Claire Pearce


Emma stood there admiring the old, worn-out brick wall, a smile played on her lips confusing the watchman even more. “Have you been here before, Madam?” asked the watchman, confusion evident in his features.

“I have been here before, I don’t know when or how but this wall, this painting in specific reminds me of something”. The wall she admired was an old brick wall, it had a faded painting. A painting of a woman, a beautiful woman indeed, she was cradling a baby against her chest. The blond of the baby perfectly matched the blond of Emma.

The watchman could not hold on but blurt out, “I have been watching this place for twenty years now, and not a single soul passes by, even Mrs Pauline comes by very often. She seemed fazed yet confident. “As a child”, she answered and moved away.

She was still unsure if she actually had been to this abandoned house or rather, a mansion, ever.

A sudden feeling hit her as she walked through the main door of the grand house, a strange yet familiar feeling. The main hall was a big space. Several Mahogany couches, centre tables crowded the space. Sunlight coming from grand stained windows lit the hall.

Stopping in the centre of the main hall she glanced toward the furniture, a quick image crossed her mind, the woman in the painting on the wall sat there on the royal couch, she held the same girl in the painting, on her lap. She had grown up. Like a girl of five?

She had definitely been to this place.

This place is strange. There were five doors across the hall. From each side of the hall ran a wide staircase to the first floor, the bannisters were old yet magnificent. These people were really rich. Instead of checking what hid behind those five doors, she decided to go up to the first floor.

She first hesitated to step on the stairs, thinking they might creak, although when she stepped on it was perfectly fine.

Staying away from the wall she walked up, as she reached the top of the stairs, the view before her


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