I fear I am the last one. With water at my tongue I raise my eyes, hearing the sound. They are different from the sounds my food makes when it walks across the earth. It sounds uninvited. They carry with them loud claps of moving thunder in outstretched paws. The thunder is hard to escape. A hush falls over my surroundings and I know I need to run. Attacking the ground with my paws, I flee to the safety of the trees. I never thought that I would be running from anything. I am a killer and I have killed many in my life, but here I am running like a frightened cub. I have heard the thunder many times and I have seen many fall to it. I will not be the next meal, or whatever it is they want me for. The tall things are not fast so I am safe now. I saunter over to lie under a tree that looks comfortable, and I close my eyes.

So many suns have passed since I have seen my kind and I have been searching for a mate. Giving up is not in my nature. I will continue my search after I rest. I awake to more foreign noises and escape again. I am tired of running, but maybe I’ll find another in the process. A scream escapes my throat as I am stopped by a sharp pain in my leg, though I heard no thunder. I look down to see a shine clasping my leg, red pouring from the wound. I hear the noise, the crunching of alien paws and I know I’m trapped. Thunder crashes. I fear I am the last one, but maybe my kind is waiting for me there. - Caspian tiger. Save the tigers!


Publication Date: 04-16-2011

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