Hello everyone,

what's life if you can't enjoy the simple pleasures? the poems I write about are my personal experiences and somethings that intrigue me. I hope you enjoy!

For thee we cannot see. grieving

Within a stone wall blossoms violet, petite flowers
They submerged through a crack and only took a few hours.
So rare and delicate these violet flowers lay
I guess they substitute for someone who could not stay.
It gives beauty to the barrier, among the great stone wall
which protects his house, so old, so big and so tall.
Its finally nice for you to show up and give us a little sign
loneliness creeps up with an empty chair and deserted wine.

Autumn. reprieve.

It felt as if last fall was only yesterday. School resumed and leaves have undergone their changes from brilliant green to rusty orange and auburn. There’s a chill in the air that kissed summer goodbye. Most people see autumn as the end to summer; however, I see it as a new beginning of the world itself. There is something about fall that is tranquil, almost rejuvenating. The fleshes of tanners restore their paleness, hair becomes fuller and darker, brain cells multiply and ambition grows on the backs of the goal oriented. It seems, no matter where I am, autumn is just a delight, and it makes any apple sweeter, any pair of eyes brighter and any pessimist more appreciating. Life is miraculous that way, despite the pain and rough times you endure, it’s the seasons that make you stop and look around, autumn.


“Find yourself,” she said.
You’re looking in the wrong place.
His thoughts consume him.
He said to me then,
“I have to leave this place now.”
He wants to forget,
he’s trying to find meaning,
but he has yet to find out.

Some gray clouds roll in,
And rain began to fall hard,
Puddles caught my tears.

The landscape goes by,
The wind batters my warm face.
Ahead, is endless.

things to consider,

To be in love is to suffer,
Every waking hour without them,
Why do I love to fall in love?
Is it because I like the pain?
Like a tattoo you’re my addiction
and your pain gives me a high.

Survival, the most primitive instinct humans have, and yet at times it seems impossible, even for the strongest of souls.

What a curse it is to love,
The power to rule,
your will to be taken,
A deadly game of
Tug of war.
Eventually leads to
Two halves of heart,
A time of insanity,
And a passion of lust.
A bed with two sides
Just like your stories
It goes on and on like
lyrics to a song
Until the pages run out and
Blistered fingers are unwilling
To give up for the
Sake of writing. We don’t
Give up for the sake of
Finding something real and
Meaningful. In the end you
Find pain and the pleasure
Fades away with good memories.

A realization: appreciation.

The dawn breaks and the sun rose willingly. The forms of the earth become more apparent. The true colors of things begin to show, and there isn't a thing we can do about it. It’s your choice to open your eyes and see the world for what it is, to appreciate its natural beauty. It’s not perfect but it’s the closest thing to identify with us humans.


It’s nice to look back and see the neglect I got from you.
Payback is a motherfucker and karma always comes around.
I see the conversations when I practically threw myself at you,
I see the times when you responded with one word answers.
I saw the anger you had and the anger displayed at me.
All I did was love you, did I deserve what I got from you?
I hope my scar burns your skin and turns your veins green.
I hope your pain drives you insane, as you did me.
I hope you do meet someone, this way I could shake her hand.
You can’t bring me down any more, you can’t go past rock bottom.
The only way I’m passing that is six feet under and I wouldn’t give
you that satisfaction. It’s what you’d want though.
It wasn’t me, it was always you with the problem.
I was your doll that you fiddled with, and took as a joke.
You call that love? Emotional bashing? Anger? Fights?
What ever is was wasn’t love, it was a mess, a mistake.
I wish I never went out that night to meet you, I wish
I wasn’t so easily persuaded by your sense of humor
And sweet (fake) personality when behind the mask
Was an evil, decaying face waiting to be shown.


Publication Date: 11-07-2010

All Rights Reserved

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