Main Led's



Name - Elena Dawson.
     Age - 18

Origin - California

College - Mount high

Studying - Civil engineering, 3rd year.

Supernatural - No




Name - Xavier Matthew

Age - 22

Origin - America

Supernatural - Werewolf

Position - Soon to be Alpha.

Business - Own clubs and Resort.




Name - Oliver McKnight.

Age - 24

Origin - America

Supernatural - Lycian

Position - Alpha.

Business - CEO of McKnight enterprises.




Name - Stella Anderson.

Age - 19

Origin - America

Supernatural - No

Relation - Ellena's best friend.

Job -  Receptionist. 


Chapter 1

(Elena P.O.V)


“Common Elena you promised me we will go to a club and party whole night, Plus you have a few days left until you go back to Califonia and you also have to lose something today, we are going out,” Stella said and give me a knowing wink and I blushed while hiding my with my hands.


“But I don’t have anything to wear,” I wine.


“Oh don’t worry about that leave it to me,” she said and drag me to my room, she immediately goes to my closet and starts looking for an appropriate dress throwing my clothes here and there, soon my clothes where everywhere in my room.


“Ah, here it is,” she said and put a dress on my bed but I can’t see it what it is since she is blocking my sight with her body.


On my bed laying a red short lacy skin-tight dress with a low neckline, set of lingerie and matching red high killer heels and diamond hearing.


“If you think I’m wearing that well thing again, I am going to break my neck with those heels,” I said to her while shaking my head in denial.


“Well if you want to lose your V card then you have to wear this thing if you wear your oh so revealing dress then not one guy will get attracted to you,” she said and I sighed while taking all the things from my bed and get ready for the party.


*I must say I am looking hot in this dress Stella has good fashion taste* I thought while looking at myself in the mirror.


                                                                                                                                 (Picture of Elesa)


“Girl you are looking hot boys do anything to have your attention,” Stella said while looking up and down at me.


“You don’t look bad yourself,” I said to her while checking her out and smiling at her.


“Thanks,” she said smiling at me.

                                                                                                                                       (Picture of Stella )

“Shall we go now,” she asks and I nodded my head at her. We link our arms with each other and walk to our car then drive away to the club.


A half an hour later we reach to the club and get in line to enter the club. The line was so long that I started to regrate to come here with Stella and internally groan at myself.


“Can’t we go to another club where we always go?” I asked making a puppy dog eyes on her hoping that she will take it and we will go to our usual club.


“No we are staying here it is one of the tops clubs in America and there were also the rumors that the hottest guys and gangsters or mafia come here,” she said in her not to mess with her tone.


“But it was cold here and we will get in trouble if a mafia or gangster take interest on us and decided to kidnapped us,” I whine.


“Some time it’s good to get in trouble to have some change,” she said and I groaned at her. After 15 minutes a black sleek Lykan Hypersport drives past us towards the VIP section, I can’t look inside the window but something lures me towards the car.


“What are you looking at?” Stella asked me, taking me out of my daze.


“Nothing just looking at the car which just enters the VIP section,” I said to her and look back to the car to see someone come out of the car but couldn’t able to see him or her clearly because of another person comes out of the car and block the view and they walk in the club from VIP entrance door.


She just shakes her head and looks back to the line and I am glad for it. Its been almost half an hour since we were standing there waiting in the line to enter the club and it was getting cold very cold with every passing moment.


I was about to open my mouth and say something to Stella when I see two, no three muscular men wearing a tight suit walk up to us, which I assume as a bouncers but I am not sure they didn’t like the person who dresses up in suit to throw the people, in fact, they look hot, handsome and Delicious in this suits.


They come and stand in front of us and may I say, man, they were very tall. One with the blond hair is 6′0 feet, second is 6 feet 2 inch and the third one is 5 feet 9 inches tall.


“Maam you can come inside now,” one of them said to me.


“Can I bring my friend with me?” I ask and my voice was not completely steady because I was kind of get intimidated from them.


“Sure, if you will follow me now ma’am.” What’s up with the ma’am, thing I think to myself. And together we start walking one led us the door while the other two follow us towards the club, apparently, the men that picked us up wasn’t the bouncer because in front of the door is standing another big dude, he too radiates danger, he bows his head in respect towards the men, and opens the door for us. You can hear the offending gasps from people who are still waiting in line, angry that they didn’t get to go inside.


As soon as we walk inside we are hit with loud music and the smell of sweat and the hard drinks in the air. There are lights flashing everywhere, and people are grinding on each other up on the dance floor. I immediately feel uncomfortable, this so isn’t my scene. I can feel eyes burning holes into my body, but I just can’t pinpoint the person. It gives me a creepy feeling as if I’m being followed.


Chapter 2

(Oliver P.O.V)


“Dude I’m getting bored, let’s go to the club and have some fun,” Manson my beta and my best friend said to me.


“He was right Oliver, we were so busy in training the whole three months that we hardly got time to have some fun and now that we were done with it why didn’t we go to a club and have some fun and maybe who know we will find our mate there,” Nick my gamma and my other best friend said to me.


“Fine then go and get ready for the club,” I said to them and they jump up and run to their rooms to get ready.


*God, they act like a child sometimes. Anyway, I think the club will be a good idea to distract me because for some days almost two months for some reason my wolf Roy is acting weird, pacing around in my mind and giving me a headache. And whenever I try to ask him what’s wrong with him he shut me out. But today he is acting weirder than before giving me a huge headache and I think that the club will be a good distraction for me* with that thought I go to my room and got ready to go to the club.


We get in the car and drive away to the club owns by my father. The drive towards the club was 15 minutes from my home and in the whole drive, I feel Roy jumping around in my mind excitedly as a little child get to eat ice cream after many long years.


When I ask him what’s the matter with him he said I will know with the time and block me out, I just shrugged at him and concentrate on my emails. As soon as I get out of the car a wonderful smell hit me like a wall. Its smell like Honey, lemon, and Cinnamon three of my favorite smell.


I look around my surrounding to find the bearer of the smell until my eyes met with a most beautiful chocolate brown eyes and I’m immediately mesmerized by them.


'Mate!Mate!' my wolf said inside my head excitedly. I look up to see a girl with a dirty blonde hair, pointed jaw fully pulp pink lips, light chocolate brown eyes, and a perfect body. To say she was beautiful was the understatement of the year. I was enjoying looking or checking out my mate when suddenly a saw two hands come inside taking me out of my trance.


"What?" I and Manson shouted at the same time who was the owner of the hands who is my gamma, Nick.


"What's up? You zone out on me, and who were you looking at?" nick ask looking behind him to see what we are looking at.


"Well I find your luna and my mate," I said with a smirk.


"Congratulations dude, I also found my mate," Manson said to us with a wide grin on my face.


"Who?" Nick asks.


"The girl with dirty blonde hair and with a red dress," I said to him while looking at my mate lovingly.


"And the girl with whom she is speaking to with a black dress is my mate," Manson said while looking to her like she is his whole world.


"So what are we waiting for let's go and introduce all of us to our Luna and beta female, I can't wait to meet them and spend some time with them, let's, go," Nick said and about to go towards them but I stop them.


"Wait, they are here to enjoy let them enjoy themselves and after some time we will go to them and make them ours, they are here to have there time let them be," I said to them.


"Fine, but I don't want them to stay here and wait in the line, they deserve the best of the world," Manson said while looking at his mate.


"Don't worry I will tell my bodyguards to take them in and guide them in the VIP section, they are our mates and they will get the best things in the world," with that said we all get inside the club and walked to our boot.


"There were two blonde women in a red and black dress, they look like it guide them here and their drinks are on us, they look like this," I said and showed them the picture I have taken off them when I was outside of the club. They nodded at me and walk out to do as I tell them.


'What are you doing? go to mate! Need Mate!' My wolf Roy whined at me.


"I know Roy but just let her enjoy with her friend freely because after that she will be ours and only ours," I said to him and he calms down when we saw our mate come inside the club with her friend and goes to the bar.


She grabs some shots and drinks it in one shot. Then she goes to the dance floor and dance with her friend. I can't able to take my eyes off my mate.


'She is just gorgeous, isn't she?' Roy ask.


'Yes she is, and she is all ours' I said to him with a smirk.


"You stay here dude if you want but I can't stay away from my mate anymore, I am going there," Manson said to me and walk towards his mate.


Then suddenly a creepy looking man comes towards my mate and said something in her ears making my wolf growl. I was about to walk towards her but suddenly a slut comes towards me and started clinging on me.


"Hey, handsome want to have some fun with me?" she slurred while clinging at my arms in a seductive voice which sounds like someone was running their nail in blackboard.


"Sorry but not interested," I said removing my hand from her hands. I turn to look at the bar to see that she was not there. I try to look at my surrounding to find her but to no avail so try high lighten my senses and sniff the air for her particular sent.


Chapter 3


(Elena P.O.V)


As soon as we are inside I can feel eyes burning holes into my body, but I just can’t pinpoint the person. It gives me a creepy feeling as if I am being followed.


Stella pulls me towards the bar, “Come on let’s get something to drink.” She yells in my ear and dancing to the music she makes her way to the bar, pulling me with her.


I normally never drink or only on very rare occasions, and then only a little bit and not even the strong drinks. I just don’t really like the taste of it.


“What do you want to drink?” Stella asks me. 

“Just a coke.” It feels so weird to say that it’s like I’m asking for cocaine, is that weird? 

“O hell no girl, we’re doing shots and we’re going to get drunk, whoah,” Stella yells. O wow this is definitely going to be an interesting night, I just want to go home and read some stories on Inkitt.


“4 shots,” Stella says towards the barman. “Come on let’s get drunk,” she says to me. And she hands me two shots 


We both grab the shots and take them right after each other, I can already feel the alcohol hitting my system.


“Come on let’s dance.” And Stella drags me onto the dance floor, we stay there for a few songs just dancing to the beat only the two of us and nobody interrupting. Except for some curious hands wandering on my body, but I just swat them away like there irritating flies.


“I want some more drinks, let’s go,” Stella yells in my ear. I feel the slight buzz of the alcohol, and well what the hell you only live once, tomorrow is Saturday and on Monday I’m gone. Can’t go wrong right?


“Yeah, okay let’s get some more drinks.” We push our way towards the bar and Stella orders another round of shots, which we chug quickly. A man approaches us and starts hitting on Stella, Stella who is a little bit drunker than me since she had an extra round of shots, is fine with it and they go off to dance.


A man with a creepy air around him starts approaching me like I’m his pray, “hey sweet cheeks what are you doing here so alone, can I maybe buy this pretty lady a drink?


“Well, you may Sir,” I say while giggling like a schoolgirl, god what’s wrong with me? He hands me a blue cocktail which I sip carefully. I feel the man’s hand that was around my middle travel more closer to my ass. I freeze up. I try to swat his hands off me what just results in him pulling me closer, I feel like I have to puke. I can really feel the alcohol hitting my system. My body doesn’t feel like mine anymore.


I try to wiggle myself out of his grip. Which just results in a throaty grunt from the man, “Yes sweet checks grind that perfect ass of your in my c*ck.” I can feel his hard one on me.


Tears start to form in my eyes, what the heck did I do to deserve this?


“Come on let’s go somewhere else, shall we now.” The man has a wicked smile on his face which can only mean one thing. I start to fight harder to his grip. But he just tightens his arms around me.


Suddenly I heard the growl come from somewhere but I ignored it thinking that I heard things because I was drunk but then suddenly his arms are not around me anymore. He’s laying a few meters further, when I look to see who has thrown him off me, I’m met by a hard chiseled chest, I look up towards his face, he just has the most beautiful blue eyes, and I’m immediately mesmerized by them. Just then I feel my eyelids get heavier and heavier and the floor suddenly looks very comfortable. I try to zoom in on Stella who’s sucking some dudes face off.


I then feel my world become black, and I start to fall towards the ground but before I can hit the ground I’m caught by a pair of strong arms, I immediately feel safe. And then everything goes black.


(Oliver P.O.V)


I turn to look at the bar to see that she was not there. I try to look at my surrounding to find her but to no avail so try high lighten my senses and sniff the air for her particular sent. 


After some moment I finally got a sniff of my mate sent and follow her sent to find her. When I reach there I see her dancing with that man and I let out the low growl. Satisfied that other people didn’t hear me due to loud music.


But I lost all my control when that man started to grind on her and I can also smell the tears with my mate sent while she was trying to get out of his grip but he just tightened his grip on her.


‘Don’t just stand there you idiot, our mate need us, go there and help her’ Roy said snapping me out of my trance.


I go to her and get him off of her while growling at him.


*How dare he touches what is mine, she is mine and only mine,* I thought. Roy wants to take over and kill him for touching our mate but I stop him saying that while doing that he will scare her.


She turns and looks at me and I get lost in her eyes again. Roy also calms down when he looks at the way she was looking at us. Then she passes out in my arms.


I take her in my arms in bridal style and walk out of the club towards my car while mind linking Manson and Nick saying that I was going home with my mate.


All the way toward my house I keep glancing at my mate making sure that she was still there. As soon as I reach my house I take her in my arms and walk towards my room. I place her gently at my bed and cover her with a blanket so that she does not feel cold.


I want to change her in comfortable clothes but I didn’t do that thinking that she will freak out when she sees the change of clothes. I walk in my walk-in closet to change in comfortable clothes then get inside my bed next to my mate.


“Good night, mon amour," I said to her while kissing her forehead and fall the best sleep of my life with my mate in my arms.

Chapter 4


(Elena P.O.V)

I feel sunrays hitting my face, I groan inwardly. Who in heavens name pulled the curtains open. I turn around in the comfortable bed and pull the soft quilt tighter to my body. Wait, what, I don’t have a comfortable bed like this. My bed in NY is really shitty and my bed in my home isn’t really that better

I reluctantly open my eyes, and I gasp when I’m in a huge bed, like king size bed, what the fuck? The room is really nicely decorated, definitely a men’s room. I shift around some more in the big bed, and I then notice that I’m wearing a men’s shirt, what the actual fuck happened.

I quickly get out of the bed, O shit I shouldn’t have done that, my head hurts like a son of a bitch. I look around the room for a weapon but I can’t find anything.

Only a big office chair but I don’t think I can lift that off the ground and pillows sure as hell aren’t going to work.

I open a door, and I’m met with a walk-in closet, it’s filled with suits. I let my fingers run over the fabric of the suits, they all look super expensive. I walk further into the closet and I see the casual clothing some sweaters, jeans and more stuff like that.

I walk out of the closet and investigate further. The second door that I open leads me into a hallway, I think it’s on the second floor. When I walk towards the balustrade I can look all the way down towards the ground floor.

I hear laughter floating from a room, I’m guessing it’s the kitchen. I slowly make my way towards the room trying to make no sound. While I walk towards the room I come across a baseball bat, fuck yeah I’m going to have some fun and go in Harley Quinn suicide squad style. A sly smile creeps onto my face.

I walk towards the room but I make sure that they don’t see me yet. I walk in and try to hit the first moving object, the baseball bat is quickly ripped from my grip and suddenly I’m in the air pinned to the wall. I wrap my legs around the person out of reflex.

When I look up I see some blue eyes stare at me, he has a smirk on his face, o how I would love to just slap that smirk off his face. I try to hit him but he pins my arms above my head. “I like this position.“he whispers seductively in my ear, I can immediately feel it in my lower region. He then proceeds to lower me onto the ground.

I look at him with anger and I immediately try to attack him again.

He turns me around so my back is to his front and he presses me into him. I can feel tingles coursing through my whole body. “Are you going to stop attacking me princess because otherwise, I might need to hold you in this position a little longer. Not that I mind so go ahead, try to fight me wiggle that perfect ass of yours into my junk.” He whispers into my ear, I feel his breath on my neck. It sends tingles down there, what the hell you don’t even know this man he practically kidnapped you I scold myself. Stockholm syndrome much, am I right.

“I’m going to release you know. Okay?” And he slowly lets go of me, I quickly turn around. “Why the fuck am I here?” I immediately question him.

“Princess you really shouldn’t swear it doesn’t suit you. You are here because while I was saving you from that creepy dude you passed out. I checked your blood you were drugged.”

I look at him with shock. “Sweetheart close that mouth or I might find some new things to put that mouth to good use. Now let’s get some breakfast.” He checked my fucking blood, and now he’s making sexual innuendos, what is up with this dude.

“Uhm well thanks for saving me but I should really go now goodbye.” And I start to walk towards the door.

Before I can even set two steps, I feel strong arms wrap around me, they put me on top of the kitchen counter and he cages me in with his hands. “You aren’t going anywhere, you’re staying here.” He says in a low and threatening tone.

“Adriana must be really freaking out, OMG what if she called the police. What if she called Brandon.” I ramble off. As soon as I say the word Brandon I can see my Hero turn angry. I’m gonna call him Hero for now because I don’t know his name and he saved me.

“That has all been taken care off, now we are going to enjoy a day together. But first breakfast.” He growls. He picks me up and he sits down in a bar stool and puts me on his lap.

And that’s how it all began.

(Oliver P.O.V)

I get up in a good mood with my mate in my arms. I pull her closer to me and put my face in her neck taking in the most wonderful smell of my mate. I get up from my bed after kissing my mate on her forehead and go to the washroom to get ready for the day.

After the bath, I decided to go downstairs and order the maid to prepare breakfast or me and my mate. I take the newspaper from the table and sit in the stool near the table to read it.

I am half on my way to complete newspaper when a wonderful smell of my mate I look around to see my mate looking around the house with a baseball bat in her hand. I move towards her without making any noise and corner her with a smirk on my face. She tries to hit me with a ball but I pin her arms above her head.

I was enjoying teasing her and making her when she moved away from me and tried to leave but before she can even set two steps I stop her wrapping my arms around her and put her on top of the kitchen counter caging her.

“You aren’t going anywhere, you’re staying here,” I said in a low and threatening tone. My wolf clawing at me want to take control over me and mark her, he was not happy with the fact that his mate trying to run away from him.

“Adriana must be really freaking out, OMG what if she called the police. What if she called Brandon.” she rambles off. As soon as she said the name Brandon my wolf growl inside my head not happy that his mate takes any other males name than mine.

“That has all been taken care off, now we are going to enjoy a day together. But first breakfast.” I said with a growl. I pick her up and sits down in a bar stool and puts her on my lap.

Chapter 5

 (Elena P.O.V)

I was lost in my own thoughts thinking about what has happened since I got inside the club till now when I heard the manliest voice.

“Hey, the earth too, Elle,” Oliver said, I learned that Hero’s name was Oliver while we were eating breakfast. Nick, Michael, Sky, and Recee are also sitting at the breakfast bar, they are like best friends with Oliver. But I just can’t shake the fact that I have the idea that Oliver stands above them like he’s there boss or leader. There also hangs a dangerous, animalistic air around them, it gives me the creeps.

I take in the kitchen with awe. It’s huge with two kitchen islands in it, multiple stoves and sinks. Maids are walking around preparing food, I could sense that the guys never use this kitchen. I would kill just to cook something in this kitchen, it looks like they have all the latest kitchen supplies.

While I was checking out the kitchen, I could feel his eyes on me, looking at me with a curious stare. I look towards him and raise my eyebrow questioning him without talking.

“So what am I supposed to do all day, since I’m not allowed to go away.” I had to make a plan to sneak out on time so I could still catch my plane tomorrow because Monday college began again

“Well, we can chill beside the pool, or take a swim” letting his eyes linger over my body “or we could watch a movie with some food.” He says.

“Well, I don’t have appropriate swimming clothes so that’s a no. But I would love to soak up some sun, I haven’t had the time to do that yet in NY.”

“That sounds like a plan, let’s go outside.” And he reaches his hand out towards me, which I gracefully except to get off the barstool. A small person remembers I chuckle in myself. Oliver looks at me amused.

“What?” I ask.

“Nothing.” And a second later I’m off the floor and Olive sweeps me up in his arms, bridal style. I try to get out of it but to no avail. He just tightens his grip around me, I give up and snuggle in his toned chest. He reminds me off my brother, he’s also very strong and I instantly feel safe in his arms.

“You know I have legs that work perfectly, I can walk.”

“Yeah I know, but I kinda like this position,” Oliver says while walking towards the garden. He lays me down on one of the chairs beside the pool, sunrays hit my skin and I instantly feel warmer. Oliver takes a seat next to, instead of laying down he sits on the laying bed and faces me.

“Let’s play 21 Question, shall we?” he ask.

“Why?” I ask.

“What? why?” He asks narrowing his eyes.

“Why should I play 21 questions with you, “I ask.

“because I want to know you and I am sure you want to,” he said with a frown on his face.

“Okay, but I don’t know how to play it,” I said to him.

“Really?” he asks.

“Really,” I said.

“Well it’s simple I ask you a question about and you will give an answer and Vise Versa,” he said.

“Okay, hit me with your best shot,” I said.

“Favourite color?” he asks.

“Blue and red,”

“But isn’t blue boys favorite color,”

“it’s second question’s it’s my turn now, and to give you answer, it’s not that only boys can like that color and girls cannot, is it,” I ask looking at him and he only nodded his head at me.

“Okay what your fav color?” I ask.

“grey and brown”

“As in 50 shades of grey,” I ask.

“No not really, but I’m open to new experiences.” And he throws me a panty dropping smile, I just gape at him with my mouth wide open.

“Close your mouth sweetheart you’re catching flies.” And he puts his fingers under my chin and shuts my mouth.

“Fav food?” he asks.

“All the fast food,”

“But you don’t look fat if you love to eat fast food,” he said.

“I have a fast metabolism,”


“Pizza and spaghetti,”

“Fav book,”

“Who will cry when you die,”

“Robin Sharma,” he asks and I nodded my head.


“poor dad, rich dad.”

“Where y-” I’m interrupted midsentence when I feel a drop of rain, I look up to the sky and the blue it was just seconds ago is now being replaced by grey/ black clouds.

And then it starts raining like there is no tomorrow.

Before I knew it I was thrown over a shoulder and Oliver was running towards the house. When we came inside we were wet onto the bone, and my teeth were clattering together. Oliver checks me for injury while it was only raining he’s acting like we just got shot.

“Come on let’s get you into the shower,” Oliver says once again lifting me up.

“H-h-how a-a-about y-you?” I ask with difficulty because of my chattering teeth.

“I’ll take the shower in one of the guest bedrooms, come on.”

He gets me back to his bedroom and gives me a towel, he then disappears in the closet. He comes out again with a sweatshirt and some jogging pants.

“You can put your dirty clothes outside the bathroom door a maid will pick them up to clean.” He then proceeds to walk away so I can shower.

I step inside the huge bathroom. I turn on the shower head and stepped underneath it, slowly I become warm again. I shower quickly and use his shampoo and body wash until I completely smell like him.

I step inside the living room, Oliver and his friends are playing around, pushing each other around and rolling around on the floor. I silently watch them until Oliver sees me.

“Hey come here”, he says and points towards his lap. I walk over to him but sit next to him, instead of sitting on his lap. That earns me a low growl from him.

I look at him weirdly and scoot closer to Michael, who then throws his arm around me. Like literally there is steam coming out of his ears. I chuckle in myself.

“Watch out he’s going to explode soon,” Michael says in my ear.

“Movie?” Sky asks, looking up some of the tension hanging in the room.

Recee grasp the remote from the TV and turns on Netflix, scrolling through the different movies on there, I see some titles coming around before something catches my eye.

“THE CONJURING 2” Nick and I yell in unison. I immediately know I’m going to get along with Nick.

“Well, that’s settled then,” Recee says.

Suddenly I’m ripped out of Michaels embrace and put in Olive’s arms.

“MINE, and only MINE,” Oliver says in a low threatening tone. It makes me feel uneasy but also kinda safe.

We all settle in and watch the movie. After the movie ends all of Oliver’s friends leave. I think for a second I’m going to be gone tomorrow so why not live a little he knows nothing about me I can just sneak out before he wakes up.

So I look at him from the side. “What?” He asks me.

“Nothing just this.” And I close in the gap in between us, and kiss him with all the might I have.

Chapter 6


(Elena P.O.V)

I hear my phone buzz I quickly put it out before Oli wakes up, he’s so adorable when he’s asleep. I slowly try to pry his arm off me which goes with the trouble he stirs a little and tightens his grip on me, but he doesn’t wake up I try again and this time I succeed. I put a pillow in my place and get up, I wince a little because I’m a little bit sore down there but in a good way.

I slowly get dressed, I get some sweatpants from Oli and a sweatshirt. And I walk out of the room I slowly close the door behind me, trying to make no sound and walk away.

I have the weird feeling I’m being watched but I ignore it, I get my phone to call a cab, and I have to wait for about 10 minutes before it comes. When the cap drives away I get a sad feeling almost like I’m leaving a piece of me behind. I shake it off before it gets any worse.

I stand in front of the airport gate pulling my suitcase behind me, that’s it no going back now let’s go home to the Califonia.

(Oliver’s P.O.V)

I feel sunrays hitting my face, I groan inwardly. Who in heavens name pulled the curtains open. Last night was the best night of my life. She was a virgin and I was thrilled that I was her first otherwise I have to kill every other boy or men who have touched her.

Thinking about mate I try to reach her throwing my arms here and there but I don’t find anything. I sit up and touched the spot next to me where Elle was supposed to be laying, instead, I touched a pillow.

“Maybe she just woke up and went downstairs” Alexander my wolf said.

I touched the spot next to me but it was completely cold, I quickly shot up out of the bed and saw that her clothes weren’t laying anywhere around.

“Mate, MATE left us, we should have marked her that way she would have stayed with us.” My wolf growled.

" Shut up,” I growl towards Alex, she couldn’t have left could she, she wouldn’t have left without saying goodbye to us.

I sprint out of the room and pound on my Gamma’s bedroom door, Nick opens the door with a sleepy head. I push past him and walk into the room. In his bed is laying a bitch he probably fucked, Jesus I can’t believe I was once like that. Now I only have eyes for Lotte

“WHO LEFT US, go find mate!!!!!! DON’T JUST STAND THERE” I growl towards Alex he really needs to shut the fuck up.

“OUT,” I yell towards the redhead in his bed, she’s caked in makeup what’s all smeared out because of the wild night.

“what” she whimpers.


“how are you so sure she isn’t my mate?” Nick asks me.

“Because you would have already ripped my throat out,” I growl towards him

“Somebody got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning.” He joke.

“what do you mean she left, mates don’t just disappear into thin air.”

“well, she’s gone.”

“Okay let’s look at the camera images.” He says and we walk towards the monitoring room, I have camera’s everywhere in case of rogue’s.

And just like that around 6 in the morning, I see her step outside with her stuff and just step into a taxi.

My wolf whimpers in defeat “Mate must find a mate”.

And just like that I lose my anger and throw the first thing I can grasp out of the window what just happened to be a chair and the window shatters around us, flying pieces of glass everywhere I can feel it cutting in my skin. But I feel no pain, only hurt as if my heart is ripped out of my chest, trampled on putting back into my chest only to repeat the procedure.

I was enraged my mate just fucking left me, I look around, the room was completely trashed. Valerian looks lost in all of the mess, I slowly walk away and get the scotch from the cabinet it’s only eleven in the morning but I’m mad and I need something to drink.

Renee walks in together with my other friends, “Do you know her name, maybe we can look her up, we got a lot of research stuff.” Nick asks.

“I think it was something like Elena Dawson or something like that,” I answer Nick.

"Does anyone knows where is Manson? " Recee ask.

"Last time I talk to him he was in his mate house," Sky said to him.

“You know what she studied?” 

“I think it is civil engineering, I’m not sure I don’t know which college.”

"Isn't Manson mate was a friend of our Luna," Nick asks.

"Right why don't I think about it before, Recee calls Manson and ask him where he is, and if she wasn't with his mate then tell him to call his mate and find out about my mate whereabout," I order Recee.

Chapter 7

(Elena P.O.V)

I woke up from my slumber and when I looked out of the airplane window I was hit with the sight I loved the most the beautiful site LA.

“Ladies and gentleman in 20 minutes we will be landing in Los Angles, I request you all to fix your seatbelt and switch off your mobile or any electrical gadgets. We hope that you had a nice flight and the crew wishes you a very nice day.” The pilot said in a speaker and I fixed my seatbelt and prepare to land.

20 Minutes later

And the airplane touched the ground, the weight I didn’t even know was there just fell off of my shoulders, I couldn’t wait to get home to my room and go to my family. I am glad that it’s Friday and College will begin on Monday so that I have two days to spend with my family before college.

I walk outside and breath in the fresh air of LA, I get a cap towards the centrum so I could get some food. I reach home and run towards my home with my luggage dragging behind me.

I get back to my room on Sunday morning and I missed it, it’s beautiful and mine only. I’m back in Arnhem on the campus of the HAN. I have a lecture in an hour and I’m really not in the mood for it, I’m the only girl in the year and it can get quite tiring some times.

I make myself ready I put on some light makeup, some mascara, concealer and I’m done for the day, of course, I am completely dressed in black, with some hints of red here and there. I really can’t remember the day that I wore some bright color only dark ones.

I’m jamming to my song I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston.

The clock strikes upon the hour
And the sun begins to fade
Still enough time to figure out
How to chase my blues away
I’ve done alright up to now
It’s the light of day that shows me how
And when the night falls, loneliness calls

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me
Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me

I’ve been in love and lost my senses
Spinning through the town
Sooner or later, the fever ends
And I wind up feeling down
I need a man who’ll take a chance
On a love that burns hot enough to last
So when the night falls
My lonely heart calls

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me
Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me

Somebody oo Somebody oo
Somebody who loves me yeah
Somebody oo Somebody oo
To hold me in his arms oh
I need a man who’ll take a chance
On a love that burns hot enough to last
So when the night falls
My lonely heart calls

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me
Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me

Don’tcha wanna dance with me baby
Dontcha wanna dance with me boy
Hey Don’tcha wanna dance with me baby
With somebody who loves me

Don’tcha wanna dance say you wanna dance
Don’tcha wanna dance
Don’tcha wanna dance say you wanna dance
Don’tcha wanna dance
Don’tcha wanna dance say you wanna dance
With somebody who loves me

I look at the clock and see it’s time to head home, I hit the playlist of Whitney Houston as I walk out of my room towards the college building to attened my lectures.

(Oliver P.O.V)

I was enraged my mate just fucking left me, I look around, the room was completely trashed. Valerian looks lost in all of the mess, I slowly walk away and get the scotch from the cabinet it’s only eleven in the morning but I’m mad and I need something to drink.

Renee walks in together with my other friends, “Do you know her name, maybe we can look her up, we got a lot of research stuff.” Nick asks.

“I think it was something like Elena Dawson or something like that,” I answer Nick.

“Does anyone knows where is Manson? ” Recee ask.

“Last time I talk to him he was in his mate house,” Sky said to him.

“You know what she studied?”

“I think it is civil engineering, I’m not sure I don’t know which college.”

“Isn’t Manson mate was a friend of our Luna,” Nick asks.

“Right why don’t I think about it before, Recee calls Manson and ask him where he is, and if she wasn’t with his mate then tell him to call his mate and find out about my mate whereabout,” I order Recee.

“He is not picking his phone, I am thinking he is still busy with his mate,” he said and I growled in frustration.

“Try to mind linked him,” I said to him.

“I tried but failed,” Nick said with disappointment.

“Keep calling him until he picks up the call,” I order him and walk out of the pack house to go for a run to let out some steam

Chapter 8

(Oliver P.O.V)

It’s been a day and there is no news from my third in command and it makes me really angry and irritated very person in the pack house tries not to make me burst out at them.

" I have found somebody called Elena Dawson studying Civil Engineering. I think it’s a hit.”Nick explains me and shows me a picture of my beloved mate, I growl softly. In the picture my mate is in a bikini which I don’t mind but she has her arms around a guy and they are looking lovingly into the camera, the guy is kissing her cheek. I get enraged with the sight of it.

My wolf Roy y wolf is enraged “She can only be touched by us, only by us.”

“I’m sure they are just friends, she was a virgin when we came towards her.” I try to shush Roy, but I don’t believe myself, what if they were just friends but at the right time he will approach her and take her from us.

“I tried to contact Manson and he finally picks up the call and confirms the college she studies in, he also told that to inform you, that he will stay here with he mate and look after the pack so that he can win his mate trust and tell her about us,” Recee said and I nodded my head at him.

“The plane is ready,” Nick says, I see my other friends standing in the threshold of the door with their bags all ready to leave. They always stand behind me they always have my back. I’m too lazy to get my bag, I’m a fucking billionaire I’ll buy my fucking shit there my mate is most important for me right now.

And we walk towards the car that will escort us to the airport, I nod at the chauffeur and I get into the car, and slowly we drive down the driveway away from the house, too slowly for my liking as I yell at the driver to drive faster.

It takes us 20 minutes to reach the airport and we take off to California after 20 minutes. It was 8 in the night when we landed in LA. We get out of the airport and I go to the mall to buy some clothes for me while others go to a hotel that they book for us to stay in.

I buy some clothes and all the necessaries from the mall and eat something from the food court and goes back to my suit in the hotel while telling the reception to send someone with something to eat. The whole time in the mall my wolf Roy keeps nagging me to go and find our mate so I blocked him.

Next day I get up, get refreshed, eat my breakfast and leave to meet my mate but not before taking the address of the college from them and telling them that they can do whatever they want while I look for my mate. They protest but I said in an Alpha voice and they did what I said to them.

(Elena P.O.V)

"And that’s that for today, learn chapter 8 before tomorrow and make sure you have a partner for your project and remember the last day of the project was 23rd June, have a nice day you all,”And with that my professor ends the lecture, that were the longest 4 hours of my life, for some kind of reason I couldn’t get Hero out of my mind. I will the sense of incompleteness without him.

I walk out of the school it’s about three in the midday, and I’m squinting towards the sun. It’s actually quite hot in LA and I can already see myself sitting on the roof of my dorm house with a good book and just soaking up the sun.

I look forward to it but then my eyes meet a black car and against the car is leaning somebody I’m very familiar with. 

"Oliver” I breathe out, I watch him coming closer to me with care, like a killer stalking a prey.

Chapter 9

(Elena P.O.V)

“Oliver” I breathe out, I watch him coming closer to me with care, like a killer stalking a prey. 
But before he can reach me my best friend Daan walks up to me. 

“Hey,” he says


“It’s been a while since I saw you”

“Indeed, I think we see each other last time at Arcs party right?” I ask.

“Right, so you’ve been up to anything,” He says while smirking at me, I groan inwardly I’m going to fucking kill Stella she can’t keep her mouth shut even if her life depends on it.

“She told you didn’t she?” I ask.

“Yup,” he says while popping the P. “every single dirty detail.” I feel a blush creeping up my skin, I can just die already if the ground would like to swallow me up right now please do so. Prepare to die, Stella, because I will surely kill you when I meet you next time.

“I going to kill her when I see her next time, well I have to go now see you later,” I said awkwardly when While I see Olive closing on to me in my peripheral vision.

“Okay then we will meet sometime late but I will want to know every detail from you,” he teases while wigging his eyebrow up and down and I slap his arm playfully and we both burst out laughing.

“Okay I will see you later,” And I give him three kisses on both of his cheek, one on his left, another on the right and another on the left. I hear Oliver growl, I mean like seriously growl I’m not even fucking kidding.

I watch Daan take off and I give a little yelp when I feel strong arms wrap around my waist and my back makes contact with a rock-solid chest. I give out a little oomph. I feel what I assume and is Oliver put his face in the crook of my neck and I hear him sniff up my smell. What the hell is wrong with him, I can feel tingles running up and down my body.

“Can’t breathe.” I manage to choke out, Oliver immediately releases me and puts me down on the ground since I am way smaller than him he actually had to pick me up.

“Mine.” He growls into my hair. He quickly spins me around and pulls me into my chest once more, he puts his chin on top of mine and draws patterns on my back with his fingers. I can feel them travel down towards my ass but before he can reach my ass, I quickly pull away.

“Why do you run away from me?” Oliver lowly growls out to me, and he pulls a sad face. I look at him like he just grew two heads.

“Uhm well, first of all, I don’t even know you, and second off all are you stalking me?” I ask putting my hands on my hips and tapping my foot impatiently waiting to get an answer. Right now I’m really mad at him how the fuck did he find me, I never told him where I studied for as far as I can remember.

“Uhm I’m sorry you were just a one night stand, I needed to lose it to somebody who I wouldn’t see again,” I answer to him. Just for a second his oceans blue eyes swirl to black but they quickly regain their original color, and I’m thinking I’m going mad.

(Oliver’s P.O.V)

I hear the words but they aren’t really processing anymore. “Uhm I’m sorry you were just a one night stand.” That’s all I here before I zone out, I let her finish her sentence so I can control my wolf Roy, put as soon as she stops a loud growl erupts from my voice. I get some curious stares, and I just look at them deadly.

I see a guy walking up to Lotte but I don’t see him as a treat he’s ugly as hell. And even if he wasn’t that ugly there is no way he can be as handsome as me.

“Is everything alright here,” he asked her while looking at me than her, I was about to say something to him but Elena beat me to it.

“No everything is okay, I only asked him to do something for me it was a bet,” she said smiling at him. He just nods and gives her a hug before walking off. I can smell him on her and I just want to rip his fucking head off.

Chapter 10

(Elena P.O.V)

grip his hands before he can pull any more attention to himself and start to drag him towards my dorm room. Once we are inside I quickly close the door behind him.

“What the fuck was that all about.” I hiss at him. 

He just looks at me sheepishly, I could so fucking kill him right now.

“Why the fuck is you even here, you’re supposed to be in America.”

“I missed you.’” He just simply states.

“OMG, when a girl sneaks out of your house in the morning without leaving a note she doesn’t want to be contacted, WE WERE JUST A ONE NIGHT STAND.” I’m growing very irritated about this right now.

Before I can react I’m pinned against the wall. “MINE, and MINE only.”

He growls into my ear, I’m seriously freaking out right now. I start to thrash around, trying to get out of his hold but he just tightens his hold on me. I shove at his chest with all my power and he finally releases.

“Okay you need to back off, I’m not somebody’s possession.

“If you really love someone,

You have to let him/her go,

if he/she really meant for you,

he/she will come back to you

no matter how far they are

Love is not about possession.

Love is about appreciation”

With that said I grip a piece of paper and write my number down, “if you know what that means, call me. Until that time leave me alone.” And on that note I walk out of my room, leaving him in my room alone to think about those words.

(Oliver P.O.V)

Why the fuck is you even here, you’re supposed to be in America.” she asks

“I missed you.’” I said to her.

“OMG, when a girl sneaks out of your house in the morning without leaving a note she doesn’t want to be contacted, WE WERE JUST A ONE NIGHT STAND.” she shouted at me and I lost it and Roy takes over my body.

Before I can react he pinned her against the wall. “MINE, and MINE only.” He said with a growl in her ears.

She freaks out and starts to thrash around, trying to get out of his hold but he just tightens his hold on her. I tried to talk some scenes into him but he blocks me out. Sometimes this wolf really pissed me off. she shoves at my chest with all her power and he finally releases her in shock and I take that moment to take over my body again.

“Okay you need to back off, I’m not somebody’s possession.

“If you really love someone,

You have to let him/her go,

if he/she really meant for you,

he/she will come back to you

no matter how far they are

Love is not about possession.

Love is about appreciation”

With that said she grip a piece of paper write something down on it and give it to me or should I say shove it in my hand.

“If you know what that means, call me. Until that time leave me alone.” And on that note she walks out of my room, leaving me alone on her room. I open that piece of paper and see it has her number return down on paper.

"What are you doing staring at that piece of thrash, go to our mate now," Roy said to me with a growl.

"Shut up you stupid dog, if we keep nagging her she will run away from her and we both will lose her," I said to him.

"But what if she finds someone else, someone better than us for her?" he whines.

"She will not I will make sure of it," I said trying to comfort him or should I say to myself.

"Fine then but if she finds someone else, then it will be all your fault," he said and blocked me out before I can say something. I sigh in frustration and walk out of her room to find her.

I look everywhere to find her but I don't find her anywhere then I remember the phone number she gives me. I remove my phone from pocket and call her but it goes in voice call.

"Hi, this is Elena, I am busy attending my lecturer, please call me later but if it's important then you can send me the message I will receive it and try to contact with you as soon as possible," her voice messaged said to me and I send her a voice message.

"Hi Elena call me as soon as you get free from your class please, I want to talk with you," I said and press the send button, I put my phone on my pocket and walk toward my car then drive away towards my hotel, hoping her to call me back.

Chapter 11


4 months later

(ElenaP.O.V. )

Let me just give a little recap on what happened in the two months that passed since I walked out of my dorm room. After half an hour Oliver called that time I was on my college attending so he sends me a voice message. After my lecture, I called him back, he said that he will stop nagging me if I promise to call him every day and promise to stay away from the other boys. Trust me I can practically see the steam coming out from her ears and nose when he said the last part of the sentence.

I’m brought out of my reverie by my phone ringing, I look at the screen and I see it’s an unfamiliar phone number, it’s from America. Oliver is always nagging me that I shouldn’t pick up an unknown number but well to hell with that you only live once right? and I am a civil engineer student who is finding a job I have to pick it up to get it right?

“Hello, you are talking to Elena, Dawson,” I said in the phone.

“Hello, this is the secretary of the CEO of the Alpha building cooperation.” I hear a woman say, my heart just skipped a beat, that’s the company where I did my internship, she definitely got my attention now.

“We are calling because of your internship that you did about 4 months ago. We would like to set up a conversation with you and the CEO of our company to look if you’re suitable for the company and we can hire you after you finish your study.” She says, Omg she got to be fucking kidding me.

“Well, this definitely came as a surprise,” I answer the woman truthfully. I hear her snicker into the phone.

“When will you be able to come to America to have a job interview?” She asks me.

“Well in half a week, I have a week vacation scheduled. I think I will be able to fly over then.” I say

“Wonderful, I will look into a date and you will hear more of us.” She says

“Goodbye, and hopefully until soon.” The woman says.

As soon as I hear the woman hang up I do a little happy dance inside my room.

I hear my phone ring again but this time it’s not another unknown number, I see Superman flash on the screen, which means Oliver is calling.

“Hey, babe,” Oliver says as soon as is pick up.

“Hey, Oliver,” I say putting empathize on the name Oliver. I can hear him growl lowly into the phone, seriously what’s his problem with growling it’s like he’s a freaking dog. It can’t be good for his throat.

“So how is my babe doing?” Oliver asks putting empathize on the word babe.

“Well, kind of little annoyed because you call me babe. But for the rest, I’m actually kind of okay, enjoying the student lives got a crap loath of washing to do.”

“Why don’t you want me to call you babe.” He asks I can hear the disappointment in his voice.

“Well, first of all, we aren’t even dating, and second of all as soon as I will begin calling you babe you will seriously get creepily possessive and we both know how that went down the last time, I’m not a possession Oliver. ”

“I miss you, I want you around again I really liked having you around for that weekend.” At those words my chest grows tight, |-| don’t know why I have this feeling but I really miss having him around.

“So any plans for your birthday?” I ask him, next week is his birthday.

“Yeah just drinking some with the friends, but what I really want I can’t have.” He knows he has to leave me alone, I have to come to him. An idea pops up in my mind. It’s an amazing idea and I get really happy thinking about it.

“Oh, how to wish I was there with you on your birthday, but you know I have important lectures” I decided to tease him little and he groaned.

“I am really gonna miss you, love,” he said with a groan and I chuckle at him.

“Oh well it’s late and I really need to get to bed, I have to get up early in the morning because of some boring lesson. Goodnight Oliver.” I say and I let out a little yawn, I hear Oliver give a little chuckle.

“Goodnight babe” I’m too tired to even say something about that.

“I wish, I was laying next to you right now.” I hear him breathe whispering probably thinking I wouldn’t hear. But I did I heard him, l just end the call there and lay down in bed.

Overthinking my conversation with Oliver but also the conversation with the company.

I have been laying in my bed just staring at my sealing for the past couple of hours, | just can’t sleep I have been repeating the same words over and over again in my head, I wish I was laying next to you right now. Why would he say something like that, replaying that in my mind? I finally fall asleep into a dreamless state.

(Oliver P.O.V)

I stare at my screen, did she hear what I said and Just hung up! My wolf is seriously pissed, he wants her here, with us. So he knows for sure that

she isn’t sleeping with one of the guys in her college.

I looked it up she’s the only girl in civil engineering in her year, the guys must be drooling over her. But we can’t go to her she has to come to us, we promised.

I just want her near me I’m becoming 29 in a week and I want her near me when I do, my dad is getting anxious and my mother wants pups.

Even if she would be with us I don’t think she would actually want pups already she’s still too young only 21 and I don’t even know when she becomes 25.

One week later

(Elena P.O.V)

I feel the plane touch the ground and | get nervous right away, I got

about half a day before my interview, so I was going to sleep out my jetlag. I walked through security without too many problems since I was LA and looked as innocent as anybody could probably look and the company also informed the people on the airport that I was coming and they wanted me to be completely left alone, so I could get smoothly through security. 

Well, they passed that test, 30 minutes after the plain the touched ground I was in a cab on the way to my hotel which the company reserved for me.

Although I don’t think I will be spending much time there if Oliver knows that I’m in America.

I hear my phone ring, I look at the screen it is Oliver, he better not be tracking me or I will fucking kill him.

With butterflies in my stomach, wait what you barely know the dude, I pick up the phone.


“Is everything alright there?” Oliver asks worriedly.

“0 well hello Elena nice talking to you today, how was your fl-day, why thanks for asking Oliver it was great,” I say sarcastically, whoops almost blew the surprise there but hey I made it right again.

“Are you okay?” I hear Oliver asks again, I hear that he has to strain himself to not just yell at me, wow what crawled up his ass and died that made him this worried.

“Of course I’m okay why wouldn’t I be?” I ask him

“Well... I just got this weird feeling I can’t explain it.” Oliver answers me.

“Okay... Well, I have to go I’m super tired and I just want to sleep.”

“Okay I will talk to you later, have some rest, goodnight,” he said and kissed me on phone.

“Good night Oliver,” I said and cut off the phone. I’m not really that tired but in America right now it’s about 11 in the evening and I have to be up bright and early in the morning and I want a good night sleep so I look on my best. I hang up on him before he even can say his goodbye to me.

On next day I hear my alarm go off, I put it on snooze and turn around another time in my bed, I don’t want to get up just yet. 5 minutes later my alarm goes off again this time with a lot of effort I get out of bed, I feel like a truck drove over me but I really have to go get going to look my best for the interview.

I look into the mirror and see a tired 21-year-old woman look back to me.

I quickly wash my face but some moisturizer on and begin with my make-up. I have never been somebody who just covers there complete face in make-up, I just put some concealer on my spots and put some mascara on and then I’m ready to rock.

I put on some clothing which I got especially for this occasion a white blouse and grey long skirt with a white jacket. And I’m ready to roll, I have about 45 minutes to get there and I looked it all up.

I’m going to take the subway just like I used to do every day to get to my internship. I can’t wait, I really hope that I will get hired, because well then I’m in I will earn a lot and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Like everyday designer clothes and Louboutin heels a lot.

Chapter 12

(Elena P.O.V)

I get there 15 minutes too early, which is good I wouldn't want to be late on my job interview. I walk up to the desk and state my name, the receptionist says that I have to go to the highest floor where I will have to report myself to the CEO's secretary.

The elevator ride is long and boring, there are a lot of people there and I got various curious stares. When I finally reach the top floor I see that I'm not the only one interviewed today, there are at least another 10 women sitting on the couches waiting until they are called up I assume. They are all like 25 and they are caked in make-up and wearing super slutty clothes.

I walk up to the receptionist and state my name, again. She looks at me with a genuine smile.

"Ah yeah Miss Dawson, glad you could come, I'm rooting for you." She says while giving me a wink. She says the last part in a whisper. "You can take a seat on one off the couches; your name will be called up later.

"Okay thank you." I was a little bit wielded out to be the part of rooting for me, I have no idea why she said that it's not like it's a competition. And if it would I wouldn't stand a chance against them, I took the liberty of looking up the CEO and he's quite the player, I'm guessing he's going to go for hot and not the brains, even though the civil engineer is going to work on a completely different floor. And don't forget the fact that I still have to finish college.

I walk to the couch and take a  seat near a bimbo who was busy in doing makeup, she looks me up and down then make a disguised face towards me. I just shake my head and ignored her. I saw a business magazine in the magazine self and take one from it and start reading the magazine while waiting for my turn to be interviewed.

I was startled when I heard someone slam the door look one of the bimbos walking out of the door while stomping her foot on the floor and walking out of there while murmuring to herself. I decided to close the magazine and watch them and enjoyed it while it lasts.

Another bimbo comes out of here shouting that the CEO doesn’t know how to recognize a talent person and how he going to regret not recruiting her. I bit my lips to stop from laughing out loud on them. It goes the same way for sometime bimbo coming out crying and cursing the CEO and walking out the office.

Well, I guess he has some talent to know who to recruit and who to not otherwise he wouldn’t be there where he is now. My thoughts were interrupted by the receptionist

"Elena Dawson." I heard somebody say interrupting my thoughts. "Please trough here." The receptionist says.

I walk trough big oak doors into a really big nice office, inside is the Devil that's what I revere to him now since almost every woman got out of that office crying and with smudged lipstick. I look around the office in awe, everything is black white and grey.

"You like it?" I hear the devil says.

"Yeah it's really nicely furnished," I say.

"Thanks, I totally did it myself." He says with humor in his voice. To this, I just shake my head and look down.

"Take a seat." He says while pointing to a big leather chair in front of his desk. I take a seat with gratitude, not wanting to stand anymore.

"I'm Xavier A Mcknight, the CEO of this company. But I'm guessing you already knew that you look like a girl who researches things before she actually steps into an office building."

"Yes, I did sir," I answer him back trying to be as polite as I can.

"Good because you are the only one that did, that really makes you a step ahead of the rest. So you had an internship here about two months ago how did you experience that?” He asks me.

“It was a wonderful experience sir, I get to learn a lot from here,” I said to him.

“Why did you want to do the job in this company? Many companies would like to hear from you and pay more then why this company?”

“I have done my internship here, I am familiar with the company and the people working here, plus it also provided good opportunities to explore the efficiency of the employee, and it has a high growth rate in the company, I said smiling at him.”

“I must say I am impressed Miss Dawson, so would you like to work for us?” he asks me.

"Omg- I mean yes I would very much like that, but what about the other woman I'm aren't they way more qualified" I let the meaning of that hang in the air for a little bit before I continued "And I still have about a year more to go before I'm done with my study.

"I'm sure that they are way less qualified than you are, believe me when I say Miss Heide that for once I don't want a woman for the beauty I need somebody for the brains, and well you kind of got a good body as well. And for the study part, I'm sure that my company can work something out."

"But there are more than enough men that do this job, that can work right now, why hire me?"

"Well we need some balance on the work floor, we definitely need more women in the engineering department, so we can wait we have the time and you are very qualified. So if you would like you to have the job. When you are done with your study we will move you to America and provide you with an apartment if necessary."

"Well first off all I want to say thank you for this opportunity, and second off all I would be honored to get a job like that," I say

"Well then we got a deal, I'll give you the contract to read through and I will show you the door." And together we walk to the door off his office I shake his hand and I feel a jolt of electricity run threw my body and look at his face for his reaction but his face was emotionless so I composed myself and take my hand away from him. He opens the door for me I walk out and he closes it behind me. "Caitlyn tell the rest of the girls they can leave we got the spot filled." The secretary Caitlyn smiles lovingly at me and gives me a thumbs up. I get some death glares from the other job applicants.

Mr. Mcknight walks with me towards the elevator and waves me off, I waved back and see the door get closed and I did a victory dance until I reach the ground floor. I press my finger on my clothes to make myself look presentable and walk out of there, I can’t wait to share this news with Oliver.


Chapter 13


(Xavier P.O.V)

"This world can hurt you

It cuts you deep and leaves a scar

Things fall apart,

but nothing breaks like a heart

And nothing breaks like a heart” my alarm started to ring and I move my hand around here and there to stop it.

I tried to stand to sit upon my bed but feel something stopping me to do that, I look down to see a brunette stirs and hold me tight to her, I take her away from my torso and sit up on the bed. I try to wake up her but she just turns away from me and goes back to sleep. I got up from the bed and wear my shorts then walk towards the washroom and fill up the bucket full of cold water than through it on her.

“What the hell?” she said while waking up from her sleep and then started glaring at me.

“You’re awake, good. Grab your clothes and get out of my house,” I said while smirking at her and pointing my finger towards my door.

“But baby I am your girlfriend and I want to stay with you,” she whines while getting up from the bed and walking towards me seductively.

“What makes you think that you’re my girlfriend, did I ask you to be my girlfriend?” I ask her with a raised eyebrow.

“But we have sex yesterday, doesn’t it mean anything to you?” she asks with a pout.

“That only means that you are just one-night stand and nothing more,” I said while smirking at her, she huffs at me and walk out of my room.

‘When will you stop your one night stand, X, what happen when we found our mate and she found out about your one night stands or your player ways, she will be hurt and reject us.’ Knight my Lycian said to me with a growl.

‘I will make sure that she did not found out about it when we found her’ I said to him while smirking at him. He just shakes his head and lay down.

*Well that strange generally he gives me the lecture about the mate bond and about how a mate should act but today he was quiet, maybe he just gave up on me* I thought and shrugged my shoulder.

I walked to my GYM room and do some workout, after that, I walk to my backyard and let him take control, he shifts and run for some time and give control back to me. I run back to my house and get dressed after getting a shower.

I walk out of my house towards my car and drove to the Starbucks, I get my coffee and walk out of there. As I reach towards my office building I feel my Lycian pacing around my mind.

“What’s up Knight?” I ask him.

“Nothing,” he growled at me then blocked me out.                         

*Maybe he was on his period,* I thought and chuckled at my joke. As I enter my office I feel knight getting nervous. I tried to talk with him but he just blocks me out. I sign and walk inside my office. I was going through important papers when my office phone started ringing.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hello Sir, this is Dylan O’ Dolmen, from the HR department,” he said from the other side of the phone.

“Yes, Dylan what is it?” I ask him.

“Yes, I can’t able to take interviews today for Civil engineer post, because I have to go for a family emergency, can you take the interviews today?” Dylan asks to me.

“Why don’t you ask Derek to do it for you?” I ask him.

“I would have but he was on sick leave for a week,” Dylan said to me on the other side of the phone making me sigh.

“Fine, I will do it, call my secretary and tell her to send the candidates for the interviews at my office,” I said to him.

“Will do sir, thank you, sir,” he said on the phone.

“Your welcome,” I said and hang upon him. After some time my secretary comes and hand me the resume of all the candidates and walk away from there and I started going throw their resume and one particular one get my Lycian attention.

This was very rare, because, he hardly paid any attention to any woman except my mother, Tessa. After some time I call my secretary and tell her to start sending the candidate for the interviews.

After some interviews I started to get frustrated, girls nowadays are not here for the job they are here to seduce me and make fall in their trap for my money and my looks but I am not going to fall in their traps.

‘I told you so, you have just have listened to me and don’t have fuck every random girl, you wouldn’t be in this situation,’ Knight said to me with a growl.

“Shut up. Knight I am not in the mood to listen to any of your lectures,” I said and blocked him out in my mind. I heard a knock on the door and I said a come in.

The door opens and then it hit me like a brick, the most delicious smell of Honey, lemon, and Cinnamon, taking me off guard.

“Mate, Mate was here,” Knight shouted at me like a lovesick puppy. She enters my office. She has blonde hair with a heart-shaped face, pouty lips and green earmaled eyes which drawn me the most. She comes inside and checks out of my office.

 “Say something to her you idiot,” Knight Growl inside my head.

“You like it?” I ask her.

“Yeah it is nicely furnished,” she said to me in her melody like voice

“Thanks, I did it myself.”I jocked around to her, to which she only shakes her head and looks down.

“Oh, moon goddess why you have tied me up with this stupid human,” Knight said to me with a groan while I just internally chuckled at him.

“Take a seat,” I say while pointing to a big leather chair in front of my seat.

“I’m Xavier A Mcknight, the CEO of this company. But I’m guessing you already knew that you look like a girl who researches things before she steps into an office building.” I said getting in my CEO mode.

“Yes, I did,” she said smiling at me. After that, I start asking her some questions which she answers perfectly and also asks me some questions which make my Lycian growls in approval.

‘Our mate is smart,’ Knight said to me.

“That she is,” I said to him.

"Well then we got a deal, I'll give you the contract to read through and I will show you the door," I said and walk her to the door of my office. I shake her hand and feel a jolt of electricity through my body and see her eyes wide but she composes herself and draws her hand back to herself much to my dislike. Her hand was so soft and perfectly fit my hand like a lost puzzle.

I walk out of my office and tell my secretary to send back the other candidates. I saw them glaring at her but ignored them much to knight dislike, I waved to her and wait for the door to get closed. I turn and look at the other candidate’s girl.

“Any problem girls,” I ask them while glaring at them; they shake their heads and walk out from there. I walk back to my office and call my personal investigator and tell him to find every single detail of my mate and send it to me.

‘Mate would not be happy if she gets to know about it,’ knight complains to me.

“Who was going to tell her, not me, will you?” I ask him. He just sighs and goes to sleep. I smirked at him and goes back to work.

Chapter 14

(Elena P.O.V)

 I am back at the hotel that the company booked me, I look refreshed, the interview was great. I take my clothes off and quickly step into the shower. I take a quick shower and rinse all of my worries off, I lather up some soap that’s smells delicious and I quickly shower my whole body with it and shave myself until I’m as soft as a baby bottom. I put somebody lotion with the same smell as my douche gel. And let it settle in, only dressed in a flimsy hotel robe, I stare at my closet. I need something sexy, like really sexy but not too revealing. I don’t want to look cheap.


I eventually choose an expensive black dress, knitted with straps of leather on the dress, I pair it off with my statement White jacket. And a pair of white Lita’s, if you don’t know me you should now that I love White and especially white leather jackets because it brings me peace. I would love to, later on, have a closet full of leather jackets, pumps and then especially Louboutin’s. I love those, I would almost kill for a real pair of Louboutin’s. And with my


new salary these might be closer by than I originally thought.


I shimmy into the clothes and | make sure I’m looking perfect, I don’t know why but I want to be perfect for Oliver, I think I have feelings for him. And it scares me, how can I have feelings for him in such a short period even though I haven’t even seen him that much.


I call a cab, and give the address off Oliver’s house or rather a mansion. The driver gives me a questioning look, “Are you sure you want to go there miss? They are some dangerous people I hear, they somehow almost rule the town with an iron grip.” The driver says, I look at him questionably l never heard this, why have I never heard this. My Oliver is sweet and wouldn’t even hurt a fly and it’s not like he’s in the fucking mafia right? RIGHT?


“Just drive,” I tell the driver and turn to look out of the window. The whole drive I can’t help but think about Xavier I don’t know why I feel the same pull with him like I feel with Oliver even when I met him for the first time, I think I am going crazy I thought and shake my head to drow those thought away and look outside the window.


30 minutes later


The car turns up the driveway, and I see the big house come into view.


“Miss it’s not too late too late to turn around yet.” The driver says pulling me out of my thoughts.


“No it’s okay, I need to be here,” I say to the driver but also myself, I need to be here I constantly chant to myself, I need to be here, I need to be here, I need to be here. I pay the cab driver and I step out of the car. I chant this sentence some more.


I hear the car drive away and I take a deep breath, I need to be here, I need to be here, I need to be here, I chant to myself again.


I slowly take the steps up towards the house. I’m scared, I don’t know why I have some weird gut feeling.


I now stand on the highest step of the stairs, and I raise my hand to knock on the door but before I can knock on the door, I turn on my heels and start to walk away but an idea pop in my mind, I message Nick to meet me out of their house and didn’t tell him about it.


He comes out of the house and closes the door behind him carefully making sure that he didn't make any noise.


"Hey, Elena, long time no see, How are you doing?" he asked and hugged me.


"Hey, Nick, I am fine how are you doing?" I said and break the hug.


"I am doing fine, why did you call me here without wanting me to tell about you arrive at Oliver, he will be so happy to see you here, it was his birthday today you know that right? " he asks me.


"Yes I know, that's why I called you, I want to surprise him and scared him at the same time, you know what I mean?" I ask while wiggling my eyebrows.


"So you want me to let you in from the back door, right?" he asks me with a mischievous smirk on his face.


"You know me too well," I replied with my smirk.


"Well that will be fun, But I douth that will be not possible," he said making me confused.


"Why did you say that?" I ask confused.


"You will know when the time comes, let's go now," he said and started walking away from me while I watch his back  still in confusion,


"You coming there?" he asks when he saw that I am not following him, I get out of my trances and run to catch up with him. He leads me to the backyard and we enter the living room where a man who looks like Oliver but much older, he is Oliver's father I guess version sitting with a woman in her forties talking and looking at each other lovingly.

They look at me then look at Nick with a look that said who is she and what is the doing here, while Nick murmurs that he will them later and then signal me to go to Oliver who was busy in watching Maleficent with a small girl who looks 10 years old, I walk closer to him making sure I did not make any noise as  I put my hand over his shoulder he growls at me, what a flying fuck did he actually growls at me then he just stared at me shocked to see me here.

"Hey" I breathe out silently while waving my hand to him like an idiot, not knowing what else to say or do.  

Chapter 15


(Oliver P.O.V)

I wake up, groaning today is my birthday, and I'm turning 26 today. But I'm really not in the mood to party, I just want Elena, my mate. I groan only thinking about her already gets me a hard one, she acted really suspicious last night, she hung up on me and her for some reason slipped up and just changed her sentence in the middle. I can feel something is up, I have this gut feeling. There is something wrong she's hiding something from me or, something is going to happen to her.

"Maybe's she has found somebody else?" My wolf Ax says. I let out a growl that shakes the house on its ground, the thought infuriates me. My mate with somebody else not possible and I will not let it happen never.

I look on my phone and see that I have no new messages and no missed calls, even though it's only 9 in the morning usually she's really quick with these kinds of things I know from experience. Something is definitely up and it's making me anxious.

My door bangs open and my 10-year-old sister runs in, I know old right I'm 26 and she's 10. But my parents got me when my mother was 21 and my father was 22 they are both werewolves and it's very normal in our world. I can't wait to see Elena's belly all swollen up with our first pup, although I think it's going to be a while until we can get to that her being a human, and human wait long bladdy blah.

"Hey, earth to Oli," Lilly screams in my ear, I'm snapped out of my thought and grin at the only point of light in my days except for Elena of course but she's not really here in the moment as you have noticed.

"Yeah, I'm here."

"Still hung up on your mate, mate." Somebody else says I recognize her voice immediately. In the threshold of my door is standing my other little sister, she's 20 years old. On her hip, she's balancing her 1-year-old daughter Rose.

 "Hey Lisa" I great her.

"So how is my big brother doing" she teases me. "Is that a grey hair I see there," I can see the smirk on her face, I growl towards her and I'm ready to go and chase her through the house, but I'm stopped when I feel somebody pounces on my body I let out an ooff and see my little Lilly sitting on top of me, even though she's only 10 she's really strong but of course she is she's the daughter of the strongest alpha in the world. And what are the standards I have to live up to?

I pull her off my lap but still pretend that I'm having trouble with it, she gives out this cute giggle, although Elena's giggle is way cuter, of course, I'm not going to tell her that. I put her on the bed and tickles her making her laugh.

I get out of bed and walk into my walk-in closet, I put on some sweats and pair it off with a tank top. On the couch inside my closet is Elena's dress, it's torn, I assume that's why she didn't take it with her. I put it up to my nose so I can smell it Elena's smell is still on there but it's lingering, it's getting replaced with my smell because of the number of times I smelled it or cuddled with it while I was sleeping, it was the only thing right now that was keeping me and my wolf sane. I needed her back and soon too. Or I might snap, and do something I will regret terribly later on.

I walk downstairs with Lilly on my neck, Lisa is behind me balancing her daughter on her hip. I have a slight bounce in my steps, which makes Lilly laugh.

I come down into the kitchen and I see my parents already sitting there, while a maid is preparing some breakfast.

"Happy birthday Oliver." My mother says I cringe by the way how she uses my complete name nobody calls me that except for Elena, everybody is like Oli, Ol or something like that.

I'm pulled into a big hug by my mother, and we all take a seat at the breakfast bar and start eating.


30 minutes later

It’s been half an hour and of course, we are watching fucking Frozen - 2, yes you heard it right the big bad Alpha is watching fucking Frozen. I am getting more and antsier it isn't even normal anymore, I even have the idea I can smell her, I hear a car come up the driveway and I just assumed it is somebody that has some pack business to take care off.

The scent is now really making me go crazy it's like she's really outside the door, it has been this way for the past 5 minutes, and it's making me squirm in my seat.

"Are you okay?" Lisa asks me, a concerned look is etched on her face.

"I'm fan-fucking-tastic," I answer her with my jaw clenched, she knows better than to further distress me and she leaves me alone. I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder and I turn around with a huge growl which makes Elena and others jumped in fright.

Wait Elena. She is really here standing in front of us. I blinked a few times to make sure she really is here.

"Hey" I hear her say out of that beautiful mouth off her while waving her hand in front of me with a nervous smile,, but all I can think about is to kiss her until she has no breath left anymore in that little body off her. And I did I hold her kissed her until Ruby interrupted us.

Chapter 16


(Elena P.O.V)

"Hey," I say

Oliver doesn't react he just stands there immobile, maybe I shouldn't have come maybe this was a bad idea; maybe I should come back some other time. Maybe I shouldn't have come at all, maybe he found somebody else. So many scenarios are cursing through my head.

I'm about to turn around when I am gripped by the waist and turned around before I can let out a yelp I feel lips crash to mine. I snap my eyes open but relax when I see that it's Oliver and I quickly lean into his kiss, I feel him tug at my lip but I deny him access, but he suddenly grasps my butt which causes me to gasp and him being the sneaky bastard he is, he takes advantage of that all and slips his tongue inside my mouth. I moan into his mouth, and I hear him groan out of appreciation.

Our tongues battled for dominance and of course, he wins that battle, of course, men will be men.  We pull away and we're both gasping for air, he dives in for another kiss but right then we hear somebody clear there throat. I quickly pull away and look towards the direction of where the sound came from. I see a girl about 20/ 21 years old stand in the hallway, she has her hands on her eyes.

"Can I take my hands off my eyes, my poor innocent eyes will be scarred forever," She whines out. "I will have to take a bath filled with bleach trying to get this image out of my head."

"Oh shut up Lisa, we all know that you are not innocent," Oliver says. My head whips to the side looking at Oliver and then at the girl I presume is named Lisa trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

"So is this is your mate?" I hear Lisa asks

"Yeah, this is my mate," Oliver almost breathes out while looking at me in awe. I don't get it, what do they mean. I'm very confused.

“She is beautiful Oliver,” she said smiling at us.

“She really is, isn’t she?” Oliver asks her while looking at me in awe.

"Oh come on don't just stand there like that, introduce me you old man," I chuckle when I hear what Lisa says. Oliver lets out a low growl; I still don't understand what's up with the growling and stuff. I'm seriously concerned about his throat.

I get out of Oliver's grip and walk towards Lisa. "Hey I'm Elena Dawson," I say shyly.

"I'm Lisa Peterson, that old man that you were so passionately kissing is my brother." Her statement makes me blush, "Come on I'll introduce you to the rest of the crew."

And then we turn to see some faces I already know, like Sky, Michael Reece. I also see an elderly couple all lovely and dove on a loveseat and I just automatically assume them as Oliver's parents.

Lisa indeed introduces them as their parents. I shake them a hand.

"Mr. and Mrs. Matthew, It's a pleasure to meet you," I state trying to be polite.

"Oh please call me Ruth, and this is my husband Alpha Jason." I hear Ruth say "But since your Olli’s mate you can call me Jason" I hear Oliver's father say, I give them a confused look, I can see Julie's eyes flicker toward Oliver's and I see fear spread in them. I dare to look at Oliver and I see the anger coursing through his eyes.

Alpha? Mate? I have no idea what that means I should really ask Oliver about that later.

"And I think you met his friends already right?" Lisa asks me "yup," I say.

Right at that moment Nick jumps up and yells THE CONJURN 2 and pulls me into a big bear hug. And I hug him back confused about why he was acting like this when we just meet outside the house to surprise Oliver and then I heard him whisper to me that act like we have met now to annoy him and I did just that.

A second later I'm pulled into Oliver's chest, "MINE and MINE only" he growls out towards the group showing who the boss is. They all cower their heads and show there neck in submission I just think it's the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I try to wiggle out of his hold, but it is tight and he just tightens it.

I'm distracted from this all when Oliver puts his head in the crook of my neck and puts a kiss where my neck and shoulders meet, I hear him sniff my smell up and purr in content. Wait what?? Purr? I must have heard that wrong. No way in hell that he would have purred. I get even more distracted when I'm completely consumed by his smell, it smells woodsy and like the morning air, filled with the smell of just-cut grass.

It reminds me off home. And I instantly settle deeper into his chest, I can feel the butterflies go wild in my chest; I think I'm really falling for my Hero.

He's wearing a tight shirt, so with me being all pressed up to him, I can feel his defined chest and 6 packs. Oh how I love to see him naked again, the thought brings a blush onto my cheek.

"What are you thinking of, princess?" He whispers in my ear while slowly tugging and nibbling on my ear lobe. I sigh in content.

"That how much I missed you, babe?" I say I don't know why I added the only you but it just felt right.

“I missed you to love,” he said and kissed my neck and then I remember again where I am and I start to try and get out of Oliver's death grip, but it only gets stronger.

"NO don't go away, please." The last part he whispers only for my ears to hear. And then he both sets us down on a chair, me on top of him my back to his front, I lean against his chest, and wiggle in his lap for a little bit trying to find a comfortable pose.

"Princess" he breathes huskily in my ears "If you don't stop wiggling that perfect ass I'll have to be rude and take you somewhere private." He then continues to nibble and pull my earlobe.

“What about me big brother, won’t you introduce me to her,” a cute little girl said pouting at us.

“Of course princess, Elena meets Lilly my little sister, Lilly this is my girlfriend Elena,” Oliver said tucking Lilly on his hips.

“Hey, little one it’s a pleasure to meet you,” I said smiling at her.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” She said shyly and hide her face in Oliver’s neck. Then my stomach grumbles making face red in embarrassment.

“I will go and fetch you something to eat, why don’t you take her to your room Oliver, I will send something to eat for you guys,” Lisa said taking Lilly from him. Oliver holds my hands and takes me to his room.

Chapter 17

(Oliver P.O.V)

I take Elena's hand and take her to my room. I can’t believe mom to be so irresponsible to slip the Alpha word in front of her. Can’t she smell her that she is a human? Anyway, I have to tell her the truth better tell her everything soon before she gets to know about it someone else but not now, right now I want to spend as much time I can when she is here with me.

I open the door of my room and let us in.

“Happy birthday my love,” Elena said as soon as I close the door behind his and give me a passionate kiss.

“I have a surprise for you,” she said breaking the kiss.

“No, I don’t want it, you are enough to surprise for me,” I said started kissing her neck.

“I know, I know, but I still want to give it to you, please,” she said with a pout and a puppy dog eye and how can I say no to that. Man, I am whipped.

“Fine,” I said with a sigh.

“Okay, let’s take a seat first,” she said beaming at me and both of us walk towards my bed and take a seat. She opens her purse and takes a big small rectangle box from her purse.

“What is in it?” I ask her.

“Open it and then you will know,” she said smiling at me. I remove the gifted wrapper and open it to see one long rectangle and one small square box in it.

“Are you playing a game with me, by giving am empty box wrapped in a gifted wrapper? You hurt me, Elena,” I ask her faking the hurt.

“No, of course not, open it and you will know the truth, open the rectangular one first,” she said making me chuckle. I open the long rectangular box to see Heart Shaped Triplet Hanging Wall Frames with Vintage Flower…, in one frame there was my picture and in other, there was her picture and in the third one there was our picture kissing one another.

“Do you like it?” she asks nervously.

“I love it, thank you,” I said looking at my first gift.

“I will hang in over my wall,” I said smiling at her.

“Now, it is it in that, are you planning to propose me?” I ask smirking at her while shaking the small square box also hoping that I was right inside my head.

“Aren’t you going over yourself,” she asks irritated making me chuckle. I remove the wrapper and open the box to see Loc man One Black PVD Stainless Steel Chronograph Men's Watch. I remove it from the box and take it in my hand.

“I know it not as expensive as you like to wear but I can only afford it with my reaming salary, hoping that you like it,” she said looking sad. I put the watch in the box and take her hands in mine and then kiss it.

“Anything you give me is going to be the most expensive and precious thing for me because the price of the product didn’t matter but the person who give you that and the heart and the intention of the person matter the most, and if you ask me, having you here in my birthday, is the most wonderful gift, for me, even if you didn’t have brought any gift for me and just be here with me on my birthday would be enough for me too, because I love you, Elena, I did,” I said seriously looking deep in her eyes.

“Oh baby, I love you too,” she said and kissed me passionately.

“Sorry to disturb you love birds, but the lunch was ready, come down and join us,” Lisa said peaking inside the room with a smirk on her face.

“If she wasn’t a woman and my sister I would have killed her for disturbing us,” I said with a growl and she giggled at me.

“Come on, let’s go for lunch, I am hungry,” She said and dragged me downstairs with her.

After lunch, we talk for some time and walk back to my room.

“I don’t want to have a party I want to spend all my time with you,” I complain snuggling with her.

“Come on, Olli be a man now, you can’t ditch the party just because you want to spend some alone time with your girlfriend, they have wanted to throw it for you because they love you so much,” She said running her hands in my hair.

“I know but-” I said but she cut me off.

“No buts you are attending the party and that is it,” she said smirking at me.

“You know I love it when you take a charge on me,” I said hovering over her.

“Oh yeah?” she asks me.

“Oh yeah,” I said and kissed her deeply which turn in a  big make-out session that turns in us making love with each other. After two rounds she got tired so I decided to let her take some rest and watch her while she sleeps like a baby and doesn’t know when I also fall asleep while watching her sleep.

Sometime later

(Elena P.O.V)

The party was over and we were just saying goodbye to Oliver's parents, and his friends. Apparently, his friends were going on vacation so we had the house for our selves for the remainder of my stay. Which were only three days more from tomorrow, since I still had the stuff to take care of in the Netherlands for my study?

"Now I finally have you for myself," Oliver says while stalking up to me like a hunter stalks his prey. He pulls me into a big suffocating hug we pull away and we look each other in the eyes, he then looks at my lips and pulls me into a bruising kiss, things become heated quickly.

We pull away from both panting, breathless. "That reminds me, why are you in America."

"I got a job here, for when I finish college, by the NY building cooperation."

"Wow babe that's amazing, I'm so happy for you that means that I can see you more," Oliver says with joy and I see little sparkles in his eyes.

"Hold your horse’s boy; I still have to finish school first," I say

"But why?" He whines "You don't have to finish school you don't have to work; I can take care of you." This statement kind of caught me off my guard.

"Let's just go to bed Olli, I'm really tired," I say and a yawn escapes my mouth, Oliver chuckles and picks me up and starts walking up the stairs towards his bedroom, he puts me softly on the bed and cages me in. He puts a soft kiss upon my lips, and when he pulls away another yawn escapes me.

“Okay, I didn't know I was that boring." I let out a giggle; Oliver just shakes his head and disappears into another room which I remember as the walk-in closet. He comes out in only sweats, I immediately have my eyes glued on his chest and his abs, and O how he would look when it's all glistening in sweat. I once again feel a blush creep up my cheeks.

"Thinking about me again princess" I stick my tongue out towards Oliver. "Did I mention by the way that you look amazing in that dress?"

"No you didn't" and I feel my cheeks get even redder.

"Well you look amazing in that dress, I'm sure I would love it even more if you got it off you." My cheeks turn red because of this statement I'm blushing furiously.

"Here you can sleep in this" and Oliver throws one of his t-shirts towards me. I gladly grip it and do my business in the bathroom.

I come out and Oliver is already underneath the covers, I get in next to him in the empty spot.

"Goodnight Princess"

"Goodnight my knight in the shinning suit," hearing this he snickers. I then remember the question I wanted to ask.


"MHz" he answers me

"what is a mate, and why does everybody call your father, Alpha?"

"Babe, I'll tell you some other time, right now you should sleep you're tired." I comply with this but still, this gnaws at me, why wouldn't he just tell me.

Oliver pulls me flush to his body, and his smell engulfs me, making me at ease. And soon the familiar blackness off sleep overcomes me.

Chapter 18


(Xavier P.O.V)

After attending an important meeting, I pack my bag and drove back home. I put the pass-code in the door access and the door opens automatically. I closed the door and walk inside the kitchen to get a glass of cold water. After that, I walk to my room feeling tired from a hectic day.

As I open the door of my room I saw Maya, my usual fuck buddy lying on my bed fully naked. God, how can I forgot that I have given the password so that she can come inside whenever she wants so that I can get some steam out whenever I want but I have a feeling that I am going to regret it soon?

‘I have told you before not to do that, but since when have you ever listened to me, now pay for it,’ my wolf said to me with a snarl and blocked me out. I massaged my head feeling a huge headache coming my way.  

“Love, you look tired but don’t worry, I know how to make you feel better,” she said while walking towards me and purr while running her hand over my arm try to seduce me, which only increase my annoyance for her.

“Look, Maya, I am in no mood to deal with you right now, so it would be better for both of us if you leave me alone and one more thing, we are over for once and for all, so don’t ever cross my path again,” I said to her while massaging my head.

“But, Xavier we were with each for such a long time, why did you want to break up with me, I love you, you know that right,” she said with a pout and a fake tear in her eyes.

“I know you never love me, you were with me only for my power and looks so don’t fool me, just take your things and get out of my house,” I said closing my eyes to calm myself.

“But...” she said but I cut her off.

“Out,” I shouted at her cutting her off.

“You are going to regret it, I am going to make sure of it,” she shouted at me while grabbing her clothes from the floor and walking out of my room. I sighed in relief; I grab a boxer from the closet and walk inside the washroom to take a cold shower. After a shower, I change the password and directly got inside the cover not feeling the appetite to eat anything.

The next day I got up and followed my routine. After taking a shower and getting ready, I walk downstairs to see Abby is making breakfast for me. Abby is like a second mother to me. Her husband/mate was a warrior in my pack who died in a war with rogue since then she stayed with my parents and look after me when my parents were busy in their pack duties.

“Good morning Abby? When did you come home?” I ask taking a seat on the dining table.

“Good morning Xavi, I come when you throw that slut out of the house, you look tired so I didn’t so I directly go to my room not wanting to disturb you,” she said while flipping a pancake making me chuckle at the face she made when she said the slut/ Maya.

“How are Emily and the newborn baby?” I ask her.

“Emily is doing well and she had twins, one girl, and one boy, both Emily, and baby are healthy,” she said smiling at me.

“I am really happy when you decided o throws her out of your life, but I am curious, why did you do that? Did she say or do something that made you throw her out of your life?” she asks me.

“Well, I have good news to tell you,” I said keeping an emotionless face but inside I am excited to the news with her. She nodded her head at me telling me to continue while serving me my breakfast.

“I found my mate,” I blunt it out and she nodded her head at me and it takes some time for her to sink what I said to her and then she looks with a wide eye at me.

“Really?” she asks me and I nodded at her with a smile on my face. She runs to me and hugged me tightly and I hugged her back with a chuckle.

“Tell me everything about her? Who is she? When did you meet her? Is she is a human/ vampire/ Lycian/ werewolf/ did I know her?” she throws questions after questions after me without taking a breath.

“Relax, Abby, I will tell you everything about her when I come for work, right now I have to go, I have an important meeting to attend,” I said getting up from my seat and she pouted t me.

“Don’t give me that look, Abby, I promise I will tell you everything maybe even show you her photo,” I said and she smiled at me. I kiss her on the cheek and walk out from there.

It takes half an hour for me to reach there. As I enter my room sigh at some important files then go for the meeting. After meeting I come back to see my PI was waiting for me.

“Good morning sir,” he greeted me while standing from his seat.

“Good morning, did you get all the information I want?”  I ask him.

“Yes sir, here is the file, I also manage to get some of her pictures,” he said while passing me the file.

“Okay, thank you, I will call you if I need something else,” I said to him, he nodded at me and walk away from there. I open the fill and see the photos of her. She looks beautiful in all the photos. But the one I like is most is the one in which she was dressed in a red sari while holding a dog in her arms and smiling at the camera. So she is a dog person. I thought to look at the picture. I keep the photo aside and start reading the information about her.

Name - Elena Dawson.

Age - 23.

Origin: Califonia.

Studying Civil engineering, 3rd year in Mount High.

Father name: Ajay Dawson.

Brother name:

Mother Name: Mira Dawson.

Blood group: B +.

Has worked in Mcknight enterprises in an internship for 3 months.

Best friend: Stella Anderson.

Hobbies: Playing the piano, singing, and basketball. 

Status: Girlfriend of Oliver Matthew.

'Why didn't I feel jealous knowing that she already has a boyfriend?' I thought.

"You will find out will time," my wolf said to me and I shrugged it off.

I dial David who is the trusty of mount high, Alpha of Creek moon pack and my best friend and asks him if I can come to visit his college as a guest and he said yes but not before asking why. I told him that I will tell him everything when I meet him and get back to my work while still thinking about my mate and what my wolf told me before. 

Chapter 19

(Oliver’s P.O.V)

I wake up next to my beautiful mate, she’s sleeping peacefully. She was tired out, of course, she was after I had my way with her. I just feel complete when she’s next to me, I already love her to death, and I’m afraid to tell her my secret. But soon she will find out, and she will have to learn it from me. But what will I do if she walks outs of my life? I thought.

I can feel her stir, she’s starting to wake up. And I then hear her mumble something incoherently, I can’t really make out what she’s saying but I find it adorable. I wouldn’t know what to do when I would ever lose her.

(Elian’s P.O.V)

I’m feeling the sun on my skin, and I begin to stir, slowly waking up. I can feel Oliver looking at me. “You know if you take a picture, it might last longer,” I say to him, curling my lips up into a small smile.

“Or I could just keep you by my side for the rest of my life, that’s kind of a picture right?”

“Yeah, the only problem is that that isn’t going to work,” I say

“I’m flying back to my home town tonight my classes start soon again.”

“WHAT” He bellows, which throws me off my game, I inch a little bit further away from him.

“YOU’RE MINE AND ONLY MINE,” Oliver yells again, he’s seriously creeping me out right now. It’s so scary.

“I think we went over this already Oliver, I’m my own person, you don’t own me,” I state, my voice telling him not to mess with me right now, I’m mad.

“Okay, you’re your own person. I just have to tell you something.” Oliver says, his sentence sparks my curiosity.

“Okay, shoot!”

“Not now, tonight. I first want to enjoy you a little bit more.”

“But whyyyyy?” I whine he’s making no sense right now.
We spent the day just being lazy and watching some movies. We watch Frozen because I saw that he had that movie. And to my surprise he was softly singing along to all the songs, I chuckle slightly.“What’s wrong?” Oliver asks with curiosity

“O nothing I just find it funny that you know all the songs from Frozen.” I hear him groan.

“My niece and sister always make me watch, I hate it.”

It is 7 in the night, and I’m starting to pack for my trip back to the Netherlands.

“Oliver you still need to still tell me that thing, you wanted to tell me this morning.

“O yeah that’s right, I forgot about that one.” Oliver just simply states.“You might want to sit down for this one.” Oliver’s tone is scaring me, is this the part where he tells me he secretly has a girlfriend?

“So do you know the story of werewolves?” Oliver asks.

“Of course I know the story about werewolves, I read a lot of novels in a different type of books app, super possessive Alpha finding his Luna overcoming their fears, and having there happily ever after. Yeah I know that shit”

“Well... I’m a werewolf, a soon-to-be Alpha to be exact, and well you’re my mate. The future Luna of this pack.” He states and I burst into a fit of laughter, hmm maybe my superman is insane.

“That’s a good one Oliver,” I say still giggling, I wipe the tears from laughing out of the corner of my eyes. And look at his face, there is no hint of joking on there, no hint of a smile either.

“You’re joking, right? You aren’t serious are you, because werewolves are just stories they don’t exist.”

“But I am a werewolf Elina. Everybody in my family is, didn’t you notice how everybody called my father Alpha.” He states I look at him like he’s crazy

“Okay, well fuck this I’m out.”

“What do you mean you’re out?” Oliver asks with disbelief written all over his face

“Like I’m saying I’m out, I am not going to deal with your shit Oliver. I’m not going to live in your weird-ass dream world you call real life.”

“DON’T CONTACT ME, DON’T CALL ME, DON’T COME TO MY PLACE, DON’T EVER TAKE UP CONTACT WITH ME AGAIN.” I almost scream at him, he flinches away from me, by now tears are threatening to escape my eyes.

“I’m out Oliver, goodbye.” And with that, I turn around, grip my suitcase, and march right out of the door. Saying goodbye to Oliver forever.

(Oliver P.O.V)

“I’m out Oliver, goodbye,” she said to me while indirectly rejecting me. I was hardly trying to able to control my tears and run after her.

"I am not crazy, and what I said to you is true, Elina, just give me a chance to explain myself, I can also so you if you want but please, believe me, Elina," I pleaded to her while grabbing her arm trying to stop her from walking out of my life.

"You know what Oliver, you need a check-up because you really have gone insane, and please let me go if you ever had loved me in your life," she said removing mu hand from her arm. She calls a cab, gets inside the car, and drives away from me and I break down in front of my house unable to bear the pain of losing her, and I didn't know when I passed out due to the pain in my chest.

Chapter 20

(Oliver P.O.V)

I wake up, feeling a huge headache, and tried to open my eyes, as soon as, I open it I was blinded by the bright light and close my eyes. I blink my eyes a little time to get used to it and open it again to see my family and friends are back and hovering over me.

"Are you okay, Oliver?" My dad asks looking worried and I shake my head which only increases my headache making me groan in pain.

"My baby, what happened to you? Why did I find out you passed out near the gate and where is Elena? " my mom asks looking worried while caressing my head and a lone tear fall from my eyes.

I open my mouth to say something but word fails to come out from my mouth. I put my hand over my head massaging my temple to lessen the pain.

"Here," mom said passing a cup of water with a two-pill of aspirin and I gulp it down in no time and give the cup back to my mother.

"Have some rest, we will talk about this later okay," dad asks with a small smile on his face.

"Come on, everyone," dad said rushing others out of my room.

"But," mom protest.

"I know that you are worried about him, Ruth but he needs rest we will talk to him when he is in condition to talk but right now, he needs to rest okay," dad said to him and she nodded her head at him and they walk out of my room.

"Mate," my wolf whimper in my head.

"I know but don't worry we will find a way to get her back," I said to him, he whimpers again and hides somewhere in my mind and I fall asleep thinking about how to win my mate back.

I wake up when I heard a knock on the door and turn to see my mother standing behind the door with a small smile on her face.

"How are you feeling, baby?" she ask walking towards me.

"Better," I said forcing a smile on my face.

"Now will you tell me what happened and why did we find you pass out at the gate?" she asks taking the seat on the edge of the bed. I nodded my head and she helps me sit on the bed. I tell her everything that happens when they leave me and Elena alone so that we can spend some time with each other.

"My baby, don't worry just give her some time, I know she will come around in time, you know Mansion tells Stella about him being a werewolf and her being his mate, and when she didn't believe him he shifts into a wolf in front of her and she freaks out, then passes out on him."

" When she wakes up she freaks out on him again and runs away from him. She comes back today when back to him today saying that it broke her to stay away from Manson, and how to have a soul mate bond with someone not worrying about her boyfriend cheating on her back, and now she is planning to move in here to stay with him, I know if Stella can accept him, then Elena can also accept you. Asks Stella for help, it will become easy for Elena to accept you when she finds herself and her best friend in the same boat," she said smiling at me and I nodded at her sighing in relief. Maybe mom was right, maybe it will work. I hope so.

"Thanks, mom," I said smiling at her.

"Mention not, Now go get fresh, you must be starving, I will prepare your fav dish for lunch, okay?" she asks and I nodded at her with a small smile on my face. After she walks out of my room, I grab my phone and call her in hope that she will talk to me only to disappointed.

"Mate," my wolf whimper.

"Don't worry, we will find our way back to her," I assured him, he whimpered again and block me. I walk to my closet to grab some clothes and walk to the washroom to get ready for the day.

(Olivia P.O.V)

I landed back to LA feeling disoriented, and alone, don't know why. I sigh and decided to go to my home instead of going to my hostel since I have two days left before my college begins.

I am still upset and angry at Oliver but I miss him already. I feel like someone squeezing my heart and I don't want to do anything but run back to Oliver and hide in his arms. I shake my head and hier the cab and go home.

After reaching home, I spend some time with my family, catching up with them, and go to my room to get fresh and come down for lunch. Has I was about to enter the washroom and when I heard my phone goes off. I pick it up to see Oliver is calling me. A lone tear falls from my face and I harshly wipe it away from my face. I cut the phone than walk inside the washroom, as soon as the hot water touch my body, I break down in the shower unable to control the dam I was holding for so long.

When I feel my body goes numb, I compose myself and dressed in a sweatshirt and pant. I go down to have lunch with my family and then come back to my room to have a nap. As soon as I get in the bed I was out like a light.

Chapter - 21

 (Oliver P.O.V)

It’s has been a week since Elena leaves me without letting me explain anything or to prove myself to her. I have tried to call her, but every time I call her, it goes to the voicemail. I guess she has blocked my number so that, I cannot able to reach her.

I have also tried to reach her by Facebook, but she has also blocked me there. I have also asked her best friend to talk some sense into her to at least give me a chance to prove myself but, she said that she has tried it many times but she always change the topic or bluntly said that she did not want to do anything with me.

I think it is enough. I don’t think I will be able to take it anymore. I will make her listen to me forcefully if I have too. With that, I mind link Racee.

“Racee, I want you to order my pilot to get the plan ready by tomorrow,” we are leaving for the LA, tomorrow,” I said to him through the mind link.

“And also tell Manson and Stella to pack their things, they are coming with us,” I said and cut the mind link without waiting for his reply.

“Dad, would you mind handling pack and business for a few days?” I ask him through the mind link.

“Not at all soon, go and, win my daughter in law back,” he said and I can imagine him smiling at me.

“How -,” I ask but he cut me off.

“I am your father, son, and being an Alpha I know nothing is more important for an Alpha, besides his mate and pack,” he said making a smile form in my face. After that, I call my secretary and tell her to cancel all my meetings for three days from tomorrow.

The next day, we pack our bags and walk to the living room, we said our farewell to others and drove to the airport.

“Thank you for coming with me Stella,” I said while loading my laptop bag in the overhead cabin.

“Your welcome Alpha, I can do anything for you and my best friend,” Stella said smiling at me and I smile back at her. I buckle my self and close my eyes and decided to take a nap, but the excitement of being able to see my mate and hold her in my arms didn’t let me sleep. So, I take my phone out of my pocket play my favorite song list and close my eyes.

The next thing I know, I feel someone shaking me, I open my eyes to see, Manson is shaking me tr to wake me up.

“How long was I asleep?” I ask him while stretching myself.

“Not that long maybe an hour to two,” he said smiling at me.

“Are we here yet?” I ask him with a yawn.

“Not yet, we still have 3 hours left until we reach there, I just want to wake you up so that, you can have your lunch,” Manson said to me and pass me my lunch. I finish it and, give the empty box to the hostess and close my eyes to have some sleep and this time fall asleep without any trouble. I guess all the stress and sleepless nights are catching up to me.

“Hello, this is the captain Peter Jason, I would request you all to buckle you your seatbelt, we are preparing for landing, we will land in L.A in 5 mins,” I pilot said to us and within no time we landed in L.A.

We gather our bags from the airport and walk out of the airport to see Mr. Lookwood, our driver, were standing there and waiting for us. We loaded our bags in the car and drive to the mansion my parents have purchased here when they come here for their honeymoon.

After reaching there, I run to my room and take the fastest shower I have ever taken in my life. I take the car keys from Mr. Lookwood and drove to the girl’s hostel room, where she was staying at. It takes 20 mins for me to reach there.

I get out of the car and walk towards her from the room and knock on it.

“Yes,” a brunette opens the door and checks me out.

“Is Elena there in the room?” I ask her.

“No, she has come a few days ago to take her things and left the room, she hasn’t come back then,” she said to me.

“Shit,” I curse out loud while running my hands through my hair.

“You know, I am better than her in a bed, and there is no one inside the room right now,” she said in a seductive voice which sounds like a crying cat to me.

“I am sorry, but I have stopped bedded the slut a few weeks ago,” I said disgusted and walks out of there. What should I do now? What should I do now? I ask myself while pacing around my car and then an idea comes to my mind.

Maybe I can go to her college and find the address of her home from there. Knowing her, she isn't that stupid that she will change her college in the last year of her college just to avoid me. Ronak Jonson is the principle and the trusty of the college, he is the cousin brother of my mother, I haven't seen him in a long time but I know he will not denial to help me since he is a werewolf too and will understand my problem.

With that thought, I drove to her college and then walk to the receptionist.

"I want to meet the principle of the college, is he available right now?" I ask the receptionist.

"No, sir, he has gone out to attend the important meeting," she said to me.

"Can I know when will he come back from the meeting?" I ask her.

"Tomorrow sir," she said to me.

"Uh, can I get the address of one of the students who study in this college?" I ask her with a hopeful eye but deep inside myself, I know the answer to the question.

"No sir, I can not give you any confidential information of any student or staff member, unit you are somehow related to the student/ if student tell us to give it with written permission or you have written permission from the principal or any family member of the student," she said to me and I nodded my head in understanding. I call my uncle and even call my cousin but none of them answer the call.

I sign in defeat, thanked the receptionist, and walk out of the college with my wolf whimpering inside my head.

Chapter - 22


(Elena P.O.V)

It has been a week since I have a fight with Oliver and I walk out of his life. Since I left him, I will lonely and incomplete without him. I can’t help but miss him and his possessiveness. So I have decided to move out of my dorm room and stay with my parent’s house, not wanting to spend any more time with my bitchy roommate in this condition.

I sigh and walk inside the washroom, I take a hot shower, as soon as the hot water touch my skin, I feel my muscles relax and all tension leaves my body. After a shower, I dried myself and get in comfortable clothes. As soon as I get inside the bed I was out like a light.

The next day, I wake up with my alarm clock ringing in my ears, I shut it off and get ready for the college. I walk in the kitchen and greeted my parents with a good morning and kiss on their check and ruffle my brother’s hair while he scowls at me. We eat breakfast while, making small talks and my brother drop me to the college.

As I was about to walk inside the gate, I saw Oliver, Manson, Stella walking out of their car. What are they doing here? and what is Stella doing with them and then, I remember her saying that she has found herself a boyfriend whose name is also Manson, but I don’t think her boyfriend and Oliver’s best friend are the same, person.

Anyway, I hide my face with the help of my brother’s hoodie and listen to their conversation while hiding behind the tree.

“What are we doing here?” Stella asks him.

“This is the college where Elena is doing his engineering, we are here to find her and clear her misunderstanding,” Manson said smiling and looking lovingly at her.

“But what if she saw us coming in the college and hide somewhere or did not attend the college for today to hide from us?” Stella asks him.

“My mother’s cousin brother is the principle of the college, I can ask for help from him, I know he would not denial to give me her address,” Oliver said smiling at her.

“Ugh, Oliver why did you leave me alone, shit he knows the principle, if he managed to get the address of my house he will come there, I don’t want him to go there, my parents are already worried about me, it will only add to their worries, I have to do something, but what can I do?” I said to myself and started pacing around near the tree.

Then an idea comes to me, how about I change the address in my college registry, and then I can change it back when I get rid of them, yes I can do that, with that thought in my mind I walk inside the college and go to the library. I take a seat in front of one of the computers in the liberal and log on the college website and change the address.

While walking out of the library, I call one of my classmates and tell her that I could not able to attend the lecture because I am not feeling well and request her to records the lecture for me and also makes notes for me. This way Oliver would not able to reach me, just in case the principal calls me in his office and I also not miss my lectures.

As I put my phone in the pocket, I bump into a fall and, I was about to fall on my ass but, two strong arms catch me on time. I look up to see it was Mr. Mcknight was holding me in his arms.

“Mr. Mcknight, what are you doing here?” I ask him while smiling at him and trying to get back on my feet.

“Xavier, call me Xavier please, Mr, Mcknight makes me feels old, and about your question, I am here for some important work, but what are you doing here? shouldn’t you be in your class attending lectures?” he asks me.

“Yes, but my lectures were canceled due to some problems,” I lied to him. Wow, Elena, since when did you learn to lie so smoothly, I ask myself. I don’t think he believes me since he was looking at me with the look that says I don’t believe you.

“Okay,” he said nodding his head at me, but I know he didn’t buy it.

“Since you are free now, would you mind showing me around some tourist places, while I am here, actually I had visit L.A many times but only in business purpose but didn’t get time to explore it, and I would like to visit them with you, only if you don’t mind,” he said to me with a smile on his face.

“I would love to, but haven’t you come here for some business-related work?” I ask him.

“I have, but the real work will not start until a day or two, and I have come here to discuss something with someone, it won’t take more than 10 minutes, why don’t you go and wait for me in my car, I will be back in no time,” he said to me, I nodded my head and started walking then I remember I didn’t ask him which car it is.

“The black Mercedes, outside the gate, my driver is already there waiting for me,” he said answering my unasked question. True to his words, when I get out of the gate, I saw a driver standing beside the black Mercedes,. He opens the door for me when he saw me walking towards him.

I sit inside the car and message my brother that he did not need to come to college to pick me up and that, my lecturers are canceled and I meet my boss and going to show him around the town and that he will drop me home. After some time, Mr. Mcknight comes and sits beside me.

“Where to sir?” the driver asks him and Mr. Mcknight looks at me for an answer.

“Griffith park, please,” I said to the driver, he starts the car and drives us to our destination.

After Griffith park, we visit many different places, click some pictures, and tasks some selfies with each other. We also get to know more about each other, generally, Mr. Mcknight asking me about myself and I answer him.

While spending time with him, I notice one thing, that when I am with him, I didn't miss Oliver as much as I do when I am in home/college or anywhere as and, I feel tingles whenever we touch each other just like, I feel whenever Oliver touches me, but at the corner of my heart, I still miss him.

When the sun started to set, we go to the Italian restaurant to have dinner. After that, he drops me off to my home.

Chapter - 23


(Xavier P.O.V)

When I go to my mate’s college, I have decided to find more information about her and get to know more about her by spending some time with her, but what I didn’t expect is too actually, bump into her.

So, when I bumped into her, I ask her to show me around the town with the hope that she will accept my offer so that I can able to spend some time with her and get to know more about her. And to my luck she did and I and my wolf can’t be happier. I sent her to my car to wait for me and walk inside the college only to bump into Oliver.

Oliver is one of my allies in the werewolf world and business partner. I am happy that he has also found his mate and sad that his mate is upset from him, I hope he will get his mate back soon because I don’t know what I will do if Elena got upset or angry on me.

You see, mate is the most important thing in Lycian and werewolf life after their wolf and pack, we cannot live without our mate. We talk for some time then I walk inside the principal office.

I told him that I come here to find more information about my mate and to spend some time with her. I have also come here to find new candidates for my new upcoming branch, we talk for some time discussing the no of candidates I need, their qualifications, the date for the interview, etc. Then I said goodbye to him and go back to my mate.

Together we explore many places while making small talks, taking selfies, and pictures. I also get to know more about her. In the last, we have dinner in the Italian restaurant and I drop her at her home and comes back to my mansion. It was the best day of my life. With that thought on my mind, I fall in a dreamless slumber.

(Oliver P.O.V)

The next day, I decided to go to Elena college again but this time with others. We talk for some time and decided to wait for Elena to enter inside the gate of the college, but when she did not appear in front of us we decided to go inside the college and find her.

After we walk inside the college, I told Manson and Stella to look inside the college for her, while I go to the principal office and meet my uncle.

On my way to him, I bump into an old friend, allies, business partner, and the Alpha of the strongest pack Xavier Mcknight. We talk for some time then walk inside the principle office to see my cousin David is sitting in the chair instead of my uncle.

“David, “I call him to get his attention.

“Oliver, it’s so good to see you again, bro, so how did I own this pleasure, huh,? and is that dark circles I see on your eyes, what’s wrong?” he asks while getting out of his seat to come and hug me.

“Don’t ask bro, my life has become like a hell,” I said shaking my head and running my hands on my face.

“Why? What happened?” he asks me and I tell him everything that happens between me and Elena.

“You see that’s why I don’t want to have a human mate, either they freak out on you or think that you are crazy,” he said shaking his head at me.

“Anyway, how can I help you?” he asks me.

“Can you call her here?” I ask him.

“Sure, what’s her name?” he asks me.

“Elena, Elena Dawson, ” I tell him and he calls her using the mike. I feel a smile on my face and my wolf wagging his tail in my mind thinking of meeting my mate again but it all goes in vail when I smell a woodsy and spicy scent instead of Honey, lemon, and Cinnamon smell of my mate and a boy wearing glasses enters the office.

"Sir, Elena Dawson is absent today," the boy informed us.

"Do you know why she is absent today?" David asks him.

"No sir," the boy said to him and David dismisses him.

"Don't worry, Oliver, I will give you her address, you can go there and meet her," David said smiling at me and type something in his laptop and then write something in the paper.

"Here, is the address," he said while holding the paper for me.

"Thank you, David, you don't know how much it means to me," I said taking the paper from him with the huge smile on my face. I shake his hand and give a side hug to him and walk out of the office to see Manson and Stella are already waiting for me.

"I have the address of her house, let's go," I said smiling at them. We get inside the car and drive to her house. We get out of the car and knock at the door and someone opens the door.

"Yes," a raven-haired girl opens the door for us.

"Is Elena there?" I ask her.

"Who?" she asks me.

"Elena Dawson, it is her apartment right?" I ask her.

"No, it is my apartment, sir, I think someone has given you the wrong address," the raven-haired girl said to me.

"Alpha, do you think she is lying to us, by Luna's order?" Manson asks me through mind-link.

"No, I don't think it was the case if it was that, we would have smelled the lies from her, and I also not able to smell my mates intoxicated smell," I said to him through the mind link.

"Did you guys somehow purchase the house from Dawson family, or do you know by anyhow know Elene Dowson," I ask her with hope to hear the answer is positive.

"No, I am sorry sir," she said with a sad smile and close the door of her house.

"Alpha, do you think that your uncle had given you the wrong address?" Manson asks me.

"And why would he do that?" I ask him while raising an eyebrow at him.

"I am not saying that he had deliberately given you the wrong address, maybe hew has mistaken our Luna with someone else, like that raven-haired girl," Manson said to me.

"I doubted that, if there is more than one Elena Dawson in the college, then don't you think he would have asked me about her appearance so that he can give me the right address, " I ask her and he nodded at him.

"My guess is, she had heard our conversation and change the address so that we cannot able to find her," Stella said while looking lost in her thoughts.

"That makes more sense, and if what you said was right then I don't think we would be able to find her, not until she wants, I should have marked her when she has come to visit me, at least, I would able mind link her and able to find her using the mate bond," I said running my hands through my hair.

"Don't just give up yet Alpha, I know she won't be able to reject the bond for a long time, you know how strong is the mate bond is especially between Alpha and Luna is, even if she is human, I don't think she would be able to reject it, because she would feel the lonely and depressed you were feeling now," Manson said trying to comfort me.

"I hope so, Manson, I hope so," I said with a forced smile on my face.

"So, what now?" Stella asks me.

"What now? we have to get back to our pack, we can't just stay here and try to find here, my old man would not be able to handle business and pack for a very long time," I said to light up their tone. I get inside the car and drive back to my mansion to go and prepare to leave.

Chapter - 24


(Elena P.O.V)

It has been more than a year, since Oliver come here to find me and talk with me, and since then he has not come here, and I was grateful for that.

I still miss him every day, he used to call me and leave voicemails but after a few weeks he stopped, and I’m glad he stopped because it was really hard on me. I was on the verge of breaking and going back to Oliver, maybe it’s the mate bond that’s pulling me towards Oliver. I snort out loud, I shouldn’t have done that, the whole class is looking at me like I’m crazy.

Yeah, that’s right I’m in class right now, ugh only a view more weeks, and then I will be done, hopefully forever.

I can’t wait to start my new job, maybe that will help me to get over Oliver, I should get a rebound. But I know better than to date anybody in my class or year those things just end bad and in heartbreak. And I’m not in the mood for that.

A few months later.

“Now I would like to like to invite our guest of honor Mr. McKnight, to come and say few encouraging words to our student,” the principal Mr. David said in the mike and Mr. McKnight comes and takes the stage.

“Thank you, everyone, first of all, I would like to thank Mr. David to invite me to this wonderful occasion, and would like to congratulate all of you on your graduation.” Mr. McKnight said in the mike.

“After my graduation, I have directly taken over the company of my father, but I guess not all of us were born with the silver spoon in our mouth right?” he asks and chuckles at himself.

“After your graduation, some of you will take over your father’s company, some of you will go for your higher studies, some of you start your own business, and some of you join the other companies, I only wanted to say one thing to you, do whatever you want to do but do it with passion and only do it if you really want to do it because, if you do it because your parents or relatives force you to do it, the thing you do will feel like a burden to you but if you are doing it because you really want to do it you will feel yourself enjoying your work instead of feeling it like a burden, and in the last but not the least, before you make any decision about your career go through all the pros and cons of the thing you want to do and also do full research on it, this way you will never regret your decisions, that’s all, thank you,” he said and walks back to his seat while all of us, applaused for him including me.

“Thank you for your wonderful speech, Mr. Mcknight now, lets began distribution of the certificates, Addison Walker,” principle said and start calling the names.

“Now I will call one of my favorite student, who just not only did top in every year of her college but also have got a respectful place in one of the prestigious company in new york, Elena Dawson, please come to the stage,” the principal call my name and I walk to the stage with a huge grin on my face making sure I didn’t fall down from the stairs and make fun of myself in front of lots of people.

“Would you like to say something to your friends, Miss. Dawson?” the principal asks me.

“Sure,” I said to him and he stands aside so that I can stand in front of the mike.

“First of all, I would like to congratulate all my friends and like to thanks my parents, and all the teachers of the college to support me, I know I can be a handful sometimes,” I said and chuckle lightly and others laugh with me.

“And I would also like to thank Mr. Mcknight for giving me a chance to work with him again, and Mr. Mcknight I agree with you because if we follow our dream and do what we want we will enjoy our and able to fulfill it with all we have, it didn't matter the amount of income we earn from it, in the last when we were in the hospital taking ou last breath, we would feel happy and fulfilled that we enjoyed our life to our best and if you don't do what we want and do what others want us to do, then we will regret the thin we had done in our life thinking what would be the things in life would have like if we have just followed our dreams when we were taking our last breath. It's just what I think we should do, but in the last, it was your choice to make, so enjoy and thank you all once again,” with that said I take my degree from Mr.mcKnight, shake his hand and get back to my seat.

After the distribution of degree was finished, I walk towards my family, they congratulated me and engulf me in a tight hug. After meeting their parents my friend cond congratulate me and hug me when Mr. Mcknight come and joined us.

"Mr. McKnight, meet my parents, Raven and Hunter Dawson, and my brother Brandon, not to forgot Alice and Mia my friend, everyone he is my boss Xavier Mcknight," I introduce him to everyone. We talk for some time than Mr. Mcknight says goodbye to us and in the staff members.

After saying goodbye to my friend I go with my parents and brother to my favorite restaurant to celebrate my graduation day with them. The next day, I go shopping with my broker and send the whole day with my family.

After that, I packed my bags, said goodbye to my family and parents, and drove to the airport with my brother. The plane was boarding and I felt butterflies in my stomach, I don’t know why but I just can’t wait to start my new life. I want to start with a clean slate.

As soon as I touch the ground of NY I’m off looking for a cap, I’m staying in an apartment that is paid for the first 6 months by the company, after six months I have to pay for it myself.

The cap pulls up to the apartment and it’s fucking beautiful I can already see that I’m going to love it, and I can’t wait to get settled in but right now I’m too tired to take care off it and I just go towards the bedroom, I pull on some pj’s and as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m off to dreamland.

Chapter - 25

(Elena P.O.V)

Generally, I am not a morning person, but this time I wake up early in the morning since I fall asleep early due to tiredness. My job does not start until Monday, so I have three days to settle down and enjoy my weekend. I decided to first unpack my things and get ready for the day. After taking a long hot shower I decided to have some breakfast since I was starving and then explore the apartment. I walk in the kitchen, which was attached to the living room with the small wall separating them. It was a small modern kitchen with light blue walls, and all the appliances a person would need, like a blender, food processor, Mixer, Refrigerator, Oven, Microwave, Stove, etc.

As I look inside the fridge to see something available to make breakfast I heard my phone ring and pick it up without looking at the collar I.D.

“Hello,” I said on the phone.

“Are you in New York?” I heard Oliver asks me. I check the phone to see he was calling me from Stella’s number.

" Oliver?” I say in disbelieve.

“Elena answer me, Are. You. In. New. York” he says articulating every word very good to emphasize the question.

I look at the phone in my hand, I can’t believe it how does he know I’m in New York.

“FOR GOD SAKE ELENA PLEASE ANSWER ME,” Oliver hollered on the phone, and I without thinking anything hangs upon him.

I stare at the phone in my hand for a few minutes, I just can’t believe it how in heavens name does he know where I am. I haven’t even been in New York for a whole day, this is ridiculous. I take a few deep breaths to cool myself down.

When my heartbeat becomes normal, I open the fridge again and prepare breakfast for myself. After eating breakfast I explore my apartment it was 2KBH spacious apartment, bedrooms, and living room is decorated with cream color, and the kitchen was decorated with light blue color.

After exploring my apartment I decided to check on groceries, and find that I am running out of groceries and begs, so I made a list of all things I need to buy and decided to go to a nearby grocery store to purchase it.

While coming back home I decided to have lunch outside at a nearby cafe, since it already 12:30. After lunch, I come back home and arrange the thing to their respective place and take a nap. I wake up at 3:30 pm and decided to go outside and enjoy myself. I thought of calling Stella and have a girl’s night and spend the weekend with her but change my mind thinking if I call her to come to my apartment then Oliver will also come with her.

I spend the day roaming around the city and have dinner in my favorite restaurant here and goes to sleep. I spend my whole weekend at home reading books and watching Netflix.

The next day I get up early in the morning, get ready for the office, eat my breakfast. After breakfast, I grab all the things I need for work and walk out of my new apartment.

I get into a cab and give him the address he drives there without needing any more directions so I’m guessing he knows where it is. We stop and pull up next towards a huge building, my new workplace, I give the driver the money, and get out of the cab.

(Oliver’s P.O.V)

I wake up with the same feeling I had when Elena decided to show up on my birthday, I feel giddy, like an immature child. Wait didn’t Elena mention something about being hired into the company she had her internship, a few months ago?

I jump out of my bed and grab the phone of my nightstand. I see it’s about 7 in the morning. I quickly scroll through my contacts until I land on Elena, then I remember that she has blocked my number. I walk out of my bed and walk up to Mansons' room and knock on the door. Stella opens the door after a few minutes looking sleepy.

“I am sorry to disturb you so early in the morning, but can I borrow your phone for a minute, Stella?” I ask her.

“Of course, Alpha, but can I asks why?” she asks me.

“I want to call her?” I said to her.

“Call who?” she asks me and I internally palm my face.

“Elena,” I said to her and she gives me her phone.

I quickly ring her. She picks up on the second ring. She should be sleeping right now because it would be 4 am since there is a 3-hour time difference between L.A and N.Y.

“Hello, Met Elena” I hear her say, she still has a husky morning voice it turns me on immediately. But it has to be around one in the midday right now how the fucking hell does she still have a morning voice. Maybe she’s really in NY. That makes me feel butterflies in my stomach.
“Are you in NY?” I ask without even introducing myself“Oliver?” She breathes into the phone, she sounds shocked to hear my voice.

“Elena answer me, Are. You. In. New. York" I bellow, my patience is wearing thin with Elena. She doesn’t answer me.

"FOR GOD SAKE ELENA PLEASE ANSWER ME,” I yell into the phone, I have no patience now anymore, I want to yell again in the phone but instead, I’m confronted with the beeping sound telling me that she hung up. SHE FUCKING HUNG UP ON ME. I thanked Stella while giving her phone back to her and run to Recees room, and pound on his door.

I saw my other friends poke there head around the doors of there bedroom. I just furiously continue to pound on the door, I’m close to just breaking the door.“I’m coming to hold your fucking horses.” I hear Rec say from the other side of the door. He opens the door just as I’m about to knock again, which results in me almost hitting him in the face. I push past him into his bedroom. This time there isn’t some cheap wh*re in his bedroom, “I need you to get some information for me.” I state leaving no room for arguments.

“I need you to look up the latest whereabouts of Elena.

“Why if I may ask?” Recee asks me.

“NONE OF YOUR FUCKING CONCERN,” I yell in his face and I angrily stomp off to somewhere else. After a few hours later Recee walks into my office, “I have some bad news Alpha Oliver, I wasn’t able to find anything on her, I think she uses her full name when traveling, there are like a million people who are named Dawson. I assume she’s still in the Los Angles.”

flip my desk out of anger, my computer goes crashing into the ground, and everywhere are documents scattered. I let out a strangled scream, I just want my mate I miss her so much. I can hear Val leaving my office, he must know that I want to be left alone.

Chapter - 26

(Elena P.O.V)

I have settled in completely in New York, in the beginning, I was anxious, afraid I would run into Oliver or any of his friends but I have been lucky and I haven’t seen him. Although I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being watched. It wouldn’t surprise me if Oliver had one of his little lap dogs following me around. That’s how I started calling them since they do almost everything for him.

Just like any other day, I went to work by 9 in the morning, it had been about 2 months since I started working here. And I love it, the pay is amazing and I’m managing my bills and even paying off some of the college debt that I have. Thank god for my parents, because I don’t have that big of debts but they are still there. I also support my sister a little bit because she’s still in college studying art and she doesn’t earn that much with selling paintings.

I walked into the huge building that two months ago was so intimidating, but now I grew accustomed, to it. I walk up to the elevator greeting my friend Erica on the way, she’s the receptionist and I made friends with her after a view week when I came in soaking because of the rain and she got me some spare clothes.

“Hold the elevator,” I hear somebody yell.

Without looking up from my phone, while busy texting I put my hand in between closing the door, stopping them from closing. And in walks somebody. The elevator doors close and I look up from my phone, there are only two people in the elevator, me and nobody else than the flying fucking CEO of this company Xavier McKnight.

He’s smirking at me with his famous player smirk, “Ah miss Dawson, finally able to put your boyfriend away.” Mister McKnight says I look at him my mouth hanging slightly ajar.

“Why would you care?” I say, regretting my comment immediately.

I definitely overstepped my boundary there.“I’m sorry sir I shouldn’t have said that it was unprofessional.”

“It’s okay, Miss Dawson.” He says still with a smirk on your face.

“But you should watch out Miss Dawson when you text your boyfriend, you could get into an accident if you don’t watch out.”
I see on the screen that shows which floor we’re on that we’re almost on my floor.

“Well Mister McKnight, I don’t think that will happen very soon, seeing that I do not have a boyfriend.” And just as I say that the elevator doors showing my floor. I started to walk out of the elevator. And I could have sworn that, I heard Mister McKnight say good, weird. Why would it be good for him that I don’t have a boyfriend?

(Xavier P.O.V)

It has been 2 months since Elena has started working here, I was planning to ask her out but didn’t get the time to reach her and as her out because I was busy in opening the new branches and explore my company to all over the world and also I didn’t want to alarm her by asking her out too early for a date.

However, I have to think something fast about asking her before someone else asks her out. I was busy but was not too busy to keep an eye on her and saw how the males are running after her to get her attention and its irk me and my wolf to see that, they didn’t give up even after she rejects him, otherwise, I don’t know how will I be able to stop my wolf from killing them.

I come back from my morning run and go to my Gym to do some workouts. After that, I walk inside the washroom to take a shower. I get ready and walk downstairs to see Abby cooking my favorite breakfast.

“Good morning, Abby,” I said kissing her on her cheek and sit on my chair.

“Good morning,” she said while giving me a bowl of oats and eating my favorite breakfast in front of me.

“What the--” I said and trial of.

“Abby, what is the meaning of this? You know I don’t like oats, right?” I ask confused by her behavior.

“It’s your punishment for not letting me meet with your mate and the future Luna of our pack,” she said with a pout.

“Abby, it’s not like that I don’t want you to meet her, it’s just that, she is a human, unlike us werewolf and Lycian they need others to woo them. and make them fall in love with us,” I explained to her.

“I know, but what I don’t understand is what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for someone else to woo her, huh?” she asks while glaring at me.

“Abby,” I said in my alpha tone not liking her disrespect me.

“I am sorry. it’s just... it’s just,” she trails off while looking down at her hands in shame.

“It’s okay Abby, I know you didn’t mean to disrespect me, but please give me some time, okay?” I ask her.

“Okay, 2 months, I am giving you only 2 months and not more than that, okay,” she said narrowing her eyes at me.

“Now would you give me, my breakfast please?” I ask smiling at her. She said sure and make me a plate of my favorite breakfast.

After eating breakfast, I said goodbye to Abby and walks towards my car. It takes half an hour for me to reach my office. I walk out of the car then, then take my mobile out to check some emails when I see its 9:15 am. Shit, I was late, I thought and started to walk faster and see the elevator was closing.

“Hold the elevator,” I shout at my mate and run towards the elevator while she just stretches her hand to stop the elevator while still busy tying in her mobile. She really needs to learn to put her phone away for some time, I thought while pressing the button of my floor.

“Ah miss Dawson, finally able to put your boyfriend away,” I said when I see her put her phone in her pocket.

“Why would you care?” She said arrogantly at me and I feel my alpha aura getting darker by her comment.

“I’m sorry sir I shouldn’t have said that it was unprofessional.” She said after realizing her mistake.

“It’s okay, Miss Dawson,” I said smirking at her.

“But you should watch out Miss Dawson when you text your boyfriend, you could get into an accident if you don’t watch out,” I said, my smirk still intact on my face, while she looks at the screen which shows the number of the floor we are passing through.

“Well Mister McKnight, I don’t think that will happen very soon, seeing that I do not have a boyfriend.” She said then walks out of her elevator when we reach her floor.

“Good,” I said when she was almost out of my reach. I and my wolf was content with the information not wanting someone to come between me and her, which will only make the matter complicated. Now that my way is clear, I have to come out with a plan as soon as possible.

My thoughts were cut off when I heard the ping of the elevator indicating that I have reached my floor and I walk out of the elevator and walks towards the conference room with my secretary on my tail informing me about the agenda of the meetings.

Chapter - 27


(Xavier P.O.V)

After attending the meeting I shake hands with my clients and walk them out of the conference room. I tell my secretary to get the papers ready and walk towards my office thinking of the way to asks her out and where to take her if she agrees to go on a date with me. It would be the first time that I would be taking someone on a date.

But would she agree to go on a date with me? What if she rejects it because it was a high chance of her rejecting me because I think she seems from the persons who would like to keep their personal and professional life separates from each other.

"Stop being a coward and asks her out, you are an alpha for god sake and you have girls go on their knees for you," my wolf Knight said to me with an annoyed growl.

"But she is not any other girl, she is our mate, and it was easy said than done," I argued with my wolf but he just blocks me out.

I think I should drop her to her apartment, and on the way make a casual conversation with her, making her comfortable with me and asks her for dinner, yes that will do I thought getting inside my office and start going through some contracts.

When I was done with almost half of the paperwork I look at the clock to see, it was 6:45 pm. Elena will be leaving to go home, with that thought I pack my things and rush to the elevator, hoping to catch up with her before she walks out of the building.

I heard the elevator ping and walks out to my car, the driver opens the door for me, I put my bag on the front seat of the car and told my driver to get inside the car and wait some time. I take my phone out of my pocket and go through some mails while waiting for her.

After some time, I smell the intoxicating smell of my mate and put my mobile on my packet has, I saw her walking out of the building and to the bus stop and, I call her stopping her on her way to a bus stop.

"Miss. Dawson, I was wondering if you need a lift, since, I saw you got here by bus. And though, I will drop you at your apartment since it comes on my way to home, " I said to her while smiling at her from outside but feeling nervous from inside.

"I mean if you like, of course," I said nervously when I didn't get any reaction from her and head her chuckle lowly at me, too low to be heard by human but I headed it through my tighten senses.

"Sure why not, I would like to take a ride from you, thank you, Mr. Mcknight," he said smiling at me, I smiled back at her and open a door for her. She gets inside the car, I close it and walks to my side. I get inside the car and buckle the seat belt.

"Where to Mr. Mcknight?" my driver asks me.

"To Miss Dawson, apartment, Kelvin," I said to him and he started the engine of the car and drive to our destination.

"How did you know the address of my apartment?" she asks me looking shocked.

"I pick up the apartment myself because my employee who is employed to do this has taken leave due to some family emergency, and others were to busy to do it, so I dod it myself," I said to her.

"Do you like the apartment, I choose for you?" I ask getting curious.

"Yes, Mr. Mcknight, it was beautiful and spacious," she said smiling at me and I heard Knight purred inside my head, satisfied with her answer.

"Miss Dawson, please call me Xavier, as long as we are outside the office, Mr. Mcknights makes me feels old," I said smiling at her.

"Well, in that case, I would like it, if you call me Elena," she said smiling at me and I smiled back at her. We talk for some time and I gathered all my courage to let it out and asks her.

"Elena, I know I am asking this out of nowhere and we don't know each other that well, but I had like you since the day you come for an interview, you are not the type of girl who runs after a man for his money or looks, you are a girl who likes to have a man who is kind and has a good personality, and I also know that you think that I am a womanizer and that I want you only to get into your pants but Elena I really like you, would you like to go on a date with me?" I ask her with hope in my eyes and pleaded her through my eyes.

"Yes, of course, I would like it," she said smiling at me, making a big smile form on my face.

"Thank you, so much," I said to her and kissed her on her cheek.

"I promise that I would not let you down," I said smiling at her.

"I hope so," she said and the car stops beside her apartment. I get out of the car and open the door for her.

"Good night and sweet dreams, Miss. Dawson," I said and lightly kissed on her lips and get inside the car. I saw her standing there still shocked with the kiss as the car drive away.

The car stops beside the door of my Mansion and I walk inside my mansion with a big smile on my face, only to be disappeared when I saw Samantha sitting on the couch, with an angry Abby standing beside her in my living room waiting for me.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I ask her with greeted teeth. Samantha is the daughter of Alpha Ruth and my girlfriend but it all change when she cheated on me with the CEO of Rival company and the Alpha of Rogue pack, not only that she was also providing confidential data to him.

"I told her that you didn't even want to see her face but she didn't listen to be and storm inside the house as she owns it," Abby said glaring at her.

"It's okay, Abby, why don't you go to your room and have some rest, I will call you when I am done with her," I said to Abby, she looks like she is going to protest and I blinked at her during her that I am going to be okay, she nodded her head and walks upstairs to her room.

"Baby, I am so sorry, I know what I have done is wrong, and I promise I will make it up to you," she said walking towards me and put her arms around my shoulder.

"Get out of my house," I said taking her arms around from my neck and getting out of her way.

"But baby, we are mates," she said and I laugh a better laugh.

"Oh no, we are not, and I thank the moon goddess for that because it would be better to be mateless than have a mate like you," I said with an emotionless face.

"How can you say that you didn't even find your mate yet," she asks with a pout.

"I think that because I would have known that when I turned 18 and meet you, and for your information, I have finally found my mate, so get out of my house before I kick you out myself," I said with a growl, I feel Knight scratching inside my mind to come out and claw her face.

"You will regret it," she said with a growl, flipped her hair at me and walks out of the mansion.

"Can I come out now?" Abby asks from upstairs.

"Yes, you can," I said feeling a huge headache.

"Your okay?" Abby asks worriedly.

"Yes, can you heat up the dinner while I go upstairs and take a hot shower?" I ask her, she nodded her head at me and I walk upstairs to my room.

Chapter - 28


(Xavier P.O.V)

While taking a shower I remember I have asked her for a date but didn’t tell her, when I will going to take her on a date. So I finished taking a shower and get dressed in comfortable clothes. I call my secretary and she picks up at a second ring.

“Hello, Reena,” I said on the phone.

“Yes Alpha,” she answered.

“Do I have an appointment or any meeting with anyone tomorrow after 6 pm?” I ask her.

“Let me check Alpha,” she said and I heard her opening her laptop and checking my schedule.

“No, Alpha,” she said to me.

“Good, then book a table for two, at my favorite restaurant for dinner,” I order her.

“Yes alpha, anything else,” she asks me.

“No, Renna, that’ s all, thank you,” I said and hang up on her. After that, I call her and she pick up after the 3rd ring. After talking to her I walk downstairs to have dinner with Addy. Addy was very happy when I informed her that I have finally asked my mate for a date and it’s tomorrow. We talk for some more time and go to sleep.

(Elena P.O.V)

After entering the house, I kept my purse on the table and wear an apron, and prepare dinner for my self. after dinner, I clean up the dishes and arrange them in their places. After that, I clean the kitchen and prepare the hot bath for me. I remove the clothes and get inside the bathtub and don’t know when I fall asleep.

I wake up in the bathtub feeling cold when I heard my phone ring beside me and pick it up. I see the unknown number on it if it was Oliver who is calling me from someone else phone I will hang upon him, I thought and pick up the phone.

“Hello,” I said on the phone.

“Hello, Miss Dawson, I hope I didn’t disturb your sleep, if you have fallen asleep,” I heard Mr. Mcknight said on the phone.

“Not at all, Mr. Mcknight, how can I help you?” I ask him.

“How many times have I told you to call me from my name when we are outside the office?” he asks me.

“You have only told me once, and I didn’t know if you have called me for an office-related thing or not?” I answered him with a shrugged.

“Well I can assure you that it’s not an office-related thing, so you can call me from my name, anyway I called you because I have asked you for a date and forgot to tell you when I am taking you for a date, I hope you are free after office tomorrow?” he asks me.

“Yes, Xavier I am free, tomorrow,” I answered him.

“Good, then, I will pick you up tomorrow, and you can leave 5:00 clock to go home and get ready for the date,” he said to me.

“Thank you, Xavier, but I don’t think I will need to leave to get ready, we can go directly from the office if that is okay with you, ” I said to him.

“I am okay with that Elena, if that you want, I will see you tomorrow at the office, okay?” he said to me.

“Okay, goodnight bye,” I said to him and hang upon him. I get dressed in my night dressed and get inside the bed and fall asleep.

The next day, I get up with a smile on my face. Today I am going on a date with Xavier, with that thought I get ready for my day and pack all the things I needed to get ready for my date in the bag. I decided to have breakfast at the nearby cafe. After breakfast, I pay my bill and catch the bus for the office. I greeted my collages with good mornings and get to my work.

After a few hours, I saw my wristwatch to see it was 5:30 pm. I close my laptop grab my things and walk towards the washroom to get ready for my date. I decided to go with a simple but elegant white dress with a little bit of makeup. I brush my hair and look at myself in the mirror.

When I was satisfied with my look, I pack my things and walk out of the office to see Xavier was already waiting for me. he is wearing a white shirt, blue pants with a blazer and his hair are combed nicely.

“You look gorgeous, Elena,” Xavier said taking my hands in his and placing a kiss on the back of my hand.

“You don’t look bad yourself, Xavier,” I said smiling at him. He opens the door for me and gets inside the car. After closing it he walks towards the driver seat and gets inside the car and started driving to our destination.


The date with Xavier was amazing. At first, he took me to the theater. He had booked the whole theater just for us, can you believe it. I mean I know he is rich and all but the whole theater, I thought with a shake of my head and then he takes me for a beautiful candlelight dinner and we have so much fun spending time with each other, talking, laughing and I also did not bump into any Oliver’s friend and I am grateful for it because I don’t want to face any of them again.

Now we get to my place and sitting in the car feeling backward not knowing what to do or say anything.

“I had an amazing time, Xavier,” I say, I don’t know whether I should now kiss him or not, my friend said to never kiss on the first date but my other friend said something else. So I have no idea what to do.

“Yeah, I had a good time too, so a second date is in the future?” He asks

“It’s definitely in the near future.” And he comes in for a hug, we pull apart a little bit to look at each other and before I can register what we are doing we are kissing. I feel the fire explode all over my body but something feels off, its like I was missing something, I thought but shake the thoughts away from my mind.

“Well until that second date then, Elena,” James said smiling at me.

“Yeah until our second date,” I say and turn around and go to my apartment. I change into my nighty and get inside the bed and fall in a dreamless slumber.

Chapter - 29


(Xavier P.O.V)

I have enjoyed every second I have spent with my mate and I want to spend more time with her. I think I should take her for another date soon maybe this Saturday, but I don't want to look desperate in front of her, maybe next Saturday will do the trick. Yes, Next Saturday it is. But this time full day. With this thought in my mind and fall asleep.

This week flew as a blur and I decided to talk with Elena for another date, so she didn't make plans for this Saturday.

*Elena do you have a plan, for this Saturday?* I send her a message.

*No Why?* she replies it.

*I would like to take you for our second date if it was alright with you* I asks him.

*I would like it, when will you come to pick me up?* she asks me.

*I have made a plan for the whole day is that alright with you* I ask her.

*Yes, I am okay with it, at what time are you going to come to pick me up?* she asks.

* 9:00 am* I send the message to her.

*Okay, see you on Saturday Then,* she replied. I keep my mobile on the table and start working on the latest project.

The Sunday, can't come any sooner. I wake up with a smile on my face and get ready for the day. I look at the clock to see it was 8:45 am, so I grab my key, purse, mobile, and walk out of the house to pick Elena up for our date. It takes half an hour for me to reach there. I park my house beside her apartment and walk towards her apartment and knock on her door, and she opens it after 2 minutes.

"Are you ready for the date, Miss Dawson?" I ask her and saw her wearing a white flora dress that reaches to her knee with minimal makeup and hair arranged in a small bun. She is looking beautiful in that dress.

"Yes, shall we leave now?" she asks smiling at me.

"Y...yes," I shutter at her making her chuckle at me. As she turns to close the door, I take the rubber band which holds her hair in a bun and sees as her hair falls down on her shoulder.

"Now you look more beautiful than before, Miss Dawson, I like it when you keep your hair free like this, " I said running my hand through her soft and smooth hair with a big smile on my face and see her face turn red. I take a step back from her and started walking towards the car. I open the door for her and then close it once she was comfortably seated in the car, I walk to the driver seat and started the car.

"Did you have your breakfast, Miss Dawson?" asks her while driving the car.

"No, what about you?" she asks me.

"Me too, let's go and have breakfast first," I said and drive to a nearby cafe. After breakfast, we go to the amusement park and tried every ride we find there but my favorite ride was rollercoaster since I have clung to me at the whole ride and feel my Lycian Knight purrs in satisfaction knowing that our mate finds comfort from us when she is scared of us.

After the amusement park, we go to the zoo and was happy to find out that she likes animals very much and her favorite animal is a wolf. At least she will not get scared when I shift in my wolf form but she will when I shift in my Lycian form.

Then we go to the mall, there first we go to the food court to have lunch, then go to a haunted house, and I feel so proud of her when she didn't get scared of anything she sees there. Then we go to Puzzle hour and then cross-world where we buy some books to read from there.

After that, we go to the cinema in the mall and watch the movie she chooses for us. We do shopping for some time and then walks towards the car, we loaded our bags in the car and goes to the beach and I have a hard time controlling Knight for not pouncing on her and claim her as mine and killing those fuckers who were eye raping my mate with their eyes when she comes out in her lingerie and plays in the water.

When I saw one of the people who were eyes raping my mate approach her, I stand up from my place and walks towards my mate while glaring at him. We play sometimes on the beach running after each other and splashing water at each other and sit on the sand watching the sunset and night occurs on the beach.

Then we change our clothes and head back to the car. I drive us to a nearby restaurant since both of us were starving from hunger and then we go to the park to take a walk while having ice cream in our hands, in comfortable silence. After walking for some time we sit on the bench near a fountain and look up in the sky.

Then I saw her feeling sleepy, so I decided to call it night even if I don't want to end our date, I know she is tried so I drop her home and give her a passionate kiss and drive back home. This is the best day of my life. I thought has I drive back home. After 2o mins I reach home and take a hot shower and get inside the bed.

The next day, I wake up with a smile on my face, I get ready for the day and get downstairs towards the kitchen to have breakfast.

"Whats have you gotten so bright, and happy today?" Abby asks while making breakfast for us.

"Yesterday, I have taken Elena for another date.." I said and tell her everything while breakfast with her and she listen to everything with a smile on her face.

"So when am I going to meet her," she asks me while smiling at me.

"Soon Abby, soon," I said kissing her forehead and walks out of the kitchen and go to my office to do some work.

Chapter - 30

(Xavier P.O.V)

On Monday, I was sitting in my on my office and doing some work, when suddenly someone burst into my office without knocking, and I let out a growl when I saw it was no one else but Samantha.

"I am sorry Alpha, I tried to stop her, but she didn't listen to me and burst inside your office," Reena said coming inside the office.

"Its alright Reena, I will take care of it from here," I said nodding at her and she walks out of my office.

"What do you want Samantha, didn't I tell you I didn't even want to see your face?" I ask her while glaring at her. She takes some photos out of her purse and passes it to me.

"What is it?" I ask her without taking the photos from her hand.

"See it yourself," she said still holding photos on her hand while smirking at me. I grab the photos uninterestedly and have a look at it, and my eyes open wide in shocked when I saw the photos, it was the photos of me and Elena when we have gone on a date like strolling in the park while holding hand by one hand and holding ice cream in another, laughing in the amusement park, playing in the water in the beach, etc.

"How did you get these photos?" I ask looking at her in shock.

"I have my ways," she said and tried to take the photos from my hand but I pull my hand away which were holding the photos.

"She is your mate, wasn't she?" she asks smirking at me and her smirk only widens when I did not give any answer to her and just look at her with an emotionless face.

"She is a human, Xavier," she said sneering at me.

"So, what?" I ask raising my eyebrow at her with a blank face.

"Your ack is the strongest pack and fearful pack in the world, it needs a Luna that can fight with you and protect the pack with you, not a weak human slut that the pack needs to protect," she said hissing at me.

"Mind your language, Samantha, I will rather have a weak human as the Luna of my pack rather than to have a traitor as a Luna who will betrayal my pack for her own selfishness," I said growling at her.

"You are making a mistake, Xavier, you're going to regret it," she said sneering at me.

"Get out of my office, before I call the security in to drag you out of my office," I said growling at her.

"Do whatever you want to protect her Xavier because once I get my hand on her, I will kill her, you know I always get what I want," she said smirking at me.

"You better stay away from her, or if I saw you anywhere near her, I swear, I will kill you slowly and painfully," I said grabbing her from her neck and slamming her on the wall while growling at her, I can feel knight scratching the walls of my mind while growling inside my head to get out and kill her limb by limb for even thinking to hurt our mate. I open the door of my office and threw her out of my office.

"Call the security and tell them to throw her away from my building, and bring me the black coffee with one spoon of sugar," I order Reene and close the door of my office, and start pacing around my office.

I have to do something to protect my mate, I can't bring her to my mansion because then she will ask many questions that I can't be able to answer to her. I think I will have some warriors to stay at her building and protect her from shadows. I will also have my PI spying on Samantha so that I know if she makes any moves to hurt. I have to make some distance with Elena until she is out of Radar. With that thought, I mind linking my warrior and order her to buy all the flats in Elena's floor apartment, upper floor, and the below floor apartments and have some warriors to stay there and protect her from shadows.

Then I call my PI and tell him to send some people to keep an eye on Samantha and informed me about her every move. I sit on my seat and close to my eyes to calm myself, but how can I when knight keep pacing around my mind and growls sometimes. I heard a knock on the door and straighten myself.

"Come in," I said while opening my laptop and pretending to be working on it.

"Your coffee sir," Reena said and put the cup of coffee on my table.

"Anything else, sir?" she asks and I shook my head at her, she was about to get out of my office but I stop her in the midway when an idea struck on my mind.

"Reena can I asks a favor from you?" I ask her.

"Yes, sir," she said to me.

"I know I am asking this all of a sudden but can you stay at Elena's apartment for a few days, she is my mate and I am afraid Samantha will hurt her to have me, if you stay there with her in her apartment then I can be a little bit easy, knowing that your there to protect her, if she makes a move on her," I ask her hoping that she will say yes.

"Of course, sir, it will be my honor to do that, that way I will also get the chance to know about our Luna and become friends with her," she said smiling at me and I feel a little bit easy.

"Thank you, Reena, I will call Elena and inform about your move to her, and inform you when to move in her apartment," I said smiling at her.

"Your welcome, sir," she said smiling at her and walks out of the office. I take a sip of my coffee and call Elena, and she picks up after the third ring.

"Hello," she said on the phone and I heard knight purr inside my mind after hearing her sweet voice. The things that mate bond can do to us, I thought shaking my head.

"Hello, Elena, can I asks for a favor from you?" I ask her.

"Yes," she said to me.

"Actually, my secretary's apartment is in the renovation, and I didn't have time to find her new apartment for her for a few days, would you mind if she stays with you in your apartment for few months or days?" I ask her.

"Not at all, actually I will be happy to have her there, it sometimes feels lonely there," she said and I smiled at her reply.

"So when did I tell her to move in with you?" I ask her.

"Anytime she wants, just tell her to take keys from me before she moves in with me," she said to me.

"Okay, I will, is Wednesday okay with you?" I ask her.

"Yes, sir," she said to me.

"Okay, then I will inform her, thank you, Elena," I said smiling at her on the phone.

"No problem sir," she said and hang up on me. I call Reena and tell her that she can move to Elena's apartment on Wednesday and hang up on her and get back to work.

Chapter - 31


(Samantha P.O.V)

I get up from the floor and dusted my dress. How dare he throw me like this from his office, he will regret it. After some time, two security guards come towards me and each of them grabs one of my arms.

"Don't touch me," I said taking my arm away from them.

"I will go, my self," I said folding my hands in front of me and started walking towards the elevator. I have come here to give you last chance but not only have you insulted me but also throw me out of your office like I am a piece of trash, now you wait and watch what I will do with that slut of yours. If I don't make you Beg in front of the whole world, then I am no longer be known by Samantha Raymond.

The elevator ping and I walk out of it and walks towards my car, I glance at his office for one last time and drive away to the person who would be more than happy with the news I have for him.

It takes half an hour for me to reach there. As I get out of the car, I saw him running back to his packhouse in his wolf form and hide behind the tree, after some time he comes out wearing his pant and walks towards me.

"Well well well, what do we have here? What are you doing here Samantha, did Xavier denied to accept you?" he asks smirking at me.

"Hell to you too, Richard," I said faking a smile to him and controlling the urge to strangling him, knowing that I can't do that if I want his help to teach Xavier his lessons.

"How did I own this pleasure to have you here in my territory?" he asks rating his eyebrow at me.

"I have news for you, which will be very useful for you, can we go inside and talk in his office," I ask him. He nodded his head at me and lead me to his office.

"So, what do you have for me?" he asks me while taking a seat behind his desk.

"Xavier has found his mate, here are some photos of them," I said while taking another set of photos from my purse and giving it to him.

"Xavier is a womanizer, he sleeps with a new woman every night, what if she is one of them?" he asks me.

"Why don't you find out yourself, if you don't believe me," I said with a shrug.

"Okay, then I will do, just that, but first let's have some fun," he said grabbing me from my waist and pulling me closer to him and kissed me passionately. He opens the drawer while still kissing me, and put pictures in the drawer. He makes me wrap my legs around his waist and takes me to his bedroom.

(Richard P.O.V)

After having my way with Samantha I walks back to my office and seat behind my desk. I take the photos out of my drawer and go through them again. As long as I know Xavier he generally doesn't take a woman on a date. He gets a woman from the club or bars and takes then to his home to have his way with them.

And after that throw them away from his life, but the girl in the photo didn't look like a type of a girl who goes after him for his money and looks. Maybe he has met her in the club and she has played hard to get, so he decided to date her until he gets into her pants.

Maybe that is the case, I better find out about it and Samantha better be not lying to me otherwise she will pay for it. I mind linked my head warrior and order him to come to my office. After that, I call my Personal investigator and tell him to come and meet me within half an hour.

After some time, I heard a knock on the door. Come in, I said in my Alpha tone. Liam my head warrior comes inside my office and bow in front of me.

"I want you to send some warrior to keep an eye on Xavier and the woman with him, in the photo," I order him while showing him the pictures.

"I know what you are thinking, I will give you all the information about the girl where about as soon as my PI find all the information about her, but till then, keep an eye on Xavier okay," I ask him and dismissed him. Then goes back to do some paperwork.

After sometime Bobo, my beta informed me that my Personal Investigator is here to meet me through mind link and I order him to send him in.

"Come, in," I said when I heard the knock on my door.

"Richard my friend, its been so long, how have you been?" Domain asks walking inside the office.

"Hey, Domain, I am good, how about you? its really been long, huh?" I ask standing from my seat to shake hands with him. Domain is a lone wolf and is a very good friend of mine. I have offered him to join my pack many times but he likes to free soul.

"I am good, so what can I do for you?" he asks me.

"Directly at the point huh? You haven't changed at all," I said with a chuckle.

"Anyways, I want you to find me every information of this girl," I said to him while showing him the picture of Xavier with a girl.

"You think, she is his mate?" he asks me and I nodded my head at him.

"What will you do, if she is his mate?" he asks me.

"Take revenge of my brother and sister in law's death," I said while glaring at the picture, I look up to see he wanted to say anything, but he just shakes his head and looks at me. Knowing that no matter what he will say, I will not stop until I have my revenge.

"How long do you think, you need to find every information about her?" I ask taking him out of his misery.

"I think maximum 2 days," he said looking thoughtful.

"Good, then see you after 2 days," I said shaking hands with him. I take the pictures from the table and walk out of my office, and I get back to my work. Let's hope what Samantha said was true.

Chapter - 32

(Richard P.O.V)

After 2 days.

I was in my office, going through some pack work when I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in," I said in my alpha tone.

"Domain is here, boss," bobo said coming inside the room.

"Send him in," I said still looking at the pack financial file. After some time, I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in," I said and look up from the file to see Domain getting inside the office. I stand up from my seat and shake hands with him.

"This file contains all the information, you need about that girl," he said while passing the file to me. I take it from it and open it.

Name - Elena Dawson.

Age - 23.

Origin: Califonia.

Has completed civil engineering from mount high college.

Father name: Ajay Dawson.

Brother name:

Mother Name: Mira Dawson.

Blood group: B +.

Has worked in Mcknight enterprises in an internship for 3 months.

Current working status: Is working in Mcknight enterprises.

Best friend: Stella Anderson.

Relationship Status: Girlfriend of Xavier Mcknight.

Supernatural creature: No. Is a human.

Hobbies: Playing the piano, singing, and basketball.

(Note: Both Addresses is fake and imaginable )

Current address: 404, Ena, Harshat Venue, Soya Street. New York.

Permanent address: 508, Elisa, Olloplic Venue, AQrraohit street, Near Eva Stadium, L.A.

"Thank you, Domain," I said smiling at him.

"No problem, anything for my friends," he said smiling at me. We talk for some time with each other and then he takes his leave.

I call my head warrior and give him the address of her apartment and other him to send some of the warriors to keep an eye on her and give me information about her everyone, he bows his head at me and walks out of my office.

The next day, he informs me that Xavier had arranged some of his warriors near her building to protect her. He also had his female beta stay at her apartment. So I guess what Samantha said was true because, if she wasn't his mate, he wouldn't have so many warriors near her to protect her.

I tell my warriors to stay on guard and keep keeping eye on her but make sure, they did not get caught by them. It won't take much time for his men to caught my warriors because his warriors are Lycian and they would are much stronger than my warriors and have much higher senses them, mine warriors.

(Elena P.O.V)

It has been more than a week since Reena, move in at my place and we have become best friends in no time. We go to the office and come home together. I have also met his boyfriend Govinda and also have become friends with him.

Today we all have decided to go to the club with some other friends from her and Govinda and with Xavier. He said he will meet us directly at the Club. Right now we are arguing with each other over my dress.

"No, I am not going to wear that dress, Reena, it's too short, and it will make me very uncomfortable there," I argued with her.

"Come on, Elena, it's not that short, al east trie it for me, if you feel really uncomfortable with it, then I will let you choose the dress, to wear at the club, and if not then you are going to wear it," she said while looking at me with her puppy dog eye. I give up and takes the dress from her hand and walk inside the washroom. I remove my clothes and wear a dress.

Surprisingly it fits me perfectly and reaches just above my knee, and shows some of my cleavages but not too much to make me feel uncomfortable. I arrange the dress so that it didn't show too much and walks out of the washroom. Reena wolf whistle at me when she saw me walking out of the washroom.

"You know, if I was betting for the opposite party, then I would chase after you if I have seen you in that dress," she said smiling at me.

"Your have clean up good yourself if I have to say myself," I said smiling at her. She is wearing a blue sleeveless dress, which reaches just above her knee, with teardrop hearing and her hair made in a messy bun with few hairs left in a curl in the side of her face.

"Why thank you," she said giving a slight bow to me with a big smile on her face.

"Now, let's do your makeup," she said making me sit on a stool near the dresser.

"Okay, but not much, I don't like putting too much makeup," I said to her.

"You, don't need much either, you are a natural beauty," she said smiling at me. She put a light grey eye shadow and eyeliner then put a little bit of blush over my face. She made my hair in a high ponytail. I take a lip gloss and apply it on my lips. We grab our purse, mobile, and get out of the apartment. I lock the apartment and take the elevator.

We get inside the car and drive to the newly opened club. It takes half an hour for us to reach there. We show our ID to the bouncer and get inside the club. As soon as we get inside the club, Reena's boyfriend Govinda approaches us.

"Hello, beautiful ladies," Govinda said and kisses Reena on her lips.

"Geez, get the room guys," I said making a disgusting face and he chuckles at me.

"We will after, enjoying here for some time," he said winking at Reena and making her giggle while I just shook my head at them.

"Anyway, guys are waiting for us in the VVIP room," he said and lead us to the room. As soon as we reach there Xavier takes me in in my arms and kissed me passionately which I return gladly.

"Now, who should get a room, huh?" Govinda asks wriggling his eyebrow at me and hides my face in Xavier's chest to feel its vibrate's due to his laugh.

"Love, meet my friend Kriya and Ronald, guys this is my girlfriend, Elena," Xavier said introducing me to his friends. I shake my hands with them and we all take our seats. The waiter comes to take our order and we order 20 shots.

"Don't drink too much and get drunk, Reena because I am not going to drive the car and drag your ass to your room," I remained her.

"Don't worry, babe, because all of us have a high tolerance when it comes to alcohol, you just enjoy the night," she said with winking at me. We have shots and order another round of shots. Then Xavier drags me to the dance floor to dance with me. We dance, talks with each other, and get drunk till our heart consist and I notice I was the only one who was drunk in six people between us.

"Go to sleep, love, and don't worry about anything, you are safe with me," I heard Xavier whispering to me and pass out on him. 


Chapter - 33


(Elena P.O.V)

The next day, I wake up with a huge hangover.

"Someone, please close the curtains," I said with a groan while putting my arm over my eyes to stop the light penetrating my eyes.

"Wake up, Elena, it's 10:00 am, now," I heard Reena said to me. I groan and sat up on the bed.

"Here, have this, you will feel better," she said passing a glass of water and a pill. I put the pill in my mouth and gulp it with the water.

"How, come you didn't have a hangover? You have a drink as much as me, I think you have drunk more than me," I said to her.

"I have more tolerance regarding alcohol than you, besides I have taken aspirin before going to sleep," she said to me while taking the glass from me.

"Breakfast is ready, go get fresh and come to the dining room," she said and walks out of my room. I get out of my bed and go to the washroom to get ready for the day. I do my business and get inside the shower. After getting ready and brushing my hair I walk inside the kitchen to have breakfast.

"So, what are you planning to do today?" Reena asks me.

"We have a lot of chores to do, like laundry, cleaning, going for grocery shopping, etc," I said to her.

"Yes, but we will be done with it all by the evening right?" she asks and I nodded my head at her.

"So what are you thinking to do in the evening?" she asks me.

"What do you suggest?" I ask her.

"How about we have a girls day, like going shopping and salon?" she suggested.

"Good idea," I said smiling at her.

"Mind if I call Kiyara, to tag along with us?" she asks me.

"Why not? I would also like to know her and become friends with her," I said smiling at her.

"Good then, I will call her and asks her," she said and call her and walks out of the room. After coming to the room with a big smile on her face.

"Let me guess, she said yes," I ask her and she nodded her head at me.

"I have also invited for a sleepover, at our place, I hope you don't mind it," she said to me.

"Of course, I won't," I said smiling at her and she smiles back at me. After breakfast, we go to the store for grocery shopping, then arrange it at there place, I do laundry while Reena does the dishes. After that, we change the bedcover and pillows cover then do some cleaning work. After lunch, we go to our room to have a nap before Kiyara comes to our place to go shopping with us.

We get up at 3:00 pm and get ready for our girl's day. Then we heard the bell ring and open the door to see Kiyara. I open the door wider for her to let her in. Then we talk for some time while having some snacks and goes to the mall.

We shop for an hour and then go to the salon. I have a message and pedicure while Reena and Kiyara have a manicure, pedicure, and facial. Then we go home and watch some movies while talking about boys. We all were starving so I order pizza and Chinese for dinner and eat it while watching a movie, then we go to sleep after talking for some time with each other.

The next day, we decided to go to the amusement park, so we invited boys to come with us. Then we go to a restaurant to have lunch and then go to the water park to have some fun.

After the water park, we go to the cafe to have some snacks because all of us were starving after playing in the water for a long time and then head home. At home, we have decided to have a movie night. Girls and boys fight with each other for the movie so, in the end, we decided to go for the comedy and they all agree with me.

We order lots of food from the restaurant since none of us was in the mood to cook the food. We eat snacks while watching movies and waiting for food to arrive. Then after dinner, we eat ice cream in a dessert that I have brought from the store yesterday. Then we talk about lots of things until it was time for them to leave.

After saying goodbye and good night to them, I walk inside my room and get in comfortable clothes and get inside the bed. As soon as I put my head on the pillow, I was out like the bed.

(Richard P.O.V)

I was in my gym, doing my work out when one of my warriors come inside the gym and bow in front of me.

"Alpha, I have brought some photos of the girl and the Xavier," he informed me.

"Put it at my desk," I order him and wipe the sweat away from my face with a towel. I finish my workout then go to the room and take a shower. After the shower, I have breakfast and head towards my study room. I seat behind the desk and go through the picture of them.

I not only saw the pictures of them but there are also pictures of his beta, beta female, gamma, and gamma female, having their time in the water park. If I had any doubts left of her being a mate of that bastard then its all cleared now. She really is his mate.

I call my head warrior and order him to keep their eyes on them, especially on a girl and when they got the opportunity grabbed her.

"I will make him pay, for everything he had done with you big brother, that's my promise to you, and after I was done with him, I will make that girl my mistress until I found my mate, I am sure she would be good in bed," I said with a smirk on the face while holding the photo of me and my big brother in my hand and looking at me. I kept the photo on the table and get back to the pack work.

Chapter - 34


(Elena P.O.V)

It has been about a week since we had gathered at my place and hang out with each other, work has been busy because of the upcoming charity event that the company is hosting. Everybody is flying around trying to please the boss, while the boss himself has been a Tiran to some people. I think he's looking for a new secretary and I have seen so many girls going through the entrance hall crying coming from his office.

I have talked for a little bit with him over the week, but not that much. And I understand that he's busy.

I have been sitting at my desk for a while now, I'm starving and I almost have my break. Just when I thought only half an hour till my break the office just fell silent. I look up from my desk and I see everybody just looking up at the entrance of our big office. There standing in the threshold is standing the CEO Xavier McKnight.

With long strides and a determined look on his face he stalks towards me, I gulp trying to think of things that I might have done wrong. No matter how much I wrack my brain I can't think of something I've done. I also haven't been avoiding his calls or text, which I have been doing with Oliver. I just reply to his text to let him know I'm still alive. While I was lost in my thoughts, Xavier managed to walk up to my desk.

"Miss, Dawson, when are you on your break?" he asks me after clearing his throat.

"In half an hour sir," I say politely.

"Well consider that you have your break now, pack your stuff, Miss Dawson. I need to talk to you, will do this over lunch, so we will not waste time."

"Of course Sir, just give me a minute."

He just gives me a silent nod and lets me pack my stuff, I grab my wallet and my phone. And stand up.


After you sir." I say while making a chestier towards the door.

We walk together out of the office when I want to go towards the normal canteen I'm stopped by Xavier.

"I have made reservations somewhere else, I have the feeling I have been quite neglecting you since our date while it went so well," Xavier said to me.

"You haven't been neglecting me, Xavier. It has been extremely busy with the upcoming charity event, of course, you wouldn't have all the time for me. I understand that." I said smiling at him.

We walk through the door and almost immediately a sleek black car pulls up, I can see the private driver of Xavier sitting in the driver seat. I silently chuckle at him, he has everybody laying at his feet, everyone to call at his bidding. It kind of reminds me of Oliver, he also always got everything within an instant without even having to fight for it. I guess it had something to do with the fact that he claims to rule as an "Alpha werewolf".

"What are you laughing about?" James asks while holding open the door for me.

"Just something that reminded me of an ex."

"You guys recently split up?" He asks I think for a moment if I should tell him, or that I should not tell him. I decide against it.

He slips in the car to, I can see the doubt on his face, he wants to say something but he doesn't.

"Well it's only good if it's in the past isn't it." He says with a smile on his face. I give him a weak smile trying to come around as happy but I don't think he believed it. And I thank the Lord, that he didn't press the matter any further.

"To the restaurant," Xavier says to the driver after the black parting screen went down. It went up just as quickly as it went down, and we drive away towards the restaurant.

After 20 minutes later,  we arrive at the restaurant, it might have been a short 10 minutes but NY traffic is a bitch. And even though you have some privileges as to using special lanes there's only so much you can do.


We get a private table in the back of the restaurant away from the eye of curious people. When we walked through the restaurant I could feel the eyes burning in my back, a definite downside of dating somebody so well known. Everybody just believes that you're just a gold-digging whore.

"So what kind of business did you want to talk about?" I say while skimming over the food card, trying to start a conversation and break the awkward silence.

"Please Elena, can we talk about the business later, I brought you here to spend some time with you," he said with a  panty-dropping smile of his. The waiter comes and takes our order and walks out from there.

After some time, the waiter comes with our other and serves us. We eat our lunch while making small talks and then order chocolate cake for the desert.

"Hmm," I moan as the warm chocolate melt in my mouth and I blush beet red when I feel the eyes of people at me and hear Xavier chuckles at me. He wipes the corner of my mouth with his finger, and puts it in his mouth, then hum in satisfaction making me blush, then I already was.

"Elena," he asks and I look at him.

"I wanted to ask you, would you like to go to the ball with me as my date," he asks me putting his hand over mine.

"I would love to," I said smiling at him.

And suddenly every camera is flashing, Xavier jumps up trying to shield me from the paparazzi's and I'm here just frozen on my seat. In the distance, I hear Xavier yelling at the staff to get the pap's out of here. he grabs my hand and led me out of the restaurant when we get out of the restaurant, the car was already waiting for us. We get inside the car and drive to our destination.

(Xavier P.O.V)

Damn, paparazzi's, had to come and spoiled our moment, how did they know about us anyway, I am sure that bitch Samantha has given that information to them. I am sure, I am going to kill her someday, now I understand why Abby always used to taunt me whenever I bring a one-night stand to my place.

  I thought I will take her for lunch, asks her to go there as my date and my enemy will think that she is one of my time passes while I get the chance to spend some time with my mate and time to think what to do to take care of my enemies.

I call my PI and told him to take care of the press, that no matter what he has to do I don't want our picture in tomorrow's newspaper. I call my beta and order him to arrange some bodyguards for us to keep the paparazzi away from us and make sure they didn't come even 50 miles near her.

I massaged my head, and get back to work. I call Elena and told her not to worry about the media and that I have taken care of it. I told her, that we did not, going to come in front of the media, until she is ready for it and get back to work. There is a lot of things to be done.


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