The Beginning


The Beauty, The Geek and the Best friend


Jezabele has always been a bit out there. She was always upfront and loved meeting new people secretly hoping that one day this fault would benefit her. She had shoulder length brown hair with blonde ends. She is a natural brunette but some people joke around about her dying her hair brown instead of blonde.


Jezabele doesn’t mind a joke. Even if it is at her expense. In fact her goal is to make her friends laugh, because all she wants is for others happiness. It is helpful that she does have some what a sense of humour. Her love of reading started off when she was small with the reading tasks at school she was already two stages ahead of most of her classmates, sometimes even needing to borrow books assigned for the next year up. She would regularly need more and more books.


Jacob and Jezabele had been friends since year 5. They were practically inseparable. Most thought they were dating because even though others have been girls with guy best friends, or vice-versa, never had their high school seen such close friends. Still after knowing Jacob and Jezabele for 4 years as best friends their year group and friends still thought that they would get together or were already together. Jacob didn't mind. Jezabele was beautiful and smart and funny, any guy would be lucky to be near her. But to Jacob, Jezabele had been a bestie for too long that they were practically family and that would just be gross.


Jezabele had a boyfriend from the year above that she knew had a crush on her but she didn’t really feel the same way so she thought before it got too out of hand she had to break up with him. So she did. Jezabele was officially single again.


'Yeah, that’s Right I'm Single. Come And Get Me Boys!' Jezabele thought to herself as she walked into school. Slightly giggling at her thought she almost ran into a very excited Jacob. She looked up just in time to see him bounding down the path way towards her.


Why? You might ask is he being all crazy-like. Well it is the first day back and Jacob had been away all holidays so they hadn't seen each other for 6 weeks! It’s safe to say they missed each other.


Jezabele released her strong hold on her bag straps and half-skipped-half-ran her way towards Jacob. Right before they crashed Jacob stopped with his arms ready to catch Jezabele as she jumped into them for a hug.


"JACOB!!!" Jezabele laughed as Jacob spun her around. Can you see why everyone thought they were together? Jacob put her down only to wrap an arm around her shoulders. Jacob was taller than Jezabele and had shortish black-brown hair that curled out at the ends. He wasn’t show-off muscly but was strong and thin. Everybody thought that he had abs but Jezabele knows that he doesn't. Mainly because he likes to parade around his house without a shirt on. But him not having abs doesn't change the fact that he is attractive and he is also very smart.


"So... How was your holiday? What did you do for New Year’s? What did you get for your birthday?" Jacob asked as they walked back up the pathway, that Jacob bounded down, to get to their friends.


"Good, went over to the estate crowd, and, clothes and stuff." Jezabele said while counting the three things that Jacob asked off on her fingers. "What about you? Did you have fun in Bodalla?" She said in a sing song voice.


"Yeah it was fun! My cousin, you know my cousin Rensy...” Jacob and Jezabele talked on for ages about the different things they got up to and when they got to their friend group they all shared stories and timetables to see who has what, where and with whom then they separated to get to class. Jacob and Jezabele were in almost every class together so they walked away together to get to class.


Finally Jacob asked the question Jezabele knew was coming seeing as none of her friends knew that she was now officially single...


"So, how's Eric?" Jacob Frowned at the Question. Jacob didn’t like Eric. Didn’t trust him and usually Jacob and Jezabele shared the same brain, but Jezabele went out with him whilst Jacob was thinking Eric was untrustworthy. Little did Jacob know, Jezabele thought the same thing. “Did you two hang out in the holidays?" The words felt bitter and strange on Jacobs tongue.


Jezabele sighed. "No. No, we didn’t. I, err, I was going to tell you but-"




"Oh hell no! Aint nobody got time for that! I'm Wadeos’ Mistress!”... But Jezabele is random too. So they are made for being best friends. Wadeos was a friend of Jezebele’s whose real name is Wade but whilst on an excursion Wade and Jezabele were close as Jacob didn't come so Wade was nicknamed Wadeos, by Jezabele. And Jezabele was Wadeos's Miss's or Wadeos's Mistress. Jezabele accepted the nickname and embraced it.


"Are you sure 'cause I can hear the bells...” Jacob responds with his hand on his heart looking all emotional.


"That's for class-WE'RE LATE!" Jezabele grabs his arm and pulls him to the classroom, that wasn't that far away, where they were just about to have English. They chose seats at the back left corner like always and sat down to wait for the teacher who surprising is later then they are.


"Anyway, about Eric?" Jacob said once he was settled in his seat.


"What?-Oh yeah! - I broke up with him." Jezabele has always been a to the point type of girl but she can still be one of those girls who 'beat-around-the-bush'. She is a great actor and her friends wonder why she doesn’t do drama.


Jacob just stares to try and get some kind of explanation out of Jezabele but he knows that she won’t tell. Jezabele just smiles sweetly back at him.


"You know what this means?!?" Jacob said excitedly.


"Single Buddies!!!!!" Jezabele shouted and some new kids looked at us frightened while others just laughed at their randomness. Some of their friends, even though they know what Jezabele is like, still get surprised by what she comes up with.


Jezabele starts dancing and Jacob just laughs with the rest of the class until the teacher comes in laughing at my routine and starts the lesson. Every teacher Jacob and Jezabele have had is used to their randomness so much that they sometimes join in while some older ones just watch amused. They have extra fun with 'Newbies' though because they don’t know what the school is like... So Jezabele likes to 'educate' them.


After English it was History with one of the very few teachers as random as Jezabele and Jacob... He does the best accents and when he accidently does it wrong he just uses that accent for the rest of the day while making jokes... I mean awesome! He even lets us watch ASDF Movies on YouTube! We have watched it so much we can quote it off by heart, word for word, action for action... Even the ones who don’t like it.


After History came Science with the dinosaur of the school. Mrs Timne, or as many call her Mrs Prehistoric Timne. It helps that her first name started with 'P'. This was the only class the randomness was frowned upon, until it was the stage where we had to build with Lego!! She couldn’t stop us there. We even created weird cars and had races with the rest of the class. Classic Lego.


With Jezabele's stomach having a grumbling war with Jacob's stomach, Jezabele obviously winning, it was lunch time. As soon as they heard the bell they ran to their bags and packed away their stuff and ran out of the classroom. Why you ask? Well the one who gets out of the classroom first gets the majority of the food that they share. It's a race they do whenever they have Science before a break.


"HA! I win!!!" Said Jezabele whilst doing her victory dance. "Booyah, I won, I won, who won? That's right! I won! Woohoo! I even have chocolate cake today!"


"WHAT?!?! Unfair you cheated!!" Jacob pouted and faked being hurt.


Jezabele, being used to this, huffed and said in a baby voice whilst pouting, "Did I? Oh poor diddums. Would you like some cake too?" She added an extra childish pout at the end to emphasise the fakeness of it all. Jacob nodded eagerly. “But cake is for winners, if I remembered correctly. “Said Jezabele with a thoughtful expression and her pointer on her chin. "And guess what? I won! Oh yeah. Mhmm. So I get cake! Booyah!" She brought her knee up slightly and put one hand into a fist and brought it next to her head and in one movement, moved her elbow downwards and her knee upwards.


Their bickering ended up with her giving him a bit of her cake then when lunch was over they separated for math as Jezabele was in the top class and Jacob was in the second top.


Jezabele sat in her usual corner behind Wade (or Wadeos) and they chatted as they waited for the teacher to come in. Half way through the lesson there was a knock on the door. It opened slightly to show a boy.


He had hair that was long enough to flick to the side but shorter than a metch. It was the colour of light timber and milk chocolate combined. It looked soft and smooth and even though it was neat it also looked like it was a look that he woke up with. He was thin and had a pale-ish complexion. He didn’t look anything out of the ordinary but Jezabele couldn't help but want to get to know him. But she put this urge with the reason that she likes to know everyone in her year and doesn’t know this boy so it is natural for her to want to talk to him.


"Um Jezabele has to report to the office." The boy says unsure and his eyes were scanning the class and then landed on mine and lingered before he turned away blushing. The class 'ooooo'ed.


Jezabele stood up suddenly and said "I volunteer as tribute!" then to Wade, "If I don’t come back please pack up my stuff and bring it to Jacob. He'll know what to do with it." She then walked out of the room dramatically and before shutting the door touched her pointer and middle finger on her right hand to her lips then holding them up in a peace sign. The rest of the class did the same with serious faces. "I will miss you all!" She then bowed and the class laughed as she closed the door and some even cheered for her performance.


The boy just stood there in awe. "So you're her."


"And you are him! Woah! In the flesh a real him!" Jezabele was confused. "I'm Jezabele. And you are?" She smiled her winning smile. She knew she was going to get close to him and he won’t be able to stop her.


"Bryce. I've heard a lot about you." His smile wasn't anything spectacular but Jezabele forgot how to breathe.


"Oh really?" Even though she sounded all cool, she had an inner war inside her stomach and it felt like it was a nuclear war with all the flips. She hadn't felt this way before and it hurt. The closest she has ever gotten to feeling like this was with Eric... And she didn't trust this feeling, so she suppressed it.


Bryce blushed and then they got to the office and Jezabele got told she had to show Bryce around. This meant he had all of her classes. With this new feeling she didn't think being close to him would be smart.




It's been a few months since Jezabele met Bryce and the feelings gotten worse. She can't stop thinking of him and when he is around she feels amazing and doesn’t want him to leave.


Jacob had gotten used to Bryce being around and even invited him to hang out with him in the afternoons... When Jezabele is normally around. It turns out Bryce it a cool guy, bit of a geek but seriously a cool guy.


When the three weren’t hanging out they were talking to each other on the internet and the more Jezabele and Bryce talked the closer they got.


'Hey hey hey! Wassup?' -JezTheUnicornTrainerNinja


'Heyoh! Nm Wbu?' -BryceSquizzy


'Same old, same old. Music and reading.' - JezTheUnicornTrainerNinja


'Coolios. I'm Just Playing GMOD' - BryceSquizzy


'I swear you like that game so much you can’t like anything else.'-JezTheUnicornTrainerNinja


'I swear you like reading so much you could marry a book' - BryceSquizzy


'What can I say I like reading more than anything' -JezTheUnicornTrainerNinja


'Even more then me :(' - BryceSquizzy


':,(' - BryceSquizzy


'I love you and you want to marry a book' - BryceSquizzy.


Jezabele's heart stopped and skipped down to the party in her stomach that the butterflies were throwing.


'You don’t love me' - JezTheUnicornTrainerNinja


'Why wouldn’t I? You are amazing and Beautiful and kind and smart. Give me a good reason to not love you Kat?' - BryceSquizzy


Jezabele Smiled at the compliments and laughed at her nick name only Bryce calls her.


'Why would you love me when I have so many flaws and... Well you're perfect. Smart. Sexy. Funny. Kind. Friendly. And just amazing. Bubby that is the reason why I love you.


‘You are way more perfect then I will ever be.' - BryceSquizzy


'Where does this put us?' - JezTheUnicornTrainerNinja


'Well we are friends but you've been my love interest from the start ;)' - BryceSquizzy


'Londs? Half love interest half friend?' - JezTheUnicornTrainerNinja


'Londs... I like it!' - BryceSquizzy


'Can you promise me something?' - JezTheUnicornTrainerNinja


'Whatever you want Kat ;)' - BryceSquizzy


'Could we stay Londs forever?' - JezTheUnicornTrainerNinja


'Forever and always Kat' - BryceSquizzy


'Forever and always ‘


Jezabele went to sleep with a massive smile on her face knowing that her future is going to be the best. Because Bryce will be there.


Forever and always.

Jezabele and Her Bestfriend

Shailene Woodly and Theo James are my Jezabele and Jacob!!!! Even though I ship them like mad!!! I still think they look like BFF's and are adorable and I just love them so much! 

Bryce (The Geek)

Yes Cody Christian is my Geek in this story <3!!! 


Publication Date: 10-17-2014

All Rights Reserved

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