Before You read

Important Things


1) This book is the sequel of  The cold heart vampire and the slave but this can be as a stand-alone book. This book story is dedicated to the daughter of Erika, Alisha, and her mate or husband Max. But you can also get to see Erika and Logan P.O.V in some chapters.

2) The chronology of this series is:


a) The cold-hearted vampire and the slave.


b) My human Mate.


c) My guardian. 


3) I am going to start this chapter with Alisha childhood so that it will help you to understand the story better. 


I hope you enjoy reading this book.

Meeting Miss Griselda

( 5 years old Alisha P.O.V)


"Wake up Alisha, wake up or you're going to be late. From today your class for how to live and fit between royalties is going to start. A lady is going to come to teach you so you better get up and get ready otherwise I will have to do it in a hard way," my mom said while pulling the cover away from my body.


"Okay okay I'm up," I said yawning and stretching my hands.


"Good, go get ready, your bath is ready and your clothes for today is in the washroom on the shink. Met me downstairs in the dining room for breakfast," mom said and kissed my forehead then walk out of my room.


I walk to my washroom, wash my face and brush my teeth. After that, I remove my clothes and enter the bathtub. After 15 minutes I get dressed and walk out of my washroom to see a servant is waiting for me in my room.


"Her Highness has sent me to help you get ready, my lady," the servant said to me and I just nodded at her then sit in the chair in front of the mirror so she can brush my hair.


After she brushes my hair and helps me get ready I walk downstairs to have some breakfast. When we were done with the breakfast a servant come and says something in grandma Melisha's ear, she looks at mom and nodded her head at her and mom nodded at her back.


I look at both of them in confusion and I think she saw that and clear my confusion.


“Your teacher is here, come on let’s go and meet her,” she said and we all walked to the living room.


“Erika, Alisha meet Miss Griselda, she is going to teach her how to be a princess, Miss Griselda meet Alisha she is the one who you are going to teach," grandma introduce her and mom shake her hand with her.


"It's nice to finally meet you, My Queen," Miss Griselda said while shaking her hand with my mom.


"Same here Miss Griselda," my mom said smiling at her.


"Please, Don't be so strict or too easy on her," my mom said to her.


"As you wish, my lady," Miss Griselda said to her with a gentle smile on her face.


"Stella," mom called one of the servants.


"Please show miss Griselda her room and Alisha room," Mom said to her.


"Stella will show you your room, get adjusted to your new surroundings today, and you can start her training from tomorrow," mom said to miss Griselda and Stella take her bag from her and led her to what I guess her room.


"Mom, why don't you teach me? why to higher another person to teach me?" I ask her when I was sure that Miss. Griselda can't hear us.


"I wish I can but I can't teach you, I have to start my own training to be a queen and I also have to take care of my three toddlers to, Give her a chance if you don't like her then come and tell me, okay, then I will do it she seems nice anyway," she asked.


"Okay," I said smiling at her.


"Go and spend some time with her and get comfortable with her than tell me if you like her or not, okay," she asks smiling wide okay.


"Okay," I said gulping and leave to go to her room.


"May, I coming Miss Griselda," I ask her after knocking her door.


"Yes, sure come in dear, and please take a seat," she said while looking at me with a smile and arranging her clothes in the closet. I walk inside and sit on her bed.


"So tell me something about you," she said closing her closet and take a seat next to me.


"I was a slave, lived in the trash and eat trash before my adopted parents Erika and Logan adopted me as their own daughter and loved me as one, I don't know about my biological parents I think they abound me when I was born and you already know that I am a human right. " I said to her and she nodded at me.


"Yeah I know," she said with a gentle smile. We talk for some time until a servant come and inform us that lunch is ready to serve and we walk down to the dining room to eat lunch, after that, we go to our room to have some sleep.


At evening we play with my sibling and play some games with each other or just watch some movies until it was time to go to eat dinner and go to sleep.


With the passing of time, I get to know Miss Griselda she also told me to call her by her first name Naina. I also get to learn many things from her. She has become my big sister with the passing of time and mom was very happy about it too.


She teaches me to hide my emotions, how to walk in front of others, how to eat in front of others, to control my anger and etc.


She also teaches me about many different types of creatures, their strength, and weakness and other things about them. I cried very much when she leaves to go back to her home but she promised me she will keep visiting me occasionally and I can also come to visit her whenever I want.


My training continued for 3 months and the next 1 month she teaches me to protect my self from bullies in the school as much as I can protect myself.


From tomorrow I will start my studies in school and to say I'm nervous is an understatement. Let's hope for the best but I douth that it is gone be happen.


First Day Of School

(Alisha P.O.V)


"Get up Alisha, or otherwise you gonna be late for school," my mom said while shaking me to get me up. I groan and sit up on my bed yawning.


"Good morning mom," I said screeching my arms and smiling at her.


"Good morning sweetie, go to the washroom and get ready for the school," she said while folding the covers.


"Is it necessary to go to supernatural school why can't I go to the normal school?" I ask my mom with a puppy dog eyes.


"Yes it is necessary and you can't go to normal human school because you would be a human but now you are a family member of a royal supernatural family, you have to learn to mix up with supernaturals and I know it was not going to be easy but you don't if you don't try and always remember that I and your father loves you and will always love you and be there for you, you can always come to us if anyone harass you okay?" she ask with a smile on her face.


"Okay," I said smiling to her then go to my washroom to take bath and get ready for the school after kissing her on her cheek.


I come out of the washroom wearing my school uniform which is a plain white shirt and brown skirt to see my mom is packing my bag. She looks at me with a smile and tells me to go and sit in front of the mirror. She brushes my hair and ties it in a high ponytail, then tie a red tie on my neck and make me wear a black coat which is a part of a school uniform I guess.


I wear my socks and shoes then we go downstairs to have some breakfast before I go to school.


"Ah, Alisha you look beautiful in your school uniform," grandma said while smiling at me.


"Thank you, grandma," I said while smiling at her. We eat our breakfast peacefully then I and mom leave for school. 


We reach to my school in 15 minutes, the whole drive to school was very uneasy for me, I was sitting in the shotgun playing with my tie nervously. When we reach there mom get out of the driver seat and walk to my side to open my door.


"All the best for the first day of your school and don't worry I have already talked to your teachers and principle they will make sure that other students don't harass you," she said and kissed my forehead and to be truthful it takes some of the nervousness away from me that teachers and principle will be there to help me.


I walk to the office and go to the receptionist, she looks at me and gives me a small smile.


“Hello sweetie, how can I help you?” she ask.


“Hello, I’m Alisha Ellwood and I am here to take my schedule,” I said with a small smile on my face.


“Oh yes wait a minute please,” she said and take out a file and a map from her drawer. After looking in the file for some time she gives me my schedule and a map.


“If you have any problem in the school or anyone harass or bully you, then you can come to me or go to any of your teachers okay,” she asks.


“Okay, thank you, ma’am, have a good day,” I said while smiling at her.


“You too, sweetie,” she said and I walk out of the office and walked to first classes which are mathematics. As soon as I walked into the class all the student looked at me and start whispering in each other ears. I walk to a seat and sit next to a red hair girl.


I tried to talk to them but every time I spoke up, they would shoot me down and look at me in disgust. When I tried speaking to them again, a little blonde girl spoke up.


“Just stop trying to talk with us we don’t want to hang out with a pathetic human like you,” she said and others laugh at me. the same thing continued to the last period before the lunch break bell rings.


Till then I had enough of it, as soon as the bell ring I run to the playground, hide behind a tree and cry my heart out. I knew that this would happen. This always happens.


Suddenly three shadows hovered over me. I look up to see one boy and two girls are looking at me with a sad face. A girl with sharp ears which I guess is elves kneel down at me and brush the tears away from my face.


“Hey, why are you crying?” she asks while looking at me with awe.


“Because I know I can’t be able to make friends like other because of me being human,” I said between hiccups.


“Oh, why don’t you become our friends,” another girl standing next to a boy ask me.


“Really?“You don’t mind me being a human,” I ask with the hope in my eyes.


“No never,” a boy said to me with a smile on his face and I smiled a goofy grin.


“Anyway this is Kanika she is a fairy, next to her is Anush my twin brother and I’m Eva, it’s nice to meet you,” she introduces herself and others to me.


“My name is Alisha and pleasure is all mine,” I introduce myself to them with a huge smile on my face.


“So friends,” Kanika ask me and stretch her hand to shake with mine.


“Friends,” I said and shake and walk to a cafeteria to have some lunch.


“Look, the loser team finds a new friend,” a raven-haired boy who is sitting in the center of the cafeteria said while pointing his finger to me.


“And from the look of it, it’s a pathetic human girl what a group,” a red-haired girl said to them and they laugh at us.


“Just ignore them,” Anush said to me and we walk to their table and have our lunch.


"Who are they? And who they think they are?" I ask them.


"The raven hair boy is Robert N Dawson he is the Lycian and the son of Nate Dawson who is the king of all werewolf, next to his left side, the brown hair boy Nickhil the son of the beta of his pack, and to his left side is Andy the son of the gamma of his pack, the blond hair boy is Reece the son of data of the pack, that red hair girl who is sitting next to max is Karin Andy's sister, and the two twins are Riddhi and Siddhi minions of Karin, they are the most popular student in the school and the bad news for us so we better stay away from them," he said while pointing his finger to each of them and I nodded at him.


When we have done with eating our lunch the bell rings signaling that the lunch break is over. We exchange our schedules, we have some classes all together while some with other while some are not. We great our goodbye and walk to our next classes.


When the school is over I walk out of school to see uncle Alex is waiting for me with his car and when he saw me running towards him he smile at me and pick me up in his arms.


"How was the first day of your school?" he asks opening the door for me to enter the car.


"Good, I manage to make some friends," I said to him with some time. As soon as we reach home I open the door and run inside to my mother while my bag was still in the car.


I walk inside to see mom was talking to Naina and when she saw me walking towards them a huge smile comes to her face, she runs to me and picks me up in her arms.


"How was your school," she asks and I tell her and mom everything that happens in the school.


"See, I tell you it's not going to be so bad and about bullies, with time you will learn to deal with them, there is no school where there are no bullies," mom said to me with a smile on her face.


"I agreed with your mother," Naina said to me and kissed my check.


"Go and change your clothes after that you and Naina can spend some time and have fun with each other," mom said to me, Naina up me down on the ground and I run to my room to get changed.


After that, we watch movies with each other while having some snacks and played with my sibling for some time. When it was time to go dinner we go down to the dining room and have our dinner with others.


Naina leaves after greeting goodbye and I walk to my room to have some sleep, today was the first day of the school so we don't have homework to worried about. I got in my cover and go to have a peaceful sleep.

A Welcome Threat


14 years later.


(Alisha P.O.V)

“Take the world

Shake and stir

And that’s what I got goin’ on

I throw my cares up in the air
     And I don’t think they’re comin’ down
     Yeah, I love how it feels right now

     This is the life! Hold on tight!
     And this is the dream
     It’s all I need!
     You never know where you’ll find it
     And I’m gonna take my time, yeah
     I’m still getting it right
     This is the Life”


My phone started ringing and I roam my hand here and there to get my phone to my ears.


“Hillooo.,” I said on the phone while look at the time in the clock.


*Who in the right world call someone 6 in the morning* I thought and soon get my answer when Kanika answered it.


“Hey girl,” she said in a cheerful voice.


“Really Kanika, Do you have check the time in the clock its 6 in the morning,” I said to her while groaning in the phone.


“I know, but I have some awesome new for you and I can’t wait to share it with you,” she said and I can see her smiling like an idiot in an idiot on the phone.


“What is it?” I said lazily in the phone while yawing loud.


“Robert and his jokers are back from their training and joining the school to complete his last year of graduation,” she said in the phone and I sit up in my bed fully awake.


“What? Did I heard right?” I ask for confirmation.


“Yup, you heard right,” she said and I can see her smirking behind the phone.


“Then you know what that means?” I ask her with an evil smirk on my face while holding my phone between my ear and shoulder and rubbing my hands together in excitement.


“Yup, this means a welcoming threat,” she said evilly and we both let out an evil laugh.


“Call team A and inform them about it we will meet each other at the school early in the school today,” I said to her while smiling evilly.


“On it captain,” she said while giving a salute to me on the phone and hang up on me.


I get out of my bed and walk to my closet and decided to wear my blue rip jeans, red tank top and my favorite pair of Jordan’s and a leather biker jacket. 


I walk to my washroom to get ready after I was over with taking a bath, I get dressed and brushed my hair then walk down to the dining room to have some breakfast.


Let me tell you what were you missing first. From the day I join the school for supernatural the popular's as we call it or should I say Robert and his joker's team keep bothering me and friend. At first, the teacher's was there to stop them and help us but after some time they also stop to help us, they just stand there and watch us getting bullied.


When I blackmail them that if they don't stop harassing us than I will tell everything to my mother. they started making fun of me that go, go and cry to your mother cry baby that all you can do after your nothing but a pathetic weak human. And that was it for me, at that time I have decided to give them a taste of my mind and decided to form the best prank squad to teach them a lesson.


That squad members were me, Eva, Anush, and Kanika. I still remember there faces full of scratches and let me tell you it was hilarious. We have put the huge wild cats in their locker's when they had open it, she comes out and screech their faces so much that it started bleeding.


 God, it was a sight to see. We give the name of our team, team Alisha or team A squad in which I am the captain because I always have good ideas of the pranks. After our first prank the increase, bullying us but after our other pranks they learned a lesson and leave us alone. Another fairy Mia who is the daughter of the king of fairies also joins our group.


Now back to present I walk down to the dining room with a huge smile on my face.


"Good morning mom, dad," I said taking a seat next to dad in the table.


"Good morning sweetie, you look happy today," dad said.


"Why didn't she will be happy, her birthday is coming in a week, after all, she will be 18 and become an adult," mom said giving me a plate full of breakfast.


"Yes, but that is not the reason," I said while putting a piece of bacon in my mouth.


"Then what is the reason?" dad asks and suddenly mom smiled and shook her head on me.


"What?" dad asked her all confused.


"Robert and his jokers are coming back to school," I said to him with a smirk and dad give me high five saying now that's my girl.


"So what on going on your mind? what's the plan?" dad asked looking all interested. Let me tell you I tell him and mom everything that happens in the school after my first prank at first he was very angry and want to kill them but mom stops him and at the same time very proud of me.


Since that day dad and I comes very close to each other and become best friends. I share or should I say tell every prank that we were planning to do to him.


"We haven't plan yet but we are going to met at the school early and plan a welcome treat for them," I said to him with an evil smirk.


"Need any help," he asks smiling like a little child who got a chance to meet his favorite hero.


"No can do," I said and he pouts making us laugh and he join us soon.


Soon I was done eating with my breakfast and run to my baby A red Audi converter.


Be ready popular's you don't know what is waiting for you. With that thought, I get inside the driver seat, set one of my favorite on high voice in the radio and drive away to the school.


Return Trips

(Robert P.O.V)


Finally, after finishing our training from High Accecadmy For Supernaturals we are going back Home. But still, after completing my training, I can’t take over after my father until I found out about my mate. It is the one and absolute law for us and every werewolf who is in higher or in Dominating positions like Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and General of Warriors to have your another half, your mate to take over your position.


After completing our training and while coming back home we have visited every pack in the hope to find our mate. But it all goes to vail. Accept me and my beta everyone who has come to train with me in the academy from my pack has found their mates and going to take over their position soon when their mate turns into a Lycian like us and they claimed them.


At the thought of our mate, my Lycian Roy stirs and started whining.


“Mate! I want to have a mate!” Roy said whining


“Me too Roy! Me too” I said to him.


“Then why are you sitting here go and find one, you idiot,” he said growling at me.


“It’s not that easy Roy, We have already gone and checked in every pack here in our way to home. We will go to another pack to find our mate after completing our last year of graduation” I said to him.


“I don’t care about your graduation or your studies, we have completed our training to become a king and that what that matters, and if you forgot then let me remind you that we are nothing without our mate, neither we can take over after your father and become the king without a mate, ” Roy said getting annoyed.


“I know Roy but--” I said but cut off by him.


“No, but or and,” he said growling. I was about to say something to him but he blocks me before I can say something. I sighed and rubbed my temple to get the headache to smooth down a little. I was the son of the king of all the werewolf, the strongest pack in America, and yet I didn’t find my mate. I’m 20 for crying out loud! How much longer does the Moon Goddess want me to wait? Most werewolves find their mates at 18. Nikhil and I are the only ones who do not have found our mate yet.


We were all driving back to our packhouse and we still have another day worth of driving to do. I, Nikhil, Andy, Suzane Andy mate, and Reece are in SUV While Blacky, Isabela Blackys mate, Aditi Mark mate, and Mark in Red Mercedes behind us.


“Robert man, don’t worry about it. I’m sure we’ll find them soon. Maybe we can find them in our neighbor packs or in our pack just wasn’t old enough when we left,” Nikhil said trying to lighten up our mood.


“Yeah, dude. Don’t stress. I bet they’re going to be total babes. Hot and sexy, just the way we like ’em.” jokes. He’s probably the most laid back guy out of all of us.


“Yeah, sure, whatever. I’m going to get some shut-eye and then take over and drive the rest of the way. You good going for a few more hours Nikhil?” I asked Nikhil since he was driving. “I got this bro, you get some rest. And don’t worry, you’ll find her soon.”


I closed my eyes and shrunk lower in the passenger seat. I think about home, how it was before we left. I think about mum and dad. They were both so sure that not only will I complete my training but also find out my mate. I miss them, but I would never dare tell anyone that. I would seem weak and girly. An Alpha especially the king’s son who shows vulnerability isn’t fit to lead a pack - especially the strongest pack in America.


I wonder how others were doing in school. Only, the boy in our group has left our education in between and goes to training to take a higher position after our father. I wonder did Alisha still harass them with her and her group’s pranks. I hope not. Because some time her pranks can almost make a real man cry.


Playing pranks on us after the year she joins the school is her way to protect herself and her friends from her us or anyone who try to bully them. She uses her brain and her friend’s powers to do that and as much as I hate to say that I respect her for that, that she has the guts to backfire on us. And that intrude me in some way why or how that I don’t understand.


Although, I wonder what she’s like now. She was such a cutie when we were little: with her two cute little pigtails and flowery summer dresses -wait. What the hell am I thinking about her for?
But I got to admit she was cute, maybe she’s gotten a little I shook my head to get that thought out of my mind. I signed and fall asleep.


Finally, after three days of traveling, we are back home. I get out of the back seat and stretch my body to remove some stiffness from my body and smiled when I look at our castle.


“Let’s get ready dude”, I shouted to Nikhil, “We need to make an impression today”.


“Yeah man,” Nikhil replied, “we gonna have them, babes, chasing after us like lost puppies “.


I chuckled”Got that right bro.”


It was 8 pm in the night when we reach home. We get inside and greet everyone and make some small talks about our training and everything. After that, we walk to our rooms to get refreshed and meet others at dinner.


Dinner went normal eating, chatting and laughing at Reece’s lame joke. After that, we leave our room to have some beauty sleep and get ready for school tomorrow.


Pranks and Shopping

 (Alisha P.O.V)


I park my baby in the school parking plot and get out of my car to see all my friend except one standing in a line like a soldier except one.


“Where is Mia? ” I ask them.


“Her training to be a queen of fairy have been started and she was graduate last year do you forgot that?” Eva ask.


“Oh right, I almost forgot that, but men it would not be the same without her,” I said groaning.


“That’s true,” they said in unison and sighed.


“Alright guys, I take this Kanika have already told you about Robert and his Jokers,” I said to them with a smirk on my face and they all give me a mischievous smile and I take that as a yes.


“So commandos any ideas,” I ask them.


“Oh, how about we steal his clothes and leave dresses in the place of them in gym class?” Eva asks with a smirk.


“Nah, it’s a good idea but I want some perfect idea for a perfect welcome back something that they remember their whole life,” I said to her.


“What about we put itching powder in their shampoo,” Anush ask.


“Nah it should be a huge and record-breaking prank till now,” I said.


“What about if we fill their lockers with paintballs that shoot out of a sling when they open their lockers. But the paint must have dye in them so even if they wash it out; the color stays for at least the whole day?” Kanika said with a smirk.


“Well it’s a damn good plan, if I may say so myself, but one little tweak to that. How about we stream it to the cafeteria’s big screen and also add some itching powder on it for fun. While we were on it what if we haywire their car?” I ask.


“Good Idea captain,” they said in unison.


“Now that it has been decided what about we go to the mall for our prank and other shopping after we take our schedule from school since it was the last day of our vacation and after that, we can have a sleepover at my house, that way we can cautiously proceed our plan what says?” I ask and they all agreed


After that said we walk to the office to take our schedule from there. We find out that we have only 3 or 4 classes together.


“Men that sucks,” I said to them.


“True, but what can we do about it,” Eva said.


“Nothing?” Kanika answered.


“I think I should call Mia to join us at shopping it will make her feel like it doesn’t matter whether she goes to school with us or not we will always remain friends no matter what,” I said to them and they agreed with me. I call her when after we all come out of school. After a second ring, she picks up her phone.


“Hey what’s up Alisha?” Mia ask.


“Hey Mia team A is planning to hang out at Mall and have a sleepover at my house since it was the last day of our summer vacation so would you like to join us,” I ask.


“Of course, is that even a question to ask?” She said excitedly.


“Of course no and also I have something to tell you,” I said to her.


“What is it?” she asks curiously.


“How about I tell you that when we are at my house?” I ask.


“Sure, so see you at the mall,” she said and hang up.


“So is she coming?” Anush asks while screeching the back of his neck nervously and I smirk knowingly. Oh did I tell you that Anush and Mia has a crush on each other? well, now you know.


"Yes, she said she will meet us at the mall," I said to him and a smile automatically come to his face.


"Alright so, since Kanika didn't bring her car so how about me and Kanika go in my car while you two go to the mall in your car," I said to them and they agreed.


When I and Kanika get into my car and I was about to start the engine my phone started to ring. I pick up to see it's Mia.


"Hello," I said on the phone.


"Hey, Alisha uhh which Mall were we going?" she asks nervously. And I burst out of laughter.


 "Why are you laughing?" Kanika asks and I show her my hand to stop her. 


"What's funny?" Mia asks and I can see her pouting at me on the phone.


"Nothing. Meet us at Epic Mall," I said and hung up.


"Well," Kanika asks raising her perfect eyebrow at me.


"She forgot to ask me which mall we were going when I called her," I said chuckling.


"That's Mia for you," she said with a chuckle.


We reach the mall after half an hour to see Mia, Eva, and Anush waiting for us at the parking plot.


"What take's you guys so long?" Anush ask.


"We get stuck in the traffic and we stop at a shop to buys thing for the prank," Kanika said.


"What prank?" Mia ask. And I said everything to her.


"Oh man I am going to miss it," she said.


"Don't worry we are going to record it and upload it in the youtube and send you the link," I said to her and she smiled at return.


"Come on, let go shopping," I said in a singing voice


"Let's shopping," Mia and Kanika said excitedly and I chuckled at their excitement. We get inside and goes our way to shop and promise to meet each other at the food court.


I first go to the dress store to buy some dresses, after that I go to forever 21 then to the shoe store to buy some shoes and heels to wear after that that I go to Vicotria secret to buy some undergarment and some accessories. After that, I go to jewelry to buy some jewelry.


After that, I go to the food court to have something to eat and meet my friends. 5 minutes later all my friends join me there and Anush being a sweetheart ask us what we want to eat and go to place the order. When we are done with eating we decide to watch some movies at the theater to kill some time.


So we decided to go to the parking plot to put our bags in our car then meet each other at the theater after we were done with it. After a lot of arguing we come to the conclusion the first, we will watch Hellboy after that we will watch Frozen 2.


After watching movies we decided to go to the food court to have some snacks after that, Me, Kanika and Mia will go to Kanika house to collect some clothes for a sleepover while Eva and Anush will go at their house to collect their clothes and other need and meet us at my house. I also called my parents to inform them about our sleepover at our house.


Our sleepovers were amazing. Mum and dad never had a problem with Anush before being up here in my room because he was like the brother like Josh and Jared, to be honest, and he rarely sleeps with us when he comes for a sleepover after my other siblings have grown up a little he generally sleep with them and we were very close, like siblings. My dad was a prankster as well and we let him join in on the fun with some pranks.


But this one; it’s strictly ‘A-Team’ business and we are going to dominate.


Popular you better watch your backs, because you won't know what hit you. 



It's show time

(Alisha P.O.V)


"Everybody wake up

(Wake up)

Everybody wake up
     (Wake up)

Open your eyes, jump out of bed
Open your eyes, jump out of bed
If you’re on the bottom bunk
Don’t bump your head

Everybody wake up
(Wake up)
Everybody wake up
(Wake up)

Find your shoes, find your sock
Find your shoes, find your other sock

Don’t hit the snooze on your alarm clock"


My alarm sing and I roam my hand here and there to get my alarm clock and see it's six in the morning. I snooze it back and goes back to sleep until I remember something and get up from my bed to wake all my friends up. I shake Eva lightly to wake her up but she just shoves my hand away and goes back to sleep. I was about to shake her again when suddenly the bulb of my brain light up and an evil smile come up to my face.


I go to my washroom and open the tap so that it fills up with water then I walk back to my room and take a tray a full of ice and drop all the ice in the bucket and added some itching powder in it. I walk back to my room with it while smiling evilly and throw it content towards my friend and they wake up shocked, looked all over there faces. I tried hard to not to burst out laughing but failed miserably.


"What the hell Alisha?" Mia shout at me and start scratching all over her body making me laugh harder.


"What have you done to us A?" Eva asks scratching all over her body.


"I have splashed cold water with itching powder in it on all of you because you were not getting up when I tried to wake you up. So I would run directly to the washroom to take shower and get that thing off of me," I said while backing out to my washroom before they come towards me to have their revenge on me.


When I was sure that they were out of my room I walk to Josh room to wake Anush up and get ready for the school. After that, I go to my room to get ready my self. 


 When I am done with taking a shower I wrap a fluffy towel around me and walk to my closet. I decided on wearing ripped black jeans and white V-neck tank top and my blue and white converse. 


With that done I walk to the dresser and put light make which consist of light blush and lip gloss and put a diamond earring which was a gift by my father on my 16th birthday. I take my backpack, keys and my mobile and walk down to the dining room while humming an unknown tune with a smile on my face.


When I reach there I see all my friend sitting and chatting with my friends.


"Good morning Mom, good morning dad," I said while walking towards them and kissing on their cheeks.

"Moring," they said and kissed my face if you're wondering where were my grandparents they were at one of my grandparents' friend house.


"Why were you guys up so early? I ask one of your friends about it but they said you're the one who wakes them up early and they don't know why?" my mother asked.


"Well, you already know about Robert and his jokers joining school again and their welcome threat right?" I ask.


"Yes," she asks confused.


"It's the first day of our school after our summer vacation and to give those jokers a perfect welcome we have to be in the school early so that everything was ready for them," I said with a smirk and she nodded at me.


“So what’s the plan?” Dad asks excitedly and I told him everything and we give high five each other. After breakfast, we say goodbye to my parents and leave for school while Mia goes back to her house promising us to meet us on my birthday and to stay in contact. When we reach school we get out of our car and I give them their task to complete it.


“Okay, guys listen up. There will be here in 1 hour. Eva, you go and put die-filled paintballs with itching powder on their locker, Kanika you will set up the camera and record the video and make sure everybody watches it, Anush go to the boy’s locker room and Block their shower so that they can’t use shower to take their paint off and I will haywire their car and punctured their car tire so that they can’t use their car and make sure nobody see you doing it, alright?” I ask them.


“Ai Ai Captain,” they shout in unison.


“GO, Go, Go, Go” I shout at them and they run away to do their task.


****************AFTER HALF AN HOUR**************


“Guys, they are here, is everything ready?” I ask them on my phone.


“Paintballs?” I ask.


“Ready to roll,” Eva said with a smirk.


“Cameras?” I ask.


“Connected and ready to films,” Kanika replied with a wink.


“Perfect,” I say while rubbing my hands together, “let’s get started!”


“What about you?” they ask.


“Done,” I said with glee while rubbing my hand together evilly.


'Okay, its show time’ I thought as I saw Robert and his posse reach their lockers. I did a mental countdown...5...4...3...2...1...and it all happened in slow motion- it was a color-fest.


Dye-filled paintballs shot out their lockers and hit them all at once; they let out girly shrieks because some of the paintballs also hit them in the ‘you-know-where’. Ironic isn’t it?


“Oouch, that’s got to hurt,” Anush shouted out. The hallway filled with laughter. They were now covered in paint from head to toe and I’m sure their faces were red, under all that paint, from anger and embarrassment.


I was absolutely ripped and fell to the floor, clutching my stomach, while tears roll freely down my cheeks. Anush, Eva, and Kanika were pretty much doing the same.


The three of them stormed take spare clothes from their locker and run towards the washroom. We all quickly sobered up and followed them, to burst into laughter seconds later, as we watch Phase 2 unfold in front of us.


“SHIT! SHIT! SHIT” I heard Robert and his posses shout from the washroom and run to their car while scratching his all body.


Them being angry was an understatement; if they were only slightly annoyed by what just happened with their lockers, they were beyond pissed right now- ‘fuming’ would be the appropriate description.


Their car tires were punctured and there was a pink bow placed on the top of the car. There was also a word “I am a barbie girl and I love to play dressing ” with a kissing face on it written on the window screen.


They all growled. I saw their Lycian start to surface. They stormed off into the woods to let their Lycian out and cool down.


“Well done A-Team!!” I laughed, “We are victorious once again! You make mama so proud.” I say as I wipe away a fake tear.

“Come, my fellow pranksters, I believe we have a video to post!” Kanika reminded us with a wink as we all laughed.


Watch out boys, there’s a lot more where that came from. ;)


After posting the video we send the link so that she can see the video. We also decided to have a sleepover at my house to celebrate our success in a welcome treat prank.


The rest of the day passed by like a blur. ‘The A team’ desperately avoided Robert and Company. We successfully made it without running into them the whole day, now it’s time for the sleepover!


I made my way to my home with guys behind me and we all park our car in the garage. Mom and dad were not here because they have an important meeting to attend. While all my sibling were out to have fun with their friends. So we have my home all to our self.


We raid the kitchen and stock up on snacks then make our way up to my room. “Right guys, get yourselves comfy while I go take a shower.” I grab my pj’s and a pair of clean underwear and run into my bathroom. When I’m done I walk into the room, “ok next one can hit the shower.”


After that, we go to the theater room and watch all our favorite movies. After movies, we all go back to my room to have some fun.


(Robert P.O.V)


What THE HELL!!!!! I am beyond furious! Who would play a prank on the prince of the Lycian than, a girl's face comes to my mind? ‘Oh she’s gonna get it for sure’ I thought with a growl.


“What the hell wrong with them, men, we have almost stopped bullying then also they keep playing pranks on us,” Aiden growled as he tried to remove the paint but like Nate but I, had no luck.


We run out of the washroom to the parking plot but what we see there make us furious would be an understatement. I can feel my Lycian taking over the control all over me but I try to control it to my best but this itching and their laughing face made it harder to do. He wants to come out give them a taste of his mind. We growl at them and run away while changing in our Lycian form. We run back to my castle and to our room to get rid of paint and dies.


Thank god our parents were out for an important meeting with other king and queens otherwise it would be difficult to explain everything to them.


When we are done with taking shower and bath we met each other in the game room.


"Dud most of the paint were gone but it's hard to get rid of others," Nate said to me.


"I know dude, I know," I said to him.


"I think those little pests need to learn some lesson, " Nickhil said to me still annoyed as hell.


"I am with Nickhil with it," Reece and Andy said in unison.


"I am with you guys so what on your mind," I ask.


"We will found them at Alisha house I've heard them about having a sleepover at her house, let's go there first maybe be we can find something that we can use against them, there" Nate suggested.


"Okay let's go," I said and we all drive to her house.


“How are we gonna get up there?” Aiden asks. I facepalm myself. “Dude, you’re a werewolf. Just use your speed and claws to grab the window ledge.” I say in an obvious tone.


“Oh yeah. I forgot about that.” Aiden replies sheepishly. Xavier just shakes his head at Aiden’s silly antics.


We all climb up and look through the window to find them dancing. Our attention instantly zeroed on the girls who are trying to perform a dance.


Keyword:- trying.


This girl certainly can’t dance for shit.


We all try not to laughter but fail miserably. I’m glad the music is so loud or else they would have heard us. Nate takes out his phone and records the whole thing, even the part where they fall flat on their perfectly round butt.


After we have enough recording for our ‘payback’ tomorrow, we head back to our pack house.


“Tomorrow boys is going to be an interesting day. I can’t wait to see their faces when they see what’s in store for them.” Aiden smirks.


To tell you the truth, neither can I.


(Alisha P.O.V)


“What about food fighting,” Eva suggest.


“Nah, that is boring,” Mia said to her.


“What about pillow fighting,” Mia suggested.


“Good idea Mia but I am not interested in a pillow fighting,” I said to her.


“What about we dance and celebrate the success of our mission the welcome threat,” Kanika suggested.


“Good idea,” I said to them. I look around and see enthusiasm slapped across everyone’s faces, no doubt my expression mirroring theirs. God, I love these girls- my little sisters. So I attached my mobile with the speaker and started the song.


We all dance our heart out. Then our special funny song started and we all dance making funny faces in slow motion while controlling our laugh when we look at each other dancing.


We can’t hold it anymore and bust out laughing at each other. After that we all get hungry so I call to call a restaurant and order a lot of pizza and Chinese food.


We play pillow fight until the food was delivered to my house, then we eat all our food while watching pretty little liars in my room and goes to sleep with a smile on our face.


(Robert P.O.V)


I get up in the morning with a smile on my face. Today was the day we retaliate. It’s about time those little pests learns not to play pranks on us.


With that thought, I get up from my bed and goes to the washroom with a smile on my face. I eat up my breakfast faster than I have ever done anything and meet up with friends.


"Did you brought that video with you, Nate," I ask him and he nodded his head as yes.


"Good," I said while nodding my head in approval.


"Did you arrange the screen in the school, Nikhil," I ask him and he nodded his head as yes.


"Good, let's go," I said with an evil smirk in my face. As soon as we enter the school I mind-link my friend and told them to behave normally so they don't suspect anything on us and they nodded their head in agreement.


We were at school; it was lunch now waiting for the team- A to arrive after connecting Nate mobile to the screen. When we saw them coming in the cafeteria,  I stand up on the table and whistle loudly to draw their attention to me.


"Hey everyone, can I have your attention, please. I want to show you something," I said to them and take my seat back at my table and I look at Nate and as a cue, he started to play that video.


(Alisha P.O.V)


As soon as we entered the cafeteria Xavier whistles and everyone gives him full attention. We also turn to look at him but he just steps aside and the big screen comes into view.


Oh.My.Gosh... It can’t be. It is! That bloody asshole!!! How the hell did he get that?!


We were all frozen; our eyes glued to the screen which happens to be playing a video if our last night’s sleepover dance marathon! Our, special funny victory dance we used to do when any one of us was feeling low or celebrate our victory in our house to make us laugh and smile.


When the video comes to an end everyone in the cafeteria is howling with laughter and looking at us. Oh dear. This was not good. So not good. I could die of embarrassment right about now. I turned towards the direction in which the culprits were standing. I fix my death glare at them.


I look around to saw my friend reaction and saw that Eva just about to stomp over there and slap them on there faces red but I hold her back and turn to see the boys looking smugly at us with a smirk on my face. Oh, how I want to remove that smirk from there face by beating the shit out of them.


I look at Eva but she’s throwing daggers at the boys who are currently standing there with smug smirks. I jerk her hand a little to draw her attention towards me and blink my eyes a couple of time telling her to calm down and let me take care of it and she nodded her head at me.


(Robert P.O.V)


I saw Eva about to stomp over to us but stop by Alisha. She then looks at us with a death glare then look back her friend then back towards us with a smirk on her face.


They walk towards up and stop. Alisha is the first one to speak, “So that’s how you wanna play, huh? Ok then. Game On Alpha.” she says to me with a smirk and they all walk away together without waiting for a reply.


*Oh shit! The real things are just about to start, this was not the reaction we thought we would get, * I thought and look around to see the reaction of my friend.


Their expression is priceless. It turns from shock to regret to panic and then completely blank within a few seconds.


Oh, things are about to get really interesting.

Birthday gift and Shopping

(Alisha P.O.V)


This week was rather eventful. Whenever we passed the boys, we would wink, smirk and walk right past them with extra sway to the hips. That got them so confused but at the same workup and growling.


This was just too easy! And it’s totally hilarious to mess with their heads. and tomorrow is finally going to be 20 October my birthday, the day I was waiting for so long. I will be eighteen and after one month of my birthday, I will start my training to be representative of my clan.


I can’t wait to get away from those bully and start my training but on the other hand, I am also going to miss my friends they are such a sweetheart and I love them all. With that thought, I fall asleep.


(Next day)


“Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Alisha
Happy Birthday to You.

From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,

And happiness too.

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to dear Alisha

Happy birthday to you,” I wake up from the song to see my whole family standing there with my friends singing a birthday song for me.


“Happy birthday Alisha,” they said one by one while hugging me and giving me my birthday gift except for mom and dad.


“Thank you guys, I love you all,” I said and they all engulf me in a group hug.


“Where is your gift mom, dad?” I ask.


“You will get our gift when you come down after getting ready,” dad said with a smile on there face and they all walk out of my room.


I walk to my walk-in closet and decided to wear the simple sky blue floor length dress with a belt on my waist which I have brought from the mall with my friends, a long diamond hearing and matching heels and put it at my bed.




(Photo of Alisha after getting ready)


I walk to my luxurious bathroom, shave my hands, legs and private part and take shower while washing my hair. I walk out of my washroom then dry my body and hair. After getting dressed I walk to my dresser while putting my earing. I take a comb my hair and decided to put it down as usual.


After that, I decided to put a little makeup as you all know I am not a fan of a lot of makeup. So I decided to wear eyeliner and a light blush.


Then I walk out of my room to the dining room where I saw everyone is sitting on the dining table eating breakfast while chatting with each other. As soon as I entered the room all the eyes turn to me with their jaw on the ground.


"Oh, my baby girl has grown up too soon and blossom into a beautiful woman," mom said hug me very tightly.


"It's like now I have to scare all the boys away who dare to come near my beautiful daughter to take her away from us," dad said to me while hugging me and looking at me.


"That's true dad it looks like we have to do the same, you look gorgeous di," twins brother said in unison and engulf me in a group hug.


"Now what about my gift?" I ask looking at my parents and they led me out of our castle to the garage. And open it and open the lights of the garage.


"Your gift is hiding behind that white over there," my father said to me while pointing his finger towards that while cloth.


"Go and see your gift," my mother said to me with a smile on her face. I walk towards it and remove the white cloth from my gift to see Honda CBR650R standing in front of my eyes.


"Honda CBR650R oh my god," I shouted while putting my hand on my mouth and run towards my parents to hug the shit out of them.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you, mom and dad, this is the best gift ever," I said to them while hugging them tightly. I pull away from them to saw others pouting at me.


"Come on guys don't be like that, your gift was also awesome but not as awesome as theirs," I said while pouting at them and they bust out laughing and I join them.


"Here, is my card go to the mall and shop all you want, but come back before noon okay," my dad said to me while giving me his card for shopping and I nodded my head as a yes.


I was wearing a dress so I decided to take my car rather than a bike and take a bike to my school on Monday to show off. I and all the girls will go in my car while my brother and Anush will take Jared's car. We girls decided to do shopping while boys decided to go to the theater to watch a movie and meet us at the food court.


Party time

 (Kanika P.O.V)


After reaching home we eat our lunch and goes to our room to have some rest. We get up at 5:30 pm and get ready for

We rushed into Alisha room and she called dibs on showering first. Damn! As soon as we all freshened up we looked through the dresses mum bought for us so we can find ones we liked.


After trying on, what felt like the 50th dress, she finally found the perfect one. It was a deep royal blue one-shoulder dress that reached mid-thigh with silver swirls around the waist leading up to a black lace pattern on the top. It wasn’t too girly, it gave her an edgy look. She matched it with a pair of black stilettos.


Eva dress that reached mid-thigh was violet with splashes of bright colors. You would think it would look weird but it actually has a funky look; suits her personality.


Mia’s was a body fitting, blood red dress that reached just above her knees and it hugged her hourglass figure beautifully. It was simple yet elegant - just like her. She paired it with her black pumps.


Mine was a midnight black long gown without the shoulder and which shows all my curves perfectly. Imatch it with a pair of black plumps and black diamond earring which match perfectly and wear it.


After doing their makeup they literally held me hostage in their clutches as they began their assault on my face. I’m perfectly happy without makeup but guess what? They don’t give me a choice. When they finish they take me to the long length mirror and showed me their ‘masterpiece’.


We all stood admiring each other’s beauty and handiwork. “I must say, we look damn fine tonight ladies.” Riley giggles. “Couldn’t agree with you more, the boys won’t know what hit them.” Thea grinned. “Come on, it’s time to party! knock ’em dead girls.” I winked and formed a group hug.


We burst through the door in excitement only to slam straight into Anush, who was waiting outside the room for us and knocked him over. “See. what did I tell ya’ we already knocked this one off his feet? We have that effect on people. More specifically boys.” I smirk and help Jase up.


I gave him a once over, “You clean up good bro.” I complimented. “As do you my lovelies.” he winks.


(Alisha P.O.V)


We descend down the stairs together but are instantly broken apart by my overly excited mother who snatched me into a hug, “Ali you look so beautiful. You look so grown up!” She gushed with teary eyes. Dad comes up behind me and holds both of us


“No matter how old I get I’ll always be your little princess, daddy,” I assure him.


Ok enough of this emotional funny business, you’re spoiling my makeup!“. Dad and I stifle our laughs. Mum darts off to get the cake ready and tells me to ‘mingle’.


I walk towards my friends and started talking to them when I feel a tap on my shoulder.


“Honey I want to meet you Mrs. Samantha and Mr. Liam Dawson queen and king of all the werewolf,” my mother said while introducing me with Robert parent.


“Happy birthday darling, I am really sorry that Robert and his friend can’t able to come because something raise and he have to leave for some important work,” she said while looking apologetic.


“It’s okay Mrs. Dawson I can understand,” I said with a small simile on my face but in inside I was dancing from inside more than happy to know that he can’t able to come to spoil the party.


“I have heard what he did with you and your friend and I also know how you guys teach them their lesson, your mother tell everything to me and I want to scold them for their behavior towards you but your mother stops me from doing that. I am very proud of you they really deserve that, and I also apologize for them, ” she said with a sad smile on her face.


“You are 18 now right? ” she asks and I only nodded my head as a yes.


“I wish that you were my sons mate, I know you don’t want to be his mate after what he has done with you but it will make me happy to know there is that there is someone who not only you will look after him but also keeps him in his limits, and on the ground,” she said giving me the shock of my life. I was about to say something but cut off by my father.


“Come on everyone it’s time to cut the cake, come, Alisha, ” my dad shouted at everyone to gain their attention. I cut the cake while everyone sings a birthday song for me, I cut the cake and feed it to my parents. Then everyone wishes me a happy birthday while giving me in their gift.


After that dad ask me to have a dance with me and I accepted it gladly. After it Jared ask me for a dance and I accept while dancing I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see it was Josh, he wished me happy birthday and throw a piece of cake all over my face.


I stand in shock for a few seconds before ripping a scream. “Oops. My bad , my hand slipped,” he smirks in an oh-so-innocent voice and bulleted out the back door of the garden but before he can do it I take a piece of cake from the tray which was carried by the maid and throw it towards him but he dodges it and it falls on Sophia’s face.


She looks around her surrounding to find the culprit but before she can look at me I tried to hide from her but that bastard Josh tells her that it was me.


“Oh no you not,” she said and throw a cupcake at me but I dodge it and it hits on uncle Avis face. And so the food fight between all us including our elders are started between us. We fight for some time, then a maid comes to us announcing that the main course was ready to serve in the garden so we all go to the garden to have dinner. So the whole night went in dancing, playing games and laughing at each other until everyone got tired and my father announced that the party was over.


After the party, we take our depart and goes to our rooms to get change in comfortable clothes and fall asleep.




(Robert P.O.V)

I and the guys have reached the school a little early so we were standing outside of the school building and leaning on our car talking about random stuff. Then all of a sudden I smelt a heavenly scent; like strawberries and chocolate. I turned around looking for the source of the scent. ‘Mate’ Leo yipped happily.

I heard the roar of a motorcycle - a Honda to be specific, my favorite- and there was the sexiest girl, wearing ripped black jeans, a curve-hugging red top, black leather jacket, and combats. She had raven black hair with blood red tips.

She was standing on the motorcycle and had her hands in the air and she sat back down and held the guy driving the bike around the waist. That’s when I snapped out of my daze.

“Mine!!!” Leo and I growled. As they parked the bike. He parked his bike on the parking plot and walks inside the school and I followed them with guys on my tail. I looked everywhere trying to find them when I saw the guy who was with my mate and I go towards him and he gets tensioned probably sensing my presence behind him.

I grab him from behind and I turned to the guy still on the floor and pulled him up by his collar to see it was Anush. “Don’t you dare touch her again!!!” I roared. “Whoa man,” he said and put both his hands up in surrender “we’re just friends. ”

Nate ripped him away from me. And Anush walked back towards the school entrance, but before he entered he shouted out to me “Good luck man! You’re gonna need it. You’re mated to the one and only Alisha!” he laughed and went in.

Alisha? Alisha as in Alisha Ellwood? I was frozen in place as the thought processed in my brain.

Alisha! Oh my god, it’s Alisha! I had to put my head against my locker. I couldn’t see or think straight. I let out a loud growl and slammed both fists into my locker, putting huge dents into it. “Dude are you okay?” “What’s up, man?” “Babe are you okay!?” Karin’s voice brought me back to reality. I felt disgusted by my own girlfriend. I looked in the direction that Alisha was walking and could no longer hold it back anymore. I had to let it out.


I walked in the direction she was going without looking back. I knew I had left them in as much shock as Anush did. My pace picked up the stronger her scent became. I knew she was close but I was stopped by the principal. “Robert get to class right now!” I turned ready to argue with her but the group of people behind her told me now was not the time to start a fight. Reluctantly I walked off to class but I couldn’t get Alisha off my mind.

(Alisha P.O.V)


I arrived at the twins with my baby Anush want to test drive my baby and I didn't protest it. “Morning boss” he greeted and then whistled, “Someone’s looking fine on a sweet ride.” I chuckled, ” Thanks. Gotta look good to keep up the reputation.”


"Give it even a scratch and I will Castrate you," I warn him and give him my bike key. After he sat on my baby I sat behind him and we drove away to the school.


"I will see you at lunch," he said and walk towards his locker. We bid him goodbye and walk to our class after taking my books from my locker.


At lunch I was walking towards my friends when I saw that Karin and I were about to cross paths I knew in the back of my mind she was going to dump her lunch on me. Right as she stopped me in front of me she went to tip her tray over as I expected but not this time I brought my hands up flipping it all over her instead. She let out a high pitched shriek. “You bitch! What the hell was that for?!”


I let out a loud laugh. “Oops, it was an accident” I could stop the smirk that appeared on my face. Hers, however, looked like a tomato. “That was not an accident! You did that on purpose!” I stepped around her careful not to step in food. “Well, that’s the excuse you always used so I thought I should try it.” As I turned to walk away she reached out and grabbed me by my hair.


Oh hell no. I spun around fist already in motion, the impact it had on her face sent her straight to the ground. “Don’t ever put your nasty hands on me ever again!” I marched over to the assholes table my rage in full action Thanking internally to Griselda for training me in my every Vacation on how to fight and protect myself from this assholes.


They watched me as I marched over, their eyes grew wide. I slammed my hands on their table. “Don’t you dare try to fuck with me or you will regret it! And if I ever catch you bullying ANYONE I will pummel you until you end up in a coma for 3 months as you did to me!”


To top it all off I grabbed their table and flipped it over sending all their lunches on to the floor and stormed out of the cafeteria.


You are my mate

(Robert P.O.V)


Again she left me in total shock. I have never seen someone so mad. She may be a little thing but when she was mad she turned into the hulk. I didn’t even have to look around to know that all eyes were on us. Karin came running up to me with tears streaming down her face. “Look what that bitch did to me!" I hated the way she called my mate such a horrible name.


“Don’t call my mate that! May I remind you she is your futureQueen!” my Lycian was trying to take over. He wanted to kill Carley for talking that way about his mate. “But baby! She’s horrible! Why can’t you just forget about her and I’ll be your mate!” Karin was hanging onto my arm. The thought made me sick to my stomach. How could she think I’d give up my mate for her? Having her hang on me felt even more disgusting I felt as if I were cheating on my mate.


"Never” was the only thing that left my mouth as I walked out of the cafeteria. I was going to find my mate and clam her as mine.


(Alisha P.O.V)


I was storming down the hallway, luckily it was empty because I wasn’t in the mood to deal with people. I heard footsteps running down the hall. I thought it was just someone in a hurry until I heard my name being called. At first, I thought I was just hearing things but then it came again. I was growing closer along with the footsteps. I slowed my pace. I was so close to the front doors of the school and I didn’t want to see anyone but something about that voice made me stop. The moment I turned to see who it was my heart almost stopped.


There he has come closer and closer to me, I didn’t like it. I wanted to turn and run out the doors but my feet were glued to the ground. He stopped a few feet from me and just started almost as if he was in shock that I actually stopped. I waited for him to speak but after what felt like forever he still hadn’t said a word.


What do you want Robert?” the annoyance was evident in my voice. His eyes met mine as he started mumbling words I couldn’t understand. “Uh, what?” “Ummm well I really need to tell you something.“I stood there waiting for him to continue but he never did. “You have to use your words, I can’t read your mind.” His cheeks turned slightly pink. It took everything in me not smile at him.


“Well I don’t really know how to say it” I rolled my eyes, “it’s simple really, you open your mouth and speak the words racing around in your head right now.” He smirked at me “you know, you’re a smartass.” “Yes, I’ve been told. But really I don’t have all day to say what you need to say, Robert.” His eyes shot up to meet mine when I said his name. But his eyes weren’t their normal ocean blue color they were yellow. “Robert what’s wrong with your eyes?!”


He looked down and shook his head. “It’s my Lycian.“Does your Lycian not like me or what?“His head shot up again but this time he reached out to grab my arms. He pulled me closer to him so our faces were only inches apart. “No, he could never hate you.” I knew my face held a confused look so he continued. “That’s part of what I need to talk to you about.” He stopped and looked at the floor. Taking a deep breath he looked back into my eyes. “Alisha you are my mate.”


I couldn’t stop the laugh I felt coming up my throat. Before I knew it I was out of his arms hunched over laughing. I thought that it was some kind of a joke but when I looked back up at him, he wasn’t laughing, he had a hard look on his face. I suddenly realized that it wasn’t a joke. I stood back up straight. “Your joking aren’t you?” He slowly shook his head no. “Oh. My. Gosh. What? How? Why?” He just shrugged his shoulders “the moon goddess chose you as my mate.”


I slowly started backing away from him towards the doors. “I can’t deal with this right now.” Was the last thing I said before I turned and ran through the doors of the school.


Running away from him

(Alisha P.O.V)


I ran. I just ran and kept going. I didn’t know where I was going I couldn’t think straight and due to the tears in my eyes, I couldn’t see either. I did, however, know I had been running for a while. Thoughts of the past raced through my mind and pushed me to keep going. The pain in my chest was increasing by the second. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was running so hard or because of the past catching up with me. Suddenly I was thrust forward, hitting the ground hard.


The pain in my ankle told me I had tripped over something but nothing compared to the pain in my chest. I laid on the ground looking up to the sky, trying to calm my breathing. The tears never stopped and my head hurt from the racing thoughts. My only dream was to have a mate to have someone who loves me unconditionally and now it's shattered into pieces.


All the pain I felt was rushing back, all the mean names were being screamed in my head, and her depression was trying to shut me down.


why did he have to be my mate? Why him of all people? I am human, I’m not supposed to have a mate! I had always secretly wanted one. The thought of never having to date multiple guys and knowing that I was with that one person who was made for me. I wanted it so bad but now that it's happening I didn’t want it anymore. I want things to go back to the way they were an hour ago.


He is the leader of all those mutts. The people who caused me so much pain! He was the one who stood back as they beat me and made me hate myself. He was the one person who could have put it all to an end with the snap of a finger, but he didn’t. He let it happen. I know he himself never actually laid a finger on me but he still could have stopped it. I blame him for it. I can’t love him. I won't love him. He is a monster.


The pain still wouldn’t go away, it was unbearable. I let out the loud screams I had been holding back. I was in the middle of the woods so far away from home. I knew no one could hear me. I screamed until the darkness finally consumed me. Deep down I hoped that I would never come out of the darkness. I wanted it to take me away and never let me return. I never wanted to wake up.


(Robert P.O.V)


she ran. She actually ran away from me. My mate didn’t want me. I dropped to my knees as the tears fell from my eyes. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. She was supposed to be happy, we were supposed to be happy. But she ran away. I had never let myself cry, no matter what I had never cried. But the pain in my heart was killing me, knowing my mate didn’t want me. I knew she would be shocked but I never thought she wouldn’t want me.


After a few minutes I stood, the pain made me want to fall to the floor again but I knew the halls would be full of students any minute and I didn’t want them to see their future alpha sitting on the ground crying like a baby. I slowing walked through the doors of the school and went to my car. Once I was safely locked away in my car I let the sobs take over.


My entire body shook with pain. I barely knew her but she had my heart the moment I laid eyes on her and she broke it. I was breaking. I need my mate. Werewolves are nothing without their mates. My pack would need thereQueen.


I know I have to find a way for her to fall in love with me. I’m not going to stop until she is in my arms. She is my mate and she will be mine forever. I will have my Queen no matter what it takes.


Seeing A Lycian

(Alisha P.O.V)


I awoke to the sound of howls in the distance. It was dark, I had to know idea where I was. I tried looking around for any signs to tell me where I was, but the moment I tried to move my body ached with so much pain I cried out. I pushed through the pain and stood to my feet only to fall back on the ground due to the unbearable pain that shot through my foot. I couldn’t see very far because it was so dark, my mind raced as I tried to remember how I got here. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.


He said we were mates and I ran like the coward I used to be. I hated myself for being so stupid, I let that scared little girl push back through and look where that got me.... in the middle of the woods.... late at night...tried standing again but it was no use, my ankle hurt too much. I don’t know how I’m going to get home but I really don’t even know which way to go to get out of here. Great. I guess I suck here. In the woods.... in the middle of the night..... cold.... alone.... and in pain... This is what I get for letting that scared little girl come back. I was mentally scolding myself until I heard a branch breaking. My heart raced as I quickly turned toward the sound.


Through the blackness, I saw glowing yellow eyes staring at me. I tried to get up and run but I couldn’t because of my ankle.


I almost started to cry but then I remembered that being scared is what got me here in the first place. The tears were gone before they even left my eyes. The eyes started getting bigger as they neared me, but my stern face never wavered. I knew that it was a big animal and I didn’t stand a chance but at this point, I didn’t care. If I was meant to die then I would but I was not going to cry. I was going down as strong as I could.


Finally I the animal stepped into the light of the moon and my heart almost came out of my chest at what was standing before me. It was a Lycian.... not only a Lycian. It was all black and the size of him.... it was incredible. I’ve known werewolves and Lycian all my life from the books Griselda has given me to read but I’ve never actually seen one in Lycian form but there is a difference in the photo of Lycian I have seen in the book and the one who was standing before me.


He kept walking towards me but taking slow steps almost as if he didn’t want to scare me. His eyes are pitch black and his canines are poking out of his lips. Long talons are extending out of its hands. The way he is regarding me makes the hair at the back of my neck stand up.


The creature standing before me looks dangerous and capable of killing me in a blink of an eye. But the strange thing is I didn’t feel scared of it, in fact, I feel attracted to it like something is pulling me toward it.


Every step he takes towards me, I back away from him until my head hit the tree and I black out, but before I black out I feel a pair of strong arms picking me up from the ground and I don’t know why I feel safe in those arms like nothing or nobody can hurt me as long as I’m in those arms.


(Robert P.O.V)


After she left and after I make a determination to get her back and make her mine, my Lycian claw on my mind to let him out to out some steam. So I go to the forest which is just next to our school and let him take over me.


After sometime when he cools down a little after scolding me and accusing me he let me take back control of my body and then it hit me the smell of my mate.


*What is she doing here in a forest especially at this time it was almost dark* I thought and follow her intoxicating smell of strawberries and chocolate and saw her sitting on the ground and she heads some dried blood on her forehead. I hope she was okay and not badly injured.


I walk towards her slowly and cautiously not wanting to scare her. At first, she sits there and watches me in a daze until she gets out of her daze when I increased my speed a little and started to back away from me and hit her head with a tree. I run towards her and pick her in my arms gently not wanting to hurt her any more than she already was and started running towards my castle.


As I reach there I mind link Dr. Emma to be ready to check my mate. I put her gently on the hospital bed and run to my room in lightning speed to get dressed and come back to my mate. I wait in the waiting room while pacing around the room worried about my mate for Dr. Emma to come and tells me about her condition.


As soon as she comes out of her room I run towards her.


"How is she?" I ask getting impatient.


"She hit her head pretty hard and sprain her ankle, she will not get up until one day and can't be able to walk for a month but there is nothing serious to worried about, you can go and see her if you want but don't disturb her she needs her rest," she said and walk out of there and I walk to my mate's room t see her. After sitting next to her for some time I get up from there and go to my room to have some sleep.



Waking up in a hospital

(Alisha P.O.V)


I awoke to an annoying beeping sound. I just wanted it to stop so I could go back to sleep. I opened my eyes to see what was making the sound but was immediately blinded by the brightest lights in the world. I sighed and tried to roll over but was stopped because of the pain all over my body. I opened my eyes again to see that I was in a strange room like a hospital.


My ankle was wrapped up in a cast. Just as I started to panic and woman walked through the door. She saw me and the smile on her face grew. “You are awake! That is great! You’ve been out for almost two days.”


I knew my face held a confused look. So many questions ran through my head and without even noticing it they started coming out of my mouth. “Who are you? Where am I? How did I get here? What do you mean I’ve been out for almost two days? What the heck is going on?!”


She stared at me shocked by my outburst. “My name is Emma and I am the pack doctor. The Kings son brought you in the other night, you passed out due to the pain coming from your ankle which was broken in two places.”


The only part that sucks in my mind, however, was that the king’s son brought me in... Robert... He was the Lycian from the woods. Before I could say anything else a girl about my age, maybe a little older, walked through the door. She had long brown hair and blue eyes We made eye contact and she started bouncing up and down, clapping her hands. “Oh my gosh! You’re finally awake! This is so exciting!”


Did I know this girl?.... “Uhhhh I’m sorry but do I know you?”
She raced over to me. “No you don’t but my name is Olivia! I’ve been waiting so long to meet you! My brother will probably be here any second now that you are awake.”

I had a feeling I knew who she was talking about but I had to hear it be sure. “Your brother?”


she let out a little laugh “Yea I’m Robert’s Older sister!”


Just as his name left her mouth the heart monitor next to my bed started beeping fast. The doctor rushed over and shut the machine off. They both looked at me but I just stared at my hands not making eye contact. “Is there any chance I don’t have to see him?” I still didn’t look up, but by the gasping sounds, they made they were shocked by what I had said.


Olivia reached out and grabbed my hands. “Why don’t you want to see him?” I still couldn’t bring myself to look up. When I opened my mouth to speak nothing came out so I just shrugged.


“I guess I can tell him you are tired and don’t want any visitors but I can’t promise that he won’t try to see you.” I just slowly nodded my head. She stood up and walked out the door along with the doctor.


Now that I was alone I looked around the room looking for a way to slip out without anyone noticing, sadly there were no windows and there was only one door. Plus by the look of my foot propped up and all the machines hooked up to my body, I just couldn’t walk out of here. I’m stuck here and I hate it. I know Robert will show up at any minute... Sadly there is nothing I can do about it.


Just as the thought ran through my mind the door opened up and in he walked. Olivia was pulling on his arm trying to stop him from coming in but it didn’t seem to phase him. I kept my eyes set on her, she looked at me with sad eyes as she mouthed ‘Sorry’ with that she turned and walked back out the door closing it behind her. I wanted to scream at her to at least stay not leave me alone with him but my mouth refused to move.


Here I am stuck in a hospital room with him. I wished I could stand up and run out of the room but I knew that would be a bad idea so I’m just going to sit here and stare at the floor. I could feel his eyes burning into me but I refused to acknowledge him. “Alisha, will you at least look at me?” The way his voice cracked almost made me look up but I stopped myself and kept my eyes planted on the floor wishing he would just give up and leave.


“I don’t understand what I ever did to you. Why do you hate me?”


I let out a dry laugh. “What do you mean you don’t understand!? My life was a living hell and you help cause it. Your freaking mutts almost beat me and make fun of me every day and you stood by and watched! You did nothing! You were the one who could have saved me but you didn’t! You did nothing! I hated my life!


I finally looked into his eyes as I said that I hated him. He had tears streaming down his face which shocked me but it didn’t change anything I hated him and I always would.

“I’m so sorry Alisha, I never wanted to hurt you that’s why I never laid a hand on you but standing by doing nothing is just as bad... I’m so sorry Alisha”

“Sorry doesn’t make up for years of bullying.”


know it doesn’t and I know nothing will make up for it but I’m going to try. I will do anything for you, Alisha. You are my mate and I know you hate me but I love you and I will never stop. I’d do anything for you, Alisha.”


There is nothing he can do, I will never love him back. “You’ll do anything for me?” He looked hopeful as he quickly nodded his head. “Get out. I don’t want to see you. I want you to leave.” The hope in his eyes vanished as he dropped his head and turned to the door. He was about to close it when he turned to me. “I love you Alisha and one day you will love me back. Just wait and see.” With that, he closed the door.

Day care

(Alisha P.O.V)


I just want to get out of this bed! UGH! I’m so tired of just laying here and doing nothing! I’ve been stuck in this bed for a week! The doctor keeps telling me that my ankle is still to badly injured to move around... I’d do anything to get out of this bed... But on the bright side, Robert hasn’t come back! Olivia said he had to leave on business.


She also said he will be taking over the position as King soon. Normally they have to wait until the King finds his Queen but with him, the situation is different... I’m supposed to be his Queen but I don’t want to be... I do feel bad for the Kingdom though, a Kingdom without a Queen isn’t as strong as it should be and the Kingdom will never feel complete. Maybe Robert will find another girl to be his mate! I felt a sudden wave of anger rush through me as the thought ran through my mind.


Doctor Taylor entered to room with Olivia trailing behind her pushing a wheelchair... I practically jumped out of bed, “I get to get out of this bed! YES!” Taylor laughed at me, “Yes you do but you must be very very careful, you are still healing.” I shook my head vigorously “I promise to be very careful!” Taylor and Olivia helped me into the wheelchair, Olivia said she wanted to show me around the Castle. The fresh air outside was absolutely amazing!


"Olivia you said you are Robert's sister right?" I ask.


"Yes why did you ask?" she asks.


"I have read that Only male Lycian are born, female turn into Lycian when they accept the mate bond of their kind," I said.


"I am not their real daughter Alisha I'm adopted, My parents were killed protecting the queen when she was pregnant with Robert so she adopted me as their gratitude towards them," she said with a sad smile.


"Oh, I'm really sorry to ask, I really don't know about this, I ask because I am just curious," I said feeling guilty.


"I was only 2 when they died so it didn't bother me anymore and I am glad they adopted me, they were great parents for me," she said while smiling at me.


"The king Logan and queen Erika also adopted me, while talking about them I remember they would be worried about me," I said getting worried that they don't know about where am I and would be worried for me.


"Don't worry mom informed them about you being here with us and they said you can stay here and come back when you get healed," she said and I sigh in relief.


"Did they know that Robert and I are mates," I ask while looking at her.


"No, mom thinks it was your right to tell them about it," she said and stop at the front of a building.


“Where are we?” Olivia sighed and pushed me inside without a word. The sound of children’s screams and laughs filled my ears. The house was full of kids running around playing. I instantly smile, I love kids! “Oh my gosh, there are so many of them!” Olivia laughed at me “Yea pretty much every kid in the castle is here.”


I looked at her shocked, “Every kid? WOW, that’s crazy! So this is like castle daycare?” Olivia nodded her head and pushed me further into the house. The house just kept going! It’s bigger on the inside than it seems. The further we went to the children’s laughter and screams faded out. After we walked passed one door the sounds were completely gone. “This part of the house is where we keep all the babies.” I got even more excited, “YAY! I love babies!”


Laughter came from behind us, there stood Mrs. Dason. She looked very sweet as she smiled brightly at me. "It's nice to meet you again Alisha. How are you feeling today," she asks while smiling at me.


I tried to put on the best smile I could, “Uhh..... Hi... it’s nice to meet you too Mrs. Dawson, I am feeling better,” My voice was shaky as I stumbled over my words.


"God, to know Alisha and I am happy that you are my son's mate, and I know that you don't like him after what he had done with you but I would like you to give him a chance to prove you that he is not that bad as you thought he is," she said while smiling at me.


"I can't promise but I will try," I said with a smile on my face.


She smiled at me and walked over to one of the cribs and grabbed a baby wrapped up in a pink blanket, she then walked back over to me and handed the baby to me. I gently took the tiny baby, she didn’t look very old. “This is Alice, she is one month old.” I was shocked that her mother could leave her in daycare at such a young age. I guess Queen read my mind “Her parents died three weeks after she was born in an attack.


She doesn’t have any family now, no aunts, uncles, or grandparents.” I felt the tears pooling in my eyes as I gazed down at Alice, she was so little and helpless. My fingers brushed against her cheek causing her eyes to open. She had beautiful hazel eyes like mine. We stared into the eyes of each other for a while without looking away, I didn’t speak and she didn’t cry.


I was not related to this baby in any way and I loved her the moment I laid eyes on her I fall In Love with her. I slowly looked away from her to see Olivia and Queen with tears in their eyes. “What’s going to happen to her?” They looked at each other and then back to me “We’ve never had anything like this happen before. She’s been staying here for now but I don’t know that she will ever find a real home, werewolf or Lycian don’t normally adopt babies.”


Hearing this made me hold Alice closer to my body, Queen Samantha seemed to notice my slight movement and smiled. “Do you think Alice could spend the day with me and Olivia?” I said looking hopefully at her. She smiled “I think she would enjoy that, she’s spent most of her life in the same room it would be good for her to get some fresh air.” I suddenly got really excited “You hear that Alice? You get to spend the day with me and Olivia!”


Once we walked outside I was greeted by that amazing musky smell. Alice’s eyes had looked away from me to explore the outside world. She was so cute as her eyes moved all around taking in her surroundings. Olivia pushed us around for about 2 hours before we decided to go to the Castle. Alice was starting to fuss so I gave her one of the bottles we brought with us. I was smiling and ‘baby’ talking to Alice when Olivia abruptly stopped pushing us.


I followed her eyes until they laid upon ocean blue ones looking right back at me. My heart skipped a beat upon seeing him. His eyes looked from mine directly to Alice in my arms drinking her bottle. Without taking his eyes off of her he marched over to me, when he was directly in front of me he lifted his eyes to mine. His eyes were mixed with so many emotions it was overpowering.


He opened his mouth to speak but quickly shut it as his eyes traveled back and forth between Alice and me. Without thinking I reached out and grabbed his hand “Robert".


Seeing Robert another sides

(Alisha P.O.V)


Everyone including myself was shocked by my actions. I grabbed his hand because he looked like he was overwhelming himself with so many emotions so I held his hand to calm him down and bring him back to earth. I’m guessing it worked because when his eyes met mine they had calmed and his whole body seemed to relax by my touch. I was surprised that one touch had such an impact on him. His fingers laced with mine as he brought my hand up to his lips where he gave it a small kiss.


I felt a wave of tingles that raced through my body, I had to look away because I could feel the heat in my cheeks. What is wrong with me? I’ve never felt like such a girl.


Suddenly Alice started fussing and squirming around in my arms causing our attention to turn to her. I tried calming her down by rubbing her back and bouncing her but she only started to cry. No matter what I tried she wouldn’t stop crying.


I was shocked by Robert who took her out of my arms. He held her close and swayed back and forth, she instantly stopped crying. He gazed down at her with love in his eyes “There. There. Alice, all better now. Did you spend the day with Alisha? She’s pretty great isn’t she?” The sight of them made me want to cry, they obviously have spent a lot of time together. She looks so small in his arms, she’s already small but compared to Robert’s huge body she seems even smaller.


I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. This was a new side to Robert that I had never seen before, honestly, I loved this side of him. He was so gentle, sweet and loving. Honestly, if he was like this all the time I might love him back.... wait what did I just say?! Did I really just say I could love him!? Where did that come from!? “Alisha, are you okay sweetheart?” I looked up to Robert, he had a worried look on his face. “Yea I’m fine. I was just thinking.”


He nodded his head then turned back to Alice, “You’re so good with her. She really likes you” He smiled down at her “Yea we’ve spent a lot of time together” At that moment all I wanted to do was stand up and walk over to them but unfortunately I’m stuck in this chair..... Should I just go for it? I mean my foot doesn’t hurt... I wheeled my chair closer to them and locked the wheels so they wouldn’t move.


Slowly I started to stand to put, most of my weight on my good leg, Robert noticed what I was doing and was by my side in seconds “What are you doing Alisha?! You’re not supposed to be walking!” I smirked up at him “I’m fine Robert. You don’t have to baby me, I’m a big girl.” With Alice in one arm, he took the other and wrapped it around my waist to help support me. I took a deep breath and put a little pressure on my foot, it didn’t hurt it just felt a little weird.


Feeling a little braver I took a step. Guess what?! Nothing happened, I was perfectly fine! “HA! I knew I could do it!” Robert laughed next to me, Feeling brave still, I took another step but this time I turned so I came face to face with Robert... Well face to chest, he is way taller than me. He slowly brought his head down to kiss my forehead. I looked down when I felt the heat rush to my face. He laughed and brought his hand under my chin, forcing me to look back into his eyes.


“Don’t be shy sweetheart it’s cute when you blush. I love knowing that I caused it.” Which only made me blush even more. We just stood there staring into each other's eyes, Robert started leaning in. I found myself leaning in to...


"ALISHA WHAT ARE YOU DOING STANDING ON YOUR ANKLE!?” We jumped away from each other. Just my luck, this is when my ankle starts to hurt again. I felt myself falling when an arm reached out and stopped me from hitting the ground. Again I found myself looking into those ocean blue eyes.


Robert helped me back into my wheelchair as doctor Emma stomped up to us. Alice chose this time to start wailing, I had forgotten Robert was holding her. How did he manage to catch me with only one arm? That my friend is a talent! “Alisha I told you not to put any pressure on your ankle! That is why I put you in a wheelchair!”


" I know what you said but I’m so tired of not being able to move around on my own and I was fine until you yelled and scared me!” With that, I started wheeling myself into a house with Robert right on my tail. Once inside I was shocked by its size. Everything was so huge, the height of the first floor would be like two floors compared to a normal house. I really loved that even though we were inside I could still smell the musky scent.


A man rushed over to Robert and whispered something, Robert’s face turned hard. He handed Alice to me and said he had some business to take care of, with that he walked away. With Alice asleep in my lap, I decided to do some exploring. Which was hard to do considering I’m stuck in a wheelchair holding a baby but I managed, luckily after a little while I ran into Olivia who took sleeping little Alice from me.


With Alice asleep in my lap, I decided to do some exploring. Which was hard to do considering I’m stuck in a wheelchair holding a baby but I managed, luckily after a little while I ran into Olivia who took sleeping little Alice. She told me, Queen, ask her to bring Alice back for nap time but she’d bring her back to me after Alice woke up.


This house is so huge! It’s like never ending! I had been looking around for quite a while, a lot of people introduced themselves to me while others looked from a distance. I knew they knew who I was but no one said anything about it. As I reached one part of the house I couldn’t help but notice the lack of people. The rest of the house was full of people but this part was deserted.... which me being me, made me curious. As I went further down the hall I started to hear voices so I followed the sound.


I came to a short hallway with an open door at the end. I wanted to go see who was inside but suddenly the voices seemed angry. I could tell it was a room full of men arguing with each other. I was about to back away but then I heard his stern voice that overpowered all the others. Some of the voices stopped but others still protested. I set there staring into the doorway but at my angle, I wasn’t able to see anyone, just the back wall as the room extended where I couldn’t see.


There was a loud crash that made me almost jump out of my chair. Suddenly a man hit the wall next to the door, he crumpled to the ground almost lifeless. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I wanted to go to the man and help him but I was frozen in place. Suddenly Robert walked up to the broken man and grabbed him ruffly. I thought he was going to help the man but then he shoved the man against the wall with so much force I knew it broke some bones.


I wanted to scream at him for hurting the man but I was frozen with shock. Then he did the most horrific thing he could ever do. How could he? The Robert that was so gentle with a one-month-old baby less than an hour ago! The Robert that I found myself slowly falling for... It was like I was brought back to the reality of how much of a cruel man he was. I hated him! How could I have ever felt any differently towards him?!


He broke the man's neck killing him. Without even the slightest hesitation. The room off men fell silent as Robert dropped the man's lifeless body. That was until Robert’s attention turned to me along with the other men who came into my sight. They all had shocked faces, it was then that I realized I was screaming as the tears started to blur my vision. I could faintly see the outline of someone coming towards me but of course, my body chose this time to black out. Man, I really have to stop passing out!.


Shocking News

(Robert P.O.V)


How could I have been so stupid?! She was finally giving me a chance! Until I went off and killed a man in front of her..... Why was she even there?! She should have never been in that part of the house! That man deserved to die for his actions, he went against the law and he causes so much trouble. It put me over the top when he started arguing against me. I am a king (future) and you never go against your King. My Lycian took over and killed him for going against us and our laws.


It breaks my Lycians heart knowing he scared our mate away. Normally I can never get him to shut up but after scaring our mate he won't speak or respond to me in any way. 
Its been a few days since the incident but I haven’t seen Alisha and from what everyone else has been telling me, she doesn’t want to see me... I miss her so much. I hate myself more and more with each minute that goes by without her.


(Alisha P.O.V)


I can’t believe I saw a man die... Someone was killed right in front of me... I haven’t been able to sleep because every time I close my eyes I watch it happen all over again. He killed someone... I don’t think I can ever forget that... 


All I want to do is go home... I want to go home and back to school so I can see my friends and family I don’t want to be near him anymore...


Just then Olivia walked in the door with a suitcase. “Are you going on a trip?! You can’t leave me here alone!” She forced a smile and shook her head no. I don’t like the way she is acting right now... “What’s going on? Is everything okay?”


“Yea I guess, just a little sad. The bag is full of your stuff. Robert said you can go home if you’re ready.” I’m happy but sad at the same time... “Olivia, you know this won’t be the last time we see each other! We are going to hang out all the time I promise!” That seemed to put a little bit more of a smile on her face but not as much as I wanted... I want to go home but at the same time, I don’t want to leave Olivia, Queen Samantha, and Alice..... They make me want to stay...


Wait a minute should I stay? If I stay I will able to spend time with Alice makes me want to stay but I don’t want to risk the chances of running into Robert. I hate knowing that when I leave I probably won't ever come back...


"I’m sorry Olivia! I want to stay here with y’all but..... I just don’t know.....” She just nodded her head and left the room... I don’t know what to do anymore... All I wanted to do was go home and now that I have the chance to, I don’t want to leave.


Of course, as if knowing I needed her, Queen Samantha walked into my room holding baby Alice. “Hey sweetheart, I heard you were feeling conflicted.” I could feel the tears pooling in my eyes, “I’ve been wanting to go home but now that I can, I don’t want to... I don’t want to leave you, Olivia and Alice. But at the same time, I can’t bring myself to see him... I’m scared of him....” I felt a little awkward talking about him negatively because he is her son but it’s how I feel.


She slowly nodded her head, “I know sweetheart, I’m not trying to change your mind about him but I do have to speak for my son when I say that he was not in control of his body at that point. His Lycian had taken over and one must never go against a King they have very short tempers. I know that may make you scared of his Lycian but you shouldn’t be, neither one of them would ever hurt you. They would give their last breath for you. But I also understand that you are scared and you need time to grasp everything, all I ask is that you don’t give up on him.” I processed every word she said and placed the information in the back of my mind to think over later when I’m alone and can think straight.


“For now I do have an idea of where you can stay! We have a small house available on the pack grounds that you can stay in. There you will have your own privacy away from Robert and you will still be able to visit everyone and some nights if you’d like, Alice can stay with you.”


I started jumping around the room, on my good foot of course, “That is perfect! Thank you so much, Queen Samantha!” I wrapped my arms around her and Alice giving them a tight squeeze.


Olivia came in to help me grab all my things, she even had some of her own stuff so she could stay with me tonight. Grabbing my crutches we headed to my new house. 


Doctor Emma finally let me have crutches so I could start learning to walk again. I can walk but I have the crutches in case my ankle gives out, I’ll have something for support. So far everything is going so well I may get off of them soon and be back to normal!


As we exited the pack house I could feel his eyes burning into me as I walked through the living room. I hoped he wouldn’t be in but of course my luck he was... I wanted to turn to look at him but I forced myself to look at the floor. At the last second, before the door of the house closed I glanced at him briefly and instantly wished I hadn’t. His blue eyes were glassy and his tear-stained face was pale.


The bags under his eyes showed he hadn’t slept in days... He seemed as if he was all around weak... I know he’s not, he is the strongest person I know but at that moment he was at his all-time low. Something deep inside me wanted to run to him and try to fix him but that was shut down as the pictures of the man's lifeless body flashed through my head.


"He hasn’t eaten or slept since the incident,” I turned to Olivia who had stopped a few feet behind me. I hadn’t noticed I was staring blankly at the closed door until she spoke. “The whole incident broke the both of you.” she slowly looked to the ground and whispered, “His Lycian is so broken that he won't respond anymore....” I was shocked. What does she mean his Lycian isn’t responding? I was about to ask her but Queen Samantha interrupted saying that we needed to get going.


The house was so perfect! It’s small but it’s perfect for me. After Olivia helped me put all of my things away we flopped onto my bed. It had been silent for most of the time we spent unpacking. It gave me time to really think things over. I don’t know what to do anymore... I rolled on my side, facing Olivia and asked the question that had been running through my mind for hours. “Olivia, what did you mean when you said Robert’s Lycian won't respond anymore?”


She let out a puff of air and sat up, turning to me. “His Lycian won't speak to him anymore. We can talk to our Lycians or wolf's in our minds but now his Lycian won't talk to him. He tries shifting and his Lycian blocks him out so he can’t shift. His Lycian doesn’t want to control anymore. The sad part is if he can’t let his Lycian out every once in a while his Lycian will slowly die....” I was in total and complete shock. “Why is his Lycian acting this way? Is it because of me?” I felt horrible for being the cause of his pain.


“Yea, he scared you and it broke his heart to know that he hurt you. We need our mates and when he scared you he knows he lost all his chances of having you so he has no reason to keep going. We live for our mates and without them we are nothing.”


I’ve earned so much today that I think my head is going to explode but nothing prepared me for what she said next. “Robert is going to turn down a king position... The Kingdom won’t have a king....”


He was the one who kill Alice parents.

(Alisha P.O.V)


I spent the entire night walking around, at first I paced around my bedroom then it turns into walking around the entire house but even that wasn’t enough room for me so I ended up outside. I walked all over the pack grounds all night long. By the time the sun came up I decided I would go talk to Robert, I can’ let him do this to his kingdom. They need a king and his father was already wanted to retire so that he can spend some alone time with his mate, only two kids Robert was the next in line for the position. After him, it would become Olivia’s but she told me she can’t do it, which I don’t blame her for being scared and being a werewolf! I will go talk to him... I can put all my feelings aside for now because they need help and I will not be the cause for destroying a Kingdom!


Looking at my phone it was a little after 7 so I went home to shower and change before I headed to the Castle house. After I got ready I walked into the kitchen to find Olivia sitting at the bar with a plate of food in front of her and one for the seat next to her. She heard me walk in and turned to me, “Did you walk around all night? I stayed up and waited for you to come back but after a while, I gave up. Did you even sleep?”


"No, I didn’t sleep. I walked around the grounds all night thinking... I’m going to talk to him today” I said taking the seat next to her. She dropped her fork and quickly turned to me. “You’re what?! What do you mean you are going to talk to him?!”


I couldn’t help but laugh at her gaping face. “Yea I can’t let him give up on his kingdom, he needs to take over as King I know he wants to and I won't be the cause of bringing down a Kingdom.” I wasn’t hungry so with that I hopped out of my chair and headed for the door. “As a matter of fact, I’m going to see him right now.”

“Good luck!” she yelled as I closed the door.


The closer I walked towards the King's house the faster my heart started to beat. By the time the house came into view, I thought I was having a heart attack. I reached the door and took a deep breathe as I opened it. As usual, people were scurrying about through the house, I saw Queen Samantha sitting on the couch and walked over to her. “Ummm... Queen Samantha, do you know where I can find Robert?” She looked taken back. After a few moments, she finally spoke up. “I believe he is in his office. Why?”


" I just uh... I need to talk to him about some things.” Again she stared at me with wide eyes and then she jumped to her feet. “I’ll show you to his office then!” with that we were walking through the house. 

Once I realized where we were headed I wanted to throw up. We were walking down the same hallway I was in when the man died.... we stopped a few rooms ahead of it, I looked down the hall and saw the spot I was standing at when I saw him die.


Queen Samantha spoke bringing me out of my thoughts “This is his office, just go in when you are ready....” She looked sadly at me before turning and walking away. I stood there staring at the door trying to gain the courage to walk in. I repeated the words Queen Samantha had told me in my mind, ’neither he or his Lycian would ever think of harming you. Our lives revolve around our mates.′ with that, I turned the doorknob and walked in.


The room was a total mess. There were papers and books thrown around the room. My eyes scanned the cluttered room until they fell upon him. His head was resting on his desk with his eyes closed. Folders were stacked all around his desk higher than his head. He looked like he hadn’t slept much by the dark circles around his eyes. I sat down in the seat across from his desk. I wasn’t sure if I should wake him or wait for him to wake up.


Standing up I walked over to him and leaned down by his head. “Robert, wake up.” He rolled his head over to face me but his eyes were still closed. I ran my fingers through his hair as I said his name a little louder this time. “Robert, wake up please.” His eyes slowly fluttered open and then closed again. Ugh, Robert just wake up already! I tried again but louder. “Robert please wake up.” This time his eyes shot up upon hearing my voice. They quickly found mine and grew wider, I stepped back.


He instantly sat straight up without taking his eyes off of me. “Alisha, what are you doing here?”


“I need to talk to you.” My voice came out shakier than I had planned. “Olivia tells me you are going to turn down the King position.” His head turned to the floor as he closed his eyes. “I can’t let you do that Robert. Your Kingdom needs a king, they need you....”


He slowly turned to me, his eyes meeting mine. “I know they need me but I can’t be the king they deserve... Heck, I don’t even have my Lycian anymore... he left the moment you left... The kingdom needs me but I need you....”


I could feel the tears pulling in my eyes. My bravery has long gone, leaving me standing here with nothing to say. I started pacing around his office as I tried to pull all my thoughts together. “I don’t know what to do anymore! So many people are counting on me.... and here I am an emotional wreck. I can’t handle all this pressure I’m falling apart!” I shouted as the tears fell from my eyes. I was overwhelmed for so long and I just kept bottling it up but here I am with all the emotions spilling out. “I can’t do this alone....” 

Robert stood from his desk and walked over to me. He did it so slowly as if he were afraid he would scare me away again. When he was close enough he grabbed me and brought me close to his body. His large body consumed mine. I felt so comfortable in his arms that I snuggled closer to him and wrapped my arms around him. He leads down and whispered in my ear “You don’t have to do it alone anymore, I’m here for you and I always will be.” With that I let myself fall apart in his arms. My body shook as I sobbed and let out everything I had bottled up for so long as Robert hugged my body close to his, running his fingers through my hair.


I don’t know how long we stood there holding each other but when I finally calmed down I stepped out of his grasp. I felt cold by the lack of contact but I still had questions to ask him. “I need to know something before I can trust you or even begin to start trusting you..... I need to know... Why ..... Did you kill that man?”


He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again. “That man caused a lot of trouble for the others pack. He went against the laws and when I confronted him, he only started arguing back and he said some things that made me snap....”


I needed more information than what he gave me and I knew there was more he wasn’t telling me. “I know there is something you aren’t telling me and I need to know what it is! Or at least I hope there is more because I want to believe that man truly had a reason to die and you aren’t just a cruel person who kills people for no reason! You have to tell me the truth....”


He ran his hands through his hair and breathed deeply. When his eyes met mine they were glassed over with tears. “I had a reason to kill him... I’m not cruel Alisha. I don’t go around killing people for the fun of it.” I nodded my head for him to go on. “That man..... he... uh.....” By this point, the tears were falling from his eyes so I walked over to him and held his hands trying to soothe him. 

“He was the one who killed Alice’s parents.”


Talk with a his Lycian for first time

(Alisha P.O.V)


It hit me like a ton of bricks. The tears were flowing out of my eyes and I crumpled to the floor. Robert was by my side in seconds rubbing my back and whispering calming words. How could I have been so stupid? Robert picked me up and set me in his lap as he slowly rocked us. I leaned closer into his chest. “How can you be so nice to me?“He stopped rocking us and lifted my chin so I was looking at him. “What do you mean, love? I could never be mean to you "

I shook my head and stood up, walking around the room as I spoke, “No. You shouldn’t be so nice to me. I was wrong! I’m a horrible mate! I didn’t even give you the chance to explain yourself! I just jumped to the conclusion that you were a horrible man who killed people for practically for no reason when in reality you had reason to kill him! Well maybe not kill him.... killing people is really harsh... I mean there was probably a better way to punish the man other than killing him.... but considering you are a king and you have a short temper, of course, you would kill him... He killed innocent people for no reason and left a baby all alone without a family! What makes him deserve to live?.... Anyways my point is! You did have a reason and I didn’t give you the chance to explain yourself so I just hated you for several days when I shouldn’t have. You did nothing wrong!”


Robert grabbed my shoulders, stopping my rant and pacing. I had said so much already and still had more to say but when I looked into his eyes my mind went blank. I didn’t know what to say or do. He reached up and wiped the stray tears from my cheeks.


His face held a slight smirk, “wow you talk a lot.” I rolled my eyes and moved out of his grasp. “Not trying to be mean or anything but when you get going you just keep going. I was worried you weren’t going to stop.” I glared at him which only caused him to laugh.


"You know what, you aren’t nice!” I turned to walk out of his office but was stopped as Robert grabbed my arm. “Oh come on you know I was joking love,” he said bringing me in for a hug. I didn’t want to hug him back because I was mad at him but I couldn’t help but give in.


We stood there holding each other for I don’t know how long, nor did I care. I felt comfortable in his arms but my relaxed body tensed up as a thought entered in my mind. Robert must have noticed because he pulled back and looked at me suspiciously. “I just remembered something...” My mind trailed off deep into thought for a minute before I was brought back to reality. “What about your Lycian?


His face fell as he looked to the floor. “I don’t know Alisha. I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried reaching out to him several times but he won't respond to me. I can’t feel him anymore like he’s not there at all....”


Again I was mad at myself. I had left him and his Lycian breaking them and now his Lycian is gone... It’s all my fault. There has to be some way to bring him back. He has to know I’m still here... An idea popped into my head so I grabbed Robert’s hand and pulled him out of the office. He kept asking me where we were going and what we were doing but I ignored him and kept walking through the house and outside.


After a while, Robert realized I wasn’t going to tell him so he just followed close behind as I headed deeper into the woods. Once we reached a large open spot surrounded by trees I stopped and turned to Robert. “What is your Lycians name?” Robert looked at me strangely before sighing “Leo. Why?”


" I have a plan to try and get him back.” Robert curiously looked at me, waiting for me to continue. “Okay, you are going to try to reach him and I’m going to talk to him. He left when I left so he needs to know that I’m back and that everyone here needs him.”


“I don’t know Alisha. We can try this but don’t get your hopes up too much because this might not work.”


"I understand that but we have to at least try. Please?” Robert nodded his head and closed his eyes. I knew he was concentrating hard because of the crease on his forehead. I took a deep breath and held both of his hands. “Leo? I don’t know if you can hear me but if you can I need you to come back. I’m sorry that I hurt you when I left and I know you blame yourself but you shouldn’t. You didn’t do anything wrong and I know that that’s why I’m here.


You are so important to everyone here and we need you to come back to us. The kingdom needs you... Robert needs you... I need you....” suddenly Robert’s eyes opened but they weren’t their normal blue, instead they were glowing yellow. I was taken back but remained still. Yellow eyes? So is this Leo? I really should know more about Lycian stuff! His yellow eyes trailed over my body from my feet up to our hands enclosed together.


He gave my hands a small squeeze as his eyes moved up until they met mine. His upper lip curled up showing his large canines as he let out a low growl. I felt the smile growing on my face knowing it worked. He quickly grabbed my waist and pulled me to his chest holding me tight as if he were afraid I would disappear. I wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his chest. “Robert I’m not going anywhere okay?


I was stupid for leaving before and it won’t happen again. I’m new to this whole werewolf and Lycian and mate thing so it is going to take some time getting used to it but I’m here and I’m willing to give us a try....” He let out another growl before his body relaxed, loosening his grip on me.


He kissed the top of my head causing me to pull back and look up at him. I was met with those blue eyes I adore so much. Robert rested his forehead against mine, his smile was bigger than I had ever seen. “You mean it? You’ll give us a chance?” I could hear the hope and excitement in his voice as he spoke.


"Yes” was all it took for Robert to lift me off my feet spinning us around. I wrapped my arms around his neck and laughed. I felt my feet hit the ground as he leaned in whispering “I finally have my girl” before pressing his lips against mine.


Being Queen of all werewolf and Lycian

(Alisha P.O.V)


I can’t even begin to explain what I’m feeling right now. Movies portray the perfect kiss as a moment fireworks explode or you feel as if you are the only ones in the world. This is so much more than that. When he kissed me my entire body tingled with fire, I felt a jolt of electricity surge through my body. I never knew I was incomplete until this moment. I can see us growing old together with our children and grandchildren.


The kiss may have lasted seconds or hours, I don’t know and I don’t really care. All I know is I want to spend the rest of my life with Robert. Our foreheads rested against each other as we kept our eyes closed. Trying to grasp all the emotions that came with one simple kiss.


I opened my eyes to find Robert with his eyes still closed. I could tell he was still deep in thought. When his eyes opened he muttered “WOW” which caused me to giggle. He pulled away smiling as he kept both hands placed upon my cheeks. “Please tell me that was as great for you as it was for me” Which only caused me to laugh more, nodding my head.


A rustling sound came from the bushes causing us to turn our attention. An older man appeared, he bowed his head when he saw us. “I’m sorry to bother you Robert and Alisha but King has requested the two of you to come to his office immediately.”


He grabbed my hand and we walked back to the castle. While we walked I wondered what why he called us for... I wonder if he is anything like or Olivia or Robert? I have seen him once on my birthday and he looks like a scary man in person.


He squeezed my hand tighter as we approached the door. I took a deep breath as Robert opened the door pulling me in with him. I found myself halfway standing behind Robert. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the king or stand directly beside Robert.


“Hello dad, you wanted to see us.” As I looked at the ground I rested my head against Robert’s back. He noticed my fear and held my hand tighter.


"Yes. I hear you found your Queen and from what I’ve heard there are some problems between you guys. Your mother tells me something new every day but I didn't think anything of it because your mate is human and they are sometimes stubborn about being new to the whole werewolf and Lycian life. However, I was told that you are thinking of turning down the king position so I can no longer ignore the issue. So tell me what the hell is going on.” His voice got louder as he spoke, I found myself hiding more behind Robert.


"Yes dad, I was having issues with Alisha but they have all been resolved. I wouldn’t have considered turning down the position but I lost my Lycian. As of about an hour ago he is back and Alisha and I are together, so there is no reason to worry. I will be taking over the king's position.”


“I see, and will your mate be taking over as Queen?” he asks trying to look behind Robert to see me.


I hadn’t thought about becoming Queen until his father said it. It is my position but could I really do it? I have read about the duties of a queen but can I able to catch up to their expectation. Would they even want me as Queen? I’m a human, how am I supposed to help control a whole werewolf and Lycian community?


I was brought out of my thoughts when Robert slightly turned to look at me. “I’m not sure yet. We haven’t quite discussed it.”


"Well, it should really have been decided by now. I understand she is human but she is part of this kingdom now and we do things quickly so I need an answer.” I closed my eyes tighter wishing I wasn’t here. “Young lady, I know this is all new to you but we need to know if you will become Queen and run this kingdom with Robert or if I need to find someone else to do the job.”


The thought of someone else running a Kingdom with Robert made me angry. I don’t want some other girl taking over my spot next to him. I want to be the one by his side. I need to stop being so scared if I want to be a Queen. I was chosen as Robert’s mate and I was chosen as a queen for this community.


I stepped out from behind Robert and stood by his side. Slowly I lifted my head to look at his father and said “I want to be a Queen. I was chosen to be Robert’s mate and I was chosen to be the Queen of this community.” 


My parents want to meet my mate


(Alisha P.O.V)


I’ m currently pacing around Robert’s room and I have been for about an hour now... I’m just so overwhelmed! “Don’t worry about it. You will know what to do when the time comes, it will come naturally. Plus if you have questions, I bet my mom will help you out.” Robert walked over to me and hugged me tightly. “We are in this together, we are a team. Everything will be okay.”


Looking up into his eyes is all I needed to know everything would be okay. It was almost instantly that I calmed down and no longer had any worries in the world. It’s crazy how much of an impact he has on me.


A knock came from the door causing us to separate. Robert grumbled as he walked over to open the door. “What do you want?!” He yelled before even looking at the person on the other side of the door. I couldn’t see who it was from where I was standing but by the way, he froze and turned pale, I knew he had yelled at the wrong person.


"Excuse me! Young man! I brought you into this world and I have no problem taking you out! How dare you use that tone with me! I don’t care how old you are and how much power you have, you will never speak to me like that again!”

Yea way to go Robert...

“Mom I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you. I would never have yelled at you I just... I didn’t know it was you....”


I had to place my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing out loud. He went from being an all mighty soon to be king to a little boy scared of his mother. Robert must have noticed my struggle because his head whipped in my direction and he gave me a death glare.

“I will deal with you later Robert, I came here to get Alisha. We have a lot of work to do.”


I quickly walked over to the door before she started to yell again. When she saw me she smiled before turning to glare at Robert. Keeping her eyes on Robert, she grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door and down the hall. I turned to wave bye to Robert, who still looked like a scared little boy. 

“Where are we going, Queen Samantha?”


"You are my son's mate and soon to be the Queen of our community so please call me mom or Samantha and I am going to teach you how to be a Queen! It is not quite as complicated as you would think sweetheart, as a matter of fact, you have been doing it already without even noticing it.”


I looked at her strangely, until I notice we were approaching the daycare. A bright smile came to my face as I thought about all of the little children and babies. I smiled even more and picked up my pace at the thought of seeing my sweet little Alice...... Wait did I just say my Alice?


I brushed away the thought as Samantha opened the door and the familiar sound of children running and laughing filled my ears. As Samantha and I stepped into the room some of the children noticed us and ran over squealing and trying to jump into our arms. I kneeled down on the floor and was tackled by all of them. I couldn’t stop laughing as they told me how much they missed me and that they wanted to play games.


"Alright, guys! Let's go outside and play on the playground!” Samantha said with a smile on her face. All the kids cheered and raced to the doors, some holding my hands and pulling me along with them.

Outside the girls were playing on the swings and slides, the boys played kickball and football, and the toddlers played in the sandbox. I decided to start by pushing some of the girls on the swings while Samantha kept an eye on the little ones.


"Alisha can we braid your hair?!” “Yea, Please?!” “OH! OH! I want to help!”

I sat down with my back to the girls. The girls decided to section off my hair, that way they could all braid at once. Needless to say, my hair was being pulled in all directions with multiple braids I knew I’d have trouble getting out later. After what felt like forever they said they were done. Looking into the mirror I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or be horrified. I had about 12 different braids in my hair, some I’m not sure you can even call braids and they stuck out in all directions.

“I think you did a lovely job girl. I’ve never seen Alisha look prettier.” I looked up to see a smirking Robert. I could tell he was trying very hard not to laugh.


“Yea girls, it looks great! I think you should try doing Robert’s hair!“I couldn’t help but laugh as the smirk instantly turned into a frown. But luckily for Robert, the boys started shouting at him to come to play football so he had to tell the girls maybe next time. 

“Yea maybe next time you girls can do his hair and his makeup!” I shouted loud enough for him to hear me as he walked away.


“Yea!” “That’s a great idea” “I can’t wait!” As the girls shouted excitedly, Robert abruptly stopped walking and turned to give me a deathly glare. I just smiled innocently and blew him a kiss.


I was playing with girls when Samantha come to me saying that my parents want to talk to me and give me her phone and she walks to the toddlers to keep an eye on her.


"Hello mom," I said on the phone.


"Young lady when did you thought to tell us that you have a mate and not only that you also accept to become the queen of werewolf and Lycian community," my mom asked me in a stern voice.


"Mom, how did you know?" I ask shocked.


"I have my ways, after all, I am your mother, now tell me when will you introduce us with your mate? " she asks.


"Soon may be tomorrow or a day after tomorrow," I said while smiling at her on the phone.


"How are you feeling, now? How was your ankle?" she asks.


"I am fine now and I can walk on my own," I said with a smile on my face.


"I will wait for you and your mate tomorrow and don't you dare say no, otherwise I will invite your mate's whole family at dinner actually you know what that was a good idea, I will invite them all for dinner tomorrow," she said and I can practically imagine her bouncing up and down with excitement, before I can say anything to her she cut the phone.


*My mother I tell you,* I thought with a smile on my face and shake my head in astonishment. I loop up to see Robert was looking at with a raised eyebrow in question and I just shake my head as nothing.


Back to school

(Alisha P.O.V)

I wake up with a lot’s of thought running around my mind, then I remember that we start to going back to school today, and I haven’t talked to Robert about telling everyone about our relationship. I get up fast and go to t5he shower to take a bath and get ready for the school.

After getting ready I walk to Roberts’s room which is next to me to see him sleeping peacefully on the bed. I look at the clock to see it’s 6:00 clock and hour and a half for our school to start, I walk to him and hover over him then started kissing all over his place.

“This morning is the best morning of my life, and every morning will be too if you wake me up like this every morning like this, love,” Robert said turning and hovering over me.

“Good morning to you too, Robert,” I said giggling at him.

“Morning, Love,” he said and kissed my head.

“Huh, Robert,” I said hesitantly.

“What is it, love?” he asks worriedly.

“I will tell you, but first go and get ready for the school, I am sure you did not want to be late for school,” I said to him.

“But I don’t want to get up, I like this position already,” he said whining at me.

“Go,” I said pushing him away from me. I made him get up and push him to the washroom. Then go o his closet and take some clothes out for him.

After doing that I examine his room if you are wondering that, this is my first time coming to his room them yes, it’s my first time.

The room contained a big king-size bed, which was neatly made, a walking closet with a mirror, near that was a bathroom and the wall was painted with a light cream color, a T.V was set up on the wall in front was a bed with some X-box game material on the table near it. Net to bed was a study table that has a laptop, a cup with the stationary and keys on it and a comfort table chair. On the next side of the bed was a balcony with a nice table and some chairs, with a peach color curtain. There are also some couches near the study table. It has a green color rug in the room and the ceiling was dark with some stars and a moon in it.

I was so busy examining the room that I didn’t know when he comes out of the washroom and hugged me from behind.

“I hope you like our room,” he said and kissed my neck.

“Our room?” I ask confused.

“Yes, since I have already found my mate, and you are going to move with me soon it was going to be our room, so do you like it, you can make some changes in the room if you want to, you know just don’t make it looks like a girlish room,” he said while breaking the hug and getting dressed.

“It’s perfect, I don’t need to make any changes in it, you know when I thought how your room would like, I thought it would look like typical boyish room, but it looks neutral neither boyish or girlish, it looks like a room for the couple,” I said with a big smile on it.

“I am glad that you like it, I make it made like this so my mate and wife can feel comfortable in my room, so you want to talk to me about something?” he asked.

“Yeah I almost forgot about it, huh Robert can we kept our relationship a secret in the school?” I ask hesitantly.

“Why I thought you have given me a chance to win you?” he asks hurt and I feel an ache on my heart.

“Yeah, I know but I want you to keep it low until your friends and my friends feel comfortable with each other, you know when I was moving out of your house to the cabin they all were looking at me so uncomfortably like I am a ticking time bomb, if they say or do anything wrong I will lash out on them, I want them to be comfortable with me so they can come to me with their problems without any hesitation, you know what I mean right?” I asked him.

“Look I know you want to show the whole world that I am yours and I want it too, but I am asking for a one week, just a week and after that, you can do everything you want, okay?” I ask when I didn’t get any reaction from him.

“Just a week okay?” he asks and I nodded my head at him and he gives me bear/wolf hug. We both go downstairs and have breakfast.

“Remember to come home before six,” Samantha said bidding us goodbye.

“Why?” Robert ask.

“Did you forgot we have dinner at Alisha’s house?” she asked narrowing her eyes at him and he goes pale. I squeeze his hand in assurances. We said bye and go to school. I told him to drop me a few houses away from the school and he did so. I walk to school and walk to my locker room, as I was about to close my locker someone pushes it hard close while startling me at the same time.

I turn to look at the culprit to see the bee queen Karin with her minors standing in front of me with a scowl decorated at her caked up face.

“What the hell was that Karin, what if I would have lost my fingers due to your stupidity?” I ask her barely containing my anger.

“Well, that will have taught you to keep your filthy hands off my mate,” she said scowling at me.

"Who said he was your mate, why don't you go and ask him who was his real mate?" I ask him emphasizing word real and walk out of there.

"What was that there with Karin? and where were you all these days? we tried to contact you but your phone was unreachable?" Kanika and Anush ask catching up with me.

"It's a long story, let's catch up at lunch?" I said to them.

"Okay," they said and we all go back to our classes, truth to be told I can't wait to see their faces, it will be worth to see it, I thought with an evil smile on my face.

All the classes go, as usual, taking notes and listening to the teacher while also answering the questions he asks, all thanks to Robert and his friend I was able to catch up my all the missing lectures and homework.

Now, it's lunchtime, we were sitting at our usual place and Kanika and Anush were looking at me with a questioning look on their faces.

"Well," Kanika asks with a raised eyebrow at me.

"The next day of  my 18th birthday....." I started and tell them everything that happened between us till now. and to say they looked shocked will be the understatement of the world.

"So Robert is your mate?" Kanika asks and takes a sip of her water.

"Yes," I said.

"Well then, that makes sense why he was looking at you like this?" Anush said and I look at where he was looking to see  Robert looking at me longingly and he smiles at me when he saw I turn to look at him and I gladly return the smile.

"So you decided to give him a chance to prove himself a worthy mate for you and you want his friends and we become friends," She asks.

"I know guys all this sounds crazy but please give them a chance," I pleased to them.

"Your right, Alisha this is crazy, how can you easily forget them for all the things they have done to us, it was easy for you because you and Robert were mates and it was hard to resist the pull but we can't do it Alisha because they have done worse to us then they have done with you before you come to school," Anush said shaking his head.

"I can understand you guys, but it just one chance if they anything bad with you again or if you guys think, it will not work out with us, I will not force you in it please do it for me, you know how bad I wanted to have a mate," I pleaded while giving them my puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, we will do this for you and only for you," they said and I engulf them in a group hug. Then the bell ring signaling that the lunch was over. In my next classes, I sit with Robert's friend and talk with them and trying to make them feel comfortable around me and also be able to make them agree to be friends with each other.

They said that they will only be friends with us only when we stop playing pranks on them and I agreed with them, but we all know that will never going to happen.


Our first families dinner


(Robert P.O.V)

Everything is going according to the plan and I was happy until my mother reminds me of the dinner we are going to have with Alisha’s family. I mean I know I had to have face her father one day but not that soon, I am not ready for that at all. I mean how can I when it’s not only his father I have to face but brothers too, and let me tell you one thing they must be small but still they are very protective of their sisters. And I doubt that they will approve me for their daughter/sister knowing about my past behavior with Alisha.

I can’t even able to concentrate at my classes because I was busy thinking about how to impress my father in law to be and make it out alive from there palace. Now I was sitting in the car waiting for Alisha so that we can go home together and get ready for the dinner at her home.

After some time I saw her coming out of the school with her friend talking and laughing at the silly jokes that Anush said to them. Seeing her all smiling and laughing with her friends I forgot my problems well I think this is one of the perks of having a mate. I open the door and walk out of the car, she looks at me and smiles at me, then she talks with her friend and starts walking towards me.

“Hey,” she said with a smile on her face.

“Hey, how was your day?” I ask her opening the door for her to the seat.

“It was good, what about yours?” she asks me as I walk towards driver seat.

“It’s was okay, I didn’t able to concentrate in any of my classes,” I said starting the engine of my car.

“Why?” she asks.

“All I was thinking in the lectures was how to impress your father and make it out of your house alive,” I said and she laughs at me.

“Oh, come on he is not that bad he is just a little bit protective of me, and anyway he is not going to hurt you well at least not in front of my mother,” she said smiling at me.

“Well it did not help me at all,” I said and she laughs at me again.

“Don’t worry, everything will be going to be okay, just be yourself and I and mom will make sure he will behave nicely with you okay,” she asks and I nodded my head with a small smile on my face. We reach home at no time and goes to our room to get ready for dinner.

We all gather in the living room to leave for the dinner, mom, dad, Olivia and Ryan decided to go in one car while I and Alisha decided to go with another car so that we can spend some alone time with each other as I and Alisha were new found mates.

As I was about to enter the driver seat Alisha comes and stand between me and the car and screech her hand in front of me and I look at her confused.

“Give me the keys, I will drive, you are too nervous to drive,” she said and look at her hand telling me to do it, and I put the keys in her hand knowing she was right and there is no way I am going to win from her anyway. I walk to the other side of the car and sit on the passenger side.

(Alisha P.O.V)

I park the car in my driveway and get out of the car. Others were already there waiting for us. I walk with them and enter the living room of my house. The maid comes towards us and tells us to wait for the others while she goes and tells them about our arrival.

“Oh, look at you, you have grown so much that know you have found your mate, I am so happy for you Alisha,” mom said while hugging me tightly.

“Mom, stop it it’s embarrassing,” I said breaking the hug.

“Oh, sorry, hello Samantha how are you?” mom asks hugging her.

“Dad,” I said and hugged him tightly.

“I missed you so much,” I said breaking the hug and hugged him again.

“I missed you too, princess,” he said hugging me back.

“You better be easy on him, okay,” I said narrowing my eyes at him.

“I can’t promise but I will try,” he said with a smirk on his face.

“Dad,” I said narrowing my eyes at him.

“Okay, Okay, I will be easy on him, but can’t I have a little bit of fun, just a little bit,” he asks me with a puppy dog eyes.

“Just a little bit,” I said nodding my head at him and we hug each other.

“Logan,” Liam said forwarding his hand towards my father to shake.

“Liam,” dad said shaking his hand.

“So, Robert when did you find out that Alisha is your mate,” mom asks him.

“The day after her birthday,” he said smiling at her.

“So did you regret bullying her now?” dad asks with a serious face, and mom squeeze lightly telling him not to open that topic.

“Of course sir, I really regret it, and I already have asked for her forgiveness,” he said with a sad face.

“If she wouldn’t your mate, you didn’t have to regret it, would you?” Jared asks him.

“Of course, I have, maybe not that soon but I have, and we have also stopped bothering them a few years ago when they teach us some lesson with their pranks,” Robert said and look smiling at me and I smile back to him.

“How should I trust you that you are not lying about her being your mate and you didn’t just play with her heart,” dad asks him with an emotionless face.

“Dad, Logan” mom and I said in unison shocked with his blurt out.

“What I am just making sure that he didn’t break my daughter’s heart,” dad argued and we shake our head.

“She really was my mate, I will never joke with something like that and I am not that low to play with someone’s heart sir,” Robert said making me smile at him, and he made me sure that I didn’t make a mistake by giving him a chance.

“As much as I disapprove you for my daughter, I can not do anything about it,” my dad said with a sigh.

“Does that mean I can take your daughter for a date,” Robert asks with hopeful eyes and my father nodded his head as a yes with a small smile on his face. He fists bump the air making all of us laugh.

“But if you ever hurt her or make her cry, then you better find a place to hide because I going to make you regret even coming in this world,” dad warns him.

“I will die before letting that happens, I promise you,” Robert said smiling at him and then wink at me making me all giddy. After that, we talk about different things while having some snacks until one of the maids come and informed us that the dinner is ready to serve. I walk to the dinner table and take our respective seats.

“So Liam, I presume that now Robert has finally found out that the Alisha is his mate you want Alisha to move in with you guys,” mom asked taking a bite of a salad.

“Yes, your highness,” Liam said to him.

“Would you mind, if Alisha stays with us for some time so that we can spend some time with her and I can prepare her to be the queen,” mom asked him.

“Of course not, your highness,” Liam said with a forced smile. I can tell that he is not happy with my mom's decision but who can argue with the queen of all, the creatures. After dinner, we have desert and spent some time with each other and then we walk them out to their cars.

“Oh how much I wish you to move in with me,” he said holding me in his arms and putting his forehead on mine.

“I will be moving in with you soon, don’t worry,” I said and kissed his nose.

“I am going to miss you,” he said and rubbed his nose on mine.

“Me too,” I said to him.

“Okay, you love bird’s time to say goodbye,” Olivia said to us making him groan and I giggle.

“Bye, Alisha,” Olivia said hugging me.

“Bye, Olivia,” I said breaking the hug.

“Bye Samantha, bye everyone,” I said waving a hand towards them. I saw them driving away and walk inside the house glad that this day is finally over. I walk inside the washroom and take a long hot shower, dressed in comfortable clothes and fall asleep.

Our first lunch together - 1


(Alisha P.O.V)


“Ugh, why did the morning have to be so early?” I ask getting back to sleep and when I just about to go sleep I heard my phone ring.

“Hello,” I said picking up the phone without looking at the caller ID.

“Good morning Love,” I heart Robert said from the other side of the phone and feel all the sleep leave my eyes.

“Good morning, Did you sleep well,” I said in a sleepy voice and heard him chuckle.

“No, I didn’t, knowing that you were not sleeping in the room next to me, what about you?” Robert asks.

“Me too, I haven’t slept much because I can’t able to sleep without you and fall into sleep later in the night,” I said with a yawn and getting up from the bed and started doing stretches.

“Robert, I was thinking, how about all of us have lunch together at the lunch break?” I ask him.

“It’s good that you ask me, I was thinking to ask you about it, I don’t have any problem with it,” he said and I can practically saw him smiling on the phone.

“Good, but what about your friends?” I ask him while walking towards my walking closet.

“You don’t have to worry about them, I will talk to them but what about yours,” he asks me.

“I will talk to them too, don’t worry, okay see you at the school,” I said to him.

“Yeah, see you at the school,” he said and I wait for him to hang up one me but he didn’t.

“Robert, hang up the phone,” I said to him on the phone.

“No, you do,” he argues.

“No, you do,”

“No, you do,”

“No, you do,”

“No, I will do,” Sofia said and hang up the phone after snatching it from m, and I didn’t even realize when she enters inside my room.

“When did you come inside my room?” I ask her.

“When you are going all cozy with your boyfriend,” she said smirking at me making me blush.

“Anyway, breakfast is ready and mom is calling you for the breakfast,” with that said she walks out of my room.

I walk to my closet and decided to wear a black dress that my friends have given to me on my birthday, it shows all my curves and it reaches just below my knees. I grab my underwear and walk inside to the washroom to take a long and hot shower.

I get out of the shower after half an hour and get dressed. I walk to my dresser and decided to go with the high ponytail and minimum makeup just an eye shadow, lipstick and a little bit of mascara.

“Uh, just look at me, I just look like a totally badass, today,” I praise myself while looking at the mirror. I grab my purse, key, mobile and get out of my room and walk to the dining room.

“Good morning, everyone,” I said kissing my parent’s check.

“Oh, just look at you, you look like you are going to give Robert a heart attack today, but don’t you think this dress is too revealing for you, no noway go to your room and change your clothes,” dad said shaking his head.

“Dad is right sis, your lovey-dovey act not going to match with your badass dress and makeup, you should wear something more girly,” Sofia said smirking at me and I glare at her.

“Don’t listen to them Alisha, you are looking good in this dress and I am sure someone can not dare to mess with you in this dress if they did I am sure Robert can take care of it especially if it was a boy,” Mom said winking at me making me blush. I take a seat next to her and dug in. After that, I grab my long coat, said goodbye to them and drive away to school.

It takes only 15 minutes for me to reach there, and park my bike at the parking plot. I remove my helmet and Jacket and saw the boy’s jaw dropdown and girls scowl at me making me smirk in satisfaction.

I get down from my bike and walk inside the school and goes to my locker room. I open my locker and take my first lecture book out and close it.

“Well well someone looks hot, sexy and badass today,” Anush said smirking at me.

“Thanks, Anush,” I said smirking at him.

“What the occasion for this dress babe?” Kanika asks putting her arm over my shoulder.

“Nothing special babe just want to tease him a bit,” I said smirking at her and she high-five me.

“Anyway, talking about Robert, a bird informs me that Robert and some of his friends have decided to take English and some other of your subjects now and they are going to be in your class,” Anush informs us.

“What? When did it’s happened?” I ask shocked.

“The day when he found out that you are his mate,” Kanika said to me.

“Man, what am I going to do with him,” I said shaking my head in frustration.

“Anyway, I and Robert have decided to have that now we and his group going to have a lunch break together,” I said to them and their face falls down.

“But don’t you think it’s too early for that, I mean you just have thrown them bomb about you guys being mate on us yesterday, at least gives us sometimes to take it all in,” Kanika said frowning at me.

“I know guys, but just give it a try okay, today is just a trail if you guys feel uncomfortable, then you guys don't have to do it and do it when you guys feel you are ready to accept them but please do it for me, please," I said while giving them my best puppy dog eye.

"Fine, just for you," Anush said and I engulf them in a tight hug. Then the bells ring and we all go to our classes.


Our first lunch together - 2

(Alisha P.O.V)

I walk to my class and take my usual seat and wait for the teacher. After some time, I heard the door open and I was Robert coming inside the class and his friend Andy.

'So Anush was right, Robert really changes some of his subjects to sit with me,' I thought.

"Hi, love," Robert said while sitting beside me.

"What are you doing here? Last time I check you didn't like biology," I ask him.

"Is that a way to welcome a new student in the class who is also your boyfriend?" he asks me.

"First of all you are not a new student, you are an old student who has just change his subjects, now answer me what are you doing here?" I ask raising one of my eyebrows at him.

"Like and dislike of the people keeps changing with time, like at first, I didn't like Biology but now I like it so I take biology now, so," he said with a shrug while smirking at me. I was about to say something but the bell ring and the teacher enter the class.

During the whole period, I feel him staring at me but I ignored it and paid attention in the class. Robert was there in some of my classes while he was not present there, but he makes sure that one of his friends was there to keep an eye on me.

It was so sweet of him being so caring and protective of me but it has started to get irritating and getting on my nerves. I would have to talk to him about this at lunch.

The bell for the lunch break rang and I wait for my friend at my locker then all of us go to the cafeteria for lunch and walks to the Roberts and his friend's table to have lunch with them.

When I reach there, I saw that the queen bee of our school and old girlfriend of Robert, Karin, is not sitting with them.

"Where is Karin? Is she not going to sit with us?" I ask and saw Robert raise his eyebrow at me and I feel the urge to laugh at his expression but control it.

"Robert has made it clear to her that he didn't want her anywhere near us," Max said taking a sip of his cold coffee.

"But I don't think she was a type of person who listens to anyone so easily," I said to him.

"Oh trust me she is not, but when she tried to throw herself at him and try to argue with him when he breaks up with her, Robert oh very gracefully show her her place," Nikhil said smirking at him.



First Date


(Robert P.O.V)

‘Yes! yes! yes!, I can’t believe she finally said yes to go on a date with me, I am finally going to have her all to myself,’ I thought in excitement then gro remembering that, I have asks her for a date but don’t know what to do. I know, I know what you guys thinking that Robert Dawson who has known as a playboy in his school and has dated almost every girl in the school, can’t able to decided what to do on a date.

But it was different this time. It’s not any other woman, we are talking about, it’s Alisha, my mate, my soulmate, my everything. I can’t just take her for a movie or dinner in an expensive restaurant like, I used to take other girls, I want something special and rememberable for us and I will make it for us. I sigh.

I think I should do some net-buffering maybe, I would be able to come up with some good ideas. I thought and get inside the car and drive back home. After reaching home, I run to my room, throw my bag on the couch, and open my laptop.

“few ideas of a date night” I type in google and then press enter.

“Movies marathon,”


“Amusement park,”


“Go feed some ducks,” I read and burst out laughing. I mean, seriously, who on his/her right mind, would like to take her girlfriend to feed ducks on his date.

“Go on a hike,”

“Na, it will take a full day for a hike, maybe, someday else,”

“Camping,” I read and idea pop up in mind. I go to some more ideas and after that, I prepare a list of things to do. First al, I call l Alisha’s mother asks to ask Alisha’s all the favorite food and tell the chef to prepare it and pack it for me.

Then I pack the camping kits, a projector, and the white curtain, my Laptop and some more thing in a car, and drive inside the forest to mu favorite spots which are near a lake, from where you can see the full moon. When I reach there, I find my friend Nate, Nikhil, and Andy waiting for me. When I was driving from my home to hear, I mind link them to meet me here and help me to set everything.

We take out everything from the car and set it up, after parsing our work we drive back home. I got fresh and take the food the chef has made for my date with cooler and drive to Alisha’s home to pick her up for a date.

(Alisha P.O.V)

After attending my extra class, I get out of my school while talking to my friends and drive home. Kankia said she will see me at my home in an hour, to help me get ready for my date, my very first date. I wonder what has he plan for my date but, I hope it was something special.

“Mom, I am home,” I enter inside the castle with a huge smile on my face.

“Geez, sis, what gotten you so work up?” Jared asks coming from his room. I ignore him and walks towards my mom.

“Robert, asks me out for a date,” I said grabbing her arms and spinning around the room.

“Poor guys,” Jared said to Josh.

“I pity him,” Josh said, and Jared high five him.

“Shut up guys,” Mom said to the twins and grin at me.

“I am so happy for you, baby, would you like me to help you to get ready for the date?” she asks smiling at me.

“That would be so nice mom, thank you,” I said smiling at her.

“Anything for my baby,” mom said smiling at me.

“Where is dad?” I ask her.

“He has gone to attend some important meeting with grandpa,” Sofia said entering inside the hall.

“Good, then he will not scare Robert away when he comes to pick me up,” I said with a sigh of relief.

“I won’t bet on it if I were you, Alisha,” Mom said smiling at me mischievously making me groan in annoyance.

“Why don’t you go and take a shower, while I pick up a dress for your date?” mom asks and, I nodded my head and walks towards my room. I put my bag on the couch, grab my undergarments from the closet, and walk inside the washroom to take a long, hot shower. I take my own time taking a shower enjoying every moment of it.

When I come out of the washroom, I see my friend rampaging throw my wardrobe.

“Hey, when did you come here?” I ask making her jump and, I giggle at her startled expression.

“Geeze, don’t scare me, like that again,” she said putting a hand on her heart to calm it down.

“Sorry,” I said smiling a sheepishly.

“Find anything for me to wear yet?” I ask her while drying my hair with a towel.

“Nothing yet, anyway did you told Mia about yo being Robert’s mate?” she asks me.

“No, I didn’t get the chance to tell her?” I said throwing the towel on the bed.

“So, when are you planning to do so?” she asks me.

“I don’t know, really,” I said to her and she looks at me with a look saying are you kidding me.

“I am thinking to have girls overnight at my house, on Saturday or Sunday, that way we can spend, some time catching up with each other and I will tell Mia about it, what do you think?” I ask her.

“Good idea, she will get a heart attack when she gets to know about you dating Robert,” she said with an evil smile on her face.

“There is no douth on it,” I said with a smile.

“Did you something to wear for her?” mom asks while peeking inside my room.

“Not yet,” Kanika said with a sigh.

“Thought so, but no worries,” mom said and enter inside my room with the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. it was a light golden, one-shoulder dress which takes our breath away.

“Wow,” we said at the same time.

“Do you like it,” mom asks smiling at me.

“I love it, mom, thank you,” I said and hug her tightly.

“Where did you buy this dress, Mrs. Ellwood?” Kanika asks her.

“I didn’t buy it, dear, I order it to my designer for some special occasion, but since it’s your first date, Alisha, I want you to wear it,” she said smiling at me.

“But, mom,” I protest but she cuts me off.

“No, if or buts, if I say you’re going to wear it means your going to wear it, that’s it,” she said with a stern expression on her face.

“Oh, mom, I love you so much,” I said and hug her gain and she hugs me back.

“Now, go and change your clothes,” she said handing me the dress and pushing me to the washroom. I come out of the washroom, wearing the dress mom gives to me and see a big smile on her face of my mom and friend. They hold my hand and, make me sit on the chair next to the dresser.

“Damn, you know I am jealous of you girl,” Kanika said while doing my make up.

“Why?” I ask her.

“You haven’t even completed your school yet and you already found your mate and going on a date with him,” she said doing me.

“Don’t give up yet, Kanika, you still have a chance to go on a date with your mate, when I met Logan we already have Sofia and Alisha in no time and the twins were on their way, he never takes me on a date until, and when he takes me on a secret date only to propose me to marry him,” mom said with a pout while doing my hair.

“Maybe, because I already want to make you completely and officially mine, instead of taking you on a stupid date,” dad said entering inside my room and standing near a door while smirking at mom and folding his hand near his chest. Mom blushes and looks away from him.

“Ah, Alisha, you are looking breathtaking baby, Robert is a lucky son of a bitch, to have you as a mate,” dad said smiling at me and walking towards me.

“Thank you, Dad,” I said smiling at him.

“Robert is here,” Sofia said entering inside my room.

“Wow, di you are looking gorgeous,” Sofia said smiling at me.

“Let’s me escort you to the hall,” dad said forwarding his hand to me and I take it and walk downstairs with my father and I feel my breath hitch when I see him. He wore a white tee with a maroon blazer and blue jeans. He has styled his hair perfectly, letting a few strands fall on his forehead as I like. He looked dapper and drool-worthy, talking with my brothers. He stands up from his seat, mouth hangs open when he saw me walking downstairs with my father.

“Close your mouth otherwise fly will get inside your mouth,” dad said closing his mouth, and then he walks and stands beside my brothers leaving me in front of him.

Camping with Robert

(Alisha P.O.V)

“You are looking gorgeous, Alisha, this is for you,” Robert said passing the bouquet of Rose.

“Thank you, and you have also clean up good,” I said smiling at him.

“Shall we?” Robert asks stretching his arm forward for me and I take it.

“Wait for a second, I want to take a photo of you guys,” mom said and walk to her room. After a few seconds, she comes with her camera in her hand and told us to get closer to each other and takes some photos of us. She also takes some single photos of mine and Robert.

“Robert,” I heard my dad call for him as we reach the door and we turn to see dad glaring at him.

“Yes sir?” Robert asks with a gulp while looking at him.

“Take care of my girl and I want her, home before midnight, did I make myself clear?” dad asks in a stern voice.

“Yes sir,” Robert said to him and we walk out of the palace and walk towards his car. He opens the door of the car for me, and close it when I sit inside the car then walks towards the driver seat. He starts the engine and drove to the destination.

“Where are we going?” I ask him.

“You just have to wait and see,” he said taking my hand in his and kissed me on the back of my hand. I laughed at him and replied with an okay.

The ride to our destination was filled with silence, but comfortable silence. After some time we stop near the forest.

“What are we doing near the forest? Are you planning to kill me and buried me in the forest so that nobody can ever find me?” I ask in a joking manner.

“I will die before letting any harm comes to you,” he said leaning towards me, he was so close to me that I can practically feel his minty breath on my face. I kissed me on my head and then gets out of the car. He comes towards my side and opens the door for me.

“Do you trust me?” he asks me, his eyes full of love and admiration.

“Yes, I do,” I said with honesty.

“Then turn around,” he said and I do without any complaint. I feel him put the blindfold over my eyes.

“Wait for a second, I will be back in a minute,” he said and I heard his footstep walking away from me. Then I heard, him opening the car backseat and taking something out from it.

“Hold it for me, please,” he said putting something in my hand. I hold it and move my hands around it and know it was a picnic basket in my hand. I feel him carry me in his arms.

“Robert, what are you doing?” I ask him shocked by his action.

“I don’t want you to get hurt, so I am carrying you to our destination,” he said holding me tight in his arms.

“What if any branches come in our way? How are you going to remove it from our way, when you were carrying me like this?” I ask him.

“Don’t worry about it, I have already taken care of it,” he said and kissed me on my cheek. I feel him, started walking towards our destination and I don’t feel any branches come in our way.

After some time, I feel him stop walking and he oh so slowly put me on the ground. He slowly takes the blindfold from my eyes. I blink a few times to get used to the light and what I saw takes my breath away.

There was a camp near the tree surrounded by two firepots on both the side of the camp. There was a heavy blanket inside the camp, with rose petals spread all over it and many pillows to help you lay down or sit on the blanket comfortably. In front of the camp was a beautiful lake, displaying the beautiful sky with sparkling stars and a full moon surrounded by it. I also see the fireflies flying around the forest.

“I know, it’s nothing much but, it’s all I can manage to do, I hope you like it,” Robert said scratching the back of his neck nervously.

“I love it, Robert it is breathtakingly beautiful, I would be angry with you if you have taken me to a five-star restaurant for our date, you know when I thought what I expect from someone takes me on a date, this is what I expected from that person, and you come up with my expectation, ” I said smiling at him.

“I am happy that you like it, would you able to seat on the blanket or would you like me to bring a chair for you?” he asks me.

“I would be okay sitting on the blanket,” I said smiling at him and he helps me sit on the blanket and set the pillow for me making sure that I was comfortable on the blanket. Then he sits beside me and opens the picnic basket and arrange all my favorite food in front of us. He opens the champion and pours it into two glass, and gave me one glass.

“Cheers,” we said at the same time and touches our glasses and takes the sip of the champion.

“Would you like to watch some movie?” he asks me.

“Here?” I ask him reading an eyebrow at him.

“Yes, why?” he asks me looking amused.

“We are in the forest, Robert,” I said to him with a chuckle.

“So, what, all you have to ask me, and I will make sure you have that, no matter where we are in the universe,” he said looking deep in my eyes.

“Sure, why not,” I said smiling at him.

“What movie would you like to watch,” he asks standing up from his place.

“Isn’t it romantic?” I said after thinking sometime, he said okay and walk out of the camp. After 5 minutes, a wite curtain appears a few steps away from me out of nowhere. And soon I saw the production credits start playing in the curtain and soon Robert come and join me.

“I know it will not feel like a movie theater or home theater, but I hope it will do,” he said smiling at me and sits beside me. And we enjoyed the movie while eating snacks and my favorite food.

After watching the movie, we laid down in the blanket and watch the stars while making small talks and Robert also played my favorite song while playing his guitar.

"It's 10:00 pm, I think we should go now, you didn't want your father on my tail, for not dropping his daughter home on time, do you?" he said and help me standing and start leading me towards the car.

"What about the things we left in the forest?" I ask him.

"Don't worry about it, I would have someone come and take it all home for me," he said opening the door for me. I saw his eyes go dull and, I know, that he was mind linking someone, as I saw my father's eyes go dull when he talks to mom through their mate bond link. I walk towards the driver's side and get inside the car.

"So, do you enjoy today?" he asks me.

"Yes, I enjoyed every second of it," I said smiling at him.

"Well then, would you like to go on another date with me?" he asks smiling at me.

"Sure, why not," I said smiling at him, he takes my hand in his and, kissed the back of my hand. Then we drive home in comfortable silence. After some time, we reach my palace and park beside the gate of the palace. He comes out of the car and opens the door for me.

"So I think that is it," he said screeching the back of his head.

"Yeah," I said looking anywhere, but at him.

"I should leave now," he said but didn't move from his place.

"Damn it," he said and, I feel his finger on my chin. He makes me look at him and, kissed me passionately. As soon as his lips touch mine, I fill the fireworks explore in my body. He pulls too soon for, my liking, leaving me needing more of his touch.

"Good night, Alisha, dream about me," he said smirking at me and walks towards his car. I start the car and drive away, leaving me baffled. I shook my head and walks inside the palace

Sleepover at my house

(Alisha P.O.V)

"I am home," I said walking inside the palace.

"Before time, good, " dad said walking downstairs from his room with a smile on his face.

"How was your date?" mom asks walking beside dad.

"Wonderfull, I enjoyed it very much," I said walking towards the coach and taking my high heels shoes out.

"Are you hungry? Do you want me to prepare something for you?" mom asks me.

"No, but thanks for asking mom, Robert make sure, that my stomach was full," I said smiling at her.

"Good, for him," dad said nodding his head with satisfaction.

"Good, then, tell one of the maids to prepare something for you or call me if you got hungry at midnight, oh, and before I forgot, Kanika called me and tell me to inform you that, your school has declared a holiday for tomorrow," mom said smiling at me.

"Why?" I ask holding my shoes in my hand and walking towards them.

"There is the short circuit in the school, in the evening so the principle declares holiday for tomorrow so that they can check all the classrooms to make sure it was safe for you guys to resume the school," she said smiling at me.

"Yes," I shouted in happiness, kissed their cheek while saying goodnight to them, and run towards my room. I grab my nightdress from my closet and get inside the washroom to take a hot shower. After a shower, I dried myself, wear my nightdress and was about to get inside the bed when my phone started to ring and I pick up to see, it's my friend Eva.

"Hello," I said on the phone.

"Don't you dare hello me, Ellwood, what I am hearing from Kanika? You are dating Robert? Are you out of your mind? Why didn't you informed me about it? Tell me right now, and don't you dare hide anything from me," she shouted on the phone and I have to pull it away from my year to save my self from going deaf.

"It's a long story, Eva," I said but she cuts me off by shouting at me.

"Start telling me everything Ellwood, I don't want to hear any excuses from you," she said shouting at me.

"Lets me finished first okay?" I said and starting talking again without waiting for her reply.

"It's a long story, Eva, it would take the whole night to explain to you everything on the phone, how about a sleepover at my house tomorrow, we don't have a school tomorrow because some problem has arrived in the school, we will get whole day tomorrow to do whatever we want to do, we can have movie marathon when I was over telling you guys everything that happened between me and Robert, I know Kanika and Anush also want to know everything about it," I said to her and she agrees with me and hangs up on me.

God Kanika can't keep her mouth shut can she, I thought and shake my head at her big mouth. I messaged Kanika and Anushs about a sleepover at my house and get inside the cover and get in the dreamless slumber.

The next day, I wake up with my alarm ringing in my ears and shut it off. I get out of the bed and get ready for the day. I walk downstairs to see everyone is in the dining table waiting for me to join them for breakfast.

"Good morning everyone," I said and take a seat beside Sofia, they greet me back and we have breakfast while making small talks with each other.

"Mom, would you mind if my friend has a sleepover at our place, tonight?" I ask my mother while taking a sip of my juice.

"No, not at all," mom said smiling at me.

"Are Robert and his friends are also coming for the sleepover?" dad asks while taking a sip of his coffee.

"No, just my friends," I said to him and he nodded his head in approval.

"Would you mind if I and Additi, join you?" Sofia asks me.

"No, not at all," I said smiling at them.

"So you will not mind, if we join you guys too, right?" Jared asks me and I nodded my head at her. As we all finished having dinner I heard the few car parks in the garage and walks out of the palace to see my friends getting out of their car and walking towards us with their bag in their hands.

"I missed you so much," Eva said giving the tightest hug ever.

"I missed you too, how is your training going on?" I ask leading them inside the palace.

"Tiring," she said poping in the coach.

"Hello girls, Anush, did you have your breakfast before coming here or would you like to me to tell some maid to prepare something for you guys," mom asks them.

"We all are full, but thanks for asking aunty," Anush said and I guide them to my room.

"So spill it up," Eva said poping in my bed and I tell everything to them starting from a welcome treat for Robert and his friends to be going on a date with him.

"I am happy for you but are you sure that you are really his mate and he is not doing it because he wants to break you or to take revenge from you for harassing them?" Eva asks me.

"I don't think he will dare to do that, knowing what we and dad will do with him if, even the thought of hurting our sister comes to his mind, beside mate is the scared topic for a werewolf, Lycian and vampires to take it too lightly," Jared said answering for me.

"Good then, because if he hurts you then, I will turn him into a dog and adopt him and making him pay for it," Eva said with a scowl at her face and I awe at her and hug her tightly. After that, we all catch up with each other, by then we all were hungry so we girls go to the kitchen to make something to eat for us, while guys gather all the pillows which were free and arrange some movies for us. We watch movies and play some games and didn't know when we fall asleep.

We wake up at 4 in the evening and get fresh then go downstairs to have some snacks. After filling our empty stomach we girls get ready to go shopping while boys stay at home and play some video games at home.

We return 7 in the night and have dinner then walks to my room where we play hide and seek in the dark, and they all enjoyed it expect me because they all were supernatural who have supersense to make it easy for them to see and find us, while I have trouble finding them and get hurt few times.

Seeing me getting hurt in the dark we give up at the idea, and played something else like musical chair, passing the parcel and other games like this. Soon we all got tired and goes to our room to go to sleep.

Hangout with Robert and his friends

(Alisha P.O.V)

I wake up with my alarm goes off, I shut it up and get out of the bed. I made the bed, grab my clothes, and get inside the washroom to get showered. As I get out of the washroom I heard my phone ring and pick up to see it was Robert.

"Hello," I said on the phone.

"Good morning, Love," Robert said and I can imagine him smiling on the phone.

"Good morning," I said on the phone.

"I and my friends have decided to hang out today so I call to ask you, that would you like to join us, we will have a lot of fun," he asks me.

"I would love too, would you or your friend mind if my friends and sibling joined you guys?" I ask him.

"Not at all," he said to me.

"Okay, then I will ask them and my parents and then inform you okay," I ask him and he said okay and hang up on me. I brush my hair and walk down to the dining room to see everyone was there sitting on the table waiting for me for breakfast.

"Mom, Robert, and his friends are hanging out on his palace, and he calls me to asks, whether we like to join us or not, can we hang out at his place?" I ask my mom.

"Okay, you can go there but I want you all home before 10:00 pm," mom said passing the plate of pancakes to Sofia.

"Why? Tomorrow is Sunday right?" I ask her.

"Yes, but I have to start with your training," mom said taking a sip of her coffee. Oh, I almost forgot about it, but I thought she was only saying that because she did not want me to moved in with Robert.

"I was not joking when I told Robert father when he asks me for you to move in with them, there is a lot of things you need to learn, you're going to be the queen of werewolf world, which mean you were going to attain many councils meeting, where you will meet the alpha's daughter who will try to make you feel low, and try to seduce Robert so that they can rule by his side, you should learn how to face them, the things you learn from Griselda was not even one/fourth of it, I want you to be ready for anything and everything," mom said in a stern voice, this is the first time she has talked with me in this voice but, I know it because she is worried about me and wants the best for me and, I am grateful for it to her.

"Okay, mom, I will be here before 10:00 pm," I said smiling at her.

"That's my girl," mom said smiling at me. We finish our breakfast and me and my friends go to our room to take the thing we are going to need when we are at Robert's place. I call him and informed him that mom has allowed me to hang out with him but wants me to be home before 10:00 pm, he said he is okay with it and they are waiting for us at his place.

I walk downstairs with my bag to see all my friends and sibling are there with their bag in the living room waiting for me, we said goodbye to our family and drive to Robert's place. As soon as I get out of the car I was greeted with a bear hug from Robert's sister Olivia and mother.

"I have missed you so much, so had Alice," Olivia said while hugging me.

"Talking about Alice, how is she?" I ask breaking from the hug.

"She is doing just fine and so is the other orphanage children," Olivia said smiling at me. Then I produce her to my friends.

"So how long are you going to stay with us?" she asks guiding us inside the castle.

"Till, 9:00 pm, because my mom wants to start with my training, from tomorrow," I said smiling at her and she nodded her head at me.

"Robert, look whose, her," Olivia shouted for him. Then, I saw Robert coming outside of his room with a smile on his face. He runs towards us in inhuman speed and engulfs me in a tight hug, and then kiss me passionately.

"God, I have missed you so much," he said breaking the kiss and breathing heavily.

"But, we have met just two days ago," I said smiling at him.

"I know, but I still miss you," he said and kiss me again.

"So, what is the plan for today?" Jared asks clearing his throat.

"First why don't you guys settled in your room and after that we will think, what to do?" Robert said and guide us to our room and bring us all to his room.

"So what's the plan?" Anush asks us.

"How about Amusement park, it has been so long since I go there?" Olivia suggested to us.

"Good idea, I have also heard that there is a place nearby amusement park call paler, where we can play paintballs," Eva said smiling at us and we agree with them. After discussing for some time we had a full plan ready, first, we all go to the amusement park, then we go to the paler, and have so much fun while playing paintballs, we have made two teams there boys and girls team but since there are more boys then girls so we decided on two team Team A whose leader was Robert and team B whose leader was Jared and Ii off course was in Roberts team. And guess what we Win.

After paler, we go to the pizza hut because we all were starving and then visit Zoo and aquarium, after that, we go to the beach where we enjoy playing volleyball and enjoy taking a sunbath.

After the beach, we come to Robert's place to take a bath and get ready to hit the club. Some of us only have a few drinks since they have to drive home like me, Anush, Eva, Jared, and Robert while others were fully drunk by the time we head home.

We reach home at 10:15 and Jared and I drag our sibling to their room with the help of some maids and goes to their room and then tuck them in the bed after taking their shoes and high heels sandals off their foot and then walks to our room.

I grab my nightdress from the closet and get inside the washroom to have a hot shower. After getting dry and dressed, I get inside the bed, and as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was out like a light.


Training - 1


(Alisha P.O.V)

I wake up with someone trying to wake up, then I heard my mother calling me.

"Wake up, Alisha, we have to start with your training," my mon said while shaking me trying to wake me up.

"Five more minutes, please," I said and turn away from her. After some time, I feel a cold water slash on me.

"What the..." I yelled and sit up on the bed.

"Your awake, good, go to the washroom and get ready, then meet me in the living room, there is someone who wants to meet you," mom said smirking at me and walks out of my room. I groan and get out of my bed and walk to the washroom to get ready for the day. I decided to wear comfortable clothes which consist of my workout clothes and walk downstairs to the living room to see Miss Griselda is sitting on the couch and talking with my mother while having a cup of tea.

"Miss Griselda," I yell and run towards her, seeing me running towards her, she put the cup down on the table and stand up to hug.

"I miss you so, much munchkin, how are you?" she asks while hugging me tightly.

"I am fine, Miss Griselda, how are you?" I ask breaking the hug and sit beside her.

"I am fine, thanks for asking," she said smiling at me.

"So from Today, both I and Miss Griselda are going to train you," mom said to me.

"I will teach, how to fight and defend yourself, while miss Griselda will teach you about the supernatural world and how to act or behave when you are between the high ranking people and how to present yourself between them, " mom explains to me.

"But first let's go and have some breakfast," mom said and lead us to the dining room, we seat beside mom and one by one join us for breakfast.

"What's up? How comes sleepyhead wakes up early today?" Jared asks teasingly.

"I wake her up early so that we can start with her training today, and I also want you guys to join us," mom said and I smirk at them.

"Why? It's not we are going to move in Roberts pack," Aiden asks with a groan.

"Yes, but you will take over the kingdom when we retire from our position, so you need to be prepared for everything," mom said pouring a glass of milk for me.

"But won't it be too much for Miss Griselda to teach every one of us?" Josh asks mom.

"Oh, don't worry Joshie, I am sure Miss Griselda don't mind if you join us, do you, Miss Griselda?" I ask her.

"Of course not, I have taught a large number of students at the same time," she said smiling at me and I smirk at my siblings in victory while they glare at me.

"And I also want you guys to start going in council and other meetings with us so that you know what to do and how to do when you take over after us," mom said to us.

"But isn't it too soon for them?" grandma asks him.

"Not at all ma, Robert is 18 and he has already trained to be the king of a werewolf, he is coming to attend the council meeting and sometimes also takes part in it, by presenting their spices and taking part in decision making by telling us his view, the sooner we start with our children the sooner they get ready for their future," mom said to her.

"I agree with her, mom," dad said to grandma while smiling at mom.

"Dad, not you too," I and my all sibling said at the same time and soon everyone burst out laughing. After breakfast, mom said Miss Griselda to go to her room and take today off, while she trained us today. Then she takes us to the training ground.

"Okay, guys, let's start the training with whim Hoff, do the whole set 5 times," mom said clapping her hand in excitement, and snap her finger and a clock appears in front of us. We sit on the ground and started doing it. Mom gives us 5 minutes rest and tells us to do some screeching exercise. After that, she told us to do 20 laps in the training ground.

"But mom, my siblings are the vampires, it won't much time for them to complete it and they will not ever break into sweats," I said to her with a pout.

"You, underestimating your mother, Alisha, I know what I am doing, so trust me and start running," she said and we did the same. But as we start running it's like we are running on the treadmill, we are running with we didn't move from our place. We look at her with questioningly.

"Keep running, I will tell you when we are done," mom said smiling at us. We shook my head and keep running we run for what like half an hour.

"Okay, stop let's take a five minutes break," she said and we stop running and started panting while keeping our hands on our knees. When I look at my sibling they were also panting like me, and when I look at my mother with a question she just smiles at me.

"Alright 5 minutes are over, do 30 squats, 2o push-ups, after then takes 1o, minutes break," mom said and we started doing that. After 30 minutes we all take 10 minutes break. Mom snaps her finger and punching dummy appear in front of us.

She snaps her finger one more time, and the boxing gloves appear in our hands. We started punching the dummy, with mom guiding us. When we are done with that it was already time for lunch and we feel our whole body was screaming in pain like we were hit by the train.

Mom decides to end the training now and go for lunch. After lunch, she tells us to go to our room to have some rest and meet her at 3 pm in the living room. I drag myself to my room, and then to the washroom, as soon as a hot waterfall on my body I feel my stiff body relax and pain subsides a bit. I change in comfortable clothes and set the alarm and get inside the bed. As soon as I put my head on the pillow I was out as a light. 

Training - 2


(This chapter consist all the knowledge about the supernatural world, nothing particular interesting read-only if you want to know about supernatural creature)

(Alisha P.O.V)

I wake up to my alarm going off, I shut it and get out of bed and look at the clock. I have half an hour, to show up in the living room for my training. I thought and walk to the washroom to wash my face and brush my hair and walk towards the living room.

"Good, everyone is here," mom said smiling at us but Josh cut her off.

"Mom, I hope you are not going to train us in the ground, because our body is still paining like hell," Josh looking at mom with hopeful eyes.

"Don't worry, I am not going to train you on the ground, but Miss Griselda will give you, theoretical training about the supernatural world," mom said smiling at us and we all sign in relief.

"Let's go to the theater it will become easy for me to teach you all there," Miss Griselda said and all of us except mom follow her. She turns the light on and attached her laptop with the projector. After some time, something appears in front of the screen.

"So, lets began, As you know there are many types of creatures in the world, as human, Lycian, vampire, werewolf, elf, mermaid, demons, angle, etc, every creature is different from each other, even Werewolf and Lycian even if they were counted in the same spices in the world, by its power and quality that spices contain," Miss Griselda said and a picture appears in front of us.

"The only same thing the supernatural spices contain is all the good five senses and guts feeling, which is their six sense, this is the main or the basic power that every supernatural species have, the only spices that not contain it is human and that is why the did not include in the supernatural world," she presses enter in her laptop and the picture appears in the screen.

"Werewolf is the human being who can convert into their wolf form, they like to lives in the pack, but some werewolf also is the rogues who did not have packs because they are banned from their pack, or their pack was extinguished in the war and they run away from the war, or they don't like to stay in the packs and create chaos for other packs. Their souls are divided into two parts which they call their soul mates, there are 7 ranks in their pack:

1. Alpha and Luna: Alpha and Luna are considered as the highest rank in the pack. Alpha is known as the leader of the pack and his mate is known as luna of the pack.

2. Beta and beta female: Beta is known as second in command, and his mate is known as beta female if alpha dies in the war and he did not have any successor to take over the pack after him, then beta will take over the pack.

3. Gamma and Gamma female: Gamma is the third in command and his mate is known as Gamma female.

4. Delta and Delta Female: Delta is known as fourth in command and his mate is known as Deta female.

5. Head warriors: The Head warrior is the head of warriors who train the pack warriors and handle direct the warriors in the war or attacks.

6. Warriors: The Warriors are the werewolf who fight during attack or war. Their main duty is to patrol the pack territory and protect the pack's members.

7. Last but not least. Omega: Omega is considered the lowest rank in the pack. Some of them decided to become healers, doctors, nurses, and maids but they still are known as Omegas.

Wolfbane is a poison hunter used to kill them. Hunter is the human being who goes hunting mainly rogues to protect themself from them. Werewolf is also allergic to silver, they get burned when they touch silver," Miss Griselda explain to us and give time to us to note it in our notebook, after that she changes the screen again.

"Lycian, there is no much difference between werewolf and Lycian. Like a werewolf, Lycian also life in packs, and have ranks and soul mates like them. But unlike werewolf that half shift in their wolf form. But they also contain some special powers and their senses are more power full then werewolf.

But the only gender that born in Lycian form was male, a female gender never born in a Lycian pack. But their mate can turn into Lycian when they complete the whole mating process, like claiming, marking, and mixing their blood.

It was forbidden for the werewolf and Lycian to change the human into their spices until they are their mates. Because they cannot able to handle the process of change and die and also because unlike them they can't able to control their beast in full moon day if they manage to live till they change." Miss Griselda explain to us and give us time to note it down in the book.

"Vampires, in the movie they have shone that vampire can not eat the food and survive only through blood. They can not able to go in the sun," Miss Griselda said and my vampire sibling snicker at that.

"Buts it's not true. The vampires can eat food and go in the sun without burning still ash. Like werewolf Vampire also have mates, they will know who their mates are when they feel pull towards them and wanted to suck them try when they were near their mate.

Humans can only be converted into a vampire when there is a red moon season. They also can only convenience the child in the red moon season. As a werewolf, they are also very possessive with their mate. Like a werewolf, vampire also has their beast inside the body, or you can call it the inner demon, its take over their body when they find their mate hurt or killed by someone.

They like to stay cocooned in their room with their mate and did not like anyone to disturb them at that season. In that season they only feed themself by their mate blood." Miss Griselda said and we note it down in our book.

"Elef, those creatures have pointed ears and were small in heights. These creatures were gifted with high senses with magic,"  Miss Griselda said to us.

"Demons, they used to leave in the earth in human form, many centuries ago until Roshan started to attack and capture them for their powers. After the war, they moved to their own realm and did not interfere in the matter related to the earth until ordered by the queen of all creatures, which is your mother," Miss Griselda explains to us.

"The same goes for angles, they also used to live here until an attack by Roshan. Yes, they have wings and magical powers, they folded their wings in their body until they needed them. They also make their own realm and moved there after the war and only appears here when your mom summons them," Miss Griselda explains to them.

"Mermaids, they were half fish and half-human. The leaves in their realm deep under the sea. They can turn into human form when they come out of the water to the shore, but they come into their real form if someone throws water at them if they didn't know to control their real form," Mis Griselda said to his.

"There are other shapeshifters to in the world, they are bears and Dragon shifter, they live in their community, in the mountains or caves, and the last but not least, witches and warlocks they are the human gifted with higher pain tolerance, fast healings had high senses with the touch of magic, they live in the cave in their coven and practice witchcraft like making potions and different type of spells for different things," Miss Griselda explains to us and tell us about few more creatures until it was time for dinner.

At dinner, mom said to meet her in the living room at 5:00 am for the training. After saying good night to everyone we go to our room and fall asleep.

New School project

(Alisha P.O.V)

I wake up with my alarm going off near my ear. I shut it and get out of the bed with a groan, still feeling sleepy. I walk to my closet and grab my workout clothes, then walk inside the washroom to get ready for the day.

It has been a month since mom and Miss. Griselda had started with our training, at first, it was tiring as hell but with each passing day, we get used to it. From Monday to Friday, we wake up 4:00 am, do training with mom, then go to school, after school, we have a few hours nap then we have trained with Miss. Griselda, then doing school work and studies and go to sleep after having dinner.

On Saturday and Sunday, we wake up at 9:00 am, do training with mom, then train with Miss. Griselda after lunch and an hour rest, then we have a whole evening and night to ourselves to do whatever we want to do. So at that time, we hang out with our friends.

After brushing my teeth and hair, and washing my face to drive remaining sleep away, I wear my workout clothes and walk downstairs and then walk towards the training ground, where mom was waiting for us, to start with our training. After training for one and half an hour, I walk back to my room to get ready for school.

After getting ready, I join others in the dining room for breakfast and leave for school. It takes half an hour for me to reach there. I park my car in the parking plot and walk inside the school. I walk to my locker and takes the book I need for my first period and my friends come and join me and we all walk to our class together.

After some time, the bell rang, and Miss. Raymond comes inside the class while greeting everyone.

"Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend," Miss. Raymond said smiling at us and keeping her things on the desk.

"As we all had already, started your new semester I think I should give you all your first assignment," she said making us all groan and chuckled at our reaction.

"Don't worry, don't worry, I and not going to tell you to read the chapter and make notes on it," she said with a chuckle.

"This time I have thought to do something new," she said while smiling at us and rubbing her hands in excitement.

"Do all of you have read the story of Romeo and Juliet?" she asks us and we all said yes in chores.

"I have decided to make you all do the play in the school," she said smiling at me.

"No one can act as best Romeo better than me, especially when I have Alisha as my Juliet," Robert said winking at me making me blush like beetroot and whole class awwed at us.

"Don't be so cocky, Mr. Dawson, I haven't finished saying my idea yet," Miss. Raymond said smirking at him and he gulps knowing its noting going to be good whenever she had that sinister smirk on her face.

"There are going to be changed in the play, it should be in a modern era, which means your going to make a group and write the play, which means you have to write the play which describes how the Romeo and Juliet's play would have played if it was written in this modern centuries, the best play will be played in the school, and the group who had written the best play would get the chance to perform it in front of everyone, you had 2 weeks to write it and submit it to me, I am giving you 5 minutes to form the group, and submit your names with the name of your group," Miss. Raymond said and turn to write something on the board.

"You, me, you and my friend will be in our group, alright?" she asks and I nodded my head absentmindedly.

"But, what will we name, to our group?" Kanika asks us.

"Rosie," I suggested and everyone agreed with me.

"So, have you all made a group?" Miss. Raymond asks us and a chorus of yes was heard in the class.

"Okay, then write the name of your group, and the name of you and your team members and submit it to me," she said to us. Robert writes it down in the paper and gives it to Miss. Raymond. After everyone submitted the paper, Miss. Raymond started the class, while I was lost in thinking how should I write the play, in a modern way without making the making much changes in it.

Times passes, like a blur until it was time for lunch. And I still unable to find out how to write it without making, many changes in it. Right now, we are in the cafeteria having our lunch.

"Alisha, Alisha," I heard someone call me while shaking me by my shoulder.

"Ye...Yes," I asked startled.

"Are you okay?" Kanika asks looking worried for me.

"Yes, why?" I ask her.

"Robert was asking something to you, but you look lost in thoughts and you haven't spoken anything since we come here, or take part in any conversation," Kanika said to me.

"I am sorry, what is it, Robert?" I ask him.

"I ask would you like to go on another date with me?" he asks me.

"Sure, I would love too," I said smiling at him.

"By the way, what were you thinking?" Anush asks me.

"I was thinking, how can I write the play, in a modern way without making the making, many changes in it?" I informed them.

"Do you find any solution?" Robert asks me.

"No," I said shaking my head at him.

"Download the play from the internet and added order things in it," Robert suggested to me.

"But William Shakespeare has written it in a poetic way, and I am not much good in English," I said to them.

"Take help of the internet, I am sure you will find a way, if not take help of your father or Miss. Raymond, I am sure they will not deny to help you," Anush suggested and I nodded at him with a big smile on my face.

After school, I go to the staff room to asks help, and she said yes, to me and I walk out of the school with a big smile on my face.

(NOTE: Hey guys I want to ask you something, would you like me to write the whole play in the book or just the famous scene.

And it would be okay if I write it in a normal way or would you like me to write it in a poetic way as William Shakespeare has written it.

Please write your answer in the comment box.)

Date with Robert - 1

(3rd person P.O.V)

On Sunday

Alisha wakes up with an alarm ringing in her, she shut it up and walk in the washroom to do her business, brush her teeth and walks out of the washroom and get in her workout clothes.

She walks to the training ground to see everyone was waiting for her. They do their usual training and she walks to her room to take a bath and get ready for the day. Then she walks downstairs to have breakfast. After that, she goes to the theater room to train with Miss. Griselda and then go to the dining room to have lunch.

After that, she goes to her room to have lunch. She wakes up at 3 o clock, gets fresh and walks in the theater for her training, and get free at 5:30 pm. She goes to room her and gets ready for her date with him. She gets dressed in her jeans and favorite top,  as she had already asked Robert yesterday where they were going for their date, so she can dress according to it.

He told her, that she can wear comfortable clothes since they were noting going any fact place. After getting dressed, she did a little bit of makeup and put her hair in a high ponytail and wear her pearl earrings. She wears her two feet high shoes and walks down to the living room to see him already waiting for her, and talking with her father.

When Robert saw her walking downstairs, he gets up from the couch and walks towards stairs and helps her coming down the stairs.

"Even, the simple clothes look good at you," Robert said smiling at her and kissed her on her cheek.

"You don't look bad yourself," I said smiling at him and then they hear someone clearing their throat and turn to see Logan looking at them.

"I want you, before 10 pm, okay?" Logan asks at them.

"Yes, sir," Robert said nodding his head at him.

"Shall we?" Robert asks forwarding his elbow towards her, and she links her elbow with his and he leads her to his car. He opens the door for her, and helps her get inside the car and close it, then walks towards the driver side, gets inside the car, starts the engine, and drive to their destination.

"Where are we going?" Alisha asks him.

"You will see when we reach there," Robert said smiling at her while driving the car.

After driving for a good 45 minutes they reached what looked like a ranch. It was beautiful, reminded her of the movies, horses running around, and a barn coming into view as geese and chickens were gathered about.

"This is beautiful," Alisha said in awe.

"Not as beautiful as you are," Alisha looked up at Robert as a blush warmed her cheeks, Darius just chuckled at her.

"Is it okay for us to be here?" She asks him.

"Of course. This farm belongs to my pack. Come on, let me show you around. I remember you said that you loved animals, on our last date," Robert said to her, parking the car, and ran around to her side opening her door, holding out his hand once again to help her. She looked at his hand hesitantly before looking around, smiling she placed her hand in his as they laced their fingers together.

Robert's mind linked the pack members that worked and lived on the ranch that he was there with a guest that didn't know about their kind. Robert showed her around and took pride in his choice to bring her to the ranch. She seemed happy and at peace, she playfully ran around with the chickens and the dogs. Fell in love with the puppies and the horses, she was respectful and open with everyone that they came upon. They came up to a little corral that a man was working with a beautiful white horse.

"What is he doing? she asks.

"He's working to tame the horse so that it can be calm around people and eventually be ridden," Robert said to her.

"Is he going to hurt it?" she asks him.

"No. But I don't want you to get too close. Untamed horses can hurt a person, even kill them. It's part of their instinct to either fight or runs away," Robert said to her.

"But it's such a beautiful horse. What's its name?" She asks.

"They call her Snow because her fur is as white as snow. Would you like to ride one?"

"I've never ridden a horse," she said still looking at the horse.

"You're a princess of Enchantica, and you haven't known, hoe to ride a horse?" Roberts asks shocked by this new information.

"Mom and dad were always busy taking care of my younger siblings and taking care of the kingdom, they didn't get time to teach me, neither I have shown any interest in learning how to ride a horse since we have a car to go anywhere we want, but would you teach me?" Alisha asks him.

"Of course, It's actually simple to do. And it can be relaxing at times. Wait right here," Robert said and walks away from her. Alisha turned her back to the corral that Snow was in as she watched Robert walk away and talk to the guy that was working with the horse. Without thinking she leaned back on the corral fencing and began to relax as she inhaled the freshness of the air. But she stiffened as Snow came up behind her and huffed through her nose as it seemed that she had rested her head on her shoulder.

"ALISHA...DON'T MOVE FROM THERE," Robert was worried that if she spooked him that he would hurt her.  But, Snow didn't, she nudged at the side of her head lightly. Alisha turned around and was now face to face with Snow, she reached up and lightly stroked his nose and moved up to his head.

"Hey Snow. I'm Alisha and I must say you are a very beautiful horse," She softly cooed to Snow, Robert and Carter were now in awe at what they were witnessing.

"Your highness, I think the horse has recognized her as her luna," Cater murmur in Roberts's ear.

"That's can't be possible, cater because I haven't marked her yet," Robert said and start walking towards Alisha.

"Love, please step back from there!" Robert slowly walked over to where she was as she continued to stroke Diamond's nose and head.

"But she seems almost harmless," Alisha said still patting her head.

"Love, come on. I had Carter saddle up a couple of horses, I want to take you for a short ride around... please!" Robert pleaded to her.

"Alright. Bye Snow, hopefully, we'll see each other again. Maybe I'll get lucky and Darius will bring me back to visit," Robert and Carter didn't know what to fully think as she tippy-toed and lightly pecked the side of her nose.

"Love, you need to be more careful. Diamond hasn't been tamed yet." When she finally came up next to Robert, he pulled her to him and inhaled her scent to calm his racing heart.

"I'm sorry, it's just that he seemed tamed enough to me." Alisha felt bad that she had worried him as she noticed the look of worry that Robert was now carrying in his eyes.

"You made me so worried, please just be careful... okay." He softly smiled at her and kissed the top of her head.

He walked her to Carter who was holding onto two saddled horses, one was fawn-colored and the other was black. Carter handed the fawn-colored horse to Robert as Carter helped Rhea get onto the saddle of the black horse. Once on, Carter covered the basics of riding, Alisha trotted around in circles as Carter made sure she had understood him

"Ready, love," Robert asks her.

"As much as I'm gonna be," Alish said with a big smile on her face.

"Thanks, Carter, we'll be out on the northeast quadrant. Come on love," Robert said and lead her to the northeast quadrant.

Date with Robert - 2


(3rd person P.O.V)

Alisha enjoyed the filling of the ridding horse and the feeling of air passing through her hair. It was the first time she was riding a horse, but she feels like she had ridden the horse many times. But what she enjoyed the most in ridding the air was the fresh air and smooth and soft-peddling of the horse instead of roaring of the car engines.

Robert rode next to Alisha in silence, he knew that she was distracted by her surroundings and he would just let her be. Obviously, she enjoyed it, there has been a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes that hasn't stopped since they got here. He watched as she was oblivious to the fact that she now rode the horse like a pro.

He continued to lead her down a path that took them into the forest and came out by a lake, it was then that Rhea looked over at Darius noticing that they rode around in silence.

"Oh... sorry, I guess I just zoned," she said startled by hearing his voice, she was so lost in her thoughts that she had forgotten that Robert was there with her ridding horse beside her.

"No, it's okay, I like to see smiling like that," Robert jumped down and went over to help Alisha down. He reveled in the feel of her in his arms and the shocks of pleasure that they now shared.

"No actually this place is beautiful... no, honestly it's perfect here." She spun around to commit the beauty of everything right in front of her to memory. Pulling her back against his chest, Robert wrapped his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder.

"Thank you so much for bringing me out here." She turned around facing him, she in turn wrapped her arms around him as she rested her face against his chest. Robert could feel her radiate with a sense of peace and calm, but he loved the feelings that their body, mind, and soul were sharing. He had never had these feelings and sensations like this before, but right now it was more than welcomed to be a part of him... just like how Alisha will always be his reason for breathing.

"You need to know and understand that I would do anything for you. Anything that makes you happy and smiling will make me happy as well." Robert had pulled her to look up at him as he proclaimed his feelings for her, she smiled up at him. He had taken that as his chance to kiss the lips that he'd missed so much.


Alisha had stiffened at the beginning of the kiss, taken back by his sudden action, but no sooner surrendered to the tenderness and love that she could feel. Her hands slowly traveled from his chest where it was resting, to his shoulders before finally locking around his neck as she kissed him back.

Their lips moved in sync with each other until he softly sucked on her lower lip, to which she softly moaned, Robert had pushed his tongue into her mouth. He stroked her tongue with his, she tasted so heavenly like the sweetest honey, he held her tightly to him not allowing any air to pass between their bodies. When he finally pulled away from her so that they both could breathe, he pulled her back to him burying his face into her hair as his breath fanned against the place where he is going to mark her when she gains her Lycian.

Alisha felt the pleasure-filled burn off her neck as her head leaned further back and softly moaned. Her breathing had quickened and her body shivered with need, his senses could feel her arousal once again start to build. He groaned to himself as he fought with his Lycian to calm down that this was not the time just yet.

"Love... you're killing me. You don't know just how much I want you, but I'll wait until you're ready because I refuse to cause you any regret,"

"Why are you so good to me, when all I've ever done since we met is be horrible to you, causing you ..." Alisha said as a lone tear fall down from her eyes.

"Sshhh... because, the way you make me feel. You make me want to wake up in the mornings and live. Your happiness is what makes the sunshine in my life. You're my soulmate, Alisha, you are what fills the missing half of my heart." Robert said wiping the tear from her face.

"You... are too perfect for me," Alisha said smiling at him.

"No... WE, are perfect because of each other." Robert said emphasizing the WE word. He grabbed the blanket that was on his horse and spread it open under the tree, where they both sat and talked and laughed again. Darius loved the time that they spent together just talking, it gave him the much needed time to get to know the gorgeous and caring person she truly is. As time went by Alisha's eyes became heavy and she started to drift off to sleep. As he sensed her breathing and heartbeat even out, he had laid down and pulled her to him feeling the peace wrap around the both of them.

Alisha woke up and then turned only to see a mop of chocolate-colored hair slightly covering the most handsome face she has ever seen.

"Are you going to kiss me after you're done staring at me?" Robert now had one eye cocked open staring back at her from under his hair. As she smiled and then started to giggle as she moved the stray hair out of the way.

"You are so incredulous, you know that?" She asks him.


"Yup and I think you like that about me!" She laughed as he had now grabbed her to his chest and flipped her so that she was now laying on his chest. She brought her lips to his brushing over them ever so lightly like a sun-kissed breeze. It was intense because of all the emotions it conveyed to him, no matter if it was only a little peck. It was something that Alisha had initiated and he couldn't have been happier for it.


"How long have we been asleep?" Alisha asks him.

"I don't know let me check, its 8:45, that means we have 1 hour and 15 minutes to ourselves until you have to go back home, how about dinner and then a stroll in the park?" Robert asks her.

"Sounds good to me," she said smiling at him. They ride back to the rack and handed horses to carter and drive to a restaurant. They have dinner and go to the park for a stroll after having dessert and drove to her palace to drop her home.

After getting home, Alisha gets out of the car, gives kiss Robert on his cheek, and walks inside her home. Then she goes to her room, changes into comfortable clothes, and fall asleep.


(Alisha P.O.V)


One month goes like a blur, and I finally able to write the play with the help of Miss. Raymond and my father and submit it to Miss. Raymond, and guess what our play was selected by her. We have also started rehearsal the play one week ago, after school and my mother also has permitted me to stay at school, after school, and to wake up on my usual time, but it is only till the play was shown in the school.


As the bell ring signaling us that the school was over, we pack our bags and go to the cafe near the school to have something to eat and then come back to school for rehearsal. It has become our routine from a week that after school we will go to the cafe to eat something then come back to school for rehearsal, then spend some time hang out of the school and go back home.


Today, we are going to rehearsal the balcony scene where Romeo and Juliet confess their love to each other. After reaching school we go to the additional room and go through our script and then get to our position. I climb up the fake balcony and stand on it.


“Oh, my!” I said leaning against the edge of the balcony, placing my chin on my hands, acting like I don’t know that Robert was watching while gazing up at the ceiling.


“She speaks. Oh, speak again, bright angel. You are as glorious as an angel tonight. You shine above me, like a winged messenger from heaven who makes mortal men fall on their backs to look up at the sky, watching the angel walking on the clouds and sailing on the air.” Robert said to himself while walking closer to the balcony.


“Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why do you have to be Romeo? Forget about your father and change your name. Or else, if you won’t change your name, just swear you love me and I’ll stop being a Capulet,” I said my line while looking at the ceiling.


“Should I listen for more, or should I speak now?” I heard Robert said his line.


“It’s only your name that’s my enemy. You’d still be yourself even if you stopped being a Montague. What’s a Montague anyway? It isn’t a hand, a foot, an arm, a face, or any other part of a man. Oh, be some other name! What does a name mean? The thing we call a rose would smell just as sweet if we called it by any other name. Romeo would be just as perfect even if he wasn’t called Romeo. Romeo, lose your name. Trade-in your name—which really has nothing to do with you—and takes all of me in exchange,” Just as I speak my line as Robert comes in front of me and stand under the face balcony, I feel balcony started to shake, and I scream as I fall down from it and close my eyes, to get myself ready to feel the pain but I didn't feel it at all instead I feel the two strong, muscular arms holding me tight to a muscular chest.


I open my eyes to see Robert was holding me in his arms while looking worriedly at me. I cried and hide my face between his neck and shoulder and cried my heart out.


(Robert P.O.V)


We were rehearsing the play, while I was looking at my script when I heard Alisha scream and look up to see her falling down from the fake balcony, but I was fast to catch her before she touches the ground all thanks to my Lycian speed.


I look down at her worriedly and she opens her eyes to look at me, she cried out and hide her face in my neck. I look up to see Karin's minor Riddi and Siddhi running away backstage and I feel my Lycian let out growl inside my chest in anger.


"How dare they tried to hurt our mate? Let me out, I want to make them pay for even thinking to hurt our mate," he said with a growl while scratching the walls inside my mind to come out and take controls of my body.


"Not now, our mate needs us now, we will take care of them, after making sure she is fine," I said to him, he growls at me and sits beside the wall inside my mind.


"Alisha!" Our friends shout at us and run towards us.


"Alisha are you okay? Are you hurt?" Kanika asks worriedly and she just shakes her head at them while still hiding her face in my neck and crying her heart out at me, and I feel my heart clench painfully

and hear my Lycian whimpers inside my head seeing her like this.


"No, no, don't let me go please," she said while shaking her head at me when I bend down a little to put her on the floor, on her own feet.


"Make her seat on the chair," Miss. Raymond says to me and I walk down the stage and sit on the chair while still holding her in my arms. I put her in my lap and start patting her back to calm her down a bit and try to control my anger towards those bitches, as Alisha is my priority, she comes first but I make a mental note to punish them after I was sure Alisha was okay.


"Sssh...sssh it's okay, it's okay, your safe now," I said softly patting her back to comfort her. She hiccup and then look up at me.


"Here, drink this, you will feel better," Kanika said passing a glass of water to her. Alisha takes it from her and slowly takes a sip of water. After taking a few sips of water she passes the glass back to Kanika.


"Feeling better now," I ask her and she nodded her head at me.


"We are done for today, you all can go home now," Miss Raymond said to us and was about to walk off the audition room but I stop her from walking out on us.


"Miss. Raymond, can you wait outside for me, there is something I want to talk with you about?" I ask her, stopping her on her way, she nodded her head at me and walk out of the room.


"Nate, can you drop Alisha at her room, I don't want her to drive back to home at this condition," I ask her in my alpha tone and he nodded his head at me, knowing that I won't leave my mate alone like this if it's not something important that I want to do right now.


"Call me, when you reach home, okay love?" I ask her. She nodded her head at me, I kiss her forehead and after putting her on the seat beside me, I walk out of the room.


It was Karin

(Robert P.O.V)


"What is it?" Miss. Raymond asks as I come out of the auditions room.


"Ma'am, I think what happens with Alisha, is not an accident but someone has done it purposely to hurt her?" I said to her.


"Really, why do you think that and who do you think can do that?" Miss Raymond asks me looking shocked by the information.


"I think it was Riddhi and siddhi, who has done it and I was sure about it because I have seen them running backstage after Alisha falls down from the fake balcony," I said to her.


"Are you sure about it, because if you prove wrong then you will be suspended for a month from the school for accusing them of such a big thing?" She asks me.


"Yes, I am sure about it because I wouldn't have told you this if I wasn't sure about it," I said to her.


"Okay then come with me," she said to me and lead me to the principal office and knock on the door.


"Come in," A harsh voice comes from inside the office and we walk inside the principal office.


"Yes," the principal asks looking at us and Miss. Raymond explains everything to her.


"Are you sure about this Mr. Dawson, because you know what will be the consequences for accusing an innocent person of such a big thing, right?" the principal asks me.


"Yes sir, I am aware of it," I said to her while nodding my head at her. She types something on her computer and the video of the audition room, of half an hour, appeared in her Laptop. She opens the video

to watch it and me and Miss. Raymond goes and stands behind her to watch the video.


*In Video*


In the video, we saw them walking up to the stage and towards the fake balcony, when we were busy rehearsing the play, and started shaking the fake balcony. Alisha screams while falling down from the balcony, but I was fast to save her.


*After the end of Video*


"I can't believe it, the children of this era can go this far to bully someone," the principal said shaking her head in disappointment, but I know better of it. It was not to bully her, it was Karin who sends them to hurt or Kill Alisha.


"Agreed," Miss. Raymond said nodding her head in agreement. Then the principal calls the receptionist to ask for Riddi and Siddhi's number and call them.


"Hello, Miss Collen, I want you in my office with your sister, this instant," the principal told them.


"But we are not in school, right now, Miss. Anderson," I heard Siddihi said to the principle all thanks to my super hearing. Miss. Anderson type something in her computer and the footage of the parking plot appear on the screen where we can see them leaning over their car.


"But I can you two leaning over your car, in the parking plot, miss. Collen, to my office with your sister, right now," Miss. Anderson said in the phone and hand upon her.


After some time, we heard the knock on the door and Miss. Anderson said to come in and they walk inside the office while I clench my finger to control my self from strangling them to death.


"Yes, ma'am," they said in unison.


"Miss. Collen, Mr. Dawson has witnessed you shaking the fake balcony while Miss. Ellwood was standing on it, can you tell me why did you do that?" Miss. Anderson asks them, I saw their face goes pale but they recover quickly.


"We didn't do it purposely it was Karin who told me to do this," they said looking down.


"Kill them, and that werewolf too, they deserved to be death for even thinking of hurting our mate and their's, soon to be future queen," my Lycian said growling at me.


"Oh, I will gladly do that alright and I kill them slowly and painfully, but we have to wait until we are out of the school if we do something in the school we will be in trouble," I explain to my Lycian trying to calm him down a bit.


"I don't want to listen to anything I want their death right now," he said clawing at my walls and growling at me and I block myself while clenching my fist.


"If she orders to jump from a building, then you will jump, right?" the principal asks in a scolding tone, they didn't say anything and look down in shame.


"Where is she? Call her, and tell her to come to my office immediately," the principal order them.


"She is not here, mam, she orders us to do it on the phone," Riddhi said to the Principle.


"Both of you are suspended from the school for 3 months for trying to hurt or kill Miss. Ellwood," the principal said to them in a dismissing tone. They beg and apologies for their mistake but the principle was not in a mood to listen to any excuses for it.


"Enough, I am not going to take my words back you are suspended from the school for 3 months, now get out of my office," the principal shouted at them. They look down ashamed of themself and they should be, then walk out from there, but I was not satisfied with their punishment and still want to shed their blood and so did my Lycian. Both of us want to kill them to teach others about what will

happen if they even think of hurting our mate.


"Thank you so much, Mr. Dawson, for informing us, I will make sure, Miss. Campbell is punished for her deed, you can leave now," the principal said to me, I nodded my head to him and walks out of there.


I get inside my car and drive back home at high speed with the intention to kill that bitch.


Banishing Karin from the pack


(Third-person P.O.V)

It only takes 15 minutes for Robert to reach his palace with the speed; he was driving the car to the palace, as he was in a car race and had to win the race at any cost. After reaching his palace, he gets out of the car and rushes inside the palace while shouting Karin’s name. She comes out of her room and walks downstairs towards him while smirking at him and moving her hips in a seducing way, which only make Robert feel angrier and more disgusted with her.

“Miss me, my love, I am glad that you finally realize that, that whore who you think is your mate, can never be suitable for your mate, I am more suitable mate for you and the queen of all werewolf," Karin said moving her hand up and down on his arms and that was it for Robert and he lost it.

“How dare you, to say rubbish about my mate and even try to hurt her, and a whore like you can never be my mate or the queen of a werewolf,” Robert said while grabbing her from her neck and pinning her to the wall.

“She is no mate for you,” Karin said while gritting her teeth and trying to remove his hand from her neck.

“And who are you to decide that, huh?” Robert asks shouting at her, and his eyes turning from blue to black, and black to blue, his Lycian was trying to take control over his body and he was having a hard time controlling him.

“What in the world is going on here?” Liam asks while walking out of the conference room with others. He was having a meeting in the conference room discussing the important matter, when he heard the commotion, he comes out of the conference room to check the reason of the commotion to see Robert was holding Karin from her neck and pinning her to the wall.

“Robert, let her go,” Liam Oder him, but Robert gives him a deaf ear and keeps holding her by her neck.

“Robert, I said let her go,” Liam said using his Alpha voice and this time Robert listen to him and let her go.

“Now, care to explain why were you shouting at her and choking her to death?” Liam asks him.

“Why don’t you ask her?” Robert said glaring at Karin.

“Well, I am asking you?” Liam said while folding his hands.

“She tried to kill my mate?” Robert said while throwing daggers at her with his eyes.

“She is no mate for you, what did you see in her anyway?” Karin asks him with a growl, and Robert was about to attack her, but Liam stops him while putting his hand over Roberts's chest to stop him.

“Karin, is that true?” Liam asks while looking at her.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask the principal about it, she had sent her minion’s Riddhi and siddhi to shake the fake balcony, when she was standing over it, when we were doing the rehearsals for the play,” Robert said to his father while explaining the whole incident to his father. Liam only shows him his hand signaling him to keep quiet while still looking at her.

“Yes, I did,” she said to them while holding her head high in arrogance not finding anything not with her deeds.

“Why?” Liam asks raising an eyebrow at her.

“That human whore, is no mate for him and does not deserve to be his mate, let alone to be a queen of whole werewolf kingdom, “Karin said with a growl, Robert loses it and attacked at her but his father stops him again.

“Pack your things and get out from my territory, I Liam Dawson, banish you from my territory and restrict you from joining any other pack, for trying to kill someone’s mate, who is none other than your future queen and disrespecting her,” Liam said in her alpha tone.

“You can’t do that, daddy,” Karin said while winning and look at her father, who looks down ashamed of his daughter’s needs. He knows better than arguing with alpha’s king.

“Out,” Liam Oder her, and she walks away while huffing at them.

“I think you should go for a run, son, your Lycian needs it,” Liam said while patting his back, Robert nodded his head at him and walks out of the palace and let his Lycian take over his body.

“Let’s go back to our meeting,” Liam said to the others and lead them back to the conference room.

While on the other hand, Alisha reaches her palace and walks inside the palace, where his father, uncle, and grandfather was talking with each other and stand up from their place when they saw her walking inside the room, with a sad face and red eyes.

“What happened Alisha? Were you crying in school? Did something happen in school? Did Robert do or say something? I swear if he did, then-” Logan said worriedly but Alisha cut him off.

“Robert didn’t do anything, dad,” Alisha said cutting him off.

“Then what happens?” Alex asks her.

“Let’s sit and I will tell you everything,” Alisha said while walking towards them. She removes her bag from her shoulder and put it on the couch, and sit beside it. Then she explains everything that happens in the school during rehearsals.

“You are not hurt or injured anywhere, are you?” Logan asks worriedly and she shakes her head at him and everyone sigh in relief.

“Go to your room and get fresh, I will send someone to bring something to eat for you in your room,” Logan said to her, she nodded her head at them and walks to her room.

“Logan,” Alex call him, while Logan just hummed at him, looking at Alisha going upstairs to go to her room.

“Something feels fishy,” Alex said to him and that got Logan's attention and he looks at him.

“What do you mean?” Logan asks him.

“I mean, the balcony can’t shake itself right, and we don’t feel the earthquake somewhere there, I think I don’t think that it was an accident, but feels like someone did it purposely to hurt her,” Alex explains to him.

“I agree with him, Logan, why don’t you call Robert and asks him about it, maybe he knows something about it, that we don’t,” Zack, Logan’s father suggested to him.

“Good idea, dad, I will do that, but first I have to check on Alisha,” Logan said to him and he nodded his head at him and Logan walks towards her room to check on her, after calling a maid and telling a maid to bring Alisha's favorite food in her room for her.

Meeting Vicky


(Third-person P.O.V  )

 By the time, Logan check on Alisha and call Robert, he was back, from his run and walks out of his washroom to hear his phone ringing, he picks it up and put it on the speaker so he can get dressed while talking on the phone.    

“Hello, Uncle, is everything alright? Is Alisha okay?” he asks him when he saw it was Logan who was calling her instead of Alisha. 

“Yes, she is fine, she had fallen asleep, after watching a movie and eating something, I have called you to asks, what happens in the school?, I mean I know what happens, Alisha told me everything, but what I want to know is, do you find anything suspicious, there?” Logan asks him and Robert explains everything that happens in the school after he leaves the audition room to talk to Miss. Raymond to what happens in the living room of his palace.   

 "That, bitch, I swear, I am going to kill her," Logan said while gritting her teeth.

"You don't need to get your hands dirty, Mr. Elwood, you have more important things to take care of, leave it to me, dad, has banished her from our pack and restrain her from joining any other pack. As soon as she kept a leg out of my territory I will kill her, for both of us," Robert said to him.   

"You better do it, as soon as possible," Logan said to him.

"Yes sir," Robert said and Logan hangs upon him.

"I am glad that our mate has got such a wonderful people as her family, to look after her, I wonder what would have happened if they didn't have adopted her," Robert Lycian said to him.

"So am I, buddy, so am I," Robert said to his Lycian and shudder when the thought of Alisha without her family comes to his mind, not even wanting to think about it.

"But that also means that we have to face the anger of two most powerful creature in the world if we hurt their daughter even by mistake," Robert Lycian said to him with a chuckle.

"That's true my friend, that's true," Robert said with a chuckle. After that, he walks downstairs while mind linking Siddhi and Riddhi, telling them to meet him in the throne room. As he reaches there, they were already standing there waiting for him.

"You know, what you have done, don't you?" he asks while gritting his teeth at them, while they did not say anything looking down in the floor shivering like hell, knowing their fate.

"Now, you tell me, how should I punish you, should I end your misery and kill you, or torturer you to death," Robert asks looking at them and gritting his teeth at them.

 "I know, what we have done is unforgivable, but please try to forgive us Alpha, we didn't do it purposely, Karin blackmails us that if we didn't do as she says she will expose our secret to the whole world, we promise we didn't mean it. We promise we will not repeat our mistake or harass her anymore, we will even change our school, if that you want, " Riddhi and Siddhi beg him but he give him a deaf ear.

"So torturer it is," Robert said to them with an evil smirk on his face and order the warrior to throw them in the prison and torturer them until they pass out every day and beg them to kill them. 

While on the other hand, Vicky has gone in their territory for the hunt and for important work, heard everything that happens in the castle, and grin to himself, thinking that he got another pray for his experiment on and an alpha's daughter this time.

"How dare they behave like this with me, I will make them pay for it, every one of them, and make Robert beg for accepting him as my mate, even if I have to go to any level to make it happen," Karin said while throwing her clothes in her bags. After packing her bag she walks out of her room and start walking out of the castle and saw the maid's and omegas who she used to treat harshly talking with each other and laughing at her, behind her back. 

"Laugh as much as you all want and wait until I become your queen, if I didn't make your life hell then, I am not a daughter of Alpha Derek," Karin said while gritting her teeth and walks out of the castle.

She gets inside the car and drives away with Vicky on her toes. After going a little far away from the castle, her car stop in the middle of the forest. She tries to start it again but all in avail.

"Great, just great this day can't get any better, first those 2 useless minions of mine fail to do their work, then I was banished from the pack, and now this," Karin said angrily punching the steering wheel. After that, she gets out of the car to check the car engine.

"Need some help, beautiful," Vicky asks while leaning over her car.

"Vampire," she hissed under her breath when the smell of blood reaches to her nose.

"What do you want, bloodsucker?" she asks showing her fangs to him.

"I was just passing through the forest after the hunt when I saw a beautiful girl having trouble with her car in the middle of the forest, so I why shouldn't I go and help her," Victor/Vicky said smirking at her.

"What do you take me as? A fool?" she asks answering her own question.

"Cut the crap and spit it out," she said sneering at her.


"Your right, I am not here to help you repairing the car, actually I have heard what you have done with Alisha, and you know what I agree with you, no one but you deserve to be the queen of a werewolf. And I have also heard what happen with you after that, I am here to give you a hand of friendship and help you taking revenge from them," Vicky said to her.


"And what will you get from it?" she asks him.

"Well, you see, Alisha's mother queen Erika has stolen something important from me and did injustice with me, and I want to take revenge from her by killing her precious daughter," Vicky easily lie to her. She looks into his eyes to know what is going inside his mind.

"Don't listen to him, Karin, he lurks of danger," her wolf Samara said to her, but she ignores her.

"Deal," she said stretching her hand forward to him for a handshake.


"Deal," Vicky said shaking hands with her.

"But leave, Alisha for me to kill, I want to have her all to myself," she said to me.

"Sure," Vicky said taking his hand away from her. He repairs her car and drives him to his place. Little did she knows she had made the biggest mistake of her life by ignoring her wolf instinct and deciding to go with him.


Facing one fears


(3rd person P.O.V)

The next day in the morning, the news was spreading in the school that Karin had tried to hurt/kill Alisha by sending her minion to shake the fake balcony in the audition room while she was standing on him during rehearsal.

“What do you think about the rumor, Alisha, is it true or not?” Kanika asks while they are in the locker room, taking books out of their locker when they heard the Rumor.

“I don’t know, Kanika,” Alisha said going through her locker.

“I won’t be shocked if it was true, because it would be so like her to do that, I would be shocked if she didn’t have done anything to hurt her instead, especially after finding that Alisha is Roberts mate, to take her out of her way,” Anush said standing beside them.

“I think we should ask Robert about it, because he left Alisha in the hall after telling Nate to drop her to her house, and walk out of the audition room to talk with Miss Raymond, maybe he would know something that we didn’t,” Kanika said to them.

“I agree, we would ask him about it, at lunch,” Anush said while nodding his head at them. The bell ring and they all go to their classes.

At lunch, everyone walks to the cafeteria, order their lunch, then walk to their table with their food and make the small talks while having their lunch.

“Robert is that true that, Karin has sent Riddhi and Siddhi to hurt Alisha, while she was reharling with us?” Kanika asks him.

"Yes it was true, I have seen them running away from the stage when I catch Alisha from falling down to the ground, dad had banished Karin from the pack and also restrict her joining any other pack. I have sent Riddhi and Siddhi to the lifetime prisoner for doing that,” Robert said while taking the sip of his coffee.

“Good, they get what they deserve,” Kanika said to them, then remember that she was Andys sister.

“I am really sorry for your loss, Andy,” Kanika said to him.

“No need to be, as much as I was upset for losing my sister I am happy that she gets punished for hurt our Luna and the future queen of the werewolf,” Andy said to them with a small painful smile on his face.

The bell ring signaling that the lunch break is over. Everyone throws their tray in the dustbin and walk to their classes.

“Alisha, Alisha,” Robert shout at her while running after her, she stops at her way to her class and turns to look at him.

“What’s wrong?” Robert asks while walking beside her.

“Nothing, why?” she asks him.

“I can feel it in your aura, through mate bond, something is bothering you, what is it?” Robert asks. Alisha sigh decided to tell him everything that is going on inside her mind.

“I was thinking to withdraw my name from the play,” Alisha said to him.

“Why?” Robert asks shocked by her reply.

“I was scared of the incident that was happened yesterday,” Alisha said in a whisper, but thanks to his Lycian hearing, he heard it.

“But Alisha you have worked so hard to participate in the play,” Robert said to her.

“I know, but I am scared what if I fall down from the balcony again?” Alisha asks scared.

“I will always be there to catch you, whenever you fall,” Robert said smiling at her.

“That’s cliché, Robert,” Alisha said with a chuckle.

“That it was,” he said smiling at her.

“But I was serious about it Alisha, but if you run away from this, you will always going to run away from your fears, the best way to do something about your fears is to face it, but whatever you choose to do, I will always be at your side,” with that said he walks to his class. Alisha also walks to her class and give her decision a second thought, and decided to take his advice and face her fears, knowing that Robert is always going to be there to catch her if she falls.

After school they all go to the audition room, for rehearsals, after eating something, and when Miss. Raymond asks her, if she wanted to withdraw from the play after what happens yesterday she can do it and Alisha tells she will not going withdraw from the play and Robert can’t happier. The rehearsals and Alisha overcome her fears.

On the other hand, to Erika, she finishes writing the book of history war that happened between her parents and Roshan.

“Finally, Erika said while closing the book.

“I can’t believe it’s finally over,” Erika said with a huge smile on her face.

“What is over, my love?” Logan asks while walking inside the room.

“The book, I have been writing, since the day, we have visited the museum, in my old kingdom is finally over, can you believe it?” she asks him with a huge smile on her face.

“You mean the book of war that happens between your parents and Roshan?” Logan asks her and she nodded her head at him.

“Took you long enough to complete it,” Logan said taking her in his arms.

“Can you blame me for it; I was too busy looking after kids, you and the Kingdom, that I hardly got the time to complete it,” She said to him.

“Your highness, Mr. Dawson is here with other people to meet you,” one of the maid’s said bowing in front of them. Logan and Erika look at each other in confusion and then look at the maid who is still standing looking down on the floor.

“Lead them to the conference room; we will be there in a minute,” Erika order to the maid, she bows to them and then walk away from there.

“What would be the urgent matter, that they come to the palace so suddenly without informing us about their visit to us,” Logan asks her.

“I don’t know, we will find out when we reach there,” Erika said to him and both of them walks out of the room and goes to the conference room.

Something is fishy


(Third-person P.O.V)

Erika and Logan enter the meeting room to see everyone is sitting in the conference room and talking with each other including Alex and Zack. As they enter inside the conference room, everyone got quiet and bow in front of her with respect expect Zack. She nodded at them and they all take their seats.

“Is everything alright, gentleman?” Erika asks them and everyone started talking at the same time.

“Quit,” Erika, said in a loud voice while raising her one hand in the air and everyone quit down.

“If you all talk at the same time, I won’t be able to understand what you all wanted to say to me, so please talk one by one, Mr. Dawson, you go first,” Erika said looking at MR. Dawson.

“Your highness, from some days the werewolf of high positions like warriors, hunters, trackers, deltas were missing from many packs, when they go for a run or hunt or to check the patrols, and did not return back to their packs,” Mr. Dawson informed to her.

“Did you send a search party to find them?” Erika asks them.

“Yes, your highness, I had 2 weeks ago and they have also gone missing and did not return to report me,” Mr. Dawson said worriedly, then the door of the conference room suddenly burst open, and one of the guards run inside the conference room.

“What is the meaning of this Arc?” Erika asks the head of the warriors who come inside the conference room.

“I am sorry, your highness to come inside the conference room like this, buts it’s urgent,” he said while bending down on his knees and panting heavily.

“What is it?” Erika asks him

“Some of the guards of the castle and warriors have gone missing,” Arc informed her about it and everyone started talking with each other.

“Send a search party for them,” she orders to him. He bows to her and walks out of the conference room to follow her order.

“Let’s talk with other kingdom leaders and see if they are facing the same problem like us, if they are, then it was a very serious matter and need to be taken care of as soon as possible,” Erika said to them. Then she mined link them and order all the leaders to leave everything they are doing right now and accept the invite, she has sent to them to attain the very important meeting. Then she looks at Alex, understanding her unspoken order he open the laptop send everyone the invite and open the video conference, and attached it to the projector, slowly-slowly everyone joined the meeting.

“Thank you everyone for leaving your important work and joining this meeting, this instant, I wouldn’t have called you, if it wasn’t urgent, I hope you understand,” Erika said to them, and the chores of “yes” and “we understand” were heard in the conference room.

“King Liam Dawson, here informed me that, the werewolf from a higher position like guards, warriors, trackers, Delta’s were gone missing, and the search party which was gone to search for them didn’t come back to report them, the guards in my castle also has started to go missing. I want to ask you all, does anyone of you guys we're facing the same problem?” Erika asks while looking at them.

Some of them like their friends and her brother Lewis said they were facing the same problem.

“Anyone hasn’t gone from my kingdom yet, but we have noticed the breach of protection and some invade in the borders of our kingdom,” the queen of elf kingdom informed them.

“Same with us,” the leader of white witch cove informed them.

“We have to do something about this, your highness,” Mr. Dawson said to her.

“I will so when all this started happening in your kingdom?” Erika asks looking at Mr. Dawson and then everyone started telling her everything one by one.

“It looks like the culprit goes hunting in other kingdoms, for his prey so that no one gets suspicious about anything and didn’t stay at one place to got caught by them,” Zack said to them.

“But it can’t be the work of one person, because it won’t be easy for one person to kidnap so many people, it was done by a group of people,” Alex said while looking at her.

“Right,” Erika said nodding her head at him absent Mindly.

"So have I thought, have you guys send a search party to search them?” Erika asks them.

“Not yet, your highness,” they said to her.

“Good, send their reports to me with all the details like name, age, position, and a photo, etc., I will prepare the special search party to search them, okay,” Erika said to them.

“And the leaders of the kingdom and covens, who had invasion in their covens or kingdoms, increase your protection and stay on guard, I will send few people to help you to protect your territory until this matter is solved,” Erika said to them and all of them agree with them.

“But your highness, what about our children, what is they try to hurt them or attack them?” one of the alphas said to her, and the faces of her children flash inside her mind. The thought of them getting hurt or going missing comes to her mind and she shudders inside her mind, she does not even want to think about it, let be alone let allows to let it happens.

"No I will not let anything happen to my children, at any cost,” she thought determinedly.

“Don’t worry about it, I have it cover too, I will talk with the principal, the school and college will send the bust to pick the children from the school and colleges and drop them back home, with some of my most powerful creatures to protect them. You guys just talk with your children and tell them to go to school and come back home using the bus, instead of a car,” Erika said to them.

“Thank you so much, your highness,” they said to her and she nodded her head at them.

“Anything, more that you want to discuss with me?” She asks them and they said no while shaking their head at them.

“Okay now, thank you for attending the meeting, this meeting is dismissed now,” the said and everyone ended the conference call.

“Thank you so much for your time your highness,” Mr. Dawson said getting out from his seat and other following behind him.

“Your welcome,” Erika said smiling at them. They all shake their hand with her and then walks out of the conference room.

“Who do you think is doing all this?” Zack asks her.

“Truth to be told I don’t know?” Erika said while massaging her head, feeling a slight headache.

“Do you think Roshan has managed to get out of that place and creating this havoc,” Alex asks and they all look at her for an answer.

“Not possible because, no one could get out of that place, even for me too. Nor I or anyone could take someone to take anyone out of that place, that place was made by God himself, in an extremely worse situation and extremely powerful and worst person,” Erika said looking lost in her thoughts.

“Someone like Roshan?” Logan asks.

“Exactly,” she said absentmindedly nodding her head at them.

“Do you think that it was his second hand who is creating all this chaos, then,” Alex asks her, and this time it’s got her attention. She excuses herself and walks out from there, leaving them confused as hell.

Taking Drastic measures


(Erika P.O.V)

Why didn’t that thought, come to my mind. Truth be told, I don’t know the answer to Alex's question, that thought didn’t even come to my mind.

“What do you think about it, inner?” I ask to my demon.

“I don’t know. cherry, but as long as I know, I don’t think he would be able to save himself from our hell, but I will advise you to be careful, just in case he has somehow able to save himself from going to hell,” my inner said to me.

I walk towards my room, take the book from my drawer, read the chapter where I have capture Roshan and his followers, hoping that, I was wrong. But, it didn’t clear my confusion, I sigh and close the book and put the book in the drawer.

“Damn it, even if I open the door of the well, it would be hard to recognize him, because the torture he would have suffered there would have changed his whole appearances by now,” I said and sit on the bed already feeling exhausted.

“Is everything okay, love?” Logan asks while walking inside the room.

“Yes, why?” I ask forcing a smile at him.

“You just walk out of the conference room like that, I got worried about you,” Logan said while sitting on the bed and pulling me to sit on his lap.

“Oh its nothing, I was just worried about the kids, with the situation going on,” I said to him.

“They were going to be okay. After all, they were our kids, and I know they will also protect Alisha, and don’t forget she has Robert, her friend, and his friend to protect her as well,” I said smiling at me and messaging my shoulder.

“True, anyways can you do me a favor?” I ask him.

“What is it?” He asks me.

“Can you and Alex, collect the reports of missing persons personally and give it to me,” I ask him.

“Sure, why not?” he asks and kissed me on my cheek.

“No go and do some paperwork, I have some work to do,” I said while removing his hands from my waist and standing up from his lap, dragging him out of our room.

“Like this, empty-handed?” he asks me, making me groan in frustration.

“Fine,” I said and kiss him on his lips chastely and drawback before he can depend on it and it turns into something else, if you know what I mean *Wink Wink*

“What that is it?” he asks puzzled.

“Yes, that is it, no go,” I said pushing him away.

“Okay, okay, I am going, I am going,” he said with a chuckle and walk out from there.

I sign and walk towards the training, ground and summon demons, angles, and shadow hunters, then I divided them into 3 teams, one team will be divided, into many small groups and go with the search party to protect them and find missing people. The second team will go to different kingdoms to protect the people lives there and the third team will be divided, into 3 groups and protect the buses and the children sitting in them while picking them from home and dropping them to home, after that, they will help others to guard the kingdom.

Then I summon 120 buses and some witches to chant a strong magical protection spell on the busses. Then I made a search team of 50 angles, 50 demons, 100 vampires, 100 Lycians, 100 werewolf and 50 elf and 250 shadow hunters and warriors, and divided them into 50 groups. Each group contains 2 Lycian, 2 werewolves, 2 vampires, 1 angle, 1 demon, 1 elf, and 3 shadow hunters.

I give a magical letter to the search party finding missing people, and hand them all the details of missing people, and tell them to also find information about Vicky while they are trying to find missing people. I guide the team which was going to another kingdom to protect their people about their locations and the border of their territory with some instructions about how to protect them and stay on their guard.

I call the principle of the school and college and explain to them our current situation, and they agree to do as I said to them. Then I divided the team into 3 member groups and handed each group each bus with a no-flat no attached to it, to protect it and then teleport it to the schools and college compounds.

I was very tired when I finish with all this work, so I decided to go to my room and sleep. I walk inside my room while telling the maid to bring something to eat to my room, and walk inside the washroom to take a shower. When I come out of the washroom, the tray of food was already there on my coffee table, I eat it and fall asleep.

(3rd person P.O.V)

The next morning when everyone gathers to have breakfast in the dining room, Erika informs them that from today they are not allowed to go to school with their car and go to school with the bus that the school going to send to pick them up and drop them home.

“What do you mean we have to go to school on the school bus? Dose something happened?” Alisha asks her.

"People of higher position are going missing out of the blue and the search party which was sent to find them were also gone missing, so I have to take some drastic measures for all of our and other people protection, I hope you guys understand the seriousness of the matter," Erika said and they nodded their head in understanding.

"But what about our play, is it going to be canceled by the school?" Alisha asks her.

"We would have a bus wait for the participant in the play," Erika said to her.

"And one more thing, I have you all and your friends in one bus," Erika said smiling at them.

"Thank you mom," they all said at the same time and hug her tightly, making her chuckle at their cuteness. They finish their breakfast as the bus arrives to pick them up from school.

While on the other hand, when Vicky got the air about Erika's dangerous search party, he curses under his breath and decided to withdraw for some time and hide under his hideout and continue on experiments.

Romeo and Juliet play - 1


(3rd person P.O.V)

Lets me catch up with you all. It has been one month since Erika has taken drastic measures for her family and other protections and neither she got the news of other people going missing nor her search party finds out any missing people or any news about Vicky. And the day of play has finally arrived:

(In the school to Alisha and her friend)

After doing the Rehearsal one last time, Alisha, Robert, and their friends go to the cafe to have some snacks, have a hot shower, and get ready for the play.

As the clock struck 4 in the evening,, everyone, student and school staff, and the family members of the student who was going to perform the play were gathered in the school hall to see, the play and were talking with each other.

“Thank you all of you for coming here, to watch them play, we all have heard about the story of Romeo and Juliet, which was written by Shakespeare, we were going to perform the same play, but in a different way, we will see what would happen if the play was written in the modern times, this play was written by the team Rosie, and the member of the team was Alisha, Robert, Kanika, Ayush, and others, please give a big hand for them,” Miss. said and everyone claps there hand and Miss. walks down from the stage and takes a seat in a front row with other staff members of the school.

“Romeo and Juliet were the children of two different billionaire families, who heat each other,” the narrator said as the curtains were lifted and a school appears in front of the audience.

The show begins with the two cars stopping in front of the school and Robert comes out of the car with his friends. Alisha and her friends also got out of another car with her friend, they show huff at each other and walk inside the school. The show script to when they grow up and complete their education.

The Capulets arrange a masqued party at their house. To cheer up Romeo from his recent break-up, his friend decided to take him to Capulets party and somehow arranged the fake invitation.

In the great hall of the Capulets, all is a-bustle. The servants work feverishly to make sure all runs smoothly and set aside some food to make sure they have some enjoyment of the feast as well. Capulet makes his rounds through groups of guests, joking with them and encouraging all to dance.

From across the room, Romeo sees Juliet and asks a serving-man who she is. The serving-man does not know. Romeo is transfixed; Rosaline vanishes from his mind and he declares that he has never been in love until this moment. Moving through the crowd, Tybalt hears and recognizes Romeo’s voice. Realizing that there is a Montague present, Tybalt sends a servant to fetch his rapier. Capulet overhears Tybalt and reprimands him, telling him that Romeo is well regarded in Verona and that he will not have the youth harmed at his feast. Tybalt protests, but Capulet scolds him until he agrees to keep the peace. As Capulet moves on, Tybalt vows that he will not let this indignity pass.

Meanwhile, Romeo has approached Juliet and touched her hand. In a dialogue laced with religious metaphors that figure Juliet as a saint and Romeo as a pilgrim who wishes to erase his sin, he tries to convince her to kiss him, since it is only through her kiss that he might be absolved. Juliet agrees to remain still as Romeo kisses her. Thus, in terms of their conversation, she takes his sin from him. Juliet then makes the logical leap that if she has taken Romeo’s sin from him, his sin must now reside in her lips, and so they must kiss again.

Just as their second kiss ends, the Nurse arrives and tells Juliet that her mother wants to speak with her. Romeo asks the Nurse who Juliet’s mother is. The Nurse replies that Lady Capulet is her mother. Romeo was shocked and devastated. As the crowd begins to disperse, Benvolio shows up and leads Romeo from the feast. Juliet is just as struck with the mysterious man she has kissed as Romeo is with her. She comments to herself that if he is already married, she feels she will die.

In order to find out Romeo’s identity without raising any suspicions, she asks the Nurse to identify a series of young men. The Nurse goes off and returns with the news that the man’s name is Romeo, and that he is a Montague. Overcome with anguish that she loves a Montague, Juliet follows her nurse from the hall.

After leaving the party, Romeo decides that he cannot go home. He must instead try to find Juliet. He climbs a wall bordering the Capulet property and leaps down into the Capulet orchard. Benvolio and Mercutio enter, calling out for Romeo. They are sure he is nearby, but Romeo does not answer. Exasperated and amused, Mercutio mocks Romeo’s feelings for Rosaline in an obscene speech. Mercutio and Benvolio exit under the assumption that Romeo does not want to be found. In the orchard, Romeo hears Mercutio’s teasing.

“It’s easy for someone to joke about scars if they’ve never been cut,” he mutters to himself.

Juliet suddenly appears at a window above the spot where Romeo is standing. Romeo compares her to the morning sun, far more beautiful than the moon it banishes. He nearly speaks to her but thinks better of it.

* She looks even more beautiful, then she used to look when we were in school* Romeo thought when Juliet remove the masks from her face.

“Oh, my!” Juliet said leaning against the edge of the balcony, placing her chin on her hands, not knowing that Romeo was watching her.

"She speaks. Oh, speak again, bright angel. You are as glorious as an angel tonight. You shine above me, like a winged messenger from heaven who makes mortal men fall on their backs to look up at the sky, watching the angel walking on the clouds and sailing on the air." Romeo said to himself while walking closer to the balcony.

Romeo and Juliet play - 2


(3rd person P.O.V)

“Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why do you have to be Romeo? Forget about your father and change your name. Or else, if you won’t change your name, just swear you love me and I’ll stop being a Capulet,” Juliet said to herself while looking at the moon still not knowing that

“Should I listen for more, or should I speak now?” Reome asks himself while looking at her.

“It’s only your name that’s my enemy. You’d still be yourself even if you stopped being a Montague. What’s a Montague anyway? It isn’t a hand, a foot, an arm, a face, or any other part of a man. Oh, be some other name! What does a name mean? The thing we call a rose would smell just as sweet if we called it by any other name. Romeo would be just as perfect even if he wasn’t called Romeo. Romeo, lose your name. Trade-in your name—which really has nothing to do with you—and takes all of me in exchange,” Juliet said still not knowing that Reome was looking at her.

“I trust your words. Just call me your love, and I will take a new name. From now on I will never be Romeo again,” Romeo said to her.

“Who are you? Why do you hide in the darkness and listen to my private thoughts?” Juliet asks startled by his voice and looks down at him.

“I don’t know how to tell you who I am by telling you a name. I hate my name, dear saint because my name is your enemy. If I had it written down, I would tear up the paper,” Romeo said to her while looking up at her.

“I haven’t met you for 5 years but I recognize your voice. Aren’t you Romeo? And aren’t you a Montague?” Juliet asks her.

“I am neither of those things if you dislike them.”

“Tell me, how did you get in here? And why did you come? The orchard walls are high, and it’s hard to climb over them. If any of my relatives find you here they’ll kill you because of who you are.”

“I flew over these walls with the light wings of love. Stone walls can’t keep love out. Whatever a man in love can possibly do, his love will make him try to do it. Therefore your relatives are no obstacle.” Romeo said while climbing over the pipe in her house, making the audience laugh seeing him having trouble while climbing over the pipe.

“If they see you, they’ll murder you,” Juliet said worriedly.

“Alas, one angry look from you would be worse than twenty of your security guard with guns. Just look at me kindly, and I’m invincible against their hatred,” Romeo look said looking at her and resume climbing the pipe.

“I’d give anything to keep them from seeing you here,” Juliet said with love in her eyes.

“The darkness will hide me from them. And if you don’t love me, let them find me here. I’d rather they killed me than have to live without your love,” Romeo said climbing over the edge of the balcony.

“Who told you how to get below my balcony without getting noticed by the security guards,” Juliet asks helping him to get over the balcony.

“The darkness will hide me from them. And if you don’t love me, let them find me here. I’d rather they killed me than have to live without your love,” Romeo said getting inside the balcony and taking Juliet in his arms.

“You can’t see my face because it’s dark out. Otherwise, you’d see me blushing about the things you’ve heard me say tonight. I would be happy to keep up with good manners and deny the things I said. But forget about good manners. Do you love me? I know you’ll say “yes,” and I’ll believe you. But if you swear you love me, you might turn out to be lying. They say Jove laughs when lovers lie to each other. Oh Romeo, if you really love me, say it truly. Or if you think it’s too easy and quick to win my heart, I’ll frown and play hard-to-get, as long as that will make you try to win me, but otherwise, I wouldn’t act that way for anything. In truth, handsome Montague, I like you too much, so you may think my behavior is loose. But trust me, gentleman, I’ll prove myself more faithful than girls who act coy and play hard-to-get. I should have been more standoffish, I confess, but you overheard me talking about the love in my heart when I didn’t know you were there. So excuse me, and do not assume that because you made me love you so easily my love isn’t serious,” Juliet said, her eyes brimming with tears.

“Lady, I swear by the sacred moon above, the moon that paints the tops of fruit trees with silver—,” Romeo said wiping a lone tear which has fallen down from her face, but Juliet cuts him off.

“Don’t swear by the moon. The moon is always changing. Every month its position in the sky shifts. I don’t want you to turn out to be that inconsistent too,” Juliet said cutting him off.

“What should I swear by?” Romeo asks her.

“Don’t swear at all. But if you have to swear, swear by your wonderful self, which is the god I worship like an idol, and then I’ll believe you,” Juliet said smiling at her. Romeo opens his mouth to say something but Juliet beat him to it.

“Well, don’t swear. Although you bring me joy, I can’t take joy in this exchange of promises tonight. It’s too crazy. We haven’t done enough thinking. It’s too sudden. It’s too much like lightning, which flashes and then disappears before you can say, “it’s lightning.” My sweet, good night. Our love, which right now is like a flower bud in the summer air, may turn out to be a beautiful flower by the next time we meet. I hope you enjoy the same sweet peace and rest I feel in my heart,” Juliet said to him.

Romeo and Juliet play - 3


(3rd person P.O.V)

“Oh, are you going to leave me so unsatisfied?” Romeo said to Juliet.

“What satisfaction could you possibly have tonight?” Juliet said to Romeo.

“I would be satisfied if we made each other true promises of love,” Romeo said to Juliet.

“I pledged my love to you before you asked me to. Yet I wish I could take that promise back, so I had it to give again.” Juliet said to Romeo.

“You would take it back? Why would you do that, my love?” Romeo asks puzzled by her answer.

“Only to be generous and give it to you once more. But I’m wishing for something I already have. My generosity to you is as limitless as the sea, and my love is as deep. The more love I give you, the more I have. Both loves are infinite.” Juliet explains her reason for doing that.

“My lady,” the nurse called and kicked at her door.

“I hear a noise inside. Dear love, goodbye—Just a minute, good Nurse. Sweet Montague, be true. Stay here for a moment. I’ll come back,” Juliet said and go backstage.

“Oh, blessed, blessed night! Because it’s dark out, I’m afraid all this is just a dream, too sweet to be real.” Romeo mutter to himself. Juliet comes back again remembering she forgot to say something to him.

“Three words, dear Romeo, and then it’s a good night for real. If your intentions as a lover are truly honorable and you want to marry me, send me word tomorrow. I’ll send a message to you, and you can pass on a message telling me where and when we’ll be married. I’ll lay all my fortunes at your feet and follow you, my lord, all over the world,” Juliet said looking at her, The nurse called again.

“I’ll be right there!” Juliet said looking at the backstage, then look at Romeo again.

“But if you don’t have honorable intentions, I beg you—,” Juliet started to say something but the nurse cut her off calling her again making her irritated.

“Alright, I’m coming!—I beg you to stop trying for me and leave me to my sadness. This is my number and sends a message on it, and I will call you back but don’t forget to write your name in the message, so I know it was you who messaged me,” Juliet said passing a paper to him.

“My soul depends on it—,” Romeo said but Juliet cut her off.

“A thousand times good night,” Juliet said in hurry and then walks out from there.

The next morning, Juliet finds out Romeo no with her one of her friends sends him a message.

*Good morning, Love, I hope you sleep well, - Juliet*

*Good morning, Love, No, I wasn’t able to sleep well in the night due to excitement to meet you again, what about you? Do you sleep well? - Romeo*

*Same here, Love, I too can’t able to sleep in night due to excitement, so have you decided the place and time for marriage - Juliet*

*Yes, Meet me at the church gate at 6:00 pm, I will pick you up from there and take you to the church, where we will marry each other - Romeo*

At 5:30 pm, Juliet said to her mother that she was going to attain a party at one of her friends and going to have an overnight stay at her friend’s house, then leave to meet Romeo at the church gate where he was waiting for her with his friend and their wedding dress. They all meet at the church gate and drive to the church Romeo had selected for their wedding. The priest had already known about their wedding as soon as they reach there, the priest shows them to their room to change into their wedding clothes.

“Are you sure that you want to marry him, Juliet? because if you did not then don’t do it, because I don’t want you to regret it later,” Juliet's friend asks her.

“I am more than sure about it, Lillith, I know I wasn't gonna regret it,” Juliet said smiling reassuringly at her.

“And what if this is Romeo and his family's plan to destroy you and your family reputation?” Litth asks worriedly.

“Then he will see my earth, I will destroy him and his family, and kill myself,” he said while glaring at the mirror.

“But, I know, he wouldn’t do that, because I have seen the honesty in his eyes when he confesses his love to me,” Juliet said smiling at her.

“I hope your right, Juliet,” Lillith said with a sigh.

“Are you guys ready?” Mercutio asks walking inside the room and Juliet nodded her head at him.

“Wow, you look beautiful, Juliet, Romeo really is a lucky guy to have you as his wife, and don’t worry I know Romeo he will not disappoint you, he will not break your trust and heart, he is not that type of guy,” Mercutio said squeezing her shoulder lightly, reassuringly and Juliet smiled at him gratefully.

Then he forwards his hand to her and then walks her to the aisle. Mercutio gives her hand to Romeo with a warning that if he ever hurt or brokes her heart then he will be the first one to kill him. Romeo promises him that he will never hurt her and the priest get them married.

Their friend congratulate them on their marriage and they all go to suit they have book for their honeymoon, their they celebrate their wedding and have dinner, then their friend lives them to enjoy the first night of their wedding.


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Book No. 2 in The cold heart vampire and the slave series.

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