Chapter 1: Kai

The wind whipped mercilessly tree branches, and his
implacably terrible roar enveloped the farm, supporting the
jolts heroically, letting out only the occasional crackle
in the strongest onslaughts. The sky was clear,
but there was no moon, and it made the night was especially


The inhabitants of the house sleep peacefully. There had been other
nights like this in their inhospitable land, and knew that the roof does not
it would collapse on their heads. However, other animals
They were restless. His instinct told them that this was not a night
like the others.


They were right, just as the walls dela returned home complaining moaning
of the wind, a cry suddenly tore the sounds of

And soon the whole farm was awake, and moments later
one lad shot out towards the village with a mission very
concrete: his new brother was about to be born, and had to
notify the midwife as soon as possible.


The house was bewilderment. The mother had to give
light until two months later, and also their pains were being
more intense than usual.


She was the first frightened: had given birth to five children before that, but never had that
suffer so much. Something was wrong, and soon on the farm was feared
the life of the woman and her baby.


When later the midwife came puffing all
They rushed to cede step and leave her alone with the mother, just
as she demanded. The door closed behind the two women.


Outside, the time seemed to be eternal, and the tension could
He has been cut with a knife, until finally a cry
He shook the bowels of the night, braving the wind roar.


--My Son!


-Screamed the father, and rushed into the room.


The scene that greeted him stopped him a few steps from the
bed. The mother was still alive; Sweaty and exhausted, but alive. 


On one side, the midwife lifted the crying child in his arms and

He stared with a strange expression on his face.


She was a girl with deep blue eyes and tiny little body
wrinkled. A single strand of black hair adorned a head
that seemed too big for her.


--What wrong?

- Asked the mother, sensing that something
going well.


--Does she not healthy?


None of the three paid attention to the man who had just
enter. The old woman shuddered, but hastened to reassure her:


--the girl is well


I never told anyone what he had seen in that blue look
that loomed for the first time to the world.


Dana called it, and grew up with his brothers and sisters
as a. I learned things quickly and performed their tasks
diligently and without protest.


As the survival of the family winter after winter depended on the joint work of all its
members, she soon learned her place and understood
importance of what he did.


They never treated in a special way and yet, everyone could
see that she was different.


They noted in its retracted character and his serious look and
thoughtful. In addition, he preferred to be alone to play with other children, was
stealthy as a cat and barely spoke... Until she meets Kai.


Dana then six, this was a day specially
hot, and she had gotten up early to finish his work
as soon as possible and spend sitting in the shade the most sunshine hours.
He was picking raspberries to make jam when he felt
there was someone behind her, and turned.


--Hello - said the boy.

He had sat on the fence, and was smiling. Dana not
I had heard coming.


Would be about her age, but she did not remember
I have seen around, so she studied carefully.

He was very thin, and blond hair falling over her shoulders
untidy tufts. However, her green eyes sparkled
friendly, and her smile was something that inspired confidence.


However, Dana does not respond to the greeting, but turned
turn and continued his work.


--My name is kai. -said the boy behind her.

Dana turned back to face him. He smiled again. She
I doubt.


--I Am Dana -finally she said, and he smiled back.

That was the beginning of a great friendship.


At first they look very occasionally. It was he who
He visited the farm, and Dana never asked where she lived, or who
They were his parents. Kai was there, and that was enough.

Eventually they began to see every day. Kai appeared
early in the morning to help her with her work: so just
before, and he had more free time until lunch time.

Then both ran into the woods, laughing, and lost in
he. Kai taught thousand things she did not know, and together they whistled to
birds, spying on deer, climbed the tallest trees and
They explored the most hidden, beautiful and wild places of the forest.

One day they were chatting in the barn while they fed
horses, when the surprised mother and older sister
Dana, who returned from the fields, where they were all adults
assisting in planting.


--Who are you talking about, Dana? -the mother asked, surprised.

----With Kai -she said, and turned to his friend; but
he discovered to his surprise that he was no longer there.


--Who is Kai? -the mother asked intrigued.


Dana then realized that in all that time,
I had never spoken to her family Kai, nor had they seen him,
because he always had when she was alone.


The girl turned in all directions and called his elusive
friend, but there was no response.


--He was here a moment ago! -Se exclaimed upon seeing the expression
his mother.


She shakes her head with a sigh, and her sister laughed. Dana
I wanted to add something, but could not; he stared how both
women left the barn to enter the house.


That was the first time, than Dana angry with Kai. 

First she searched all morning, thinking blame him for having left so suddenly,

but found none. He waited in vain all afternoon for him to submit again,

and then decided that if appeared, not direct him the word.


However, at dawn the next day, Kai was there,
punctual as always, sitting on the fence and with a cheerful smile
on the lips.


Dana left the house after breakfast, as well as
always. But he passed Kai without looking at him, and went to roost
ignoring him completely, as well not exist, and the child was behind her.


--What happens? -he asked --are you angry?


Dana did not answer. With the basket under his arm, she began
collect eggs ignoring him.


At first Kai followed without knowing exactly what to do. After,
resolutely, he puts eggs catch him too, and to deposit them in
basket, as he had done every morning. Dana let him do,
but he was then asked, first, if Kai did not have a farm
in which help or parents to be told the work was
perform. But, as was angry, her did not put the question in voice


-- I'm sorry Dana. -Kai whispered then, and his voice sounded very close
girl ear.


--You disappeared without further. -She accused him. --You made me look bad in front of my mother and my sister. They thought it was them lying!


--I'm sorry -he repeated, and her voice was sincere; but Dana needed to know more.


--Why are you do it?


--Trust me, it was better...




Kai looks uncomfortable and somewhat reluctant to continue the conversation.


--They do not know you're my friend -Dana continued. --It is not
you want to meet my family?


--Is not that! -Kai did not know how explain-. --It is better not them
talk about me. They do not know I'm here.




Kai did not answer right away, and Dana's imagination soared.

What did he know about him, really? Nothing! What if he had escaped? What if
he was a thief, or worse?


She rejected those thoughts quickly. I knew that Kai was
good person. I knew I could trust him.
Really, you know?
He stared at Kai, but the boy seemed very rushed.


--Trust me -he said --It is much better not to know anything
my. Better for both.


--Why? she repeated.

--Someday I'll tell you -Kai promise to her. --But it is still early. Please, trust me.

Dana love him too much to deny that, so she did no more questions. But his heart was kindled the flame of the doubt.


The seasons pass quickly; Dana grew almost without realizing
account, and Kai with her. At eight years was no longer a puny child,
but a healthy and well formed boy, while Dana
made taller and slender, and her black braids like the wing of a
Raven reached his waist.


They remain friends, and spending most of the time
together. And Dana could not help but wonder every time I thought
she was the only one on the farm knew of Kai.


Sometimes she had tried to ask who he was, where he came from, why
secrecy; but he answered evasively or change the subject, until one day events precipitated.


It dawned cloudy. After performing their daily tasks,
Dana and Kai rushed to his cabin in the woods.


That day lingered over the account, following a
deer and spying on the new litter of cubs already trotted after
his mother by weeds. Having no reference to the sun, Dana is
time passed quickly. Besides, it had ballooned to eat blackberries
wild, so this time even his stomach gave voice


When he wanted to realize it was already dark. Her said goodbye to
Kai hastily and ran. The child watched her go, very
seriously, but he did not follow.


Dana through the forest entangled with bushes,
stumbling over roots and branches to swat away without
caring scratches, scrapes and bruises that marked its
skin. When he came into the open last nail sun was for
The horizon.


She crossed the prairie like lightning and jumped the fence of the farm
while the first stars began to studding the sky,
almost hidden by the last shreds of cloud cover that had
veiled the sun all day.


Her reached the door of his house breathless. Had barely
sunset, but she had been out since late morning, and
He had not appeared by the farm to eat, had participated in the
picking tomatoes in the afternoon.


When he entered the house, panting cowering fear
to a reprimand, he stood at the door without daring to go. She saw
his family had begun to dinner without her. He took a couple of steps
front, sheepishly.

The mother looked up at her, and Dana saw than his mother been crying. She touched her this sign of affection, but also It contributes to increasing his fault.


--Good night -Whispered the girl, a little more animated to see
his entrance had caused a feeling of relief on the faces all.


--We were worried -said one of his older brothers.-

--Where were you? We were going out to get you after dinner.


Dana was about to answer, but restrained herself when her mother

toward her. no longer he looked worried, but terribly
angry. The girl sensed what was going to happen, but had no time
depart, the slap rang through the house.


Dana hand was sore cheek and blinked several
sometimes to tears. It was too responsible for not
understand that what he deserved. He had seen with his own eyes
the wolves did with the stray cattle. Understand that because
his absence, his family had feared that she had run the
same luck.


--Where were you?! -screamed the mother. Do you think nice
and disappear for good?


--I missed time... -She mused. I have not noticed
what time it was. I am sorry...


A second slap the silenced. Dana looked at her mother,
stunned and hurt. She admitted she had done wrong, sorry. Was not it enough with one slap? Does the second was needed?


--Where have you been? -Repeated the mother.

--In the wood.

Now, Dana trembled violently, and his words were barely


--All day in the woods? -the mother crossed arms,
incredulously. And you can know what you were doing there?


Dana hesitated for a brief moment. --To explore. -she whispered. Following a deer eating blackberries
wild ... even we ... -She stopped suddenly and corrected himself: even
I have seen the new litter of bear cubs.


But the mother did not miss the slip.

--"we"? -repeated the mother. Who was with you?


Dana did not answer. His mother's hand rose again,
and she quickly said: --Sara, the girl from the farm to the north.


--Liar! -she blurted from the table one of his sisters. Sara has been with us picking tomatoes! We asked for

you, and told us that you had not seen him all day.


Mother's hand shot up again, and the third slap
her broke against Dana's face. The girl moaned and snuggled against

--Answer back! Who was with you?

--Don't liar, Dana. the voice of his father, who watches said
a whole little apart. Is your mother. Cares for you. Has suffered
much I am thinking that something bad had happened to you.


But Dana barely heard. Only in his ears the screams of his


--You will answer at once?

The girl was still shaking. The woman grabs her clothes and shook her.


--Answer back! Who was with you?

Dana can not more and she scream.


--Kai! I've been with Kai all day! Everyday!


She suddenly felt so relieved that he did not worry strangeness
his parents, brothers and sisters. But her mother shook again.


--And who is that Kai? -the mother want to know.

--I...I told you once. He is my friend. My ... my best friend. A
boy my age.

The mother released her, frustrated.

--Why do you lie to me? - and her mother asked, and this time the tone of his voice
It was not threatening, but hurt.


--I'm not lying!. -Said Dana surprised. It's true! Kai
has long been coming to see me at the farm -Walk your gaze
the room-. Someone must have seen him! It is a blond boy...


--She is lying. -said one of the brothers, but the mother glared.

--You shut up! Stay out of this. -said the mother.

--Kai does not exit. -then said the elder sister. She has invented. Do you not see? He's always out there
talking to herself. Says that talks with Kai.


The mother adopts an expression of doubt and looked at Dana. But she
he now felt victim of a family conspiracy.

--I'm not lying! -she shouted angrily. Kai there, I see
every day, and I do not speak alone!

The rage had drowned any remorse.

--Kai Not exist, Dana. -repeated her older sister. It's just something
you've invented you.

--Is not true!!! -Dana screamed, and, unable to remain there for a moment
more, he turned and left the house at full speed. The door  slammed shut behind her.


Inside the room nobody moved, until they heard the opening of the
barn door. The mother breathed relief. So knew now that Dana
I had not been away. Then turned to his eldest daughter.


--The Next time let me take care of these things, ok? -the mother berates him harshly.

The girl did not answer, and silence returned to take over the
dinning room. Suddenly, nobody wanted dinner.


Inside the barn all was quiet. Only they are heard about
muffled sobs coming from the upper floor.


Dana had taken refuge in his favorite corner, at the top,
next to a small window that showed him a beautiful piece of
night sky. The girl often used to hide there; there was even
left a blanket when much time was left.

By the time he was going to be very useful, because I had planned to spend
the night there. He did not want to go back into the house, nor follow
living among those who had always been his family,
but now he was unfamiliar perfect. In their ears
They smacking resounded the cries of his mother, accusations of
your brothers.


Liar! You're lying! Kai does not exist, and you speak alone!


She did not remember having spoken one, and so that
statement seemed absurd; but I was too stunned
coldly to analyze this new information.

Nor heard Kai entered the barn, closing
Gently the door behind him. The boy, however, did hear their
sobs, and he began to climb the ladder until his head popped
through the trapdoor.


Her discovered a lump that trembled in a corner, and came over.

--Dana.  -he called softly.

The sobs ceased.

--Dana, it's me.

--Leave me in peace! -the girl's voice sounded strange, choked
blanket that covered.


--Leave away, you do nott exist.


Kai shuddered and closed his eyes with an expression of pain
his face, as if he had been stabbed in the heart. But
Dana, hidden under his blanket, I did not see it.


--That just wanted to talk.


There was a brief silence, and then head Disheveled
Dana peeked under the blanket. She was pale, his eyes
reddened and swollen nose of both mourn.


--That's what I wanted to talk. -Kai repeats, sitting beside her. No one can see me. Just you.

His friend looked at him incredulously.


--Are you kidding me?


--You know than not.


Dana did not answer right away. It did not make sense... but if not telling the truth Kai. How to explain that his family had not seen yet? How to explain who said, talking to herself, when she


---And because? I want to know. Who are you? What do you want from


--I'm your friend, Or I'm not?


Dana shook her head. How could I be so naive Kai? From
he really think that was enough?

He seemed to guess her thoughts:

--Only you can see me. -he insisted. But I will be your friend and I will be
you always. And this is what you get.


--This is what it is? -Dana repeated, stupefied. And is it enough?

--What more can I say? -He also seemed annoyed. You will have other visible to everyone friends. But when they pass many years recognize that you did not have a better friend than me.


--What conceited! -Dana said, flabbergasted.

Kai paused for a moment. Then he said softly:


--You prefer I go?


Dana looked into his eyes.


--Because, if you want, I'll go. -added the boy. I will disappear from your life and you'll never have problems because of me.


Dana said nothing. Just she keeps looking at him, and then asked
what I would do without him, without his smile, without the frank gaze of those
sparkling green eyes, the softness of his voice. And I had to admit
that after discussion with his family, Kai was the only one who seemed to him
close and real. He was all she had left.


She felt the urge to embrace, but he held back. he knew
experience that he does not like to be touched.
He then asked why, and a sudden suspicion gripped his
mind. He slowly raised his hand to stroke the cheek of his friend.
He hesitated a moment, but did not pull away.
And Dana's hand clean through Kai's body, as
if he was not there.


The girl felt an irrational terror. He moved his arm in a
desperate attempt to touch something, but the figure of Kai, though
perfectly visible, it seemed as disembodied as fog.


Dana cry, and their desire to embrace Kai, to hold him to his
side, they grew to be unbearable. The child understands,

what was going through inside, and gave her a distressed look.


--I exist on a different plane than yours. -he tell to she. I'm sorry, I can not
Do nothing. We can be together forever and ever separated.


Dana cry again. She was a simple peasant who do not
I could understand those subtleties. And he was only eight years.


She snuggled under his blanket and turned her back to Kai, his
gaze lost among the stars visible through the small window.


Suddenly he felt something behind her, and did not need to turn to
know that Kai was lying beside her. He even felt his arm
around her waist. She did not notice as something corporeal, but as
a similar thing to the touch of the breeze, the warmth of a ray of sun,
the freshness of a rainy day.


However, the infinitely he comforted. He sighed, and snuggles next to Kai. He could not touch him, but he could feel it, and all his soul answered to that presence.


--Don't leave me alone, Kai. -she implores in a whisper. Do not leave me never.

--Never! -promised the boy, and his voice sounded very close to the ear
Dana, in the depths of his mind and in the depths of his heart.



End Chapter 1


Publication Date: 03-21-2016

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