Poem for you

Walking around this beach
I pace and its mellow
The thought of you sparks
Dopamine running through my viens
I cant get u out whats this feeling?
Its so strange...
As i stroll further down
Memories race
heart beats skips
Cant help but to imagine
Those soft warm brown lips
Touching mine intertwine
Our spirits everlasting
Eye lids locked shut
i never wana lose this passion
Your tongue strikes a match
Setting fire to my body
With this chemical reaction
Things ought get naughty
Blood boils temperature rises
The time to pray is today
My love rubs your entrance
as our lips suck away
Rain drops down thighs
shes ready to play
Strong kisses gentle grips
throbs vibrating your lips
I have a big surpise
as u unwrap its my tip..
Its time souls mate
Lightning strikes thunder crashes
Just an innocent walk on the beach
Thoughts of you can become drastic


Publication Date: 06-01-2017

All Rights Reserved

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