chapter 1: getting to know us

  Hazel P.O.V

 "Hurry up"my mother called."Ok im almost done". My name is Hazel Blue and I am 17 I know I know its a wierd name but I like it. Let me just say I have curly brown hair that reaches my ass. I am mixed and I have choclate brown eyes. I have a 6 pack cause I play sports I have a really fat ass wich is weird because neiter of my parents have asses. Anyway i am being sent away to live with my 18 year old brother Frankie and 6 of his stupid ass friends because i am a bad bitch and get into to trouble A LOT. I haevn't seen my brother in 4 years. Back then i was chubby and really outta shape, but when I see my brother im gonna blow his friends mind and his. Don't get me wrong im no slut I just love seeing guys drool over me I don't sleep around and im a virgin. Anyway as im finshing up packing I start to walk down the stairs to see my my mother crying over me and my father glaring he hates me but I dont care."Im sooo sorry we are making you leave". I smirked and said "why are you so emotional when you have the power to keep me and if you really are sorry then you would'nt make me leave". I walked out the door handing my stuff to the movers I ignored evrything and hopped on my new 2016 Suzuki SV650. YES I ride motorcycles I LOVE them more than life. 

*2 hours later*

I arrived at a mansion bigger than my house and another put together I wasnt suprised we where pretty rich and when i mean pretty rich I mean we are the richest people on the planet. As i arrived I was driving up the drive way i saw the 7 stupid asses. I got off my motocycle I could feel eyes on my ass and on my size C cup breast. i walked up and glared. Finally someone broke the 5 second silence wich felt like forever. "who the fuck are you". I looked over and recognized those eyes that was my brother I smirked not just any smirk but a smirk he knew that had him covering his mouth. We hugged for about 5 minutes when a unfamilliar face said "uhum". "Oh im so very sorry im Hazel blue". They all gasped and said "you are the chubby fat girl you brother talks about all the damn time".I felt angry that my brother called me those names but relieved that he did'nt forget his little sister. i sighed "clearly im not fat or chubby and yes im the chubby little fat gir". My brother mouthed 'sorry' as i glared at him my eyes drifted from one person to another when finally my brother started talking "ummm these are my friends Damon, Lamar, Brendon, Sherod, lacey, and Dalton". I shook each of there hands and knew I would have a relation with each of them and what I mean is a friendship except maybe Brendon I wanted to be more than friends i just dont know why. As I walked in I noticed I was really tired and wanted someone to show me to my room and do you know who it was it was...Brendon. when we got there I wanted to look arouned but all the sudden I was pinned up against the wall and Brendon was staring me in the eyes. "wha-what are you doing" I said he suddnely kissed me gentley going from my lips down to my collar bone he started sucking on it i knew i'd have mark later on. I moan a little which made him smile against my neck. Finally he was staring me in my eyes "I will steal your heart" he said with a smirk then he walked out and closed the door. I was shocked i had so many questions. i mean i never had a real relationship because i was abused by my father secretely and i was scared so when i got close to someone i dropped them like they where a big ass ball of lava. So whats gonna happen between me and Brendon...?

chapter 2: where is this relationship going

Hazel P.O.V


As i sat thinking what was going to happen in bettween me in brendon i wonder why he wanted me. Was it because my looks? I wonder if i shold just follow my heart and go for it because i could'nt denie that i was already starting to feel something for him. I didnt notice that time had passed by because three hours had already passed. I sighed and ran down the stairs of the mansion. When I got down there all of them where sitting at the table discussing something. I wasnt relly the nosey type so i just skipped on by and went through the fridge. "hey" Damon said. I rolled my eyes as i turned to see that he was litterally undressing me with his eyes. I figured all of them where players and thought they'd get a taste of me but nope."So watcha cooking".Frankie said with a smirk."Nothing im not your fucking maid if you want to eat you better get on the phone and call Pizza Hut". They all laughed."Can you please cook for us". They said in a union. I rolled my eyes."Sure".i decided on cooking breakfest for dinner i'v always wanted that but my hateful parents wouldnt let me have it."Get out of my kitchen" i said smirking they all ran except for Brendon. We glared at each other for what seems like forever before i started cooking. I hadnt relized i had started singing Dreaming of You by Selena till i heard a tiny chuckle."Wow i didnt know you could sing". Brendon said. I didnt answer him cause i knew he was only trying to get in pants so we sat in awkward silence the whole time.


Brendon P.O.V

   We where sitting in awkward silence for awhile it was uncomfortable cuase to be honest i just wanted her body but shes wasnt like the others maybe she trying to play hard to get because shes not tripping over my hottness. As she cooks i stare at her body undressing her with my eyes. "Dinners ready". Hazel yelled. They all came running in here sitting down quickly like there lives depened on it. She smirked. She served our plates it looked good...and tasted good. "Wow" i heard from around the table. As we finished up dinner she ran up to her room I was a little disappointed to see her go. I didnt know what this feeling was. I shook it off and headed to my room and called one my side bitches. That"ll get my mind off her. But as i walked through the hall ways i couldnt help but stop at her door and walk in. Walked in without a knock and sat on her bed she must be in the shower i thought so i layed ther looking at her ceiling thinking about her naked.


Hazel P.O.V

     I stood in the shower letting water run over my light carmel skin after 10 minutes i took the kiwi scented shampoo and and messaged my scalp. You already know what i did i took the soap and washed every inch of my body. soon i got out and walked in my room. i went over to my closet and but on a pink lacey bra and matching underwear. i went to turn around only to be trapped by a set of arms hugging me from behind. I almost screamed. "Dont worry it just me". i turned around to see Brendon smiling like a idiot. I blushed noticing i was only wearing underwear and a bra i ran back to my closet and pulled out my black booty shorts that said cant touch on the back. And pulled out a crop top that showed my belly ring. I turned around to see him staring at me he walked over to me and kissed me i dont know how but we ended up on my bed making out for 5 minutes but he stopped and smirked"We should stop befor this gets out of hand ". I nodded. He was getting ready to leave but i stopped him "please stay". He nodded stripping down to where he was only wearin boxers. I drooled when i saw his 8 pack. He smirked and turnt out the lights. We layed together he threw his hand over my body and started playing with my belly ring till i fell asleep. My eyes shot back open five minutes later realizing i had school i groaned and darknes took over my body.


Brendon P.O.v

     As she slept I thought about how we'd be going to school together. I knew she'd see who i really was i was scared what if she thought bad of me but why did i care she was just another girl but was she. I mean she seems different. Where are we going in this relationship? Should i continue it or end it? Darkness consumed me as i thought about her.

chapter 3: school, fights, and everything nice

 Brendon P.O.V

  I awoke to a running shower. As i began to wake up i noticed that i wasnt in my room. I wonder how i got here? As i thought that a sexy carmel figure appeared out the corner of my eye. "What are you still doing here dont you gotta get ready for school". she asked walking over to her closet and getting out teal laced bra with matchin panties. She soon dropped her towl that when my mouth dropped becuase she was sunning she had a 6 pack with perfect shaped breast and a big butt. As i was eye rapping her i realized she had some tattoes and a belly ring.She must have seen me staring because a huge grin appeared on her face."you need to stop staring its rude". she said with a giggle. She soon put on some camo short shorts with a plack belt and a black crop with a black leather jacket and black Huaraches. She put on some clear lip gloss and something that you put on your eyes that makes your eye lashes longer.she then straighted  her hairmaking it reach to her thighs. I didnt realize she was getting ready for school till she got her black shoulder bag and left me. I ran to my room and took a shower  got out put on my red polo shirt with some kaki joggers with some white air forces and a gold chain. i grabbed my bag and ran down the long stairs . by the time i got down there Hazel is walking out the door with her motorcycle looking upset. i went into the kitchen and saw all the guys talking. "Whats wrong with Hazel". i said looking at them."Well she got upset when i told her the rules". Frankie said "and what are the rules" "no having sex, no boyfriends, and no guys in her room". i knew the last one was directed to me so laughed and left out the house. I arrived at the same time Hazel arrived which is weirdcause she left before me. When she parked her motorcycle i went upto her."hey beautiful did you enjoy leaving me this morning". She took of her helmet and put on abig smile and said "yes i actually did i had shit to do this morning and no guy was going to stop my morning plans or my day".she hopped off her bike and started walking toward the school when 4 more people on bikes as soon as they got off she went up to them and gave them a hug. Who the fuck are they?


Hazel P.O.V

     When i got off my motorcycle i really wasnt in the mood. Let me tell you why Im pissed off because my brother still thinks im a kid and not only that my dumbass let Brendon sleep in my bed knowing he just wants to get in my pants. I shouldnt be this dumb knowing what happened last time."hey beautiful did you enjoy leaving me this morning" Brendon said. Fucking bloody hell i cant get away from him."yes i actually did i had shit to do this morning and no guy was going to stop my morning plans or my day". Before i could tell him to fuck off four motorcylcles pulled up and i knew who they were Danny, james, Daniel, Jessie pulled up i know its weird to have all guys as friends but at my old school the girls didnt like because they didnt like that i wasnt slutting around but you know it is what it is.

I walked up to the group of guys and gave them a hug i missed them so much even know it was only like two days.

[these next 2 paragraph can be skipped if you don't wanna know the four guys or background info]

Danny and Daniel are twin brothers they have Blond hair and blue eyes and her tanned, they smoke a lot and drink but all i do is drink i quite smoking a while back but im always getting stressed and becoming temted but they're both nice and funny they're 6'0 ft. James is a red head with green eyes he's 6'1 and is friendly and dosent talk much but when he does talk he says something inspiratitonal or gives advice. Jessie is differnt i guess i communicate with him better i guess.Jessie has teal hair with hazel and is bisexual who could really care less about what other people think like im so serious he came out in th fourth grade that he liked guys and girls i was shocked at first but felt so dumb when i didnt realize.He's also friendly, and can be cold hearted only when people really deserve it. 

I didn't notice i was in my thoughts till James kissed my forhead. "Mmm James dont do that"."Come on sweeteheart you cant blame me for doing what i did you were in your thoughts again"."whatever james" James ,Jessie, Daniel ,and Danny walked through the school to get the registered. As we walked through the school i tried to convince them that i dont need protection."Listen guys I don't need protection you know if we keep silent about ever-" i tried to finish my sentence but jessie cut me off "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter". "but it dosent matter its over" i say building up with anger ready to punch a wall "but is does matter what happened is was very serious but instead of talking about it you kept it in" Danny said with Daniel nodding. "Fuck it if your going to judge me and how i deal with my life then fuck off".

I storm to the office and get my schedule I just threw it in the trash because all those classes were bullshit. I storm down the hallway till i knock into Franckie "shouldnt you be in class" he says "fuck off" i say i always get so pissed when i talk about the past."whats wrong with you" he asked. i rub my head and tell him"I just need a cigarett.I pulled a pack from his jacket and walked off. i walked until i found the girls bathroom. You know what i did i lit a cigarett and relaxed. about 20 minutes later the bell rang i walked out and walked into the guys as in Frankie and his friends they all looked at me worried but i Ignored them and walked up. Brendon caught up to me an tried to start a conversation."Hey" Brendon said"what" I said. "how is the new school going sweetheart" he asked while avoiding eye contact "its been so amazing ive skipped all of my classes you know" i say looking straight ahead."well see you later Brendon" i decided that i was gonna go home while walking through the exit i called james "hey were are you"


"im in the cafeteria" James answered


"well come to the entrance we're leaving"


"ok you want the other guys to come"


"No just you ok bye"


Five minutes later James arrives "lets go to my house so i can change". Twenty minutes later we arrive at my house and go up to my room. we lay on my bed and just stare at the ceiling. And i start thinking about the past."hey Hazel you okay" I dont respond instead i get up and kiss him on the lips he responds we start to take off each others clothing but he stops "are you sure your ready"he asks i nod he flips us over so he's on top he kisses me down to my belly button ring and licks it I moan with plessure.He kisses me on the inside of my leg and starts to take off my thong slowly he opens my legs and licks my soft spot he soon sticks a finger in and i moan in plessure.then he sticks two fingers in "faster" i moan he soon  got faster but as soon as i was about to come he stops and sticks it in he goes slowly as soon as he sees a tear come out my eye "it'll be over soon he tells me" Im soon not feeling any pain anymore and move my hips to a rhythm we both come at the same time and he falls on top of me kissing my forhead.

"lets take a shower James"he nodded and we both walked over to shower turning on the hot water we both get in and wash each other i wash his six pack while he washes mine we both get out and put on clothes he puts on his while i put on  red pencil skirt and and a matching red crop top with some beige colored heels. Lets go clubin!

Chapter 4: why didn't you tell me

     Hazel P.O.v



We soon reach the best club in town called Angel. We walk to be greeted by muisic and the other guys. I walk over to them.

"im sorry i got pissed at you please forgive me"


"its okay we know how you get when you talk about your past we're sorry know lets dance" Danny said


We went out to the dance floor and danced to several songs. Thats when my brother and his idiot friends walked in.

My brother must have saw me because he's coming my way and looks furious.

"what the hell do you think your doing here dancing with guys you don't even know" 

"Do i really need your permission to have fun i mean come on Frankie we are the same fucking age well im a few monthes younger but still can i stay and have fun just this once"

"No go home NOW"

I stormed out side and left i didn't have a ride since i came with James. I walked and walked it was getting darker and i was getting scared. I heard a branch crack behind me thats when i turnt around to see it was a man with a big ass knife. I turnt around to fast and fell I couldnt get away fast enough. He took me by the hair and dragged me into a nearby woods.I tried to scream but he covered my mouth. when we finally stopped he through me against a tree and smiled thats when he started cutting my pencil skirt short. he took my panties off and slammed inside of me i wincd at the pain 4 minutes later he came inside of me. he then stabbed me 4 times in the stomach. He ran and disappeared into the darkness. I struggled to get up i could feel blood pouring out of me like a waterfall. I knew i wasnt far from home because these woods are very familiar. I soon got home inside my house i Fell to the floor and let daknes consume me.


Frankie P.O.V


As we headed home i couldnt help but wanna kill Hazel not literally but i still couldnt believe my sister was at that club it pissed me off so much."Dude are you okay I mean yeah she was at a club but shes a teenager like us she should be able to have fun just like us" Sherod said "I know but seeing her in a club dressed like that made me realize that im loosing my baby sister the sister that use to wear nothing but oversized shirts an baggy pants she growing up to fast" "Dude your sister his turning into a beautiful young lady you should be proud". Ten minutes later we reached home we pulled up into to drive way and walked up the path"um...Dude come look at this". i went over to wear Brendon was staning and looked down to see a huge patch of blood that wasnt there before. We all ran inside to be greeted by my sisters body. Brendon ran up to her and looked for a pulse."there's a pulse start the car NOW" i ran out to the car and started the car soon all the guys came out Brendon loaded Hazel into the car he held her all the way to the hospital sobbing. as soon as we got to the hostpital we ran in we yelled at lady at the front desk to get a doctor . she want and did a whole bunch of doctor shit and a doctors came back with a bed i layed her on there gently and watched as she got pushed away.We all went and sat in the waiting room thats when i looked up and saw her phone was laying on the floor she must have dropped it on the way in. I went and unlocked her phone and went to her contacts and to her favorites i saw only four names so i called them and told them what was up. 10 minutes laer 4 guys came in looking worried. they all saw me and i recognized they were at the club with hazel.They all looked worried espesally the guy with blue hair."hey im james where is she"


"they took her back there" Brendon spoke up he looked like shit. I probaly did to.

They sat down no one said anything or did anything but sit there a doctor came back and talked to us "Are you Hazels family" i nodded "well Hazel is in critcal condition but she will live she was stabed 4 times and was violated we also found on her back that was about 5 inches long it didnt happen in the accident the cut looked about 6 monthes old do you know what thats from" i shook my head no i was get ready to punch the wall because someone violated my sister. "we can we see her"  Dalton asked"you can see her now" we all went to room A437 when we walked in she was hooked to a bunch of machines 


2 hours later i told the guys to go home but the 4 that i called didnt leave and neither did Brendon."so how do you know Hazel" Brendon asked "We saved her from something and that's when we became very close" a guy with red hair said"saved her from what" brendon hissed "we saved her from her father one day we were walking down the street and we heard screaming from a house nearby so we decided to investigate...we went over to a window and saw Hazel and a guy...the guy had a whip and was beating her on the back he then cut her with a huge knife. when the guy left the room Jessie here climbed in and we took her back to our place and she lived with us but had to go back because of a missing persons report she started to change her attitude towards others and she dropped a lot of weight and thats when she moved here with her brother because she got into much trouble" After he told us that story Hazel woke up she sat up but winced at the pain Brendon got up and helped her thats when i realized that Brendon Loved my little sister



Hazel P.O.V


When i finally woke up i was in a room and i was glade that means that what happened must have been a dream. But when i tried to sit up pain shot through me and i winced. Brendon appeared and helped me lay back down. I already knew what happened to me so there was no reason in asking instead i let a tear slip down my face. "why didnt you tell me" Brendon asked "tell you what" my voice wasnt even a whisper. "why didnt you tell me that you were abused by your father" he asked. my lip quivered i couldnt even answer him instead i pulled the hospital blanket over my head. Then i felt my bed dip and felt someone wrap their hands around me "ill never let you go now" brendon said. i think im falling in love with him. I sighed and fell asleep 


Brendon P.O.V


When she fell asleep i noticed that evryone had already left. I cant believe im starting to fall for this girl. i wonder if she feels the same. It hasnt even been 5 days and she already managed to haved me whipped. "what am i going to do with you" a familiar voice said i looked over to see frankie "what do you mean" i asked "what i mean is, is that your already fallling head first for my little sister" I smiled "i know" "im gonna let you have her but i swear to god if you hurt her i wont hesitate to kill you" he said and then left. "Im gonna try my best to be the best for you and only you"

not a chapter

 i know i know that last chapter was lame and things our going a liitle fast with there relationship but since im going into surgery soon i might not be able to write anymore so i think im gonna make this story a short story instead of one of those stories with 20 chapters just tell what you think should happen nexxt and i'll write it.


Publication Date: 02-15-2016

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