The First girl that had grabbed Blazes arms had black hair which she had tied into two balls on the sides of her head, she seemed to be wearing a pink and flowery kimono which in blazes opinion was too big because he couldn't see anything else she was wearing. He then turned to the other girl who was pulling on his other arm.
"No Sarah you let go! He's my customer." The other girl had pink hair which seemed to have grown very long it was down to her feet. Her eyes were sea blue, it was if the sea was trapped in her eyes. She seemed to be wearing some sort of battered old poncho and a strange black and pink striped skirt.
"Will you girls cut it out!" Elisha shouted angrily. Both of the girls let go of Blazes arms with shock smacked onto their faces. "We're sorry mom." The first girl said sadly.
"It isn't me that you should be saying sorry to. I am so sorry sir. My daughters can get too into their jobs." Elisha said while giggling worryingly.
"It's okay I guess." Blaze said calmly.

Chapter 1 A New Arrival

“Grandma! We’ve ran out of antidotes again!” Shouted a young energetic girl,
“Calm down Louise, we won’t be stocking antidotes for a while, I’ve ran out of ingredients!” An old woman shouted back,
“What about this customer!?” Louise shouted worriedly,
“Just give him something that will last them the night!” The old woman shouted sadly,
“Okay grandma!” Louise shouted disappointingly. She turned to the man who had walked in complaining he had been struck by a scorpion, “I’m really sorry sir, we won’t have any antidotes for a couple of days. But I can give you something that should last enough time so that we can supply the medicine.” She said encouragingly,
“Thank you very much.” He said weakly, Louise handed over a glass bottle which contained a lime green liquid, and the man handed over twenty gold coins,
“No problem. If you stay at the inn up the road I’ll make sure the antidote is delivered there. OK?” she said with a comforting smile,
“Thank you.” The man said with a distasteful gulp as he took a sip of the lime green liquid and walked out the door.
“Grandma? What do we need to get for the antidote?” Louise asked as an old lady came down the stairs,
“We need poison spore

and purple grass

.” Louise’s Grandma said sadly and shook her head,
“Oh.” Louise said with a sigh.

The town that the pharmacy was based in was called the town of Saltus (Saltus meaning forest in Latin). The towns buildings looked like 18th century homes and not one bit of technology could be seen on the streets. There was no concrete, no pavements and no cars. The town seemed to be separated into eight different areas. These areas consisted of many unique things for each area. One area had a beach and a fishing house. Another had a market square which had a Florists, a General Store and a Blacksmiths. A red haired girl was standing outside the Blacksmiths looking up at the sky away from the shop. She reached under her shirt and brought out a strange necklace. It was made of silver and was in a shape of a bird with small rubies as its eyes. She held it in her hand and clenched and closed her eyes. After a few minutes of clenching the necklace; the ruby eyes started to sparkly gently. Unfortunately the girl didn’t notice the slight glow that the rubies were emitting. It was now dark and the girl gave a sigh of disappointment. As she opened the door she heard a sound like an aeroplane passing over a house. She looked up to the sky and saw a red light the size of a star. She ran inside and came back out with a back of a mans collar in her hand and she pointed to the sky while looking at the person she just dragged out.
“Hannah what is it?” the man said sleepily, the girl just grunted while pointing at the sky.
“Hannah it’d be easier if you just talked. You know that?” The man angrily. The man looked up to where Hannah was pointing and saw the red star which seemed to have grown bigger. The man squinted his eyes to see if he could get a better look at the strange light.
“Hannah get inside now!” he shouted as he grabbed her hand and dragged her back into the Blacksmiths. The man and Hannah were underneath the workbench that they use to make weapons.

At the same time in the Florists two ginger haired girls were looking after the flowers that they sold in the shop.
“Daisy why is the sky turning red at night?” said a young girl worriedly,
“Don’t be silly Diane the sky doesn’t turn red unless its sunset which is completely past that time and furthermore…” Daisy explained until she looked through the shops windows. She grabbed Diane and ran upstairs to find her grandpa.

The two households were all hiding in what they thought was protective cover both heard the almighty crash in the center of the market square. Daisy and Diane were the first to come out of their shop to see what had just crashed into their neighborhood. Both Daisy and Diane were terrified to see a massive crater right outside their doorstep. “Daisy look some one is in there!” Diane pointed out worriedly,
“You’re right! He looks hurt I’m going to get him!” Daisy said worriedly. Before Daisy could even step one foot into the crater a shadow sped into the crater, picked the person up and disappeared with them. “What just happened?” Daisy said blankly. Diane was too stuck for words

Chapter 2 Amnesia?

The Blacksmith came walking down the stairs to see a teenage boy lying in bandages in the middle of his shop.
“Hannah!?” he shouted. Raven poked her head round the corner of the door way on the top floor.
“Did you bring this boy in?” he asked calmly. She nodded. The Blacksmith gave a sigh of disapproval.
“You can’t just bring random people in that seem hurt. For all you know he could be someone who sponges off people.” He said calmly still. She shook her head and ran to the boys side and removed some of the bandages to show how badly the boy was hurt.
“If he’s that hurt why don’t you take him to the pharmacy they maybe able to help him!” he said with his temper slowly growing. Hannah shook her head and stood up and put her arms out to the sides as if to say “You’ll have to go through me first.” The Blacksmith sighed.
“Fine but when he’s better he either finds his own accommodation or he can start to pay rent. Understand.” He said seriously. Hannah ran up to the Blacksmith and hugged him. She then went back to the boy and picked him up and took him upstairs.

“Daisy are you okay?” said an old man.
“Yeah I'm fine grandpa. But that person in the crater has got me worried.” Daisy said sadly.
“That’s because you like him don’t you?” Diane said cheekily.
“Cut it out Diane!” Said their grandpa angrily.
“Sorry Grandpa.” Diane apologized. The bell chimed as someone opened the door.
“Welcome. Oh Hannah how can we help?” Daisy asked with a smile. Hannah grunted and passed a piece of paper with a list of items on it.
“Oh you’d like some flowers. Okay I’ll see if I can get you these.” Daisy said happily. Within a few minutes Daisy had collected the flowers that Hannah had requested.
“Okay here you go. But why do you need them? These plants are mainly used for medicinal purposes.” Daisy said worriedly. Hannah just bowed and passed over 50 gold coins. She turned and walked out of the florists.
“What do you think she would need them for Grandpa?” Daisy asked curiously.
“I’m not sure. But it’s none of our business.” He said strictly.

Back at the Blacksmiths the Blacksmith was watching over the boy making sure that the boys condition didn’t get worse. “You’re causing a bit of grief. You know that right?” there was no response from the boy. “Let me let you in on a little secret. Hannah has never done something like this before. Either you were summoned when she was praying or it was complete coincidence that you appeared. Either way you hurt her and my next forge will include your bones.” He whispered to the sleeping boy. There was a knock and the Blacksmith turned round to see Hannah with a brown paper bag full of flowers. “Now why have you got them for?” The Blacksmith complained. Hannah pulled out a recipe and a picture of Louise’s Grandma. “Oh I see you want to have a go at medicine making. Okay but be careful OK?” he said worriedly. Hannah nodded and went into the kitchen and started to chop up the flowers. A few hours later Hannah came out of the kitchen with a tray full of glass bottles each with a different shade of: blue, red, yellow, green and grey.
“Are you sure these might work Hannah?” The Blacksmith said cautiously. Hannah nodded confidently. “Well if you’re sure. Would you like me to pour them into his mouth or do you?” Hannah stood there for a second and she put the tray down and picked up the bubbling blue liquid bottle. She walked over to the boy and started to pour the liquid into the boys mouth but gently so not to choke him. After all the liquid had gone out of the bottle Hannah went to get another bottle.
“Huh? Where am I?” the boy moaned weakly. Hannah turned round in surprise and kneelled next to the bed.
“So you’re awake are you?” Said the Blacksmith.
“When was I asleep?” said the boy slowly gaining his strength back.
“Do you remember anything?” Asked the Blacksmith worriedly.
“I don’t think so no… sorry.” Said the boy sadly. Hannah grabbed the boys hand and the boy looked at Hannah. ‘Who is she and why does she look like that her prays have been answered. Her hairs quite long. Pure red as well. She seems to be wearing a strange pink jacket. Why is she staring at me with those blue puppy dog eyes.’ He thought to himself quickly.
“C-c-can I help you?” The boy said awkwardly. Hannah got the necklace out and showed it to the boy.
“Hannah what are you doing?” The Blacksmith said while putting his hand to his face. Hannah grabbed a piece of paper and started to write. After she’d finished she gave the boy the piece of paper. It said “Do you know anything about this necklace?” the boy looked from the piece of paper to the necklace.
‘This necklace. It looks familiar but. I can’t think where I know it from.’ The boy thought sadly. “I’m not sure. But I’ve seen it somewhere before.” Hannahs eyes lit up with excitement.

Chapter 3 We Meet Again

"Are you saying that you've seen this before?" The Blacksmith said with his eyes widened in amazement.
"I may have. But I honestly don't remember where I've seen it before. Sorry." The boy said sadly.
"Well it can't be helped. But on a serious note you will have to find accommodation." The Blacksmith said calmly. Hannah turned from the boy to the Blacksmith with an angry look.
"Fine." The Blacksmith looked at the boy. "Or you can get a job and pay rent. It's up to you."
"Er. Well it would be difficult to find somewhere because I can't remember anything. I'll be sure to pay my rent in time." The boy then noticed Hannah writing something once again. She gave it to the Blacksmith.
"Yeah I guess that could work as well. Hannah just suggested that you could also work at our shop instead of paying for rent. Just to warn you the job aint easy." He said cheekily. Hannah hit the Blacksmith's leg in annoyance.
"Sorry no the job aint that hard. All you would have to do is to serve the customers and that's it." The boy sat there with a confused look on his face.
"Did I accept the job because I don't remember saying that I did." The boy said worriedly.
"Well no you didn't accept the job we're jus... well I'm just saying what it might be." he said quickly. Hannah started to scribble on another piece of paper and passed it to the boy. It read "What is your name?" the boy looked up from the note and then looked down in sadness.
"I don't know what my name is." He said upsettingly.
"That maybe a problem then... Why don't you come up with one?" The Blacksmith said encouragingly.
"Like what?" The boy said worriedly.
"Well it's your name. We can't think one up for you." The Blacksmith said happily.
'What should my name be... I feel awfully tired all of a sudden I... can't... stay...awa...' The boy fell to sleep quite quickly. Hannah looked at the boy in disbelief.

In the boy's dream the boy was in a wide open white space like he was before.
"Well I guess you needed your name sooner than we thought." The second boy had returned.
"We? Who's we?" The first boy said confusingly.
"Well I can't explain much but... meh." The second boy shrugged. "Anyway that isn't why I'm here. You need your name and I'll give it you."
"So you're finally telling me my name. About time."
"'ey don't get cocky. You've go to do me a favor."
"What favor?"
"Well first you need to know your name."
"Spit it out then."
"Okay. Okay your name is Blaze."
"Finally. I thought when we first met was just a dream... Wait is this a dream?" Blaze asked worriedly.
"Yes and no. This is a dream yes. But no because it's like a communication link for us to speak through."
"Okay that made no sense."
"It won't to you Blaze. But anyway about my favor. Just to make this a bit more fun I'm going to tell you in a riddle." The boy said with a cheeky smile.
"Are you kidding me? I don't know much about myself or where I am and you're telling me riddles" Blaze said frantically. The boy just giggled.
"In a Forest. In an eternal spring. Is a Monster that you must slay." Blaze looked at the boy with annoyance shown on his face.
"I have no clue what the hell that means!" Blaze shouted angrily.
"Good it'll be fun to work it out then. Enjoy." With a smile on the boys face as he faded away.

Chapter 4 Meeting the Blacksmith

Blaze woke up in the same bed that he had found himself the first time he came around. He looked to see if the man and Hannah was to be seen. 'Looks like the coast is clear. But that riddle is quite interesting "In a Forest. In an eternal spring. Is a Monster that you must slay." I wonder what it means.' Blaze thought carefully. He tried to move his leg but realized something heavy was on his leg. Since it was dark he couldn't tell what it was. He started to feel around to see if he could make out what it was on his leg. His hand felt around for a few seconds until finally it had made contact with the heavy object. 'What is this? It seems to feel like silk.' Blaze thought curiously. His eyes finally adjusted to the dark room so he could now see what was on his leg. 'It's that girl was it Hannah? I'm not sure. But why is she sleeping there.' Blaze lifted the covers to see if he was wearing clothes to his relief he was. 'Boy wouldn't that be embarrassing if I weren't wearing any clothes' Blaze giggled quietly trying not to wake Hannah. 'I'm not sure if I should just leave without a trace when she's looked after me. I should get her something. But what?' He thought curiously. He then noticed that there were a few empty bottles on a tray. Blaze's eyes just widened. 'I may need to go and soon. But how do I get out of this bed without waking Hannah up?' Blaze looked round to see anything he could use. 'Dam nothing I can use. I guess i could sleep for now. But will that boy appear though... Well only one way to find out.' Blaze lied back down and fell asleep.

The next morning Blaze woke up to find Hannah still with her head on his legs. Blaze let out a sigh. He reached over to Hannah and nudged her. "Hannah. Hannah wake up. My leg is really numb." Blaze complained. Hannah just let out a little moaning grunt and slapped blaze's hand as if to say "Leave me alone just five more minutes."
"You won't be able to get her up that way boy." The Blacksmith said as he was walking up the stairs.
"Okay so how do i wake her up?" Blaze asked curiously.
"Easy tell her something she may want to hear." The Blacksmith said with one eyebrow higher than the other.
'Well the Blacksmith certainly doesn't look like what I'd expected. I was expecting a six packed man who just wore leather shorts. But this guy blows that stereotype right out of the water. This guy is wearing a fur jacket with black jeans. I would expect him to be at least a bit muscly. But he seems to be normal. I wonder how he is even carrying that hammer it looks really heavy.'
"Is everything Okay kid?" The Blacksmith asked worriedly.
"Yeah. Everything is okay... Can i ask what your name is?" Blaze asked curiously
"I will when you tell me yours." The Blacksmith said quickly.
"Oh yeah sorry to be honest I just found out last night. My name is Blaze." Blaze said in a apologetic way.
"Blaze. Nice name. My name's Dwarvian. I am this towns Blacksmith. I hope you remember more things soon Blaze because if you hurt Hannah. You do not want to know what shit I'll put you through."

Chapter 5 Waking up Hannah

"So Blaze. What else do you remember?" Dwarvian asked calmly.
"Just my name. But..."
"But what?"
"Either you're going to think I'm crazy or that I'm pulling your leg." Blaze said nervously.
"C'mon spit it out."
"Okay. Okay I found out about my name when this boy came into my dream."
"A Boy?"
"Yeah it's weird he seems to know alot about me. But won't tell me anything. Last night all he told me was my name and a riddle."
"What was this riddle?"
"If I remember right it was "In a Forest. In an eternal spring. A Monster that you must kill." Do you know what it could me?" Blaze said full of hope.
"Hm A forest in a eternal spring... A Monster you must kill. It'd help if it rhymed." Dwarvian said curiously.
"It's a riddle and all you care about is if it rhymes or not. Dwarvian I need to know what it means!" Blaze shouted angrily. Blaze looked at Hannah and astonishingly she was still asleep with her head on his leg. "How long can she go on for?" Blaze laughed.
"Either until I tell her something that she likes or she wakes up at eight a.m." Dwarvian chuckled.
"Is it safe to move my leg?" Blaze asked cautiously.
"I wouldn't unless you want to drag her around for the next two hours Blaze."
"Why? Is it six o'clock?"
"Yup. Oh and by the way. Your shift starts in three hours. So you'll have an hour to get ready."
"Thanks." Blaze said as all hope of getting out of there left his soul.

Half an hour later Hannah slowly lifted her head up.
"Finally Hannah. Do you know how numb my leg is at the moment?" Blaze said frustratedly.
Hannah reached for a bit of paper and lazily wrote on it. Then she passed it to Blaze it read. "Sorry. I can sleep like a log sometimes

"Well I don't want to sound rude. But do you mind getting off my leg already." Blaze said calmly
Hannah nodded and got up and went into the kitchen. Blaze got out of the bed and started to stretch his legs. Hannah came back to the room and passed a note to him. Blaze looked at the note it read. "Are you sure you don't mind working in the shop?"
"To be honest Hannah I haven't got a clue on what i need to do so. Yeah I don't mind working in the shop. It might be a good way to pass the time until my memories come back. Oh and my name's Blaze by the way." Blaze smiled. He then notice Hannah blush. She ran back into the kitchen and Blaze could hear sizzling coming from the kitchen. 'I wonder what that was about.' He then notice Hannah come back into the room with a sizzling frying pan which obviously had hot oil in it. "Hannah. What are you doing?" Blaze said worriedly. Hannah let out a tear and threw the contents at Blaze. "What the fuck!" Blaze screamed.

Chapter 6 The Spirit and the Boy

Dwarvian came running up the stairs after hearing Blaze scream.
"What the hell is going on?" Dwarvian shouted angrily. To his unexpected surprise he saw raven hugging Blaze very tightly and rubbing her cheek up and down against his chest like a cat to its master. Dwarvian stood there silent and shocked. "Blaze. What the hell is the meaning of this?!" He Shouted at the top of his lungs with anger.
"Ask Hannah. She just through hot oil on me and when I seemed to be unharmed she just hugged me. And quite tightly may I add." Blaze answered awkwardly. Hannah then passed Blaze a piece of paper. Before Blaze read it he said. "Dwarvian? Where does she get all these pieces of paper?" Blaze then unraveled the paper and it read. "Please stay!"
"What does it say Blaze?" Dwarvian said as he calmed down.
"It said "Please Stay!" But to be honest. I've only been here for a day and all these weird things are happening. But I have nowhere to go so why would I leave yet. It's only been one day!" Blaze complained rudely. Hannah slowly let go of Blaze and she walked down the steps to the shop with a look of sadness on her face.
"Now look what you've done. She's going to be like that for a while." Dwarvian said disappointingly.
"What have I done!" Blaze exclaimed

Meanwhile in the white space that the boy and Blaze meet up the boy was standing next to a bright light and was watching Blaze.
"Wow he doesn't know what he did. That sure sounds familiar!" The spirit said cheekily
"Be quiet spirit. He'll learn soon enough." The boy spoke sharply.
"Are you sure that this is what you wanted?" The spirit asked cautiously.
"Yes I'm sure! I'd rather watch and guide someone else than lose my memories. Anyway he'll get there in the end." The boy said confidently.
"How can you be sure?"
"I just am. Okay spirit?"
"But what if this fails and he doesn't complete the mission within the next two years?"
"Then I'll have to go there and have to interfere. I still can't believe that I need to do that!" The boy complained.
"But you know it'll keep this planet alive."
"I know that spirit. But what about my family. I mean I know I died and all but... I don't want to see my family suffer too much." The boy said sadly.
"Okay how about a deal?" The spirit said temptingly.
"What deal? I've already made you one."
"Yes but this time it'll benefit you."
"In what way?"
"If you help restore the power of the tree. I'll return you to your world alive!" The spirit exclaimed. The boy just sat there in deep thought.
"Give me a couple of years and I'll give you your answer before I have to go down there and help Blaze I promise."
"Okay just promise me this as well. Once you have made your mind up you can't go back on your word. Not even if you've fallen for your role." The spirit said spitefully.
"Fine. I promise not to back on my word. Even if I fall for my role."
"Good. Now when do you want to speak to Blaze?" The spirit said curiously.
"I say tonight I got to have words with him." The boy said angrily.

Chapter 7 A Serious talk

It had turned night time in the town of Saltus many of its residents had turned off their lights and had gone to bed except for Dwarvian and Blaze. Hannah had reclaimed her bed from Blaze.
"I guess you'll be sleeping on the floor tonight boy. You've only got yourself to blame." Dwarvian said regretfully.
"How's it my fault. I didn't say anything to offend her. Have I?" Blaze asked worriedly.
"I don't know what you've done. But you're going to have to make it up to her somehow." Dwarvian said while yawning.
"Well at least I'm not sleeping outside." Blaze said gratefully. After Blaze had finished his sentence a flying pillow thwacked him over the head.
"Ow! What was that?" Blaze said angrily. Blaze picked up the pillow and saw a note attached to it. It read. "Blaze. If you don't know how you've upset me. Then you'll never get married." Blaze could sense the anger that the note contained. He then noticed the note continued. "P.S. Go to sleep. You may have forgotten that we have work tomorrow!" Blaze turned round to Hannah.
"Fine I'm going to bed." Blaze said like a spoilt brat. Dwarvian watched as Blaze went downstairs to the shop. 'He's obviously here for a reason. But what reason I do not know.' He thought.

When Blaze had finally fallen asleep. He had found himself in the white space again.
"What in God's name do you think you are doing?" The boy shouted angrily.
"What are you on about?" Blaze shouted back.
"Do you know how serious your situation is now?"
"What situation?"
"Blaze. Listen."
"'k I'm listening." Blaze started to calm down.
"You may not realize it but. You are part of a bigger picture. If you fail. Then I fail." The boy said sadly.
"What do you mean you fail?" Blaze asked worriedly.
"Blaze I'm technically dead!" The boy shouted angrily.
"You're...You're dead?"
"Yes. And your my last hope of being revived." The boy said nearly in tears.
"What's your name?" Blaze asked in an attempt to calm him down.
"My name? I guess I can tell you. My name is ....." The boy said.
"Sorry what? I didn't get that." Blaze said confusingly.
"I said my name is ....." The boy repeated. The boy looked up then looked back at Blaze. "I guess our time is up. Blaze you must make amends with Hannah. Go to the forest down south of the Blacksmiths and fight the monster within. That is my riddle answered. Good luck!" With that the boy once again faded and Blaze was left in the white space. 'Why do I have to make amends? I don't even know what I did. It's going to be difficult because she can't talk... Wait why can't she talk? I need to ask around.' Blaze thought deeply. Then the white space started to fade as Blaze woke up.

Chapter 8 Terrible

= Nice?

Blaze woke up on the Blacksmith's shop floor and gave out a sigh. 'Why does he want me to defeat a monster? What has it even done to even need to be defeated? Well whatever. It's his fault he's dead. It has nothing to do with me.' The boy thought angrily. He looked to the stairs as he heard both Hannah and Dwarvian come down the stairs. He got out of the poorly made makeshift sleeping bag he had made to cover him while he slept. He gathered it altogether and put them back where he found them.
"Blaze!" Dwarvian shouted as he came down the stairs.
"Er...yes?" Blaze said nervously.
"We need to know what you're good at so...."
"So what?"
"Goto the bath house and talk to Elisha. She needs some help with something and she won't tell me. But she may tell you." Dwarvian said slyly.
"If she knows you and won't tell you. What makes you think that she'll tell me?" Blaze exclaimed.
"She trusts strangers more than she trusts me. Anyway just go see her. And don't tell her I sent you."
Blaze just rolled his eyes and walked out of the Blacksmiths.

As Blaze stepped out of the Blacksmiths he bumped into someone and they both ended up on the floor. Blaze was holding his head. Out of his pain he managed to speak. "Are you okay?" A female voice replied.
"No I'm doing Terrible" The girl said weirdly.
"Er is there way I can make it up to you?" Blaze said in panic.
"I'm sure that it is necessary." She said with a smile.
Dwarvian came out of the Blacksmiths to see what all the commotion was going on.
"Blaze what are you still doing here?" He said angrily
"Oh so your name isn't Blaze." The girl smiled.
"No my name is Blaze." Blaze said awkwardly.
"That's what I said. Your name isn't Blaze." The girl said angrily.
"Dwarvian do you know what she's on about?" Blaze said as he decided to give up.
Dwarvian chuckled. "Blaze this is Petunia. She speaks in opposites. She is also the rich mans daughter."
"Dwarvian you know how much I love hearing about my poor father. Bad day to you both." Petunia walked off with a distasteful look on her face. Dwarvian sat down next to Blaze and put a hand on one of Blazes shoulders.
"You'll soon understand how women work Blaze." Dwarvian chuckled. Blaze just turned his head to face Dwarvian with an annoyed expression on his face.

Chapter 9 False Thinking

Blaze walked up to the building that Dwarvian mentioned. 'I'm not sure if this building looks anything like a bathhouse. Weird looking sea creature statues. Well lets see what this "Elisha" wants.' Blaze thought calmly. He started to walk up to the front door. Before he could put a hand on the Chinese fashioned sliding door. It opened up and a hand grabbed for him and dragged him in. A few moments later he woke up to a cold, ice blue blade at his throat. Blaze let out a gulp. Then a woman's voice came from the darkness of the room.
"Why do you want my daughter's hand in marriage." The woman said angrily.
"Marriage? Who said I wanted to get married?" Blaze said worriedly.
"I don't reveal my sources." The voice said spitefully.
"Okay you can keep the identity of the source. But I'm telling the truth I don't plan on getting married." Blaze screamed at the top of his lungs.

Meanwhile in the white space.
"Have you told him what he may think is bad news?" The spirit asked worriedly.
"You didn't say I had to. Anyway as long as he takes down the monsters it won't matter." The boy said with a smile.
"I guess but if he doesn't do his part of the mission. Then I won't..."
"Yeah. Yeah I know. You still need that energy from the penultimate source. Trust me he'll do it. Even if I force him down it." The boy chuckled.
"I'm still worried though."
"Worried about what?" The boy said angrily.
"What if he doesn't fall..."
"He will. I can sense it in him." The boy smirked.
"How are you so sure?"
"I just know." The boy said angrily.
"Well let's hope he survives this ordeal or we're going to have a few problems."

After Blaze spent half an hour trying to get his message across. The person who was holding him hostage finally listened.
"I'm sorry about that Blaze I'm just cautious about my daughters and who they marry." The woman said as she was untying Blaze from the chair.
"It's understandable for a mother to be protective." Blaze chuckled.
"So anyway Blaze. What brings you here?" She said as she took the last bit of rope off the chair.
"I'm here because Dwarvian said I could find someone named Elisha." He said curiously.
"Well Blaze you won't have to look far. My name is Elisha. How can I be of service?" Elisha said with a heart warming smile. Just then there was a sound of footsteps coming from the back room of the bath house. Blaze leaned softly to the left of Elisha to see what was making such noise. From the doorway came two different voices both saying the same thing. "Customer, customer." It was said repeatedly. Then Blaze saw two girls come charging in from the doorway. Both of the girls started to tug at Blaze's arms.
"No Oceania he's my customer." Said the first girl forcefully

Chapter 10 Two Girls Obssessed with their own Business

The First girl that had grabbed Blazes arms had black hair which she had tied into two balls on the sides of her head, she seemed to be wearing a pink and flowery kimono which in blazes opinion was too big because he couldn't see anything else she was wearing. He then turned to the other girl who was pulling on his other arm.
"No Sarah you let go! He's my customer." The other girl had pink hair which seemed to have grown very long it was down to her feet. Her eyes were sea blue, it was if the sea was trapped in her eyes. She seemed to be wearing some sort of battered old poncho and a strange black and pink striped skirt.


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