To the World

This book is for my whole world as we all share the same sky!

 I am definitely not going to inspire you or motivate you nor any fantasy story. I am writing for myself to realize what have I done being born as a human, the luckiest creature of the world who has all the ability to express, love, care, talk, smell, taste, hear, laugh, cry, sleep and again wake up the next day to live every moment. I am just a common person who live a very normal life like most of you all, not a celebrity or an achiever; mainly I am not a writer rather just a soul with lot of dreams. Not necessary that we have to be an author to write. Everyone’s life is an untold story. All I want is to share my journey of life. Forgive me if there are any mistakes

My Fantasy


Dream is the most beautiful emotion. It may or may not happen in real life but we live once as we wish. And it happens only in our dream.


 One beautiful night when everyone was asleep, I was sitting under the sky and it was only both of us – Me and moon, we both were staring at each other. But, really had a great conversation. I infact asked moon, what have you done in life? Moon just replied me, “I was everyone’s desire “and in return it asked me the same question, I started to think, what did I do and what am I gonna do in life? But with full confidence I replied moon that “I wanna make my mom proud one day”. This happened when I was 7 years old. And, now I am 26 years old and let’s see if my mom is really proud of me.


Like every story begins, I will also start as Once upon a time a baby girl was born to a wonderful couple. “I am thinking what name should we keep for her “. Let us name her as Barbie (My most favorite name (wink)). Never underestimate anyone in life. It’s not because Barbie is something which only girls like or it’s just a doll. There is a story that Barbie had played 200 job roles till now and there are many inspiring facts behind it. Same way, the Barbie in this story also had different dreams of Doctor, Cartoon maker, Singer, Dancer, DJ, Pilot, IAS Officer, Car Driver, Tourist Guide, Fairy and so on. Let’s see what she actually become in her life.

Entering the World


Here’s the story. So, one fine day Barbie was born in the month of June, 1993. Everyone in the family was very happy and her dad flew all the way from Dubai to see his daughter. Later, her dad moved to India to stay with his family for her daughter. He got a decent job and everything went so smooth. It was a joint family. Definitely, a lively feeling to experience a beautiful stage of life sharing with parents and grandparents.  Barbie was so lucky, she was always pampered more and got all the love from her family. Barbie is now 3 years old and she became more and more naughty. So, her parents decided to put her in school.

Mother’s sacrifice


It was June 1996 and Barbie was sent to school. Her parents had lot of dream and hope on her. So, they put her directly to an ICSE Board when she was 3 years old. She is a girl who can’t be without her mom even for few minutes. She kept crying…crying


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Publication Date: 08-16-2020
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