Farewell- It’s too late

And I hear the sky whispering your name
They said you loved me once a time ago
I hear whisper in the rain and the sky cries with me
Do you want to hear a sad story?
I gonna tell you one. My story.

I’m so lonely
Feeling empty without you
And this love makes me so crazy
I don’t know who I am

Cause I’m like a store
And then I will say:

I’d tried to be strong
But that was so wrong
I show my feelings
that’s how I am
Without any sense I always did what I can

And from now on
I will be gone… gone with the sense
Gone with a broken heart
Gone within the truth of you and me

And I’m here without you
Standing in the rain
Can’t stand you anymore

And to say sorry…
It’s too late for it
It’s too late for us
And so the story ends.


Publication Date: 07-15-2011

All Rights Reserved

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