyes hopeful. I just shook my head, a wide grin stretching across my face, one I couldn’t help. My first kiss.


Publication Date: 12-01-2012

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