cats of the clans

ledge clan:


leader:DarkStar: a black she-cat
with amber eyes.

deputy:AutemLeaf:yellow eyed she-cat
with auburn colored fur.

medicine cat:WindTear:a light brown
she-cat with deep green eyes.


GreyStrorm: dark gray tabby tomwith amber eyes
Apprentice: LonePaw
LilyTail:small white she-cat with silver specks,eyes are a lite aqua.
leaftail:fiery orange tabby tomwith lite green eyes.
foxfoot: a orange tabby tom with darker sploches and grey eyes.


chapter 1

chapter 2

chapter 3

chapter 4

chapter 5


Text: copy wright 2012. all rights reserved.all of the text work and any place or names are works of fantisy. any comparision to real events or places is unintentional.
Images: i take no credit for photos within this book.
Publication Date: 04-23-2012

All Rights Reserved

all of the credit goes to erin hunter, the auther who inspired me to make my own set of books. and to every one who reads this book thank you so much for the support!!! hope you like it!!!

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