I listened to the soft thud of hooves pounding over the dirt as I gallop towards the last jump, and hopefully victory. Three, two, one, I am now in the air, the wind in my face, soaring through the sky as one with the horse. We land with a gentle thud and race towards home. I cross with a smile on my face to the chants of
“USA! USA! USA!” I had done great, now I waited anxiously, for I was the last competitor in the face off for the Olympic Horse Jumping gold medal. I dismounted and clung to my horse’s mane as the announcer came on.
“Everyone put up a well fought fight but only one can be crowned a champion, this year’s gold medalist champion of the summer Horse Jumping Olympics is…
Rachel Krenz with her horse Magic Gypsy.”
A smile stretched across my face.
I was Rachel Krenz.
I galloped into the ring and took my victory lap; fist held high in the air, the crowd’s cheering echoed in my ears. We had succeeded, my heart swelled, how long had we tried to conquer this Olympic step. Oh, I could not think of anything better!
I had fulfilled my life, long, dream.
I slowly cantered towards a judge who had walked out into the area and leaped down. I was crying with glee as the judge placed a huge, heavy, gold medal around my neck. I turned around and waved as America’s National Anthem coursed throughout the crowd.
I looked around and saw a swarm of reporters gathering at the gate, that I would have to exit through. I slowly mounted and walked out, people making way for my champion and I. People attempted to reach out and touch Gypsy. I dismounted with adrenaline pumping through me and was immediately swallowed, the only proof of Gypsy still being near me was the cool leather reins I clung to. Reporters thrust their microphones into my face and I answered to the only question I could hear, even though I did not think it was a good one,
“How did you do it?”
“It wasn’t me, it was all Gypsy. She went out there to win with me as her guide and she did what she loved.”
I began to work through the cluster of reporters and was soon covered by family and friends congratulating me. I was the happiest person in the world right then and looked around me once more, trying to take it all in, I still did not know if it was true.
I was looking at a world, a show world.
My world.


Publication Date: 08-02-2011

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