The light will fade.
then darkness comes,
to evade peace.

Deeper and darker,
less and less light,
and even less air.

There isn't any light now.
i can't think,
and yet there is that thought.

Trying to escape, but can't
what will happen next,
is a mystery to me.

It's so much colder than before.
I only need warmth.
The cold has faded to numbness.

All my life was thrown away by this.
Was there reason,
in this action which ended a life?

How much longer could it possibly take,
to run out,
of the time left in this tragic life story?

When looking up through the water, I stare clearly,
At the glassy bubbles,
that were crafted from my last decisive breaths.

There's another figure as well as my glass bubbles.
He reaches his hand out,
to tear me away from my surroundings in kind.

Which, is why i'm able to record my state of mind.
Because a stranger noticed,
me on that dock, that lead out to the ice-cold lagoon.

Ever since that day, I have never thought of things the same.
I learned to live life as if I,
could have the possibility of death any moment.


Publication Date: 10-06-2011

All Rights Reserved

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