He grabed me by my neck after i got done yelling at him and slammed me agenst the wall

"who the fuck do you think your talking to!" he asked

i looked down "not you daddy im sorry"

He started to take off my shirt and i fully relized what he was doing.....He was going to punish me.I smiled at the thought looking at him

"why the suck are you smiling and making eye contact my slave?!"

l quickly lowerd my eyes knowing he hated when i looked him in the eyes while i am being his submissive because it shows disrespet 

"I I Im sorry daddy wont happen again" he covers my mouth once im finishes saying that. He quickly takes off my shorts leaving me in my red thong that i just bought from victorias secret.

"mmm my my must i say you look tastey in red my slave" he says

i say nothing as he starts to kiss down my body lightly biting as he makes his way down my body. when he reached my pussy he stoped and started taking my thong off with his teeth.Once he finaly got it off he spread my legs and put his head between he started moving his tounge around my clit pushing with more and more force by the second

"mmm yes daddy" i moaned

He held up one finger signaling me to be quiet i quickly hushed my moan as he continued his sweet sweet touture

he kept moving his tounge adding more and more pressure i tried to hold in my moan but it was becoming impossiable i held it for a couple more seconds before yelling out

"fuck yes daddy like that!"

he moved his free hand up to my ass and hit it hard he moved his head away from my pussy

"i hushed you that  means stay silent do as i wish and you get rewarded do as i instructed not to and you get punished, understand?"

i looked away from him and said "yes daddy i understand"

as i said that he put his head back between my legs moving his tounge around my dripping wet pussy. i cover my mouth so i will not moan. he starts to glide his hand up my left leg reaching my pussy he slowly added 2 fingers pushing them deep inside me hooking them upwards to hit my g-spot. my knees buckle when he starts moving them faster and fatser. i start moving my hips with his hand. i looked down and could clearly see the buldge in his pants.

he noticed me staring looked up at me and said "you want daddys thick cock in your tight pussy dont you my slave?"

i nodded and he got up and started to undress himself. stil shocked at how amazing his body was i smiled. once he is fully undressed he came to me turned me around and bent me over and said

"im going to fuck you like youve never been fucked before i will allow you to moan this time but you have to call out to you daddy do you understand my slave?"

"yes daddy i understand completly"He moved fater and faster, him grunting louder and louder,
knowing he was enjoying my body to the fullest i smiled, I could feel him growing deep inside me.
he tought me how to tell when he was about to cum so i could get on my knees to swallow it all. he started moving faster moaning louder he grabed ahold of my hair pulling it not to rough but not to easy either. once he did that i moaned louder i could feel my legs starting to get week and him growing deeper and deeper inside of me i knew he was about to cum so i held my breath so i could hurry up and cum for my daddy
"ahh.....shit........fuck daddy yes!!!"
i could sence him smiling and i knew he was about to cum, i quickly pulled away from him getting on my knees grabing his thick cock dripping in my juices i put its whole 9 1/2 inches into my mouth and start moving my head fast. his cock started to twitch and before i knew it he came all over my mouth. swalloing it all he pulled me up kisssing me tasting me and him together he devowerd it all moaning into my mouth.

once i fisnished speeking he ramed him thick hard cock deep inside me and i let out a sharp moan.


the three words never spoken

Once we both cought our breath he picked me upi just like a child telling me to rest my head on his shoulder.

"you did verry well princess i am proud of you." he wisperd into my ear

i noded my head to tired to speek. he let out a laugh knowing i was tired.

once we enterd my room he laid me on my bed lying next to me. he started to play with my hair 

"princess i want to tell you something i dont want you to be scared i know i shouldent say this but i need to i cannot hold this in anymore."

i looked up at him confused and sat up looking his in the eyes "Yes daddy what is it?"

he let out a sigh and smiled "princess i love you."

my eyes widend and i gasped i started to smile as i jumped one him wraping my arms around his neck "I love you too daddy what took you so long jeez." i giggled 

he let out his manly laugh and said " well princess feelings were saposed to be avoided but you to special to me i couldent help it."

i smiled and looked at him kissing his lips pasionilty i was glad that he finially told me he loved me. he layed me back down him following brining me onto his chest i could hear his heart beat it was steady as it allways is when he lays with me. i thought for a second "he allways has bad dreams when he is away from me but when we lay and sleep together he dosent" i smiled at the thought.


when we both woke up the next morning he pulled me into a hug 

"good morning princess how'd you sleep"

i smiled and repyled "just like a baby daddy wanna go take a shower?"

his smile grew large and took my hand walking us to the master bathroom. he turned to me and said

"you are the most beatutiful creature colthed or not you should never be ashamed of you body ever."

i looked down and smiled "ok daddy"

i walked to the shower going to turn it on when he stoped me "i think we should take a bath what about you?"

he winked at me and i giggled walking over to the tub turning it on so the hot water would fill the bath. he grabed my hand so i could step in. after i got in he follwed sitting behind me pulling my body agenst his. i smiled as i felt his cock begin to grow agenst my back he trailed his hand down the front of my body between my brest kissing my neck. his hand stoped right above my pussy he looked at me waiting for my aproval i lifted my hips to his hand and he smiled sliping two fingers deep into my pussy. i let out a moan as he slowly started to speed his fingers up i knew he would want to be inside me soon because i heard a grunt leave his body his 9 1/2 inch cock growing agnest my back he stood up taking me with him carrying my to the bed his fingers still deep inside my pussy still keeping a nice steady rythem i kept moaning as the pleasure became more intence. he layed me onto the bed climbing ontop of me crashing his lips onto mine just before he slid his thick cock into my tight pussy

"fuck princess you feel amazing" he moaned as he thrusted deep into me looking me dead into the eyes usaly he wouldent allow me to make eye contact so i quickly looked away thats when he grabed my face and said "look into my eyes this is diffrent i am not fuckinging you i am making love to you i want to see the love in your eyes" i kept my eyes on him melting as he said that he started to moan as i moaned with him

"cum with me princess i know you need to cum with me ok" i nodded after he said that and soon after we both fell into our climax him falling onto me

"I love you princess i really do" he said breathing heavaly

"i really love you too daddy " i smiled

"promise?" he asked

"yes daddy promise"

we both fell asleep shortly after naked on the bed our bodys tangled together




the next morning

 the next morning daddy woke me up ("daddy" is not her biologial father) 

"princess wake up lets go get you somthing to eat my love." he said slightly shaking my shoulder and kissing me on the shoulder

i flutterd my eyes open smiling up at him 

"hey daddy where are we going?'" i asked

he let out his sexy chuckle kissing me "thats for me to know and you to find out princess"

i got upi to get dressed and he folowed me into the closet i put on a light pink shirt

"your cute" he giggled

i put on a short skirt

"awe your really cute!"

then i put on a choker and a pair of light pink heels

"your going to get fucked do not wear panties today princess." he told me getting up

i blushed looking down wondering what he was going to me. he grabed my hand and pushed me agenst a door wraping his hand around my throat and kissing me deeply. i practicly melt with his hands around my throat i dont know why it makes me feel so safe i love the feeling of his body up close to mine.

"who owns you princess?" he asked licking from my colar bone to my neck.

i got the slightest chills up my spine and wisperd "you daddy"

he smiled and asked "what does daddy call you, name them all do not miss one name."

"daddys names for me are, princess, kitten, babygirl, babydoll, sweetheart, his love, his cum slut, daddys fuck toy, daddys property, little miss, brat, little girl, and daddys dirty little playtoy."

he let out a breath and kisses me "good but you missed one you named a bunch of them when your being a dirty girl i also call you good girl when you behave also baby and will get punished for missing 3 of them they are all worth 2 spaniking so you get nine understood?"

i nodded my head and said "yes daddy"

he sat down on the seat he placed in the closet and patted his knee telling me to bend over so i can get my punishment. i walked over and bent over his knee. he pulled my skirt up and pulled my panties off. then he smaked my bare ass till he said nine he pulled up my panties and let me skirt down. he helped me up and kissed me on the head.

"you know i dont like spanking you for punishment right princess."

i simply noded yes. he scowled at me

"use your big girl words princess"

i nodded and said "yes daddy, i understand." he pulled me into a hug and took my hand walking out of the closest and off to the car driving me to where ever he was taking me..........

car ride

 Still not knowing where he was taking me i got into the car and he buckled my seat belt. I loved when he did this it made me feel safe. He looked at me and smiled.

"your so beautiful, never forget that understand?" he told me sternly

it gave me chills when he talked like that it was simply so sexy his deep voice oh my did i love it

"Yes daddy, and thank you." i placed my hand on his thigh and smiled. and he did the same except he slid his hand up my skirt and brushed his fingers agenst my pussy lightly. i gasped and he giggled like a little boy. it was addorable and i loved i loved him and he loved me..i wonder how long we will last..hopefully forever.

As he started driviing he slowly cirlcled his finger around my clit and looked at me "take your panties off right now little one."

As allways I did as I was told. I hooked my index fingers into my lacey panites and slid them down to my feet and placed them in the glove box. he looked and me and rubed my cheek with his thumb "good girl, now spread those pretty little legs for daddy." I complied with his demand and he licked his index and middle finger and started to rub myy pussy again, except this time it was a little more intence.

"mm, daddy that feels great." i moaned softly

"hush princess, I know" as he said that he slid those two fingers into my now soakiing wet pussy. the pleasure became so intence that i closed my legs and he let out a growl. "now princess open thos beautiful legs back up for me like a good girl, or ill simpley do it for you. i decided to do it the hard way and keep my legs closed and he pulled to the back side of the restraunt in a completly sucluded area. he got out of the car and pulled me out opening the back doors he laid me down hitching up my skirt and started devoring me. he grabed ahold of my thighs pulling me closer to his face. I could hear him grunting, deep sexy grunts from the back of his throat. he got up and unziped his jeans just enough for his dick to come out. he mounted me looked me in the eyes and told me to be quiet and i noded and he pushed himself deep inside of me. i let out a hushed moan and lifted his shirt and started clawing at his back. when i did that he grunted "fuck" it was the sexiest thing i have ever heard come out of his mouth besides him telling he loved me, he sped up the pace and went harder. I could tell he was about to cum and i tried getting up but he held me down "not this time princess" he looked at me, he looked at me like he owned me.

"i-i like when you look at me like that..."

he kissed my neck and asked "mmm-like what?"

i blushed and said "like you own me"

he looked and me placed his hand on my neck crashed his lips on mine "i do own you" when he said that i could feel his cum fill me and i started to freak out.

"calm down princess, i love you, and i will love little yous even more.

when he said that i grabed him and pulled him down "i love you josh" i had never called him by his first name he looked at me and whispered "i love you too, alaska."


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this books for my "daddy" because he helped show me the way to make this a lot more interesting

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